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Taliban suicide car bombers struck a police convoy in the Afghan capital, Kabul, Thursday, with reports saying at least 30 security personnel were killed.塔利班星期四在阿富汗首都喀布尔对一个警察车队发动自杀汽车炸弹袭击,据报至0名保安人员丧生。The convoy was transporting cadets and trainers when it came under attack. Afghan officials confirmed there were back-to-back blasts.袭击发生时,车队正在运送军校学员和训练生。阿富汗官方实,炸弹爆炸接连发生。Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Seddiqi said authorities were gathering details and promised to share them soon.阿富汗内政部发言人沙迪克称,当局正在搜集细节,并承诺将尽快公布。Eyewitnesses told VOA they saw police personnel evacuating dead and wounded.目击者告诉美国之音,他们看到警方人员疏散安置死伤人员。The Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing. In a statement sent to reporters, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-filed car into the convoy.塔利班宣称对此次袭击负责。在一份送给记者的声明中,塔利班发言人穆贾希德称,一名自杀炸弹攻击者开着装满炸药的汽车撞向警察车队。Mujahid added, a second bomber then struck police officers who had gathered around the site of the first blast. He claimed the attacks killed dozens of Afghan security personnel.穆贾希德补充说,第二名攻击者随后袭击了聚集在第一次爆炸现场的警方人员。他说,袭击炸死数十名阿富汗安保人员。来 /201607/452394



  European Union leaders said Tuesday they have reached a possible deal with Ankara to return thousands of migrants to Turkey, and that they are confident a full agreement can be reached at a summit next week.欧盟领导人星期二说,他们已就将数以千计的移民送回土耳其的问题跟安卡拉达成初步协议,并相信在下周举行的峰会上能达成全面协议。After months of disagreements and increasing bickering among the 28 EU nations, the leaders said they agreed to give Turkey more money to help refugees, swiftly ease visa requirements for Turks and speed up Ankaras accession talks in exchange for its help in stemming migration flows to Europe.欧盟28个成员国数月来围绕移民危机一直存在分歧,争执不断加剧。欧盟领导人说,他们同意向土耳其提供更多资金来帮助难民,迅速采取措施,放松对土耳其公民签的要求,加快土耳其加入欧盟的谈判,以此换取土耳其的帮助,制止涌向欧洲的移民潮。All eyes now are on March 17 and the start of a two-day summit to finalize the commitment and agree on a deal that the leaders hope will allow for a return to normalcy at their borders by the end of the year.目前的关注焦点是37日即将召开的两天峰会,会议期间将最后敲定有关协议,欧盟领导人希望,该协议能让他们的边境地区在今年年底之前恢复常态。Turkey, which is sheltering an estimated 2.7 million Syrians, was reported to be asking for an extra .3 billion from the EU, roughly twice the amount aly pledged by the 28-member bloc.土耳其业已接纳了约270万叙利亚难民。据报道,土耳其要求欧盟再提3亿美元,这个数额是欧盟已承诺提供援助的两倍。来 /201603/430086

  Why is America so alarmed by Brexit? Lest the er be in doubt, remind yourself of this. Never before has a sitting US president visited a fellow democracy in a bid to sway an election. Nor, until now, have 13 former US secretaries of state and defence risked addressing a letter to a foreign electorate with the same motive. Ditto eight former Treasury secretaries and five former supreme commanders of Nato. Not only has the US establishment broken its non-interference rule over Brexit, it is stamping on its smithereens. If we did not know better, it might seem the UK was uniquely important to the future of the world.美国为什么对英国退欧如此惊慌?为避免读者生疑,提醒你自己这一点。在此之前,从未有过在任美国总统为影响一场投票而出访兄弟民主国家,也从未有3名美国前国务卿和国防部长以同样动机冒险给外国选民写信。这样做的还名前财政部长以及5名北Nato)前最高指挥官。美国的体制内人士不仅在英国退欧问题上打破了不干涉原则,还在上面踩上一脚。如果我们不懂的话,我们还以为英国真的对世界的未来具有独特的重要性。