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B News – Samsung Electronics has reported a 50% profit surge in its guidance for the fourth quarter despite the fiasco with its flagship Note 7 phone. The earnings estimate is higher than analysts predicted and would mark its highest quarterly profit since 2013.?B新闻 – 三星电子公布四季度盈利预期取得50%的大幅增长,尽管它的旗舰产品Note 7手机惨败。盈利预期高于分析师预计,标志着三星自2013年以来的最高季度盈利。The strong results are due to Samsung#39;s semiconductor and display businesses. The South Korean tech giant said it expected to post 9.2tn won (.8bn) in operating profit for the months from September to December. In an earlier profit forecast for the fourth quarter, Samsung had said it expected the Note 7 recall would mean a .1bn hit to their profits.强劲的业绩归功于三星的半导体和显示器业务。这家韩国科技巨头说,预计第四季度录得9.2万亿韩元(合78亿美元)营业利润。此前的四季度盈利预估中,三星说,预计Note 7召回意味着会对其盈利造成21亿美元的打击。The company first issued a recall for the Galaxy Note 7 in September following complaints about exploding batteries. After replacement devices deemed safe were also found to overheat and catch fire, the company scrapped the phone entirely.三星9月份因电池爆炸的投诉首次宣布召回Galaxy Note 7。 被认为安全的替换手机也被发现会过热和着火后,公司就彻底废弃了这款手机。;When you look at the headlines over the last couple of months it#39;s always been about exploding batteries and doom for Samsung,; Bryan Ma, technology consultant with IDC said.“当你看过去几个月的头条新闻时,总是在说三星电池爆炸,厄运当头的事。”国际数据公司的技术顾问布赖恩.马说。;But we#39;ve got to keep in mind that that#39;s not their only business - what#39;s really driving these earnings is strong demand for memory and displays. And they are really, really profitable businesses.;“但我们得记着,那并不是他们唯一的业务 – 真正推动盈利的是对存储器和显示器的强劲需求。这些业务真的真的很赚钱。”Samsung said that it will ;very soon; share details of its inquiry into the cause of the Note 7 problems. The company will disclose a detailed earnings release for the quarter in late January which will give more insights into the performance of its individual businesses.三星说,将“很快”公布对Note 7起火问题原因的调查详情。公司将在一月末披露详细上季度财报,这将让人们对其各个业务的表现有更多深入了解。 /201701/487885

Family 美国家庭 "Please pass the turkey and dressing." What does this simple request make you think about? If you are an American, you think about Thanksgiving. A turkey dinner symbolizes Thanksgiving for Americans. What does Thanksgiving remind Americans of? Their families. Thanksgiving is a family time. On this holiday, families gather to gobble up the gobbler and stuff themselves with stuffing. Family members enjoy watching parades and football games on TV and just being together. What does "family" mean to Americans? 「请将火鸡与配料递给我。」这个简单的请求令你想起什么?如果你是美国人,你会想到感恩节。对美国人而言,火鸡大餐象征感恩节。感恩节提醒了美国人哪些事情呢?--他们的家人。感恩节是家人聚集的时间,在这个节日,家人聚在一起对着火鸡以及鸡腹中的调味材料大快朵颐;家人享受一起看游行、看足球比赛的电视转播以及同聚的时光。到底家庭对于美国人的意义是什么? The traditional American family is a "nuclear family." A nuclear family refers to a husband and wife and their children. The average American family today has two or three children (and maybe a few pets). In some cultures, people live close to their extended family. Several generations may even live together. In America, only in a few cases does more than one household live under one roof. 传统的美国家庭被称为「核心家庭」。核心家庭包含了先生、太太和小孩子,今日美国的一般家庭有二个或三个小孩(或者再加上几只宠物)。在一些文化里,大家庭住在一起,甚至好几代的人同住。在美国,只有极少的情况下才会有超过一个家庭同住一个屋檐下。 American values receive a warm welcome in the home. Many homes are run like a democracy. Each family member can have a say. A sense of equality often exists in American homes. Instead of fearing Mom and Dad, children may think of them as good friends. Husbands and wives often share household chores. In many cases, a child can enjoy privacy in his or her own bedroom. From an early age, children gain responsibility in handling money. They may receive a weekly allowance or even work part-time jobs. Often parents give children freedom to make their own decisions. Preschoolers choose what clothes to wear or which toys to buy. Young adults generally make their own choices about what career to pursue and whom to marry. 美国人看重对家人回家时热诚的欢迎。许多家庭用民主政治般的方式来治理,家中每个人都有发言权利,公平观念广泛存在于美国的家庭当中;除了敬畏之情外,孩子们也将父母亲当成好朋友,夫妇经常彼此共同分担家务;许多家庭的孩子在自己的卧室内享有隐私权;孩子们在很小的时候便有理财的责任,他们可能每个礼拜会有零用钱或是出去打工;父母亲常会给孩子们自己做决定的自由,学龄前的孩子可以自己选择穿什衣或买什么玩具,青年人则可自由选择职业及结婚的对象。 Families in America, like those in every culture, face many problems. Social pressures are breaking apart more and more American homes. Over half of U.S. marriages now end in divorce. More than one in four American children are growing up in single-parent homes. As a result, many people believe the American family is in trouble. 正如许多其它文化一样,美国的家庭也面对许多问题。社会的压力正将愈来愈多的美国家庭解体。现在,超过半数以上的婚姻在美国是以离婚做结束;每四个小孩中就有超过一位是由单亲养育长大的,它的结果是造成了许多人相信美国家庭有麻烦了。 Even so, there is still reason for hope. Many organizations are working hard to strengthen families. Americans almost unanimously believe that the family is one of the most important parts of life. The vast majority also feel that the traditional two-parent family is best for children. They realize that problems in family life in recent years have brought about serious consequences. As a result, more and more people are making their family a priority. Many women are quitting their jobs to stay home with their children. Families are going on vacations and outings together. Husbands and wives are making a concentrated effort to keep their marriages solid. 即使如此,还是有盼望。许多机构正努力巩固家庭。几乎所有的美国人都相信家庭是生命中最重要的一部份。大多数人也认为传统双亲式的家庭对小孩子是最好的。他们明白近来家庭生活的问题,已带来了许多严重的结果。所以,愈来愈多的人将家庭视为第一优先。许多妇女辞去工作在家陪孩子。全家人一起渡假或出去玩,丈夫与妻子一起集中心力使婚姻稳固。 The ed Nations has declared 1994 the "International Year of the Family." Not just in America, but all over the world, people recognize the importance of strong families. How do you strengthen the family bond? Do special things for each other. Talk to each other. Play together. Spend time together. Oh, and one more thing: be thankful for each other. If you have a family, every day should be Thanksgiving. 联合国已宣布一九九四年为国际家庭年。不止是在美国,全世界的人都明白一个稳固的家庭的重要性。你如何坚固你的家庭呢?为彼此做些特别的事情,一起聊天,一起玩,花时间在一起。喔!还有一件事情:对彼此怀着感恩之心,如果你有家庭,每天都应是感恩节。 /200803/32925

