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伊通满族自治县妇女儿童医院诊所吉林省长春市第二人民医院诊疗中心GQ magazine is marking the 10th anniversary with its annual Man of the Year issue. And this year, there are three separate covers, one featuring actor Vince Vaughn, another with popular recording artist 50 Cent, and the first for the magazine, a cover featuring Jennifer Aniston, its very first Woman of the Year. Mark Healy is a GQ editor who wrote the Aniston's stories with this. Mark, Good morning. Morning. All right, first thing's first, it's always been a man. Er, it's always been a number of men, (yeah) yeah, but we've, we've, we've had a few women in the past, but this is the first time we've devoted a cover to a woman. Ah, Ok, so this is the actual dissension. So, do you're going to the newest stand today, you'll have three to pick from? Yes. Three different covers to pick from. Vince Vaughn, 50 Cent and Jennifer Aniston. All right, it, what is the usual criteria, if I may ask for a person or a woman or a man of this GQ's . . Well, some(one), primarily someone we believe in, someone who's had an impact that year, um, someone who, you know, reflects the year in...in culture and, so...I gave Vince Vaughn, I gave Vince Vaughn in a big way, Vince Vaughn was we think of the mirrors of the finest actor in America today. . . , ha, ha. . . Well, you know. . . In a lot of ways he is, I mean, he is a great comedic actor. I think he, he's only provided our ers with more laughs this year, (Right) better time in the movies than they would've had ordinarily,(Right.)and, and he had been doing it for 5 years or so. (Right, yeah) 50 cent had a great year and he started out with a, with a great, (huge) with a big record and finished an ambitious, sort of revealing movie and. . . And he's busting out in all kinds of other career paths, (Yeah) even as we speak. Here is Jennifer Aniston. It's...it's a coincidence that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vanughan would have covers at the same time? It was, we decided to put them on the cover a long time before I knew this, was at all credible (Right.)if in, if in fact it is. I mean I think that we started talking about Vince in April (Yeah) and ,er, when we first started seeing screenings of 'the Wedding Crashers' and then once more, once more we saw it, you know, we all decided that was it. So let's cut it straight, you went, you hung out with Jennifer Aniston in Malibu, her house. (Yeah. ) What was that experince about?It's comfortable, you know, it's sort, sort of plush and that certainly a good place to spend some time. (Yeah.)She is good company, as you know, (yeah), and made, you know, made me feel very welcome and it was a beautiful Malibu afternoon and we just hung out. There are some fabulous pictures of her in the, in the magazine. She is in...she is in fighting shape, as you might say. Yeah, yes, I would say, she is in fighting shape. Fairly comfortable with how she looks and how she is feeling and you know, she chose to express it. A part of the reason, is it part of the reason for choosing her the way she's handled this past year? Yes. I mean I think in the glare of this public breakup, um, she's been dignified, and, and graceful, and respectful of the five years of marriage that she did have, which I think, you know, a lot of Hollywood marriages these days last 5 weeks. (Yeah) And you know, here is someone who respected that enough to, to be quiet and honor it. In the...in the article, you talked about this advice that Gwyneth Paltrow gave to Jennifer Aniston which I thought was very, very interesting. Well, I think it was, not so much advice or the comment she made in the press but one that, she said, you know, perhaps, they , Brad and Jane , when things were going well, were a little too open to press, were a little too welcoming of the world, to share their good thing and that in the end, that came back that to haunt them, and when I brought that up with her, she agreed. There you go , thanks very much for coming in this while.Thanks for having me. 200808/46260长春市三院看病贵不贵 长春儿童医院医生值班

