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Pandas: cute, but sexually inept and bamboozled bytheir own food requirements, right? Not so. In fact, it is life in captivitythat disrupts the complex rhythm of panda mating behaviour, with itsterritorial scent marking, mating calls and complex social interactions.熊猫:可爱但是被它们自己的食物需求所迷惑,对求偶不上心,对吧?但并非如此,事实上,人工驯养的生活打乱了大熊猫求偶行为的复杂节奏,如在自己的领地做气味标识,发出求偶信号,以及复杂的社交互动。Infant pandas are reared in nurseries, wherededicated staff work non-stop to meet their every need - including massagingtheir stomachs to stimulate their digestion图:熊猫宝宝生活在培育中心里,那里有专门的员工夜以继日的满足它们的各种需求-包括胃部刺激消化。Most pandas born in captivity will spend theirlives there, in China or on loan to zoos abroad. But at Hetaoping fieldstation, within Wolong reserve, in a painstakingly slow process, some pandasare being prepped for a future in the wild. These candidate animals arecarefully selected ? they must be naturally wary of humans.在中国或者租借熊猫的海外动物园里,大多数出生在人工驯养环境中的熊猫会在那里生活一辈子。但是在卧龙自然保护区的核桃坪野外监测站,在煞费苦心的漫长过程中,正准备将一些熊猫在未来回归野外。这些待回归动物是经过精挑细选的吗?它们对人类必须保持着自然地警惕。If pandas are to be released and thrive in thewild, they must be wary of humans. Keepers at the Hetaoping reserve in Wolongtherefore wear black-and-white costumes soaked in panda urine图:如果打算将熊猫放回野外且在野外繁殖,它们就必须要提防人类。因此卧龙核桃坪自然保护区的看守员们穿着在熊猫尿液里浸泡过的黑白熊猫装。Baby pandas are tiny, hairless and incrediblyvulnerable. Captive-born babies are removed to incubators to increase theirchances of survival, where staff bottle-feed them, rock them, burp them andkeep a close eye on errant toddlers ? all the duties of a parent, including thesleepless nights. But the babies selected for a wilder future stay with theirmothers before being moved to fenced-in habitats further up the mountain. Since2006, five have been released (wearing tracking collars) and three are still alive.A handful of others are also being considered for release.熊猫宝宝非常的小,全身无毛并且非常的弱势。在人类驯养环境中,为了提高存活率,出生的熊猫宝宝则被放置在保温箱中,同时有专门的人员用奶瓶喂养,摇晃着它们,密切关注着这群犯错的孩子?所做的这一切就像一位母亲般尽职尽责。在被转移到深山里围起的栖息地之前,这些被选中的未来将回归野外的熊猫宝宝们仍然和它们的妈妈待在一起。从2006年开始,已经有5只大熊猫(佩戴跟踪环)被释放到野外,其中有3只仍然存活。少数的几只也正考虑释放野外。Gestation for baby pandas ranges from three tofive months, and the tiny hairless blind creatures weigh an average of 100g(0.2lb) when they are born图:熊猫期一般3到5个月,这些微小无毛又未睁开眼的生物刚出生时平均重100g。Pandas need large territories: they eat about9kg-18kg (20lb-40lb) of bamboo each day. In fact, bones found in China indicatethat pandas, as we know them, have been around for two million years, and forall that time they thrived and sp throughout southern and eastern China,northern Myanmar and Vietnam. Then came the human population boom, andmillennia of panda behaviour was disrupted in a few years.熊猫在野外需要广阔的活动范围:它们每天吃9kg-18kg的竹子。事实上,在中国发现的骨骼表明,我们所认识的大熊猫已经存在了两百万年了,在这期间,熊猫的繁衍生息遍及中国南部和东部,缅甸和越南北部。接着是人类数量的爆发式的增长,在最近的几年里,熊猫几千年来的习性被人类打乱。The young pandas are weighed and monitored closelyto ensure they are putting on weight. Pandas take around five to seven years toreach full size图:熊猫幼崽的体重被密切监视着,确保它们正在增重。熊猫长到最大体型大约需要花费5-7年的时间。With much of their habitat destroyed, survivorsbecame isolated ? it is estimated that their current mountain habitat in Chinacomprises just 1% of their original range. The 70s saw their nadir ? withestimates of just 800 to 1,000 left in the wild. In 1980, the ChinaConservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda was founded at Wolong.Alongside government protection of their habitat, this has seen numbers in themost recent survey (2014) rise to more than 1,800. However, scientific modelssuggest that global warming could reduce their remaining habitat by 60% in thenext 70 years. Their continued survival is far from a black-and-white issue.