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自拍爱好者小心“自拍肘” -- 3:: 来源:chinadaily Are you an avid selfie-taker? You are at risk of developing "selfie elbow" which is slowly becoming a real medical condition. Like tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, an addiction to selfie-taking can cause a pain in your primary pic-snapping elbow, according to a report. 你是个狂热的自拍爱好者吗?那么你就面临着患上“自拍肘”的风险,而这一风险正逐渐地成为一项真正的医学问题一项报告表明,就像“网球肘”或“高尔夫肘”,对自拍的高度着迷会导致你主要用于拍照的肘关节疼痛In a recent case, award-winning journalist and N's Today show host Hoda Kotb went to a doctor complaining of pain in her elbow, elle.com reported. 最近elle.com上报道了一个案例,曾斩获奖项的记者兼N今日秀的主持人霍达?科特普对医生抱怨肘部疼痛"I went to the orthopaedist and he said, 'are you playing tennis or ping-pong?' I told him I was taking selfies," Kotb was ed as saying. 科特普说:“我去看了整形外科医师,他说‘你最近在打网球还是乒乓球?’我告诉他我在自拍”"When you take the picture, your arm is up, bent in a weird way and you just click, click, click -- think about how many you take: , 30, or 0. Selfie elbow, everyone has it," added Kotb, who is also a well-documented figure on photo-sharing website Instagram. “当你在拍照的时候,你的胳膊抬起,很奇怪地弯曲着,而你却在咔嚓、咔嚓、咔嚓——想着你拍了多少照片:,30还是0自拍肘,每个人都深受其害,”作为一位早已在Instagram网站上分享过各种照片的名人,科特普这样补充道Her doctor recommended icing her elbow and certain exercises to help relieve the soreness. 她的医生建议给她的胳膊肘部敷冰块并且通过适当的锻炼来缓解酸痛"Basically, the interface between technology and the human body sometimes causes injuries of over-exuberance," Jordan Metzl, sports medicine physician at the Hospital Special Surgery in the US, was ed as saying in a Cosmopolitan report. 乔丹?梅茨尔曾在接受Cosmopolitan杂志采访时说:“其实有时候过度使用科技产品会给人体带来伤害”他是一位美国特色外科医院的医疗运动外科医师The problem is simply overuse. 这个问题相当普遍"You get selfie elbow from taking too many selfies, as you put too much stress on the muscle and it irritates the area where the muscle comes off the bone and you get this inflammatory response," Metzl added. “拍太多的自拍会让你形成一只‘自拍肘’,因为这只臂肘的肌肉承受太大压力,这些压力会刺激肌肉和骨骼连接的部分,你会感受到一种炎症性反应”梅茨尔补充道The condition can be treated by taking pain relievers like Advil or Motrin the inflammation and putting on some ice as well as stretching the muscles. 使用一些像埃德维尔、布洛芬等止痛药来治疗炎性反应,或者是冰敷,伸展肌肉,这些方法都可以治疗“自拍肘”"Maybe, people should alternate their arms -- start sping the load," Metzl pointed out. “或许人们应该换着臂膀自拍——分担一些压力,”梅茨尔指出From gaming and chatting to selfie-taking, texting and tweeting, there has been a significant rise in injuries in teenagers than bee. 从打游戏到聊天再到自拍、发短信和发推文,相较于以前,青少年受到的伤害大大增加" those who are dedicated selfie-takers, using a selfie stick can work like an arm extender and takes the pressure off the elbow," suggested Charles Kim, musculoskeletal rehab specialist at Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Medical Center in the US. “对于那些狂热的自拍爱好者来说,不妨使用自拍杆,它就像胳膊伸展器,能够减轻肘部压力,”查尔斯?金,一位来自美国纽约大学朗格尼医学中心鲁斯科康复医院的肌肉骨骼修复专家这样建议道英文来源:雅虎新闻翻译:张雪妮(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning日本水果拍卖,一串葡萄价值1.1万美元 -- :7:3 来源: 日本人愿意为高品质种类的水果付高价,有时会把这些作为礼物送给级别高的领导 A bunch of grapes has sold a record-breaking ,000dollars (8,500 pounds) in Japan, where fruit often commands high prices and social prestige.