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21世纪杯全国英语演讲比赛 第四名 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报 200808/46602It is the kindness to take in a stranger when the levees break,于防洪堤坝决堤之时收留陌生受难者的善意,the selflessness of workers who would rather cut their hours than see a friend lose their job which sees us through our darkest hours.于在经济不景气的时候宁愿减少自己工时也不肯看着朋友失业的无私,正是他们撑我们走过黑暗的时刻。It is the firefighters courage to storm a stairway filled with smoke,消防队员冲入满是浓烟的楼梯抢救生命的勇气,but also a parents willingness to nurture a child, that finally decides our fate.父母养育孩子的坚持,正是这些决定了我们的命运。Our challenges may be new.我们面临的挑战也许是新的。The instruments with which we meet them may be new.我们应对挑战的措施也许也是新的。But those values upon which our success depends hard work and honesty, courage and fair play,但那些长期以来指导我们成功的价值观--勤奋、诚实、勇气、公平竞争、tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism these things are old.包容以及对世界保持好奇心,还有对国家的忠诚和爱国主义--却是历久弥新,These things are true.这些价值观是可靠的。They have been the quiet force of progress throughout our history.他们是创造美国历史的无声力量。What is demanded then is a return to these truths.我们现在需要的就是回归这些古老的价值观。What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility a recognition, on the part of every American,我们需要一个新的负责任的时代,一个觉醒的时代,that we have duties to ourselves, our nation, and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly,每个国人都应意识到即我们对自己、对国家和世界负有责任,我们不应该不情愿地接受这些责任,而应该快乐地承担起这些责任。firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task.我们应该坚定这一认识,即没有什么比全身心投入一项艰巨的工作更能锻炼我们的性格,更能获得精神上的满足。This is the price and the promise of citizenship.这是公民应尽的义务,应做出的承诺。This is the source of our confidence the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.我们自信源于对上帝的信仰,上帝号召我们要掌握自己的命运。This is the meaning of our liberty and our creed why men and women and children of every race and every faith can join in celebration across this magnificent mall,这就是我们自由和信仰的意义,这也是为何不同种族、不同信仰、不同性别和年龄的人可以同聚一堂在此欢庆的原因,and why a man whose father less than sixty years ago might not have been served at a local restaurant can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath.也是我今天能站在这里庄严宣誓的原因,而在50多年前我的父亲甚至都不能成为地方餐馆的务生。So let us mark this day with remembrance, of who we are and how far we have traveled.所以,让我们铭记自己的身份,镌刻自己的足迹。03/438450

This afternoon, while speaking to the press from the State Dining Room, President Obama addressed the news from Friday that the ed States received a downgrade by one of the credit rating agencies:mp4 (100MB) | mp3 (10MB) 201108/147961

  President Bush Participates in Joint Press Availability with ed Kingdom Prime Minister BrownPRIME MINISTER BROWN: Im delighted to welcome President Bush and the First Lady back to London. And his visit today is an opportunity to celebrate the historic partnership of shared purpose that unites the ed Kingdom and the ed States of America. We both share a great love of history and about how we have forged the ideas of democracy and liberty over centuries. And the special partnership that President Bush and I both agree today is a partnership not just of governments but of peoples is driven forward not simply by mutual interests, but by our shared values: both countries founded upon liberty, our histories forged through democracy, our shared values expressed by a commitment to opportunity for all, putting into practice what Churchill called the "joint inheritance of the English speaking world." So let me thank President Bush for being a true friend of Britain and for the importance he attaches to enhancing our transatlantic partnership, from the work we do in Afghanistan and Iraq to every part of the world. And let me thank him for the steadfastness and the resolution that he has shown in rooting out terrorism in all parts of the world; in working for a Middle East peace settlement; in bringing hope to Africa; in working for a free trade world, where in spite of todays difficulties with oil and food prices, there is and should be a wider and deeper prosperity in the future for all.Now in our substantive and wide-ranging talks last night and this morning, the President and I have discussed a number of central issues. We have discussed Irans nuclear ambitions. We have discussed Iraq and Afghanistan, where our forces are working side by side. We have discussed the criminal cabal that now threatens to make a mockery of free and fair elections in Zimbabwe. We have discussed what we can do about democracy in Burma.We have resolved, first of all, as we did some years ago, that it is in the British national interest to confront the Taliban in Afghanistan or Afghanistan would come to us. And so today Britain will announce additional troops for Afghanistan, bringing our numbers in Afghanistan to the highest level. And let me thank our troops, and the troops of America and 42 other countries who are in Afghanistan, as I thank our forces in Iraq for their courage and for their professionalism. And let me acknowledge the bravery of the five members of the 2nd paratroop regiment, British men who have in the last few days sacrificed their lives for freedom. Eighteen months ago, the Taliban boasted that they and their paid foreign fighters would drive our forces out of southern Helmand. Now most agree that security is on the way to being transformed. Last week in Paris a total of 80 countries pledged billions, with nearly a billion from the ed Kingdom to support the Afghan National Development Strategy.Our aim is to generate progress, where the fourth poorest country in the world, laid low by decades of conflict, can as a democracy enjoy peaceful social and economic development, with our forces, over time, moving from a direct combat role to train and support Afghanistans own army and police. In Iraq, there is still work to be done, and Britain is playing and will continue to play its part. Where we have over 4,000 troops in Basra, we will continue the shared policy of Iraqis taking more control over their own affairs, moving from combat to overwatching Basra. Our policy is showing success as we continue the task we have set ourselves: strong and well-trained Iraqi forces capable of securing the peace, firm commitments to new local government elections soon, and speeding up the social and economic development of Iraq so that people have a stake in the future.Our message today to the Iranian people is that you do not have to choose the path of confrontation. The latest rounds of talks with the Iranians took place over the weekend. Once again, we put our enhanced offer on the table, including political and economic partnership, and help with nuclear technology for civilian use. We await the Iranian response and well do everything possible to maintain the dialogue. But we are also clear that if Iran continues to ignore united resolutions, to ignore our offers of partnership, we have no choice but to intensify sanctions. And so today Britain will urge Europe and Europe will agree to take further sanctions against Iran.First of all, we will take action today that will freeze the overseas assets of the biggest bank in Iran, the bank Melli.And second, action will start today for a new phase of sanctions on oil and gas. And I will repeat that we will take any necessary actions so that Iran is aware of the choice it has to make: to start to play its part as a full and respected member of the international community or face further isolation.We discussed the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe. In recent weeks, under Robert Mugabes increasingly desperate and criminal regime, Zimbabwe has seen 53 killings, 2,000 beatings, the displacement of 30,000 people, the arrest and detention of opposition leaders, including Morgan Tsvangirai, and this is wholly unacceptable. Mugabe must not be allowed to steal the election that is now less than two weeks away. And that is why we call for Zimbabwe to accept a ed Nations human rights envoy to visit Zimbabwe now, and to accept the international monitors from all parts of the world who are available to ensure that this is a free and fair election.We agreed that at the G8 in Japan, the ed Kingdom and the U.S.A. would propose a plan to recruit and train health workers for the poorest countries. To save the lives of mothers who needlessly die in childbirth, we are developing proposals to tackle the diseases that bring needless death and suffering, including malaria, AIDS, and neglected tropical diseases. And we agreed also to work together to ensure G8 commitment to scale up funding on education and get the remaining 72 million children who do not go to school today into school.The world oil prices trebled in recent months. In the right of this, I welcome Saudi Arabias initiative to host a producer-consumer summit in Jeddah on the 22nd of June. And we will all work together to ensure an enhanced dialogue between oil producers and consumers.And the President and I also agreed that over the next few weeks we need to press hard to achieve a world trade deal. Both of us are ensured that this could unlock new opportunities for the world economy. It