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滨江区妇幼保健院看前列腺炎好吗Thanksgiving Day感恩节的由来Thanksgiving Day is the most truly American of the national holidays in the ed States and is most closely connected with the earliest history of the country.感恩节是美国国定假日中最地道、最美国式的节日,而且它和早期美国历史最为密切相关In , the settlers, or Pilgrims, they sailed to America on the May flower, seeking a place where they could have freedom of worship. After a two-month voyage they landed at an icy November, what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts.年,一些朝圣者(或称为清教徒)乘坐“五月花”号船去美国寻求宗教自由他们在海上航行了两个月之后,终于在酷寒的十一月里,在现在的马萨诸塞州的普里茅斯登陆During their first winter, over half to the settlers died of starvation or epidemics. Those who survived began sowing in the first spring. All summer long they waited the harvests with great anxiety, knowing that their lives and the future existence of the colony depended on the coming harvest.在第一个冬天,半数以上的移民都死于饥饿和传染病,活下来的人们在第一个春季开始播种整个夏天他们都热切地盼望着丰收的到来,他们深知自己的生存以及殖民地的存在与否都将取决于即将到来的收成Finally the fields produced a yield rich beyond expectations. And theree it was decided that a day of thanksgiving to the Lord be fixed. Years later, President of the ed States proclaimed the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day every year. The celebration of Thanksgiving Day has been observed on that date until today.后来,庄稼获得了意外的丰收,所以大家决定要选一个日子来感谢上帝的恩典多年以后,美国总统宣布每年十一月的第四个星期四为感恩节感恩节庆祝活动便定在这一天,直到今天The pattern of the Thanksgiving celebration has never changed through the years. The big family dinner is planned months ahead. On the dinner table, people will find apples, oranges, chestnuts, walnuts and grapes. There will be plum pudding, mince pie, other varieties of food and cranberry juice and squash. The best and most attractive among them are roast turkey and pumpkin pie. They have been the most traditional and favorite food on Thanksgiving Day throughout the years.感恩节庆祝模式许多年来从未改变丰盛的家宴早在几个月之前就开始着手准备人们在餐桌上可以吃到苹果、橘子、栗子、胡桃和葡萄,还有葡萄干布丁、碎肉馅饼、各种其他食物以及红梅苔汁和鲜果汁,其中最妙和最吸引人的大菜是烤火鸡和南瓜馅饼,这些菜一直是感恩节中最富于传统意义和最受人喜爱的食品Thanksgiving today is, in every sense, a national annual holiday on which Americans of all faiths and backgrounds join in to express their thanks the year bounty and reverently ask continued blessings.今天的感恩节是一个不折不扣的国定假日在这一天,具有各种信仰和各种背景的美国人,共同为他们一年来所受到的上苍的恩典表示感谢,虔诚地祈求上帝继续赐福 18萧山做人流的妇产医院有哪几家【介绍】浙江省人民医院妇科人流

萧山萧然妇科医院做人流好吗杭州浙二滨江院区复查要钱吗A Christmas Present圣诞礼物“What do you want Christmas?” Daddy asked Anthony. Anthony wanted a little brother. “Can I have a little brother Christmas?” Anthony asked. “Well, I’ll have to talk to your mother,” said Daddy. “Why do you have to talk to Mommy?” Anthony asked. “Who’s going to change the diapers?” Daddy asked. “You’re right, Daddy. We need Mommy to change the diapers.” Mommy walked into the room. Anthony told Mommy that he wanted a little brother Christmas. Mommy said, “Well, I’ll have to talk to your father.” “Why do you have to talk to Daddy?” Anthony asked. “Who’s going to pay the doctor?” asked Mommy. “You’re right, Mommy. We need Daddy to pay the doctor.” Mommy and Daddy walked out of the room. A little later, they came back into the room. Mommy said, “You can’t have a little brother Christmas. But if you can wait, you can have a little brother in April.”