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杭州哪里流产杭州比较好的人流妇科医院Record sales in the American auto industry have left the biggest carmakers flush with cash, which they are pouring into new models on display this week at the annual North American International Auto Show here.美国汽车行业创下销售记录,为那些规模最大的汽车生产商带来大笔收入。它们将资金投入研发新车型,并在本周举行的一年一度的北美国际车展(North American International Auto Show)上进行展示。But even the smallest auto companies are flourishing in the booming American market, none more so than the tiny Chinese-owned, Swedish-run luxury brand Volvo.不过,就连规模最小的那些车企也在繁荣的美国市场蓬勃发展,尤其是由中国人拥有、瑞典人运营的小众豪华品牌沃尔沃(Volvo)。While General Motors, Ford Motor and others held lavish news conferences, Volvo showed off a new sedan, the S90, and won recognition for its flagship sport utility vehicle, the XC90, as the best truck introduced in 2015.通用汽车(General Motors)、福特汽车(Ford Motor Company)及其他一些品牌举行了奢华的新闻发布会,而沃尔沃则展示了新款轿车S90,其旗舰款运动型多功能车XC90也获得了2015年度最佳新款卡车大奖。It illustrated how even the littlest car companies — Volvo has just 0.3 percent of the American market — can succeed when demand soars.这说明了,当需求飙升时,即便规模最小的车企也能成功。沃尔沃在美国市场仅占0.3%的份额。Bought from Ford in 2010 as part of that automaker’s retrenchment during the financial crisis, Volvo has been expanding under its new owners, Geely Auto of China, whose ambitions include Volvo’s first factory in North America.2010年金融危机期间,福特将沃尔沃卖给中国吉利汽车集团,以此作为削减开举措的一部分。有了新东家后,沃尔沃不断扩展。吉利的目标包括建造沃尔沃在北美的第一座工厂。While overall industry sales increased about 6 percent last year in the ed States compared with the previous year, Volvo’s sales rose 24 percent to 70,000 vehicles, according to the research firm Autodata.调研企业汽车数据公司(Autodata)的报告显示,美国汽车市场去年的总销量同比增加了6%,而沃尔沃的销售量飙升了24%,增至七万辆。“We have always placed great significance on our presence in the U.S.,” Hakan Samuelsson, the company’s chief executive and president, said. “That is why we decided to present our S90 to the public for the very first time at the Detroit show and why we have begun to build a Volvo factory here.”“我们一直非常重视在美国市场的发展,” 沃尔沃首席执行官兼总裁哈坎·萨缪尔森(Hakan Samuelsson)说。“因此我们决定在底特律车展上首次公开展示S90,并且开始在这里建造沃尔沃工厂。”Other smaller brands that benefited from the surge in consumer demand included the Japanese automaker Subaru, which reported a 13 percent increase in sales, and Land Rover, the British maker of sport utility vehicles owned by Tata Motors of India, which posted a 37 percent increase.从消费需求激增中获益的其他小品牌包括日本汽车生产商斯巴鲁(Subaru)和英国SUV生产商路虎(Land Rover)。前者通报销量增加了13%,印度塔塔汽车(Tata Motors)旗下的路虎品牌的销售增长则达37%。“Those brands and their new owners have all gone on and have really started to flourish,” said Matt Degen, senior editor with Kelley Blue Book. “It took Volvo longer to do so, but we’re seeing it reimagine itself, and it’s really starting to connect.”“这些品牌及其新东家都取得了进步,真正开始蓬勃发展,”汽车调研公司凯利蓝皮书(Kelley Blue Book)高级编辑马特·德根(Matt Degen)说。“沃尔沃花的时间要长一些,但我们看到它对自己重新有了构想,的确开始良好运行了。”Under Geely, Volvo has emphasized the brand’s long reputation for safety and quality and its distinctive Swedish styling.归吉利所有后,沃尔沃强调该品牌长期以来在安全和质量方面享有的盛誉,以及它独特的瑞典造型。Geely was able to build on those attributes and prevent Volvo from joining discontinued brands like General Motors’ Saturn and Ford’s Mercury in the automotive graveyard.吉利能够在保持这些特性的基础上推动沃尔沃发展,防止它像通用土星(Saturn)和福特水星(Mercury)等品牌一样,从市场中消失。The hot-selling XC90 wagon and S90 sedan, for example, have given new momentum to the automaker’s transformation and return to core values, Mr. Samuelsson said.萨缪尔森表示,热卖的沃尔沃XC90货车和S90轿车为公司进行转型、回归核心价值带来了新动力。The S90, a four-door coupe that was unveiled at the show here, will go on sale this summer with a base sticker of around ,000.在北美车展上发布的S90四门轿跑车将于今年夏季开售,起步价在4.7万美元 左右(约合31万元人民币)。In another outgrowth of the automaker’s renewed ambitions, Volvo has broken ground on its first automotive manufacturing plant in North America, a 0 million facility in Ridgeville, S.C., that will build the next generation S60 sedan and employ 2,000 workers over the next decade.