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浙江新安医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱海盐县妇幼保健院祛除腋臭多少钱Do you always go for the wrong men, but have the most perfect pet? Then this relationship advice may be for you。  你是否总是会遇上错的人,却拥有一只最适合你的宠物?那么不妨看看以下这条恋爱建议。  A leading love expert has suggested there are parallels between picking the perfect partner and the way you choose your dog。  一位著名的爱情专家认为,人们在选择最佳伴侣时有点类似于选择宠物。  Author and relationship coach Dr Annie Kaszina Ph.D - who is the first to admit she has her own chequered relationship history - discovered that by applying these principles she could finally make the right choices。  安妮士是作家兼人际关系教练。作为第一个勇于承认自己复杂恋爱史的人,她发现采用一些法则会使她做出正确的选择。  When Annie met Orlandino it was love at first sight: the big brown eyes, the irresistible looks, the knack he had of making her laugh。  当安妮第一眼看到欧兰迪诺(Orlandino)时,便觉得他十分可爱。欧兰迪诺拥有一双棕色的大眼睛及令人无法抗拒的外表。他的一些小花招逗得安妮开怀大笑。  But sadly, he wasn#39;t a keeper. Beneath that charming exterior lay some unsavoury habits and a difficult and a very demanding personality。  但令人伤心的是,他并不是那个值得安妮珍惜的人。他迷人的外表之下掩藏的是令人讨厌的习惯和执拗苛刻的个性。  Orlandino was the dog from hell。  欧兰迪诺就是一只地狱冥犬。  What Annie learned from that encounter set her on the path to becoming a women#39;s relationship coach。  安妮在这段感情中领悟到的事情使她成为了一名女性人际关系教练。  She learned her lesson, chose her second dog - and her current lovely partner - with a lot more care, and has since taught hundreds of women simple ways to spot the right man for them, using her pet as the template。  她吸取经验教训,精心挑选了她的第二只,也是目前陪伴她的可爱伴侣。安妮用自己的作为例子,教导上百位女性如何用最简单的方式选择属于她们的真命天子。  Now Annie shares ten of her tips with Femail ers, inspired by her new book, entitled Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband?, which comes out on Valentine#39;s Day。  日前,安妮同Femail的读者分享了十条小贴士。这十条贴士源于她即将在情人节出版的新书——《你是否选择比选择丈夫更仔细》。  1. Temperament is king  性格才是王道  Mean, moody, and magnificent may sound exciting… So, too, may the idea of taking on a challenge, or #39;taming#39; someone #39;wild#39;。  吝啬卑鄙、喜怒无常、高贵华丽也许听起来令人兴奋无比,但也有可能意味着面临挑战,或是驯某个野蛮粗鲁的人。  Unfortunately, they lead to hard work relationships; and hard work relationships lead to emotional exhaustion and breakdown。  但不幸的是,脾气不好的人会导致感情变得难以维系,而难以维系的感情又会导致情感耗竭和感情破裂。  Better to look for someone sunny and sweet-natured。  最好是找个个性阳光、脾气好的人。  Think about the way a date projects himself on first meeting and beyond. Why would pessimism or negativity be an aphrodisiac?  仔细想想你的约会对象在第一次约会和之后的约会中是怎样表现自己的。为什么悲观消极的情绪会成为一种催情剂?  2. Check the pedigree  了解背景  Obviously, this is simpler with dogs than it is with people, and can#39;t be settled on a first date. But then Rome wasn#39;t built in a day, and nor should relationships be。  显然,了解的血统明显要比了解一个人的背景要容易得多,而且这不可能在第一次约会时就了解透彻。罗马不是一天建成的,恋爱关系也是如此。  You can listen to the way they talk about parents, family members, and friends。  你可以从他们对父母、家庭成员以及朋友的描述中获取一些相关信息。  If they come across as Billy-no-mates, there is cause for concern。  如果他们给你的印象是朋友寥寥无几,那你就得小心了。  3. Beware yappiness  注意言谈  Unless you#39;re okay with saddling yourself with Mr I#39;m Great, Mr Alpha Male, Mr In Love With The Sound of His Own Voice, or Mr Life and Soul of the Party, be careful of over-talkers。  小心那些喋喋不休的人,除非你能忍受同自恋者、大男子主义者、喜欢自己声音的人或是派对上的活跃分子相处。  Incessant talking on a first date may be a sign of nerves, but also a lack of interest in the other person and a lack of social skills。  第一次约会时的喋喋不休可能是紧张的表现,也可能是因为他对他人没兴趣或缺乏社交技巧。  