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  • What#39;s truly amazing and very touching about the spring and summer of 16421642年春夏 真正令人震惊和触动的是is the abundance of evidence we have about the agonies of allegiance:大量史料明当时很多人 处在忠义难两全的窘境之中The real soul searching that people went through when they were pondering the most painful and weightiest decision of their lives 人们向灵魂深处探寻 试图做出他们一生中 最痛苦最重大的抉择which side to join themselves to,and how earnestly and how honestly they tried to justify that decision to their families,他们该加入哪个阵营 他们急切而坦诚地试图向 亲朋好友明决定的正确性their friends and not least, to themselves.更重要的是要向他们自己明Cruellest of all, it tore fathers away from sons.最残酷的是这场战争竟导致父子反目The sad history of one Buckinghamshire family says it all.白金汉郡一家人家的遭遇是这场悲剧的缩影The Verneys had been the very model of a loving, companionable gentry family,瓦内一家本来是 和睦的模范家庭but they were torn apart in this crisis.但在这次危机中却四分五裂Ralph had sat next to his father during the great parliaments of 1640,在1640年那次伟大的议会上 拉尔夫就坐在他父亲身边but now he not only expressed support for the parliamentary cause当下他不仅表明要持议会but actually swore the oath required of all members after the militia ordinance.而且依照民兵条例 对议会宣誓效忠Now, oaths were very serious things in the 17th century,在十七世纪宣誓是很严肃的事情and taking this one split Ralph not only from his father,为了履行誓言拉尔夫不得不离开父亲but from his hothead younger Royalist brother Edmund,离开他忠诚于保皇党的弟弟埃德蒙who absolutely failed to see why Ralph should not be honouring not only his father but the king.弟弟显然不能理解 拉尔夫此刻选择 违抗父命违抗王命的原因And yet, and yet, the Verneys did remain a family.尽管如此瓦内们仍然是一家人Ralph had made his vow to parliament,拉尔夫宣誓效忠议会but his father felt under no less obligation to Charles.他父亲则觉得应该追随查理It was a bond of personal loyalty which held,despite Edmund having little enthusiasm for what the king had done.尽忠只是为了履行义务 事实上埃德蒙 对国王的所作所为毫无好感 /201703/498520。
  • This would be bad enough on its own这简直糟透了but if the melt water is also causing the glaciers to accelerate into the sea,it could have very serious consequences.如果融化的冰水促使冰河加速流入大海 将产生非常严重的后果There seems to be no doubt that Greenland#39;s ice毫无疑问,格陵兰冰层is moving and changing faster正在加速流动和变化than we ever conceived of even five years ago.比我们五年前预测的要快得多What#39;s more, because this process continues every summer,更重要的是,每个夏天这个过程都在加剧the whole ice cap loses elevation1整个冰帽的损失提高which means it#39;ll be sitting in warmer temperatures将会导致温度的进一步升高and that, of course, means more melting,当然,这就意味着更多冰层的融化more of these moulins and so an even faster demise.更多的冰川锅穴产生冰层更快的消亡And it isn#39;t only Greenland#39;s ice that#39;s under threat.而且不仅只有格陵兰冰层正处于危险中Around the world, it#39;s the same story.全世界都是一样的This is the Columbia Glacier in Alaska.这是阿拉斯加的哥伦比亚冰河LikeJakobshavn, this is a fast moving glacier that ends up in the sea.类似雅各布港,冰河快速的流入大海It#39;s about a mile and a half wide and about half a mile thick.冰河宽三千米,深五百米But just 20 years ago, it was nearly twice as thick.可二十年前是现在的两倍深 Article/201510/406899。
  • The first is due to the significantly lower incidence第一个原因是亚洲国家of cancer in Asian countries and their high consumption癌症发病率很低 而他们食用of soy products.很多豆制品Researchers believe there may be a link between研究者们认为这两者之间these two facts.可能有某种联系When Asians migrate to the US their risk of cancer亚洲人移民到美国后 他们患癌症的几率increases over several generations to approach在几代人之后有所上升that of US white citizens.接近美国白人的癌症患病几率This demonstrates that genetics is not the main factor这明基因不是亚洲国家in the lower occurrences of cancer in Asian countries.癌症低患病率的主要原因The second reason is that soy contains components第二个原因是大豆含有called isoflavones which have been observed to叫异黄酮的成分 经观察 异黄酮在either mimic or counter the effects of estrogen特定条件下要么和雌激素的作用相仿under certain conditions.要么和雌激素的作用相反This has actually caused much concern about the safety这实际上引起了人们对of soy products for women with a high risk for乳腺癌患病高危女性或乳腺癌患者breast cancer or women who have breast cancer.食用豆制品安全性的担忧However most of these concerns have stemmed from data但大多的担忧都来自于啮齿动物collected during rodent and cell culture experiments.和细胞培养的实验中所收集的数据Other studies in humans have shown that isoflavones其他对人体的研究显示异黄酮may have a protective effect on cancer of the breast.可能对乳腺癌有预防作用When deciding what information is creditable and true在考虑什么信息比较真实可靠时it is important to understand which websites搞清楚什么网站值得信任you can trust.很重要Many websites contain information stating the benefits很多网站都有大豆对于癌症的益处的信息of soy in reference to cancer and many others you may而你可能发现很多其他网站find will say the opposite. It is common to start with的说法恰恰相反 最常见的做法是the google search when researching a topic of interest.在研究自己感兴趣的课题时先用谷歌搜索Often Wikipedia is one of the top sites and both google维基百科经常是最常用的几个网站之一and Wikipedia are fine to use when looking up而且在查询基本信息时general information such as what soy is.比如大豆是什么 谷歌和维基百科都可以用Many times it can even be helpful in determining很多时候这甚至对于你挑选what subtopics you may need to research further.可能要深入研究的子课题有帮助But you should be cautious with many sites found但你应该谨慎对待很多在谷歌和维基百科上on google and Wikipedia because anyone can post找到的网站 因为任何一个人都可以在information to the internet and claim it as true.互联网上上传信息 并声称它是真实的How do you know if it is true?你怎么知道它是否是真实的呢?Look for .org, .edu and .gov website sources找网址中含;.org;;.edu;和;.gov;的网站资源because those tend to be more credible,因为那些网站往往更可信especially when looking for more specific information尤其是在查询像营养价值和副作用such as nutritional benefits and side effects.这样的更具体的信息时Finally virtually all reliable websites have a link to最后 实际上所有可信的网站the original source of their information usually都有原始资料来源的链接in the form of a journal article.通常是期刊文章的形式Click the link, the abstract and see for yourself点击这个链接 读读摘要 看看你if you believe and understand the site#39;s claims.是否相信和理解网站上所说的It is important to get to the original source of any获得你在互联网上找到的任何information you find on the internet and if you cannot信息的原始来源很重要 如果你无法locate or identify the author it is best to consider找到或者确定作者that site unreliable.最好别相信那个网站Following the previous slide#39;s guide many studies接着之前的演示说 许多有关concerning soy and cancer were identified大豆和癌症的研究with a specific focus on breast cancer.都特别关注乳腺癌 Article/201507/386354。
  • 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201510/399281。
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