would also help reduce high global food prices.Finally, we go from here to Northern Ireland. The ed States has played an essential role in securing peace in Northern Ireland and helping the people of Northern Ireland move away from conflict to potentially a new prosperity. And I want to thank President Bush for his personal efforts to speed up the Northern Ireland peace process, and to make sure that there is investment in Northern Ireland, not just from the rest of the ed Kingdom, but from America.And I thank him for his work to ensure that the recent investment conference in Northern Ireland was a huge success, and there will be further announcements of jobs in Northern Ireland today. America has played a huge role in this peace process, and President Bush is to be thanked by all the people of the ed Kingdom for what he has done.So, Mr. President, I thank you again for your friendship, for your leadership, for your commitment to us continuing to work together to solve the challenges facing the world. Im pleased youre here. I value the gains weve made together, and I look forward to our continued friendship.PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. And I thank you very much for your friendship, thank you for your hospitality. This is -- this has been a good trip. By the way, some are speculating this is my last trip. Let them speculate. Who knows? (Laughter.) But its been a -- we had a great dinner last night. I want to thank you and Sarah. And thanks for calling together the historians. Its a -- you know, Great Britain has produced great historians. And I am -- I love ing a lot of their works, and it was so kind of you to have them over. And the food was good, too. (Laughter.)And also we had a great visit yesterday. Laura and I went to see Her Majesty, the Queen. I thank her for her hospitality. And then yesterday at the embassy, thanks to our Ambassador, I had the opportunity to speak to some of your soldiers. And I was -- listened to their stories of courage and bravery and sacrifice, and it was so -- really touching. And I really appreciate the British people supporting the people who wear the uniform. And I am looking forward to going to Northern Ireland this evening. Youve taken the lead. Were just pleased to help. And hopefully this visit will help keep the process moving.First thing about Gordon Brown, hes tough on terror, and I appreciate it -- and so should the people of Great Britain and the world. He fully understands that while some want to say that the terrorist threat is gone or theres nothing to worry about, it is something to worry about. And he was -- you were tested early in your Prime Ministership. You dealt with the challenge. And I appreciate your continued focus and your understanding that weve got to work together to protect our people, and your understanding that freedom is transformative, and the ultimate way to succeed against these extremists who use murder as a way to achieve their political objectives is to marginalize them through the advance of liberty.And thats what were doing in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. And it is tough work. Its hard to take a society that had been ravished [sic] by brutality and convince people to take the risk necessary to work for civil society and freedom for women and to educate their children. But I believe its necessary work, for the sake of peace and for our security. And I believe its in the moral interests of comfortable nations to help others realize the blessings of liberty. Oh, for some that sounds like hopeless idealism; for those of us involved with making public policy necessary to protect our people, it is the only realistic way to guarantee the peace for our people.And so youve been strong on Afghanistan and Iraq, and I appreciate it. But more importantly, the people of Afghanistan and Iraq appreciate it. The march to democracy is never smooth. Weve had our own history. America is viewed as a great democracy; just remember, many of our citizens were enslaved for a long period of time before we finally got it right.But its in our interests to help these folks. Its in our interests little girls go to school in Afghanistan. Its in our interests that there be free elections in Iraq. And its in our interests that we help these governments survive. And its taken sacrifice from our people, I understand that. The fundamental question of history is going to look back on it, is did we understand the duty that weve been called to do, to protect ourselves and hope others? And this Prime Minister has understood the duty.No, I know theres a lot of discussion here in the British press about, well, you know, is there going to be enough troops, or not enough troops, and all that business; is he trying to distance this, that and the other -- its just typical. But I just want to remind you that he has left more troops in Iraq than initially anticipated. And like me, well be making our decisions based upon the conditions on the ground, the recommendation of our commanders, without an artificial timetable set by politics.I thank you for your troop announcement today in Afghanistan, as well. Then you issued a strong statement on Iran. It was a clear statement, and it was a strong statement, and it was a necessary statement, because the free world has an obligation to work together in concert to prevent the Iranians from having the know-how to develop a nuclear weapon. And now is the time to work together to get it done, and I appreciate your statement. Hopefully the Iranian leadership will take a different position then the one theyve taken in the past, which is basically, who cares what the free world says, were going to -- well go our own way. And now has faced -- they face serious isolation, and the people who are suffering are the Iranian people. We have no qualms with the Iranian people. As a matter of fact, we want the Iranian people to thrive. Its in our interests that there be a hopeful society. Its their government who has denied them their rightful place in the world.And so I want to thank you very much for working hard to, you know, to help keep this coalition together to provide pressure necessary so we can solve the problem diplomatically. Thats my first choice. Iranians must understand all options are on the table, however.Thank you for your strong words on Zimbabwe. And I -- you know, you obviously are emotional on the subject and I dont blame you, because the people of Zimbabwe have suffered under Mugabe leadership, and we will work with you to ensure these good folks have free and fair elections to the extent -- best extent possible, which obviously Mr. Mugabe does not want to have.We talked about Darfur. We talked about Burma. I strongly support your health care worker initiative. Im looking forward to going to the G8 to articulate that. And we expect the people of the G8 -- the leaders of the G8 countries to fulfill their obligations, because last year we met and we had a -- we discussed a lot of issues, including HIV/AIDS and malaria on the continent of Africa, and they all came forth and said, well match the ed States -- except most nations havent matched the ed States to date except for Great Britain, and they havent done their part in matching the ed States.And so my message at the G8 is: Looking forward to working with you; thanks for coming to the meeting -- just remember, there are people needlessly dying on the continent of Africa today, and we expect you to be more than pledge-makers. We expect you to be check-writers for humanitarian reasons.We did talk about energy and Doha. Im concerned about Doha. Im concerned that while were making some progress on the agricultural side, that nations such as Brazil and India and China are not making corresponding openings on manufacturing and service -- and the service sector on their part. And in order to have a successful round, which I believe is essential -- and so does Gordon -- to fight off protectionism and help poor nations develop, that now is the time to get a Doha Round completed. And in order to do so, there has to be more movement on the manufacturing and service sector so there can be a fair and equitable deal.Finally, we talked about global climate change and briefed Gordon on our strategy for the major economies meeting to hopefully reach an international goal for 2050 that will have intermediate strategies that are binding on each nation within the U.N. framework. And the reason why I believe this is the right approach to take, that unless China and India are a part of a binding international agreement -- and the ed States -- then we will not have effective policy in dealing with climate change. It might make us all feel good, but the results wont be satisfactory. And so hopefully in Seoul, South Korea coming up there will be a major economy meeting agreement on a long-term goal with binding commitments.Mr. Prime Minister, all in all, its been a great meeting. Thank you for the conversation and thank you for your friendship.PRIME MINISTER BROWN: Thank you.Q Nick Robinson, B News.PRESIDENT BUSH: Who? (Inaudible.) (Laughter.)Q Good to have you here.PRESIDENT BUSH: Missed the hat. (Laughter.)Q Prime Minister, isnt it time to withdraw British troops from Iraq in order to send them where the military really needs them, to Afghanistan, or are you too worried about his reaction if you do?PRESIDENT BUSH: We miss you, Nick, we miss you, buddy.Q Are you prepared to see British troop withdrawn from Iraq while youre still in office, or are you concerned about the symbolic significance of that?200806/42185

