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A Chinese social media user who filmed himself throwing away the shoes of a sleeping barefoot traveller has caused a social media storm.近日,一位中国社交媒体用户拍下了自己把一位光脚睡觉的乘客的鞋子扔进垃圾桶的视频,这段视频在社交媒体中引发热议。The , uploaded to the web portal NetEase, shows an angry man at an airport in Xiamen picking up the traveller#39;s shoes and throwing them into a nearby bin.这段视频被上传到网易门户网站上,视频中,一位愤怒的男子在厦门机场捡起一位游客的鞋子,扔进旁边的垃圾桶。;I saw a man lying on the seats with his shoes and socks off,; the man says. ;What will foreigners think if they see such ill manners - they will wonder about how low Chinese peoples#39; standards are.;男子在视频中说:“我看见有个人把鞋子袜子都脱了,躺在凳子上。我觉得这种没素质的行为,让外国人看到了,中国人在外国人心中印象到底有多差。”Over 7,000 social media users have left comments on his . The by the man, who has not yet been named by the media, has caused a stir because it is frowned upon to be barefoot in China.七千多位社交媒体用户在他发布的这段视频下留言。这位不具名的网友发布的视频在网上引起热议,因为在中国,很多人都不赞成光脚的行为。Feet have long played an important part in Chinese culture. In traditional Chinese medicine, they are considered crucial to a person#39;s health. Being barefoot is considered unhygienic, and in public it is an extreme taboo.人的双脚在中国文化中很重要。按照中医的说法,脚对一个人的健康来说很关键。人们认为光脚是不卫生的,在公共场所光脚更是禁忌。But it is also frowned upon in the home. It is common practice for people - including visitors - to wear slippers around the house.但在家光脚也不好。在中国,人们(包括访客)在家中都会穿拖鞋。The unnamed man who threw away the shoes of a barefoot traveller has won online respect.这位扔掉光脚游客鞋子的不具名男子在网上赢得了大家的尊重。Many popular comments on NetEase and Sina Weibo users praised the ;handsome; man for his actions.网易和新浪微上,很多用户称赞了这位“帅哥”的行为。Many comments said he ;did the right thing; and that the shoeless man was ;breaking public order and morals;.很多网友说,他“做的很对”,光脚的游客“违背了公共秩序和道德”。;His approach is certainly right;, user ;Qing Agoin; says, but she asks whether his behaviour is ;a little extreme?;一位名为Qing Agoin的用户说:“他的做法当然没错”,但她也问道,他的行为是否“有些极端?”Many said that the shoeless man#39;s behaviour was ;uncivilised;, but others took an equally dim view of the vlogger, saying that ;throwing away someone#39;s belongings is illegal;.许多用户认为光脚乘客的行为“不文明”,但也有人对视频发布者的行为表达了不满,说“扔掉他人用品的行为是非法的”。Some accused the vlogger of seeking publicity and trying to ;get his name out there.;有些人认为视频发布者想借此出名,试图“搏出位”。;Marong; accused him of ;grandstanding;, asking why he wasn#39;t ;able to first talk with the man;.网友Marong认为视频发布者“哗众取宠”,问道为什么他“不能先和光脚乘客谈谈”。And ;TristaBXGE; asked,;Why is everything linked to #39;overseas?#39;; she asked. ;Is #39;improving quality#39; all for foreigners?;而网友TristaBXGE则问到:“为什么啥事都和‘外国’联系起来?提高国民素质就是为了老外吗?” /201605/446125。

