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Researchers from the Navy, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and academia are studying causes and potential treatments of motion sickness, hoping to formulate better products for situations that range from the extreme (space!) to the mundane (road trip to Grandma#39;s, anyone?).美国海军、美国国家航空航天局(National Aeronautics and Space Administration,简称“NASA”)以及学术界的研究人员对晕动病的成因及潜在疗法进行了研究,希望能生产出适用于从极端情形(比如太空!)到普通情形(比如坐车去奶奶家,有没有人有此经历?)等各类情形的高效药品。There#39;s nothing quite like motion sickness to ruin summer travel, with symptoms including dizziness, headache, nausea and most unfortunately, vomiting. Some 25% to 40% of the population suffers from some degree of motion sickness, depending on the mode of transportation.再没什么事情能像晕动病一样毁掉你的夏日旅行了,它会让你出现头晕、头痛、恶心等症状,情况最糟糕时还会引发呕吐。根据交通方式的不同,大约有25%到40%的人在某种程度上受到晕动病的折磨。At Siena College, in Loudonville, N.Y., researchers have studied the effectiveness of ginger capsules, facial cooling and listening to music as a distraction for lessening symptoms and physiological responses to motion sickness.关于用生姜胶囊、冷敷脸部以及通过听音乐分散注意力来缓解晕动病的症状及其引发的生理反应的效果,纽约州劳顿维尔(Loudonville)锡耶纳学院(Siena College)的研究人员也进行了研究。NASA and the Navy are collaborating with pharmaceutical company Epiomed Therapeutics, of Irvine, Calif., to develop a nasal spray containing scopolamine, a drug currently used in a prescription-only patch for those prone to seasickness. Researchers say the drug#39;s strong possible side effects, such as drowsiness and dry mouth, would be significantly reduced with a nasal spray.NASA、美国海军与加州尔湾(Irvine)的制药公司Epiomed Therapeutics展开合作,研制了一种含莨菪硷的鼻喷雾剂。目前莨菪硷被用于一种仅能凭处方购买的治疗易晕船患者的贴片中。研究人员称该药物可能具有使人困倦和口干等强烈的副作用,而使用鼻喷雾剂方式可大幅减轻这些副作用。Part of the difficulty with devising treatments is that experts don#39;t know exactly what causes motion sickness. The prevailing belief is it is caused by a sensory mismatch between the visual and vestibular systems. The vestibular system, which is part of the inner ear, monitors movement and helps control balance.制定出晕动症疗法并不容易,部分原因是由于专家们并未确切了解它的成因。人们普遍认为它是由视觉系统与前庭系统感觉上的不一致所引发的。前庭系统属于内耳的一部分,它监测身体的移动并帮助控制身体的平衡。In other words, our inner ear tells our brain that we are moving, but our eyes tell us we aren#39;t, or vice versa. #39;When one of these is telling you you#39;re in motion and the other one is telling you you#39;re sitting, the brain gets confused with the mixed signals, and it causes this sense of sickness,#39; says Abinash Virk, director of the travel and tropical medicine clinic at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.换句话说,当我们的内耳发出信号,告诉大脑我们正在移动时,我们的眼睛却告诉说我们并没有移动,反之亦然。明尼苏达州罗切斯特(Rochester)梅约医院(Mayo Clinic)旅行医学与热带医学门诊部的主任阿比纳什#8226;沃尔克(Abinash Virk)说:“当其中一方告诉你说你正身处运动中,而另一方却告诉你说你正坐着,大脑就会被这些混杂不一的信号搞糊涂,这就会引发恶心感。”What remain unknown are the reasons why the mismatch causes some individuals to react adversely. One long-standing theory is that the reactions are triggered by the brain#39;s false identification of a toxin in the body, with nausea and vomiting a protective response to get rid of it.而眼下依然未知的是,为什么感觉不一致会导致某些人产生不良反应。一个由来已久的说法是,这些反应产生的原因是大脑对身体中的一种毒素做出错误辨认,从而以恶心和呕吐作为消除毒素的保护性反应。