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AIG sues former CEO The insurance giant accuses former chief 'Hank' Greenberg and 6 others of misappropriating billion of AIG shares.The world’s largest insurer by asset is suing its CEO and 6 other executives. AIG is suing the man that ran their company for 38 years, Hank Greenberg, and also the former CFO and other executives at the company for what they say was misappropriation of 20 billion dollars worth of AIG stock. Here is a look at where AIG is, up a little bit today but still well off the highs it’s seen over the past year.I want to get into exactly what this means, give you some context cause' it is a bit confusing. This case was filed in New York Supreme Court on Wednesday. Now what it says is that Hank Greenberg, also CFO, former CFO, Howard Smith, took over company stock held by AIG affiliate Starr International back in 2005. Starr International is the largest shareholder in AIG, AIG claims the defendants put themselves on Starr's board, converted the Starr into a private investment vehicle. Now this just escalates a legal conflict that has been brewing between AIG and Hank Greenberg for quite some time. Remember back in March of 05, Greenberg was forced to step down from AIG, two months later, uh, then New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer sued Greenberg accusing him of ordering improper transactions as a means to hide losses and also inflate reserves. That case is still pending, but again, this comes as just another hit for the man that ran AIG for 38 years. The complaint, it seeks to prevent Greenberg and also the former CFO, Howard Smith and other executives from selling AIG stock.Notes:Brew: To be imminent; impend01/60613Yaeuml;l: Hey Don, whatcha ing? Don? Don! Don: Huh? Y: I asked what book you're ing. D: Oh, sorry. I guess I was lost in the story. Y: That's OK. That's what a good story will do, right? In fact, there's a study that explains what's going on the brain when we get caught up in a story. D: Do tell. Y: Basically, according to the study, when you a story that engages you, your brain creates detailed and vivid simulations of the details in the story. D: You mean that when I'm ing, my brain is activated as though I'm actually doing the things I'm ing about? Y: Or observing them, or imagining them. The point is that ing isn't a passive activity where the brain is just processing language. It's much more dynamic and active. So if you're ing a book about baseball, say, the brain reacts in ways similar to how it would if you were actually playing baseball, or watching a game, or imagining yourself hitting a ball, or whatever. D: Interesting. How was this studied? Y: That's interesting, too. The researchers studied ers' brains using an MRI scanner. But because the ers had to remain perfectly still, their heads were immobilized as they the story one word at a time on a computer screen. D: That's hardly a typical ing experience. Y: True. But even ing stories in that strange, one-word-at-a-time way, the ers'brains were still activated to create mental simulations of the story. D: So what does this mean? Y: Maybe that being lost in a good book doesn't mean you're zoned out. It's more like your brain is tuned in. be lost in sth:全神贯注与,沉浸于to be lost in thought 陷入沉思get caught up in sth: 陷入,沉浸于,被吸引stimulation:刺激;兴奋;激励;鼓舞Lazy people need stimulation to make them work. 懒人需要激励才能使他们工作。immobilize1. 使固定;使不动: She was immobilized by shock.她由于震惊而目瞪口呆。 2. 使(部队、车辆等)不能调动,使丧失机动性 zone out:使变得浑然无觉,使变得头昏脑胀 07/79337Countdown starts in Beijing It's just two weeks until Beijing, China, becomes the focus of the sporting world. Sports stars don’t come bigger than this man and all simply because he is seven-foot-six. Yao Ming is the symbol of China’s lofty Olympic ambitions, and in a country now /is/ searching for new heroes. You might say that Yao is far bigger than Mao. Yao Ming is the first of a(n) new breed, an international icon from a communism nation where individual success has never been so richly rewarded. He is every inch made in China-the child of two basketball players whose union was encouraged by the government. He is adored by millions and playing in America. He earns millions. Now it is time to give his country something back. How much pressure do you feel that you and /an/other Chinese athletes are under to deliver success? It’s a big challenge. We have huge pressure and possible glory. One can’t come without the other. I will try to enjoy it. Shi Qingyu is only four but knows the same pressures. Hours each week she spent in training. Hours that would become years. Success would mean a childhood sacrifice but the reward---an escape from this that backbreaking life. Her family have known for generations. Life here is very tough, her step-father tells me. If she can be a champion, it'll change everything for us.Late at night in the remote mountain village, Qingyu and her team entertain the locals. The Olympics are uniting a diverse nation. But they have separated this mother from her daughter. Since Xiao Sha left to join the national squad, there have been nine years of newspaper cuttings but barely any personal contact.I feel sorry that I couldn’t give her a mother’s love but I believe she is doing the right thing. She is winning /the/ glory for the country. Shi Qingyu’s quest for Olympics glory is a decade away. Yao Ming starts in two weeks and the nation expects big things.John Ray, ITV News, China.参考中文翻译:任何体育明星都不会比这个人更有名气,就是因为他身高7.6英尺。姚明在这个寻找新的英雄的国家里是奥运梦想的象征。你 或许会说姚明比毛泽东地位都高。姚明是NBA里的第一个新的人种,来自社会主义国家的国际形象,在那里,个人的成功收到前所未有的尊重。他是土生土长的中国人——他的父母是都是政府篮球队的篮球运动员,他受到数百万人的敬仰,在美国打篮球。他每年赚数百万美元。现在是回报祖国的时候。你和其他中国运动员在追求成功的路上感到压力大吗?这是一个很大的挑战。我们可能获得荣耀,但是压力也非常大。荣耀和压力是相辅相成的。我会试着去享受。Shi Qingyu 才四岁,但是她也感受到了同样的压力。她每周要花费几小时的时间来训练。每周几个小时,可能要坚持几年。成功意味着要牺牲掉童年的美好时光,但是回报是——摆脱掉累人的生活。这是她的家人世世代代都知道的。这里的生活非常艰苦。她的继父告诉我们。如果她能赢得冠军,就会为我们改变一切。晚上晚些时候,在这个偏远的小山村里,Qingyu和其他队员与当地民众一起。奥林匹克把不同民族的人团结在一起,但是也让母女分离。自从Xiao Sha 离开家人参加国家队以后已经9年了,但是一直没有跟家里见面。不能给她母爱我感到很遗憾,但是我相信她在做正确的事情。她在为国家荣誉而战。Qingyu追求奥运会的荣誉已经十年了。姚明两周后就要上场,中国期待着这一刻。 200811/57387