一串葡萄在日本卖出了破纪录的1.1万美元(8500英镑),那里的水果往往价格高昂,具有社会名望A supermarket owner from western Japan walked away with 30 grapes, each worth about 360 dollars.来自日本西部的超市老板带走了这30颗葡萄,每颗价值360美元They were the first Ruby Romans - a super sweet grape variety grown in Ishikawa prefecture - of the season.这是当季第一串红宝石罗马葡萄——一种生长在石川州的超甜葡萄种类"We will display them at our store bee giving our customers a sample taste," Takamaru Konishi said.“在请顾客品尝之前我们要把它展示在我们的店里,”Takamaru Konishi说The Japanese are often willing to pay top-dollar premium samples of fruit, sometimes with the intention of giving them as gifts to people perceived to be of higher status - example, their boss at work.日本人愿意为高品质种类的水果付高价,有时会把这些作为礼物送给级别高的领导——例如,他们工作时的老板A single apple can cost up to 3 dollars. And melons are sometimes sold the equivalent price of a vintage wine.一个苹果可以要价3美元而西瓜的售价有时能与陈年的葡萄酒一样Last year a pair of melons sold under the hammer more than ,000 dollars.去年有两个西瓜的拍卖价格达到了1.万美元"I am so happy and I am honoured," Mr Konishi said.“我很开心,也很荣幸,”Konishi说道"These are truly Ruby Roman gems."“这些都是真正的红宝石罗马精品”寨卡危机:世界卫生组织称奥运会将不会延迟或易地举办 --9 ::9 来源: 世界卫生组织(世卫组织)已经否决了今夏的里约奥运会应该因寨卡疫情而延期或易地举办的建议 The World Health Organization (WHO) has rejected a call to move or postpone this summer’s Rio Olympic Games over the Zika outbreak.世界卫生组织(世卫组织)已经否决了今夏的里约奥运会应该因寨卡疫情而延期或易地举办的建议It said this would "not significantly alter" the sp of the virus, which is linked to serious birth defects.世卫组织称,由于寨卡病毒主要由生育传播,奥运会并不会对病毒的扩散带来“极大改变”In an open letter to the WHO, more than 0 leading scientists had said new findings about Zika made it "unethical" the Games to go ahead.在一封给世卫组织的公开信中,0多名知名科学家称关于寨卡病毒的新发现明了如期举办奥运会是“不道德的”They also said the global health body should revisit its Zika guidance.他们还表示世卫组织应重新审查有关寨卡病毒的指导The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has said it sees no reason to delay or move the Games because of the mosquito-borne disease.国际奥林匹克委员会(国际奥委会)曾表示,看不到任何这个由蚊虫传播的疾病推迟或改变奥运会举办地的原因The outbreak began in Brazil a year ago, but now more than 60 countries and territories have continuing transmission.寨卡疫情一年前在巴西爆发,但现在超过60个国家和地区已经遭受感染While Zika’s symptoms are mild, in the letter the experts say it causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and may also cause a rare and sometimes fatal neurological syndrome in adults.虽然寨卡病毒的症状通常较轻,但是在公开信中,专家指出这种病会导致初生婴儿出现畸形的小头症,并且还可能导致成人出现罕见的神经系统疾病,在一些病例中可能致命The letter is signed by 0 international scientists, doctors and medical ethicists from such institutions as Oxd University and Harvard and Yale universities in the ed States.公开信由0名不同国籍的科学专家、医生和医学伦理学者联合签署,包括牛津大学,美国的哈佛、耶鲁等高等学府均有学者参与联署They cite the failure of a mosquito-eradication programme in Brazil, and the country’s "weakened" health system as reasons to postpone or move the Olympics in "the name of public health".他们指出巴西灭蚊措施的不成功,以及该国医疗卫生系统能力被削弱,都是"以公共卫生之名"延迟或易地举办奥运会的理由"An unnecessary risk is posed when 500,000 eign tourists from all countries attend the Games, potentially acquire that strain, and return home to places where it can become endemic," the letter says.信中写道,“自不同国家的五十万外国游客赶来观赛,很有可能会感染病毒,然后回国时将病毒带回并传染开来,冒这样的危险是不必要的”The biggest risk, it adds, is if athletes contract the virus and returned home to poor countries that have not yet suffered a Zika outbreak.