随着大量的栖息地被摧毁,幸存下来的大熊猫变得孤立起来?据估计在中国境内熊猫目前的栖息地和原始范围相比只剩下1%了。70年代,熊猫数量达到最低谷,据估计野外只剩下800-1000只。1980年,在卧龙成立了中国大熊猫保护和研究中心。同时在政府对栖息地保护的情况下,根据最近的一次测量统计(2014),野外熊猫数量已经上升到1800只。但是,科学模型显示,全球变暖会在未来的70年内减少60%现存的栖息地。大熊猫持久的生存远不是一个非白即黑的问题。These images have been shortlisted for the NaturalWorld category of the professional competition in the Sony World Photographyawards. Winners will be announced on 20 April. An exhibition of shortlistedwork will run at Somerset House, London from 21 April-7 May. worldphoto.org这些照片入围了索尼全球摄影奖专业赛中的自然类。4月20日将公布冠军得主。摄影展的照片筛选工作将在塞默特宫进行。 /201704/504507

Theresa May has set out the terms of a new grand bargain with business, where the government invests to boost productivity and cuts corporation tax, in exchange for help tackling the worst excesses of capitalism.英国首相特里萨.梅(Theresa May)已经拟定了与商界的新“全盘交易”的条款,英国政府将投钱提振生产率并削减公司税,以换取企业帮忙应对资本主义那些最丑恶的过分行为。Setting out her business strategy, the UK prime minister proposes in the Financial Times a pact with corporate Britain to work together to defend capitalism, free markets and free trade from populist attacks.在拟定其商业战略的同时,梅在英国《金融时报》上提议与英国商界达成一项协定,共同捍卫资本主义、自由市场和自由贸易,使它们免受民粹主义攻击。She promises to back business with a new industrial strategy that will include an extra £2bn a year by 2020 to support research and development.她承诺以新的产业战略持商界,包括在2020年以前每年额外拨出20亿英镑用于持研发。Mrs May, who on Monday will address the annual conference of the CBI, Britain’s biggest business lobby, says she wants the UK to become the world’s “go-to place for scientists, innovators and tech investors”.周一,梅将在英国最大商业游说团体英国工商业联合会(CBI)的年会上发表讲话。她表示,希望英国成为世界上“科学家、创新者及科技投资者的首选地”。Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, will present his first Autumn Statement mini-budget this week and will announce more investment in road improvements, while Mrs May will tell the CBI that the government will support innovation through the tax system and deliver the “lowest corporation rate in the G20”.英国财政大臣菲利普.哈蒙德(Philip Hammond)本周将呈交其任内的首份《秋季报告》(Autumn Statement,被称为“迷你预算案”),并宣布加大在道路改善方面的投资。同时,梅将告诉英国工商业联合会,政府将通过税收制度持创新,向企业提供“20国集团(G20)中最低的公司税税率”。Corporation tax is aly due to come down to 17 per cent in 2020 — the lowest rate in the G20 — but Mrs May’s allies said Britain could drop the rate to 15 per cent if Donald Trump fulfilled his promise to cut US business tax to that level.英国的公司税税率已定于在2020年时下调至17%,这是G20中最低的。但梅的盟友表示,如果唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)兑现其承诺,将美国的公司税税率降至15%,英国可能会将该税率降至同一水平。Mrs May is also planning to dilute one her most contentious business proposals, that workers should be represented on company boards.梅还计划稀释一项她最受争议的商业提案,该提案要求企业董事会中应有工人代表。The prime minister is looking at alternative models, rather than having an ordinary worker at board meetings. This could include a director instructed to reflect shop floor or consumer opinion.梅正在考虑替代模式,而不是让普通工人参与董事会会议。这可能包括,指示某名董事要反映车间或消费者的意见。However, she is determined to press ahead with a proposal to give shareholders a binding vote on executive pay.不过,她决意推进另一项提案,即在高管薪资问题上,赋予股东们有约束力的投票权。Mrs May’s offering to business has strings attached: she says business must work with her to create “the best corporate governance of any major economy” to stave off attacks on capitalism.