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成都中医院诊所成都市第七医院有微创手术吗Toxic smog blankets Shanghai. Last week, officials in Beijing issued an unprecedented red alert over air pollution. And in India on Wednesday, the Supreme Court ordered several transportation restrictions in the nation#39;s capital to fight pollution.有毒雾霾笼罩上海。上周,北京官员发出了史无前例的空气污染红色警报。周三在印度,最高法院下令在首都实施若干交通限制令,应对污染。As world leaders work to establish concrete measures to curb planet-warming carbon emissions, residents in the most polluted cities are forced to deal regularly with the effects of air pollution in their daily activities.各国领导人正在寻求遏制温室气体排放的具体措施,同时,世界各地最污染城市的居民不得不在日常生活中应对空气污染的后果。The New York Times would like to hear from residents in countries seriously affected about the effects of air pollution on their daily lives. How has it affected your ability to spend time outdoors, or your commute to work?《纽约时报》想请受污染影响严重的国家的居民谈谈感受。空气污染如何影响到你的户外活动或交通出行?A reporter or editor may follow up with you to hear more about your experience. Your comments may be featured, but your contact information will not.本报记者或编辑可能会与你联系,进一步了解你的体验。你的反馈可能会被使用,但你的联系信息不会被公开。What is your name? 1.你的姓名? Where do you live? 2.你的居住地? How, if at all, has air pollution affected your daily life? 3.如果空气污染影响到你的日常生活,这些影响具体是什么? What do you do to protect yourself and your family from air pollution, if anything? For instance, do you wear a mask or use an air purifier? Have you made significant changes to your daily routine in response to worsening air pollution?4.你如何保护自己和家人免受空气污染危害?例如,你是否戴口罩或使用空气净化器?应对恶化的空气污染,你是否大幅度地改变了自己的日常生活行为? (Optional) Show us how air pollution has affected your daily life. You may submit up to three photos.5.(可选项)欢迎展示空气污染对你日常生活造成的影响。最多可上传三张照片。What is your email address? *6.你的电子邮箱? /201512/417099四川大学华西临床医学院割包皮手术价格 It#39;s the trend that has brought sexy… well, back. Last week the Duchess of Cambridge followed celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Sienna Miller, Cressida Bonas and Emily Blunt by exposing her back - or a bit of it at least - in a sheer, pale blue gown at the premiere of Spectre.现在的性感流行趋势是······露背。继娜奥米·坎贝尔(Naomi Campbell)、西耶娜·米勒(Sienna Miller)、克蕾西达·纳斯(Cressida Bonas)、艾米莉·布朗特(Emily Blunt)等名人之后,凯特王妃也穿起了露背装。上周出席《007:幽灵党》的首映礼时,凯特身着一袭浅蓝色轻薄露背(至少露了一点儿)长裙亮相。She outshone actresses Rachel Weisz and Monica Bellucci by giving us a tantalising glimpse of flesh.凯特王妃这一小露美背惊艳全场,令女演员蕾切尔·薇姿(Rachel Weisz)和莫妮卡·贝鲁奇(Monica Bellucci)相形失色。Hollywoodfashionistas are even claiming the back is the new erogenous zone.好莱坞的时尚达人们甚至称背部是新的性感地带。True or not, Kate is showing real fashion sense, says international stylist Henny Letailleur: #39;It is much more sophisticated and timelessly elegant than previous trends.国际设计师埃尼·勒塔耶尔(Henny Letailleur)表示,无论这种看法真实与否,凯特王妃都展现出了真正的时尚品味。她说:“露背这一潮流比过去的潮流更加有品位,有着更经得起时间考验的优雅。”#39;Before, you had the focus on a large cleavage and then it went to bottoms, which was taken to a ridiculous level by Kim Kardashian.#39;以前,人们关注的是深深的事业线,然后是翘臀,金·卡戴珊将人们对翘臀的关注带到了可笑的程度。The pendulum has now swung back, she says - the look is effortless and elegant: #39;There is nothing sexier than a sly glimpse of a honed back. Not everyone can pull it off. You can#39;t have any rolls of back fat.#39;她说,现在时尚的钟摆又摆了回来——露背的穿着既轻松自然又尽显优雅:“没有什么比稍稍露出一点光滑细腻的背部更性感。不过露背装并不是每个人都能驾驭得了,你的背部不能有一丝赘肉。”Or too many exposed ribs. The fashion, also adopted by designer Victoria Beckham, is said to have been encouraged by photographers requesting different poses on the red carpet, encouraging celebrities to turn as well as smile.也不能瘦到肋骨突出。设计师维多利亚·贝克汉姆(Victoria Beckham)也加入了这一潮流。据说,露背的潮流受到需要明星在红毯上摆出各种姿势的摄影师们的喜爱,他们鼓励明星多多转身和微笑。There is another reason backless dresses have been ubiquitous this year: the women wearing them want you to know they have been doing Pilates, and have developed that perfect, signature V-shape.今年露背装风靡还有一个原因:穿露背装的女性是想向人们秀一下她们完美的标志性V型背部,这是她们一直坚持练习普拉提的成果。 /201511/407536泸州市治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好

绵阳市中心医院是公立成都市中西医结合医院治疗妇科炎症好吗 Chu-Han War楚汉之争It refers to the war between Xiang Yu and Liu Bang.楚汉之争指项羽和刘邦之间的战争。After the collapse of the Qin Empire, the country fell apart again.秦王朝崩塌后,整个国家分崩离析。A new round of power struggle broke out in 206 between two leaders of rebellion army.新一轮的权利争夺在公元前206年的两个起义军首领间爆发。One of the rivals was Xiang Yu, who was born in an aristocratic family of former Chu State in present Jiangsu Province.项羽,出生在今江苏省一个前朝楚国的贵族家庭。He received martial arts training from childhood and was versed in military matters.他自幼习武并精于军事。At the end of the Qin Dynasty (221----206 B.C.), he rose up and led his men to defeat the main body of Qin army, proclaimed himself King Of West Chu.秦朝末年,他奋起反抗,带领军队打败秦军主力,自封西楚霸王。The other was Liu Bang, who was also from present Jiangsu Province.刘邦,祖籍也是今天的江苏省。It was his army who first broke into the Qin capital in 206 B.C. and abolished all the harsh laws set by the Qin, which help him won popularity among local people.刘邦率领军队在公元前206年率先攻克秦朝首都咸阳,并废除了严酷的秦律,这使得刘邦广受民众爱戴。However, Liu Bang realized that he was inferior lo Xiang Yu in military force.然而,刘邦意识到自己的军事力量远不及项羽,So when he felt the jealousness by Xiang Yu, he decided to beat a temporary retreat in Hanzhong in Shaanxi Province with the title King of Han authorized by Xiang Yu.Liu Bang fostered his force secretly in Hanzhong.所以当他察觉到项羽的妒忌时,便决定暂时撤回今陕西汉中,并接受项羽封汉王。刘邦在汉中暗中培养他的力量。Soon he got a better hank over Xiang Yu.很快他的势力便超过了项羽。The tug of war lasted four years.战争拉锯持续了四年。Due to his blind arrogance and blindness to men of ability, Xiang Yu lost the battles at last and committed suicide at Wujiang River in present Anhui Province.由于盲目自大且用人不当,项羽失去了最终兵败并在今安徽乌江江畔自刎。Liu Bang became the founder of the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.----24 A.D.) in 206 B.C, the second empire in imperial history after Qin.公元前206年,刘邦成为了西汉(公元前206年----公元24年)的开朝皇帝,而西汉也是继秦朝之后中国帝国史上的第二个王朝。 /201509/397333四川省医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

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