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A twenty year old immigrant, Levi Strauss, came to the ed States in 1850 to seek his tune in the gold fields. But strangely enough, this man made his tune on heavy canvas that he found suitable working clothes. Strauss' jeans were particularly good prospectors and cowboys.In the early days of jeans, this man couldn't have guessed that his pants, made only rough work, would become so popular at all levels of society. Yes, this is a fact jeans have become fashionable in our society. Furthermore, these pants have come to symbolize changes in social attitude.In the last decade or two we have seen movements toward equality as well as defiance of authority. Jeans, now worn by everybody, can be said to symbolize these changes the better. In the past, only men wore jeans, and these men were at the bottom-socially and economically. Jeans were worn by truck drivers, farm and factory workers.Today, jeans no longer are looked down upon. They are worn by both men and women, by both skilled and unskilled workers, by both employees and employers. This common way of dressing symbolizes respect individuality, no matter what your occupation or sex. In the fight against authority, young people have been the leaders.So it is natural that the teenagers would defy parents and school administrators over the right to wear jeans to class—and win. Jeans are the typical dress of civil rights marchers, fans at rock concerts, “hippies” returning to nature, and serious college students. Because everyone can be comtable in them, the blue-jeans invented the use of workers are now accepted almost anywhere, anytime.This is true not only in the ed States, but in many other countries in the world. I strongly agree with the following statement “Old or new, glorified or plain, jeans are likely to be around a long time to come. Aly they have succeeded where statesmanship has failed. Although unable to speak the same language, the inhabitants of this embattled planet have at least agreed to wear the same pants.” 3963

Changing Roles of Public Education One of the most important social developments that helped to make possible a shift in thinking about the role of public education was the effect of the baby boom of the 1950's and 1960's on the schools. In the 19's, but especially in the Depression conditions of the 1930's, the ed States experienced a declining birth rate -- every thousand women aged fifteen to ty-four gave birth to about 8 live children in 19,89. in 1930,75.8 in 1936, and 80 in 190. With the growing prosperity brought on by the Second World War and the economic boom hat followed it young people married and established households earlier and began to raise larger families than had their predecessors during the Depression. Birth rates rose to 1 per thousand in 196, 1. in 1950, and 8 in 1955. Although economics was probably the most important determinant, it is not the only explanation the baby boom. The increased value placed on the idea of the family also helps to explain this rise in birth rates. The baby boomers began streaming into the first grade by the mid 190's and became a flood by 1950. The public school system suddenly found itself overtaxed. While the number of schoolchildren rose because of wartime and postwar conditions, these same conditions made the schools even less prepared to cope with the flood. The wartime economy meant that few new schools were built between 190 and 195. Moreover, during the war and in the boom times that followed, large numbers of teachers left their profession better-paying jobs elsewhere in the economy. Theree in the 1950's and 1960's, the baby boom hit an antiquated and inadequate school system. Consequently, the "custodial rhetoric"of the 1930's and early 190's no longer made sense that is, keeping youths aged sixteen and older out of the labor market by keeping them in school could no longer be a high priority an institution unable to find space and staff to teach younger children aged five to sixteen. With the baby boom, the focus of educators and of laymen interested in education inevitably turned toward the lower grades and back to basic academic skills and discipline. The system no longer had much interest in offering nontraditional, new, and extra services to older youths. 69