  We must do what no generation has had to do before.我们必须做前人无需做的事情。We must invest more in our own people, in their jobs, in their future, and at the same time cut our massive debt.我们必须更多地投资于人民,投资于他们的工作和未来,与此同时,我们必须减少巨额债务。And we must do so in a world in which we must compete for every opportunity.而且,我们必须在一个需要为每个机会而竞争的世界上做到这一切。It will not be easy; it will require sacrifice.这样做并不容易:这样做要求作出牺牲。But it can be done, and done fairly, not choosing sacrifice for its own sake, but for our own sake.但是,这是做得到的,而且能做得公平合理。We must provide for our nation the way a family provides for its children.我们不是为牺牲而牺牲,我们必须像家庭供养子女那样供养自己的国家。Our Founders saw themselves in the light of posterity.我们的缔造者们是从子孙后代的角度来审视他们自己的行为。We can do no less. Anyone who has ever watched a childs eyes wander into sleep knows what posterity is.我们也必须这样做。任何曾经注意过孩子的双眼朦胧进入梦乡的人,都知道后代是什么。Posterity is the world to come; the world for whom we hold our ideals, from whom we have borrowed our planet, and to whom we bear sacred responsibility.后代是未来的世界。为了他们,我们满怀理想。从他们那里,我们借用了这块地球,对他们,我们负有神圣的责任。We must do what America does best: offer more opportunity to all and demand responsibility from all.我们必须尽美国之所能:向所有人提供更多的机会,要求所有人承担更多的责任。It is time to break the bad habit of expecting something for nothing, from our government or from each other.现在是破除只求向政府和别人免费索取的恶习的时候了。Let us all take more responsibility, not only for ourselves and our families but for our communities and our country.让我们大家不仅为自己和家庭,而且为社区和国家担负起更多的责任吧。To renew America, we must revitalize our democracy.我们要复兴美国,就必须恢复我们民主制度的活力。This beautiful capital, like every capital since the dawn of civilization, is often a place of intrigue and calculation.这个美丽的首都,就像文明的曙光出现以来的每一个首都一样,常常是尔虞我诈、明争暗斗之地。Powerful people maneuver for position and worry endlessly about who is in and who is out, who is up and who is down, forgetting those people whose toil and sweat sends us here and pays our way.大腕人物争权夺势,没完没了地为官员的更替升降而烦神,却忘记了那些用辛勤和汗水把我们送到这里来,并养活了我们的人。Americans deserve better, and in this city today, there are people who want to do better.美国人理应得到更好的回报。在这个城市里,今天有人想把事 情办得更好一些。And so I say to all of us here, let us resolve to reform our politics, so that power and privilege no longer shout down the voice of the people.因此,我要时所有在场的人说:让我们下定决心改革政治,使权力和特权的喧嚣不再压倒人民的呼声。Let us put aside personal advantage so that we can feel the pain and see the promise of America.让我们撇开个人利益,这样我们就能觉察美国的病痛,并看到官的希望。03/438227。

  2008年美国总统竞选辩论(第二场) 参考文本:BROKAW: Good evening from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm Tom Brokaw of N News. And welcome to this second presidential debate, sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates.Tonight's debate is the only one with a town hall format. The Gallup Organization chose 80 uncommitted voters from the Nashville area to be here with us tonight. And earlier today, each of them gave me a copy of their question for the candidates.From all of these questions -- and from tens of thousands submitted online -- I have selected a long list of excellent questions on domestic and foreign policy.Neither the commission nor the candidates have seen the questions. And although we won't be able to get to all of them tonight, we should have a wide-ranging discussion one month before the election.Each candidate will have two minutes to respond to a common question, and there will be a one-minute follow-up. The audience here in the hall has agreed to be polite, and attentive, no cheering or outbursts. Those of you at home, of course, are not so constrained.The only exception in the hall is right now, as it is my privilege to introduce the candidates, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and Senator John McCain of Arizona.Gentlemen?(APPLAUSE)Gentlemen, we want to get underway immediately, if we can. Since you last met at Ole Miss 12 days ago, the world has changed a great deal, and not for the better. We still don't know where the bottom is at this time.As you might expect, many of the questions that we have from here in the hall tonight and from online have to do with the American economy and, in fact, with global economic conditions.I understand that you flipped a coin.And, Senator Obama, you will begin tonight. And we're going to have our first question from over here in Section A from Alan Schaefer (ph).Alan (ph)?QUESTION: With the economy on the downturn and retired and older citizens and workers losing their incomes, what's the fastest, most positive solution to bail these people out of the economic ruin?OBAMA: Well, Alan (ph), thank you very much for the question. I want to first, obviously, thank Belmont University, Tom, thank you, and to all of you who are participating tonight and those of you who sent e-mail questions in.I think everybody knows now we are in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. And a lot of you I think are worried about your jobs, your pensions, your retirement accounts, your ability to send your child or your grandchild to college.And I believe this is a final verdict on the failed economic policies of the last eight years, strongly promoted by President Bush and supported by Senator McCain, that essentially said that we should strip away regulations, consumer protections, let the market run wild, and prosperity would rain down on all of us.It hasn't worked out that way. And so now we've got to take some decisive action.OBAMA: Now, step one was a rescue package that was passed last week. We've got to make sure that works properly. And that means strong oversight, making sure that investors, taxpayers are getting their money back and treated as investors.It means that we are cracking down on CEOs and making sure that they're not getting bonuses or golden parachutes as a consequence of this package. And, in fact, we just found out that AIG (NYSE:AIG) , a company that got a bailout, just a week after they got help went on a 0,000 junket.And I'll tell you what, the Treasury should demand that money back and those executives should be fired. But that's only step one. The middle-class need a rescue package. And that means tax cuts for the middle-class.It means help for homeowners so that they can stay in their homes. It means that we are helping state and local governments set up road projects and bridge projects that keep people in their jobs.And then long-term we've got to fix our health care system, we've got to fix our energy system that is putting such an enormous burden on families. You need somebody working for you and you've got to have somebody in Washington who is thinking about the middle class and not just those who can afford to hire lobbyists.BROKAW: Senator McCain?MCCAIN: Well, thank you, Tom. Thank you, Belmont University. And Senator Obama, it's good to be with you at a town hall meeting.And, Alan (ph), thank you for your question. You go to the heart of America's worries tonight. Americans are angry, they're upset, and they're a little fearful. It's our job to fix the problem.Now, I have a plan to fix this problem and it has got to do with energy independence. We've got to stop sending 0 billion a year to countries that don't want us very -- like us very much. We have to keep Americans' taxes low. All Americans' taxes low. Let's not raise taxes on anybody today.We obviously have to stop this spending spree that's going on in Washington. Do you know that we've laid a trillion debt on these young Americans who are here with us tonight, 0 billion of it we owe to China? We've got to have a package of reforms and it has got to lead to reform prosperity and peace in the world. And I think that this problem has become so severe, as you know, that we're going to have to do something about home values.You know that home values of retirees continues to decline and people are no longer able to afford their mortgage payments. As president of the ed States, Alan, I would order the secretary of the treasury to immediately buy up the bad home loan mortgages in America and renegotiate at the new value of those homes -- at the diminished value of those homes and let people be able to make those -- be able to make those payments and stay in their homes.Is it expensive? Yes. But we all know, my friends, until we stabilize home values in America, we're never going to start turning around and creating jobs and fixing our economy. And we've got to give some trust and confidence back to America.I know how the do that, my friends. And it's my proposal, it's not Senator Obama's proposal, it's not President Bush's proposal. But I know how to get America working again, restore our economy and take care of working Americans. Thank you.Discuss Begin:BROKAW: Senator, we have one minute for a discussion here. Obviously the powers of the treasury secretary have been greatly expanded. The most powerful officer in the cabinet now. Hank Paulson says he won't stay on. Who do you have in mind to appoint to that very important post?Senator McCain?MCCAIN: Not you, Tom.