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电影学口语 Lesson 34:[埃及王子]You have my leave to go精片段节选自《埃及王子》(The prince of Egypt)Moses: Father, the fault is mine. I goaded Rameses on, and so I am responsible.Father: Hmm, Responsible. Do you know the meaning of that word, Rameses?Rameses: I understand, Father.Father: And do you understand the task for which you birth has destined you? The ancient traditions. When I pass into the next world, then you will be the morning and evening star.Rameses: One damaged temple does not destroy centuries of tradition.Father: But one weak link can break the chain of a mighty dynasty. You have my leave to go.Rameses: Father.【口语财富】1. The fault is mine. 这是我的错。2. I goaded him on. 我唆使他做的。3. When I pass into the next world, then you will be the morning and evening star. 我去世后,你会是这里的统治者。4. You have my leave to go. 你可以走了。5. One weak link can break the chain of a mighty dynasty. 一点薄弱环节会毁掉一个强大国家的前途。 /200604/6510美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson43-48暂无文本 /200606/7811053 at the office Words Paperwork cubicle department lunch time computer files stationary telephone photocopier filing cabinet calendar meeting swivel chair email colleague Phrases Make a photocopy Attend a meeting Write a report Make a telephone call Be tied up(with) Deal with (a client) Beginner A: we’re having a department meeting at 10 o’clock, ok? B: that’s fine… I need to pick up some stationary-you know, a stapler, scissors, files, who should I see about that? A: see Julie, the receptionist. She knows where all that stuff is kept. You might like a calendar for you desk. She can give you one of those too. B: thanks. I need to make a few photocopies. A: the photocopier is near my office. Come on, I’ll show you where it is. B; do you enjoy working in this office? A; yes, I do. Everyone’s really friendly. Sometimes, I wish I worked outdoors more, especially during the summer. B: what’s usually discussed at the department meetings? A: we usually tell each other where we are with various clients and potential clients. The boss assigns extra duties to people who she thinks can best deal with them. It’s also a chance to put forward suggestions and ideas. Be sure to speak up if you have any. Intermediate A: what did you do at the office today? B: I had a really busy day. I had to work a little overtime. In the morning an important client called to place a large order. I had to check some things with my colleagues before confirming the order. A: what kind of things did you need to check? B: the most important thing was to check that we had the goods in stock. If the goods are in stock, we can deliver them immediately. I also had to check the price. This customer is very important, so they get special prices. A: I see. Did anything else happen? B; I received a lot of emails from potential clients that I had to answer. Each time, I had to check files to see what we had agreed at earlier meetings. Each client has different conditions and requirements. A: It must be difficult to remember the details for each individual client. B: yes. That’s why we have everything on computer files. We don’t use much paper at our office. After lunch, I had to deal with a complaint form a client. A: I hate dealing with complaints. Was it a legitimate complaint? B: yes, it was. I managed to sort out the problem, but I was tied up with the matter for over an hour. A; you certainly had a busy day. B; that’s not all! I also had to finish writing a sales report for my boss. In the end, I finished everything. I wonder what will be waiting for me tomorrow morning. /200705/13593

