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金华假体隆胸哪家医院好浙江省金华第一人民医院属于几级医院Leaders Abortion in America Back in court社论精粹 美国堕胎问题 重返公堂It may poison the 2016 election, but the Supreme Court should strike down Texass restrictive abortion law堕胎问题的争论或许会阻碍2016年大选,但最高法院应该驳回德州的限制堕胎法案AS if next years presidential election were not shaping up to be contentious enough, the Supreme Court has picked 2016 to issue its most consequential ruling on abortion in 20 years.美国明年总统大选的争议似乎还不够,最高法院也来凑凑热闹,竟决定在2016年对堕胎问题做出20年来最重要的裁决。This will add fresh impetus to a cultural battle that has raged, unresolved, on Americas national stage for almost half a century.此举将为堕胎与反堕胎的论战注入新动力,这场文化道德斗争在美国国家政治舞台上活跃了将近半个世纪,愈演愈烈,至今仍悬而未决。That is regrettable.斗争虽令人遗憾,It is also necessary.但也是必要的。At issue is whether a law passed by the Texas legislature called HB2 is constitutional.现在问题的争议点在于德克萨斯州议会通过的一项名为HB2的法案是否符合宪法。The state has piled regulations on abortion clinics with the aim (so far rather successful) of closing them down.德州政府针对堕胎诊所颁布了大量政策条规,目的就在于整垮它们(目前战绩相当不错)。The number of such clinics in the state has dropped from 41 in 2012 to 18 at the last count.最新数据显示,德州的堕胎诊所数量由2012年的41间逐渐减至18间。If the court rules next year that HB2 is constitutional, that number will shrink further.如果明年最高法院判定HB2符合宪法条陈,那么诊所的数量将进一步锐减。Other states keen to restrict legal access to abortion would follow suit.其他热衷对堕胎实施法律约束的州将效仿此举。Aly there are four that have only one clinic for the whole state, making the legal termination of a pregnancy a right that exists in theory but not in practice.现在美国已经有四个州全州只有一个堕胎诊所,使得合法终止妊娠这一权利只空于理论,却无实践。A clear majority of Americans have, for decades, told pollsters that abortion should be legal in most cases.数十年来,绝大多数美国人告诉民意调查者们,在大多数情况下堕胎应该是合法的。More recently, a narrower majority has emerged for outlawing abortion after 20 weeks, with some exceptions.近来,微弱多数人认为20周以后堕胎违法,特殊情况除外。That position—access to abortion that is legal and unrestricted until late in the second trimester, with some restrictions thereafter—is not unlike the compromise reached in other countries.妊娠中期前堕胎是合法的,不受任何限制的,之后堕胎则有法律约束,这与其他国家在堕胎问题上的折中点是类似的。In more secular Britain abortion is banned after 24 weeks, with exceptions in cases where to continue the pregnancy would threaten the life of the mother, or where the child is likely to be severely disabled.英国更开化,规定怀24周以后禁止堕胎,除非继续妊娠会危及母亲生命或胎儿很可能会重度残疾。 译文属译生译世 /201603/431932兰溪市腿部脱毛价格 金华公立三甲整形医院做抽脂手术多少钱

浙江省金华市妇幼医院院长浙江省金华市二院院长 Argentinas debt阿根廷债务Lets not make a deal别签协议啦Argentina may spurn a chance to settle with its creditors阿根廷或将还债机会弃如敝履WHEN Argentina defaulted on its debt for the second time in 13 years last July, the government blamed a pesky clause in its contracts with bondholders. The so-called Rights Upon Future Offers (RUFO) clause was set to expire on December 31st, in theory opening the way to a settlement with bondholders who had refused Argentinas earlier offers of partial payment. A deal would make it easier to borrow dollars, which the country badly needs to pay for imports. But the president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, may spurn the opportunity.