(LAUGHTER)BROKAW: No, with good reason.MCCAIN: You know, that's a tough question and there's a lot of qualified Americans. But I think the first criteria, Tom, would have to be somebody who immediately Americans identify with, immediately say, we can trust that individual.A supporter of Senator Obama's is Warren Buffett. He has aly weighed in and helped stabilize some of the difficulties in the markets and with companies and corporations, institutions today.I like Meg Whitman, she knows what it's like to be out there in the marketplace. She knows how to create jobs. Meg Whitman was CEO of a company that started with 12 people and is now 1.3 million people in America make their living off eBay. (NASDAQ:EBAY) Maybe somebody here has done a little business with them.But the point is it's going to have to be somebody who inspires trust and confidence. Because the problem in America today to a large extent, Tom, is that we don't have trust and confidence in our institutions because of the corruption on Wall Street and the greed and excess and the cronyism in Washington, D.C.BROKAW: All right. Senator McCain -- Senator Obama, who do you have in mind for treasury secretary?OBAMA: Well, Warren would be a pretty good choice -- Warren Buffett, and I'm pleased to have his support. But there are other folks out there. The key is making sure that the next treasury secretary understands that it's not enough just to help those at the top.Prosperity is not just going to trickle down. We've got to help the middle class.OBAMA: And we've -- you know, Senator McCain and I have some fundamental disagreements on the economy, starting with Senator McCain's statement earlier that he thought the fundamentals of the economy were sound.Part of the problem here is that for many of you, wages and incomes have flat-lined. For many of you, it is getting harder and harder to save, harder and harder to retire.And that's why, for example, on tax policy, what I want to do is provide a middle class tax cut to 95 percent of working Americans, those who are working two jobs, people who are not spending enough time with their kids, because they are struggling to make ends meet.Senator McCain is right that we've got to stabilize housing prices. But underlying that is loss of jobs and loss of income. That's something that the next treasury secretary is going to have to work on.BROKAW: Senator Obama, thank you very much.May I remind both of you, if I can, that we're operating under rules that you signed off on and when we have a discussion, it really is to be confined within about a minute or so.We're going to go now, Senator McCain, to the next question from you from the hall here, and it comes from Oliver Clark (ph), who is over here in section F.Oliver?02/62306

  Let us,then,fellow citizens,unite with one heart and one mind.因此,公民们,让我们同心同德地团结起来。Let us restore to social intercourse that harmony and affection without which liberty and even life itself are but dreary things.让我们在社会交往中和睦如初、恢复友爱,如果没有这些,自由,甚至生活本身都会索然寡味。And let us reflect that,having banished from our land that religious intolerance under which mankind so long bled and suffered,让我们再想一想,我们已经将长期以来造成人类流血、受苦的宗教信仰上的不宽容现象逐出国土,we have yet gained little if we countenance a political intolerance as despotic,as wicked,and capable of as bitter and bloody persecutions.那么我们必将无所收获,如果我们鼓励某种政治上的不宽容,其专横,邪恶和可能造成的残酷、血腥迫害均与此相仿,During the throes and convulsions of the ancient world,当旧世界经历阵痛和骚动,during the agonizing spasms of infuriated man,seeking through blood and slaughter his long lost liberty,当愤怒的人挣扎着想通过流血、杀戮来寻求失去已久的自由,it was not wonderful that the agitation of the billows should reach even this distant and peaceful shore;那波涛般的,甚至也会冲击这片遥远而宁静的海岸;that this should be more felt and feared by some and less by others,and should divide opinions as to measures of safety.对此,人们的感触和忧虑不会一样,因而对安全措施的意见就出现了分歧,这些都不足为奇。But every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.但是,各种意见分歧并不都是原则分歧。We have called by different names brethren of the same principle.我们以不同的名字呼唤同一原则的兄弟。We are all Republicans,we are all Federalists.我们都是共和党人,我们都是联邦党人。If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union or to change its republican form,如果我们当中有人想解散这个联邦,或者想改变它的共和体制,let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.那就让他们不受干扰而作为对平安的纪念碑吧,因为有了平安,错误的意见就可得到宽容,理性就得以自由地与之抗争。I know,indeed,that some honest men fear that a republican government can not be strong,that this Government is not strong enough;诚然,我知道,有些正直人士担心共和制政府无法成为强有力的政府,担心我们这个政府不够坚强,but would the honest patriot,in the full tide of successful experiment,但是,在实验取得成功的高潮中,一个诚实的爱国者,abandon a government which has so far kept us free and firm on the theoretic and visionary fear that this Government,从理论上和梦想里放弃了这个迄今带给我们自由和坚定的政府吗the worlds best hope,may be possibility want energy to preserve itself?就以为被这个世界寄予最大希望的政府可能需要力量才得以自存。I believe it the only one where every man,at the call of the law,would fly to the standard of the law,我相邻唯有在这种政府的治理下,每个人才会响应法律的号召,奔向法律的旗帜,and would meet invasions of the public order as his own personal concern.像对待切身利益那样,迎击侵犯公共秩序的举动。Sometimes it is said that man can not be trusted with the government of himself.有时我们听到一种说法:不能让人们自己管理自己。Can be,then,be trusted with the government of others?那么,能让他去管理别人吗?Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him?或者,我们在统治人民的君王名单中发现了天使吗?Let history answer this question.这个问题让历史来回答吧。01/435709Competing on the Global Playing Field in the 21st CenturyIn his State of the Union address, President Obama spoke about doubling America’s exports over the next few years. Today, he discussed the first steps to meet that goal at the Export-Import Bank’s Annual Conference.Download Video: mp4 (497MB) | mp3 (23MB) 201003/98508Today, First Lady Michelle Obama announced nationwide commitments from major food retailers to open or expand over 1,500 stores to help provide healthy, affordable food to millions of people in areas that do not currently have easy access to fresh, nutritious food. Across the country, 23.5 million Americans – including 6.5 million children – live in underserved communities that do not have ily available fresh foods for reasonable prices.Download Video: mp4 (347MB) | mp3 (33MB) 201107/145347

  THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody.One of the challenges we've confronted from the beginning of this administration is what to do with the state of the struggling auto industry. In recent months, my Auto Task Force has been reviewing requests by General Motors and Chrysler for additional government assistance, as well as plans developed by each of these companies to restructure, to modernize, and to make themselves more competitive. Our evaluation is now complete. But before I lay out what needs to be done going forward, I want to say a few words about where we are and what led us to this point.It will come as no surprise that some Americans who have suffered most during this recession have been those in the auto industry and those working for companies that support it. Over the past year, our auto industry has shed over 400,000 jobs, not only at plants that produce cars, but at the businesses that produce the parts that go into them and the dealers that sell and repair them. More than one in 10 Michigan residents is out of work -- the most of any state. And towns and cities across the great Midwest have watched unemployment climb higher than it’s been in decades.The pain being felt in places that rely on our auto industry is not the fault of our workers; they labor tirelessly and desperately want to see their companies succeed. It's not the fault of all the families and communities that supported manufacturing plants throughout the generations. Rather, it's a failure of leadership -- from Washington to Detroit -- that led our auto companies to this point.Year after year, decade after decade, we've seen problems papered over and tough choices kicked down the road, even as foreign competitors outpaced us. Well, we've reached the end of that road. And we, as a nation, cannot afford to shirk responsibility any longer. Now is the time to confront our problems head-on and do what’s necessary to solve them.We cannot, and must not, and we will not let our auto industry simply vanish. This industry is like no other -- it's an emblem of the American spirit; a once and future symbol of America’s success. It's what helped build the middle class and sustained it throughout the 20th century. It's a source of deep pride for the generations of American workers whose hard work and imagination led to some of the finest cars the world has ever known. It's a