点击此处下载音频第52期 吃石头的滋味1;biting off more than you can chew;首先 bite,咬,而chew咀爵的意思。咬的东西太多都嚼不了了吗?这只是字面上的意思。实际上这句话指得是想要超过自己的能力范围而作某事。Example: ;I thought I could finish this report within a month, but I bit off more than I could chew。;我以为可以在一个月内完成这个报告呢但是我太高估自己的能力了。期末考要到了,可是我一科还没准备呢,为了不挂只好没日没夜地背,可是我发现每天需要背的东西已经吃不消了。我就像同寝室的抱怨怎么考这么多科目阿,我这次肯定完了。同寝室的居然毫无同情心的说 : you bit off more than you could chew。 you will fail the exam。 2;between a rock and a hard place;在一个石头和一个坚硬的地方之间到底蕴含着什么意思呢?原来这句话是指一个人因为某种原因而不能做他想做的事情。这时他就可以说;between a rock and a hard place。;EXAMPLE:;Id like to help you but I am stuck between a rock and a hard place。;我很想帮你但是我自己是心有余而力不足啊。Andy 因为逃课被学校惩罚而停课一天,他的父母更是恼火的很,不允许他出去玩,我们可以说be grounded。这时他的朋友来找他出去打棒球。Andy 很无奈的说:I really want to go out with you guys,but I am stuck between a rock and a hard place。 /200605/7305

Good afternoon!When I first stood here in Downing Street on that evening in May 2010, I said we would confront our problems as a country and lead people through difficult decisions, so that together we could reach better times.Its not been an easy journey, and of course we have not got every decision right, but I do believe that today our country is much stronger.Above all, it was about turning around the economy. And with the deficit cut by two-thirds, two and a half million more people in work and one million more businesses, there can be no doubt that our economy is immeasurably stronger.Politicians like to talk about policies, but in the end, it is about peoples lives.I think of the people doing jobs who were previously unemployed.I think of the businesses that were just ideas in someones head and that today are making a go of it and providing people with livelihoods.I think of the hard-working families paying lower taxes and getting higher wages because of the first ever National Living Wage.I think of the children who were languishing in the care system and who have now been adopted by loving families.I think of the parents now able to send their children to good and outstanding schools, including free schools that simply didnt exist before.I think of over 200,000 young people who have taken part in National Citizen Service, the fastest growing youth programme of its kind in the world, something that, again, wasnt there 6 years ago.I think of the couples who have been able to get married, who werent allowed to in the past.And I think of the people on the other side of the world who wouldnt have clean drinking water, the chance to go to school, or even be alive, were it not for our decision to keep our aid promises to the poorest people and the poorest countries in our world.And we have used our stronger economy to invest in our health service. When I walked in there, there were 18,000 people waiting over a year for their operation. Today, its just 800. Too many. Still too long.But our NHS is a national treasure, and one whose staff perform miracles as Ive seen every day.And weve strengthened our nations defences, with submarines, destroyers, and frigates and, soon, aircraft carriers, rolling out of our shipyards to keep our country safe in a dangerous world.These are the choices and the changes that we have made.And I want to thank everyone whos given so much to support me personally over these years.The incredible team in No10, the civil servants, whose professionalism and impartiality is one of our countrys greatest strengths.And my political advisers, some