公司的新目标带来了另一项发展成果:沃尔沃投资五亿美元在北美地区的第一家汽车制造工厂破土动工。这家厂位于南卡罗来纳州里奇维尔,将生产下一代S60轿车,并计划在未来十年雇佣2000名员工。The plant will give Volvo a manufacturing presence in its three main regions of Asia, Europe and the ed States.它将让沃尔沃在三大主要市场——亚洲、欧洲及美国——拥有生产基地。“The turnaround is pretty remarkable,” said Jessica Caldwell, senior automotive analyst for Edmunds.com. “New designs and features are coming together to create more interest in the brand.”“这种转变相当出色,” Edmunds.com高级汽车分析师杰茜卡·考德威尔(Jessica Caldwell)说。“新设计和功能配合起来,使得这一品牌更具吸引力。”Volvo is also embracing its reputation for producing safe vehicles, joining what has been a rush by automakers to introduce technologies that enhance safety. With its latest technology, Volvo has articulated a goal of having no crash fatalities or serious injuries in a new Volvo by 2020.汽车生产商们纷纷引进能够提高安全性的技术,沃尔沃也加入这一行列,重拾自身注重安全的声誉。拥有最新技术的沃尔沃明确了目标,即到2020年实现旗下产品无致命或严重伤害事故。“At one point Volvo ruled the safety world,” Ms. Caldwell said. “They walked away from that a decade or so ago. Now, they’re pushing the safety element, but are more mainstream, a little less quirky.”“沃尔沃一度在安全领域独领风骚,”考德威尔说。“他们在大约十年前放弃了这一策略。如今,他们又在强调安全元素,但变得更为主流,没那么怪异了。”The safety technology in the S90 will, among other things, detect pedestrians, cyclists and, Volvo says, large animals.沃尔沃表示,除了其他特性外,S90的安全技术将能探测到行人、骑自行车的人及大型动物。The car also offers new autonomous features like steering assist at high speeds and a feature that automatically maintains a set speed or distance to the vehicle in front. The car will be available in gasoline and hybrid versions.这款轿车还提供了一些新的自主功能,比如高速转向辅助功能,以及自动保持设置的速度或与前面车辆的距离。它将拥有汽油版和混合动力版。Geely has left the management of Volvo to its Swedish executives and given Volvo the billions of dollars it needs to develop new vehicles and technology.吉利将沃尔沃的管理工作交给了瑞典高管,并为它提供了研发新车和技术所需要的大笔资金。“We’re now seeing the results of those investments,” Mr. Degen said.德根表示,“我们现在看到了投资成果。”By the end of this decade, Volvo will have renewed its entire lineup, better positioning it to compete with global competitors. Autonomous drive technologies will be a focus. The automaker also plans to develop its first all-electric vehicle and adopt a global small-car strategy.到2020年,沃尔沃将会完成所有产品线的升级工作,占据更好的位置来与全球对手展开竞争。自动驾驶技术将会成为重点。沃尔沃还计划研发第一款纯电动汽车,推行全球小型车战略。It is a starkly different look from 2009, when Ford did not even have a buyer for the flagging automaker. “They’ve come a long way from their lowest point,” Ms. Caldwell said, “when it was uncertain whether the company would continue to exist.”这与2009年的情况迥然不同。当时,福特甚至没有找到一个愿意购买这家陷入低迷的车企的买家。“他们挺过了最低谷,取得了很大进展,”考德威尔说。“那时候根本不知道公司是否还能继续走下去。” /201601/423176萧山区人民医院属于私人医院吗? 江干区无痛人流好不好

杭州市治疗妇科哪个医院好Jaguar has aly unveiled plans for eye-tracking cameras that can prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel.捷豹推出了眼球追踪摄像头的计划,它能防止你在方向盘上睡着。And now its latest patent wants to use this technology to control a car#39;s window wipers.现在其最新的专利想利用这一技术来控制汽车的雨刷。It details a system in which every time the driver looks in their rear-view mirror the wipers on the rear window are activated automatically.专利中详细介绍了一个系统,每次司机看后视镜的时候后窗雨刷自动被激活。However, the filing hints that it could potentially work with wipers on the front windscreen too.然而,文件暗示司机的这一动作也可能使前挡风玻璃的雨刷被激活。The patent, called #39;Windscreen clearing system for a vehicle#39;, was filed by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in March 2013 and awarded this week. It was originally spotted by Gizmag.这项被称为“车辆的挡风玻璃清洁系统”的专利,于2013年3月由捷豹路虎(JLR)提出,并于本周授予。而最早发现它的其实是Gizmag。When a driver decides to observe the environment behind the vehicle by looking through the rear windscreen, typically using a rear-view mirror, the rear windscreen may not be wiped and may be obscured.当司机想通过后挡风玻璃观察车后面的环境时,后风挡玻璃可能很久没擦,也可能模糊不清,因此司机通常只能使用后视镜来观察。It is against this background that the present invention has been conceived.正是在这种背景下,本发明才被设想出来。