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石河子大学医学院第二附属医院打玻尿酸多少钱乌市高新技术产业开发区去除鱼尾纹多少钱Worker bees then take over, secreting wax to build the hive.工蜂从这一阶段开始接手,它们用蜂蜡建造蜂巢。Starting from the top and working down, they build combs–layers of hexagonally shaped cells with passageways along the walls to allow bees to move between combs.工蜂按照逐层往下的顺序进行建造,从每个蜂房都是六边形的巢基开始。而蜂房间要留有空隙以便蜜蜂出入。Each layer of cells has a specialized purpose.每个蜂房都有特殊的作用。The uppermost cells store honey, followed by pollen-storage cells.最上面的蜂房是储存蜂蜜的,接下来是用于储存花粉,The bottom layers are designated for infant-rearing.下层是育婴室,Just beneath the pollen cells are brood cells where larvae become worker bees, and off to the side are cells housing drone bee larvae.再下层是幼虫变成工蜂的孵化室,两侧居住的是雄蜂幼虫。Last, but certainly not least, special cells are set aside to shelter infant queen bees.当然,特殊的蜂房是留给有着尊贵地位的蜂王的。A typical nest has about 100,000 cells with a total surface area of about twenty-seven square feet.标准的蜂巢有100,000个蜂房,连上表层大概有27平方英尺。Most of the cells are used to store the more than forty pounds of honey required to feed a bee colony during the winter.大多数蜂巢会储存40多英镑的蜂蜜,这足以使得整个蜜蜂家族度过整个冬天。They may not win any awards, but bees are clearly some of natures most accomplishedarchitects.虽然蜜蜂从未摘得任何桂冠,但是它们无疑是大自然最杰出的建造师。201312/267187乌鲁木齐达坂城区激光治疗鸡眼多少钱 新疆维吾尔医医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

乌鲁木齐哪有看耳朵畸形的双河市去痘坑多少钱 Business商业报道A Mexican start-up一个墨西哥式的开始Border buzz边境上的嗡嗡声A small dronemaker is a fine example of cross-border co-operation一个小小的遥控飞行器是跨境合作的一个典型范例。FEW companies embody the spirit of Mexican-American co-operation as much as 3DRobotics, founded by a Mexican, Jordi Muoz, and an American, Chris Anderson.很少有公司像3D机器人公司,由一个墨西哥人和一个美国人建立,一样象征了美国墨西哥裔合作精神。The factory in Tijuana where they make their small drones is so close to the border that they could, if they were allowed, fly across to San Diego.在蒂华纳的工厂,那里他们制作他们小小的遥控飞行器,距离边境非常近以至于它们,如果允许的话,可以飞越边境去圣地亚哥。That is where the firms boffins engineer them.那是他们公司的工程师。Mr Muoz, born a few hours south of Tijuana, grew up dreaming of building robotic flying machines, but only managed to do so after moving to California.Mr Muoz,出生在离蒂华纳南部开车要几个小时的地方,从小梦想着制造一个遥控飞行器,但仅仅在他搬到了加利福尼亚后才实现这个梦想。He says he could not have succeeded without the ed States technological prowess and entrepreneurial culture.他说道如果没有美国的技术实力和创业文化他是不能够成功的。Yet chicanadas—the knack Mexicans reckon they have for using whatever is at hand to solve a problem—were also crucial.但是墨西哥人自己的思维方法—墨西哥人认为他们拥有的利用任何手边的条件来解决问题的做事窍门——也很关键。He began to make progress in 2006, when the imminent launch of Apples iPhone triggered a plunge in the cost of the motion sensors he needed to build his dream.他在2006年开始有进展,当时苹果的iphone即将发行引起了对他需要的构建梦想的动作传感器的经费投入。He found that in America he got plenty of encouragement.他发现在美国他得到了许多的鼓励。Unlike Mexico, it has a culture that lets you believe you can be the best in the world, he says.不像在墨西哥,它有一个让你相信你能够成为世界上最优秀的人的文化,他说道。It is easy to buy supplies on eBay—and, again in contrast to Mexico, the postal system delivers them quickly and reliably.在eBay上很容易买到供应的材料,并且,与墨西哥相反的是,邮政系统交付货物迅速可靠。Mexican bureaucracy makes it hard to get started: even a tiny garage start-up requires an industrial permit.墨西哥的官僚主义让它很难起步:即使是一个小小的车库的运营也需要工业许可。Mr Muoz says most Americans dont trust Mexicans very much;Mr Muoz说大部分美国人并不非常相信墨西哥人;but he credits Mr Andersons untypical background for helping him to see beyond the racial stereotype and write a 500 cheque for Mr Muoz the first time he met him: The best 500 hes ever spent.但是他相信安德森的非典型背景,帮助他打破种族思维定势;并且在安德森第一次见他的时候就开了一张500美元的票给他:他曾经花过的最值的500美元。As for chicanadas, he says his first plastics were moulded in a toaster.至于墨西哥人的诀窍,他说他的第一次作品模型是在面包机理做出来的。Before the firm had its own premises, Mr Muoz got some friends to assemble the drones in their kitchen.在这家公司得到自己许可之前,Mr Muoz和他的朋友聚集在他们的厨房装配无人机。From such humble beginnings, 3DRobotics hopes its pilotless craft will be used for anything from monitoring crops to lifeguard duties on beaches.从如此低的起点开始,3D机器人公司希望它的无人机技术被用来监视任何东西,从沙滩上的人群到救生员职责。Its neither a San Diego firm nor a Tijuana firm, says Mr Muoz. It will always be both.它既不是一个圣地亚哥公司也不是一个蒂华纳公司,Mr Muoz。它总是两者兼有。 /201311/262947哈密全身脱毛手术多少钱

