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四川第六医院费用南充市不孕不育预约成都附属医院官网 Everyone is likely to be ask about,imaging the view who has heading taken the hard zone of the two planets,where would you go?what would you sleep?and how would you survive?The latest robort machines have viewed more about the world than ever before,arms with this new knowledge,think of this as your personal travel guide to our near neighbours,as the planet closes to the sun,Mercury is antomatically summer vacation,step up your space graft and seasonal temperature are guaranteed for a day that last three month,and once the sun finanlly does set,the night life begins with a unique cosmic light show.每个人都可能会问,想象到这两颗行星后的情景,你会去哪儿呢?你如何睡觉?你会如何生存?最新型装载着先进智能的机器人看到了比以往更多的世界, 把这当作是您拜访我们的邻居的私旅游,由于这颗星球离太阳很近,水星自然而然成了暑假,穿上你的空间装备而这里的季节性温度会持续三个月,而一旦离开太阳,夜生活以一种独特的宇宙亮光拉开了序幕。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172371When people go out to a restaurant, some prefer a buffet-style eating place, where you can go back to the food serving tables many times and take lots to eat or drink with no restrictions. The problem, of course, is that diners in these places tend to overeat. And if you dont eat everything on your plate, you may feel guilty about wasting food.人们外出就餐时,有些人喜欢自助餐。在那里你可以取很多食物和饮料,然后大吃特喝,不受任何限制。这当然会出现一个问题,就是这些吃自助餐的人往往会吃得过饱。如果你不把盘子里的东西吃干净,你可能会因浪费食物而感到内疚。Now imagine that your plate is not real, but only your mind, and that all the food on it means all the work you have to do that consumes your time. Sometimes, we may feel like we have too many items ;on our plate; in our mind. Then we may feel a bit guilty telling friends, ;Sorry, I am so busy just now that I cant see you. I simply have too much on my plate.; Of course, in this case we mean too much to do, not too much to eat.现在想象一下,你的盘子不是真实的盘子,而是你的大脑。它里面装的当然不是食物,而是所有你必须做的工作。这些工作会占用你时间。有时我们可能会觉得我们脑海中萦绕着太多需要处理的工作,然后我们可能会有点内疚地告诉朋友:“对不起,我不能和你见面了,因为我手头的事太多了。”当然,在这种情况下,这个习语的意思是指你需要使劲地工作,而不是使劲地吃东西。 注:译文为201204/177576绵阳治疗尿道炎多少钱

双流县男科专家四川省十院专家预约 Vincent had found a room up here in Montmartre.文森特在蒙马特找到了一个房间。Montmartre means the hill of martyrs, and a martyr is definitely what he now fancied himself to be.蒙马特意味着烈士之山,而他现在绝对认为自己是位烈士。He spent every evening up in that little room, ing the Bible and praying feverishly.他每天晚上的时间都花在那个小房间里,阅读圣经和狂热祈祷。Get rid of all your books, he wrote to Theo, and keep only the Bible.扔掉你所有的书,他写信给西奥,只保留《圣经》。Goupil employees were expected to work over Christmas.葛普丽员工会在圣诞节期间工作。It was the busiest selling period of the year.这是一年中最繁忙的销售旺季。But without telling anybody, Vincent bunked off at Christmas that year and spent it in Holland with his family.但是没有告诉任何人,文森特在圣诞节那一年没有工作,在荷兰与他的家人相聚。When he returned to Paris, he was summoned into the boss’s office and asked to resign.当他返回巴黎,他被叫到老板的办公室,要求辞职。Goupils gave him three months notice which was generous of them.葛普丽给了他三个月观察期以显示公司的慷慨。Vincent had been ing the English papers in Paris, looking through the classifieds for a job.而文森特在巴黎一直读英文报纸,通过分类找寻工作。 注:听力文本来源于普特 201208/194529彭州市人民医院的微信号多少

