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长春南关区疾病预防控制中心专家The globalization of financial markets that took place since the 1980s was a market fundamentalist project spearheaded by the ed States and the ed Kingdom. Allowing financial capital to move around freely in the world made it difficult to tax it or to regulate it. This put financial capital in a privileged position. Governments had to pay more attention to the requirements of international capital than to the aspirations of their own people because financial capital could move around more freely. So as a market fundamentalist project, globalization was highly successful; individual countries found it difficult to resist it. But the global financial system that emerged was fundamentally unstable because it was built on the false premise that financial markets can be safely left to their own devices. That is why it broke down and that is why it cannot be put together again.20世纪80年代以来形成的金融市场全球化是一次由美国和英国发起的市场原教旨主义运动。这次运动允许金融资本在世界范围内自由流动,就造成难以对其征税或实施监管,使金融资本处于一种优势地位。因为金融资本可以自由流动,各国政府必须更加重视国际资本的要求,而不是本国人民的愿望。因此,作为—种市场原教旨主义运动,全球化是非常成功的,各个国家均难以抵制其影响。而由此产生的全球金融体系是不稳固的,因为它是在一个错误的前提下建立起来的,即金融市场可以依靠自身的调节机制来正常运行。这就解释了它为什么失灵和不能再拼凑在一起的原因。Global markets need global regulations, but the regulations that are currently in force are rooted in the principle of national sovereignty. There are some international agreements, most notably by Basel Accords on minimum capital requirements, and there is also good cooperation among market regulators. But the source of the authority is always the sovereign state. This means that it is not enough to restart a mechanism that has stalled; we need to create a regulatory mechanism that has never existed.全球市场需要全球规则,但目前实施的规则植根于国家主权的原则之中。的确存在一些国际协定,最明显的例子是规定了最低资本要求的《巴塞尔协议》,并且在市场监管部门之间也有良好的合作。但是,权力总是属于主权国家。这就意味着仅仅重启已经停止运作的机制还是不够的,我们需要建立一个全新的调节机制。201409/328506长春无疼人流At the dawn of the 21st century a free people must now choose to shape the forces of the Information Age and the global society, to unleash the limitless potential of all our people, and, yes, to form a more perfect union.在二十一世纪的曙光来临之际,一个自由的民族现在必须做出选择,去打造信息时代和全球一体化的力量,去释放全民无尽的潜能,并且,去成就一个更完美的联邦国家。When last we gathered, our march to this new future seemed less certain than it does today. We vowed then to set a clear course to renew our nation.上次我们在此相聚时,我们向这个新未来的进军似乎没有今天这么明确,我们那时曾宣誓确立新的道路,复兴我们的国家。In these four years, we have been touched by tragedy, exhilarated by challenge, strengthened by achievement. America stands alone as the world s in dispensable nation. Once again, our economy is the strongest on Earth. Once again, we are building stronger families, thriving communities, better educational opportunities, a cleaner environment. Problems that once seemed destined to deepen now bend to our efforts: our streets are safer and record numbers of our fellow citizens have moved from welfare to work.在这四年中,悲剧使我们动容,挑战使我们兴奋,成就使我们强大。美国作为世界不可缺少的国家巍然挺立。再一次,我们的经济是世界上最强大的;再一次,我们建设着更牢固的家庭,繁荣的社区,更好的教育机会,更清洁的环境。曾经似乎注定要恶化的问题现在也屈于我们的努力:我们的街道更安全,参加工作不再领取社会福利的公民人数比任何时候都多。And once again, we have resolved for our time a great debate over the role of government. Today we can declare: Government is not the problem, and government is not the solution.再一次,我们解决了当前关于政府角色问题的巨大争论。今天我们可以宣告:政府不是问题的产生者,政府也不是问题的解决者。 /201304/237175And by the time you all reach your billionth second here on earth when youre a little over six months into your 31st year你们也会等到十亿位变动的那一刻到时你们大约是31岁半过一点We will probably be over 9 billion and perhaps well on our way to 12 billion humans on earth地球人口可能会超过90亿甚至可能会一直增长到120亿What this means is we are all part of the problem这意味着我们都是问题的一部分we are all consuming resources, we are all parts of the crisis of climate disruption我们都在消耗资源 我们都是气候破坏危机的一部分but your parents and I want you especially to create the solutions and I dare say change the world不过我和你们的父母 都将寄希望于你们 来找出解决方式我敢说 你们会改变世界I believe that if the graduates of 2014 go into the world y for change change will happen我相信 2014届毕业生如果能够做好改变世界的准备改变就会发生So please consider the following请考虑如下这些Thank you谢谢Reckoning our role in the growth of the worlds population is one thing认识到我们在世界人口增长中的角色是一点but theres another thing the world is changing in another way此外还有另一点世界正以另一种方式在变化a way reckoned not by the thousandth of millionth but by the thousandths of thousandths, the millionths这不是通过十亿来衡量的而是通过百万来衡量的This year we are officially over 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide above the earth in our atmosphere今年官方数据显示地球大气中的二氧化碳已经达到百万分之400our remarkable quality of life here in the developed world depends on electricity发达国家的生活质量很大程度上都取决于电力much of which is made by burning old fuel which produces carbon dioxide而发电很多又来自于燃烧老式燃料这会产生很多二氧化碳And heres some very bad news, everybody这里有一则很坏的消息 大伙201510/402947公主岭生殖保健医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱

南关区妇女儿童医院妇科检查怎么样长春妇产科在线Thanks to a mutual friend, we rented our garage to two graduate students at Stanford 经朋友介绍 我们将车库租给了两个斯坦福研究生who had just started a company, who were looking for office space 他们刚开了一家公司 正在寻找办公场所They seem nice 他们看起来很棒There ideas sounded kind of crazy 他们的想法听起来有些疯狂Back then 当时no one had heard of Larry Page and Sergey Brin 没人听说过拉里·佩奇和谢尔盖·布林or the new company with the funny name 或是他们开的那家名字滑稽的公司Google? 谷歌?What? 什么What does that mean? 这是什么意思It doesnt really matter 这没关系As long as you guys pay the rent on time, you guys can build your Google anything here 只要你们能够按时交房租 管你们是谷歌还是别的什么Wednesday moved in, we have late night 一个周三的深夜together in the garage, eating pizza and Mamp;Ms 我们一起坐在车库吃批萨和Mamp;Mwhen they talked to me about how their technology could change the world 他们跟我讲 说自己的技术能够改变世界But then they would go on equally excited 之后他们同样兴奋地告诉我about the fact that my house had a washer and dryer 说我家有洗衣机和烘干机真是太好了They made bold proclamations 他俩很大胆地宣布说We are going to organize the entire World Wide Web 我们将把全球网络组织到一起followed by -- which day is recycling day? 说完之后 他们问我 垃圾回收日是哪一天来着And when I asked them how much experience they had to back their ambitious plan 我问他们 你们有多少经验来持这一雄心壮志they would say well our combined age is almost 50 他们说 我们的年龄合起来可有将近50岁and they were entering a competitive area 他们进入是一个竞争性极强的领域There were many well-funded search engines 当时有很多资金充裕的搜索引擎公司famous at the time, although you probably never heard of them 当时这些公司都很有名 只是你们可能没听说过AltaVista, Lycos, Excite 比如AltaVista Lycos ExciteCan you imagine if you wanted to search for something online 想象一下 要搜索东西的时候你要说and you had to say Im going to AltaVista? 我要去AltaVista一下 这会是什么感觉The answer, that would be kinda awkward 肯定会显得非常笨拙201511/412779Hi, everybody.大家好。Today, our economy is growing and our businesses are consistently generating new jobs. 今天,我们的经济持续向好,而我们的企业也持续增加新的就业岗位。But decades-long trends still threaten the middle class. 但10多年来威胁中产阶级地位的趋势还在继续。While those at the top are doing better than ever, too many Americans are working harder than ever, but feel like they cant get ahead.当少数社会顶层人士越来越成功的同时,有太多美国人比以往更加努力的工作,却依旧无法走向成功。Thats why the budget I sent Congress earlier this year is built on the idea of opportunity for all. 因此,今年早些时候我向国会提交的预算案是建立在为所有人提供机会的基础上的。It will grow the middle class and shrink the deficits weve aly cut in half since I took office.这将壮大中产阶级,将自我主政以来已经削减一半的赤字继续减少。Its an opportunity agenda with four goals.这一机会会实现四个主要目标。Number one is creating more good jobs that pay good wages.