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2019年10月22日 18:59:43

Did you even know there was a rumor that Cougar Town Busy Philipps and her fellow Dawson Creek alum Michelle Williams had a lesbian relationship?有人没听说过贝茜·菲利普斯(Busy Philipps)和米歇尔·威廉姆斯(Michelle Williams)之间的“蕾丝边”传闻?The random rumor came out last year when Michelle took her BFF Busy on the awards circuit as her date. That was bee Michelle started getting serious with boyfriend Jason Segel, but Busy was aly married to Marc Silverstein, her hubby since and father to her one and one-on-the-way kids.这个让人风中凌乱的传闻始于去年,米歇尔携闺蜜贝茜出席颁奖典礼那时候还没有传出米歇尔跟《老爸老妈的浪漫史“马修叔叔”杰森·西格尔(Jason Segel)正式交往的消息,但贝茜早在年就嫁给了编剧马克·西尔弗斯坦因(Marc Silverstein),并且即将当妈妈Busy just had a long Qamp;A with The Advocate, and when they asked her about the Michelle rumor, she said it was the first time she was hearing about it.日前贝茜在采访中被问及与“梦露”米歇尔·威廉姆斯的传闻,她表示这是自己头一次听说有这种传闻;I get why people would say that about us, though,; Busy said. ;It does seem plausible. It’s like Oprah and Gayle or Dolly Parton and her best friend. I believe sexuality is fluid, and women can have a deep love and affection other women. My friendship with Michelle has stood the test of time, and we’ve been together through many different versions of our lives. I love her as deeply as I love almost anyone. But we don’t do it. The gay rumors me actually started in high school with my best friend Kate. our senior yearbook page we submitted a cute picture of us being silly, almost kissing, with a caption that , The rumors are true. Untunately, the yearbook staff deemed it inappropriate.;“我知道他们为什么这么想,”她说,“这乍听起来还有点像真的我相信男欢女爱什么的不会持久,但女孩跟女孩之间的情谊可以永存我跟米歇尔的友情经历过时间的考验,在人生许多个不同的阶段我们都在彼此身边我非常爱她,就像我爱我身边每一个好朋友那样但我们可不是恋人事实上,读高中的时候就有人传我跟我最好的朋友凯蒂(Katie)是一对于是在为高三的年鉴册提交照片时,我们俩干脆上传了一张很有趣的照片,照片上我们特别傻,差点要亲到了然后还给照片加了个标题:‘传闻都是真的哟!’结果它没被选入年鉴册,因为‘不恰当’”The Advocate writer said he couldnt believe she hadnt heard about the Michelle rumor. Busy responded, ;Sometimes I do have to check the gossip sites to see if, like, Jessica Simpson is pregnant again, but my days of Googling myself have long since passed.;记者表示难以置信:她怎么会连自己的同性绯闻都不知道?贝茜回答说:“有时候我也会看看八卦消息,比如杰西卡·辛普森是不是又怀了之类的啦……但我早就懒得再搜索自己的新闻了” 070衢州市中医院哪年成立Much to Apple’s dismay, the nude-celebs-on-the-iCloud story has legs like a supermodel.让苹果(Apple)十分沮丧的是,iCloud名流裸照泄露事件就像长了超模的长腿一样传得飞快Tech reporters are filing dispatches from the “crazy, obsessive subculture of celebrity nudes and revenge porn” where such photos are exchanged. British tabloids are in hot pursuit of “Original Guy,” the hacker who took credit posting the current crop. And the Web equivalent of Fleet Street is trotting out any story — no matter how irrelevant — that can be filed under the “Apple security” slug. The latest from Gawker: Eva Longoria Says Star-Struck Apple Employees Stole Her Inmation.科技记者正在从交易这些照片的“疯狂地沉迷于名流裸照和色情报复的亚文化群”中寻找蛛丝马迹英国小报正在积极地探寻“始作俑者”,即发布这些照片的黑客而与伦敦新闻界类似的网络界,也在炮制各种能够归为“苹果安全问题”的报道——无论它们到底有多不相干最新的一篇相关报道来自明星八卦网站Gawker:《伊娃o朗格利亚称苹果“追星族”员工盗窃了她的个人信息(Eva Longoria Says Star-Struck Apple Employees Stole Her Inmation)Meanwhile, the carefully crafted media advisory Apple issued Tuesday is being scrutinized by privacy experts what it did and didn’t say.与此同时,苹果在周二发布了一篇字斟句酌的媒体公告隐私专家们对其进行了仔细审读,试图从字里行间找出苹果干了却没公之于众的事The operative bits:公告的节选内容如下:After more than 0 hours of investigation, we have discovered that certain celebrity s were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions… None of the cases we have investigated has resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud or Find my iPhone… To protect against this type of attack, we advise all users to always use a strong password and enable two-step verification.” (emphases mine)“在经历了0多个小时的调查后,我们发现,在这次针对性地破解用户名、密码和安全问题的攻击中,某些明星的账户被黑客盗用……目前调查过的此次受影响的账户,无一是因为iCloud或Find my iPhone等苹果系统的漏洞所致……为了保护用户免受类似的攻击,我们建议所有用户设置高强度密码,并激活两步验功能”(我的重点)“Breach” in this context is a term of art. If you think of the iCloud where Jennifer Lawrence stored her photos as a locked vault, someone got into it with the key (her login and password). They didn’t do the computer equivalent of sledgehammering through a wall or dropping in through the ceiling panels.