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Watching television more than two hours a day early in life can lead to attention problems later in adolescence, according to a study released on Tuesday.Watching television more than two hours a day early in life can lead to attention problems later in adolescence, according to a study released on Tuesday.The roughly 40 percent increase in attention problems among heavy TV viewers was observed in both boys and girls.The link was established by a long-term study of the habits and behaviors of more than 1,000 children born in Dunedin, New Zealand, between April 1972 and March 1973.The children aged 5 to 11 watched an average of 2.05 hours of weekday television. From age 13 to 15, time spent in front of the tube rose to an average of 3.1 hours a day."Those who watched more than two hours, and particularly those who watched more than three hours, of television per day during childhood had above-average symptoms of attention problems in adolescence," Carl Landhuis of the University of Otago in Dunedin wrote in his report, published in the journal Pediatrics.Young children who watched a lot of television were more likely to continue the habit as they got older, but even if they did not the damage was done, the report said."This suggests that the effects of childhood viewing on attention may be long lasting," Landhuis wrote.Landhuis offered several possible explanations for the association.One was that the rapid scene changes common to many TV programs may over stimulate the developing brain of a young child, and could make reality seem boring by comparison."Hence, children who watch a lot of television may become less tolerant of slower-paced and more mundane tasks, such as school work," he wrote.It was also possible that TV viewing may supplant other activities that promote concentration, such as ing, games, sports and play, he said.Previous studies have linked the sedentary habit of TV watching among children to obesity and diabetes, and another study in the same journal cited the poor nutritional content of the overwhelming majority of food products advertised on the top-rated US. children's television shows.Up to 98 percent of the TV ads promoting food products that were directed at children aged 2 through 11 "were high in either fat, sugar, or sodium," wrote Lisa Powell of the University of Illinois in Chicago. (AP) 据本周二公布的一项研究结果,儿童时期每天看电视超过两小时会导致青少年时期出现注意力问题。调查发现,无论男孩女孩,老看电视的人的注意力问题多出约40%。研究人员对1972年4月至1973年3月在新西兰达尼丁出生的1000多个孩子的行为习惯进行了一项长期调查,得出了上述结论。调查发现,孩子在5岁至11岁期间平均每天看电视的时间为2.05个小时。而到了13岁至15岁,每天看电视的时间则增加到了3.1个小时。达尼丁奥塔哥大学的卡尔#8226;兰德胡易斯在研究报告中提到:“儿童时期每天看电视超过两个小时,尤其是超过三个小时的人青少年时期出现的注意力问题超过平均水平。”该研究报告在《儿科》期刊上发表。随着年龄的增长,儿童时期老看电视的人很可能会继续这一习惯,即使他们不再这样,但影响已经造成了。兰德胡易斯在报告中写道:“这说明儿童时期老看电视会对注意力造成长期影响。”兰德胡易斯为这一结论提供了以下几种可能的解释:一是很多电视节目中的快速画面切换可能会过度刺激孩子们正在发育的大脑,与电视中的画面相比,现实可能会让他们觉得没意思。他在报告中说:“因此,老看电视的孩子对节奏较慢和较“世俗”的任务,如做家庭作业,可能没什么耐心。”还有一种可能是,看电视可能会占用其它有助于培养注意力的活动的时间,如,看书、做游戏、运动及玩耍等。此前有研究表明,儿童看电视所养成的久坐习惯会导致肥胖或糖尿病,该期刊中的另一项研究指出,美国收视率最高的儿童电视节目中广告的绝大多数食品营养价值都很低。芝加哥伊利诺斯州大学的莉莎#8226;鲍威尔在研究报告中说:“多达98%的、针对两岁至11岁儿童的广告食品‘要么脂肪含量高、要么糖份多或者含盐量高’。” /200809/47534。

