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长春省人民医院网上预约电话长春吉大一院乳腺检查Girls just gotta have fries猜猜女性的最爱食品?What do you think is typical "girl food" and "guy food"? Maybe salads and steak?Not even close.We asked Harry Balzer, vice president of the NPD Group research firm, to look at 30 years of data on what Americans eat."Every day, since 1976, we have asked 3,500 people if they have gone to a restaurant and what they ordered," Balzer said.The most common thing women order? French fries.No kidding. Women order fries more often than any other food. Here's another surprise: The second-most-ordered food by women is burgers, followed by pizza. A main-dish salad comes in seventh.For men, the most-ordered item is burgers, followed by french fries and pizza. A main-dish salad is No. 10.Still, Balzer says there are some differences in eating choices."Men want to eat the same thing over and over, but women will try new things. They're more experimental. They like all those bs that men can't pronounce, like ciabatta and focaccia." (That's cha-BATT-uh and fo-KAH-chuh, fellas.)Balzer says it's not surprising that some of the fast-food chains are promoting double and triple burgers in ads aimed at men. "Men figure if one is good, two's a lot better. It's why we have razors with five blades."(Agencies)你觉得典型的“女性食品”和“男性食品”是什么?是沙拉和牛排吗?不沾边。我们请NPD集团调查公司副总裁哈里·鲍尔泽先生查阅了30年来有关美国人饮食的数据资料。鲍尔泽说:“从1976年开始,我们每天都会对3500人做个调查,问他们是否去了餐馆,以及他们都点了些什么。”那么,女性点的最多的是什么呢?炸薯条。不是开玩笑。女性点炸薯条的频率比其他任何食物都要高。同时,让人惊讶的是:女性点的第二多的食品竟是汉堡,其次是比萨饼。主餐沙拉则排在第七位。男性点的最多的是汉堡,其次是薯条和比萨饼。主餐沙拉位于第十。鲍尔泽先生说,男女在食品选择上还是存在着一些差别的。“男性喜欢反复吃一种东西,而女性则会去尝试新食品。她们更倾向于试验。那些男性甚至叫不上名的面包,她们通通喜欢,比如ciabatta(查巴塔)和focaccia(佛卡夏)。”鲍尔泽说,一些快餐店专门针对男性做双层和三层汉堡的促销广告,这并不奇怪。“男人们会认为,如果一个好,那么两个会更好。这也是商家推出带5个刀片的剃须刀的原因。”Vocabulary:French fries: 炸薯条experimental: 试验性的 /200803/32059长春哪家人流做好 A French government report omitted significant details of how Renault’s diesel cars were able to emit fewer deadly gasses when subject to official emissions testing, members of the state inquiry told the Financial Times.法国政府调查委员会的成员对英国《金融时报》表示,法国政府的一份报告遗漏了雷诺(Renault)柴油车在接受官方排放检测时怎么会排放较少有毒尾气的重要细节。The inquiry’s report, published last month, found some models emitted nitrogen oxides — a cause of respiratory diseases linked to early death — at levels nine to 11 times higher than EU limits.该调查委员会上月公布的调查报告发现,雷诺部分车型排放的氮氧化物——可能引发与过早死亡相关的呼吸系统疾病——是欧盟限定标准的9到11倍。But three of the commission’s 17 members said the published report did not include the full details of their findings, including the fact that a NOx “trap” in the Renault Captur went into overdrive when the sport utility vehicle was prepared for emissions testing but not during normal driving conditions.但是,由17人组成的该委员会的3名成员表示,这份公布的报告并不包含他们调查结果的全部细节,其中遗漏的一项事实包括,当雷诺Captur准备接受排放检测(而非在正常行驶状态)时,这款SUV上的一个氮氧化物捕集器会超速运转。It was discrepancies between on-road and in-laboratory NOx emissions that first tipped off US authorities that Volkswagen diesels had been installed with illegal “defeat devices” that cheated tests, triggering billions in fines and a criminal investigation.正是因为道路上与实验室中检测出的氮氧化物排放之间的差异,让美国有关部门最先发现大众(Volkswagen)柴油车安装了欺骗尾气检测的非法的“减效装置”,导致后者被罚数十亿美元并接受刑事调查。The French commission members said they had no evidence that Renault was using similar devices, arguing only that further investigations were needed to find out why the cars performed differently during testing. But the omissions have led members to fear the government may be too lenient because of its 20 per cent stake in the carmaker.上述法国调查委员会成员表示,他们没有据明雷诺使用了类似的装置,只表示还需进一步调查,以查明为什么这些车在检测时会有不同的表现。但遗漏这些细节让这些成员担心,法国政府可能因其在雷诺拥有20%的股份而对这家汽车制造商过于宽容。“The report was ultimately written by the state and they decided what would remain confidential,” said Charlotte Lepitre, an executive of France Nature Environnement, the umbrella group of French environmental groups, who sat on the commission.调查委员会成员之一、法国自然环境协会(France Nature Environnement)管理人员夏洛特#8226;勒皮特(Charlotte Lepitre)说:“该报告最终由政府撰写,他们决定哪些内容将继续保密。”该协会是由法国各环保团体组成的伞形组织。