Another theory is that body sway, or the change in a person#39;s movements over short time intervals, can explain a propensity to get motion sickness. In Tom Stoffregen#39;s lab at the University of Minnesota, the kinesiology professor measures each subject#39;s body sway over a short period. He has found that individuals who are more susceptible have a more-erratic sway during and even before they are exposed to any stimulation.另一种解释是,身体的晃动或是身体在短暂时间间隔内的移动变化是人们易于患晕动病的原因。汤姆#8226;施托夫雷根(Tom Stoffregen)是明尼苏达大学(University of Minnesota)的运动机能学教授,他在自己的实验室中测算了每名受试者在一小段时间内的身体晃动情况。他发现,更容易得晕动病的人在受刺激期间的身体晃动较不稳定,甚至在受到刺激之前就会如此。Dr. Stoffregen uses a force plate, a glorified bathroom scale with pressure sensors, to take measurements of body movement as often as 200 times a second. He studies people both in a lab simulator and on ships.施托夫雷根使用了一块测力板和一台带压力传感器的体重秤,以每秒多达200次的速率测算身体的动作。他在实验室的模拟装置中以及轮船上进行了他的研究。In a forthcoming study to be published in the online journal PLOS ONE, Dr. Stoffregen tested the body sway of 35 cruise passengers aboard a ship in the Caribbean before departure. Passengers then reported the intensity of their seasickness. He found a link: Those who reported getting more sea sickness had more body sway at the dock.他在加勒比海一艘游轮上测试了船上35名游客在出发前的身体晃动情况,这些游客后来报告了他们的晕船程度。他发现其中存在关联:那些报告自己晕船程度较重的人,他们在码头时的身体晃动频率就比较高。该项研究即将发表于《公共科学图书馆#8226;综合》(PLOS ONE)杂志的网络版。 /201307/247398




  Is it really? Well, according to Dr. Mao over at Yahoo Health, this is quite true. He also presents some practical things that we could all do to help the environment and be healthier at the same time. Seeing as we have just recently celebrated Earth Day, this topic is quite appropriate, don’t you think? Let’s take a look at some of Dr. Mao’s suggestions.Less Plastic, More HealthLightweight, durable and versatile, plastic is everywhere in our modern world; this is bad news for the environment and our health.He lists down a lot of things at home which are made of plastic. This prompted me to look through some of my things and he is right! Heck, even this laptop I am using has a lot of plastic parts. So what’s bad about plastic?According to Dr. Mao, “many plastics release vinyl chloride and other harmful estrogen-like substances that can lead to cancer, birth defects, hormonal imbalance, and lung and liver disease.”He might be right or he might be overstating things a bit but it wouldn’t hurt to use less plastic.Some practical suggestions? Instead of using plastic containers as the default, why not use glass ones instead? I also like the wooden and ceramic variations as well.Let’s look at a few more things next time. 这是真的吗? 好,通过毛士在雅虎健康网上说的,这的确是真的,他也举了几个我们能够做的实际事情保护环境,同时这些事情更有益于健康.鉴于我们刚刚庆祝的地球日 ,这个话题是比较合适的,你不觉得吗?让我们看看毛士的一些建议吧.少一点塑料,多一点健康。轻便,耐用以及多功能的塑料在现代社会随处可见,这对我们的环境和健康非常不利。他列举了一些在家使用的塑料制品。这促使我审视一些我的东西,我发现他说的对!令我来气的是我的笔记本电脑也用了许多的塑料零件。那么,关于塑料有什么不好呢?毛士说许多的塑料能释放氯乙烯和其他的有害的的雌性激素,人吃了能够致癌,导致出生缺陷,激素不平衡以及肺病和肝。他说的也许对或者是夸张了一点,但这并不对少用塑料的人造成伤害。还有其他的一些实际的建议吗?,既然不用塑料容器是默认,为什么不用玻璃代替呢?我同样喜欢木制的和陶瓷替代品。 /200806/42591When designing an overall fitness program, most people focus mostly on two components: nutrition and exercise.While there is no denying that these factors will probably affect your shape more than any other, you should spend some time thinking about how you sleep. Getting a good night’s rest will help you recover from exercise faster, give you more energy for exercise during the day, and help you establish a hormone balance that helps you process food better. While for most of us, there is nothing that we can do to actually increase the number of hours we sleep, there are a few steps that you can take to enhance the quality of your sleep every night.Get on a Sleep Routine - Ideally, you should wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time every night. This will help your body get accustomed to a routine, which can make your sleep at night a bit deeper. Now, this might mean that you have to forgo sleeping in long hours on those lazy Saturday mornings. But if you stick to a good schedule over time, you will probably discover that you have more energy and have an easier time falling asleep at night.Turn off the TV – Try to avoid watching television for about half an hour before you decide to hit the hay. Studies show that this extra stimulation can actually decrease your quality of sleep. When you stare directly at any bright light, like a television screen, it tells your brain that it is still light out. When you do something a bit more calming before you go to bed, like a book or listen to music, it can prepare your body for sleeping, just like warming up can prepare your body for exercise.Spend Time Making Your Bedroom Sleep Friendly - If you have to contend with a bright street light coming in through your bedroom window, there just is not any way that you are going to sleep well. Make sure that your blinds can block out any light that might come in, and that your room stays at a comfortable temperature. The next time you want to do a redesign of your bedroom and want to make it more sleep friendly, try choosing darker and earthy colors rather than bright primary colors.Don’t Schedule Your Exercise Right Before Sleep – Generally speaking, exercise improves the quality of your sleep. It physically exhausts your body so that your sleep in deeper and most restful. But if you do that exercise right before you go to bed, you stimulate your body to a degree that makes it difficult to go right to sleep. If night time is the only time you can exercise then you should of course do it anyways. But if you have an option, it’s better to get your workouts done in the morning.Personal trainer Christopher William McCombs runs Fitness Boot Camp in Orange County California. He is radically different in his approach to losing fat. Chris is also a Fitness Training Marketingexpert and helps fitness trainers all over the globe to triple their income while cutting their work hours in half. 大多数人在计划整个健身进度表时,会主要关注两大元素:营养与运动。营养和运动无可厚非会影响你的身材,然而你应该多花些时间好好想想你的睡眠到底如何。一夜良好的睡眠能帮助你更快地从运动中恢复,在白天为你提供更多运动所需的活力,同时还能帮你建立荷尔蒙的平衡,有助于你更好地吸收食物。但是对大多数人来说,我们无法实际延长我们的睡眠时间,这里我将给你一些建议,可以帮助你提高每晚的睡眠质量。遵守良好的睡眠规律--理想的做法是,每天早上你在同一个时间醒来,每晚在同一个时间上床就寝。这能使你的身体建立一个良好的睡眠规律,有助于让你在夜里睡得更熟。那么现在看来,这就意味着你得放弃在懒散的周六上午睡懒觉的习惯了。但是只要你长时间坚持良好的睡眠习惯,你很有可能会发现你的活力更加充沛了,而且在晚上也更早容易入睡。关上电视机--在睡前半小时里尽量避免看电视。研究显示这种额外的刺激实际上会降低你的睡眠质量。当你直接盯着任何像电视机屏幕那样的亮光时,亮光会告知你的大脑说它仍在运作。当你在睡前做一些更加平静的事像是读书、听音乐时,会帮助你的身体为睡眠做好准备。这和你在运动前做热身准备的原理是一样的。花时间布置你的卧室让它更适宜睡眠--如果卧室的窗户中总有强光进入,那么无论如何你都会睡不好觉的。确保你的窗帘能阻隔任何光线进入,室内温度适宜。下一次你再要重新设计卧室时,记得要把它装修得更适宜睡眠,尽量选用深色和简朴的颜色,而不是鲜艳的三原色。睡前不要安排进行运动--一般来说,运动能提高你的睡眠质量。它能消耗你的体力,让你睡得又熟又香。但是如果你在睡前做运动,你会刺激你的身体使其处在一个不太容易入睡的状态。如果你只有在晚上才有时间锻炼身体,那当然你也只有这么做了。但是如果你有别的选择的话,还是最好在早上做运动。克里斯多夫·威廉姆·麦肯是一名个人训练师,他在加州的橘子郡经营一家健身训练营。他在减肥方面有他独特的方法。克里斯还是一名健身训练市场专家,帮助全世界的健身训练师缩短一半的工作时间,实现收入翻三倍。 /200805/38532