公开信还写道,最大的危险是如果运动员感染了病毒回国,而他的国家是没有办法应对寨卡疫情爆发的贫困国家They also express concern the WHO has a conflict of interest because of its partnership with the IOC.他们还表达了对世卫组织与国际奥委会的合作是否有利益冲突的关心The Rio Olympics are due to take place between 5 and 1 August.里约奥运会预计在8月5日至1日间举行In a statement, the WHO, which has declared the Zika virus a global public health emergency, said: "Brazil is one of almost 60 countries and territories which to date report continuing transmission of Zika by mosquitoes.在宣布寨卡病毒为国际健康紧急事件的声明中,世卫组织称“截止到目前,有60个国家和地区报告有持续的蚊虫传播型寨卡病毒扩散,巴西是其中之一”"People continue to travel between these countries and territories a variety of reasons. The best way to reduce risk of disease is to follow public health travel advice."“由于种种原因,人们将持续前往这些国家和地区旅行避免病毒感染的最佳方法就是谨遵公共健康出游建议”Several public health experts had previously warned that hundreds of thousands of people arriving in Rio would speed up Zika’s sp and lead to the births of brain-damaged babies.一些公共健康专家此前警告说成千上万人前往里约将加速寨卡病毒的传播,最终将有害于新生儿脑部健康But on Thursday, the head of the US Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), whose advice is ed approvingly in the letter, said the threat did not warrant halting the Games.但是在周四,美国疾控中心领导称这个危险不能使得奥运会取消,该言论也被公开信引用"There is no public health reason to cancel or delay the Olympics," Dr Tom Frieden said.汤姆·弗里登士称:“奥运会不能因为公共健康原因延迟或取消”However, he urged the US to act more quickly to prevent pregnant women contracting Zika, amid congressional deadlock over the release of .9bn in funding.然而,他敦促美国要迅速行动起来,保护怀妇女避免其接触寨卡病毒,并陷入敦促美国国会提供19亿美元救助资金的僵局故宫推“皇家同款”珠宝系列 -- 1:56:53 来源: 金簪花如意、镶嵌、錾刻包括古代后宫中常用的黄金累丝工艺,皇家大婚时所用的黄色凤舆造型、八方盒、朝珠、指甲套……这些听起来只存在于历史剧和物馆的东西,很快我们竟然也可以买得到呢!请看《中国日报的报道The Palace Museum in Beijing will launch a jewelry series that replicates the fashion styles of ancient empresses, a move seen as its latest attempt to promote traditional Chinese culture through creative products.北京故宫将推出皇家同款珠宝系列产品,全部设计仿照古代皇后所用的时尚款式这也是故宫利用“萌萌哒”创意产品推广传统中国文化的最新尝试年正值故宫物院院庆90周年,由故宫文化务中心授权(authorize)、周大福珠宝创作的一批故宫文化珠宝,将于8月5日在“聚划算”团购平台(group-buying platm)上独家发售,为大众展示(unveil)历史上的顶级大师(top-notch masters)制作的皇室珍品其中包括复刻(replicate)故宫物院中珍藏的金嵌宝石镂空花卉纹八方盒、金錾花如意、发夹(hairpin)、手镯(bracelet)等文物(ancient collections)由故宫文化务中心研发的“皇家同款”系列文创产品,还联合了故宫物院的官方淘宝店,让大众在日常生活中可以触摸到传统文化与工艺的精妙之美据了解,故宫淘宝的定位,并不仅仅局限于故宫纪念品,而希望将传统文化传递给年轻的一代人(the traditional culture and knowledge can be passed on to the younger generation)“八旗勇士不倒翁娃娃”,“奉旨放行”、“如朕亲临”的故宫创意时尚行李牌(imperial-style luggage labels)、“御前侍卫手机座”(smartphone holders shaped like imperial guards)等王牌文创产品将参与此次活动

《权游季末 你可能错过的八处细节 --9 :5: 来源:chinadaily The season six finale of "Game of Thrones" delivered several jaw-dropping sequences and some long-awaited reveals book ers and show watchers alike. But — as usual — among the epic scenes of dragons and wildfire there were small details and references that the average viewer may have missed.《权力的游戏第六季的最终集上演了诸多让人目瞪口呆的情节,也为书粉和剧迷揭开了一些期待已久的谜团但一如既往,在野火与巨龙齐飞的史诗级场景中,还有些普通观众可能错过的小小细节与指涉1. The Bolton sigil was removed from Winterfell in the opening credits. 