社会充满着不公平现象,别试着去改造它,只能去适应它,因为你管不了它,所有的人不会在意你的自尊,他们只在乎你的成就,在你还没有成绩之前,切勿过分的强调自尊,因为你越强调你的自尊,形式就越会对你不利 你也许只是个中学毕业,通常不会成为CEO,直到你把CEO职位拿到手为止,此时所有人才不会介意你当初只是个初中生 当你陷入困境时,不要抱怨,你只能默默的吸取经验教训,你要悄悄的振作起来,重新的找回I believe that what we often call survival skills is simply creativity at work.When I think about how my mother fed all seven of us, making us think that every day was a “different meal,” I still appreciate how much a creative cook can do with a single potato.And it wasn’t just in the kitchen. She would flip her old Singer sewing machine upright, study pictures in books and magazines, then make ethnic versions of those same dolls and stuffed animals to sell at church fundraisers. Without a TV in the house to distract us, we made the dolls come to life, filling the hollow fabric sleeves one fistful of cotton at a time.My mother made her own clothes, all my sisters’ prom and wedding dresses. I always knew when she was making something, because she would be singing or humming. She sang all the way through her home correspondence courses in floral design and interior decorating. She made being creative as normal as breathing and encouraged our participation by telling us that “idle hands and minds were the devil’s workshop.”I believe that happy children are those given the freedom to be expressive, to discover, to create their own “refrigerator door” masterpieces. I remember mixing tempera paints with powdered detergent and painting the Baskin-Robbins windows every Christmas season. Not money, but all the ice cream I could eat. And every time I saw people look up at the window and smile I knew I was getting the best part of the deal.I believe that the highest quality of life is full of art and creative expression and that all people deserve it. I believe in a broad definition of what art is and who artists are Barbers, cooks, auto detailers, janitors and gardeners have as much right to claims of artistry as designers, architects, painters and sculptors. Every day, our streets and school buses become art galleries in the m of perfectly spiked hair, zigzagging cornrows and dizzying shoelace artistry.My first collection of art was a milk crate full of comic books. I survived the projects and my teenage years inspired by my favorite character, the Black Panther, who had only his mind and no superpowers, and Luke Cage, the thick-skinned inner-city Hero Hire. By the time my “bookish” reputation and thick glasses became a target the neighborhood bullies, I responded by composing juvenile, but truly “heroic” rhyming couplets in my head.Ever since high school, words have continued to serve as my first weapon of choice and my salvation. Many of life’s challenges need creative solutions. I believe creativity — in all its many ms — can change the way we think and operate. Celebrating the creativity around us helps maintain our sanity and keeps us happy.Frank X Walker is Assistant Professor of English at Eastern Kentucky University. He coined the word “Affrilachian" to describe African-Americans living in Appalachia, and he helped found a group of Affrilachian poets. Walker is the author of three collections of poetry and was awarded a prestigious Lannan Literary Fellowship in . 65

All you remember about your child being seven is the carpool schedule.You learned to apply makeup in two minutes and brush your teeth in the rearview mirror ,because the only time you had to yourself was when you were stopped at red lights.You considered painting your car yellow and posting a "taxi" sign on the lawn next to the garage door.You remember people staring at you, the few times you were out of the car,because you kept flexing your foot and making acceleration noises.You wished the day your child would learn how to drive.All you remember about your child being ten is managing the school fund raisers.You sold wrapping paper paint, T shirts new furniture,and magazine subscriptions shade trees in the school playground.You remember storing a hundred cases of candy bars in the garage to sell so the school band could get new unims,and how they melted together on an unseasonably warm spring afternoon.You wished your child would grow out of playing an instrument. 893

英语口语每天说上半小时0(38) -- :: 来源: 38.Request 请求1.Could you possibly let us know as soon as you decide?.Can you wrap it me,please?3.Do you think you could possibly move your car ward a bit ,please?.I'd like some ciggarettes,please.5.Is there any chance of attending your lecture?6.Would you do me a favor?7.I would if I could.8.I'd love to.9.I'm sorry,but I'm using it right now..No,I'm afraid I can't.Dialogue OneA:Waiter,bring me the ,will you?B:Just a moment,I'm coming.(ten minutes later).Now,what would you like?A:I'd like to see the .Would you get me one,please?B:Yes,certainly.Here you are.A:Thank you.Ah!But this is in French.Would you mind giving me the English ?B:It's written in English too,in smaller print.There.A:Thanks.I'll need a while to choose.Could you come back in a minute?B:Right.(five minutes later) Now, what are you having?A:I'm sorry,I haven't decided yet.Do you mind giving me a couple of minutes?B:All right,but would you be so kind as to make up your mind soon?We're very busy just now as you can see,sir.Dialogue TwoA:Thomas,would you be so kind as to lay the table me?I'm busy in the kitchen.B:Of course!Where are the things?A:They're all here.B:Right!I'll do it straight away.A:Thanks a lot.I'm most grateful.Dialogue ThreeA:Sorry.What was that you said?B:I'll meet you at the Gate round about seven.A:Where?B:At the Gate.A:When,did you say?B:Round about seven.A:Who's coming?B:Peter.Peter Brown,you know.Don't get to bring the letter.A:Sorry.I didn't quite catch what you said.There's a lot of noise outside.B:I told you not to get to bring the letter.A:Loretta?No,she can't come,she's busy.Dialogue FourA:Could you just hold this me?B:What are you doing?Is anything wrong?A:Yes,but I've nearly fixed it .Just take it ,will you?B:Oh,yes,of course.I'm sorry-I wasn't thinking.....Dialogue FiveA:This is the Pan-American Club.May I help you?B:Yes.I believe you have a luncheon meeting this coming Wednesday.Could you give me some more inmation about that?A:Yes,of course.The guest speaker is Professor David of a University,and he'll be lecturing about"The impact of the Oil Crisis on Latin America."B;Mmm,that sounds very interesting.Dialogue SixA:It's very dark in here.Will you turn on the light?B:Okay.But our baby has fallen sleep.A:Then,turn on the lamp,please.B:But where's the switch?A:It's there by the window.瞎操心One cold day in winter,Mr.and Mrs.Smith decided to fly to the South a vacation.Mrs.Smith packed their summer clothes carefully bee they left home.When they were waiting at the check-in counter.Mr.Smith began to question his wife about the things she had packed."Did you remember my red bathing suit?""Certainly,"she answered."You didn't get our sports shoes,did you?""Of course not,"she replied.There was a long silence."What's wrong?"said Mrs.Smith."I bet you didn't bring the tickets"he requested again."Of course I did." 小时 上半 每天 英语口语