Do you live in your high heels? Chances are you live in a wealthy city, new research suggests.你每天都穿高跟鞋吗?一项新研究表明:如果是,那么你很有可能生活在一个富有的城市。American women who relocate to wealthier cities are more likely to adopt the fashion preferences of those around them (including higher stilettos), while those who move to poorer cities are more likely to eschew the local norm and stick with their previous wardrobe style, a new study from Tepper School of Business reveals.泰珀商学院的一项最新研究表明,那些迁移到更富有的城市的美国女性更有可能受到周围的人对时尚的偏好的影响(包括越来越高的细高跟鞋),而那些迁到相对来说贫穷的城市的女性,则更有可能避开当地的流行趋势,坚守她们之前的装扮风格。Heel height increases in wealthier areas where the local style accepts the higher heel as standard, assert the school#39;s associate professor of marketing Jeff Galak and his co-authors in the paper, titled ;Trickle-down preferences: Preferential conformity to high status peers in fashion choices;.泰珀商学院的营销学副教授杰夫·加拉克与其他人合著了一篇题为《滴流趋势:与富有群体保持一致的潮流选择》的论文。该论文阐述道,在那些更富有的地区,越来越高的鞋跟被视作是一种潮流标准,因而女性的鞋跟高度不断增加。;Studying heel height may seem like an unusual way to understand social influence, but it#39;s actually a perfect setting,; said Galak. ;Fashion choices are highly visible decisions that are influenced by social norms and pressures.;;研究鞋跟的高度似乎是了解社会影响的一种不同寻常的方式,但实际上它是一种极佳的方法,;加拉克说。;从潮流的选择中,我们很明显就能看出社会规范和社会压力对其产生的影响。;The researchers studied 16,236 shoe purchases by 2,007 women across more than 180 US cities over a five-year period. They found that women#39;s heel height changed along with their relocation, whenever they moved to a city whose median income was higher than earnings in their original hometown.研究者们调查了来自美国180个城市的2007名女性在五年中购买的16236双鞋子。他们发现,当这些女性搬到一个平均工资水平要高于原来城镇的新城市时,她们鞋跟的高度也会随之变化。Census figures reveal that more than 7 million Americans relocate across state lines annually, and Galak admits that heel height could be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to conformity and shopping habits. ;There is, of course, still more work to be done to understand how people, in general, balance the complexity of maintaining their own sense of individuality while trying to be part of a larger group,; he says.根据人口普查数据显示,每年有700多万美国人会迁到本国的另一个州。加拉克教授承认,谈到潮流和购物习惯时,鞋跟高度只是冰山一角。他说:;当人们在试图追随大众潮流又要保持自己的个性时,要怎样来平衡这一复杂性呢?要想从整体上了解这一问题,我们还有很多工作要做。; /201605/444294。

After its attempts to digest romance novels, one of Google#39;s artificial intelligence projects is now accidentally writing poetry, some of which would make the fictional Vogons proud.在读完几本言情小说后,谷歌公司开发的一项人工智能项目于偶然间写出了几段诗歌。其中一些可能会令沃贡人对自己种族的诗歌感到骄傲(沃贡人是小说《系漫游指南》中虚构的种族,以诗歌质量低下闻名)。Google is working with Stanford University and University of Massachusetts in the US to enhance the natural language skills of an AI technique called recurrent neural network language model (RNNLM), which is used within machine translation and image captioning among other tasks. It essentially builds sentences a single word at a time by analysing the previous words in that sentence.谷歌目前正在和斯坦福大学及马赛诸塞大学合作,改进一项名为循环神经网络语言模型的人工智能技术(RNNLM)。这项技术普遍应用于机器翻译和图像捕捉的任务中。而在人工智能搭建句子时,该技术会对句子中已有的单词进行分析,从而生成每个新的单词,在这一过程中起到至关重要的作用。Currently, RNNLM is not capable of implementing global themes or features, such as a set topic, within its sentence generation. Each sentence produced by the algorithms doesn#39;t necessarily flow smoothly into the next. The work, published as a paper through Cornell University#39;s open scientific paper archive, arXiv, details the researcher#39;s efforts to add the ability to apply a global theme to sentence generation using a system called a variational autoencoder and the results, including what could easily be mistaken for poetry.