pillar of our economy that has held up the dreams of millions of our people. And we cannot continue to excuse poor decisions. We cannot make the survival of our auto industry dependent on an unending flow of taxpayer dollars. These companies -- and this industry -- must ultimately stand on their own, not as wards of the state.And that's why the federal government provided General Motors and Chrysler with emergency loans to prevent their sudden collapse at the end of last year -- only on the condition that they would develop plans to restructure. In keeping with that agreement, each company has submitted a plan to restructure. But after careful analysis, we've determined that neither goes far enough to warrant the substantial new investments that these companies are requesting.And so today I'm announcing that my administration will offer GM and Chrysler a limited additional period of time to work with creditors, unions, and other stakeholders to fundamentally restructure in a way that would justify an investment of additional taxpayer dollars. During this period they must produce plans that would give the American people confidence in their long-term prospects for success.Now, what we're asking for is difficult. It will require hard choices by companies. It will require unions and workers who have aly made extraordinarily painful concessions to do more. It'll require creditors to recognize that they can't hold out for the prospect of endless government bailouts. It'll have to -- it will require efforts from a whole host of other stakeholders, including dealers and suppliers. Only then can we ask American taxpayers who have aly put up so much of their hard-earned money to once more invest in a revitalized auto industry.But I'm confident that if each are willing to do their part, if all of us are doing our part, then this restructuring, as painful as it will be in the short term, will mark not an end, but a new beginning for a great American industry -- an auto industry that is once more out-competing the world; a 21st century auto industry that is creating new jobs, unleashing new prosperity, and manufacturing the fuel-efficient cars and trucks that will carry us towards an energy-independent future. I am absolutely committed to working with Congress and the auto companies to meet one goal: The ed States of America will lead the world in building the next generation of clean cars.And no one can deny that our auto industry has made meaningful progress in recent years -- and this doesn't get talked about often enough. Some of the cars made by American workers right now are outperforming the best cars made abroad. In 2008, the North American Car of the Year was a GM. This year, Buick tied for first place as the most reliable car in the world. Our companies are investing in breakthrough technologies that hold the promise of new vehicles that will help America end its addiction to foreign oil.But our auto industry is not moving in the right direction fast enough to succeed in a very tough environment. So let me discuss what measures need to be taken by each of the auto companies requesting taxpayer assistance, and I'll start with General Motors.GM has made a good faith effort to restructure over the past several months -- but the plan that they've put forward is, in its current form, not strong enough. However, after broad consultation with a range of industry experts and financial advisors, I'm absolutely confident that GM can rise again, providing that it undergoes a fundamental restructuring. As an initial step, GM is announcing today that Rick Wagoner is stepping aside as Chairman and CEO. This is not meant as a condemnation of Mr. Wagoner, who's devoted his life to this company and has had a distinguished career; rather, it's a recognition that will take new vision and new direction to create the GM of the future.08/80220

  演讲文本US President's speech on social security(March 12,2005)THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Over the last few weeks, I have traveled across our nation and met with tens of thousands of you to discuss my plans for strengthening Social Security. I share a great responsibility with your representatives in Congress. We must fix the system permanently, so it will be there for our children and grandchildren. I have been to 15 states, and I'm just getting started. On every visit, I am assuring those of you born before 1950 that Social Security will remain the same for you; no changes. No matter what the scare ads or politicians might tell you, you will get your checks. You grandparents also understand we have got to fix the holes in this vital safety net for future generations. I appreciate the wisdom of our seniors and I welcome your input on how to strengthen the system. You younger workers know what is happening to Social Security. The present pay-as-you-go system is going broke. Huge numbers of baby boomers, like me, will be retiring soon, and we are living longer and our benefits are rising. At the same time, fewer workers will be paying into the system to support a growing number of retirees. Therefore, the government is making promises it cannot keep. Still, some folks are playing down the problem, and say we can fix it later. The fact is, we have got a serious problem and we need to fix it now. If you are in your 20s, or if you have children or grandchildren in their 20s, the idea of Social Security collapsing is no small matter, and it should not be a small matter to the Congress. In 1983, Congress enacted what they thought was a 75-year fix to save Social Security from bankruptcy. This bipartisan solution turned out to be temporary because it did not address the system's fundamental flaws. Two years later, Social Security was headed out of balance again. Now some in Washington are talking about another 75-year fix, which means we will be back to the starting line a few years from now. We do not need a band-aid solution for Social Security. We want to solve this issue now and forever. Putting off real reform makes fixing the system harder and more expensive. As one Democrat leader observed recently, "Every year we delay adds at least 0 billion to the cost of saving the system." And the Social Security trustees agree. Postponing reform will leave our children with drastic and unpleasant choices: huge tax increases that will kill jobs, massive new borrowing or sudden, painful cuts in Social Security benefits or other programs. Our children deserve better and we can give them better. I have told Congress all ideas are on the table, except raising the payroll tax rate. Some of the options available include indexing benefits to prices, rather than wages; changing the benefit formulas; raising the retirement age -- ideas Democrats and Republicans have talked about before. Whatever changes we make, we must provide a better and stronger system for younger workers. And that is why I have proposed allowing younger Americans to place some of your payroll taxes in voluntary personal retirement accounts. You would have a choice of conservative bond and stock funds, with the opportunity to earn a higher rate of return than is possible under the current system. If you earn an average of ,000 over your career, you can build up nearly a quarter-million dollars in your account, on top of your Social Security check. This would be real savings you own, a nest egg you could pass on to your children. The American people did not place us in office to pass on problems to future generations and future Presidents and future Congresses. I will work with both parties to fix Social Security permanently. Social Security has been there for generations of Americans, and together we will strengthen it for generations to come. Thank you for listening. 200603/5035

