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大渡口区人民医院专家电话重庆十院总部Female Anchor: We all know people who are so smart that their friends call them Einstein. But who ever thought a bird could be that bright. Well this African grey parrot from Knoxville Zoo is called Einstein and she really lives up to her name. FA: Stephanie White is Einstein's trainer. Good morning, Stephanie.Stephanie White: Good morning.How old is Einstein and how long you've been a trainer for her?Well, Einstein is 18 years old, which is pretty young, they live 50 or 60 years, and I've been training with her for about five years now. And I understand that you really don't know of the zoo whether or not that Einstein is a female.That's right. (Why do you call?) The boys and girls look exactly the same. You have to have the vets to tell you with the blood test, so we just never had her sex. We didn't think there's any reason to.So why do you call her "she"?Well, she's so smart, so we figure she must be a girl, right?Well, let's see how smart she is.Oh, sure!She knows about 200 words and all sounds in her vocabulary.Yes, she knows about 70 young keys, so I will be glad to run through some of those with you. (Yeah) Well, introduce yourself first, can you tell me what's your name? (Einstein). Can you say Hi? (Hello) That's nice. Can you be polite? (Hi, sweetheart) Very good! Before you start. Do you wanna clear your throat? OK. Since she lives in the zoo, she does know a lot of animal sounds. So we'll do some of the fun ones for you. How about a chimpanzee? Can you do chimpanzee? Good! What about a rooster? How about this big tiger in the jungle? Yeah, the growl.Oh. my goodness! And she also has different laughs that she can do?Yes, she does. Is that funny? Is that funny? And she also does a Santa Clause laugh. How about laugh? Very good!Does she do like an evil, villain laugh?She can be very evil. Are you evil? How did you train her to do all this? How does that work?African grays naturally like to mimic sounds. She's pretty exceptional though, not all African grays are like her. She really enjoys mimicking things, so if she hears a sound that she likes she will start to repeat it over and over. And then we will put it on cue. So she gets lots of these sounds from us, oinking like pigs.Oh, let's hear that one.Ok. Can you, can you do a pig? How about a pig? That's a penguin. How about a pig? Good!What about a cat and dog?Can you do a cat? How about a dog? Can you bark? Good! What about a skunk? (stinker) That's her nickname, it 's stinker.And also with the training it's the reward at the end, you feed her seeds?Exactly! She loves sunflower seeds but she really gets excited if she gets a peanut. What would you do if you get a peanut!! (Oh, my God my God!) That's actually her favorite.What would Einstein do if Einstein met a celebrity? What would she say?Oh, let's see. What would you say, well, if there were a man, /would you say, we just say, to a good-looking man?"Hi, baby!" She gets kind of oppressed. Would you blow him a big kiss? Very nice! Do you think Julie is beautiful?Very good! But we should keep in mind that not all African grays are this talented, or this smart.Exactly! Thank you, Stephanie White and Einstein. Thank you!Thank you! Are you famous?"Superstar".Yeah.....200707/15396乐山吸脂手术多少钱 Maoist Victory in Nepal Could Prompt New Era for Relations with India尼泊尔毛派将进政府印度称愿合作 India is expressing a willingness to work with the Maoists in Nepal, who are in line to form the new government in Kathmandu, based on election results so far. A Maoist victory could mean a lessening of Indian influence over its smaller neighbor to the north.  