目前循环神经网络语言模型的组句部分尚不具备处理包括设定题目在内的全局主题和特征的能力,而这种算法产生的句子在前后衔接得并不顺畅。这项研究以论文的形式发表在康奈尔大学公开的论文库arXiv中。论文详细描述了研究者是如何运用名为变分自动编码器的系统帮助该算法实现识别全局主题的功能的,而得出的结果极易令人将其误认成诗歌。Some of it would arguably give Douglas Adams a run for his money, as the creator of the Vogons, the Hitchhiker#39;s Guide to the Galaxy and its Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning, during a recital of which “four of the audience members died of internal haemorrhaging and the president of the Mid-Galactic Arts Nobbling Council survived only by gnawing one of his own legs off”, according to the book.道格拉斯·亚当斯创造的《系漫游指南》中一位诗人朗诵的《关于一个仲夏的清晨我在自己的腋下发现一团绿色胶泥的咏叹诗》糟糕到令“四位听了诗歌的委员会成员死于体内大出血,而中部艺术委员会的会长嚼完了自己的一条腿才保住了性命。”而如今人工智能写出的句子则烂到可以与这首诗一较高下了。The researchers fed the system starting and ending sentences and then asked it to fill in the gap. Below, the bolded text is what the researchers gave the algorithm and the text in between is what it produced. The results are generated by the machine based on what it learnt from thousands of romance novels, which made some of the topics “rather dramatic”, according to the authors of the paper.研究者准备了一段话的开头和结尾,要求系统进行填空。图中加粗的内容是研究者提供的内容,而两句话中间部分则是系统合成的内容。系统在阅读了上千本言情小说后才生成了这些句子。论文作者表示,看了这些言情小说令系统写出的一些句子“颇具戏剧性”。The generated sentences make grammatical sense, maintain a sort of theme and for the most part fit with the start and end sentence. Others weren#39;t quite as poetic, but still maintain the theme set by the start and ending sentences.这些句子合乎语法规则,遵循了同一主题,大部分内容与开头和结尾的句子相吻合。有些句子并未明显体现出诗的感觉,却仍能起到承上启下的作用。The results show interesting improvements in the ability of the machine to generate sentences that make sense together, which could led to much more human-like interactions with AI chatbots, perhaps even Google#39;s Now.上述结果反映了人工智能在生成有效句子方面富有趣味性的进步。这样的进步能促进人类和人工智能聊天机器人进行更多类人互动,互动的对象甚至可以扩展到谷歌的语音助手Now。 /201605/446488。

An Australian court has granted bail to a Malaysian woman who withdrew more than 4.6m Australian dollars mistakenly made available to her by a bank.日前,澳大利亚的一家法院准予保释了一名马来西亚姑娘。当地某曾因操作失误向她的帐户转了460万澳元,随后被其取出。A lawyer representing Christine Jiaxin Lee, 21, said she had spent about 1m Australian dollars on luxury items including handbags.这名来自马来西亚的姑娘名叫李佳欣,今年21岁。据她的律师称,约有100万澳元被她挥霍掉,买了名牌包包等奢侈品。Ms Lee, a student, was arrested at Sydney airport on last Wednesday while trying to travel to Malaysia.李佳欣是一名留学生,上周三准备返回马来西亚时,在悉尼国际机场被警方逮捕。Prosecutors say she withdrew the money from Westpac bank within a year and did not notify authorities of the error. She has been charged with obtaining financial advantage by deception and with knowingly dealing with proceeds of crime, Australian broadcaster A reported.检查官表示,她在一年之内把这些钱从澳洲西太平洋取出,却未通知任何机构这一失误。据澳洲广播公司A报道,李佳欣被指控非法获利,以及故意处理赃款赃物这两项罪名。The court in Sydney heard that Ms Lee, a chemical engineering student who has lived in Australia for five years, had opened a Westpac bank account in August 2012 and had mistakenly been given an unlimited overdraft.悉尼法院调查得知,李佳欣是一名化工专业的留学生,5年前来到澳大利亚。2012年8月,她在西太平洋开了一个账户,该错误的给她开通了无限透额度。Magistrate Lisa Stapleton granted Ms Lee bail on last Thursday, although under strict conditions. Ms Lee#39;s lawyer said the student had been trying to return to Malaysia to visit her parents.尽管面临严峻的形势,法官丽莎·斯泰普勒顿还是于上周四保释了李佳欣。而李佳欣的律师表示,她原本是打算回马来西亚探亲的。 /201605/443445。