我们无法选择出生,无法选择父母,无法选择出生的历史时期与国家;;但是在这些无法选择之中,我们的确可以选择自己的生活方式;;It is not difficult to imagine a world short of ambition. It would probably be a kinder world with out demands, without abrasions, without disappointments. People would have time reflection. Such work as they did would not be themselves but the collectivity. Competition would never enter in. conflict would be eliminated, tension become a thing of the past. The stress of creation would be at an end. Art would no longer be troubling, but purely celebratory in its functions. Longevity would be increased, fewer people would die of heart attack or stroke caused by tumultuous endeavor. Anxiety would be extinct. Time would stretch on and on, with ambition long departed from the human heart.一个缺乏抱负的世界将会怎样,这不难想象或许,这将是一个更为友善的世界:没有渴求,没有磨擦,没有失望人们将有时间进行反思他们所从事的工作将不是为了他们自身,而是为了整个集体竞争永远不会介入;冲突将被消除人们的紧张关系将成为过往云烟创造的重压将得以终结艺术将不再惹人费神,其功能将纯粹为了庆典人的寿命将会更长,因为由激烈拼争引起的心脏病和中风所导致的死亡将越来越少焦虑将会消失时光流逝,抱负却早已远离人心Ah, how unrelieved boring life would be!啊,长此以往人生将变得多么乏味无聊!There is a strong view that holds that success is a myth, and ambition theree a sham. Does this mean that success does not really exist? That achievement is at bottom empty? That the efts of men and women are of no significance alongside the ce of movements and events now not all success, obviously, is worth esteeming, nor all ambition worth cultivating. Which are and which are not is something one soon enough learns on onersquo;s own. But even the most cynical secretly admit that success exists; that achievement counts a great deal; and that the true myth is that the actions of men and women are useless. To believe otherwise is to take on a point of view that is likely to be deranging. It is, in its implications, to remove all motives competence, interest in attainment, and regard posterity.有一种盛行的观点认为,成功是一种神话,抱负亦属虚幻这是不是说实际上并不丰在成功?成就本身就是一场空?与诸多运动和事件的力量相比,男男女女的努力显得微不足?显然,并非所有的成功都值得景仰,也并非所有的抱负都值得追求对值得和不值得的选择,一个人自然而然很快就能学会但即使是最为愤世嫉俗的人暗地里也承认,成功确实存在,成就的意义举足轻重,而把世上男男女女的所作所为说成是徒劳无功才是真正的无稽之谈认为成功不存在的观点很可能造成混乱这种观点的本意是一笔勾销所有提高能力的动机,求取业绩的兴趣和对子孙后代的关注We do not choose to be born. We do not choose our parents. We do not choose our historical epoch, the country of our birth, or the immediate circumstances of our upbringing. We do not, most of us, choose to die; nor do we choose the time or conditions of our death. But within all this realm of choicelessness, we do choose how we shall live courageously or in cowardice, honorably or dishonorably, with purpose or in drift. We decide what is important and what is trivial in life. We decide that what makes us significant is either what we do or what we refuse to do. But no matter how indifferent the universe may be to our choices and decisions, these choices and decisions are ours to make. We decide. We choose. And as we decide and choose, so are our lives med. In the end, ming our own destiny is what ambition is about.我们无法选择出生,无法选择父母,无法选择出生的历史时期与国家,或是成长的周遭环境我们大多数人都无法选择死亡,无法选择死亡的时间或条件但是在这些无法选择之中,我们的确可以选择自己的生活方式:是勇敢无畏还是胆小怯懦,是光明磊落还是厚颜无耻,是目标坚定还是随波逐流我们决定生活中哪些至关重要,哪些微不足道我们决定,用以显示我们自身重要性的,不是我们做了什么,就是我们拒绝做些什么但是不论世界对我们所做的选择和决定有多么漠不关心,这些选择和决定终究是我们自己做出的我们决定,我们选择而当我们决定和选择时,我们的生活便得以形成最终构筑我们命运的就是抱负之所在abrasion n. 磨耗; 磨蚀boring adj. 烦人的, 无趣的esteem v. 尊敬circumstance n. 环境significant adj. 重要的

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