梅对商界的优待有附带条件:她表示,商界必须与她配合,以打造“所有主要经济体中最佳的公司治理”,击退对资本主义的攻击。 /201611/479657The number of registered patients with serious mental disorders in China reached 5.4 million last year, with three-quarters of them suffering schizophrenia, China#39;s top health authority said last Friday.中国最高卫生部门上周五表示,去年,我国登记严重精神障碍患者540万例,其中3/4在册患者患精神分裂症。Of the patients, 88.7% are under the management of health authorities, and receive public services such as medical care and living subsidies, said Wang Bin, deputy chief for disease control and prevention at the National Health and Family Planning Commission.国家卫计委疾病预防控制局副局长王斌表示,88.7%的在册严重精神障碍患者由卫生相关部门进行管理,享受医疗护理、生活补贴等公共务。Previous figures released by the commission showed the number of such registered patients was 4.3 million by the end of 2014, with 73.2 percent managed by health authorities.委员会之前公布的数据显示,截止2014年底登记在册的病人人数为430万,其中73.2%的患者在卫生机构的管理之下。China has been improving mental health services, with the number of institutions that offer such services reaching nearly 3,000 by the end of 2015, compared with only 1,650 in 2010, according to Wang.据王斌介绍,我国在精神卫生务方面已有所改善;截至2015年年底,我国有精神卫生务机构近3000家,而2010年,仅1650家机构提供这类务。Last year, the number of certified psychiatrists in China exceeded 27,700, and the number of psychotherapists in China exceeded 5,000, she added.她还表示,去年,我国已注册的精神科医师的人数超过了27700人,而心理治疗师则有超过5000人。Patients with serious mental disorders have been receiving improved services throughout China with multi-departmental cooperation such as regular follow-up diagnosis and treatment.严重精神障碍的病人一直在接受改良后的治疗务,比如有规律的后续跟踪诊断和治疗,这些务遍及全国并由多医科合作。Wang said health authorities will improve capabilities of grassroots hospitals to offer mental health services, such as encouraging top public hospitals to provide training to medical staff.王斌称,卫生相关部门将通过鼓励顶尖公立医院为医务人员进行培训等方式,提高基层医院提供精神卫生务的能力。 /201704/503951China’s economy may be slowing but shoppers were out in droves for Singles Day, racking up bn of sales in the first 90 minutes on Alibaba, roughly double last year’s haul in the same period.中国经济或许正在放缓,但在双十一“光棍节”这天,大批购物者却集体出手,开场90分钟就使阿里巴巴(Alibaba)平台上的交易额达到50亿美元,几乎是去年同期的两倍。Singles Day is the biggest shopping frenzy in the global calender; the first 90 minutes at Chinese ecommerce group Alibaba netted nearly twice the entire take of last year’s Cyber Monday, itself a record.双十一是全球日历上最大的购物狂欢节;开场90分钟,中国电商集团阿里巴巴平台上的交易额就已接近去年美国“网购星期一”(Cyber Monday)全天交易额的两倍。去年“网购星期一”的交易额在当时也创下了纪录。The day will be critical for the Chinese ecommerce group, which went public in September 2014 in a bn initial public offering — the largest on record — but has since disappointed investors.双十一这天对阿里巴巴而言将非常关键。2014年9月,阿里巴巴举行首次公开发行(IPO),募资250亿美元,为史上规模最大的IPO。但自那以来,阿里巴巴的表现一直令投资者失望。Its stock fell 40 per cent from November 2014 to September 2015 and slipped below its IPO price of , although the shares have rallied since September to on Tuesday.2015年9月,阿里巴巴股价较2014年11月下跌了40%,跌破每股68美元的发行价。不过,自9月以来,阿里巴巴股价有所反弹,周二收于每股81美元。Slowing growth in revenues and gross merchandise value — which has slipped from more than 50 per cent year-on-year in 2014 to roughly 30 per cent in recent quarters — has fed the perception that the company’s best days are behind it. Alibaba has worked to find a new growth strategy as they hit the limits to pure ecommerce, moving into “omnichannel” marketing that mixes online and offline sales.阿里巴巴的营收和商品交易总额(GMV)的增长出现放缓。