London, the capital city of the ed Kingdom is one of the most visited cities of the world. From finding people of various ethnicity to tall structures dating from the Roman times, from magnificent palacesto museums with exquisite artifacts, from the luscious green parks to high end stores ………While the city is highly modernized, it still conserves its royalty and culture.英国首都--伦敦,世界上游览最多的城市之一。从各个种族的人们到罗马时代的高层建筑,从恢宏的宫殿到拥有精致器物的物馆,从令人心旷神怡的绿色公园到高端商店......尽管这座城市已经高度现代化,它依然保留着皇室特征和文化传统。1.London Eye1.伦敦眼For an unforgettable view of London visit the London Eye. This 135 meter tall giant wheel stands on the banks of the River Thames. This slow moving capsule provides a panoramic view of London like nowhere else. It is a 2 minutes walk from the Big Ben located in the heart of the city.游览伦敦眼是为了看到那令人难忘的伦敦全景图。这座135米高的巨型天轮坐落于泰晤士河畔。没有其它地方可以像这个慢慢移动的车舱一样展示出伦敦的全貌。从市中心的大本钟景点出发,到达这里大概需要2分钟的步行时间。It is open from 10 AM to 9 PM. The standard ticket costs 27 pounds. You can make the experience more memorable by adding wine or champagne to the tour. You can also book a private capsule. It can also be clubbed with a river cruise of the Thames.伦敦眼的开放时间是上午10点到晚上9点。标准票价是27英镑。你可以通过在旅行中尝试点酒或者香槟,让这次体验更加难忘。你也可以预订一个私人车舱。将它和泰晤士河的河流之旅结合起来是个不错的选择。2.Notting Hill2.诺丁山For a colorful time offering a host of options, Notting Hill is one of the most desirable places to visit in London. In this area you would find events, theaters, restaurants, book shops, shopping arena and galleries. If you are visiting in August then don#39;t miss the Street Carnival here which is the biggest of its kind in Europe. The Portobello Market which mainly runs on Fridays and Saturdays offers a wide variety of goods to shop from . This famous and huge Street Market has everything to offer from Bs and fruits to clothes, antiques, posters and jewelry . This area also has some very famous restaurants, pubs and cinemas theaters.多的时光提供了不少选择,而诺丁山就是游览伦敦时最具吸引力的景点之一。在这里你会发现盛大活动、影剧院、餐馆、书店、购物区和美术馆。如果旅游时间在八月份,不要错过欧洲最大的街头狂欢。波多贝罗市场在周五和周六营业,那里有各种各样的商品供。这个著名大型街头市场从面包、水果到衣、古玩、海报、珠宝,包罗万象,应有尽有。这个区域也有一些非常出名的餐馆、酒吧和影院。3.Lord#39;s Stadium3.劳德板球场For cricket lovers London offers a visit to the the ;Home of Cricket;, the Lord#39;s Cricket Ground. The Ground dates back to the 18th century and has a capacity of over 28,000 spectators.对于板球爱好者来说,伦敦可以让你参观;板球之家;--劳德板球场。这个板球场可以追溯到18世纪,能容纳28000多名观众。Lords also has a comprehensive library which happens to be the largest library dedicated to Cricket in the world. Another remarkable place to visit here is the Lord#39;s museum which is the oldest sports museum of the world with a huge and rare collection of cricket memorabilia and artifacts. Exhibitions and theaters commemorating the legends of cricket are also present here.劳德板球场也有一座综合的图书馆,恰巧是世界上为板球所专用的最大图书馆。另一个与众不同的地方是劳德物馆,这是世界上最古老的运动类物馆,拥有大量稀有的板球纪念品和手工艺品。人们可以通过展览和剧场纪念在这里发生过的板球传奇。The stadium is open for tours daily with a price for 20 pounds for adults and 12 pounds for children under 15 years.体育馆每天都对游客开放,票价是成年人20英镑,15岁以下的孩子12英镑。译文属 /201608/459268。

