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The juicy scorpion wont be for him.可口的蝎子 他是没有口福享受了Then, suddenly, the sound of a sentrys warning.但突然间 狐獴哨兵的警报声响起No meerkat can ignore that.狐獴们不能无视这警报Sentries never lie.哨兵们绝不会骗人But the sentry sees no danger.可是哨兵并未发现任何危险Guess who?猜猜是谁干的Of course, its the drongo.当然 就是这只卷尾燕Hes learnt to mimic the meerkats own warning call.他已学会模仿狐獴们的警报声And now, he can enjoy his prize.现在 他可以慢慢享用战利品了A gang of meerkats, outsmarted by a bird.一群狐獴 败在一只鸟的计谋之下The drongo is only deceitful in the hardest winter months.卷尾燕只会在最难熬的寒冬才会使出诡计For the rest of the year, he provides honest protection.其他时节 他都会提供值得信赖的保护So, in the long run,因此 长远来看the meerkat family profit as well as the drongo.狐獴家族与卷尾燕是互利互惠的Its a much harder life,而如果你尚未掌握生存诀窍if you havent yet learned the tricks of your trade.那么生活将会艰苦得多201311/266689He would stretch and and review on 8mm film of a boxer at the same time.他会一边做动作,一边看书,一边回顾拳击手的胶片电影。According to John Saxon, his co-star on Enter the Dragon,John asked him,;Why do you have all these boxing films on Ali?And Bruce said, ;Because one day Im gonna fight him.;《龙争虎斗》的演员约翰·撒克逊说,他有一次问李小龙,你为什么要收集阿里的所有拳击实况?布鲁斯说,因为总有一天我会跟他决斗。If I was to fight Bruce Lee,Bruce Lee was so quick, so smooth,but the one thing that negates speed on a fighter is pressure,and I was a pressure fighter With Bruce Lee, you gotta go inside, smother him and outmuscle him.如果要我跟李小龙打一架的话,李小龙动作很快、很流畅,但压力会拆解斗士的速度,而我就是一个会给对手施压的人,跟李小龙打的话必须从内部扼杀他,并靠力量战胜他。 But you cant fight a dude like that outside.I see Bruce leading off with some long-ass kicks.and Boom Boom gets pissed off and tries to give him some body punches.你无法从外部跟他交手,布鲁斯先会来两记飞腿,被激怒之后会朝他身上来几拳。And when you get close, then BruceIm sure would be trying to bring knees and high head kicks and Id throw an upper cut, bring the elbow across.And hes gonna be trying to counter me,so I have to bob and weave inside.你靠近时布鲁斯肯定会用膝盖顶,或是踢面门。那我就会用上冲拳,把手肘带过去。然后他会试图反击,所以我必须左挡右闪。Bruce gets it to the ground and arm-bars him or guillotines him.It would have been a good time.布鲁斯会把他打倒在地,用手臂锁住他的脖子,然后勒断。这一定很爽。I was just laughing because Im saying, people are watching this going ;He took more shots than we thought.;我笑是因为大家都在看着,心想,没想到他还能出这么多招。;He absolutely has lost his mind thinking he can do that against Bruce Lee.Ray was good to the body.Then he eventually get that hook on you.他一定是疯了,以为能跟李小龙过招。雷的身体条件很好,他最后会把你缠住。Bruce wouldnt know how to stop it.Why? Because he never did it.布鲁斯不会知道该怎么办,为什么?因为他没做过这种事。201311/265010