长春吉大四院等级Transport strikes have brought France to a standstill; the Rugby World Cup hopes have been dashed in the capital; the President and his wife have divorced by mutual consent. Not a good week for the French leader Nicolas Sarkozy. After just five months in office, his political honeymoon has come to an abrupt end.On top of his personal affairs, comes Mr. Sarkozy's first major political challenge, as workers across the country ... in protests against his planned pension reforms. From Paris, John Sparks has this report.The critics and columnists are calling it Black October. Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential nightmare, crippling strikes, sporting humiliation, and the end of his marriage. Is this the end of the affair between Sarko and French people?Sheer energy, boundless ambition, the promise of a reform won Nicolas Sarkozy the presidency in May. The people seem to like his plans to introduce welfare reform and liberalize the labour market. Well, that was until many sought the details. This is a major headache for the president and it came in the form of 100,000 men and woman on the streets of Paris. Sarkozy has targeted raila and public transport workers: he wants them to work longer for their pensions. But meet Bernard Thibault, the leader of the communist affiliated CGT union, like a bull with a Beatles mark, he says this reform has to be stopped. He said, "The president is preparing the public by singling us out. Next everybody's pensions will be drastically redued." Out in the suburbs where the train drivers left their carriages, we've found a British company that has attracted more venom form the unions. Founded in Sheffield, A4e trains, advises and pesters people back to work, even older ones, and Sarkozy loves it."People need it if they want to work longer. I am okay with that.""So they should be able to do that.""Yes, they should be able to do that. But that's true that's in France, ur, less than in, ur, UK, or ed States, and so on. We do not really give the chance to older people to just, to work."This engraves a new world in France, but from at least 2000 pounds for every person placed in a job. But the unions still don't like that either. "(laugh), make money, of course, because we are not a sharing team, we are an association, so of course we make money to do that." And then a dramatic announcement, subjected to much rumor, but now a reality. We got the news at 13:20 this afternoon. Well, like it has been a bad week for Nicolas Sarkozy, hasn't got a whole lot worse. He has begun seperation proceedings with his wife Cecilia. The rumors had been true. Now he's got the palace to himself. Life of the French First Lady is not to the liking to this glamourous and headstrong 49-year old. Her friend saying here today, she couldn't stand the pressure of public life. For easiness today, even members of the Union stated it was a private matter, not really any of their business, they said. "I think the President is a man. he has a right to divorce," he said. "I really don't care," said this woman, "my pension now, I am really worried about that."And the other disater. Well, it's all about French rugby. The President had closely associated himself with the team. The manager, Bernard Laporte, will become his new sports minister.France will (be) practicing today for their runners-up match against Argentina tomorrow night. "Well, there's a large press contingent here and plenty of people from the rugby world. But it's deathly silent here. Everybody is wispering. It feels a bit like a funeral."The national team and the nation's leader (are) both in a certain amount of pain this evening, although they are hoping for better times ahead. 200805/39911辽源中医医院可以用医保卡吗 长春市第一医院的地址