Chinese scientists on last Sunday said they have successfully developed early-stage mouse embryos in space for the first time on a retrievable microgravity satellite.我国科学家上周日表示,在返回式微重力科学实验卫星;实践十号;上首次成功实现了早期小鼠胚胎在太空中发育。The SJ-10 research probe, launched on April 6, carried over 6,000 mouse embryos in a self-sufficient chamber the size of a microwave oven, according to Duan Enkui, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).据中科院研究员段恩奎介绍,4月6日;实践十号;卫星发射,将放在一个微波炉大小、自给自足的培养箱内的6000余枚小鼠胚胎带上了太空。High-resolution photographs sent from SJ- 10 show that some embryos developed from the 2- cell stage to blastocyst around 72 hours after SJ- 10#39;s launch, Duan said. The timing was largely in line with embryonic development on Earth, he added.段恩奎表示,根据;实践十号;发回的高分辨率照片显示,在卫星发射后72小时左右,部分二细胞胚胎就发育到囊胚。段恩奎补充说道,这和地面上的胚胎发育时间基本一致。This is the first reported successful development in mammalian embryos in space in human history.这是人类历史上第一次成功实现哺乳动物胚胎在太空发育。Scientists will compare the retrieved embryos with samples on Earth and perform further analyses on the profiles of early embryo development in space, once SJ-10 returns home.当;实践十号;返回地球之后,科学家们将会把回收的胚胎和在地球上的样品进行比较,之后进一步分析在太空中发育的早期胚胎。 /201604/438830。

The next time you call for an Uber you#39;d better make sure your drunk friend is y to roll as soon as the car shows up or you#39;re going to get stuck with a fee.下次你叫优步的时候,最好确保你酒醉的朋友在车来的时候就准备好上车,否则你可要额外付费用了。That#39;s because Uber is testing a new pricing plan that will let drivers start running the meter for your trip if you#39;re more than two minutes late for your ride.这是因为优步正在试行新的定价计划,如果你来迟了超过两分钟,司机将开始对你的行程计费。Currently, Uber can either cancel your trip and send you a fee, or ask to start charging you if you#39;re more than 5 minutes late.目前的规定是,优步可以取消你的行程,或让你为此付费,或者如果你迟到超过5分钟则开始向你收费。I#39;ll be honest, it takes me more than two minutes to get my coat on and find my keys, so I#39;m sure I#39;m not alone in thinking two minutes is a bit too short of a leeway time for riders.说实话,我穿外套找钥匙都会超过2分钟,所以我敢肯定,我不是唯一一个认为两分钟对于乘客来说太短了的人。In addition to the new two-minute grace period, Uber is also introducing a two-minute limit between when you call an Uber and when you cancel it.除了新的两分钟的限时,优步还推出了另一个两分钟限时--你叫车和取消订单的时间。If you don#39;t cancel within the two-minute time frame, you#39;ll be hit with a fee, though Uber hasn#39;t said exactly how much it will be. Uber#39;s previous cancellation window was 5 minutes.如果你没有在两分钟的时间内取消订单,就需要交费,但优步并没有确切表示将收多少。优步之前的取消时限为5分钟。But don#39;t start freaking out about potential Uber charges just yet. The company is only rolling out the new times and fees on an experimental basis in Dallas, New Jersey, New York, and Phoenix. If you live outside of those areas, you#39;re fine for now.但你也没有必要被优步可能收的费用吓到。该公司只是在达拉斯,新泽西,纽约和凤凰城作为试点城市推行新的限时收费政策。如果你住在这些地区以外就没事。I, on the other hand, am from New Jersey and live in New York, so I#39;ll probably be shelling out a lot of cash on fees.而我,来自新泽西,住在纽约,因此我很可能要在这些费用上花费大量现金了。 /201605/442569。