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Have you heard about Jon Birger#39;s book Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game? In it Birger applies economic rules to the business of dating.你读过Jon Birger的书--《约会经济学:约会如何变成一项失衡的弈》吗?在书中,Birger将经济学原理应用到了约会中。You may think that romance and economics should be separate and that money should not play a part in love. Well, you might well be right, but only up to a certain extent.可能你认为浪漫不应与经济相提并论,金钱在爱情面前无足轻重。好吧,可能你是对的,但是仅限于特定范围。Money should not determine who you fall in love with (if it does you might find the marriage less satisfying in the years down the line) but the rules of economics, simple supply and demand actually translate very accurately, and indeed scarily so into the world of dating.金钱不应该决定你会爱上谁(如果是这样,那你可能会发现之后几年的婚姻满意度会很低),但是实际上,经济学中简单的供求关系就能准得可怕地解释约会这件事。We all know that a premium attaches to a scarce resource but what are the scarce resources when it comes to love? Roses? Chocolates? No, it turns out that the scarce resources in modern day dating are college educated men!我们都知道,资源短缺与价格上涨密不可分,那么如果是爱情中的资源短缺呢?玫瑰?巧克力?不不不,事实明,在现代的约会中,所缺乏的资源是受过大学教育的小伙子!This means that if you want to meet the man of your dreams and get that diamond ring on your finger you are going to be facing some very stiff competition; in New York, for example, the number of single straight women is more than double the number of single straight men.意思是如果你想遇到梦中的白马王子并与他白头偕老,那么你将要面对一些非常残酷的竞争;比如说,在纽约,单身直女的数量是单身直男数量的两倍还多。This is where economics comes in. When a traditional resource is scarce (gold for example) enterprising prospectors search for new sources of the product.这个时候经济学就派上用场了。当一种传统资源稀缺(以金矿为例)的时候,野心勃勃的勘探者就会寻找该产品的新来源。They spend time and effort exploring untapped regions and, if they are lucky they hit the motherlode.他们花费时间和努力探索未开发的地区,如果运气足够好,那么他们会恰好找到主矿脉。In his book on the subject, Date-Onomics, finance and tech guru Jon Birger has set out clearly and succinctly exactly what young college educated women today need to do to maximize your chances of making a success of your dating dreams and beating your contemporaries in the race to the altar.书中关于约会经济学这一话题,经济和技术达人Jon Birger清晰而准确地阐述了当代受过大学教育的年轻女性应该如何提高与理想对象约会的成功率并且在走向婚姻殿堂的竞赛中击败对手。Here, in this article we have summarized his 10 key points for you. Is it really true that if you#39;re over 35 and unmarried you#39;re more likely to be killed by terrorists than get married? Probably.在今天的文章中,我们为你总结了Jon Birger的十大观点。难道35岁依然未婚的你真的比已婚人士更容易被恐怖分子杀害?可能吧。But if you#39;re under 25, college educated and looking for a college educated man your chances are even worse! Keep ing.但是,如果你还未满25岁,接受过大学教育,而且正在寻找一位受过同样教育的小伙子,那么你的处境更加危险!接着读下去吧。10.Don#39;t Be Intimidating10.不要咄咄逼人Think about some of the unattached, college educated women that you know in their 30s and 40s. What do they have in common?想想你认识的那些30和40岁的高学历单身女性,她们都有哪些共同特点?The chances are that they are smart, beautiful and successful in their chosen careers. These women should be a premium product. They should have been snapped up by eligible men when they were much younger, so why are they still single?很可能在所处的行业中,她们都聪明能干、美丽大方并且事业有成。她们都是优秀女性的代表。理论上应该早就被那些条件合格的小伙子们盯上了,那为什么她们仍然单身呢?Some women suffer from being just too attractive. This is known as the #39;Carol Syndrome#39; after the mathematical explanation that explains the phenomenon.一些女性正是吃了太吸引人的苦头。这就是得通过数学建模来解释这一现象的“卡罗尔综合症”。When men see a very attractive single woman they assume that a lot of other men will be interested in her and that their chances of rejection are therefore very high. For that reason they never bother approaching her.当男人看到一位很吸引人的单身女性的时候,他们会假定还有许多其他的男人也对她感兴趣,那么自己被拒的可能性就会很高。因此他们从来不会费劲去接近她。This also causes problems for very intelligent women.这也给这些的聪明女人带来了困扰。If you are too successful you will also be seen as unreachable and unobtainable by the men who are interested in long term relationships as these men often have low self-esteem compared with the lotharios who are easier to meet.如果你太成功了,那么你就会被那些想要长期稳定情感关系的男性看作是遥不可及的,因为相比那些交友广泛的,这种男人一般比较容易自卑。In locations such as New York the number of women vastly outnumbers the men available to date them.