波顿家的族徽从片头的临冬城上消失Ever since season four, the flayed man sigil of House Bolton has sat atop Winterfell during the animated title sequence. The broken Stark sigil could be seen on the ground next to the tower. But all have changed after episode nine, "The Battle of the Bastards," when Jon and Sansa finally defeated the Boltons.从第四季开始,波顿家族的剥皮人标志就安在了片头动画的临冬城上可以看到史塔克家族碎裂的徽章躺在塔边的地上但第九集“私生子之战”后,这一切就改变了琼恩和珊莎终于打败了小剥皮家[!-empirenews.page--]. Jon's new sigil as King in the North will be a reversal of House Stark's banner. 琼恩成为北境之王后,新徽章的颜色将与史塔克家族的标志相反In Westeros, bastards who take up their house banners must reverse the colors of the sigil. This custom is meant to signal the man's bastard status. House Stark's sigil is a gray direwolf on a white background, which means Jon Snow's banners will show a white wolf on a gray background. Jon Snow, the King in the North, will be known as the White Wolf. The fact that he owns a snowy direwolf is really just a eshadowed cherry on top.维斯特洛的私生子继承家族的标志必须颠倒徽章颜色这一传统意在指明此人的私生子身份史塔克家族的徽章是白底的灰色冰原狼,那么雪诺的标志将会是灰底的白色冰原狼北境之王琼恩?雪诺会被称为“白狼主”他有一只白色冰原狼明显就是个预兆[!-empirenews.page--]3. Arya Stark's highborn mannerisms betrayed her real identity. 艾莉亚的名门举止透露了其真实身份Some observant fans noticed that Walder Frey's servant girl was not who she appeared to be even bee Arya revealed herself. Because Arya was raised highborn, she addresses other highborn men and women as "my lord" and "my lady." This is a dead giveaway when she's trying to pass herself off as a lowborn servant.一些观察敏锐的粉丝甚至在艾莉亚自揭身份前就发现,瓦德?弗雷的侍女并不是她本人因为艾莉亚出身高贵,她称呼其他贵族男女为“my lord”和“my lady”这是她试图冒充下层侍女时的致命缺陷Tywin Lannister taught her this lesson back in season two.泰温?兰尼斯特在第二季教过她这一课When Arya was posing as a young boy and serving as Tywin's cupbearer, he figured out she was lying very quickly. "Lowborn girls say m'lord, not my lord," Tywin told her. "If you're going to pose as a commoner you should do it properly." The lesson didn't quite stick, clearly.艾莉亚伪装成小男孩,充当泰温的侍酒时,泰温很快就发现了她在撒谎他告诉艾莉亚:“出身微贱的女孩会说m'lord,而不是my lord如果你想装成平民,就要装得像”很明显,这一课她没怎么记住[!-empirenews.page--]. Arya's scene had another hidden reference: The Rat Cook. 艾莉亚那段还有另一个指涉:鼠厨师Feeding Walder Frey's two sons to him in a pie was actually an adapted storyline from the book series. Though Arya (and Lord Walder) aren't the key characters involved in the books, the showrunners clearly had this plan in mind awhile. A big hint about the Freys' cannibalistic fate was given back in season three.给瓦德?弗雷吃自己儿子的肉制成的馅饼实际是书中一个情节的改编尽管艾莉亚(和弗雷)在书里并不是主要人物,但编剧显然很早就设计好了这一段弗雷家同族相食的命运在第三季就有重大暗示Bran Stark told the fable of the Rat Cook right after the Red Wedding.布兰在血色婚礼后讲述了鼠厨师的寓言"The cook killed the king's son and cooked him into a big pie with onions, carrots, mushrooms and bacon," Bran told Meera and Jojen. "That night, he served the pie to the king. He liked the taste of his own son so much he asked a second slice. The gods turned the cook into a giant white rat who could only eat his own young."布兰告诉米拉和玖健:“厨师杀了国王的儿子,和洋葱、胡萝卜、蘑菇和培根一起做成了大馅饼那晚,他把饼呈给国王国王很喜欢他儿子的味道,又要了第二块神把厨师变成了大白鼠,只能吃自己的小孩”"It wasn't murder the gods cursed the Rat Cook, or serving the king's son in a pie," he says. "He killed a guest beneath his roof. That's something the gods can't give."