They need to take an interest in you too (This holds just as true for Strong, Silent Types)。  约会对象也需要表现出对你感兴趣的样子(这一点适用于安静的壮汉)。  Asking non-intrusive questions is not rocket science。  问一些不侵犯他人隐私的问题并不是一件复杂的事。  4. Good manners  礼貌  This goes without saying. But it#39;s not limited to table manners。  这一点不言而喻,但这并不只是指餐桌礼仪。  Snarliness towards waiters, children, and anyone outside the charmed circle of you and your date is a bad sign of things to come。  怒骂务生、孩子、交际圈之外的人或者约会对象,不好的事情就会发生。  Selective good manners actually suggest that those manners are not deeply ingrained and may soon melt away。  选择性礼貌事实上暗示着它们并未深入人心,也许很快就会消失殆尽。  5. Over-exuberance  感情过于热烈  Pushy does not mean keen. It means pushy。  一意孤行就是它的字面意思,而非热切的渴望。  First date pushiness is the sign of someone who doesn#39;t respect boundaries and will end up pushing you into emotional corners。  第一次约会时表现出的一意孤行可以看作是不尊重他人底线的表现,这会破坏感情进一步发展的可能。  6. Good behaviour  良好的行为举止  Many a woman who has overlooked a little first date leering - at other women - has lived to rue the day。  许多女性曾在第一次约会时忽略了约会对象对其他女性暗送秋波的细节,事后想起都会为此而懊悔。  You have standards for how you would dress and behave on a first date. Your date should, too。  对于第一次约会时的穿着和举止,你应该要有自己的一套标准。你的约会对象也应如此。  If your date#39;s behaviour violates your standards in any way that#39;s a clear sign that you could be in for a rough ride。  如果约会时的行为举止与自定的标准不同,那么你将会踏上一条曲折的感情之路。  7. Docility  性情温顺  You want your date to be sensitive and responsive to your wishes。  你理想中的约会对象应该是一个能察觉到你愿望并帮你实现它的人。  Choosing your meal for you, unasked, or making decisions for you without consulting you is a clear sign of wanting to be top dog。  一个人没有询问你意见就帮你点菜的,或是没有同你商量就擅自帮你做决定,很明显,他想成为你们关系中的主导者。  Do you want to be reduced to playing Bottom Dog?  难道你想沦为感情中的弱者吗?  8. Playfulness  能给你带来快乐  You want someone not just to have fun with, but someone who#39;s fun to be around。  你不仅希望可以同约会对象相处愉快,还希望他能给周围的人带来快乐。  That doesn#39;t necessarily mean someone who acts like a kid - what long-term kids are actually looking for is second mummies. You want someone who you feel comfortable enough around to be silly with。  但这并不意味着约会对象的行为举止要表现得像个孩子。一个像孩子一样总长不大的人实际上是要为自己再找一个妈妈。你理想中的伴侣应该是一个能让你觉得舒心的人,即使你和他在一起时像个傻瓜。  9. Beware rogue breeders  当心周围疯狂的约会发起者  If you#39;ve been single for a while, friends may take it upon themselves to set you up with #39;lovely dates#39;。  如果你处于感情空窗期有一段时间,你的朋友们可能会为你策划一场美好的约会,主动肩负起给你介绍对象的重任。  Just because they find that date #39;lovely#39; in the context in which they know them doesn#39;t mean you will。  她们认为一场约会是美好的,并不代表对你而言也是一样的。  You wouldn#39;t buy a house just on the say-so of Mrs Bloggs three doors down。  你不会因为住在离你三户远的布洛格斯太太(MrsBloggs)随口说的一句话,就买下一座房子。  You always have to do your own due diligence。  所以,你要认真地考虑问题。  10. Leave the paperwork at home  丢掉幻想  Women are terrible at playing #39;Fantasy Future#39; - they go on a first date and, provided the man isn#39;t an obvious freak or psychopathic monster, they get busy imagining their future life with that person。  女性在幻想美好方面往往很不成功。她们在第一次约会时,只要男性不是一个情绪反复无常的怪人或是精神失常的怪物,接下来,她们开始忙于沉浸在和约会对象未来生活的幻想中。  A first date is not designed to be a marriage contract., it#39;s simply the start of getting to know another person。  第一次约会并不是要制定一份结婚条约,而是双方相互了解的开始。  If you find yourself fantasising about that happy future, take a cold shower, or speak to a grounded friend。  如果你发觉自己开始沉浸在对未来的美好幻想之中,赶紧去洗个冷水澡或是找一位好友聊一聊。 /201502/359034嘉兴曙光医院整形中心痘坑 Cheer up hopeless romantics – science appears to be on your side.绝望的浪漫派这下可以欢呼雀跃了——科学貌似站在了你们这边。