2014年,该公司GMV的同比增幅超过50%,近几个季度已下滑至约30%。这种放缓加深了人们的一种看法:阿里巴巴的黄金时代已经过去了。该公司已致力于找到一种新的增长战略,在纯电商模式触到天花板后,转向融合线上和线下销售的“全渠道”营销模式。In last year’s Singles Day, Alibaba’s gross merchandise value came in at .3bn, and analysts will be anxious to see a healthy increase this year — an event that seemed likely in the early hours of Wednesday as consumers clicked “buy” in droves.去年的双十一,阿里巴巴的GMV达到93亿美元。分析师们将急切地期盼看到今年有可观的增长——从周三凌晨的情况看,这个目标是有望达成的,因为大批消费者都点击了“购买”按钮。Alibaba said it would feature 6m products from 30,000 brands sold by 40,000 merchants. It said that in the hours leading up to Singles Day, 130m users had logged onto its shopping sites, more than in the same period last year.阿里巴巴称,此次活动将涵盖4万个商家销售的3万个品牌的600万件商品。它表示,在双十一到来前的几小时里,有1.3亿用户登录了其购物网站,多于去年同期的数字。Singles Day, named for the numerologically auspicious double 11 date, traces its history from a casual holiday started in the early 1990s as China’s “anti-Valentines Day” — a holiday to celebrate singledom, where people are encouraged to treat themselves. In 2009, Alibaba launched the Singles Day online sales as a festival of conspicuous consumption.双十一的历史可追溯到1990年代初一个不经意间形成的节日,它当时被称为中国的“反情人节”,用于庆祝单身状态,鼓励光棍们在这一天犒劳自己。2009年,阿里巴巴发起了双十一网购活动,把这一天变成了一个人们大肆消费的节日。Retailers offer significant discounts on the day, often under pressure from ecommerce sellers such as Alibaba, in exchange for promotion on their shopping websites.零售商在这一天会大幅打折——往往是迫于阿里巴巴等电商平台的压力而这么做——以换取电商平台上的促销机会。Alibaba’s Singles Day celebration was held for the first time in Beijing this year rather than in its hometown of Hangzhou, and featured cameo appearances by celebrities such as James Bond actor Daniel Craig, and a from actor Kevin Spacey doing a turn as Frank Underwood, the antihero US president in the Netflix TV series House of Cards.今年,阿里巴巴首次在北京而不是总部所在地杭州举行了双十一晚会,请到詹姆斯邦德(James Bond)的扮演者丹尼尔克雷格(Daniel Craig)等明星前来友情客串,还播放了凯文史派西(Kevin Spacey)扮成弗兰克褠德伍德(Frank Underwood)表演的一段视频。弗兰克褠德伍德是Netflix出品的电视剧《纸牌屋》(House of Cards)中的美国总统,一个枭雄式的角色。Chinese household names such as starlet Zhao Wei, boy band TFBoys and swimmer Ning Zetao also joined the event.中国家喻户晓的人物——比如女明星赵薇、男孩乐队TFBoys和游泳健将宁泽涛——也出席了晚会。Against the backdrop of a digital billboard of shopping totals spiralling upwards at a dizzying rate, Alibaba executives reeled off statistics about the day — each more mind-boggling than the previous.舞台背景是一块数字广告牌,上面显示交易额以令人目眩的速度向上攀升。阿里巴巴的高管们不断报出当天的统计数字——这些数字一个比一个令人难以想象。One key statistic for Alibaba is the use of smartphones by customers to make purchases. Mobile purchases accounted for 72 per cent of the gross merchandise value in the first 90 minutes, compared with 45 per cent last year during the same period according to the company.对阿里巴巴而言,一项重要的统计是顾客们使用智能手机购物的情况。该公司表示,在开场90分钟内,移动端交易额占GMV的72%,而去年同期只有45%。Mobile use a key indicator of success for Alibaba, as China aly has more smartphone internet users than desktop internet users.移动端购物数字是衡量阿里巴巴成就的一项关键指标。在中国,用智能手机上网的人数已超过用台式机上网的。Daniel Zhang, Alibaba’s chief executive said: “This year, Alibaba has transformed 11.11 into an unprecedented mobile shopping experience.”阿里巴巴首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)说:“阿里巴巴把今年的双十一变成了一次前所未有的移动端购物体验。” /201511/409616