吉林中西结合医院是公立医院么 Afghanistan's top intelligence officer is rejecting a U.S. estimate that only 30 percent of the country is under the control of the central government in Kabul. Amrullah Saleh suggested U.S. officials misunderstand Afghanistan's traditional governing system using local tribes. 阿富汗高级情报官员否认了美国估算的阿富汗中央政府仅仅控制阿富汗30%的地区的说法。阿富汗情报局局长萨利赫认为,美国官员们误解了阿富汗使用地方部落来进行管理的传统管理制度。Last week, U.S. Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell said most of Afghanistan is controlled by local tribes, about 10 percent is controlled by Taliban fighters and less than one third of the territory is controlled by President Hamid Karzai's government.  美国国家情报总监麦康奈尔上星期说,阿富汗的大部分地区被地方部落控制,塔利班战士控制了大约10%的地区,而阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊领导的政府仅仅控制了不到三分之一的地区。On Monday in Kabul, Afghanistan's intelligence chief dismissed the claim. 阿富汗情报局局长萨利赫星期一在喀布尔否认了这一说法。He said the percentage in that statement was totally baseless.  他说,美国发表的这份声明中的数据是完全没有根据的。Amrulleh Saleh said that eight of the country's 364 districts, which account for about five percent of the land and two percent of Afghanistan's population, are outside central government control.  萨利赫说,在阿富汗的364个地区中,有8个地区不受阿富汗中央政府的控制,这8个地区大约占阿富汗土地面积的5%,占阿富汗总人口的2%。During a news conference in Kabul, he blamed the widely divergent estimates on U.S. officials misunderstanding how Afghanistan's traditional tribal governing system functions.  在喀布尔召开的一次新闻发布会上,萨利赫批评美国官员由于误解了阿富汗传统的部落统治制度的运作方式,以致其估算产生了大幅度的偏差。"While in America, an administration fully backed by tribal chiefs or dominated by tribal chiefs may be seen as a liability," said Saleh. "But here we see it as a very strong asset." 他说:“在美国,由部落领袖持或控制的政府可能被看作是一种负担,但是在阿富汗,我们把它看作是一种非常强大的资产。” But there are questions about how loyal these local tribal leaders are to carrying out the agenda of the Karzai government.  不过,至于这些地方部落领袖在执行阿富汗政府的计划方面有多么忠诚,这还是个疑问。London-based Paul Burton is a policy analyst with the Senlis Council, a research organization studying drug and security issues in Afghanistan. He says the loyalty of local tribal leaders to the central government depends in a large part on Kabul's ability to deliver benefits to them.  居住在伦敦的伯顿是森利斯委员会的政策分析人士。森利斯委员会是研究阿富汗毒品与安全问题的研究机构。他说,地方部落领袖对阿富汗中央政府的忠诚度很大程度上取决于喀布尔方面能否给他们提供一些好处。 In southern Afghanistan, Burton says the central government struggles to provide even basic services.  伯顿说,在阿富汗南部,阿富汗中央政府甚至还不能提供基本的务项目。"We document, on a regular basis, an appalling lack of aid going to core infrastructure such as hospitals - in Kandahar for example," he said. "So within that context I think it is impossible for local tribal leaders to feel a great degree of warmth toward the center when they are seeing their people ravished and impoverished." 他说:“比如在坎大哈,我们的记录显示,像医院等一些重点机构经常面临救援物资的短缺。因此我认为,在这种情况下,当地方部落领袖们看到他们的人民生活在耻辱和贫穷中时,他们不可能会对中央政府产生极大的热情。”Burton says the security situation in parts of the country has severely impeded efforts to develop government infrastructure.  伯顿说,阿富汗部分地区的安全状况严重地阻碍了在改善政府机构方面所作的努力。Last year Afghanistan experienced the most intense fighting since the fall of the Taliban in 2001. News agencies have estimated that more than 6,000 people, most of whom were militants, were killed in the fighting in 2007. Burton says there is evidence that some families are simultaneously backing Taliban and Afghan army (ANA) and police forces (ANP), merely because they are unsure who will prevail in the struggle for control.  伯顿说,有据表明,一些阿富汗家庭同时持塔利班组织、阿富汗国民军和阿富汗国民警察,他们这样做仅仅是因为他们不确定哪一方会获得得控制权。"We have evidence to suggest that people are putting one fund into the Taliban and another fund into the ANA and another into the ANP," he said. "They are hedging their bets - they are seeing which side is going to win - purely driven from a sense of desperation." 他说:“我们有据明,人们投一部分资金给塔利班组织,投一部分资金给阿富汗国民军,再投另一部分资金给阿富汗国民警察。他们在保护他们的赌注,他们仅仅是在用一种绝望的心理来猜测哪一方将会获胜。” One important indicator of the strength of the U.S.-backed Karzai government has been its ability, or inability, to curb opium-poppy cultivation. This week, the U.S. State Department reported that narcotics production in the country hit historic highs in 2007 for the second straight year.  衡量美国持的阿富汗政府的力量的一个重要指标是它能否有能力抑制鸦片原料罂粟的种植。美国国务院本星期发表的报告说,阿富汗2007年的毒品生产量已经连续第二年创下历史高峰。U.S. analysts said the estimated billion in illicit opium accounted for more than a third of Afghanistan's gross domestic product. 美国分析人士说,据估计,违法的鸦片交易带来的40亿美元的收入占阿富汗国民生产总值的三分之一以上。200803/28572朝阳区妇女儿童医院位置长春骨伤医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗



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