布兰说:“神诅咒鼠厨师并不是因为他杀人,或是把国王的儿子做成馅饼而是因为他杀害了自家屋檐下的客人神决不原谅这一点”Bran tells this story right after Walder Frey and Roose Bolton kill the Starks at the Red Wedding. Walder Frey gave Robb, Catelyn, and their men b and salt, the symbol of guest right in Westeros. By killing the Starks under his roof after feeding them, Walder violated the tradition of guest right. Now, three seasons later, Walder was punished his crime against the Starks and the gods.瓦德?弗雷和卢斯?波顿在血色婚礼上杀害史塔克家的人后,布兰就讲了这个故事瓦德为罗柏、凯特琳和他们的属下奉上面包和盐,这在维斯特洛是宾客权利的象征请他们吃了饭又在自家屋檐下杀了他们,弗雷践踏了宾客权利而今,三季之后,瓦德对史塔克家和诸神犯下的罪孽终于得到惩罚[!-empirenews.page--]#0;5. There was a neat Easter Egg in the Citadel library. 学城图书馆里有个奇妙的复活节蛋This chandelier-looking contraption was hanging in the Citadel library when Sam entered. It seems to be built to reflect sunlight around the large room. Look familiar?山姆进入学城图书馆时,那里悬挂着一个枝形吊灯似的奇妙装置似乎是用来反射阳光,以照亮广阔空间瞧着眼熟?It looks exactly like the spinning astrolabe from the opening credits. This is likely a symbol of the vast knowledge contained in the Citadel. With thousands of books documenting the history of the world, maesters of the Citadel have the globe at the their fingertips.这看起来分明就像片头里旋转的星盘它可能象征学城里浩瀚的知识拥有无数记录历史的书籍,学城的学士们对这个世界了如指掌[!-empirenews.page--]6. Were you wondering how Varys managed to get back to Meereen so fast? 对瓦里斯那么快就赶回弥林感到疑惑?In the finale episode, we saw Varys in Dorne with Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell as they discussed an alliance. But at the end of the episode he was right behind Daenerys as she set sail Westeros. The journey from Meereen to Dorne is a couple thousand miles, so how did he do it?最后一集,我们看到瓦里斯在多恩和艾拉莉亚?沙德、奥莲娜?提利尔讨论结盟的事但是结尾出征维斯特洛时,他又站到了龙母身后弥林与多恩相隔数千里,他是怎么做到的?The show skipped ahead by a few weeks at least. We know because you can see Dornish ships among Daenerys' fleet.剧里的时间至少快进了几周因为你能看到龙母的舰船队里有多恩的船Dorne's sigil is a golden spear piercing a red sun on an orange background. You can spot this symbol among the fleet leaving Meereen. Varys went to Dorne in order to convince Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell to join Daenerys. Because we see Dorne's ships among her Targaryen fleet and the Greyjoy ships, it's clear that a significant amount of time passed between Varys scene with the women of Dorne and Daenerys' departure.多恩的徽章是以橘色为底的金刺穿红日你能在离开弥林的船队里发现这一标志瓦里斯前往多恩是为了劝说沙德和提利尔加入龙母战队我们在龙家和葛雷乔伊家的船队里看到多恩的船,说明从瓦里斯与两人在多恩会谈到龙母出征,其间已经过去了很长一段时间[!-empirenews.page--]7. Tommen's final costume was a callback to the prophecy predicting his death. 托曼的最后着装呼应了他的死亡预言Back in the season five premiere, viewers watched as a young Cersei had her tune told by a woman named Maggy the Frog. The witch told her that all three of her children would die. "Gold their crowns, and gold their shrouds," she said. Tommen was dressed in a golden jacket when he committed suicide by jumping from his window in the Red Keep. Cersei's prophecy is complete.第五季开头,观众看到“蛤蟆”巫姬为年轻的瑟曦预言人生女巫说她的三个孩子都会死:“以黄金为宝冠,以黄金为裹尸布”托曼从红堡的窗口跳下去自杀时,穿着金色外套女巫给瑟曦的预言成真At least, the whole children dying bit is complete. Jaime could have an unpleasant destiny with Cersei in season seven if the fan theories about her prophecy are correct.