HONG KONG — The woman credited with creating the so-called burkini said the controversy over efforts to ban the full-body bathing suit worn by some Muslim women has helped bolster demand for her invention, which she said was not meant to be a political statement.香港——被认为发明了所谓“布基尼”的女子说,那些试图禁止“布基尼”的争论,已帮助增加了对其发明的需求,这种泳衣覆盖全身,由一些穆斯林妇女所穿,她说,布基尼本来并不是一个政治声明。Aheda Zanetti, the Lebanese-Australian inventor of the swimsuit, said officials in more than a dozen French beach towns seeking to prevent women from covering up have misconstrued the purpose of the bathing suit.泳装发明者、黎巴嫩裔澳大利亚人阿海达#8226;萨内蒂(Aheda Zanetti)表示,法国十几个海滩小镇的官员试图阻止妇女遮盖全身的做法,误解了这种泳衣的目的。“They’ve misunderstood the burkini swimsuit,” Ms. Zanetti, 49, said in a telephone interview from Sydney. “Because the burkini swimsuit is freedom and happiness and lifestyle changes — you can’t take that away from a Muslim, or any other woman, that chooses to wear it.”“他们误解了布基尼泳衣,”49岁的萨内蒂在悉尼接受电话采访时说。“因为布基尼泳衣代表自由、幸福和生活方式的变化,你不能从选择穿它的穆斯林或任何其他女性那里把它夺走。”Ms. Zanetti said she designed the garment in 2004 for women who wanted to show less skin while bathing or exercising.萨内蒂说,2004年,自己为那些想在游泳或锻炼时暴露少一些的妇女设计了这种装。“I wanted to introduce a full range of clothing to suit a Muslim woman — or any woman — that wanted a bit of modesty and wanted to participate in any sporting activities,” said Ms. Zanetti, who is a Muslim and wears her own swimwear products. “我希望推出满足穆斯林女性、或任何女性需求的全套装,这些装是为那些在参加体育活动时想保留一点端庄的人设计的,”萨内蒂说,她是一名穆斯林,也穿自己设计的泳装产品。“It was also my aim for them not to be judged for who they are, or where they’re from, and who people think they’re representing.”“我的目的也是让她们不因自己的身份、来自哪个国家,以及人们认为她们代表什么而被评头论足。”A fashion designer and former hairdresser, Ms. Zanetti coined the name “burkini,” a blend of the words burqa and bikini, but said that the swimsuit was not intended to exclude non-Muslims and was not meant to be a political statement.现为时装设计师、曾经当过美发师的萨内蒂创造了“布基尼”这个名字,它是布卡(burqa)和比基尼(bikini)的组合,但她说,这种泳衣并不把非穆斯林排除在外,也没有想成为一个政治声明。The French “burkini” bans, and the news reports about the ensuing debate, have been good for business, she said, with online sales rising about 200 percent in recent days. Most demand is coming from Australia, Europe and Canada, she said, and some new customers include skin-cancer patients who are looking for ways to shield their skin from the sun.她说,法国的“布基尼”禁令,以及对随之而来的辩论的新闻报道,对她的生意有好处,最近几天网上的销售量上升了约200%。她说,大部分需求来自澳大利亚、欧洲和加拿大,新客户中有些是皮肤癌患者,他们在寻找不让皮肤暴露在太阳光下的方法。Ms. Zanetti said that her company, Ahiida, has sold 700,000 swimsuits since 2008. The company sells its products in stores in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, the ed States and Southeast Asia.萨内蒂说,自2008年以来,她的公司Ahiida已经售出了70万件泳衣。公司在澳大利亚、欧洲、中东、美国及东南亚地区的商店销售产品。Ms. Zanetti, who moved to Australia from Lebanon as a 2-year-old, said that she did not feel comfortable wearing traditional swimsuits as a young girl. She and her friends would sometimes swim in full clothing, she said, but they did not linger in the water because they were embarrassed.萨内蒂两岁时从黎巴嫩移民澳大利亚,她说小时候不喜欢穿传统的泳衣。她说,她和她的朋友们有时会穿着平时的衣游泳,但她们在水里待的时间不长,因为会害羞。Years later, she said, her teenage niece wanted to play netball, a game similar to basketball that is played mostly by women, but was prohibited by her local Sydney league from playing while wearing a hijab. Ms. Zanetti said her sister wrote a letter of complaint to league officials, who reversed their decision.她说,好多年后,她的一个十几岁的侄女想打投球,那是一种主要由女性参与的运动,与篮球类似,但因为她戴着哈吉布打球,悉尼当地的球赛联盟曾禁止她参赛。萨内蒂说,她给赛联官员写信抗议,赛联推翻了其决定。Even so, Ms. Zanetti said that her niece’s hijab was “completely unsuitable” for athletics.萨内蒂说,尽管如此,她侄女戴的哈吉布对运动员来说“完全不合适”。