在诸如纽约这类城市,女性的数量比可供她们约会的男性的数量多得多。Here men can get everything they want (casual sex is often high on the agenda) relatively easily due to the high numbers of women in the city they are not going to want to bother with women who are challenging to talk to and date or those they perceive are so attractive that they might be rejected.男人在这里可以得到他们想要的一切(日程表中的随意性行为比率很高)。相对而言,这很容易归结于城市中他们不想去搭讪的女性数量太多,与这些女性聊天或者约会实在是一大挑战或者他们认为自己极有可能被拒因而放弃了努力。The moral of the story – if you just want to hook up don#39;t be too difficult to talk to or spend time with.这是一个道德故事——如果只是想搭讪,那么不要让人感觉你难以交流和相处。If you want a long term relationship leading to marriage you should not sell yourself short or act stupid just to attract a mate (any one worth having will want you for you) but you should be approachable and easy to talk to.如果想要一段以结婚为目的的恋爱,那么你就不能妄自菲薄或者靠装傻来吸引异性(任何一个你都值得被拥有)。You should also make an effort to approach men so that they know you are interested in them rather than assuming you would reject them.当然你应该易于接近和交流。你应该努力去接近男性,那样他们才知道你对他们感兴趣,而不单单是自己默默猜测你可能会拒绝他们。9.Make Foreign Friends9.交外国朋友The phenomenon of the rise of female enrolment in college is not unique to the US but it is particularly pronounced here in America. In the US in 2012 34% more women graduated from college than men in the same cohort.大学女生的数量日益增长的现象并不只是美国独有,但确实在美洲尤其明显。2012年,美国同批毕业女大学生数量比男生多34%。This imbalance is obvious in older generations and therefore spills over post-college as well.这种不平衡在老一辈中很明显并且因此而波及到刚毕业的大学生。This means that women are competing in a difficult market with, in some cases, two or more college educated woman chasing every single college educated man. This imbalance is not the same everywhere.这意味着女性在一种极其艰难的市场环境中竞争,换句话说,每一位受过大学教育的单身小伙子会被两个甚至更多同等学历姑娘追求。而这种失衡的现象并不是处处都存在的。In China, for example, the gender imbalance is reversed with 120 boys born for every 100 girls. Bearing in mind that the people from other countries who come to work at high level jobs in the US tend to be from the wealthier and more cosmopolitan parts of society; cultivating foreign students and friends from abroad will ensure that you have an opportunity to meet with a broad range of eligible men.比如说,在中国,性别失衡体现在每出生100个女孩就会出生120个男孩。从其他国家来到美国从事高水平工作的人通常都是来自于更富有的、见识更广的一部分社会群体,记住这个然后去结识外国学生和来自五湖四海的朋友,这会确保你有机会遇到一大批符合要求的男性。Of course whether their social culture and customs are ones that you will be happy with are another issue and one for you to consider very carefully if and when you end up dating someone from abroad.当然是否适应他们的社会文化和习俗是另外一个问题了,当你决定结束一段跨国恋情的时候要想清楚了。8.Study A Traditionally #39;Male#39; Subject8.学一门传统的“男性”课程The gender gap in our colleges has become a real problem with social ramifications for both the men and the women attending these institutions.在我们学院性别差距已经成了一个真正的社会问题,工科学院的男女比例严重失衡。From the early 1980s more women than men have graduated college and this trend is set to get worse.20世纪80年代初,大学毕业的女性人数比男性多,并且这种现象每况愈下。Students in colleges with more women than men such as Sarah Lawrence in New York tend to live in a #39;hook up#39; culture which regards relationships as transient and women as disposable.女性比男性多的院校,如纽约的沙拉劳伦斯学院趋向于一种“风流”文化,它把男女关系看作是短暂的寻欢作乐,把女性当玩具对待。Majority male colleges such as Cal-Tech tend to be more traditional. It is not unknown for couples to meet up in freshman year and continue their relationship throughout their time in college.而大多数男子学院如加州理工学院则更传统:可以确定的是,很多情侣在大一相遇,然后相恋整个大学时光。If you are at the stage of your life where you are considering what courses to study you might want to consider enrolling on one with a traditional male bias.如果你正处于考虑到底学习哪门课程阶段,可能你会选择一门传统男性有偏见的课程。This will ensure that you spend your day to day life in the company of men and can get to know them as individuals away from the bar scene.你选择的课程将决定你日常耗费多少时间与男性为伴,你也会从中发现男性的生活不存在性别歧视。It also makes it more likely that you will work in a male dominated industry and therefore that you will continue to be exposed to men in a beneficial environment.这门课程也可能使你以后更多就业在男性占主导地位的行业,所以你会一直处于男性有利的环境里。A nursing degree is far more likely to leave you knowing only a handful of men compared with enrolment in a more typically male field like engineering where only 16% of all US majors are female.与典型的男性专业如工程专业相比(全美攻读男性专业的女性仅占16%),护理学毕业的你可能认识的男生更少。You may not end up dating (and may not want to) the men on your course or from your office but they will have friends and you will have a larger pool of eligible men to choose from.你可能没有(也或许不想)和同专业或同办公室的男性交往过,但他们有很多朋友,你也因此有更多合适的男性资源可供选择。 /201609/465691