Seductive though that thought may be particularly for a Brit living in Washington there is a domestic subtext that can be summarised in two words: Donald Trump. If the British are foolish enough to leave Europe, perhaps Americans are crazy enough to elect Mr Trump. Of course, no one would claim a causal link between what happens in Britain on June 23 and the US presidential election in November. Most American voters have never heard of Brexit. Nor would most feel strongly either way if they had.尽管这种想法或许诱人——尤其是对居住在华盛顿的英国人而言——但美国国内有个两个词的潜台词:唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)。如果英国人愚蠢到选择脱离欧洲,也许美国人真会疯狂到选举特朗普当总统。当然,没人会断言英国63日的退欧公投结果与11月的美国总统大选之间存在因果关系。多数美国选民从未听说过英国退欧。即使听说了,他们中多数人对公投结果也会无动于衷。Yet there are sufficient echoes to trouble America’s besieged elites. In much the same way US music companies test products in the British market, or TV production companies simply borrow what works, the Brexit referendum has become a trial balloon for the health of western democracy. Think of The Office, that dystopian Slough-set comedy that captivated British viewers. Not long after, the US Scranton-based version pulled off a similar hit. For decades, US and UK political trends have tracked each other. Margaret Thatcher swept to power in 1979, the year before Ronald Reagan was elected president. Bill Clinton’s New Democrats paved the way in 1992 for Tony Blair’s New Labour five years later.然而,两件事之间存在足够的回声,让已经被特朗普搞得焦头烂额的美国精英感到不安。就像美国音乐公司在英国市场测试产品,或是电视制作公司借用成功的节目模式一样,英国退欧公投已成为西方民主政体健康状况的试探气球。想想《办公室风云The Office),这部场景设在斯劳市(Slough)的反乌托邦喜剧迷住了英国观众。不久之后,美国以宾西法尼亚州斯克兰顿市(Scranton)为背景的翻拍版本同样掀起了收视热潮。几十年来,美英两国的政治趋势相互追随979年,玛格丽特#8226;撒切Margaret Thatcher)在英国上台执政,一年后,罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)当选美国总统。比#8226;克林Bill Clinton)的新民主党人(New Democrats)992年为5年后托尼#8226;布莱Tony Blair)的新工党(New Labour)开辟了道路。The demographic parallels between those backing Brexit and Mr Trump’s supporters are too close to ignore almost eerily so. Their motives are equally simplistic. Leaving Europe is to Brexiters what building a wall with Mexico is to Trumpians a guillotine on the cacophonous multiculturalism of 21st-century life. From an empirical point of view, Mr Trump’s beautiful wall is no different to the splendid isolation of Boris Johnson, the leading Brexit campaigner: both are reckless illusions. From a poetic standpoint, however, they offer a clean solution to the alienations of the postmodern society. Winston Churchill joked that Britain and America were divided by a common language. Today blue-collar whites on both sides of the Atlantic are speaking in the same idiom. They both yearn for the certainties of a lost age.持退欧的群体在人口结构上与特朗普持者如此相近(这一点近乎诡异),令人无法忽视。他们的动机也同样简单化。脱离欧盟之于退欧派就像在美墨边境修筑隔离墙之于特朗普的持者——与21世纪喧闹多元文化的生活现实决裂。从实角度看,特朗普的壮丽隔离墙与退欧阵营灵魂人物鲍里斯#8226;约翰Boris Johnson)描绘的“光辉孤立”景象并无不同:两者都是鲁莽的痴想。然而,从诗意角度看,他们为后现代社会的疏远提供了一种干脆的解决办法。温斯顿#8226;丘吉Winston Churchill)曾开玩笑说,英美两国被共同的语言割裂。如今,大西洋两岸的蓝领白人操着同样的惯用语。他们都渴望另一个时代的确定性。