Ms. Zanetti said she designed the “burkini,” which covers everything except the face, hands and feet, so that women like her niece could cover and still participate comfortably in sport. She also created the hijood — headwear attached to the “burkini,” to look like the hood of a sweatshirt.萨内蒂说,她设计的“布基尼”让像她侄女那样的女性可以遮盖全身,同时仍能舒地参加运动,布基尼遮盖了脸、手和脚以外的身体所有部分。她还发明了一个叫“哈吉帽”(hijood)的东西,这种帽子可以像运动衫的兜帽那样,附加在“布基尼”上。Ms. Zanetti said that her four children, who once “rolled their eyes” over her swimwear innovations, have recently become more interested as they follow the news from France.萨内蒂的四个孩子曾经对她的泳装创新“不以为然”,她说,最近因为注意到来自法国的新闻,他们对这种泳装有了更大的兴趣。She said that her children have noticed “that I have a strong voice on behalf of women, for freedom of choice, ” she said. “I can feel how proud they are, more than they’ve ever been.”她说她的孩子们已注意到,“我能代表女性、代表选择自由强力发声,”她说。“我能感觉到他们是多么地自豪,比他们以往任何时候都自豪。” /201608/463602Last week the head of China’s statistics bureau said the era of rising house prices had ended. Whether the latest data on housing prices agree with him depends on the basis for comparison.上周,中国国家统计局(NBS)新闻发言人表示,房价上涨时代已结束了。最新房价数据是否跟他的说法相符合,取决于对比的基数。Annualised prices for new residential homes rose in 58 out of 70 large and mid-size cities surveyed – up from 57 in June – and fell in 11; in monthly terms prices rose in 51 cities – down from 55 in June – and fell in 16, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics.中国国家统计局数据显示,在参加调查的70个大中城市中,新建商品住宅价格同比上涨的城市有58个——高于6月的57个——下降的城市有11个;环比上涨的城市有51个——低于6月的55个——下降的城市有16个。Overall prices of new residential buildings rose 7.9 per cent year-on-year in July, according to a weighted average from Reuters based on the statistics bureau data, up from growth of 7.3 per cent in June.路透社(Reuters)基于统计局数据的加权平均结果显示,7月新建商品住宅整体价格同比上涨7.9%,高于6月7.3%的涨幅。The pricing data comes a week after China’s statistics bureau chief Sheng Laiyun said the “high-growth period is over” for the country’s housing prices, citing new data that showed real estate investment and sales for the year to date had slowed for the third straight month in July.此价格数据发布一周之前,中国国家统计局新闻发言人盛来运曾表示,中国房价的“高速增长时期已结束”。他援引的新数据显示,7月,房地产投资和今年以来的销量连续第三个月放缓。The same dozen first- and second-tier cities once again drove much of the price growth in annualised terms: Shenzhen topped the list with year-on-year growth of 40.9 per cent, decelerating by about five percentage points from June.这十几个一二线城市再次成为推动房价同比上涨的主要力量:深圳房价涨幅排在首位,同比上涨40.9%,较6月放慢大约5个百分点。The coastal city of Xiamen was close behind with a 33.9 per cent rise, followed by Nanjing (34 per cent) and Hefei (33 per cent). Shanghai (up 27.3) and Beijing (up 20.7) came in at fifth and sixth place, respectively.沿海城市厦门紧随其后,上涨33.9%,接着是南京(涨34%)和合肥(涨33%)。上海(涨27.3%)和北京(涨20.7%)分别拍在第五位和第六位。While prices may be better off than they were a year ago, month-to-month changes were far less positive. The bureau noted in an explanation published alongside the new data that cities with sequential price gains of more than 1 per cent numbered only 16 in July, down from 17 in June.尽管房价表现好于去年同期,但环比走势就不那么乐观了。中国国家统计局在发布新数据时解读称,环比涨幅在1%以上的城市仅有16个,低于6月的17个。The most rapid month-on-month growth in July came form Xiamen, up 4.6 per cent. But that was a 0.3 percentage point deceleration from June’s fastest rate, and most lower-tier cities saw far less substantial growth.7月房价环比上涨最快的城市是厦门,涨4.6%。但这较6月的最快涨速放缓了0.3个百分点,大多数二三线城市房价的涨速比厦门慢得多。 /201608/461529

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