去年七月,阿根廷发生了十三年来的第二次债务违约,而政府却将这次违约归咎于与债权人签订的合同中的某项麻烦条款。由于之前债权人拒绝阿根廷部分偿还,这项本应于12月31日到期的“未来发行权利”(RUFO)条款理论上可以解决与债权人之间的债务问题。这项协议可以为阿根廷借入美元提供更多便利,有了美元,阿根廷就可以解决进口商品所使用货币的燃眉之急。不过,克里斯蒂娜·费尔南德斯·基什内尔总统却有可能将这一机会弃如敝履。After its previous default (in 2001) Argentina offered RUFO as a way to entice bondholders to swap the old debt for new bonds worth much less than the original ones. The clause says that any future deal offered to some bondholders would be extended to all of them. In 2012 a court in New York ruled that Argentina would have to pay in full the small minority of bondholders who refused the debt swap. These are mostly American hedge funds, which bought the bonds at a fraction of their face value. Argentina argued that complying with the court order would trigger billions in payments to all holders of bonds issued under New York law, and so chose to default. Since the courts ruling, its foreign-exchange reserves have dwindled to billion, less than needed to pay for six months imports. Low commodity prices mean that few dollars are flowing in.上次(2001年)债务违约后,阿根廷通过 RUFO 怂恿债券持有人进行债务掉期,也就是说用原先价格较低的旧债券交换价格较高的新债券。这一条款规定,合同签署后,政府和部分债券持有人达成的协议将适用于全体债券持有人。 2012年,纽约一家法院判定阿根廷政府应向拒绝债务掉期的少数债券持有人一次付清所有债务。后者主要是美国对冲基金,它们当初就是以远远低于面值的价格买入了阿根廷债券。阿根廷称,根据纽约法律,按法庭裁决行事将导致对债券持有人付高达数十亿的费用,于是便选择了违约。法院作出判决后,阿根廷外汇储备已缩减至300亿美元,甚至不足以付六个月的商品进口。较低物价意味着美元流入会更少。The government has responded by further restricting imports, which has led to shortages of supplies to factories and of some consumer goods. That is one reason why the economy is expected to shrink by around 1% in 2015. Debt payments during the year will siphon off some 40% of international reserves. In December Argentina tried to reduce that drain by offering holders of bonds due for repayment new securities that mature in 2024. The gambit failed miserably: just 4% of creditors volunteered to exchange their 2015 bonds.由于限制进口导致工厂供货和部分日用品出现了短缺,政府已对进一步限制进口做出了回应。这便是阿根廷经济增速预计将在2015年下跌1个百分点的原因之一。全年的债务将造成外汇储备流失40%。十二月时,阿根廷曾试图给债券持有人提供2024年到期的新债券,以避免本国外汇储备消耗过快。这项策略后以惨败告终:只有4%的债权人自愿用2015年债券进行兑换。Things are so desperate that the government will soon make an attractive offer to holdout bondholders, some observers believe. The expiration of the RUFO clause makes the cost bearable; the government would not have to make the same offer to the other bondholders.一些观察家认为,当前情况万分危急,政府不久就会制定出富有吸引力的政策来维系人心。这次RUFO条款期满后,违约成本尚可担负;但政府今后不会再和其他债券持有人签署同样的协议了。But that is a minority view. The real obstacles to paying off the holdouts have always been political rather than contractual, many think. Ms Fernández and her advisers demonised them as “vultures” and blamed them for many of Argentinas woes. To pay them now would be awkward, and the economic gains might be modest. Luis Secco of Perspectivas, a consulting firm, argues that turmoil in Venezuela, Russia and other emerging markets will make investors hesitant to lend to Argentina. Even if the government reaches an agreement with creditors, “it wont rain dollars,” he says.不过,这只是小部分人的看法。许多人认为,一直以来,政府无力清偿债务的真正原因都不是合同问题,而是各种政治方面的因素。在费尔南德斯总统及其幕僚那里,债券持有人遭到了妖魔化—这群“秃鹫”俨然成了阿根廷诸多灾难的罪魁祸首。现在就给他们还债听起来甚是荒唐,经济也可能只是适度增长。咨询公司 Perspectivas 的 Luis Secco 认为,委内瑞拉、俄罗斯以及其他新兴市场的混乱局面将使投资者对于收购阿根廷债券犹豫不决。