Both also rely on the specious legalese of their plutocratic champions. Mr Johnson wants to liberate the UK from an often fictitious web of European regulations. Mr Trump insists he is opposed only to illegal Hispanics. Legal ones are apparently welcome. Their true appeal, however, is based on nationalist populism. Both can legitimately point to the hypocrisy of the elites they campaign against. Mr Cameron vowed to cap net UK immigration at 100,000 a year a promise he failed to keep. Successive US administrations have promised to enforce America’s borders before offering amnesty. As a test of market conditions, Britain’s contest between elite hypocrisy and populist sincerity could not be bettered.这两个群体也都依赖各自有钱有势的领导者口中似是而非的法律措辞。约翰逊希望将英国从欧洲法规的蛛网(大部分是虚构的)中解脱出来。特朗普坚称,他反对的只是非法的西语裔移民。依法移民美国的显然受欢迎。然而,他们真正的吸引力建立在民族主义和民粹主义基础上。他们指出精英阶层的虚伪,在这一点上他们是站得住脚的。卡梅伦曾誓言将每年流入英国的净移民人数控制0万人以内,但他未能兑现这一承诺。历届美国行政当局都承诺加强边境管控,但搞到最后都宣布大赦。就测试市场行情而言,英国在精英虚伪与民粹主义真诚之间的较量堪称一绝。Then there is the future of the west. On his UK visit in April, Barack Obama made an eloquent pitch for Britain’s role in Europe. He reminded Britons that the vision of a united Europe was conceived by Churchill as a means to prevent a recurrence of humanity’s two bloodiest wars. There was a grander context, even romance, to the President’s words that Mr Cameron could never emulate. Britain’s prime minister has spent too long denigrating Europe and validating the concerns of those against immigration to make a positive case, which is why he asked Mr Obama to do it for him. It is worth noting that Mr Cameron hired Jim Messina, the manager of Mr Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, to help make his fear-based economic case against Brexit; even the product managers are interchangeable.还有就是对西方未来的担忧。今月访问英国期间,巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)有力捍卫了英国在欧洲的作用。他提醒英国人,欧洲统一的愿景最初是丘吉尔想出来的,为的是防止人类历史上最血腥的两次大战重演。美国总统把自己的演讲放在宏大的背景下,甚至带有一丝浪漫,这是卡梅伦永远模仿不出来的。英国首相用了太长时间诋毁欧洲——并且肯定那些反移民人士的担忧——以至于他无法用“正能量”阐述留欧的逻辑,这就是他为什么请奥巴马出面为他说话。值得注意的是,卡梅伦聘请了奥巴马2012年连任竞选经理吉#8226;麦西Jim Messina),帮他策划反对退欧的基于恐慌的经济理由;美英之间就连“产品经理”也是可以互换的。Beyond doing a favour for a friend, Mr Obama had larger motives. Washington’s elites rightly fear that Brexit could spark a chain reaction that could lead to the disintegration of the EU. That, in turn, could trigger the collapse of the transatlantic alliance. US global power has always been magnified by the strength of its alliances. The self-inflicted isolation of America’s closest European ally could be the start of a great unravelling.除了为朋友帮忙,奥巴马还有更大的动机。华盛顿的精英阶层有理由担忧,英国退欧可能引发连锁反应,最终导致欧盟解体。这进而可能引发跨大西洋联盟的解体。美国的全球实力一直得到其强大同盟的放大。作为与美国关系最密切的欧洲盟友,英国自我强加的孤立可能意味着一场大解体的开始。Here, too, Mr Trump plays the ghost at the banquet. For the first time since Nato was formed, the US is fielding a presidential candidate who would be indifferent to the demise of the military alliance. Moreover, Mr Trump stands alone among US public figures in supporting Britain’s exit from the EU. “Oh yeah, I think they should leave,he said recently. He added that it would be Britain’s decision to make alone. The latter was true enough. But Mr Trump’s insouciance crystallised what troubles Washington. There are points in history when all that is solid melts into air. Will 2016 be one of those moments?在这方面,特朗普同样扮演了宴会上的幽灵的角色。特朗普是自北约成立以来首位对这一军事同盟的存亡漠不关心的总统候选人。此外,在美国的公众人物中,只有特朗普持英国退出欧盟。特朗普最近称:“噢,是的,我认为他们应该离开。”他补充说,那应该是英国自己的决定。后半句说的没错。但特朗普漫不经心的态度凸显了华盛顿的不安心情。历史上多次出现过貌似坚固的东西一下子烟消云散的时刻016年会成为那些时刻之一吗? /201606/449280