According to new research, it is actually possible to fall in love with another person at first sight.据最新研究发现,对一个人一见钟情确有可能发生。The annual Singles in America survey, which is sponsored by the dating site Match.com, found that in 2014, 59 percent of men and 49 percent of women said they believe in love at first sight, and 41 percent of men and 29 percent of women say they have experienced it. The survey included more than 5,000 singles ages 21 to 70-plus.一年一度由美国婚恋网站Match.com赞助持的“单身在美国”调查显示,2004年,59%的男性和49%的女性声称他们相信一见钟情,并且41%的男性和29%的女性表示他们本身就经历过一见钟情。此项调查计入了5000名单身男女,年龄从21到70多不等。These numbers are not surprising. As a recent article in The Wall Street Journal notes: “Scientists say we are genetically wired for the possibility of love at first sight, but why it happens to some people and not others is largely a matter of timing and self-*assurance.”这些数字并不让人意外。《华尔街日报》近期的一篇文章就指出:“科学家认为基因决定了我们产生一见钟情的可能性,至于为什么有的人有此种经历而其他人没有,很大程度上是由于时间问题和自我认可程度。”Numerous psychological studies have also found men fall in love faster than women, says Helen Fisher, a human behavior researcher and a professor at the US’ Rutgers University with a focus on romantic *interpersonal attraction. Fisher is Match.com’s chief scientific adviser and spearheaded the study.人类行为研究员、美国罗格斯大学教授海伦#8226;费希尔专注于研究人际吸引中的浪漫因素。她表示,大量的心理研究也表明,男性会比女性更快地陷入爱河。费希尔是Match.com的首席科学顾问,主导了此次研究。“Men are so visual. They see a woman who appeals to them physically, and it will *trigger the romantic love system faster,” she says. “Women are more careful romantically.”她认为:“男性真是视觉动物。他们只会看到那些外表对他们产生吸引的女性,这就会更加迅速地激发男人的浪漫爱情系统。女性则多是谨慎的浪漫。”Three connected systems三个相关联的系统Experts say romantic love is one of three systems – along with the sex drive and feelings of deep attachment – that humans developed for mating. Romantic love’s intense desire for connection with the other person typically lasts 18 months to three years.专家认为浪漫的爱情是人类因交配需要而产生的三大系统之一——另外两个分别是性冲动和深度情感依恋。According to Fisher, the sex drive in both men and women is fueled by *testosterone. In contrast, romantic love is emotional obsession. The two are meant to go together, but it is possible to have one without the other.费希尔认为,男女的性冲动皆由睾丸素控制。相反,浪漫的爱情则是一种对情感的依恋。这两样一般同时出现,但是也有可能只出现其一。Fisher says that like the sex drive, romantic love can be triggered immediately, which may explain the quick and *unintentional experience of falling in love.费希尔指出,浪漫的爱情与性冲动一样,会被瞬时点燃,这也可以解释人类为什么会迅速而毫无防备地恋爱。Arthur Aron, research professor at Stony Brook University in New York and a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, who studies love, noted to The Wall Street Journal that there are three factors present when you fall in love: You have to like the other person’s physical appearance; you have to find his or her personality desirable, and you have to feel the other person likes you.纽约州立大学石溪分校研究教授、加州伯克利大学访问学者亚瑟#8226;艾伦的研究领域是爱情。他对《华尔街日报》表示,人们能否陷入爱情取决于三大要素:喜欢对方的样貌;满意他/她的性格;感觉到对方也喜欢自己。These feelings can be triggered by a number of *stimuli. But as Aron noted: “You may be more likely to fall in love quickly if you are y.” So don’t just *fantasize about falling in love at first sight. Go out, be yourself and love (first sight or not) will find you.这些感觉可以由一系列刺激因素引发。但是正如艾伦所说“如果你自己准备好了,才更有可能去恋爱。”所以不要天天幻想着一见钟情了。走出门去,做你自己,爱情(一见钟情或日久生情)就会找上你。 /201505/374648嘉兴曙光医疗医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱

嘉兴市彩光祛痘多少钱Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s your hair that reveals what you’re really like.别费力去想怎么表露感情啦,你的发型造早把你“出卖”啦!Someone with glossy hair like the Duchess of Cambridge is likely wealthy enough to afford a professional blow-dry, while someone with a fringe like Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man series leaves an amicable impression on others. So, what does your choice of hairstyle say about you? Read on to find out.有人的秀发光泽如缎,如剑桥公爵夫人,这类人通常“不差钱”,去得起专业发廊;有人则留着像蜘蛛侠系列里爱玛#8226;斯通一样的刘海,给人亲切可人的印象。那么,你的发型说明你是个怎样的人呢?一起来看看吧!High ponytail高高的马尾:目标明确型If you want to show your goal-oriented side, go for a high ponytail. People with this hairstyle tend to be results-driven and logical, according to Jean Haner, a US expert in face ing who wrote The Wisdom of Your Face.如果想要展示自己目标明确的一面,那么高马尾是个不错的选择。美国面相专家Jean Haner在他的著作The Wisdom of Your Face中写道:扎高马尾的人多为结果导向型,且逻辑性很强。When she first came out as an actress, Li Bingbing’s looks were often described as fragile and feminine, partly because of her long locks. But now, her polished high ponytail has convinced everyone that she is unstoppable and will go to any lengths to achieve her goals.李冰冰刚出道时总是给人软弱、充满女人味的印象,部分原因正是她的一头长发。而现在,她将长发扎成高高的马尾,仿佛要告诉大家没有什么能阻挡她实现自己的目标。Straighten your curly hair笔直的长发:冷静果敢型Wavy hair is attractive to many. But if you have curly hair and all you want to do is straighten it, this usually means your life is too chaotic and you need to calm down.卷发能吸引很多人。但是,如果你总是想拉直自己的一头卷发,那么,十有八九是因为你觉得自己的生活太过混乱,而你想要冷静。US singer Taylor Swift is a perfect example of this kind. Long curly hair used to be her signature look, but recently she has been flat ironing her hair quite often. By making it straight, she’s controlling its intensity and giving herself a sense of calmness, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. She may have decided to enjoy herself for a moment after all the ups and downs in her love life.美国歌手泰勒#8226;斯威夫特正是这种类型的典范。长长的卷发本是她的标志,而她最近却常常将以直发示人。据美国《大都会》杂志报道,泰勒#8226;斯威夫特认为拉直头发能让自己更冷静。也许,在经历了跌宕起伏的爱情之后,现在的她想要享受一个人的平静时光。Curl your straight hair浪漫的卷发:风趣乐天型Want to have more fun in your life? Curly hair may give you away. For those who have straight hair that is always curled, it can mean they’re craving for a more interesting life. The theory is that curly hair is more interesting than straight hair and will lead to more exciting experiences.想让自己的生活更有趣?卷发正说明了你的心声。有人天生直发,却总喜欢把它们烫卷,这正意味着她们想要追寻更有趣的生活。有理论认为,卷发比直发更有趣,可以给人带来更多刺激体验。If you don’t believe it, take US singer Beyonce Knowles’ case as an example. Her curly hairdo presents a more positive and fun image to the world.如果你不相信,那么看看美国歌手碧昂斯吧,她的卷发形象给人更积极、有趣的印象。Short wash-and-go简约的短发:自信叛逆型If you have a super short wash-and-go hairstyle, you must be super confident and don’t fuss over things in life.如果你有一头“随洗随干”的超短发,那么,生活中的你一定自信、爽快。Miley Cyrus is one of those types. Long gone are the days when she was the lovely Disney star who had long wavy strands. Now she has a super short wash-and-go hairdo that is as rebellious as her personality. As she told E! Online, by keeping her hair short, she is speaking on behalf of girls everywhere, breaking the stereotype of more traditional hairstyles.麦莉#8226;赛勒斯正是这样的类型。告别了昔日的一头长卷发,她早已不再是那个可爱的迪士尼明星。现在的她留着一头超短发,彰显她桀骜不驯的个性。她在接受E! Online采访时表示,她剪短发,要代表世界各地的女孩儿们(呼吁大家)打破传统发型的禁锢。 /201412/349152嘉兴曙光整形医院去痘印排名 A: Hey, good looking, wanna go on a romatic cruise?A:亲爱的,想不想来一场浪漫之旅B: Who would book us on a cruise?B:谁能帮我们预定这次巡航呢?A: The U.S.S. arkA:u.s.s方舟 /201504/370758嘉兴曙光整形医院瘦脸哪家好