铁门关市脂肪丰胸价格When you boil potatoes on the stove top, it can take half an hour to cook them till tender.如果使用灶台上烹煮土豆,要半小时才能煮软。But, when you boil them in a pressure cooker, instead presto,theyre y in about five minutes.但高压锅只需短短5分钟就可以做好。Whats the difference?两者有何区别呢?What makes pressure cookers cook so quickly?为何高压锅烹饪如此迅速?Lets start with the potatoes boiling on the stove top.首先让我们从炉子上的土豆烹饪说起。The temperature of the boiling water wont go above 212 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter how high you turn up the burner or how long you leave the pot on the stove.无论你将煤气灶调至多大,抑或是烹饪时间多长,水的沸点都不会超过华氏212度。Thats because, at normal air pressure, water boils at 212 degrees and escapes as steam.这是由于在标准大气压下,水一达到华氏212度就会沸腾形成水蒸气挥发掉。In a pressure cooker, on the other hand, the steam cant make such an easy get away.而在高压锅内,水蒸气并不会如此容易挥发出去。These a led lid keeps the steam inside, raising the pressure inside the cooker to about twice normal air pressure.密封盖将水蒸气封存在锅里,致使锅内压强升至标准大气压的两倍。Now heres the secret of speedy pressure cooking.这就是高压锅烹饪快速的秘诀。As pressure rises, so does the boiling point of water.随着锅内压强上升,水的沸点也逐渐升高。At the higher pressure inside the cooker, the boiling point of water goes up to about 252 degrees.锅内压维持在较高水平,水的沸点会上升至华氏252度左右。So, food cooks at a much higher temperature in a pressure cooker, and that`s why it cooks more quickly.因此,在高压锅中烹饪食物的温度更高,烹饪时间明显缩短。Pressure cookers control cooking temperature by maintaining a certain pressure.高压锅通过维持一定的压力来调节烹饪温度。A vent on the lid releases steam when the right pressure, and therefore the right cooking temperature is reached.而借由密封盖上的排气孔释放水蒸气达到合适的压力,烹饪温度也能达到理想值。And to prevent disasters like boiled potatoes exploding onto the ceiling, modern pressure cookers also have a safety valve to release steam, just in case the vent gets stuck.为了避免发生诸如煮熟的土豆炸飞到天花板的意外情况,现代高压锅还设计了安全阀门释放水蒸气,以防排气孔堵塞。201403/282301 吐鲁番市做隆鼻手术多少钱阿图什小腿减肥多少钱



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