  Chinese retail investors may be able to dream of Picasso while hanging share certificates on their walls.中国散户投资者或许将可以在把股票挂在墙上的同时,做一做毕加索(Picasso)的梦。A Singapore-based Chinese billionaire investor, who this year acquired stakes in peer-to-peer group Lending Club, Legg Mason, the fund manager and Sotheby’s, has proposed “securitisingthe artist’s work to create fractional ownership and tap a wider market in Asia.居住在新加坡的中国亿万富豪投资者陈天桥提议将艺术家的作品“券化”,以创建部分所有权,并挖掘亚洲的更广泛市场。今年,陈天桥曾入股P2P集团Lending Club、基金管理公司美Legg Mason)和苏富比(Sothebys)。Chen Tianqiao and his wife Chrissy Luo, co-founders of investment group Shanda, floated the idea to Sotheby’s chief executive that the auction house could enlarge its base of Chinese buyers by creating shares in artworks.陈天桥和盛大(Shanda)投资集团共同创始人、他的妻子雒芊芊(Chrissy Luo)向苏富比首席执行官提出,这家拍卖行可以通过创建艺术品的股票,来扩大其中国买家群体。“The Picasso painting is 0m,Mr Chen says. “No one can pay that unless you are a billionaire. How [about] if we securitise to 100m shares and each share is ? If you buy 100 shares of each Picasso painting, that will be a portfolio for Picasso.”陈天桥表示:“毕加索的画作是1亿美元。除非是亿万富翁,没人付得起这么多钱。如果我们把它券化亿股、每美元会怎么样?如果你买下毕加索每幅画作00股,就构成了一个毕加索的投资组合。”The investors would profit if the artwork rose in value, Mr Chen adds.陈天桥还说,作品只要一升值,投资者就会盈利。The couple, who founded online gaming and books group Shanda Interactive Entertainment in 1999, say they can be pioneers in investment leading more of China’s private wealth overseas. 1999年,陈天桥夫妻俩创立了网络游戏和网络图书集团——盛大互动有限公Shanda Interactive Entertainment)。两人表示,他们可能是投资领域的带头人,从而引领更多中国私人财富走向海外。While Shanda, which has bn in net assets under management, sold its 2 per cent stake in Sotheby’s in August, it is now attempting to direct its innovative investment approach to other companies, mainly in the financial sector.盛大目前管理的净资产0亿美元。尽管该公司在今月已经转让了手中持有的苏富比2%的股份,但该集团正试图将其创新的投资模式导向以金融产业为主的其他企业。The Singapore-based company has a 15.13 per cent stake in US group Lending Club making it the single biggest investor and a 9.9 per cent stake in Legg Mason, acquired in April. It also has accumulated a 13.8 per cent holding in US hospital operator Community Health Systems.这个总部驻新加坡的公司持有美国Lending Club集团15.13%的股份(这让该公司成为后者的最大投资者),还曾在今年4月收购美.9%的股什?此外,它还累积了美国医院运营商——社区卫生系统公Community Health Systems) 13.8%股份。The group is now looking to raise its stake in Legg Mason to 15 per cent, the two companies have said. Mr Chen will by June join the board of the US-listed asset manager as vice-chairman and will lead Shanda’s efforts to assist Legg Mason in building its brand in China.该集团和美盛共同表示,盛大正寻求增持美盛股份5%。陈天桥将最迟在2017月以副董事长的身份加入这家在美国上市的资产管理公司的董事会,并将领导盛大帮助美盛打造其在华品牌的努力。“The globalisation of the renminbi will happen,Mr Chen says. “More and more Chinese money will come to the market.陈天桥表示:“人民币将会全球化。越来越多的中国资金将进入市场。”But the ups and downs of equities markets make potential Chinese investors anxious, he says, so first they have to conquer their fears: “Once they move the asset offshore, their mindset is to try to keep the asset safe.不过,他还表示,股市的波动令潜在的中国投资者十分焦虑,因此他们首先需要征恐惧感:“一旦把资产移至境外,他们的想法将是努力确保资产安全。”