  If there is anything that worsens how you feel about your financial situation, it#39;s probably being around someone that always brags about money. For me, one of the most difficult things is to hear others bragging about their impressive salaries and benefits package, expensive getaways, and huge end-of-the-year bonuses. And of course, you try to be nice, because you#39;re their friend and you love them, but really you just want to tell them to shut it.如果有什么事能让你对财务状况感觉更糟,那可能是周围有人一直炫富。对我来说,最艰难的事情之一是听到别人吹嘘他们的薪酬和福利待遇、高薪休假和一大笔年终奖金。当然,你试着表现友好,因为你是他们的朋友,而且你珍惜他们,但实际上你只想叫他们别再说了。Money problems can make you bitter, especially toward others with more money and success, but there are classy ways to contain yourself around a money bragger:钱的问题能让你很痛苦,尤其是要面对更有钱、更成功的人,但是有些不错的方法能让你融入炫富者中:Compliment them. Have you ever heard the expression ;kill #39;em with kindness;? Your friend might not be trying to hurt your feelings, but they could just be really proud of how much they#39;ve accomplished. Maybe they don#39;t get a lot of praise from other people, so you tell them you#39;re proud of them! That could be all they needed.赞美他们。你有没有听过这样的说法:“对他们太好反而会害了他们”?你的朋友可能不想伤害你的感情,但他们很骄傲自己的赚钱能力。也许他们没有从别人那里获得赞扬,所以你告诉他们你为他们自豪!这可能就是他们需要的所有东西了。If they#39;re being competitive, ignore them. You can tell a friend is being competitive when he or she brags about recent purchases or income and then immediately want to know what you bought or what you make. Whether they are jealous of you or not, this is childish behavior and shouldn#39;t be acknowledged. Simply compliment them on their recent success and change the subject.如果他们想攀比,就忽略他们。当你的朋友吹嘘收入或最近买的东西,然后立即想知道你的情况时,你可以告诉他们,无论他们是不是嫉妒你,这种行为很幼稚,不应该被认可。简单称赞下他们最近的成功,并且改变话题。Never burden them with your financial troubles. When a friend starts to brag about money, it#39;s easy to become upset and envious of them. Still, it#39;s never a good idea to start talking about your financial problems after they#39;ve just gotten done talking about buying a ,000 pair of shoes (or whatever). If you want to talk about your finances, wait until later.别拿你的财务困境给他们负担。当一个朋友开始炫富,你很容易感到沮丧而且很羡慕。不过,在他们刚说买了一双4000美元的鞋(或其他东西)时,马上开始谈论你的财务问题并不是什么好主意。如果你想谈论这个话题,等到以后再说。 /201302/224956

  A–Accept接受/理解他人Accept others for who they are and for the choices they’ve made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions.接受他人及他人所做的选择,尽管你很难理解他们的信仰、动机和行为。B–Break Away远离/放弃Break away from everything that stands in the way of what you hope to accomplish with your life.远离阻碍你实现生命里所希望完成的目标的一切事情。C–Create创造Create a family of friends whom you can share your hopes, dreams, sorrows, and happiness with.创造一个家庭或一些朋友,你可以与之分享自己的希望、梦想、幸福和忧伤。D–Decide决定Decide that you’ll be successful and happy come what may, and good things will find you. The roadblocks are only minor obstacles along the way.无论如何,你要决心自己一定会是成功的,快乐的。好事情会随你而来。成功路上的路障只是小小的阻碍。