至少,孩子全死去这一部分都应验了如果粉丝关于预言的假说正确的话,詹姆可能注定在第七季与瑟曦交恶[!-empirenews.page--]8. Sansa and Littlefinger's conversation was a reversal of a scene from season one. 珊莎和小指头的对话重演了第一季的场景When Littlefinger approaches Sansa in the godswood of Winterfell, they were echoing a conversation between Catelyn and Ned Stark in season one. Remember, Littlefinger set the events of season one into motion when he convinced Lysa Arryn to poison her husband, Jon, and send a raven to Catelyn telling her it was the Lannisters' plot.临冬城的神木林里,小指头走近珊莎的场景,呼应了凯特琳和奈德第一季的对话记得不,是小指头引发了第一季的一系列事件他劝诱莱莎?艾林给丈夫琼恩下毒,并送信给凯特琳说这是兰尼斯特家的阴谋Catelyn told Ned the news of Jon Arryn's death in this exact same place.凯特琳在同一地点把琼恩?艾林的死讯告诉了奈德Sansa still doesn't seem to know Littlefinger was the one truly responsible all the horrors done to her family. Not only was he the one who flared the rivalry between the Starks and Lannisters, but he betrayed Ned in King's Landing. Sansa's refusal of Littlefinger in this same sacred place her parents once stood was a poetic role reversal.珊莎似乎还不知道小指头就是导致她所有家族惨剧的真正黑手他不仅煽动狼家和狮家的对立,还在君临城背叛了奈德珊莎在父母曾站立过的圣地拒绝小指头,形成了意味深长的角色反转英文来源:techinsider翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮

招聘新方式,打麻将决胜负,你造吗? --30 18:55: 来源: 一些日本公司在招人时让求职者玩麻将,说是能从中看出他们的性格、能力和联络技巧麻将这种消遣方式可能决定着一些大学毕业生的前途 Fifty Japanese graduates opted to gamble with their job prospects at a mahjong tournament set up by recruiters looking a different way to find the next high flyer.五十名日本毕业生选择参加麻将比赛,以争取工作机会招聘者们组织了这次打麻将活动,借此新方式发掘人才Held in a crammed mahjong outlet in downtown Tokyo, prospects competed against each other on Friday to gain the chance to face recruiters from six companies in the fitness, education, technology and real estate sectors.周五,应聘者们在东京市中心一间拥挤的麻将室里对垒,胜者将有机会直面六家公司的雇主这六家公司来自健身、教育、技术和房地产领域"Mahjong is a very strategic game, so I think people who are good at it would be good at marketing. This is a new approach and I find it really interesting," candidate Tomoko Hasegawa, who is aspiring to become a designer, told Reuters.“麻将是很讲究策略的,所以我认为擅长麻将的人在营销方面也会做得好这是招聘的新方式,我觉得很有意思” 希望成为设计师的候选人长谷川友子告诉路透社Mahjong, which originated in China, is similar to the western card game, rummy, and players in Japan said the tile game required skill, strategy, calculation and a degree of chance.起源于中国的麻将类似西方的拉米纸牌游戏日本玩家表示,打麻将需要技巧、策略、计算和一定程度的运气Organizers said the recruiting tournaments began in and had gained popularity, mostly among male students, and also with hirers, who say the game revealed more about the candidates than just long pages of resumes.活动的组织者表示,麻将竞聘发起于年,至今已有很高的人气,主要在男性学生中受欢迎雇主们也很喜欢,他们认为打麻将比冗长的简历更能反映应聘者的情况On Friday, eight students advanced to the next round of the selection process.周五,有八名学生晋级了下一轮考核Between five and ten students are recruited by participating companies every year, organizers said.组织者说,每年有五到十名学生被参与活动的公司录用