Mr Chen cites Lending Club’s A and B grade loans the top two tiers of their seven-grade system as examples of relatively safe products that might tempt Chinese buyers. “This is a good product. We can help them introduce the product to the Chinese investor.”陈天桥提到了Lending Club的A级贷款和B级贷款——该公司7级系统中最高的两个级别,把它们作为可能吸引中国买家的相对安全的产品的例子。“这是个好产品。我们可以帮助他们将该产品介绍给中国投资者。”He proposes customising Legg Mason’s investment products for Chinese clients. Chinese retail investors might be tempted by real estate assets that are securitised to provide liquidity, but with insurance companies brought in to guarantee a minimum return, Mr Chen suggests. 他还建议把美盛的投资产品针对中国客户做相应定制。陈天桥提出,通过券化处理提供流动性、同时引入保险公司以保最低回报的房地产资产,或许会吸引中国散户投资者。A draft of new rules restricting some capital outflows from China have circulated since Mr Chen expressed this optimistic outlook to the Financial Times.自陈天桥向英囀?金融时报》表达这一乐观展望以来,限制部分资金从中国外流的新规定草案开始流传。Acquisitions of more than bn will be screened by the government for signs of capital flight as opposed to strategic investment. 规模超过10亿美元的收购将受到政府的审核,寻找该交易属于资金外逃(而非战略投资)的据。Through a spokeswoman, Mr Chen later declines to comment on the capital outflow rules. However, a boom in overseas investment in recent years means there are plenty of investors with capital outside China. According to commerce ministry data, Chinese companiesoverseas purchases reached 6bn in the first 10 months of 2016.陈天桥后来通过一位女发言人表示,拒绝有关资本外流的规定。不过,最近几年中国对境外投资的繁荣,意味着有足够多的投资者在中国境外持有资金。根据中国商务部的数据,2016年头10个月中企海外收购的规模达460亿美元。Finance is the sector that Shanda is focusing on because it is “sustainable,Mr Chen says. “A lot of financial companies have 100 years of history.陈天桥表示,盛大关注金融产业是因为该产业是“可持续的”。“许多金融企业都00年的历史。”Global regulators are increasingly focusing attention on peer-to-peer lenders, with the US Treasury pushing for greater transparency both for borrowers on pricing terms and investors on loan-level data. 全球监管机构正在把越来越多的注意力集中到P2P上,美国财政部正推动提升借贷双方的透明度——对借款方是指公开其产品定价信息,对投资者则是指公开放贷水平的数据。Shanda revealed in a securities filing in May that it had accumulated a stake of nearly 12 per cent in Lending Club. The filing was made two days after the online lender’s chief executive Renaud Laplanche stepped down amid a loan mis-selling scandal and the company’s stock price collapsed.今年5月,盛大在一份监管申报文件中披露,该公司已累积了Lending Club2%的股什?而就在这份文件提交两天前,Lending Club首席执行官雷#8226;拉普朗什(Renaud Laplanche)由于一宗不当发放贷款的丑闻辞职,该公司股价也因此暴跌。“I fully believe in the power of the technology,Mr Chen says of Lending Club. “All of these transparency problems can be solved. It just takes time. Peer-to-peer lending makes the lender directly meet the customer, it can save a lot of costs and time strategically it is a great direction for the finance business.在提到Lending Club时,陈天桥表示:“我完全相信科技的力量。所有这些透明度问题都能解决。只是需要时间而已。P2P贷款将与客户直接对接,可以省去许多成本和时间——从战略上说,这是金融业务的一个大方向。”A more regulated market will ultimately benefit Lending Club, he adds. “As a dominant player, the more regulated the better.他还表示,加强监管的市场最终会令Lending Club受益。“对于占绝对优势的参与者来说,监管越多越好。”He cites Lending Club’s commanding position it is the biggest listed online lender by loan volumes and its 0m cash on its balance sheet as evidence of its strength.他提到了Lending Club占据的制高点位置——该公司是贷款总额最大的上市网上——以及其资产负债表上的8亿美元现金,称其为Lending Club实力的据。Mr Chen also predicts consolidation in the P2P lending sector. “Followers, peers of Lending Club if their scale is small, if internal controls are weak there will be a shakeout. That will be good for the industry and also good for the dominant player.陈天桥还预计P2P贷款行业会出现整合。“Lending Club的追随者和同行如果规模较小、内控机制较弱,就会遭遇洗牌。这对整个行业是件好事,对于占优势地位的参与方也是好事。”来 /201612/486151