文中的“漏洞”这个词用得很有艺术性如果你将詹妮弗o劳伦斯用来储存照片的iCloud账户看作上锁的保险箱,那么就是有人用钥匙(她的用户名和密码)直接闯了进去他们没有对电脑做类似于大锤破墙或是从天花板吊下来之类的举动What the company saying, in the technical language of Unix security, is that Lawrence got hacked, not Apple.从Unix安全领域的专业术语来看,苹果公司的声明等于是说:劳伦斯的账户被黑客破解了,这不关苹果的事“Protect” is also a little squishy. While Apple’s two-step verification is recommended, it’s not required, not that easy to install and from Apple’s point of view sends the wrong message about iCloud and the Internet: That it’s a dangerous place full of unsavory people.“保护”也有一些站不住脚尽管苹果推荐用户激活两步验功能,但并未就此做出硬性规定,而且安装相关工具也并不方便此外,苹果还传达了关于iCloud和互联网的错误信息:这是一个危险的地方,充满了讨厌的人Moreover, it’s not at all clear that two-step verification would have kept those R- and X-rated selfies from getting out. The dark corners of the Web are filled with guys with police-grade hacking tools who can, given an iCloud login and password, download just about anybody’s photo stream.此外,我们也不能完全肯定两步验能否防止那些R级和X级的自拍照流出网络的阴暗角落中,满是拥有警用级别的黑客工具的人,只要他们拿到了iCloud用户名和密码,就能下载任何人的照片流The issue, at heart, is to what extent Apple is responsible everything that happens on iCloud — not just to Hollywood celebrities, but to any user foolish enough to offer up their passwords to unsolicited e-mails from people they don’t know.问题的关键在于,苹果应当对iCloud上发生的这一切负多大责任——不仅是对这些好莱坞名流,还对所有那些不够聪明,将密码泄露给来路不明的陌生电子邮件的用户By accident or design, the issue has come to a head at the worst possible time Apple — a week bee a major media event at which Apple is expected to unveil a new payment system that depends on customers trusting the company to keep their money safe.不论是巧合还是有意,这一事件可能会让苹果面临最糟糕的时刻——马上苹果就将举行大型的媒体发布会,届时或许将推出新的付系统,但这得建立在顾客相信公司能够保他们财物安全的基础上“Worringly the general public,” s the kicker in typical nude-celebs-on-iCloud story, this one in the Daily Mail, “is how simple the posters make their privacy theft seem — and raises the frightening prospect that Apple’s iCloud used by millions is not safe anyone to store sensitive inmation on.”看看iCloud名流裸照泄露事件中的反对者怎么说吧,这一段来自《每日邮报(Daily Mail):“公众担忧的是自己隐私遭窃的事件被如此轻描淡写地带过了这让人们感到恐惧:拥有数百万用户的iCloud对任何人而言,都不是一个储存敏感信息的安全之处”Apple shares closed Wednesday at .9, down $.36 (.%) following Tuesday’s all-time high of .30.周三收盘时,苹果的股价为98.9美元,较之周二的最高价1.30美元下跌了.36美元 368金华割双眼皮哪家整形医院好Ylvismusic ;The Fox; raises a series of questions about pop culture. How can a of a guy wearing a fox suit singing ;wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow; get more than twelve million views on YouTube in less than a week?伊尔维萨克兄弟的音乐短片《狐狸之歌狐狸叫引出了一系列有关流行文化的问题穿着狐狸的歌手唱着“哇啪啪啪啪泡”,这样一个短片是怎么做到短短一周内在Youtube上的播放量超过0万的?Last fall, two Norwegian comedians, known as the Ylvis brothers, were scratching their heads to come up with ideas the new season of their TV show.去年秋天,挪威组合伊尔维萨克兄弟中的这两名搞笑歌手正在绞尽脑汁,为自己的节目寻求创意 some reason, the topic of conversation soon turned to the sounds of different animals. One brother asked the other: ;What does the fox say?;因为某些原因,谈话的主题突然变为了不同动物的叫声,其中一人问另一个:“狐狸到底是怎么叫的?”Without knowing it yet, he had posed the question that more than million people would ask themselves a couple of months later.他当时还不知道如何回答这个问题,但是这便是几个月后0多万网友想要问他们的问题After writing down what they believed to be a ;pretty funny; song about the sounds a fox makes, Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, 31 and , got in touch with the world-famous producers Stargate. The Ylvis brothers had done a mockumentary as a friend service one of the producers, and the deal was that they’d get a day in the studio in return.伊尔维萨克兄弟中的巴德31岁,维佳德岁写完这首有关狐狸叫声的歌曲,他们认为十分有趣,之后便与世界知名的制作人团队斯塔加特进行沟通伊尔维萨克兄弟曾为其中的一个制作人友情制作过一档伪纪录片,所以这次作为回报他们可以在录音室合作录制一天金华中心整形医院治疗痘坑多少钱

金华市妇女儿童医院专家在线提问金华背部抽脂哪家医院好时尚偶像剧《绯闻女孩即将在金秋回归荧屏,这部极受时下年轻人追捧的电视剧围绕着纽约上东区精英二代的感情纠葛展开故事线索,而时尚潮流一直是这部戏的另一看点  剧集在前段时间发布了第四季的预告片,透露了不少剧情发展线索,而两位千金大畅游时尚之都更是成为了最大的噱头,走马灯一般更换的造型与华自然又称为了一众“绯闻迷”所追逐的焦点,而其不少都是目前都没有上市设计师作品01.Leighton Meester had a showstopping moment in a dramatic Pre-Fall orange gown by Oscar de la Renta which looked good enough to eat.莉顿·梅斯特身上这件戏剧张力十足的曳地红裙是一向以雍容华贵风格著称的美国大设计师Oscarde la Renta在早秋系列中的经典之作 167浙江一院是正规医院吗?金华第五人民医院院长是谁

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