印度表示愿意跟尼泊尔毛派组织合作。就尼泊尔目前的选举结果看,毛派将会进入尼泊尔新政府。毛派的胜利有可能意味着印度对这个北部邻国的影响力越来越小。 India is putting its best face forward in reacting to the Maoists lead in the balloting for Nepal's special assembly. The results will determine the fate of the world's last Hindu kingdom. A Maoist victory is expected to doom the monarchy, and may see Nepal pursuing a foreign policy more independent of New Delhi.  印度尽量以积极的姿态来处理毛派组织在尼泊尔特别议会选举中取得领先地位的局面。这次选举结果将决定世界上最后一个印度教王国的命运。毛派的胜利将宣判尼泊尔王室的灭亡。尼泊尔有可能寻求更加独立于新德里的外交政策。India's external affairs minister calls the results a "positive development" because the Maoists kept their pledge to participate in the election. India's ambassador in Kathmandu says his government will accept the mandate given by Nepal's people. 负责印度外交部长把尼泊尔的选举结果称为“积极的进步”,因为毛派兑现了他们参加选举的承诺。印度驻加德满都大使说,印度政府将接受尼泊尔人民的选举结果。It is not just geographic ties - such as Indian rivers with sources in Nepal, and a porous border - that closely bind the two countries. Many Nepalese are ethnic Indians, and both countries have a Hindu religious majority.  印度的一些河流起源于尼泊尔,两国间还有松散的边境线。但是把印度和尼泊尔紧密联系在一起的不仅仅是地理因素。很多尼泊尔人是印度裔,而且印度教在两国都是主要宗教。India's government paid little heed to the growing clout of the Maoists as the rebels fought a decade-long civil war to rid Nepal of the monarchy. The executive director of India's Institute for Conflict Management, Ajai Sahni, says no one in New Delhi expected the Maoists to perform so well in a free election.  尼泊尔毛派作为反叛组织为废除尼泊尔王室进行了长达10年的内战。在这期间,印度政府对毛派影响力的增长并没有给予多少关注。印度冲突管理研究所执行主任阿贾.萨尼说,谁也没有料到毛派会在一次自由选举中取得如此胜利。"Certainly this has come as a shock to the establishment here," he said. "It was the Indian intelligence establishment and the Indian diplomatic establishment which had, in a sense, mid-wifed the agreement between a completely emasculated political formation, the seven-party alliance and an extremely violent and dominant Maoist grouping, without really thinking out the consequences."  他说:“当然,印度当局对此感到吃惊。从某种意义来说,印度的情报机构和外交机构在尼泊尔完全弱势的政治七党联盟和一个极端暴力、强势的毛派组织之间进行斡旋,促成他们至协议,但他们却没有真正考虑后果。”That 2006 peace pact resulted in the Maoists, which the ed States still regards as a terrorist group, laying down their arms and pledging to continue their battle through the political process.  2006年的和平协议规定毛派必须放下武装,并承诺藉由政治程序持续其诉求。毛派依旧被美国视为恐怖组织。Analysts say a Maoist victory in Nepal will boost the hopes of India's Maoist rebels that they can eventually be victorious, as well. 分析人士说,尼泊尔毛派的胜利,将增进印度毛派反叛者的希望,使他们觉得最终亦可获得胜利。With that in mind, India's establishment continued to ally itself with the Nepali Congress Party and the unpopular King Gyanendra, who has been stripped of power. But Congress Party politicians suffered stunning losses to the Maoists in many key districts in last Thursday's national election. An intellectual with a history of serving as a middleman between Indian officials and Nepal's Maoists, Bishnu Pathak of the Conflict Study Center in Kathmandu, says two-way communication is currently under way. 长久以来充当印度官方与尼泊尔毛派协调人的学者,加德满都的冲突研究中心的比须努.帕塔克说,双边的沟通已经在进行。"Maoists will not be that much offensive to this Indian government and Indian people too. Maoist and Indian diplomats are trying to have their improved relations to each other," Pathak said.The Maoists have long called for renegotiating the 58-year-old India-Nepal Peace and Friendship Treaty. That agreement allows nationals of both countries to freely move across the border and own property. The pact has also effectively placed Nepal under India's security umbrella and prevented Nepal from making strategic ties with China, its other giant neighbor. 毛派老早就已经提出就已有58年历史的“印度-尼泊尔和平与友谊协定”重新进行谈判。根据这项协定,两国国民可以自由跨越边境并且购置资产。此协定实际上同时将尼泊尔至于印度的安全保护伞下,并防止尼泊尔与中国进行战略结盟。200804/34884宜宾吸脂医院哪家好