  The Trans-Pacific Partnership has no meaning without the US, Shinzo Abe said, as fellow members of the trade deal reacted with concern and frustration to Monday’s vow of US withdrawal by president-elect Donald Trump.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)表示,没有美国的参与,《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)将毫无意义。与此同时,对于美国新当选总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)周一做出的美国将退出TPP的承诺,TPP各成员国以担忧和沮丧的情绪做出了回应。The Japanese prime minister’s comments pour cold water on proposals for the other eleven members of TPP to go ahead without the US, leaving the field clear for China to forge an alternative trade pact in the Asia-Pacific region.对于由TPP其他11个成员国在美国缺席情况下继续推进该协议的提议,安倍上述言论算是泼了瓢冷水,这也为中国在亚太区打造替代贸易协议扫清了障碍。But comments by Mr Abe and fellow leaders such as Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull suggest they have not yet given up on TPP, either viewing Mr Trump’s move as a negotiating ploy or hoping he will come around with time.不过,在安倍及澳大利亚总理马尔科姆#8226;特恩布尔(Malcolm Turnbull)等其他TPP成员国领导人的言谈中,要么认为特朗普此举是一种谈判策略,要么希望他随着时间的演变会改变主意。这些言论意味着他们仍未放弃TPP。Speaking at a press conference in Buenos Aires, Mr Abe declared that renegotiating an 11-member TPP was impossible. 在布宜诺斯艾利斯的一个新闻发布会上,安倍宣称再磋商出一个只包括11个成员国的TPP是不可能的。He argued that US absence destroys the basic balance of gains from the deal.他声称,美国的缺席破坏了(该协议)基本的获益平衡。But he also said: At the meeting of TPP leaders, all the participating countries once again shared their determination to complete this challenge. 不过他还表示:在TPP成员国领导人的会议上,所有参与国家再次分享了克这一挑战的决心。Leaders of the 12 TPP countries had met at the Asia-Pacific summit in Peru before Mr Trump’s statement.在特朗普发表声明之前2个TPP成员国的领导人已在秘鲁的亚太峰会上见过面。The US president-elect set out his intention on Monday in a previewing his first day in office. 特朗普在一段视频中简要描述了0日上任后将采取的措施。I am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a potential disaster for our country, he said. 这位新当选美国总统表示:该协议可能会成为我们国家的一大灾难。我会就我们打算退出TPP的意愿发出通知。Instead, we will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to American shores.相反,我们将开展磋商的,是能够让工作岗位和产业重新登陆美国的、公平的双边贸易协议。Mr Turnbull has said he hopes Mr Trump will have a change of heart. 特恩布尔曾表示,他希望特朗普会改变主意。Mr Abe met Mr Trump last week but it is not known whether the two men discussed the trade deal. 安倍上周曾与特朗普会晤,不过目前仍不清楚两人是否曾讨论过这一贸易协议。John Key, New Zealand prime minister, said he was disappointed but not surprised by Mr Trump’s decision, given the depth of opposition to the TPP during the US election campaign.新西兰总理约翰.John Key)表示,考虑到TPP在美国大选期间遭遇的深切反对,他对特朗普的决定虽感到失望,却并不意外。The US isn’t an island, it can’t just sit there and say it’s not going to trade with the rest of the world, he said. 他说:美国并不是个小岛,它不能往那一坐就说不会和世界其他地方贸易了。At some point the US would want to think about how it accesses those very fast-growing markets in Asia, and what role it wants to have in Asia.