of whom have been with me since the day I stood for my Partys leadership eleven years ago.I want to thank my children, Nancy, Elwen and Florence, for whom Downing Street has been a lovely home over these last six years. They sometimes kick the red boxes full of work. Florence, you once climbed into one, before a foreign trip, and said ;take me with you;. No more boxes.And above all, I want to thank Samantha, the love of my life. You have kept me vaguely sane and, as well as being an amazing wife, mother and businesswoman, you have done something every week in that building behind me to celebrate the best (spirit) of voluntary service in our country.We will shortly be heading to Buckingham Palace to see Her Majesty the Queen, where I will tender my resignation as Prime Minister and I will advise Her Majesty to invite Theresa May to form a new administration.I am delighted that for the second time in British history, the new Prime Minister will be a woman, and once again, a Conservative. I believe Theresa will provide strong and stable leadership in fulfilling the Conservative Manifesto on which we were elected, and I wish her well in negotiating the best possible terms for Britains exit from the European Union.Let me finish by saying this. The spirit of service is one of this countrys most remarkable qualities.I have seen that service, day in and day out, in the incredible work of our armed forces, our intelligence agencies and our police. It is something I always knew. But as Prime Minister you see it so directly that it blows you away.And of course, writing those heart-breaking letters to the families who have lost loved ones is a poignant reminder of the profound scale of what these men and women give for us in the defence of our freedoms and our way of life. We must never forget that.In a different way, I have seen that same spirit of service in the amazing contributions of countless volunteers in communities up and down our country who are making our society bigger and stronger.And I am proud that every day for the past two years I have used the office of Prime Minister in a non-political way to recognise and thank almost 600 of them as Points of Light whose service can be an inspiration to us all.For me, politics has always been about public service in the national interest. It is simple to say, but often hard to do.But one of the things that sustains you in this job is the sense that, yes, our politics is full of argument and debate, and it can get quite heated, but no matter how difficult the decisions are, there is a great sense of British fair play, a quiet but prevailing sense that most people wish their Prime Minister well and want them to stick at it and get on with the job.So I want to take this moment to say thank you to all those who have written letters and emails offering me that support, people who I will never get to meet and never get to thank personally.It has been the greatest honour of my life to serve our country as Prime Minister over these last six years, and to serve as leader of my Party for almost eleven years.And as we leave for the last time, my only wish is continued success for this great country that I love so very much.Thank you.201607/457425VOA流行美语 66: HOT / HAVE A CRUSH ON SB今天Michael和李华在学校的书店里买书。李华会学到两个常用语:hot和to have a crush on someone。M: Li Hua, do you see that girl over there?L: 你是说那个穿红毛衣的女孩?她怎么啦?M: She's so hot! I've seen her around campus before and I would really love to meet her.L: 你在校园里见过她,还想认识她。嗯,她是很漂亮。