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浙江省金华丽都整形概况兰溪市人民医院割双眼皮手术多少钱You hear it said often — that true beauty is ageless — but you don#39;t see much evidence of the idea in popular culture, where the beauty ideal skews to the young, and the even younger.你一定经常听说,真正的美丽永不会变老,但是流行文化很少能印这个观点,在流行文化中,美丽的理想型没有最年轻,只有更年轻。While Vogue magazine has its annual age issue, which highlights accomplished (usually gorgeous) women of various ages, that#39;s only once a year. And if you count the images, including advertising, there are precious few with anyone over 50 in them. But for British Vogue#39;s 100th anniversary, the magazine features Bo Gilbert, a model who is as old as it is.尽管《Vogue》杂志每年都有年龄特辑,刊登各个年龄段的完美(通常是性感)女人,但一年只有一次。并且,如果你数一数图片,算上广告,里面的模特很少有超过50岁的。但是在英国《Vogue》杂志的百年特辑中,和它同岁的波#8226;吉尔伯特成为了主角。It#39;s not surprising that this campaign comes from the UK, where ordinary looks, less makeup and older visages are more common on television and films made there. The campaign is made by Harvey Nicks, a well-known British luxury department store.英国电视剧和电影中的人物普遍有些长相平平、不怎么浓妆艳抹、容貌显老,这样的百年庆来自英国,一点也不新奇。此次活动由英国知名奢侈品百货公司哈维#8226;尼克斯举办。Gilbert lives in an assisted-living facility in England, and for her shoot she wore bespoke Valentino glasses, a blouse by Victoria Beckham and The Row pants over a Dris Van Noten coat, with shoes by Celine and a necklace by Lanvin.吉尔伯特住在英国一家养老机构,为了进行此次拍摄,她戴上了专门定制的瓦伦蒂诺眼镜、维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆的上衣、The Row的裤子、德赖斯#8226;范诺顿外套、思琳的鞋和浪凡的项链。The is really sweet, with fashion recollections by Gilbert. Of course she mentions hats and how fun they were to wear, as well as the first time she saw a woman in a pantsuit, which she said ;really caught my eye.; She says she has always dressed nicely, even if she wasn#39;t going out that day and nobody would see her.视频拍得非常温馨,吉尔伯特回忆起有关时尚的那些往事。当然她提到了帽子,并讲戴上它们是多么有趣,还有她第一次看到一个穿裤装的女人的场景,她说那“真是吸引了我的眼球”。她说她总是穿着得体,即便某一天她不出门也没人会看到她。Over the past few years, as women have gained more power in both media and Hollywood, beauty standards are very, very slowly changing. We#39;re now seeing some of our favorite actresses keep making movies into their 40s and 50s, even if there aren#39;t that many roles for them; it#39;s just another sign that there is still a long way to go. The attention that elderly fashion icons like Iris Apfel (I highly recommend her documentary, ;Iris,; on Netflix), and the women of the Advanced Style blog (here#39;s another model who is 100), proves there#39;s interest in the fashion community — and outside it — for something beyond the next bright young thing.过去几年,尽管女人在媒体和好莱坞电影业的权力越来越大,但美丽的标准变化得非常、非常缓慢。现在我们看到一些我们非常喜欢的女演员四五十岁还在演电影,尽管适合她们的角色并不多;这恰恰再次说明还有很长的路要走。我们对老年时尚偶像的关注,比如艾瑞斯#8226;阿普菲尔(我强烈推荐奈飞公司出品的纪录片《艾瑞斯》),和“前卫风格”客的那些女人(其中有个模特也100岁了),表明,无论是时尚圈内还是时尚圈外,人们都不只关注光鲜靓丽的年轻外表。;I do things that I think a lot of people wouldn#39;t do at my age,; says Gilbert, in the above.在上面的视频中,吉尔伯特说:“我想我做的事很多同龄人都不会做。”That#39;s definitely interesting, and inspiring, as we all grow older.那当然非常有趣,也很鼓舞人心,因为我们都会变老。 /201605/442280丽水市中医院怎么去 金华丰胸手术哪家医院好