JLR added that the patent refers to a windscreen wiper system for a vehicle #39;and particularly, but not exclusively, to a rear windscreen wiper system#39; that operates automatically in response to detecting eye-movement of a driver of the vehicle toward a rear-view mirror.JLR补充说,这项关于挡风玻璃雨刷系统的专利;主要针对但不仅限于后挡风玻璃雨刷系统;,后者在探测到司机眼球朝后视镜方向移动时自动启用。It is likely to take advantage of the eye-tracking Driver Monitor System (DMS) JLR announced in January.它很可能利用了JLR在一月份宣布的眼球追踪司机监控系统(DMS)。JLR, with support from Intel and Seeing Machines, has developed sensing technology that monitors the driver#39;s face and eyes to reduce distracted and drowsy driving.JLR在英特尔和视觉机器公司的持下,已经开发了监测司机的脸和眼睛的遥感技术,以减少分心和疲劳驾驶。 /201505/375033绍兴市中医院不孕不育科 Apple and Samsung are in advanced talks to join the rest of the telecoms industry to launch electronic Sim cards, in a move could fundamentally change how consumers sign up to mobile operators.苹果(Apple)、三星(Samsung)已就与电信业其他同行一道推出电子SIM卡进入深入谈判阶段。此举可能会从根本上改变消费者与移动运营商签约的方式。The GSMA, the industry association which represents mobile operators worldwide, is close to announcing an agreement to produce a standardised embedded Sim for consumer devices that would include the smartphone makers.代表全世界移动运营商的行业协会——全球移动通信系统协会(GSMA)已接近公布一项协议,协议涉及的是生产一种面向消费者设备的标准化嵌入式SIM卡,智能手机生产商将参与其中。The traditional Sim card locks in the user to a network but an embedded Sim would enable a smartphone, tablet or wearable user to avoid locking themselves into a plan with a single operator or sign up to switch instantly.传统SIM卡将用户绑定在某个网络上,而嵌入式SIM卡将让智能手机、平板电脑或可穿戴设备的用户能够不再绑定在某一运营商的合约上,或者能够迅速切换运营商。Networks expected to support the plans include ATamp;T, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Hutchison Whampoa, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone.预计将持电子SIM卡计划的网络包括ATamp;T、德国电信(Deutsche Telekom)、Etisalat、和记黄埔(Hutchison Whampoa)、Orange、西班牙电信(Telefónica)和沃达丰(Vodafone)。Anne Bouverot, chief executive of the GSMA, said all parties were heading towards an agreement for the “common architecture”.GSMA总干事安妮布弗罗(Anne Bouverot)表示,各方正努力就“共同架构”达成协议。However, with any deal still contingent on finalising the technical specifications it will be at least a year before any devices supporting the electronic Sim reach the market.然而,考虑到达成协议还要取决于敲定技术规格,起码要等到一年之后才会有持电子SIM卡的设备上市。The GSMA said: “With the majority of operators on board, the plan is to finalise the technical architecture that will be used in the development of an end-to-end remote SIM solution for consumer devices, with delivery anticipated by 2016.”GSMA表示:“随着大多数运营商加入进来,现在的计划是敲定将用于消费者设备端对端远程SIM解决方案开发的技术架构,预计将在2016年交付。”Last year, Apple revealed its own Sim card for its latest iPads. However, it was supported by only a handful of operators such as T-Mobile and ATamp;T in the US, and just EE in the UK. Those familiar with its UK rollout said that it had not been widely adopted.去年,苹果披露了用于其最新iPad的自家SIM卡。然而,该卡只得到少数几家运营商的持,比如美国的T-Mobile和ATamp;T,以及英国的EE(仅此一家)。那些了解苹果SIM卡在英国推出情况的人士表示,该卡没有得到广泛采用。The electronic Sim is not expected to replace the Apple Sim, a piece of plastic that fits into a device and could be included in the next generation of iPhones.电子SIM卡预计不会取代苹果SIM卡。苹果SIM卡是一块能设备里的塑料片,可能会在下一代iPhone上使用。The GSMA said it was “continuing to work with Apple to secure their support for the initiative. While we are optimistic, a formal agreement with them is still in progress.”GSMA表示,它正“继续与苹果合作,以确保他们持这项倡议。尽管我们感到乐观,但与他们的正式协议仍在商谈当中。”Apple declined to comment.苹果拒绝置评。“We have got everyone back on one point, with Apple and Samsung agreeing to be part of that specification,” said Ms Bouverot. “We have been working with them and others to create an industry solution for machines and will agree a solution for consumer electronics.”“我们已把所有人都拉回到一点上,苹果和三星同意参与制定技术规格。”布弗罗表示,“我们一直在与他们以及其他人合作,以求创建一个针对机器的行业解决方案,我们还将就一项针对消费电子产品的解决方案达成一致。” /201507/386338萧山男人医院在哪里

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