To conduct an experiment, 20/20 hired actors——some great looking, some not——and put them in situations to gauge how often the "lookers" would get preferential treatment.In the first test, we put two women next to cars without gas in Atlanta. The women wore the same outfit.Both Michelle and Tracey stood helplessly by cars with their hoods up. For the average-looking Michelle, a few pedestrians stopped but only made suggestions as where she could walk to get gasoline. But for the beautiful Tracey, cars came screeching to a halt. More than a dozen cars stopped and six people went to get Tracey gas.The two actresses helped with our second test, at an Atlanta shopping mall where both women set up a table and sold calendars and teddy bears to raise money for charity. Overall, it looked as if both women were doing well with their sales. Then we counted the money and found Tracey collected 50 percent more.What if we tested something requiring qualifications, like getting a job? Looks shouldn't matter then but would they?20/20 hired two women to apply for jobs. The clearest difference between them was looks while they shared similar education and work experience backgrounds. To match them up more closely, we rewrote their résumés to match.Donia, our more attractive female applicant, and her counterpart, Amy, both had been secretaries and saleswomen. A consultant trained them so their behavior matched.Hidden cameras captured interviewers being warmer and friendlier to the better looking applicants and being less friendly to the other applicants. With Amy and Donia, for example, one job interviewer told Amy employees got a 45-minute lunch break but with Donia the interviewer said there was a flexible policy about lunch. Who got the job offer? Donia. Amy never even got a call back."It's a non-conscious process," said Tom Cash, a psychologist at Old Dominion University. "They assume that more attractive people have an array of valued characteristics."We should add the bias of "lookism" to sexism and racism. It's just as bad but we don't need a federal program. 为了做一个试验,"20/20"节目雇用了演员。有些人容貌出众,有些人却不是。但把演员们放在特定环境下,看看“漂亮人”是如何常常得到优待的。在第一次试验中,在亚特兰大,我们让两位女演员穿戴一样,分别站在没有汽油的车旁。Michelle和Tracey引擎罩打开着,绝望无助地站在车旁。相貌平平的Michelle只能让几位行人驻足,但他们也只是为她指出如何加油的路,而美貌Tracey的待遇却大不相同。许多车子为她猛然刹车,一打以上的车主停车,6个人要为Tracey加油。两位女演员又帮助我们做了第二个试验。在一家亚特兰大购物中心,两人都设摊慈善义卖日历和玩具熊。从表面上看,她们卖得一样好,可是数钱时却发现,Tracey的收入要高出50%.如果我们实验某些需要资格的事情,比如应聘,结果会如何呢?容貌会起到什么作用呢?"20/20"节目组雇用了两位女人参加应聘,她们有相似的教育和工作经验背景,但容貌却大不相同。为了使她们更接近,我们改写了她们的履历。Donia是我们非常迷人的女求职者,与她搭档的Amy,两人都曾当过秘书和销售人员。一位顾问专门对她们进行了训练,使她们的举止相同。暗藏的摄像机捕获了主聘人员对相貌好看的应聘者十分热情和友好,而对其它应征者则不友好。例如,招聘人员对Amy说,雇员只有45分钟午饭休息时间,而却对Donia说,午饭时间是有弹性的。谁得到工作了?当然是Donia.Amy则再也没有接到回复电话。Old Dominion大学的心理学家Tom Cash说:“这是一个无意识的过程,他们推测漂亮的人有更多富有价值的品质。”我们应该在性别歧视和种族歧视之后再添一个“容貌歧视”,尽管它与前两者一样可恶,但对此并不需要联邦立法。 /200807/43150。

81 因为你的心将我淹没了because i am addicted in your love82 因为有你我就不孤单because of you ,i am not lonely any more83 因为上辈子我们在一起because last generation we were lovers84 因为爱你是我甜蜜的负担because loving you is my sweet burden85 因为你我拒绝了其他的仰慕者because we two reject others86 因为我的朋友都叫我要好好的把握because my friends ask me to hold it well87 因为不爱你实在太过分了because not loving you is excessive88 因为不爱你实在太对不起自己了because i feel sorry for myself,if i don't love you89 因为不爱你我的朋友会打我because my friends will beat me ,if i don't love you90 因为我的目标只有一个...爱你because i only have one aim-love you91 因为说了那么多爱你的理由我不得不爱你because i have said so many reasons of loving you,i have to love you92 因为我渴望101次求婚的结局because i am eager to the result of the 101 proposal93 因为我期待每一个明天的到来because i expect the coming of every tomorrow94 因为我喜欢等你电话的感觉because i love the feeling of waiting for your telephones95 因为我有千千万万的理由爱你because i have thousands of reasons for loving you96 因为我只选择最爱你的一百个理由because i only choose these one hundred reasons to show my best love to you97 因为我特地在情人节这一天对你表白because i chose specially to assert my love to you on Valentine's Day98 因为我已经写的很累了because i feel very tired when i write here99 因为我要向世界大声说because i want to announce to the world loudly100 因为我爱你!!!because i love you!!  /200812/59939。