金华丽都医院新地址On the first night during his visit to China, German President Joachim Gauck tasted the famed local dish, Peking duck, along with other delicacies in a traditional Chinese courtyard.在访问北京的第一个晚上,德国总统约阿希姆·高克在一个中国传统四合院里品尝了当地名菜北京烤鸭和一些其他的美味。The restaurant is located in Guijie, a popular food street in Beijing famed for midnight dining and spicy crayfish.该餐厅位于簋街,是北京非常热闹的美食一条街,以宵夜和麻辣小龙虾闻名。The dinner for Gauck was composed of dishes such as fried lion#39;s mane mushroom, sweet and sour ribs, and smoked sausage, reported Beijing Youth Daily on its public account on social networking platform WeChat. Crayfish was not served for reasons of etiquette.据北京青年报微信公众号爆料,高克总统一行所品尝的菜品包括满汉全席云腿猴头、糖醋小排、北京特色熏肠等。出于餐桌礼仪并没有上小龙虾。The 76-year-old and his entourage finished all the food with forks and knives rather than chopsticks. Gauck seemed to be happy with the meal, saying ;tastes good; to the waitress.76岁的德国总统高克和他的同僚们是用刀叉吃完这顿中餐的,没有使用筷子。看起来高克对这顿饭特别满意,连连对务员表示“味道好极了”。The dinner cost more than 200 yuan () per person, an upper middle level of consumption for the street.据悉,这顿饭人均消费200多元(约31美元),在簋街属于中档以上消费。In fact, before Gauck#39;s visit, this restaurant had received other foreign leaders such as Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, former President of the Swiss Confederation Ueli Maurer, and Willem-Alexander, the King of the Netherlands.事实上,在高克来访之前,已经有其他外国政要光临过这家餐厅了,比如意大利总理马泰奥·伦齐,瑞士联邦前主席于利·毛雷尔和荷兰国王威廉·亚历山大。Unlike these heads of state, US Vice-President Joe Biden preferred more ordinary food. In a 2011 visit to China, Biden and his men dropped by a snack store in Beijing and ate noodles with soybean paste, a local delicacy, spending a total of 79 yuan.与这些政要不同,美国副总统拜登更青睐平价小吃。2011年访华时,拜登带着随从去了北京的一家小吃店,点了当地风味小吃炸酱面,一共才花费了79元。Gauck is the first German President to visit China in six years. His next stop is Shanghai where he will visit a Jewish refugee memorial and Tongji University, a school established by a German physician more than a century ago.高克是六年来第一个访问中国的德国总统。他的下一站是上海,在那里他将参观犹太难民纪念馆和同济大学。同济大学是100多年前由一个德国医生创办的。After that, he will go to Xi#39;an in Northwest China#39;s Shaanxi province, where he will visit churches and mosques in order to understand the integration of different ethnic groups.之后,他将前往中国西北部的陕西省西安市,参观教堂和清真寺,了解不同民族的融合。 /201603/434550浦江县妇幼保健院割双眼皮手术多少钱 磐安县中医医院去胎记多少钱

东阳市中医院线路 A review of more than a thousand studies has found solid evidence that being overweight or obese increases the risk for at least 13 types of cancer. The study was conducted by a working group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization.一篇涵盖了上千份研究的报告发现了确凿据:超重或肥胖会增加至少13种癌症的患病风险。进行这项研究的工作团队来自于隶属世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)的国际癌症研究组织(International Agency for Research on Cancer)。Strong evidence was aly available to link five cancers to being overweight or obese: adenocarcinoma of the esophagus; colorectal cancer; breast cancer in postmenopausal women; and uterine and kidney cancers.该团队已发现食道腺癌、结肠直肠癌、绝经期乳腺癌、子宫癌及肾癌五种癌症与超重或肥胖相关的有力据。This new review, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, links an additional eight cancers to excess fat: gastric cardia, a cancer of the part of the stomach closest to the esophagus; 这篇刚刚发表在《新英格兰医学杂志》(New England Journal of Medicine)的还指出,另有八种癌症也与人体积蓄过多脂肪有关,liver cancer; gallbladder cancer; pancreatic cancer; thyroid cancer; ovarian cancer; meningioma, a usually benign type of brain cancer; and multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.分别是贲门癌(在胃与食道连接处产生的癌症)、肝癌、膀胱癌、胰脏癌、甲状腺癌、卵巢癌、脑膜瘤(一种通常为良性的脑癌),以及多发性骨髓癌(血癌的一种)。According to the chairman of the working group, Dr. Graham Colditz, a professor of medicine and surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, these 13 cancers together account for 42 percent of all new cancer diagnoses.该工作团队主席格雷厄姆#8231;寇迪兹士(Dr. Graham Colditz)是圣路易斯华盛顿大学(Washington University in St. Louis)的内外全科教授,他表示,这13种癌症加起来占了所有新发癌症诊断的42%。