不过,你又没跟她说过话,你怎么知道她很热呢?M: No, silly. To say someone is "hot" means that he or she is really attractive. That girl over there is definitely hot.L: 噢,说一个人hot是说她很漂亮,很有吸引力,而不是感觉很热的意思。M: That's right, Li Hua. Now, you know who I think is hot. Tell me who do you think is hot?L: 没错,我现在知道你喜欢谁了。至于我喜欢谁嘛,嗯...电影演员汤姆.克鲁斯 - Tom Cruise - 怎么样?I think he's hot!M: Tom Cruise? No, I mean someone you really have a chance of going out with.L: 噢,要能够一起出去玩的人呐?M: Yes, I mean you are not very likely to meet Tom Cruise. Besides, he's a little old now.L: 说得也是,要想认识Tom Cruise恐怕是不太可能的。他当然比以前老了,不过,我觉得他还是很有风度的--He's very hot。M: Now, come on, who do you think is hot?L: 你想知道我心目里谁最hot呀?我才不告诉你呢,免得你泄露了我的机密。M: Fine, be that way, but I will find out sooner or later.******L: 哎, Michael, 你喜欢的那个女孩去付钱了。要不要我去跟她说话?和她认识以后再给你介绍一下。M: NO!L: 为什么?你是信不过我,还是怕羞呀?M: I'm not sure. Besides, I don't want her to know that I have a crush on her. She might not even like me.L: 你不要她知道什么?You have a crush on her -- 这是什么意思?M: "To have a crush on someone" means you really like the person.L: 噢,to have a crush on someone就是喜欢某人。那我喜欢你,你是我的好朋友,我能不能说I have a crush on you呢?M: No, "to have a crush on someone" means you like that person romantically.L: 噢,对不起,刚才没弄清楚。 所以,to have a crush on someone是说对异性有好感,希望和这个人谈恋爱,才能这么说。那我能说I have a crush on Tom Cruise吗?M: Yes, that would be appropriate. But when are you going to like someone you actually have a chance of meeting.L: 你想知道我真的要谁做男朋友啊?这种事我怎么能告诉你啊。M: Why not? Don't you trust me?L: 这不是什么信任不信任的问题。好,等你告诉那个女孩你喜欢她以后我再告诉你,好不好?M: Then I guess I won't know who you have a crush on any time soon.L: 啊呀,你真是没胆量。怪不得你交不到女朋友呢!Michael和李华在学校的书店里买书,李华学到了两个常用语。hot是指一个人对异性很有魅力和吸引力;to have a crush on someone是指对异性有好感。 /200602/3141中级英语口语闪电速成[27] /200703/10799

Hello, everybody. In our house, everybody knows that President is only the third-most important job in the family. So this weekend, Im going to take a little extra time to say thank you to Michelle for the remarkable way she does the most important job: being a mom. And Im going to give extra thanks to my mother-in-law for the role model shes always been to Michelle and the countless selfless ways in which shes helped Michelle and me raise Malia and Sasha. I am incredibly lucky to have women who help me raise, love, and look after our girls.大家好!大家都知道,在我家总统是第三重要的职务。这个周末,我想花一点时间,向米歇尔说声谢谢,谢谢他在母亲这个最重要的岗位上做出的卓越贡献。我也要谢谢我的岳母,她为米歇尔树立了做一个好母亲的榜样,她无私的帮助米歇尔和我养育玛莉亚和萨莎。我能得到这两位女性帮我养育、爱护、照料一双女儿实在是三生有幸。I hope youll also take a moment to say thank you to the women in your life who love you in that special way mothers do. Biological moms, adoptive moms, and foster moms; single moms, grandmoms and godmothers; aunts and mentors – whomever you think of when you think of Mothers Day. Or take a moment, like I will, to remember the moms who raised us, whose big hearts sustained us, and whom we miss every day, no matter how old we get.我希望你们也能抽出一点时间,向你们生命中给与你最特殊的爱的人,向你的母亲说声谢谢。无论是生母、养母、奶妈、单亲妈妈、祖母还是教母;以及姑姑阿姨和老师,只要你能在母亲节这一点想起来的,说声谢谢。或者抽点时间,向我一样,回忆一下养育我们的妈妈,她宽广的胸怀包容了我们,无论我们多老,我们每一天都会思念她。Giving flowers is always a good idea. But I hope that on this Mothers Day, well recommit ourselves to doing more than that: Through deeds that match our words, lets give mothers the respect they deserve, give all women the equality they deserve, and give all parents the support they need in their most important roles.送上一束鲜花一般都是个好主意。但我希望在母亲节这一天,我们可以激励自己做更多的事情:用行动去践行我们的承诺,让母亲得到应得的尊重,让所有的女性得到应得的公平对待,让所有的父母得到他们在承担这一最重要的职责时所需要的帮助。