E–Explore探索Explore and experiment. The world has much to offer, and you have much to give. And every time you try something new, you’ll learn more about yourself.探索和经历。世界地大物,可以提供的东西数之不尽,那相对的,你也要做出相对付出。当你每次尝试新事物的时候,你也会进一步认识自己。F–Forgive原谅Forgive and forget. Grudges only weigh you down and inspire unhappiness and grief. Soar above it, and remember that everyone makes mistakes.原谅和遗忘。怨恨只能使你疲累,还会激发痛苦和忧伤。放开心胸,让它飞走吧,记住,每个人都有犯错的时候。G–Grow成长Leave the childhood monsters behind. They can no longer hurt you or stand in your way.丢弃童年时期的噩梦。它们已不能再伤你分毫,并阻挠你前进的路。H–Hope希望Hope for the best and never forget that anything is possible as long as you remain dedicated to the task.抱最乐观的希望,要铭记一切皆有可能,只要你保持毅力,致力于完成这项工作。I–Ignore忽略Ignore the negative voice inside your head. Focus instead on your goals and remember your accomplishments. Your past success is only a small inkling of what the future holds.忽略藏在你头脑里负面的声音。把注意力集中在你的目标上,勿忘你所获得的成就。你过去的成功只是你未来所能取得成就的小小暗示。J–Journey“旅途”Journey to new worlds, new possibilities, by remaining open-minded. Try to learn something new every day, and you’ll grow.对于新环境、新机遇,去旅行探索吧,保持心胸开朗。每天试着尝试新事物,你就会成长。K–Know了解Know that no matter how bad things seem, they’ll always get better. The warmth of spring always follows the harshest winter.你要了解,无论事情变得多遭,最后总会变好的。温暖的春天总是在严酷的冬天后出现。L–Love仁爱Let love fill your heart instead of hate. When hate is in your heart, there’s room for nothing else, but when love is in your heart, there’s room for endless happiness.让仁爱填满你的心,莫让憎恨蒙蔽你的心。当你的心被被憎恨占据了,心就无法容纳其他事物了;但当你的心充满爱,那你的心就有无穷无尽的快乐。M–Manage管理Manage your time and your expenses wisely, and you’ll suffer less stress and worry. Then you’ll be able to focus on the important things in life.理智管理你的时间和出,你就不会遭受很多压力和担忧。那你就可以把这些集中在生活中更重要的事情上。N–Notice留心Never ignore the poor, infirm, helpless, weak, or suffering. Offer your assistance when possible, and always your kindness and understanding.不要忽视穷人、弱者、无家可归者、病患或受难者。在他们需要帮忙的时候,提供你的援助,还有你的热心和理解。O–Open开启心灵之门Open your eyes and take in all the beauty around you. Even during the worst of times, there’s still much to be thankful for.睁开双眼,把身边的美好事物都纳入眼里。尽管在你最糟糕的时期,仍然有很多值得你感谢的事情。P–Play游戏Never forget to have fun along the way. Success means nothing without happiness.尽管工作繁忙,但也不要忘了。没有快乐,成功什么也不是。Q–Question疑问Ask many questions, because you’re here to learn.多去发问,因为你在这里,就是为了学习。R–Relax放松Refuse to let worry and stress rule your life, and remember that things always have a way of working out in the end.不要让忧愁和压力配你的生活,记住,船到桥头自然直。S–Share分享Share your talent, skills, knowledge, and time with others. Everything that you invest in others will return to you many times over.和他人分享你的才能,技巧,知识和时间。你在别人身上投资的一切,会在多年后得到回报的。T–Try尝试Even when your dreams seem impossible to reach, try anyway. You’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish.尽管你的梦想不太可能实现,也去尝试挑战吧。你成就的,会让你惊讶的。U–Use会“用”Use your gifts to your best ability. Talent that’s wasted has no value. Talent that’s used will bring unexpected rewards.充分运用你的天赋。未被使用的才能是毫无价值的。只要你运用了你的才能,你就能得到意想不到的收获。V–Value珍视Value the friends and family members who’ve supported and encouraged you, and be there for them as well.对持你鼓励你的家人和朋友要珍视,在他们需要你的时候,你也要在他们身边。W–Work努力Work hard every day to be the best person you can be, but never feel guilty if you fall short of your goals. Every sunrise offers a second chance.