  Franklin Delano Roosevelt:The Four FreedomsDelivered6 January,1941AUTHENTICITY CERTIFIED:Textversion belowtranscribeddirectlyfromaudioMr. President, Mr. Speaker, members of the 77 th Congress:I address you, the members of this new Congress, at a momentunprecedented in the historyof the union. I use the word ;unprecedented; because at no previous time has Americansecurity been as seriously threatened from without as itis today.Since the permanent formation of our government under the Constitutionin 1789, most of theperiods of crisis in our history have related to our domestic affairs. And, fortunately, only oneof these thefouryearwar between the States everthreatened our nationalunity.Today, thank God, 130,000,000Americans in 48 States have forgotten points of the compassin our national unity.Itis true that prior to 1914 the ed States oftenhas been disturbed by events in othercontinents. We have even engaged in two warswithEuropeannations and in a number ofundeclared wars inthe WestIndies, inthe Mediterranean and inthe Pacific, for themaintenance of American rights and for the principles of peacefulcommerce. But in no casehad a serious threat been raised against our national safety or our continued independence.WhatI seek to convey is the historic truththat the ed States as a nationhas at all timesmaintained opposition clear,definite opposition toany attemptto lock us in behind anancient Chinese wall while the procession of civilization went past. Today, thinking of ourchildren and of their children, we oppose enforced isolation for ourselves or for any other partof the Americas.Transcription byMichaelE. Eidenmuller. Propertyof AmericanRhetoric.com. . Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.Page1AmericanRhetoric.comThat determination of ours, extending over allthese years, was proved,for example, in theearly days during the quarter century of wars following the French Revolution. While theNapoleonic struggles did threateninterests of the ed States because of the Frenchfoothold in the WestIndies and in Louisiana, and while we engaged in theWar of 1812 tovindicate our right to peacefultrade,it is nevertheless clear thatneither France nor GreatBritainnor any other nation was aiming at domination of the whole world.And in like fashion, from 1815 to 1914 ninetynineyears nosingle war in Europe or inAsia constituted a real threat against our futureor against the future of any other Americannation.Except inthe Maximilian interlude in Mexico, noforeign power sought toestablish itself in thishemisphere. And the strength of the Britishfleet in the Atlantic has been a friendly strength. itis still a friendly strength.Even when the World War broke out in 1914, it seemed tocontain only smallthreat of dangerto our ownAmericanfuture. But as time went on, as we remember, the American peoplebegan to visualize whatthe downfall of democratic nations mightmean to our owndemocracy.We need not overemphasize imperfections in the peace of Versailles. We need not harp onfailure of the democracies to deal withproblems of world reconstruction. We should rememberthatthe peace of 1919 was far less unjust thanthe kind of pacification whichbegan evenbefore Munich, and whichis being carried onunder the new order of tyranny that seeks tosp over every continent today. The American people have unalterably settheir facesagainstthat tyranny.I suppose that every realist knows thatthe democratic way of life is atthis moment beingdirectly assailed in every part of the world assailedeither by arms or by secret sping ofpoisonous propaganda by those who seek to destroy unity and promote discordin nations thatare still at peace. During 16 long months this assault has blotted outthe whole pattern ofdemocratic life in an appalling number of independentnations, great and small. And theassailants are still on the march, threatening other nations, great and small.Therefore, as your President, performing my constitutional duty to;give tothe Congressinformation of the state of the union,;Ifind it unhappily necessary to reportthatthe futureand the safety of our country and of our democracy are overwhelmingly involved in events farbeyond our borders.Armed defense of democratic existence is now being gallantly waged infour continents. Ifthat defense fails, all the population and all theresources of Europe and Asia, and Africa andAustralAsiawill be dominated by conquerors. And let us remember that the total of thosepopulations in those four continents, the total of those populations and their resources greatlyexceed the sum total of the population and the resources of the whole of the WesternHemisphere yes,many times over.Transcription byMichaelE. Eidenmuller. Propertyof AmericanRhetoric.com. . Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.Page2AmericanRhetoric.comIntimes like these it is immature and,incidentally, untrue foranybody to brag that anunprepared America, singlehandedand with one hand tied behind its back, canhold off thewhole world.No realistic American can expect from a dictatorrsquo;s peace international generosity, or return oftrue independence, or world disarmament, or freedom of expression, or freedom of religion oreven good business. Such a peace would bring no security for us or for our neighbors.Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserveneither liberty nor safety.As a nation we may take pride inthe factthat we are softhearted.but we cannot afford to besoftheaded.We must always be wary of those who with sounding brass and a tinklingcymbal preach the ;ism; of appeasement. We mustespecially beware of that small group ofselfishmen who would clip the wings of the American eagle in order tofeather their ownnests.I have recently pointed outhow quickly the tempo of modern warfare could bring into ourverymidst the physical attack which we must eventually expectif the dictator nations win thiswar.There is much loose talk of our immunity from immediate and directinvasionfrom across theseas.Obviously, as long as the British Navy retains its power, no such danger exists. Evenifthere were no British Navy, it is not probable that any enemy would be stupid enoughtoattack us by landing troops inthe ed Statesfrom across thousands of miles of ocean, untilit had acquired strategic bases from which to operate.But we learnmuch from the lessons of the pastyears inEurope particularlythe lesson ofNorway, whose essential seaports were captured by treachery and surprise built up over aseries of years. The first phase of the invasion of this hemisphere would not be the landing ofregular troops.The necessary strategic points would be occupied by secret agents and bytheir dupes andgreatnumbers of them are aly here and in LatinAmerica. As long asthe aggressor nations maintain the offensive they, not we, will choose the time and the placeand the method of their attack.And that is why the future of all the American Republics is today in serious danger.That iswhy this annual messagetothe Congress is unique in our history. That is why every memberof the executive branch of the government andevery member of the Congress face greatresponsibility, great accountability. The need ofthe momentis that our actions and our policyshould be devoted primarily almostexclusively tomeeting this foreign peril. For all ourdomestic problems are now a part of the great emergency.Just as our national policy ininternal affairs has been based upon a decentrespectfor therights and the dignity of all our fellowmen within our gates, so our national policy in foreignaffairs has been based on a decent respectfor the rights and the dignity of all nations, largeand small. And the justice of morality must and will win in the end.Transcription byMichaelE. Eidenmuller. Propertyof AmericanRhetoric.com. . Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.Page3AmericanRhetoric.comOur national policy is this:First, by an impressive expression of the publicwill and without regard to partisanship, we arecommitted to allinclusivenational defense.Secondly, by animpressive expression of the public will and without regard topartisanship,we are committed to full support of allthose resolute people everywhere who are resistingaggression and are thereby keeping war away from our hemisphere. Bythis support weexpress our determination that the democratic cause shall prevail, and we strengthen thedefense and the security of our ownnation.Third, by an impressive expression of the publicwill and without regard to partisanship, weare committed to the proposition that principlesof morality and considerations for our ownsecurity willnever permit us to acquiesce in a peace dictated by aggressors and sponsored byappeasers. We know that enduring peace cannot be bought atthe cost of other peoplesfreedom.Inthe recent national election there was no substantial difference betweenthe two greatparties in respectto that national policy. Noissue was fought out on this line before theAmerican electorate.And today itis abundantly evidentthatAmerican citizens everywhereare demanding and supporting speedy and complete actionin recognition of obvious danger.Therefore, the immediate need is a swift and driving increase in our armament production.Leaders of industry and labor have respondedto our summons. Goals of speed have beenset. In some cases these goals are being reached ahead of time. Insome cases we are onschedule. inother cases there are slight butnot serious delays. And in some cases and,Iam sorry to say,very important cases weare all concerned by the slowness of theaccomplishment of our plans.The Army and Navy, however, have made substantial progress during the past year.Actualexperience is improving and speeding up our methods of production with every passingday. And todays best is not good enoughfor tomorrow.I am not satisfied withthe progress thus far made. The men in charge of the programrepresent the bestin training,in ability, and in patriotism. They are not satisfied withtheprogress thus far made.None of us will be satisfied until the job is done.No matter whether the original goal was settoo high or too low, our objective is quicker andbetter results.To give youtwo illustrations:We are behind schedule in turning outfinished airplanes.We are working day and nighttosolve the innumerable problems and tocatchup.Transcription byMichaelE. Eidenmuller. Propertyof AmericanRhetoric.com. . Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.Page4AmericanRhetoric.comWe are ahead of schedule in building warships,but we are working to geteven further aheadof that schedule.To change a whole nation from a basis of peacetime production of implements of peace to abasis of wartime production of implements of war is nosmall task. And the greatest difficultycomes atthe beginning of the program, when new tools, new plant facilities, new assemblylines, new shipways mustfirst be constructed before the actual material begins to flowsteadily and speedily from them.The Congress of course, mustrightly keep itselfinformed at alltimes of the progress of theprogram. However, there is certain information, as the Congress itself will ily recognize,which, in the interests of our ownsecurity and those of the nations that we are supporting,must of needs be kept in confidence.New circumstances are constantly begetting new needs for our safety. Ishall ask thisCongress for greatly increased new appropriations and authorizations to carry on what wehave begun.I also ask this Congress for authority and for funds sufficient tomanufacture additionalmunitions and war supplies of many kinds,to be turned over tothose nations which are nowin actual war with aggressor nations. Our mostuseful and immediate role is to act as anarsenalfor them as well as for ourselves. They do notneed manpower, but they doneedbillions of dollarsrsquo; worth of the weapons of defense.The time is near whenthey willnot be able to pay for them allin y cash. We cannot, andwe willnot, tell them thatthey mustsurrendermerely because of presentinability to pay forthe weapons which we know they musthave.I donot recommend that we make them a loanof dollars with which to pay for these weaponsaloanto be repaid in dollars. I recommend that we make it possible for those nations tocontinue to obtain war materials in the ed States, fitting their orders into our ownprogram. And nearly all of their material would,if the time ever came, be usefulin our owndefense.Taking counsel of expertmilitary and naval authorities, considering whatis best for our ownsecurity, we are free todecide how much should be kept here and how much should be sentabroad to our friends who, by their determinedand heroic resistance, are giving us time inwhichtomake y our own defense.For what we send abroad we shall be repaid, repaid within a reasonable time following theclose of hostilities, repaid in similar materials, or at our option in other goods of many kindswhichthey can produce and which we need.Transcription byMichaelE. Eidenmuller. Propertyof AmericanRhetoric.com. . Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.Page5AmericanRhetoric.comLetus say to the democracies: ;We Americans are vitally concerned in your defense offreedom. We are putting forth our energies, our resources, and our organizing powers to giveyouthe strengthto regain and maintain a free world. We shallsend youin everincreasingnumbers, ships, planes, tanks, guns. Thatis our purpose and our pledge.;Infulfillment of this purpose we willnot be intimidated by the threats of dictators thattheywill regard as a breach of internationallaw or as an act of war our aid tothe democracieswhich dare to resisttheir aggression. Such aid Suchaid is not an act of war, evenif adictator should unilaterally proclaim it so to be.And whenthe dictators ifthe dictators arey to make war uponus, they willnot waitfor an act of war on our part.They did not wait for Norway or Belgium or the Netherlands to commit an act of war. Theironly interestis in a new onewayinternational law, whichlacks mutuality in its observanceand therefore becomes aninstrument of oppression. The happiness of future generations ofAmericans may well depend on how effective and howimmediate we canmake our aidfelt. No one cantellthe exact character of the emergency situations that we may be calledupontomeet. The nations hands mustnot be tied whenthe nations life is in danger.Yes, and we must prepare, all of us prepare, tomake the sacrifices that the emergency almostas serious as war itself demands.Whatever stands in the way of speed andefficiency in defense, in defense preparations ofanykind,mustgive way tothe nationalneed.A free nation has the rightto expect full cooperation from all groups.A free nationhas therighttolook tothe leaders of business, of labor, and of agriculture to take the leadinstimulating effort, not among other groups butwithintheir own group.The best way of dealing withthe few slackers or troublemakersin our midstis, first, toshame them by patriotic example, and if thatfails, to use the sovereignty of governmenttosave government.Asmen donotlive by b alone,they donot fight by armaments alone.Those who man ourdefenses and those behind them who build ourdefenses musthave the stamina and thecourage which come from unshakable belief inthe manner of life which they aredefending. The mighty action that we are calling for cannot be based on a disregard of all thethings worth fighting for.The nationtakes great satisfaction and much strengthfrom the things which have been doneto make its people conscious of their individual stake inthe preservation of democratic life inAmerica.Those things have toughened the fiber of our people, have renewed their faith andstrengthened their devotiontothe institutions we make y to protect.Transcription byMichaelE. Eidenmuller. Propertyof AmericanRhetoric.com. . Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.Page6AmericanRhetoric.comCertainly this is no time for any of us to stop thinking about the social and economic problemswhich are the rootcause of the social revolution which is today a supreme factor in theworld. For there is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strongdemocracy.The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic systems aresimple.They are:Equality of opportunity for youth and for others.Jobs for those who can work.Security for those who need it.The ending of special privilege for the few.The preservation of civilliberties for all.The enjoyment Theenjoyment of the fruits of scientific progress in a wider and constantlyrising standard of living.These are the simple, the basic things thatmust never be lostsight of in the turmoil andunbelievable complexity of our modern world.The inner and abiding strength of our economicand politicalsystems is dependentupon the degree to whichthey fulfillthese expectations.Manysubjects connected with our social economy call for immediate improvement. Asexamples:We should bring more citizens under the coverage of oldagepensions and unemploymentinsurance.We should widenthe opportunities for adequatemedicalcare.We should plan a better system by which persons deserving or needing gainful employmentmay obtainit.I have called for personal sacrifice, and I am assured of the willingness of almost allAmericans to respond tothat call. A part of the sacrifice means the payment of more moneyin taxes. In my budget message I will recommend that a greater portion of this great defenseprogram be paid for from taxationthan we are paying for today. No person should try, or beallowed to get rich out of the program, and the principle of tax payments in accordance withability to pay should be constantly before our eyes toguide our legislation.If the Congress maintains these principles the voters, putting patriotism ahead pocketbooks,will give you their applause.Transcription byMichaelE. Eidenmuller. Propertyof AmericanRhetoric.com. . Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.Page7AmericanRhetoric.comInthe future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world foundeduponfour essentialhuman freedoms.The first is freedom of speech and expression everywherein the world.Thesecond is freedom of every persontoworship God inhis ownwayeverywhereintheworld.The third is freedom from want, which, translated into world terms, means economicunderstandings which will secure toevery nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants everywherein the world.The fourthis freedom from fear, which, translated into world terms, means a worldwidereduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashionthat nonation will bein a positionto commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor anywherein theworld.That is no vision of a distantmillennium. Itis adefinite basis for a kind of world attainable inour own time and generation. That kind of world is the very antithesis of the socalled;neworder; of tyranny which the dictators seek to create withthe crash of a bomb.To that new order we oppose the greater conception themoral order. A good society is ableto face schemes of world domination and foreign revolutions alike without fear.Since the beginning of our American history wehave been engagedin change, in a perpetual,peaceful revolution, arevolution which goes onsteadily, quietly, adjusting itself tochangingconditions withoutthe concentration camp or the quicklime in the ditch. The world order whichwe seek is the cooperation of free countries, working together in a friendly, civilized society.This nation has placedits destiny in the hands and heads and hearts of its millions of free menand women, and its faithin freedom under the guidance of God. Freedom means thesupremacy of human rights everywhere. Our support goes tothose who struggle to gain thoserights and keep them. Our strength is our unity of purpose.To that high concept there can be no end save victory. /201205/182144。