Renault denied using software to cheat emissions testing, saying its models “conform to the laws and norms in each market where they are sold”. Renault recalled 15,000 vehicles in January and has agreed to implement more robust de-polluting technologies as part of a wider “action plan”.雷诺否认使用软件欺骗排放检测,称其车型“符合任何在售市场的法律和规范”。今年1月,雷诺召回了1.5万辆汽车,并同意安装更加靠谱的减排技术——作为一项更广泛“行动计划”的一部分。A French environment ministry official denied any intention to hide facts, saying the government incorporated the commission’s feedback when it consolidated comments from its various members. France’s independent fraud authority is also continuing an investigation into the carmaker’s practices.法国环境部一名官员否认有意隐瞒事实,称法国政府在综合不同成员的意见后采纳了该委员会的反馈意见。法国独立的欺诈调查机构还在继续调查雷诺的行为。But a government official acknowledged the state’s special relationship with Renault, saying: “The government is sensitive to the brand image of the companies it has invested in.”但一位承认政府与雷诺存在特殊关系的政府官员表示:“法国政府对于其投资的企业的品牌形象非常敏感。”Captur’s NOx trap purged five times in rapid succession at the end of scripted test preparations, allowing it to produce much lower emissions than on the road, said commission members, several of whom asked for anonymity. This suggested the car’s software could have detected a test was being performed, they said. “Everything in a car is controlled by software now,” said one member. “We can’t be sure that Renault’s software detected the test [like VW’s] per se, but it seems that Renault has optimised the NOx filter to target this very specific set of conditions.”该委员会成员(其中几名要求匿名)表示,在按脚本进行的检测准备结束时,雷诺Captur的氮氧化物捕集器快速连续净化了5次,使其产生排放比在路上行驶时低得多。这似乎表明,该车的软件可以发现正在进行检测,他们说。“如今,一辆汽车上的所有设备都由软件控制,”一名成员说,“我们无法确定雷诺的软件(像大众的那样)可以发现检测,但似乎雷诺优化了氮氧化物过滤器来针对这组非常特定的条件。” /201608/462399Spend five minutes in humid Ho Chi Minh City and you#39;ll probably be running for cover into the nearest air-conditioned refuge.在闷热的胡志明市待上5分钟,你很可能会迫不及待地跑到最近的一个有空调的地方避暑。In the Vietnamese city -- and many developing subtropical countries across Asia, such as Indonesia and the Philippines -- air conditioning (AC) is increasingly being considered a necessity.在越南的这座城市,还有亚洲很多亚热带的发展中国家,比如印尼和菲律宾,空调越来越被视为是必需品。But one architecture firm is advocating a different way to keep cool.然而一家建筑公司正在倡导一种保持凉爽的不同方式。T3 Architecture Asia, which has offices in Vietnam and France, specializes in back-to-basics ;bioclimatic architecture;, which it says could make energy-guzzling AC units redundant.在越南和法国设有办事处的T3亚洲建筑公司主业是回归本原的“生物气候建筑”,该公司声称这种建筑会让大量消耗能源的空调变得多余。By harnessing the local topography, climate, and vegetation, as well as cleverly manipulating a building#39;s orientation, the firm can naturally create a comfortable indoor climate.通过巧妙地利用一座建筑的朝向,以及合理利用本地的地形、气候、植被,该公司可以自然地营造出舒适的室内气候条件。Charles Gallavardin, director of T3 Architecture Asia, first forayed into bioclimatic architecture in 2005. In cooperation with the World Bank, he built an affordable apartment building in Ho Chi Minh City, which houses 350 families in an impoverished neighborhood where AC bills were to be avoided.T3亚洲建筑公司的经理查尔斯?嘎拉瓦丁2005年首次涉足生物气候建筑。他在胡志明市和世界合力建造了一座经济适用房大楼,这座可容纳350户家庭的大楼建在负担不起空调费用的贫民区。;You don#39;t need to spend money on air conditioning, even in a hot climate like Ho Chi Minh, as long as your building is well designed,; Gallavardin tells CNN.嘎拉瓦丁告诉CNN说:“只要建筑设计得好,即使是在胡志明市这样炎热的地方,你也不需要在空调上花钱。”Covered open-air corridors, ventilated roofs, fiber-glass insulation and the use of natural materials meant the Ho Chi Minh City units offered both natural light and ventilation.封闭式露天走廊、通风屋顶、玻璃纤维隔热墙以及天然材料的使用意味着胡志明市的这座建筑拥有良好的自然光线和通风条件。;We try to avoid big glass facades facing east or west, because that would make the building like an oven in a tropical climate,; he says.他表示:“我们努力避免让大面玻璃墙朝东或朝西,因为这样会让热带气候中的建筑变成一个大火炉。”;If you work with the main wind stream and have smart sun protection, you can do it -- you really can design buildings that need no air conditioning in a hot place like Vietnam.;“如果你利用好了主要通风口,并巧妙地做好防晒,你就可以在越南如此炎热的地方设计出不用空调也凉爽的建筑。”