That includes paid maternity and paternity leave, sick leave, accommodations for workers who are pregnant, good health care, affordable child care, flexibility at work, equal pay, and a decent minimum wage. We ask our mothers to do more than their fair share of just about everything. Making sure theyre treated fairly is the least we can do.这里包括带薪产假、探亲假、病假、怀员工的居住设施,良好的医疗保障、平价的儿童养育务、弹性的工作时间、同等的工资待遇以及体面的最低工资保障。我们从母亲那里获取的永远要比她们得到的要多得多。确保她们得到公平的对待是我们应该做到的最低限度。The idea of setting aside a Sunday in May for our mothers became an official holiday with a Congressional resolution a little more than 100 years ago. They did it on May 8 – the same day well celebrate Mothers Day this year. If Congress can make a holiday, surely they can back it up with the things that give it meaning. After all, thats what my mother taught me. I couldnt just say I was going to do the right thing, or say I agreed with it on principle. I had to actually do it.把五月的第一个星期日设立为母亲节的想法经过国会确定为法定假日,这一天已经过去100多年了。当时的日子也是5月8日,跟我们今年要庆祝的母亲节是同一天。国会可以设立这一假日,也完全可以再次努力,给这个节日赋予新的含义。无论怎么说,我们都是母亲教育长大的。我不能只是说我要去做些有意义的事情,或者说我原则上同意某些事情,我得实际去做,去实践。So this Mothers Day, say thank you. Say, “I love you.” And lets make sure we show that gratitude and appreciation through acts of respect throughout the year. No one deserves that more than our moms.因此,在母亲节这一天,请大声说:谢谢您!请大声说:我爱你!让我们通过贯穿全年的行动表达我们对母亲的敬意和感激之情。这些对于妈妈而言都是当之无愧的。Happy Mothers Day, and have a great weekend.祝妈妈们母亲节快乐!祝大家周末愉快!201605/442762

Two About society. 关于社会 1 Introduction A Some people find it’s very meaningful to be kind to the young and care for the old. America is a wealthy nation, but it has many problems like poverty and loneliness. So, many people volunteer their time to help teach poor children, or they visit elderly people who are lonely. 一些人觉得尊老爱幼很有意义。美国是个富强的国家,但是也有很多贫穷和孤独这些问题。所以,许多人自愿给出时间来帮助教育贫穷的孩子,或者去探望年迈孤寂的老人。B In many western nations, people are concerned about others who drink or smoke too much. And drugs are a problem that people openly discuss. 在西方许多国家,人们关注那些酗酒或抽烟太多的人。毒品问题就是人们公开谈论的一个话题。C Pregnancy can be an issue that causes arguments in America. Pregnancy, abortion, and birth control, are topics that people do not agree on. 在美国,怀是一个可以引起争执的话题。关于怀、堕胎以及节育这些问题,人们都持有不同意见。D It is a common tradition for some Westerners to donate money to charities that help to solve problems such as poverty, disease, and intolerance. 捐钱给慈善机构去帮助解决像贫穷、疾病和无法容忍这样的问题,这是一些西方人所共有的一个传统。E The suburbs are popular because people enjoy more space for their homes and the crime rate is usually lower. 郊区很受欢迎,因为人们可以享受更大的住房空间,犯罪率通常也要低一些。 2 Sample Sentences 1. Do you prefer the city or the country? 你喜欢城市还是乡下?2. Watch your diet.注意节食。3. You have lost some weight. / You have come off some weight. 你瘦了一些。4. At an early age, I found that positive relationships with elderly, infirmed, and disabled people, were personally fulfilling. 早年,我就发现和年老的、体弱者,还有残疾人积极地相处很令人充实。5. I have the power to change my body and my health, yet I can’t seem to get the job done. 我有能力改变我的身体状况和健康,但是我似乎就是不能把这事搞定。6. I think that once you become accustomed to life in a place like New York State, New England, or Minnesota, you would be happy to live there. 我想一旦你习惯了在像纽约州、新英格兰(美国东北部六州的总称)或者明尼苏达州这样的地方生活,你会很高兴住在那儿的。7. Carl was very supportive of your right to be an individual. Carl 很持你作为个人的权力。8. He seems very respectful of people of different backgrounds. 他看起来很尊重来自不同出生背景的人。9. How would you react if your friend wanted an abortion?如果你的朋友要求流产的话,你会有什么反应?10. I haven't had a personal experience with abortion other than knowing someone who had one. 除了认识一个人有过此经历外,我个人还从未经历过流产。 