嘉兴激光美容医院哪家好 Peekaboo is a game played over the world, crossing language and cultural barriers. Why is it so universal? Perhaps because it’s such a powerful learning tool。全世界的婴儿都在玩躲猫猫,这种游戏已经跨越了语言和文化的边界。为什么这种游戏如此风靡全球?或许是因为它是一种强大的学习工具。Babies don#39;t books, and they don#39;t know that many people, so thesurprising durability and cultural universality of peekaboo is perhaps a clue that it taps into something fundamental in their minds. No mere habit or fashion, the game can help show us the foundations on which adult human thought is built。婴儿不阅读书籍,认识的人也不多,既然我们已经知道躲猫猫这种游戏的生命力持久性和文化普遍性,或许我们可以以它为线索,探索婴儿认知过程的基本要素。这是一种超越了人类习性和潮流的游戏,它能够告诉我们,成人认知过程的构建基础。Surprise element惊喜的元素Peekaboo uses the fundamental structure of all good jokes - surprise, balanced with expectation. Researchers showed this in tests involving a group of six-, seven- and eight-month-olds which sound like more fun than a psychology experiment should be. Most of the time the peekaboo game proceeded normally, however on occasion the adult hid and reappeared as a different adult, or hid and reappeared in a different location. Videos of the infants were rated by independent observers for how much the babies smiled and laughed。在躲猫猫这个游戏中蕴含着所有优质笑话的基本结构——惊喜,与之协调的期待。科学家们对一组包括6周、7周、8周大的婴儿进行了研究,孩子们的笑声使这场心理实验显得格外有趣,通过实验,科学家们应征了上述结论。大多数情况下,躲猫猫的游戏都进展的很顺利,即使一个大人躲起来后,出现的是另一个大人,或者大人躲起来后,出现在另一个地方。科学家们请一些与研究无关的成人来观察婴儿反应的录像,对每次婴儿微笑或大笑的程度出不同等级。On these “trick trials” the babies smiled and laughed less, even though the outcome was more surprising. What#39;s more, the difference between their enjoyment of normal peekaboo and trick-peekaboo increased with age (with the eight-month-olds enjoying the trick trials least). The researchers#39; interpretation for this is that the game relies on being able to predict the outcome. As the babies get older their prediction gets stronger, so the discrepancy with what actually happens gets larger - they find it less and less funny。在“非常规”的躲猫猫游戏中,虽然游戏最后出现的结果更令人吃惊,婴儿微笑或大笑的程度却相对较浅。不仅如此,随着长大,婴儿对常规的躲猫猫游戏的满意程度和对非常规的躲猫猫游戏之间的满意程度二者之间的差异会越来越明显(8个月大的婴儿对非常规的躲猫猫的满意程度最低)。研究者们解释说,这是因为,这个游戏之所以好玩,正是因为婴儿可以预期游戏的结果。随着婴儿长大,他们对结果的预期也越来越强,因而他们的预期和实际结果之间的不协调性也就越来越明显——他们对游戏也就越来越不满意。The secret to the enduring popularity of peekaboo is that it isn#39;t actually a single game. As the baby gets older their carer lets the game adapt to the babies#39; new abilities, allowing both adult and infant to enjoy a similar game but done in different ways. The earliest version of peekaboo is simple looming, where the carer announces they are coming with their voice before bringing their face into close focus for the baby. As the baby gets older they can enjoy the adult hiding and reappearing, but after a year or so they can graduate to take control by hiding and reappearing themselves。躲猫猫这个游戏经久不衰,全球风靡的秘密在于,它不仅仅只是一个游戏。随着婴儿长大,他们的监护人会根据婴儿的新本领调节游戏规则,从而使大人和婴儿都能在新的、大致相似而略有不同的游戏中获得乐趣。躲猫猫最开始只是一种隐而再现,监护人告诉婴儿他们要出来了,然后让婴儿能够近距离的看到自己的脸。随着婴儿长大一些,他们看到大人躲起来然后又出现就会很开心。但是一年之后,他们逐渐的可以掌控游戏了,他们就会自己躲起来,然后再出现。In this way peekaboo can keep giving, allowing a perfect balance of what a developing baby knows about the world, what they are able to control and what they are still surprised by. Thankfully we adults enjoy their laughter so much that the repetition does nothing to stop us enjoying endless rounds of the game ourselves。通过这种方式,躲猫猫的游戏规则能够与不断成长的婴儿眼中的世界达成并保持非常好的一致性,与他们掌控世界的能力,他们的兴奋点保持一致。谢天谢地,我们这些成年人是如此喜爱这些婴儿的笑声,以至于这种游戏的重复性一点也不妨碍我们一次次饶有兴致的聊以自娱。 /201503/362200嘉兴提眉手术多少钱嘉善县第一人民医院双眼皮多少钱




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