据美国媒体报道,美国前民主党总统候选人约翰·爱德华兹5月3日表示,目前调查人员正在就他的竞选资金出进行调查。而这一调查很可能会将他的婚外情事件曝光度升级,搬上法庭。 Well, there is more bad news, if you can believe it, from former democratic presidential candidate John Edwards with his political career virtually not existing at this point, his marriage and personal life clearly in turmoil. The former North Carolina Senator made headlines yesterday when he admitted that he is now cooperating with federal investigators that are looking into how he's spent his campaign funds. They are looking into why this woman Rielle hunter was paid more than 100,000 dollars from his political election committee. Hunter was a producer; she worked through the campaign for Edwards and admitted later to having an affair with John Edwards. Now investigators are looking into whether or not money that was shuttled to her was actually harsh money for her to keep quite about the affair or whether there was legitimate compensation to back up the work that she did for the campaign. So what is the case against Edwards and what will the political fallout be? If he is guilty, not to mention the fact that he could actually go to prison for these charges. Let’s bring in today's panel Chris Stirewalt, the political editor for the Washington Examiner. She's got the political side of this story for us and Janet, Janet Pennisi is a trial attorney chief. Janet ,you made some excellent points a moment ago. You know, we are looking at how, how good a case is this appears to be? You have services, that were paid for and you have the question whether or not there are appropriate amounts for what she did, right?That's correct, the question is whether or not the campaign funds that went to Rielle Hunter were appropriate payments for the context that what she was giving, was is good or accurate fair payment for the services she provided to the campaign. If she provided services that would worth 100,000 dollars then, you know, the case is over. You know, it does make a difference that he had affair with her. You can cheat on your wife.Well, he is looking at civil and criminal penalty, that's why the will from the survey is important. It also depended upon how much money was used for personal purposes. If it goes into a higher number then it could go to three years. I mean it can go to civil penalties that margin how much money was in the pretax column.Pretty incredible situation, when you look at this man talk about, Chris Stirewalt,talk about fall from grace. I mean John Edwards ran twice for presidential office as vice presidential candidate. We are now looking at a man who was a former senator from North Carolina who literally, things have just crumbled around him.背景资料:爱德华兹为北卡罗来纳州民主党参议员,曾两次参与总统竞选的角逐,去年8月承认自己与42岁的制片人赖莉·亨特有婚外情,今年3月他向患有癌症的妻子承认有私生女。据报道称,爱德华兹的竞选团队曾向亨特的公司付了10万美元的视频制作费。爱德华兹发表声明称:“我自认我的竞选资金没有用于其他不当用途。但我知道政府有责任确保竞选资金用途的合理合法,所以我已经向政府提供相关的人和信息以方便其迅速地解决问题。”据悉,一些由爱德华兹筹措资金的组织也在受调查的范围之内,其中包括两个非营利组织,和他母校的一个贫困捐助中心。05/69115

Will the Dollar fall further?Andrew Wilkinson, analyst at Interactive Brokers, says the US dollar won't likely fall further with investors pricing in interest rate cutsI’m Lisa Twaronite, with market watch. How will the recently battered dollar fare in 2008? And joining me today is Andrew Wilkinson, senior market analyst with Interactive brokers.Thanks for having me, Lisa. Thank you for being here. With the US Federal Reserve poised to cut interest rates further, how far do you think the dollar's gonna fall?I don't think the dollor's got that much further to fall if at all. There are so many intereste rate cuts aly priced into the Euro- dollar strip, that i find it difficult to see that investors can't , can't aly discount the prospect of a better economy later on this year for the ed States. And that would help out global growth.To what extent do you think the dollar's fall so far relfects a lack of confidence in the US economy.There are other fundamental reasons, such as the wild trade and the budget deficits, that have helped drive down the value of the dollar over the last five or six years, and with the strong motor of growth that the US economy provided and particularly over the last couple of years. The two things don't really match, so, i'm not convinced this is a lack of confidence based upon the decline in the housing market, or the explosion of the housing market, so i think, i think they'are looking forward to the dollar's prospects a little brighter.And do you think the weaker dollar is one of the reasons that US Sovereign wealth funds have been buying stakes in US financial firms so far?Certainly, i think, the value, the outright value of the dollar makes those investments appealing. But, i think that having fallen by more than 30% a lot of these banking stocks look extremely appealing, particularly to overseas investors, so this is a double whammy forward, and i think this is a great long-term investing relationship for the Sovereign Wealth funds, and it's curious particularly a time when the retail investors and probably a lot of institutional investors on this side of the Atlantic, are throwing in the town, and we are seeing some capitulation in the stock markets.At what point this year do you think the dollar is going to solidly turn around?I think January, 2008, is right now, is going to be a point of turnaround, probably for both the stock market, and for the dollar. I think, we've, it's curious to see that the value of the Euro hasn't made a fresh height for this move, given the absolute plummet in the value of the stock indices. So if it's not gonna happen now, it says, certainly doesn't feel like its gonna happen later this year.All right, thank you very much. Thanks Lisa. Andrew Wilkinson from interactive brokers.02/62761

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