Gallavardin explains that a typical bioclimatic T3 building is naturally about 41 Fahrenheit (22 Celsius) cooler than the outside temperature, with natural ventilation and the odd ceiling fan doing the rest of the work.嘎拉瓦丁解释说,典型的T3生物气候建筑内的自然温度比室外温度低41华氏度(22摄氏度),只需要自然通风和几个吊顶电风扇就能保持凉爽。Since that first project, Gallavardin has built several luxury bioclimatic hotels in Cambodia and Myanmar, a concept restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, and even his own green office for the T3 team.自从这第一个项目之后,嘎拉瓦丁已经在柬埔寨和缅甸建造了几个豪华生物气候酒店,在胡志明市建造了一个概念餐厅,甚至还为T3团队建造了自己的绿色办公楼。Other architects are also experimenting with this style of building.其他建筑师也在尝试这种风格的建筑。In Indonesia, Andyrahman Architect#39;s Biophilic Boarding House was shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival#39;s Building of the Year 2016 competition, praised for its perforated walls that help the building stay cool in tropical Surabaya, a congested port city in East Java.在印尼,安迪拉曼建筑公司的亲生物寄宿公寓入围了2016世界建筑节年度建筑大赛候选名单。该公寓位于热带地区的泗水市,是东爪哇一个拥挤的港口城市。这所公寓凭借多孔墙让大楼保持凉爽而受到赞赏。In China, American architecture firm Perkins amp; Will took a bioclimatic approach to the new Shanghai Natural History Museum -- while the building provides air-conditioning in gallery areas to protect the artwork from humidity, it also has automated windows and skylights to naturally ventilate public areas.在中国,美国建筑公司帕金斯威尔事务所采用生物气候学方法设计了新的上海自然历史物馆,尽管物馆在画廊区开空调以保护艺术品不受潮,但是物馆也设有自动窗户和天窗,让公共区域可以自然通风。The museum saves 15% on energy consumption compared to a standard-design museum.相比标准设计的物馆,新上海自然历史物馆消耗的能源节省了15%。 /201702/490999长春白带异常案例

榆树第一人民中医院做药流科学家揭秘为何冬季多发流感It is a mystery that has baffled doctors for decades.But experts believe they have now finally solved the tricky question of why winter is notoriously known as the flu season.According to new research, the influenza virus coats itself in a protective fatty shield that is tough enough to withstand cold temperatures.The butter-like material only melts when it hits the respiratory tract, leaving the virus free to infect cells - a process scientists say is like an Mamp;M melting in the mouth.However, in warmer outdoor temperatures, the protective coating melts before it reaches a person or an animal, killing the germs before they can infect someone.Joshua Zimmerberg, from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), in the US, which led the study, said: 'Like an Mamp;M in your mouth, the protective covering melts when it enters the respiratory tract.'It's only in this liquid phase that the virus is capable of entering a cell to infect it.'In the past scientists have worked on theories that flu is more common in winter because people spend more time inside or the radiation from the sun in summer kills off germs.But no research has successfully explained the sp of the disease.Researchers have aly claimed that the report, which is published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology, could lead to new ways to prevent and treat flu.Duane Alexander, the director of NICHD, said: 'The study results open new avenues of research for thwarting winter flu outbreaks.'Now that we understand how the flu virus protects itself so that it can sp from person to person, we can work on ways to interfere with that protective mechanism.'Influenza and other respiratory viruses are sp in small droplets broadcast by coughing, sneezing and talking and which can also settle onto surfaces, to be picked up on fingertips. 为何冬季为多发流感?这可是困扰了医生们几十年的一个谜。不过,专家们现在终于解开了这个难题。一项最新研究发现,流感病毒表面包有一层脂肪保护外壳,这种外壳十分坚硬,能抵御严寒。这种油状物质在进入呼吸道后才会融化,病毒被释放后即会感染细胞。科学家称这一过程如同Mamp;M巧克力豆在嘴里融化。然而,在温度较高的环境下,这层保护壳在进入人体或动物体内之前就会融化,因此病毒在感染细胞之前即被杀死。研究负责人、美国儿童健康与人类发展研究所的约瑟华#8226;兹姆格说:“这层保护壳在进入呼吸道时即会融化,就像放入口中的Mamp;M巧克力豆一样。”“而就在这一液态阶段,病毒才得以入侵并感染细胞。”科学家们过去一直在研究冬季易发流感的原因,一些理论称这是因为冬季人们多在室内活动,或是因为夏季的阳光辐射会杀死细菌。但没有一项研究能真正解释流感传播的原因。研究人员们称,这项研究成果能为防治流感提供新办法。研究报告将在《自然化学生物学》期刊上发表。美国儿童健康与人类发展研究所主任杜安尼#8226;亚历山大说:“研究结果为控制冬季流感爆发开辟了新途径。”“现在我们明白了流感病毒是如何保护自己并在人际间传播的,因此我们可以研究如何‘干扰’这种保护机制。”流感及其他呼吸道病毒主要通过咳嗽、打喷嚏或说话时散播的飞沫传播,它也会附着在物体表面,通过被污染的手指接触传染。 /200803/30494长春八一医院怎么样 长春省妇幼保健院人流收费标准

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