四川二院医生介绍 Books and Arts;文艺;Britains third-world economy英国的第三世界经济Relegation for Albion大不列颠的陨落Going South: Why Britain Will Have A Third World Economy By 2014. By Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson.《滑向全球之南:为什么2014年的英国会有一个第三世界经济》;作者Larry Elliott,Dan Atkinson。Palgrave Macmillan; The journalistic team of Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson proved to be more perceptive than most of their peers in skewering Britains debt-fuelled boom. Their two previous books, “Fantasy Island” (2007) and “The Gods That Failed” (2008), analysed why it happened and who was to blame. So they will have a y audience for their latest tale of woe, which forecasts the imminent loss of Britains developed-economy status.事实明,Larry Elliott和Dan Atkinson的记者团队在描绘被债务吹高的英国繁荣方面比他们的大多数同僚更具慧眼。他们之前的两部作品《幻想岛》和《失灵的上帝》分析了其中的原因和罪魁祸首。所以他们最新的这本看空英国的作品——预测英国将会即刻失去自己的发达国家地位,早已有了一个既定的读者群。Or is that what they claim? The authors do not really suggest that Britains GDP per head will plummet to the levels of sub- Saharan Africa, or that the country will lose the title of “advanced” economy bestowed on it by the International Monetary Fund. Instead, Britains third-world status is signified by a bunch of qualitative factors: “public and commercial services work badly, the average person is becoming poorer rather than richer, the economy has been pulled horribly out of shape and government in the widest sense is hopelessly dysfunctional, with different branches of the state frequently at loggerheads with one another.”他们真的认为是这样吗?其实,作者并不认为英国的人均GDP将会跳水至撒哈拉以南的非洲的水平或者说这个国家将会失去IMF授予的发达国家头衔,而是一些定性因素象征着英国的第三世界状态:公共和商业务乏善可陈,一般人逐渐变得更贫穷而不是更富有,经济已经严重失衡,广义上说来政府运转一塌糊涂——因为国家的不同部门经常相互扯皮。This broad definition allows the pair to be grumpy old men and indulge in some fierce complaining about various aspects of modern British society. At times, it seems as if almost everything is a sign of Britains decline, including the decision to revoke the Syrian ambassadors invitation to last years royal wedding. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is the subject of a rant, as are the growing powers of Her Majestys Revenue and Customs. Inward investment by China is not a sign of confidence in Britain, but instead dismissed as a token of national humiliation: “What was good enough for the Congo was good for the ed Kingdom.”这个广泛的定义使得两位作者像脾气暴躁的老人一样对当代英国社会的很多方面进行了凌厉的批评。有时,给人感觉好像每一件事情都是英国衰落的写照,包括在去年皇室婚礼上取消对叙利亚大使的邀请。人类受精和胚胎局以及税务海关总署日益膨胀的权力都是被严厉攻击的目标。此外,来自中国的投资在英国被贬低为是国家耻辱而非信心的标志:“对刚果那种国家足够好的东西竟然对英国好。”Despite the authors occasional exaggerations, this is a much more entertaining book than many about economics. And it is hard to disagree with their underlying analysis: “For almost a century, the UK has deluded herself, first into believing that the days of global dominance will return, then into thinking that the symptoms of decline can be relatively easily tackled.” The country has pinned its hopes on a series of fixes—trade preference for other countries in the empire, joining the European Economic Community, North Sea oil, financial deregulation and housing bubbles—that have offered temporary boosts. The current governments growth plan, involving tax incentives for business and cuts in red tape, sounds all too much like some of the failed programmes of the past.除了作者偶尔的夸大之外,这一本书比很多经济方面的书籍都更有趣。并且,作者对其实质的分析几乎不容置疑。“在近一个世纪内,英国都在蒙蔽自己,首先她使自己相信英国称霸全球的日子将会失而复得,之后她使又自己认为英国衰退的症状可以相对轻松地治愈。”英国将自己的希望寄托在一系列小修小补上:给予大英帝国范围内的其他国家贸易优惠,加入欧共体,七八十年代北海石油开采,金融自由化和房地产泡沫,这些都为英国经济提供了短暂的持。当今政府的发展方案包括向企业提供税收激励、遏制官僚作风,这些听起来和过去那些失败的项目十分类似。The recent crisis has shown the dangers of relying on the financial sector, which has gobbled up the cream of Britains university graduates and led to huge inequalities of income and wealth. And despite the Citys overseas earnings, Britain has suffered a persistent balance of payments deficit, a sign that the country is not paying its way.最近的这轮经济危机已经彰显了英国经济过度依赖金融行业的风险:金融行业尽数吸纳了英国大学精英毕业生,并且导致了收入和财富上的严重不均。在伦敦金融城丰厚海外收入的背后,英国却持续遭遇国际收赤字——这一点意味着这个国家入不敷出。For the moment, Britain is a relatively safe haven, with rich Europeans buying up boltholes in London. But the authors are right that serious problems remain—even if the title of this book somewhat overstates the case.在当下,英国仍然是一个相对安全的避风港——很多富有的欧洲人在伦敦买房作避风之用。即使这本书的标题在一定程度上夸大了现实,两位作者指出英国依旧存在的严重问题这点是正确的。201208/192984新都区泌尿科咨询凉山彝族妇幼保健院如何



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