Sure, it looks easy on Baywatch. But running on sand is a tough, calorie-blasting workout that strengthens your below-the-knee muscles better than hard-surface running.当然,在《海滩游侠》中看上去轻而易举。但是在沙子上跑步是非常艰难,也非常消耗能量的运动,比其他硬质平面上跑步更能增强膝盖以下部位的肌肉。You Will Need你需要A beach at low tide低潮时的沙滩Running shoes跑鞋Sunscreen防晒霜A hat帽子Sunglasses太阳眼镜Layers多层装A watch手表Trail running practice (optional)跑道跑步练习(可选)Steps步骤Always consult a physician before attempting to do any exercise or exercise plan.准备进行任何运动或实施运动计划之前一定要向外科医生咨询。STEP 1 Go at low tide1.低潮时前往沙滩Go for your beach run at low tide when theres more hard-packed sand near the water. It offers a more stable running surface.低潮时进行沙滩跑步训练,这时水带来了足够的沙子,可以提供更加稳定的跑步表面。STEP 2 Wear running shoes2.穿跑鞋Wear your trail running shoes, which will help you navigate the uneven surface of the sand and protect you from potential punctures from shells or glass.穿跑道跑步鞋,可以帮助你鉴别出不平整的沙滩表面,保护你不被贝壳或玻璃伤害。Dedicate one pair of shoes for beach running so you dont have to extract every grain of sand after each run.购买一双沙滩跑步鞋,这样你就不需每次跑步后拼命往下扫沙子。STEP 3 Be protected3.做好保护Protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunscreen and a hat. Sunglasses will shield your eyes from UV rays and blowing sand. Dress in layers in case of chilly beach breezes.涂抹防晒霜,戴上帽子,保护好自己。太阳眼镜可以保护你的眼睛不受紫外线伤害,也可以防止被吹起的沙子进入眼睛。STEP 4 Alternate surfaces4.更换表面Run on the flattest part of the sand close to the water if you’re new to beach running. Work up to running for 2 to 3 minute intervals on the soft, dry sand further from the water.如果你刚刚开始沙滩跑步训练,在靠近水的最平整的沙滩上练习。然后两三分钟的间隔后再在远离水的柔软干爽的沙滩上练习。The poor traction of soft sand will force you to run on the balls of your feet, to lean your body forward, and to drive your knees and arms higher.柔软的沙子擦力差,会迫使你用前脚掌跑步,身体向前倾斜,抬高膝盖和手臂。STEP 5 Time it5.计时Go by time rather than distance, which is harder to measure. If your usual run is a 30-minute, 4-miler, run in one direction for 15 minutes, and then head back.根据时间而不是距离来计算。因为距离更难测量。如果你平时跑步跑30分钟,4英里,你可以按照一个方向跑15分钟,然后再调头。STEP 6 Lose the shoes6.脱掉鞋子Ease into barefoot running, which strengthens lower legs, feet, and ankles. Limit your first barefoot run to 15 minutes in firm, wet sand to prevent injury. Then add 5 minutes at a time with short intervals in soft sand.脱掉鞋子,赤脚跑步。这样可以增强小腿,双脚和脚踝。把第一次赤脚跑步的时间限制在15分钟内,选择坚硬潮湿的沙子,防止受伤。然后每次增加5分钟,在柔软的沙滩上进行。Go trail running to strengthen your ankles to prepare for barefoot beach running.首先在跑道上进行练习来增强脚踝,为赤脚沙滩跑步做好准备。STEP 7 Get wet7.进入水中Kick off your shoes and wade in the water to cool off after a tough workout.踢掉鞋子,进入水中,艰苦的训练后凉爽一下。Studies have shown that running on sand burns 1.6 times more calories per mile than running on a hard surface such as asphalt.研究显示,在沙滩上跑步每英里燃烧的热量比在其他坚硬的平面上燃烧的热量多1.6倍。视频听力译文由。201408/324835

Two officers injured in Southern Paris法国巴黎南部发生击案 两名警员受伤There was another shooting in Paris on Thursday morning, a day after a deadly attack at the headquarters of satirical magazine,Charlie Hebdo, left 12 people dead.法国讽刺漫画杂志《查利周刊》总部遇袭击一天造成12人死亡后,周四上午巴黎再次发生另一起击案。Two police officers were hurt in the gun attack near Porte de Chatillon, in the south of the French capital.两名警员在法国首都南部Porte de Chatillon附近的击事件中受伤。One is reported to be in a serious condition.相关媒体报导称其中一人境况危急。The suspected gunman has reportedly been detained.而嫌犯已被拘留。Its unclear whether theres any link with the suspected Islamist attack on Wednesday.目前尚不清楚此次击与周三的疑似伊斯兰恐怖袭击是否存在联系。201501/353042

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