即使政府同债权人达成了协议,“天上也不会掉美元,”他这样说。Besides, ask sceptics, why should Ms Fernández strike a bargain that would bring political benefits mainly to her successor? She will stand down as president after elections next October; none of the prospective candidates so far has her backing. The easiest course of action would be to hand off the debt fiasco to the next president—and let the economy pay the price.此外,怀疑人士还提出了一个问题:为什么费尔南德斯总统会签署一份政治利益主要荫泽后任的协议呢?过了明年十月,她就要从总统任上退休了;这些候选人里并无她所持的对象。最简单的做法就绕过债务泥潭,让下一任总统收拾烂摊子—代价就让经济来付吧。译者:王卓 译文属译生译世 /201501/352807金华人民医院的权威医生

浙江金华中医院看病贵吗Climate change气候变化Dealing with denial应对争议Americas concessions are more real than Chinas较之中国,美国作出更大让步FIVE years ago next month, disagreement between America and China, the worlds biggest greenhouse-gas emitters, scuppered the UNs Copenhagen climate-change conference. On November 11th Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping announced a deal on carbon emissions. This is welcome, with two caveats: China has not conceded much, and Congress will do its best to prevent America from delivering what the president has promised.五年前的十二月,世界最大的温室气体排放国—美国和中国,两国的分歧使联合国气候变化大会无果而终。11月11日,奥巴马总统与习近平总书记就碳排放问题宣布了一项协议。协议不可否认受到欢迎,但也存在两个隐患:中国并没有做出多大让步,同样美国国会将尽其所能阻止总统奥巴马兑现承诺。Because America is responsible for a far larger share of the greenhouse gases aly in the atmosphere than China, it was bound to accept sharper cuts. Even so, it has made big concessions. America had previously signed up to a cut of 17% below 2005 levels by 2020. This looks achievable because emissions are aly falling. The new agreement is for a 26-28% cut by 2025, which would require a doubling in the pace of cuts after 2020.由于大气中美国所排放的温室气体要远大于中国,它负有更多的责任,因而必定要承受更多的减排任务。即便如此,美国还是做出了重大让步。此前美国就签订协议在2020年前在2005年减排指标的基础上再减排17%。这不是无稽之谈,因为现在美国的碳排放已经在下降。新的减排协议要求在2025年前实现26%-28%的减排任务,这将要求美国在2020年之后加速减排的步伐,估计是以前减排步伐的两倍。China has agreed that its emissions will peak in 2030, and that the percentage of non-fossil fuels in its energy consumption will rise to 20% by 2030. Just getting a date out of the Chinese is an achievement, but American negotiators had been aiming for 2025. More important, the date the Chinese have agreed to may not be so different from what would have happened without a deal. Earlier this year He Jiankun of Tsinghua University reckoned that Chinas carbon emissions would peak by “around 2030”, as economic growth is slowing and urbanisation will have mostly run its course by then.中国同一在2030年其减排行动将达到顶峰,截止2030年,中国非化石燃料能源占能源消费比重的百分比将增至20%。中国能给出一个具体的时间就是一场胜利,然而美国谈判专家想要中国将时间提前至2025年。更重要的是,中国所同意的时间表在没有协议的情况下基本可以说形同虚设。今年年初,清华大学的专家何建坤称中国的碳减排将在2030年达到顶峰,那时候中国的经济增长已经趋缓,城市化进程也趋于完善。The agreement gives both sides plenty of wriggle room, referring to the countries “best efforts” and their intentions to reach their targets. Because it is not a treaty, it does not have to be ratified by Congress. But for America to meet its new targets, both Congress and the Supreme Court would have to leave the federal governments current efforts to cut carbon emissions, which involve issuing regulations under the Clean Air Act, well alone.就两国会尽最大的努力以及他们达成减排目标的意愿来看,该协议为两国都留有较大余地。