宜家回应商场“裸照门”,否认炒作并已报警 -- :3: 来源: 近日,一条“我也终于知道为什么北京人这么喜欢逛宜家了……?”的微热传该微两张配图,均为一位女子下身逛宜家的现场图 IKEA on Thursday denied sping images of a woman exposing her bottom at one of its stores after photos of a half-naked woman, which were allegedly taken at a Beijing branch of the Swedish furniture giant, went viral online.近日,一组据称在宜家(瑞典家具巨头)北京某商场内拍摄的照片——一位下半身的女子照在网络流传,引发广泛关注星期四,宜家回应称对此坚决否认IKEA said they have called the police regarding the saucy photos and insisted that the photos were not taken at one of their stores. The company also claimed that the pictures are not part of a marketing stunt to generate coverage about a new store, Beijing-based newspaper The Mirror reported.对于“不雅照”事件,宜家表示已经报警,坚决否认是在其门店拍摄,并称这些照片不是新店炒作据北京法制晚报报道The photos were uploaded to Sina Weibo by a netizen late Wednesday, with a caption saying “I finally understand why you Beijing residents like to go shopping in IKEA.”星期三下午,一位网友将照片上传到新浪微,并配文“我终于知道北京人为什么这么喜欢逛宜家”Attached to the Weibo post were two photos of a woman pushing a shopping cart, with the woman facing away from the camera. The black-haired woman was wearing a gray dress, which she had hiked up to reveal her lower half despite other customers being visible in the photos. The photos blurred the woman’s bottom and her upper thighs. The woman appears to be in an IKEA outlet.两张配图中,该女子推着购物车,背对镜头照片中这位黑发女性上身穿灰色针织衫,被她掀起以露出下半身,从照片中看到附近还有几名顾客照片对其臀部和大腿打了马赛克商场看起来像是一个宜家的门店On Thursday morning Beijing cyber police told the netizen to remove the photos, which have since been taken down, The Mirror reported.法制晚报报道,星期四上午,网警要求这位网友删掉图片The netizen told The Mirror that the photos were taken by its friend at IKEA’s Siyuanqiao, Chaoyang district branch.网友称,照片是他的朋友在朝阳区宜家四元桥店拍摄Another set of photos also allegedly taken at an IKEA store went viral this week, which show a naked woman standing in a sample bedroom and sitting on a bed. The photos have also been removed from the Internet, The Mirror reported.据法制晚报报道,本周,还有另一组被疯狂转发的照片也被指控在一家宜家商场拍摄照片分别是一个裸体女子站在一个样板间的卧室里、以及坐在床上这些照片已被删除

大堡礁珊瑚白化现象持续 35%珊瑚死亡 --31 :8:6 来源: 澳大利亚科学家表示,澳洲大堡礁北部和中部的珊瑚至少有35%已被珊瑚白化现象摧毁 At least 35% of corals in the northern and central parts of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have been destroyed by bleaching, Australian scientists say.澳大利亚科学家表示,澳洲大堡礁北部和中部的珊瑚至少有35%已被珊瑚白化现象摧毁The experts from James Cook University (JCU) say it is the most extreme case of mass bleaching they have ever measured at the World Heritage Site.詹姆斯库克大学的专家表示,这是他们在大堡礁测量中发现的最严重的白化现象大堡礁已被列入世界自然遗产名录Bleaching occurs when warmer water causes coral to weaken and lose the colourful algae that provide oxygen and nutrients.海水温度变暖,导致为珊瑚提供氧气和营养来源的共生藻死亡或离开,仅剩下透明的珊瑚虫的现象,就是珊瑚白化It has been linked to climate change.珊瑚白化与气候变化有关"We found on average, that 35% of the corals are now dead or dying on 8 reefs that we surveyed along the northern and central sections of the Great Barrier Reef, between Townsville and Papua New Guinea," Professor Terry Hughes, the head of the ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies at JCU, said in a statement.詹姆斯库克大学ARC珊瑚卓越研究中心主任休斯表示,“根据我们对汤斯维尔和巴布亚新几内亚之间的大堡礁北部和中部8种珊瑚的调查,我们发现,平均来讲,35%的珊瑚现在已死亡或正在死亡”"This year is the third time in 18 years that the Great Barrier Reef has experienced mass bleaching due to global warming, and the current event is much more extreme than we’ve measured bee.”“由于全球变暖,这已是大堡礁在过去18年来第三次出现大规模的珊瑚白化现象目前的状况比我们以前所了解的更为极端”"We’re rapidly running out of time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."