  eU^63YbX;L85S!^K0w+CpmDw5C-lf0maHNow every American has a right to disagree with the President of the ed States and to express publicly that disagreement. But the President of the ed States has a right to communicate directly with the people who elected him, and the people of this country have the right to make up their own minds and form their own opinions about a Presidential address without having a President s words and thoughts characterized through the prejudices of hostile critics before they can even be digested.When Winston Churchill rallied public opinion to stay the course against Hitlers Germany, he didnt have to contend with a gaggle of commentators raising doubts about whether he was ing public opinion right, or whether Britain had the stamina to see the war through. When President Kennedy rallied the nation in the Cuban missile crisis, his address to the people was not chewed over by a roundtable of critics who disparaged the course of action hed asked America to follow.-BeL#;u(G[y6_;II3~FjpFQLxb;fTz1UfsICi+5,0P5aRYc201202/171025

  Hello from the Country Corner Farm in Alpha, Illinois! For the past few days, I’ve been traveling to small towns and farm towns here in the heartland of this country. I sat down with small business owners in Gutenberg, Iowa; and ranchers and farmers in Peosta. I had lunch with veterans in Cannon Falls, Minnesota; and talked to plant workers at a seed distributor in Atkinson, Illinois. And to the girls volleyball team at Maquoketa High School, let me just say one thing: Go Cardinals.Now, I’m out here for one reason: I think Washington, DC can learn something from the folks in Atkinson and Peosta and Cannon Falls. I think our country would be a whole lot better off if our elected leaders showed the same kind of discipline and integrity and responsibility that most Americans demonstrate in their lives every day.Because, the fact is, we’re going through a tough time right now. We’re coming through a terrible recession; a lot of folks are still looking for work. A lot of people are getting by with smaller paychecks or less money in the cash register. So we need folks in Washington – the people whose job it is to deal with the country’s problems, the people who you elected to serve – we need them to put aside their differences to get things done.There are things we can do right now that will mean more customers for businesses and more jobs across the country. We can cut payroll taxes again, so families have an extra ,000 to spend. We can pass a road construction bill so construction crews – now sitting idle – can head back to the worksite, rebuilding roads, bridges, and airports. We’ve got brave, skilled Americans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s connect them with businesses that could use their skills. And let’s pass trade deals to level the playing field for our businesses. We have Americans driving Hyundais and Kias. Well, I want to see folks in Korea driving Fords, Chevys and Chryslers. I want more products sold around the globe stamped with three words: Made in America.These are commonsense ideas – ideas that have been supported by both Democrats and Republicans. The only thing holding them back is politics. The only thing preventing us from passing these bills is the refusal by some in Congress to put country ahead of party. That’s the problem right now. That’s what’s holding this country back. That’s what we have to change.Because, for all the knocks we’ve taken, despite all the challenges we face, this is still the greatest country on earth. We still have the best workers and farmers, entrepreneurs and businesses, students and scientists. And you can see that here in Alpha. You can see it along the country roads that connect these small towns and farmlands.These past few days, I’ve been seeing little kids with American flags and grandparents in lawn chairs. I’ve shaken hands with folks outside machine shops and churches, corner stores and farms. It reminds me why I got into public service in the first place. Getting out of Washington and spending time with the people of this country – seeing how hard you’re working, how creative you are, how resourceful you are, how determined you are – that only makes me more determined to serve you as best I can as President. And it only makes me more confident in our future.That’s why it’s so important that folks in Washington put country before party. That’s why it’s so important that our elected leaders get past their differences to help grow the economy and put this nation back to work. Because here in Alpha it couldn’t be more clear: if we can come together, there’s no stopping the ed States of America. There’s no doubt that our future is bright.Thanks, and have a great weekend.201108/150151

  The White HouseOffice of the Press SecretaryFor Immediate Release April 26, 2010 Remarks by The President Honoring the World Series Champion New York YankeesEast Room3:15 P.M. EDTDownload Video: mp4 (296MB) | mp3 (41MB) THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. Everybody have a seat, please. Hello, everybody, and welcome to the White House. And congratulations on being World Series champions. (Applause.)As you can see, we’ve got a few Yankees fans here in the White House -- (applause) -- who are pretty excited about your visit. I want to actually start by recognizing Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner, who is here -- (applause) -- and Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. Now, I understand Ray and Joe went to the same high school -– a few years apart. (Laughter.) But they grew up obviously big Yankees fans. I want to congratulate the Steinbrenner family, Brian Cashman and all the folks who helped to make this team what it is. (Applause.) And I want to thank all of the members of the New York congressional delegation. And I noticed a couple of Connecticut and North Dakota guys showing up here, too -- (laughter) -- all of whom take credit for the Yankees’ success. (Laughter.) Now, it’s been nine years since your last title -– which must have felt like an eternity for Yankees fans. I think other teams would be just fine with a spell like that. (Laughter.) The Cubs, for example. (Laughter.) But this is a team that goes down to spring training every year expecting to win it all -- and more often than not, you guys get pretty close. Of course, if I had Rivera, I’d get pretty close, too. (Laughter.) My White Sox would get close every year. That attitude, that success, has always made the Yankees easy to love -- and, let’s face it, easy to hate as well. (Laughter.) For a White Sox fan like me, it’s painful to watch Mariano’s cutter when it’s against my team, or to see the Yankees wrap up the pennant while the Sox are struggling on the South Side. Although I do remember 2005, people -– (laughter) -- so don’t get too comfortable. (Laughter.)But for the millions of Yankees fans in New York and around the world who bleed blue, nothing beats that Yankee tradition: 27 World Series titles; 48 Hall of Famers -- a couple, I expect, standing behind me right now. From Ruth to Gehrig, Mantle to DiMaggio, it’s hard to imagine baseball without the long line of legends who’ve worn the pinstripes. Last season, this team continued that legacy, winning 103 games and leaving no doubt who was the best team in baseball.But what people tend to forget -– especially after watching their teams lose -– is that being a Yankee is as much about character as it is about performance; as much about who you are as what you do. Being successful in New York doesn’t come easy, and it’s not for everybody. It takes a certain kind of player to thrive in the pressure cooker of Yankee Stadium -– somebody who is poised and professional, and knows what it takes to wear the pinstripes. It takes somebody who appreciates how lucky he is, and who feels a responsibility for those who are less fortunate.So it’s somebody like Mark Teixeira. Before he was a three-time Golden Glove winner, Mark was a 21-year-old kid fresh out of Georgia Tech. Shortly after signing his first Major League contract, Mark visited his old high school and asked how much it would cost to set up a scholarship in the name of a friend who had been killed in a car accident. And when he was told it would cost ,000, he wrote a check on the spot. He’s been funding that scholarship ever since -– helping to make the dream of college a reality for students in his hometown. (Applause.)201004/102472

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