3 Conversations 1. Dieting. George: Do you hear what happened to Sally?Joanne: No, what?George: She had to go to the hospital. Joanne: Why?George: She passed out1 in class. Seems she hadn't eaten anything in days.Joanne: Why on earth would she do that? You mean that she intentionally2 did not eat any food for days? That's crazy!George: Yeah, but that's what she did. Joanne: I can't believe that there are girls who are willing to do that to their bodies. And all for a certain look.George: Well, it's not just the girl’s fault. It's also society's fault - magazines and ads that show wafer3 - thin models all saying “It's in to be thin”. It's hard for them not to listen. Joanne: True, but there are limits. Being thin is one thing; starving oneself to death is another. No one forces them to do this.George: I know that, but sometimes it's hard to make the right decision. And besides, anorexia4 is a psychological5 problem as well. Anorexics never think that they are thin enough, and they keep pushing themselves.Joanne: Well, they should do more to tone down6 those messages and try to promote a healthier body image. It really hurts girls if they grow up thinking they're always too fat.George: I agree.——你听说莎利出什么事了吗?——没有,什么事?——她必须去医院。——为什么?——她在课堂上昏倒了。好像她几天没有吃东西了。——她究竟为什么要那样做?你是说她故意几天不吃东西?那真是疯狂!——是的,但她是那么做的。——我不相信有女孩子愿意对她的身体那样做,况且仅仅是为了某些方面好看。——唔,这不只是这个女孩子的过错。也是社会的过错——那些登着最瘦模特的杂志和广告都说“减肥很流行”。对她们来说,不听是很难的。——是这样,但也要有限度。减肥是一回事,把自己饿死是另外一回事。没有人强迫她们这样做。——我知道,但有时做出正确的决策是很难的。而且此外,厌食症也是一个心理问题。厌食者从不认为她们已经够瘦了,而不停地压制她们自己。——唔,她们应该努力减弱这些信息的影响,尽量提倡一个更健康的身体形象。如果女孩子长大时总认为她们太胖了,这确实是在伤害她们自己。——我同意。2. Helping homeless people. Jim: Hey, Sandy, what's new? Interested in a movie tonight?Sandy: I wish I could, but I'm busy. I'm going to work at a soup kitchen7 tonight.Jim: Soup kitchen? Is that a new restaurant or something?Sandy: Nah, it's a place where homeless people go to eat.Jim: How did you get involved in something like that? Sandy: Well, the minister8 at my church told us about it, and it seemed interesting. I thought I'd try it once, and if I didn't like it I'd stop.Jim: So what do you do there? Sandy: It's simple. All we do is prepare some food, usually sandwiches and some fruit, and give it out to them at the soup kitchen.Jim: Yeah, it sounds easy. How long does it take?Sandy: Only about two hours, for a couple of days a month. Why don't you give it a try? Jim: I don't know. I mean, I like helping the community and all that, but I don't know if I have the time……Sandy: Come on, it's easy, and it'll make you feel good. Why don't you come with me tonight?Jim: I don't know……Sandy: I won't accept no for an answer. I'll pick you up at seven tonight.——嘿,珊迪,最近忙什么?今晚有兴趣看电影吗?——我希望我能去,但我很忙。今晚我要去施粥场上班。——施粥场?是个新开张的餐馆吗?——不是,是专供无家可归者去吃饭的地方。——你怎么会牵扯上做那种事?——唔,教堂的牧师告诉我们的,似乎很有趣。我想我会去尝试一次,如果我不喜欢,我就不做了。——那么你在那儿做些什么?——很简单。我们所要做的就是准备些食物,通常是三明治和一些水果,然后在施粥场把这些食物分发给他们。——噢,听起来容易。需要多长时间?——只不过大约两小时,一个月几天而已。你为什么不试一次?——我不知道。我是说,我喜欢帮助社区之类的,但我不知道我是否有时间……——别犹豫了,很容易,而且会使你感觉很好。为什么今晚你不和我一起来?——我不知道……——我不接受回答是“不”。今晚7点我会去接你。3. Two students, one white (Anthony) and one black (Charles), are talking together.Kate: So it is hard to be a black student on campus? Charles: Yes, in many ways it is. There are many stereotypes I have to deal with in my daily life.Kate: Stereotypes? Like what? Charles: Well, like since I'm black, I must like rap music10, come from the inner city, or play basketball well. Kate: I do know you like rap music, but the other two are definitely false. I’ve seen you play basketball. Charles: Hey! But that's not the only problem. There's also the affirmative action11 