The Origin of Setting Off Firecrackers爆竹的起源Setting off firecrackers is one of the most popular customs in the Spring Festival celebration. The crackles of firecrackers will burst reverberating across the heavens the moment the clock strikes twelve on New Year#39;s Eve. Firecrackers are also set off when people pay New Year calls and offer New Year sacrifices to their ancestors. The firecracker is also known as the bamboo-cracker, which is linked with a tale. According to Shen Yi Jing( Classic of Rare Gods)by Dongfang Shuo( 154-93B. C.),a writer in the Western Han Dynasty,a group of odd people,a little more than a feet tall,lived in the high mountains of west China in ancient times. Naked,they lived on shrimps and crabs and often stole salt from villagers#39; houses to spice their food. These odd people would make villagers run a fever if the latter encountered them. They feared nothing but the crackles produced by burning bamboo tubes. Hence villagers resorted to burning bamboo tubes to threaten them away. Thinking the way magical,later people burned bamboo tubes on New Year#39;s Eve, supposed to exorcise all evil spirits. In the Song Dynasty people began to set off firecrackers filled with gunpowder, instead of burning bamboo tubes,on New Year#39;s Eve. Now,firecrackers are set off more for heightening the festive air than for the original purpose.燃放鞭炮是在春节最流行的庆祝活动之一。鞭炮劈啪声会使整个天空回荡当钟在除夕12点敲响的那一刻。当人们拜年或祭祀他们的祖先时也鞭炮。爆竹也被称为竹筒,这与一个故事联系在一起。据沈易经(经典稀的有神)由西汉作家东方朔(154-93B。℃。)所写,一群奇怪的一英尺多高的人,住在中国古代的西部高山上。裸体,他们以吃虾蟹为生,经常从村民的家里偷盐来调味他们的食物。这些奇怪的人会使最后遇到他们的人发烧。他们什么都不怕,除了用燃烧竹筒制成的爆竹。因此,村民们使出燃烧竹筒来威胁他们离开。因为这神奇的思维方式,后来人们在除夕燃烧竹筒来驱除所有的恶灵。在宋代人们在除夕开始使用有火药的鞭炮而不是燃烧竹筒。现在,鞭炮把节日气氛衬托得比原来更为浓重。 /201611/474532

Unlike a field trip to a candy factory or a deep-fried-food festival, there are usually lots of good options to choose from at a backyard barbeque.! Here are a few tips to keep your barbeque calorie-friendly.与到糖果工厂考察或油炸食品节不同的是,通常在后院烧烤是很好的选择。这里有一些技巧可以帮助你均衡烧烤时的卡路里。Be Picky With Finger Food 当心小点心A potential problem with barbeques is that they revolve around food—the party is even named after a style of cooking! Pre-meal finger foods like chips and dip or cheese and crackers might be tempting, but the calories in those nibbles add up fast, especially since it#39;s so easy to lose count of how much you#39;ve had.烧烤的一个潜在的问题是,他们以食物为中心,这种聚会甚至以烹饪风格命名!饭前小点心如土豆片、很诱人的蘸奶酪的饼干,但在那些小点心中卡路里热量会很快增加,特别是很容易记不清你吃了多少。Your Best Barbeque Bets 你最好的烧烤赌注The barbeque grill itself is pretty diet-friendly—you get lots of smoky flavor without any additional calories.烧烤架本身很适合节食--除了得到浓浓的烟熏味,没有任何额外的卡路里。Bring a Dish 拿一个碟子Want to be the most popular person at the party and ensure you#39;ve got something smart to chew? Cook up a healthy recipe. And don’t shy away from bringing some food to throw on the grill. Skewers are the perfect thing to prepare at home and cook at the party.想在聚会上想成为最受欢迎的人,并且确保你有合适的食物吃吗?准备一个健康的食谱。大方地将一些食物放在烤架上烤。不管在家或聚会上烹饪,烤串都是很好的选择。Slim Down Your Sauces 少放酱汁Sauces can be surprisingly high in fat and calories. The last thing you want to do is eat 200 calories worth of condiments when you could be eating a 200-calorie grilled-cheese sandwich, so be mindful of your toppings.在高脂肪和卡路里含量上,酱汁出奇的高。你想做的最后一件事是,当你正在吃200卡路里的铁板奶酪三明治时,实际上吃了200卡路里的调味品,所以注意你的馅料。Get Active With Games 积极的参加游戏There’s a good chance you’re in for some sunshine and outdoor events. Get the partygoers together for a game of volleyball, touch football, kickball, or even some old-fashioned tag. You’ll be avoiding the finger foods and getting in some exercise沐浴阳光和户外活动可能是好的选择。和朋友在一起玩排球、触身式橄榄球、踢球等游戏,甚至一些老式的游戏。你会避免吃到很多小点心,并且还能锻炼身体。译文属 /201611/476229

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