因为这仅仅只是一份协议而不是公约,它不需要经过国会的批准。但是美国要想达成其新目标,国会和最高法院就必须不管联邦政府现在对碳排放所作出的努力,这包括在清洁空气法案之下制定相关法规。Those efforts are in the hands of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which many Republicans would like to abolish altogether. The Republican majority in the House of Representatives has aly made it clear that it would like to roll back greenhouse-gas regulations issued by the EPA; the new Republican Senate will probably agree.而实现这些努力措施的决定权掌握在环境保护局手中,但是共和党人却都想废止这些行动。众议院中共和党中的绝大多数人明确表示将会退回换将保护局发行的温室气体规定,新的共和党众议员很可能会同意。Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, comes from Kentucky, a coal-producing state, and has aly attacked the deal. “This unrealistic plan, that the president would dump on his successor, would ensure higher utility rates and far fewer jobs,” he said. Senator Jim Inhofe, who is likely to head the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, has called climate change “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people”, and compared the EPA to the Gestapo.参议院的共和党领导人明奇·麦康奈尔,来自产煤之州肯塔基,已经在攻击该协议。他宣称:“这是一个不切实际的计划,是奥巴马甩给继任者的烂摊子,将会增加公共事业费率而大大减少就业岗位”。参议院吉姆·英霍夫,很有可能会成为参议院环境与公共事业委员会的一把手,称气候变化是“降临到美国人民身上最大的骗局”,并将环境保护局比作盖世太保。译者:占文英 译文属译生译世 /201411/342719 I am so happy to meet you,they showed me this several days ago能见到你太开心了 前几天有人给我看了这个视频And I was like,please,can we have him on the show,can I meet him.我当时就是说 可以请他上节目吗 我可以采访他吗What an inspiring story that is.Okay.So take us to that day,the accident,What were you doing and what cause this多么让人振奋的故事啊 给我们讲讲事故当天的事吧 当时你在做什么 怎么发生的Oh,first may I thank you,Its so good to be here.You know how excited I am.Thanks a lot,Its excited to have you首先 十分感谢 能来这里太棒了 我真的是非常激动 很高兴你能来Yeah,It was about eight years ago that I was coaching at Silver Star,there freestyle club there大约八年前 当时我在银之星俱乐部做教练 那是一个自由式滑雪俱乐部And ended up doing a speed check,about 3 quarter of the way up the end run to this big jump那次做速度检测 导致了过高的跳跃Its like,I dont know,12 feet tall and 15 feet back from the landing hill大概有三米半高 距离着陆点四米And that wasnt enough speed from where I had assumed would be good,so I went to the very top开始速度不够 没有达到我的预期 所以我从最高点开始滑And felt like I was going a bit fast when I started,but I thought,you know maybe as I got down to the transition and off the jump,Speed would be right而且起步有点儿快了 但我想 到了过渡坡的时候再跳 速度应该刚好But ended up overshooting the landing hill,over-rotating the trick可最终跳得太远了 做技巧翻过头了How high were you about,like?They told me about 10 stories.Ten stories in the air?Ten stories当时跳了有多高 大概十层楼吧 在空中十层楼 十层楼那么高How many stories,I dont know,what youre supposed to be when you do that trick,eight,four stories我不知道几层 正常情况下应该跳多高 八层还是四层楼那么高You should be two or three stories to the landing hill and I just took it way too far 应该是两到三层楼 当时跳得实在太高了and missed the landing hill completely,landing in the flats at the bottom完全飞出了着陆的区域 落到了山底的平地Wow,ok,so you knew when you were in the air,uh,oh right?Thats when you realize是不是在空中的时候你就发觉 啊哦 糟了No,I realize in the transition.It was uh,oh,when I was in the air,It was like oh,no.还在过渡的时候就发现了 心里啊哦一下 等到了空中 我觉得 哦 死定了 /201609/465155金华市丽都医院是公立金东区妇女医院正规吗



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