stigma12. Kate: You mean that people look down upon you because they think you're in school because of a a13? That's not true at all; you're really a smart guy. Charles: I know that, but some people don't think like that. And I get problems from teachers as well.Kate: Teachers? I didn't think that they would be racist14 at all. Charles: Racist? Not exactly. It's how they look at me and ask for my opinion on a topic, as if I can speak for all black people and give them the black opinion on a subject. Suddenly I become the representative15 of the black race, as if we all had the same opinion.Kate: I see. It looks like there are still a lot of issues we need to work on in the US.——在校园里当黑人学生很难吗?——是的,多方面是这样。在我的日常生活中,有许多旧框框我不得不去面对。——旧框框?什么样的?——唔,像因为我是黑人,我必定喜欢说唱音乐,必定来自内地城市,必定很会打篮球。——我知道你喜欢说唱音乐,但其它两个绝对是错误的。我看过你打篮球。——嘿!但问题还不止那些。防止种族歧视的积极行动还是有污点的。——你是说人们看不起你,因为他们认为你是因为配额而在学校?那完全不对;你真的是个精明人。——我知道,但是有些人不那样认为。而且老师那儿我也遇到了麻烦。——老师?我想他们根本不可能是种族主义者。——种族主义者?不准确。是他们怎么看我,问我对一个话题的看法,好像我能代表所有的黑人,对一个话题告诉他们“黑人的观点”。突然,我成为黑种人的代表,好像我们所有的黑人都有同样的看法。——我明白。看起来在美国还有许多问题需要我们继续努力。4. Karen is walking on the street. She just saw a Chinese man throwing rubbish on the ground. Karen: Hey, you, pick up that piece of garbage! Man: Huh? Me?Karen: Yeah, you. I just saw you throw a piece of garbage on the ground. Can't you the No Littering sign? It's a 0 penalty16 for littering17, so go pick it up and put it in the garbage can18 over there. Man: Why should I do that? It's only a piece of garbage. Why should you care?Karen: Because this is a public place, and I want to spend my time here without having to look at your garbage.Man: Listen; I really don't know why you're making this into such a big issue. It's only a small piece of garbage in a large space. It's not like there's garbage everywhere. Besides, someone will come along to clean it up at some time or another.Karen: It's not the cleaner's responsibility to pick up after lazy people. It's part of your responsibility to make sure that the place is neat for other people. If everyone thought like you, there'd be garbage everywhere! The cleaners can't be everywhere! Man: Ok, whatever. See, I'm putting it in the garbage can.Karen: Hold on, that's an item. You should put that in the recycle19 bin next to the trashcan.Man: Recycle bin? Garbage is garbage! Karen: No, it isn't. There are many times we can take what we've used and reuse it. It saves from having to use new materials, and it creates less garbage. Man: Ok, ok. I'll do whatever you want as long as you get off my back20.——嘿,你,把那块垃圾捡起来!——嗯?是指我吗?——是,就是你。我刚才看见你往地上扔了一块垃圾。难道你没看见“禁止随地乱扔”标记吗?乱扔垃圾,罚款500美元,所以去把垃圾捡起来,并扔进那边的垃圾箱里。——我为什么要那样做呢?只是一块垃圾。你为什么要管?——因为这是公共场所,我想在这儿消磨时间,不想看你的垃圾。——听着,我实在搞不懂你为什么把这看成是一个大问题。只不过是一大块空地上的一小片垃圾而已。又不是到处都是垃圾。而且,不时会有人来清扫垃圾。——拾捡懒人走后的垃圾又不是清洁工的责任。为他人确保这个地方整洁,你也有部分责任。如果每个人都像你这么想,那么到处都将是垃圾!清洁工不可能无处不在。——好吧,不管你说什么。看着,我把它扔进垃圾桶了。——等一下,那是可回收垃圾。你应该放进紧挨废物桶的那个可回收垃圾箱里。——可回收垃圾箱?垃圾就是垃圾!——不,不是。很多时候我们可以拿我们用过的重新使用。省用新材料,还少了些垃圾。——好,好。只要你不再纠缠我,你想让我怎么做,我就怎么做。 4 Words and Expressions1. pass out 昏倒2. intentionally 有意地, 故意地 3. wafer 薄酥饼; 威化饼4. anorexia 食欲缺乏(症);厌食症5. psychological 心理学的 6. tone down 使柔和 7. soup kitchen 施舍食物给穷人之处所; 施粥场 8. minister 部长; 大臣; 牧师, 神职人员9. stereotype 刻板模式 10. rap music 说唱音乐11. affirmative action] 以新据推翻原告所控事实的抗辩12. stigma 耻辱, 污名13. a 配额; 定额; 限额 14. racist 种族主义者15. representative 代表 16. penalty 处罚; 刑罚;罚款 17. litter 乱扔废弃物 18. garbage can 垃圾箱 19. recycle 使再循环; 回收20. get off one's back 不再打扰某人 /200603/5428中级英语口语闪电速成[7] /200702/10576

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