“Only smoking comes close” as an environmental factor affecting cancer risk, Dr. Colditz said. “And that’s an important message for nonsmokers. Obesity now goes to the top of the list of things to focus on.”寇迪兹说,作为会影响癌症风险的环境因素,“只有抽烟能(与肥胖)相提并论。这对不抽烟的人来说是重大警讯。如今肥胖问题在所有注意事项里面排第一了。”Obesity is associated with significant metabolic and hormone abnormalities, and with chronic inflammation, factors that may help explain its link to cancer.肥胖与代谢及荷尔蒙显著异常还与慢性炎症相关,而这些因素或许能帮助解释肥胖为何与癌症有关。Elizabeth A. Platz, a professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a widely published cancer researcher who was not involved in the report, 伊莉莎白#8231;A#8231;普拉兹(Elizabeth A. Platz)是约翰#8226;霍普金斯大学布隆格公共卫生学院(Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)的流行病学教授,也是发表了许多研究成果的癌症专家,她没有参与撰写这份,said that this was a “high-caliber working group of respected epidemiologists and laboratory researchers,” and that women in particular should take note of the results.不过她表示这是一个“由备受敬重的流行病学家与实验室研究人员组成的高素质工作团队”,女性尤其要注意该报告的结论。“The strongest association they found,” she said, “is with uterine cancer. And postmenopausal breast cancer is also connected to obesity, especially estrogen receptor positive cancer. These are important messages that women need to hear.”“他们发现有最强烈关联的,”普拉兹说,“是子宫癌。绝经期乳腺癌也与肥胖有关,特别是雌激素受体检验呈阳性的癌症。女性同胞要把这些重要讯息听进去。”Most of the studies the researchers looked at were observational so can’t prove cause and effect, though researchers considered evidence sufficient if an association could not be explained by chance, bias or other confounding factors. 这些专家学者所检视的大多都是观察型研究,所以不能明肥胖与这些癌症有因果关系,不过他们认为其间的相关性若没有其他意外、偏差或混淆因素的话,据已经足够。And most compared any increases in risk to that of an adult of normal weight having a body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9.而大部分癌症风险增加的情形,都是与体重正常、身体质量指数(body mass index, BMI)介于18.5与24.9之间的成人比较出来的结果。For some cancers, the group found that the fatter the person, the greater the risk. In endometrial cancer, for example, compared with a woman of normal weight, one with a B.M.I. of 25 to 25.9 was at a 50 percent higher relative risk.该研究团队发现,人越胖,罹患某些癌症的风险就越高。拿子宫内膜癌来当例子,与体重正常的女性相较,一个BMI指数介于25与25.9之间的女性罹患此种癌症的相对风险提高了50%。But her risk more than doubled at B.M.I.s between 30 and 34.9 and more than quadrupled at B.M.I.s of 35 to 39.9. A woman with a B.M.I. of 40 or more was at seven times the risk for endometrial cancer as a woman of normal weight.当她的BMI指数达30到34.9之间,罹病风险达两倍;BMI指数介于35到39.9之间,风险则是4倍。一位BMI指数达到或超过40的女性,罹患此症的风险是体重正常女性的7倍。The group found only limited evidence that obesity could be linked to three additional types of cancer: male breast cancer; prostate cancer; and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, the most common form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.至于肥胖与男性乳腺癌、前列腺癌、弥漫性大B细胞淋巴癌(最常见的一种非霍奇金氏淋巴癌)这另外三种癌症的关联,该团队仅找到有限据。They found no adequate evidence to link obesity with squamous-cell esophageal cancer, gastric noncardia cancer, cancer of the biliary tract, lung cancer, cutaneous melanoma, testicular cancer, urinary tract cancer, or glioma of the brain or spinal cord.食道鳞状细胞癌、非贲门型胃癌、胆道癌、肺癌、黑色素皮肤癌、睪丸癌、尿道癌、脑部或脊髓胶质母细胞瘤这几种癌症,他们则没有找到足够据持其与肥胖有关。Does losing weight reduce the risk? Although animal studies suggest that it does, Dr. Colditz said, “it’s hard to study in humans because so few people lose weight and keep it off. But the priority of avoiding weight gain is the first thing we need to address.”减重是否可以降低风险?虽然动物研究的结果显示可以,但寇迪兹士表示:“我们很难对人类进行研究,因为减重又保持不复胖的人太少了。让民众把避免体重增加当作要事来看待,是我们该最先着手的。” /201608/463517金华中医医院治疗疤痕多少钱金华市中医院是属于私立还是公立?



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