其一就是要创造更多高工资的优良就业岗位。Number two is training more Americans with the skills to fill those jobs.其二就是要培训更多具备这些工作所需要的职业技能的美国人。Number three is guaranteeing every child access to a great education. 其三就是要确保每个孩子都能接受良好教育。And number four is making work pay-with wages you can live on, savings you can retire on, and health care thats there for you when you need it.其四就是要确保劳有所得,工作的收入足以养家,有储蓄可让退休生活有所依靠,有医疗保险让人没有后顾之忧。This week, the Republicans in Congress put forward a very different budget. 本周,国会的共和党人提出了一份完全不同的预算案。And it does just the opposite: it shrinks opportunity and makes it harder for Americans who work hard to get ahead.与我刚才提出大相径庭的是:他们实质上是要减少机会,让辛勤付出的美国人民无法获得成功。The Republican budget begins by handing out massive tax cuts to households making more than million a year. 共和党的预算首先就是为年收入100万以上的房产持有人大规模的减税。Then, to keep from blowing a hole in the deficit, theyd have to raise taxes on middle-class families with kids. 其次,为了避免继续扩大现有赤字水平,他们不得不增加对有孩子的家庭的税收。Next, their budget forces deep cuts to investments that help our economy create jobs, like education and scientific research.再次,他们的预算案强制大幅削减对教育、科研等可促进经济增长,创造就业领域的投资。Now, they wont tell you where these cuts will fall. 现在,他们不会告诉大家这些削减的预算将流向何方。But compared to my budget, if they cut everything evenly, then within a few years, about 170,000 kids will be cut from early education programs. 但对比一下我的预算案,如果他们平均地削减各方预算,几年过后,就有17万名儿童无法得到学前教育的资助。About 200,000 new mothers and kids will be cut off from programs to help them get healthy food. 就有20万新生儿和他们的妈妈们无法得到保障获得健康的食物。Schools across the country will lose funding that supports 21,000 special education teachers. 全国各地的学校也将因失去资助而无法聘用2.1万名特教老师。And if they want to make smaller cuts to one of these areas, that means larger cuts in others.如果他们想在这些领域减少削减力度,就意味着在其它领域要加大削减力度。Unsurprisingly, the Republican budget also tries to repeal the Affordable Care Act-even though that would take away health coverage from the more than seven million Americans whove done the responsible thing and signed up to buy health insurance. 毫无疑问,共和党的预算还希望废除《平价医疗保险法》,这将剥夺700多万负责人做事,已经签约购买医疗保险的人享受医保的权利。And for good measure, their budget guts the rules we put in place to protect the middle class from another financial crisis like the one weve had to fight so hard to recover from.另外,他们的预算案还会废掉我们已经实施的旨在保护中产阶级免受另一场金融危机冲击的政策,而前几年的金融危机让我们付出了巨大的代价。Policies that benefit a fortunate few while making it harder for working Americans to succeed are not what we need right now. 只为富裕的少数人带来好处而让辛勤劳动的美国人难以获得成功的政策并不是我们现在需要的。Our economy doesnt grow best from the top-down; it grows best from the middle-out. 我们的经济不会因自上而下的滴入式政策而发展的更好,而只有中产阶级壮大才能发展的更好。Thats what my opportunity agenda does-and its what Ill keep fighting for. 这才是我提出机会这一理念的真正意图,而我将继续为之奋斗。Thanks. And have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201404/285994吉林长春一院在线And the bias Im talking about我这里说的偏误works like this:是这么回事:Confront someone with the fact某些人面对that they are going to die他们终将会死去的现实and they will believe just about any story他们只会相信that tells them it isnt true告诉他们的任何故事都不会是真的and they can, instead, live forever,他们可以永久的活着,even if it means taking the existential elevator.即便乘坐可能存在的升降电梯。Now we can see this as the biggest bias of all.现在我们可以将这个视为最大的偏误。It has been demonstrated in over 400它已经被400多项empirical studies.实研究明。Now these studies are ingenious, but theyre simple.这些研究设计的很精巧,但非常简单。They work like this.它们像这样工作。You take two groups of people你找两组who are similar in all relevant respects,各个方面都很相似的人,and you remind one group that theyre going to die并且提醒一组人他们即将死去but not the other, then you compare their behavior.而不告诉另一群人,然后比较他们的行为。So youre observing how it biases behavior你会观察到when people become aware of their mortality.