法国西南部一个只有189人的小村庄近几个月却频频有游客造访,因为他们认为这个村庄是2012年世界末日到来时唯一可以躲过劫难的地方。据悉,这座村庄位于比加哈什峰的山脚下,而大批外星人信奉者认为这个山峰其实是外星人的停机库,一旦世界末日来临,躲在山顶岩石下面的外星人就会乘坐他们的飞船离开地球,届时在周边存活的人类自然也会有幸被带走。 人们在Bugarach举行仪式  这一切皆因为十年前该村庄有人声称见到外星人还听到飞船起降,之后便一直有外星人信奉者前来造访。网上甚至还流传法国前总统密特朗曾经搭乘直升机秘密在山顶降落,前纳粹组织以及以色列情报组织萨德也曾经在山顶做过秘密勘探。随着 2012世界末日预言的日期邻近,到该村庄寻求庇护的人也逐渐增多,有人在附近进行各种神秘宗教仪式,甚至有富豪出巨资买下比加哈什峰周边的地产。  The mayor of a picturesque French village has threatened to call in the army to seal it off from a tide of New Age fanatics and UFO watchers, who are convinced it is the only place on Earth to be spared Armageddon in 2012. Bugarach, population 189, is a peaceful farming village in the Aude region, southwestern France and sits at the foot of the Pic de Bugarach, the highest mountain in the Corbières wine-growing area.  法国画卷一般的美丽村庄被人们奉为躲避2012地球毁灭的惟一“乐土”,人们蜂拥而至来参观新时代奇迹和UFO,市长不得不调入一军队来封闭整个村子。  一个189人的小村子,原本是奥德省地区一个安静祥和的农村,位于法国西南最高山峰比加哈什峰的山脚下。  But in the past few months, the quiet village has been inundated by groups of esoteric outsiders who believe the peak is an "alien garage".  但在过去的几个月里,安静的村庄充斥着一批批的神秘的访客,他们都相信这座山峰的顶部就是外星人的停机库。  According to them, extraterrestrials are quietly waiting in a massive cavity beneath the rock for the world to end, at which point they will leave, taking, it is hoped, a lucky few humans with them.  根据他们的说法,外星人正在岩石下方的巨大洞穴里静静等待世界末日的到来,那时候他们就会带着一部分地球幸运儿离我们而去。  Most believe Armageddon will take place on December 21, 2012, the end date of the ancient Maya calendar, at which point they predict human civilisation will come to an end. Another favourite date mentioned is 12, December, 2012. They see Bugarach as one of perhaps several "sacred mountains" sheltered from the cataclysm.  大部分人相信世界末日圣战将在2012年12月21日爆发,也就是古玛雅人日历的最后一天,他们推测人类文明将在那一刻毁灭。另一个热点时间是2012年12月12日。他们把这个法国小村子当作是可能的最后几个“圣山”之一,可以庇护他们免遭世界末日大地震。  "This is no laughing matter," Jean-Pierre Delord, the mayor, told The Daily Telegraph.  “这不是一个搞笑的话题,”Jean-Pierre Dlord市长对《每日电讯报》说。  "If tomorrow 10,000 people turn up, as a village of 200 people we will not be able to cope. I have informed the regional authorities of our concerns and want the army to be at hand if necessary come December 2012."  “如果明天突然出现一万来访者,我们这样一个200来人的小村子是无法接待的。我已经向当局反映了我们的担心,并且希望军队可以在2012年12月来临的时候给我们提供随时救援务。”  Mr Delord said people had been coming to the village for the past 10 years or so in search of alien life following a post in an UFO review by a local man, who has since died. "He claimed he had seen aliens and heard the humming of their spacecraft under the mountain," he said.  Delord先生说,一个当地人当年因调查UFO蹊跷死亡,人们已经在过去的十年中陆续来到村里调查和寻找外星生物。那个当地人声称自己看到了外星人,听到了他们航天器在山下面轰轰作响。  The Internet abounds with tales of the late President Franois Mitterrand being curiously heliported on to the peak, of mysterious digs conducted by the Nazis and later Mossad, the Israeli secret services.  网上有许多有关已故总统弗朗索瓦密特朗被直升机掠到山峰的神奇传说,还有纳粹、萨德甚至以色列特工组挖掘过的痕迹。  A visit to Bugarach is said to have inspired Steven Spielberg in his film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind – although the actual mountain he used is Devil's Tower in Wyoming. It is also where Jules Verne found the entrance and the inspiration for A Journey to the Centre of the Earth.  