每天努力工作,做最好的自己。即便不能完成目标,也不用感到气馁和罪恶感。每天都是新的开始。X–X-Ray“影射”Look deep inside the hearts of those around you and you’ll see the goodness and beauty within.看清楚你内心深处的想法,你会看到善良和美好。Y–Yield坚持Yield to commitment. If you stay on track and remain dedicated, you’ll find success at the end of the road.坚守对自己的承诺,坚持到底,保持专注,成功将在前方。Z–Zoom选择Zoom to a happy place when bad memories or sorrow rears its ugly head. Let nothing interfere with your goals. Instead, focus on your abilities, your dreams, and a brighter tomorrow.当不好的回忆还有悲伤有露出邪恶的嘴脸的苗头时,找一个让你快乐的地方吧。不要让任何事情阻碍你的目标。相反,专注于你的能力,你的梦想,还有光明的明天。 /201302/224961。

  有了老公 每周多做七小时家务?!Men create more housework for women Having a husband creates an extra seven hours of housework each week for women, according to a new study. For men, tying the knot saves an hour of weekly chores."It's a well-known pattern," said lead researcher Frank Stafford, an economist at University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research. "Men tend to work more outside the home, while women take on more of the household labor."He points out individual differences among households exist. But in general, marriage means more housework for women and less for men. "And the situation gets worse for women when they have children," Stafford said.Overall, times are changing in the American home. In 1976, women busied themselves with 26 weekly hours of sweeping-and-dusting work, compared with 17 hours in 2005. Men are pitching in more, more than doubling their housework hours from six in 1976 to 13 in 2005.Stafford analyzed time-diaries and questionnaires from a nationally representative sample of men and women over a 10-year period from 1996 to 2005. The federally-funded study showed that, both the men and the women who got married did more housework than those who stayed single."Marriage is no longer a man's path to less housework," he said.Single women in their 20s and 30s did the least housework, about 12 weekly hours, while married women in their 60s and 70s did the most - about 21 hours a week.Men showed a somewhat different pattern, with older men picking up the broom more often than younger men. Single guys worked the hardest around the house, trumping all age groups of married men.Having kids boosts house chores even further. With more than three kids, for instance, wives took on more of the extra work, clocking about 28 hours a week compared with husbands' 10 hours. 一项最新研究发现,女人有了老公后每周得多做七个小时的家务活,而对于男人而言,结婚则意味着每周少做一小时的家务。密歇根大学社会研究所的经济学家、首席研究员弗兰克#8226;斯坦弗德说:“‘男主外,女主内。’这是一个众所周知的家庭分工模式。”斯坦福德指出,尽管各个家庭间会存在个体差别,但总的来说,女性婚后承担的家务活增多,而对于男性而言则是减少。“有了孩子后,女性的家务活负担会进一步加重。”不过随着时代的发展,美国家庭的家务活分工情况总的来说还是有所变化。1976年,女性每周花在家务活上的时间为26个小时,而2005年为17个小时;如今男性做家务的时间比过去增加了一倍多,从1976年的每周六个小时增加到了2005年的每周13个小时。斯坦福德对一组具有全国代表性的男性和女性十年的时间使用日记和调查问卷进行了分析,这些数据资料的时间跨度为1996年至2005年。该项由联邦政府提供资金持的研究发现,与单身人士相比,已婚男女做的家务活更多。斯坦福德说:“由此看来,对于男性而言,结婚不再意味着少做家务。”研究发现,二三十岁的单身女性做的家务活最少,每周做家务的时间约为12个小时,六七十岁的已婚女性做的家务活最多,每周约为21个小时。而男性的模式则有所不同,年龄较大的男性比年轻男性做的家务活多。单身男性最勤快,他们做家务的时间超过了各个年龄段的已婚男性。而有了孩子后,家务活负担会进一步加重。妻子承担了更多增加的家务,如果孩子数量超过三个,她们每周做家务的时间会增加到28个小时,而丈夫仅为10个小时。 /200804/34095



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