Tattoos have a long history in China. But for most of that history they were stigmatized, associated with prisoners, vagrants and the criminal underworld.Thanks in part to the influence of celebrities and sports stars, tattoos have become much more socially accepted in the past decade. It#39;s a trend driven by a younger generation that isn#39;t afraid of standing out but also by the sophisticated skills of China#39;s tattoo artists.纹身在中国有着悠久的历史。但是大部分时间,纹身都受到歧视,被看作与罪犯、盲流以及黑社会有关。由于名人以及体育明星的影响,过去十年间,纹身越来越能被社会认可。年轻一代标新立异,纹身师技术炉火纯青,共同驱动了这个趋势。Getting inked is one way for young people to forge their own identity and mark life experiences.对年轻人来说,纹身是塑造自己身份、铭记生活经历的一种方式。;I think a tattoo is a sign of myself, like your name. It#39;s the most special part of your body, it makes you different. Shows your mind, your world,; says Wang Zi, 28, a fashion designer. She has a tattoo of a hot air balloon on her shoulder blade, a design she drew herself to cherish a childhood dream of flying in one.“我觉得纹身是自己的一种标志,就像你的名字。它是身体最特殊的部分,让你感觉与众不同,展现自己的内心和世界。”28岁的装设计师王梓说道。她的肩胛上有一个热气球纹身。该图出自王梓之手,代表珍惜儿时乘坐热气球的梦想。Just as Chinese characters are a popular choice in the West, in China some people like tattoos of English words and phrases. Popular words include ;love,;and ;forever.; Others choose song lyrics or es from the Bible.就像西方人喜欢将汉字作为纹身一样,中国很多人喜欢英文字母或短语。最受欢迎的单词是“love”和“forever”。还有人选择歌词或者从《圣经》引用句子。Asia has long had its own tattoo culture. China is starting to develop its own unique styles, drawing on both ancient and modern inspiration.纹身文化在亚洲有很长的历史。中国根据传统或者西方的灵感,逐步发展其自身的风格。Qiao Zhengfei is a 20-year-old tattoo artist who opened up her own studio in her native Xiamen before moving her business to Beijing. She specializes in ;blackwork,; an intricate form based on a style of embroidery. The former art theory student likes the fact that tattoos are a living embodiment of her work.20岁的乔征飞(音译)在家乡厦门开设了自己的工作室,之后迁往北京。她尤为擅长“黑白纹身”,即基于刺绣的一种复杂纹身。这位艺术学学生表示很高兴纹身成为自己作品的活化身。In China, some parlors are cubicle affairs, a small square room with a curtain and heavily tattooed proprietors. Others boast large studios with art adorning the walls. The Chinese tattoo artists I spoke to shied away from calling their work an art form, viewing it as a trade.在中国,一些纹身店只是一间小房子,挂着窗帘,业主身上纹满了纹身。其他一些较大的纹身店中,作品挂满了墙壁。我采访的中国纹身艺术家并不将自己的工作看做是一种艺术形式,而将其视为是一种交易。Eight years ago, Zhao Liang graduated from teaching college after majoring in art and planned to find a teaching or civil service job. ;But they both were not well paid jobs. Since I have to support my family I thought I should find a job that can earn a living.; One day, he saw a poster advertizing tattoos for 50 yuan each and thought about giving it a go. ;Then I started doing (it). I just thought life is going to be better and better.;八年前,主修艺术的赵亮(音译)从师范学院毕业,打算找个教学或者公务员的工作。“但那些工作工资很低。而我需要养家,因此想找个能养家糊口的工作。”一天,他看到一张宣传纹身的工作,每个纹身50元,就决定尝试一下。“随后我就走上了这条路。我只觉得生活越来越好了。” /201509/396595

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