据说史蒂芬斯皮尔伯格到此小村的一游,给予他大量的灵感来拍摄电影《第三类亲密接触》,虽然他在电影中所用的地点是怀俄明州的魔塔。  Recently, however, interest in the site had skyrocketed, said the mayor, with online UFO websites, many in the US, advising people to seek shelter in Bugarach as the countdown to Armageddon commences.  “最近,这座法国小村庄又引起了大家的浓厚兴趣”,市长说,“是因为许多美国的UFO网站建议人们来这里寻找躲避圣战的避所。”  "Many come and pray on the mountainside. I've even seen one man doing some ritual totally nude up there," said Mr Delord.  “许多人在山腰上祈祷。我甚至看到有个全裸的男子在那里举行仪式。”市长说。  Sigrid Benard, who runs the Maison de la Nature guesthouse, said UFO tourists were taking over. "At first, my clientele was 72 per cent ramblers. Today, I have 68 per cent 'esoteric visitors'," he said.  众议院自然宾馆的经营者Sigrid BenardUFO拜访者行为过分。“起初,我有72%的客户是漫步者,而现在有68%是‘神秘者’。”  Several "Ufologists" have bought up properties in the small hamlet of Le Linas, in the mountain's shadow for "extortionate" prices, and locals have complained they are being priced out of the market. Strange sect-like courses are held for up to ?800 a week. "For this price, you are introduced to a guru, made to go on a procession, offered a christening and other rubbish, all payable in cash," said Mr Delord.  数个所谓“UFO专家”拿出利纳小村子的地产来,以此山为幌子进行勒索,当地人抱怨他们承受不合理高价。奇异课程也涨到800欧元一个月。“这个价钱,你可以有一个精神导师,他给你洗礼,并灌输一些无用的理念,这些全部要付现金,”市长先生说。 /201108/151903。

Foods that are firm or crisp help to clean the teeth as they’re eaten. Here are a handful that will help you maintain healthy teeth on the go.在吃结实发脆的食物的时候能帮助清理牙齿。这里有一些食物会帮助忙碌的你保持牙齿健康。1. Apples (otherwise known as nature’s toothbrush)苹果(被称作是天然的牙刷)2. Raw carrots生胡萝卜3. Celery芹菜4. Popcorn (unsweetened) For best results, make ‘detergent’ foods the final food you eat in your meal if you know you can’t brush your teeth straight after eating.爆米花(未加糖的)如果你知道在进餐之后不能马上刷牙,最好在每餐最后吃这些除垢食物 /201103/127839。

Rihanna, Michelle Obama, and Stella McCartney. Rihanna joined U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, British fashion designer Stella McCartney and nine others on Monday to be honored as "Women of the Year" .Rihanna joined U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, British fashion designer Stella McCartney and nine others on Monday to be honored as "Women of the Year" .The annual Women of the Year Awards, published by Glamour Magazine for the past 20 years, pay tribute towomen who have made major contributions to entertainment, business, sport, fashion, science and politics.Barbados-born Rihanna, 21, whose hit songs include "Umbrella" and "Disturbia", joined the list after taking a public stand on domestic violenceand urging other women to follow her leadafter being beaten by her ex-boyfriend, singer Chris Brown.Michelle Obama received an award of special recognition for bringing the importance of mentoring to the forefront."She has demonstrated a commitment to helping the next generation of girls expand their horizons by providing them with the information and inspiration to envision themselves as the leaders of tomorrow," the magazine said in a statement.Tennis champion Serena Williams was honored for using her Serena Williams Foundation to give grants to U.S. college students and recently opening a secondary school in Kenya.Susan Rice, the first female African-American U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations, was praised for putting women's needs at the forefront of the American agenda at the U.N. while Maria Shriver, California's first lady, was credited for redefining her role into a platform for change and leadership for women.The winners, featured in the December issue of Glamour magazine on newsstands from November 10, were picked by an advisory board made up of past honoreesranging from Jennifer Lopez to Nora Ephron to Katie Couric. /200911/90366。