武隆区中医院专家Recovery Begins After Hurricane Ike, Bush to Visit Affected Area布什总统周二将视察艾克飓风灾区  Search teams are sping out along the U.S. Gulf Coast, looking for people stranded after Hurricane Ike. Emergency officials in Texas say they have rescued about 2,000 people who ignored evacuation orders and were stranded by Hurricane Ike. They say thousands of others are in the same situation. President George Bush will tour the region on Tuesday. 搜救人员正在沿墨西哥沿岸寻找因飓风艾克而受困的民众。美国总统布什将在星期二视察该区。President Bush says he wants to get a first hand look at the damage. 布什总统说,他要亲自去看看当地受灾的情况。"This is a tough storm and it is going to require time for people to recover," said President Bush. 他说:“这是个很厉害的飓风,人们需要时间来恢复。”Hurricane Ike came ashore early Saturday along the Texas Gulf Coast with strong winds and torrential rains. As it weakened and moved out, the search for the missing began, along with the slow task of assessing damage and restoring essential services. 飓风艾克带着狂风暴雨星期六早晨在德克萨斯州墨西哥湾登陆。在风力逐渐减弱离开那里后,寻找失踪民众的行动就开始了。同时,对损害的评估和恢复主要务的缓慢过程也随之开始。President Bush says search and rescue is now the top priority. But he says action is also being taken to help the millions who remain without electricity. 总统布什说,搜索和救援是当务之急,但他说,有关当局也采取了行动帮助几百万缺乏电力供应的民众。"Interestingly enough, some electricity is aly being restored to Houston, I am told," said Mr. Bush. "And I do want to thank the utility companies for working hard to get electricity up." 他说:“有趣的是,他们告诉我休斯敦的部分电力供应已经恢复。我要谢谢电力公司这么努力使电力回复。”But it is likely to take some time before power is fully restored. And for now, the people of Houston - the fourth-largest city in the ed States - are under an overnight curfew due to the outages. 不过要使电力全面恢复可能还需要一段时间。休斯敦是美国第四大城,目前因为断电而晚间实施宵禁。Complicating matters is massive storm debris - including downed trees and shattered glass from broken windows. In the barrier island town of Galveston, homes and businesses were flooded out, and when the storm winds receded, the local highway was covered with boats and other refuse left behind by the sea. 使问题更为复杂的是飓风造成的大量垃圾,包括倒下的树木和被打破窗户的碎玻璃。加尔维斯顿镇岛上民房和商店全被水淹。在风消退后,当地公路上遍布著船只和其他海水冲上岸的垃圾。President Bush has been getting regular updates on conditions. After a briefing early Sunday, he warned local residents who evacuated to stay away until local officials say it is safe to return. 总统布什不断得到灾情汇报。星期天早上举行简报会后,他警告撤退的居民在当地官员说已经安全以前不要回家。"It is very important for citizens, who I know are anxious to get home, to take your time and listen, take the advice of local folks," he said. 他说:“我知道民众归心似箭,但是耐心等候和听取地方官员的劝告是非常重要的。”There is also concern about gas and oil refineries in the region slammed by Ike. They were spared the worst of the storm. But work was disrupted and some may remain closed for some time due to power outages. 另外, 人们对当地遭受艾克袭击的炼油厂也很关注。他们躲过了最恶劣的风暴,但是工作已经中断,有些还可能由于停电而被迫停工很久。As a result, gasoline prices in the ed States are rising sharply. President Bush says it is too early to determine the extent of the damage the hurricane will have on gasoline production and distribution. But he makes clear price gouging will not be tolerated. 美国油价因此暴涨。总统布什说,现在评估飓风对石油生产和配给的破坏程度还为时过早。但他清楚地表示,哄抬油价的行为是绝不能容忍的。"The federal government, along with state governments, will be monitoring very carefully as to whether or nor consumers are being mistreated at the pump," said President Bush. 他说:“联邦政府,和州政府一起将密切注视,消费者在加油时是不是受到不公平的对待。”President Bush has aly declared a federal disaster in large parts of Texas and neighboring Louisiana. The move clears the way for massive government assistance to flow into the region. Although it will take some time before the full extent of the damage is known, Ike is expected to be one of the costliest storms ever to hit the ed States. 