当人们开始意识到他们大限将至,偏误行为是如何产生的。And every time, you get the same result:并且你每次都能得到相同的结论:People who are made aware of their mortality意识到会死亡的人are more willing to believe stories更愿意相信那些that tell them they can escape death告诉他们能够摆脱死亡and live forever.并能长生不老的故事。So heres an example: One recent study因此有下面这个例子:took two groups of agnostics,找两组不可知论者,that is people who are undecided这些人没有固定in their religious beliefs.的宗教信仰。Now, one group was asked to think about being dead.现在,其中一组被要求思考死亡。The other group was asked to think about而另一种则被要求思考being lonely.孤独。They were then asked again about their religious beliefs.他们再次被问到他们的宗教信仰。Those who had been asked to think about being dead那些被要求死亡的那组人were afterwards twice as likely to express faith有两倍的可能性来表达in God and Jesus.对上帝和耶稣的信仰。Twice as likely.两倍的可能性。Even though the before they were all equally agnostic.即使他们之前是同样的不可知论者。But put the fear of death in them,但对死亡的恐惧摆在他们面前,and they run to Jesus.他们会向耶稣靠拢。Now, this shows that reminding people of death这表明向人们提醒死亡biases them to believe, regardless of the evidence,会让他们忽视据,使他们对所相信的事物产生偏误,and it works not just for religion,他不仅仅影响到宗教,but for any kind of belief system如果没有所有以that promises immortality in some form,许诺在某种形式下永生的任何信仰制度,whether its becoming famous无论是否有名or having children或有孩子or even nationalism,甚至带民族主义形式,which promises you can live on as part of a greater whole.承诺你能成为伟大的整体中的一员生活下去。This is a bias that has shaped这样的偏误塑造了the course of human history.人类的历史。Now, the theory behind this bias目前,在这偏误背后in the over 400 studies有超过400多项研究is called terror management theory,被称之为恐惧管理理论,and the idea is simple. Its just this.这个理论很简单,We develop our worldviews,我们发展出我们的世界观。that is, the stories we tell ourselves即我们告诉自己一个about the world and our place in it,关于时间和我们所在地方的故事,in order to help us manage以便帮助我们管理the terror of death.对死亡的恐惧。And these immortality stories而这些永生的故事have thousands of different manifestations,有上千种不同的表现形式,but I believe that behind the apparent diversity但我相信在这些多样化的面目下there are actually just four basic forms实际只有四种基本形式that these immortality stories can take.是这些永生故事都有的。And we can see them repeating themselves并且我们能发现他们throughout history, just with slight variations在历史中不断重复,仅仅只有细微的差异to reflect the vocabulary of the day.用来反应当时的语言。Now Im going to briefly introduce these four下面我会简要介绍这四种basic forms of immortality story,永生故事的基本形式,and I want to try to give you some sense并且我希望让你们知道of the way in which theyre retold by each culture在各个文化or generation或在不同时代中using the vocabulary of their day.使用当时的语言传播的方式。Now, the first story is the simplest.第一个故事是最简单的。We want to avoid death,我们想要逃避死亡,and the dream of doing that in this body并且梦想着这身躯in this world forever能永久留存在世上is the first and simplest kind of immortality story,是第一个最简单的永生故事,and it might at first sound implausible,一开始听起来有些难以置信,but actually, almost every culture in human history但事实上,在人类历史上的每一种文化has had some myth or legend都流传着一些神话或传说of an elixir of life or a fountain of youth关于长生药或者不老泉or something that promises to keep us going或者能让我们一直forever.活下去的东西。Ancient Egypt had such myths,古埃及有这种传说,ancient Babylon, ancient India.古巴比伦,古印度。Throughout European history, we find them in the work of the alchemists,纵观这个欧洲历史,在炼金术师的工作中可以发现它,and of course we still believe this today,直到今天我们依旧相信它,only we tell this story using the vocabulary只不过我们使用科学的语言of science.来讲这个故事。So 100 years ago,所以100年前,hormones had just been discovered,荷尔蒙被发现了,and people hoped that hormone treatments人们希望荷尔蒙治疗were going to cure aging and disease,能使我们永葆青春和治愈疾病,and now instead we set our hopes on stem cells,现在我们则是希望干细胞,genetic engineering, and nanotechnology.基因工程,和纳米技术。201507/384554长春市妇科科医院做无痛人流多少钱

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