Women better at money matters than men: surveyWhen it comes to money, women really are more responsible than men, with an international survey finding that they're less likely to get into debt and strive harder to become financially independent.The global Reuters Synovate survey polled some 4,500 women in 12 countries about money matters. An equal number of men were also asked several questions related to finances.The survey showed that just over half respondents of both genders said women are more responsible with money than men, with the highest level of agreement found in Mexico, where 72 percent of people believed women were better at handling finances.And although more than 40 percent of women use part of their monthly income to pay off credit cards, some 70 percent of female respondents also said that having more than one credit card could lead to financial debt, revealing women's higher awareness."It's obviously not the card itself that causes anyone to use it. So the statement is really about control and temptation," said Claire Braverman, international market research firm Synovate's senior vice president of Financial Services in the ed States."The ability to spend more, that you don't have in the first place, can certainly lead to debt. It means people have to control themselves and their spouses," she added.More women believed in their financial ability than men, with 61 percent saying they were more responsible, while only 40 percent of men agreed.But nearly half the women surveyed also conceded that they were bigger spenders than their male counterparts, with nearly 60 percent of men agreeing.The survey was conducted in December in Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa, Britain, and the ed States. /200903/63613。

伪善的致歉信:沙朗-斯通用自己的手打自己的脸  "Due to my inappropriate words and acts during the interview, I feel deeply sorry and sad about hurting Chinese people," Stone said in the statement. "I am willing to take part in the relief work of China's earthquake, and wholly devote myself to helping affected Chinese people."  Stone said she had worked in international charities for the past 20 years and wants to help Chinese people. During her visit to China last year for the Shanghai Movie Festival she said she felt "deeply the Chinese people's wisdom and hospitality."  由于我在受访中的不当言行,对于中国人民所造成的伤害,我非常的难过和抱歉。在过去的二十年中,我代表国际慈善组织,积极参与各项慈善活动,并真切地想帮助中国人民,奉献一己之力。去年,我的中国之行非常愉快,让我深刻感受到中国人民的智慧、友善与热情。  需要说明的是,我对于此次自然灾害中所有遭受不幸的受害者,表示最深切的哀悼与同情。我的错误言行,让中国人民感到悲伤与愤怒,我为此深感歉意。我再次强调,我愿意积极参与任何关于中国地震灾害的援助活动,并尽全力帮助受灾的中国人民。 /200806/40783。

1.The Importance of Finding Out what Motivates Youlet’s find out what the importance of motivation exactly is. Simply put, motivation is that driving force which allows you to achieve your goals and go after what you want in life. If you want to change your personality for the better, get a promotion at work, start a new habit, be a better person who is part of the community, become a better parent for your kid – all of these things would be easier accomplished if you are properly motivated.找出自己的梦想你的动力源是什么?动力是你生活的推力,是通往成功的阶梯,无论你的理想是什么:完善自己的性格,升职,培养一个新的兴趣,你必须找到自己的动力所在。 /201001/95121。