总有一刻,美国会想要考虑如何进入亚洲那些增长非常迅速的市场,以及它希望在亚洲扮演什么角色。New Zealand and Australia, both members of the five eyes intelligence alliance with the US, Britain and Canada, are strong proponents of the TPP. 新西兰和澳大利亚都是与美囀?英国及加拿大并称为五眼(five eye)情报同盟的成员国,两个国家都是TPP的强烈持者。However, they have signaled they could support a rival push for a Free Trade Agreement of the Asia-Pacific, which is led by China.不过,它们已释放信号称,它们可能会持中国主导的对手协议——亚太自由贸易区(FTAAP)。On Monday Wellington and Beijing announced they would start talks on upgrading their existing trade agreement in 2017. 周一,新西兰政府和中国政府宣布,它们或在2017年启动有关升级现有贸易协议的磋商。In 2008 New Zealand became the first western nation to enter a trade agreement with China, a deal that provided significant opportunities for its dairy industry.2008年,新西兰成为与中国签订贸易协议的首个西方国家,该协议为该国乳品产业创造了极大机遇。The TPP, an extensive trade deal covering 40 per cent of the global economy, took roughly a decade to negotiate. TPP协议是一个涵盖全球经0%的大面积贸易协议,该协议的磋商用了差不多十年。Its members are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US and Vietnam. 协议的成员国包括澳大利亚、文莱、加拿大、智利、日本、马来西亚、墨西哥、新西兰、秘鲁、新加坡、美国和越南。Mr Trump railed against it throughout his presidential campaign.特朗普曾在整个竞选期间抨击该协议。Widely regarded as a cornerstone of Barack Obama’s pivot to Asia, the TPP was supposed to define trading standards for the region, putting pressure on other nations to play by US rules. TPP被广泛视为巴拉克.奥巴Barack Obama)转向亚洲(pivot to Asia)战略的里程碑,它原本旨在为亚太区制定游戏规则,向其他国家施加压力,迫使它们遵照美国的规则办事。China is pushing a rival Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership instead.与此相反,中国正在推进一个名为区域全面经济伙伴关系协RCEP)的对手协议。China’s a big winner here. 香港汇丰(HS)亚洲经济研究部门主管范力Frederic Neumann)表示:中国是最。The US is not only losing economic but also political leverage in Asia from withdrawing from the TPP, said Frederic Neumann, head of Asian economic research at HS in Hong Kong. 退出TPP,美国不仅会失去在亚洲的经济抓手,还会失去政治上的抓手。China can now use its vast internal market as a bargaining chip and bring other economies closer into its orbit.如今,中国可以把巨大的国内市场作为筹码,让其他经济体靠拢其轨道。It’s a watershed moment, not necessarily for the better for world trade. 这是个分水岭,不过它对全球贸易不一定是好事。It means greater regionalisation for these economies. 它意味着这些经济体变得更加地区化。American companies will be at a loss, finding they have reduced market access, he said. 美国企业会遭遇损失,它们会发现它们可进入的市场减少了。Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan will be the losers from the collapse of TPP.他说,越南、马来西亚和日本会成为TPP失败的输家。Japanese business leaders have been counting on TPP to provide a boost to the country’s sluggish economy. 日本商界领袖一直指望TPP能提振日本疲软的经济。Mitsuru Homma, chairman and chief executive of Apple supplier Japan Display, expressed his concern at TPP’s demise. 苹果(Apple)供应商日本显示器公司(Japan Display)董事长兼首席执行官本间充(Mitsuru Homma)表达了对TPP失败的担忧。I think the global market has to be free trade, he said.他说:我认为全球市场必须实行自由贸易。Higher tariffs for importers would raise costs across the board, he added, noting that American companies sourced many of their parts and products from China. 他还表示进口国家提高关税会提高商品跨越国境的成本,并指出美国企业将许多部件和产品外包给了中国。That’s where most of industry is concerned, he said. 这是业内多数人担忧之处。Even China. It’s not just myself.即便中国也是如此,并不仅仅是我自己这么说。来 /201611/479661

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