“减少温室气体排放,我们所剩时间已经不多了”The scientists warned that the recovery of coral cover is expected to take a decade or longer, but it would take much longer to regain the largest and oldest corals that have died.科学家警告说,大堡礁珊瑚恢复生机大概需要十年或更长时间不过,对那些已死亡的最大和最老的珊瑚群来说,恢复生机要花费更长的时间Their study was released after months of intensive aerial and underwater surveys.科学家进行了航拍及水下调查,长达数月的集中研究后,他们发布了这项结果Mass coral bleaching大规模珊瑚白化现象Coral bleaching is caused by rising water temperatures resulting from two natural warm currents珊瑚白化是由于两个自然暖洋流汇聚导致水温升高而发生It is exacerbated by man-made climate change, as the oceans are absorbing about 93% of the increase in the Earth’s heat.人类导致的气候变化令珊瑚白化情况更加糟糕,因为地球增加的热量的93%被大洋所吸收Bleaching happens when corals under stress drive out the algae known as zooxanthellae that give them colour海水变暖令珊瑚感到压力,导致为珊瑚提供色素的藻类被排走,从而使珊瑚白化If normal conditions return, the corals can recover, but it can take decades, and if the stress continues the corals can die如果正常环境得以恢复,珊瑚会恢复生长,但这得花上数十年时间;如果珊瑚生长的压力持续,珊瑚就会死亡The current worldwide bleaching episode is predicted to be the worst on record.据预测,目前的大堡礁珊瑚白化现象将是有史以来最糟糕的

国际留学生中国学生最多 -- :18:51 来源:   在美国、英国、澳大利亚、加拿大和其他一些国家中,中国学生占据国际留学生的最多数Chinese students are the single largest group of international students in the ed States, Britain, Australia, Canada and several other countries.  在美国、英国、澳大利亚、加拿大和其他一些国家中,中国学生占据国际留学生的最多数  Data released by the Chinese Ministry of Education shows that the number of Chinese students studying abroad has reached more than 500,000.  根据中国教育局发布的数据显示,中国留学生数量已经高达50多万人  More Chinese students will study abroad in than in , and this is a trend that is set to continue years to come, said Li Weiping, Deputy Secretary-General of the International Education Association of Shanghai.  上海国际教育协会副秘书长李伟平说道,相比年而言,年将会有更多的中国留学生去国外留学,这种上涨趋势将会持续几年  Quite a few nations have relaxed their visa policies to attract more international students. instance, Australia has created a new procedure to streamline the visa application process in the hope that international students in Australia will increase from the roughly 500,000 there are today to 1 million by 5.  几个国家已经放宽了签政策以此来吸引更多的国际留学生例如,澳大利亚已经开启了新的签程序,简化办理签过程,希望到5年之前留学生人数从现在的50万人增长到0万  The majority of eign universities do not have strict admissions requirements; instead, they adopts higher standards graduation, which means that students have to meet standards language proficiency and academic permance, according to Li Rongyu, Vice-President of the University of Canberra.  堪培拉大学的副校长李荣宇说,很多国外大学没有严格的入学要求;然而毕业生需要达到较高的水平才能毕业,也就是达到较高的语言能力和学习成绩  A craze studying abroad has led to fierce competition among international applicants at many universities. The latest data shows that the admission rate Ivy League universities hit a record low in .  留学热使得很多大学的留学申请竞争激烈最新数据显示,常青藤大学的申请率在年达到最低  The decreased admission rate has to do with a surge in applicants, experts say. Theree, elite U.S. universities can continuously raise their admissions requirements.  专家说,低录取率和高涨的申请数量是有关系的所以,美国的精英大学可以持续提高他们的入学标准

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