总统布什已宣布大部分的德萨斯州和邻州路易斯安那州为重灾区。这一举动为大量政府救援进入该地区扫清了道路。虽然要过一些时间才能知道受损的程度,但艾克预计是袭击美国造成损害最严重的暴风之一。200809/48645宜宾哪里秀眉好 The standard of service is not good enough.务的水平不够好。The room I booked did not meet my expectations. Good luck Anna!我订的房间无法满足我的预期。好运,安娜!OK.Here goes.好的,就这样。Hello. Royal Imperial Hotel.你好。皇家酒店。Erm...hello… I want to… I want to complain.你好,我想要……投诉。Really? About what exactly?真的吗?具体关于什么?Your hotel… Well, I mean, a room I booked for my boss. Room 101.你的酒店,我的意思是我为我的老板订的房间,101房。I’m very disappointed with your service.我对你们的务很失望。And why’s that then?为什么?Well, the room isn’t like the one I booked. It’s just not good enough.这不是我订的房间,它不够好。Let’s have a look at the booking… well your boss got a bed… and breakfast too… a continental breakfast in fact.让我们看看预定,你的老板需要有床和早餐,事实上是欧式早餐。But the room just didn’t meet his expectations… hello?但房间没有满足他的预期……你好?Give me the phone Anna, I’ll deal with this.安娜,把电话给我,我来处理。Now hello Miss…? Miss Fit.你好,贵姓? 菲特。Miss Fit? This is the office assis I mean Manager here.菲特?我是办公室助……我是说经理。This isn’t good enough.这还不够好。My colleague has made it quite clear that the room did not meet our requirements我的同事已经说得很清楚了,房间无法满足我们的预期,and I would like you to resolve this matter as quickly as possible or I will have to cancel our reservation.我希望你能尽快解决,否则我们要取消预定。 /201702/491114重庆哪里祛痣

重庆毛发种植医院For one month, his army plundered, burnt and raped. A year later, visiting foreign ambassadors described the streets as "slippery with human fat." They also recorded that beyond the walls stood an entire mountain of bones.Genghis Khan's fearsome reputation grew from the destruction and carnage he practised in Beijing. But what he now created at Karakorum in central Mongolia revealed an entirely different nature. Genghis Khan wanted Karakorum(喀拉昆仑) to be a great trading and cultural center. Here, in stark contrast to his nomadic origins, he began to establish a permanent capital. And he wanted his people to benefit from his conquests."My people were as numerous as the trees in the forest here. I wanted them to feed on tender meat here, live in beautiful tents and pasture their horses on rich soil."To achieve this, he imported knowledge; he learnt the technology of the Chinese military. He established a medical corps trained by Chinese physicians. He ordered his followers to create a record of all his rules and all his judgments. It was forbidden for any man to own a Mongol slave. And each tribe was given its own grazing grounds. It was the beginning of a legal system.The Mongols could neither nor write. But Genghis Khan understood the power of the written word. Above all, he wanted his legacy recorded.carnage: massacre, mass murder, holocaustgrazing: pastureland, pasture, field or plot of ground where livestock are grazed200809/50289 Do you want to fly business or economy?你想飞商务舱还是经济舱?Do you want a fixed or flexible ticket?你想要固定机票还是弹性机票?Would you like a window or aisle seat?你想要靠窗还是靠过道的座位?Have you got a frequent flyer number?你有常用飞行会员号吗?There you go you two, your e-tickets.给你们电子票。Now dont forget your passports.别忘了你们的护照。Thanks Denise.谢谢,丹尼斯。Hey Anna, Im so pleased that were on this trip together.安娜,我很高兴能一起旅行。Itll be nice to spend some time with you.和你在一起很好。Yes and to do some business and really show Paul we are his best employees.是的,完成订单,让保罗看看我们是他的最佳员工。Oh yeah, of course… I just wondered… Yes?是的,当然……我只是在想……什么?Is there any chance I could sit in the aisle seat?我能坐靠过道的座位吗?Ive got a feeling Annas in for a bumpy ride.我有预感安娜这次会是一场坎坷之路。Find out how their trip goes next time on English at Work. See ya!下次来职场英语里看看他们的旅途怎么样了吧,再见! /201705/506753重庆眼袋大璧山区中心医院专业的医生



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