爸爸问安东尼:“圣诞节想要什么礼物?”安东尼想要个小弟弟安东尼问道:“我能要个小弟弟吗?”爸爸说:“我要和你妈妈商量”安东尼问道:“为什么要和妈妈商量?”爸爸问:“谁给弟弟换尿布?”你说的对,我们需要妈妈换尿布妈妈走进房间安东尼说他的圣诞礼物是想要个小弟弟妈妈说:“那我要和你爸爸谈谈”安东尼问道:“为什么要和爸爸谈谈?”妈妈问道:“谁承担药费?”你说的对妈妈我们需要爸爸付医药费爸爸妈妈走出房间不一会儿,他们回到房间妈妈说:“你的圣诞礼物不会是小弟弟若你愿意等,你可以在今年月等待小弟弟降生”译文属原创,,不得转载 3536So now now not only are the rich going to be poorer, they are going to be uglier. As it socket them with higher medicare tax and in tax gona gang on the fancy-to-fancy, price-to-price healthy care plan, that is not enough, we are not a numb. The senate Health Care Bill aims to cash in on their conceit. I kid you not. Thatrsquo;s right. It levies a 5% tax on elective cosmetic surgery. Just call that ;Bo tax;. So the focus who are no doubt ageing fast because they are paying all of these taxes. No relief inside if they want to at least look good while they are. Because every shot under their eyes, another tax shot in their, you know what, only that gonna kick their head.所以现在富人不仅仅变得越来越穷,他们也变得越来越丑陋更高的医疗保险税准备涉足这一由价格说了算的健康护理计划,这是不够的,我们不是傻子参议院卫生保健法案旨在利用他们的自负我不骗你没错整容手术征收5%的税我们就称它为;肉毒杆菌素;所以焦点无疑是那些为此付所有这些税的人正在迅速老化他们想得到的救济是至少让自己看起来更好因为每一道他们眼睛下的皱纹,就是另一笔他们要花费的开销,你知道,这让有钱人焦头烂额You are trying to look good as your wallets being cleaned out good. And you are hit with another good all tax the eft. The Senate Bill estimated that this elective cosmetic tax alone could raise 5 billion bucks, kind of its new meaning in the term libel sexual. 5 billion bucks? That is a lot of eye jobs and that is a lot of breast jobs. So my only question is who is getting the snow job? The boobs paying the taxes, or the boobs impose them. Talk it among yourselves.你想让自己看起来美丽,你的钱包就要相应的进行瘦身你在为另一个好的税收努力参议院的法案估计单单这个选择性整容税收就能够单独筹集50亿元,这是一种新的意义的词汇,50亿美元吗?那是相当多的眼睛及乳房整容工作才能得到的所以我唯一的问题是谁在自欺欺人呢?是那些做整容手术的人还是那些施行税法的人?你们自己决定注:听力文本来源于普特 367杭州拱墅区人民医院官方网Mom is taking Lily temperatureLily:Mom!?Mom:I know, sweetie. Just open wide. Dont talk. [takes temperature]Lily:[Mumbling] Mmm...Mom:[Takes thermometer out] Oh, youve got a fever. One-oh-one...time to break out the children Tylenol.Lily:I have the chills. Can you turn on the heater?Mom:Were not turning on the heater in May! You need to take a bath. Well heat you up and see if you can sweat this thing out.参考译文:妈妈在帮莉莉量体温莉莉:妈!???妈妈:亲爱的,我知道嘴张大别说话(量体温)莉莉:(嘟哝)嗯……妈妈:(取出温度计)喔,你发烧了1度……该把儿童感冒药找出来了莉莉:我好冷你可以把暖气打开吗?妈妈:五月没人在开暖气!你需要泡个澡我们来让你觉得热一点,看你能不能流流汗就好了重点词汇:take someone temperature量某人的体温thermometer 则是「温度计」Can you take my temperature, please?能麻烦你帮我量体温吗?mumble (v.)口齿不清地说话对话中因为Lily含着温度计,所以说话不清楚Dont mumble, I cant hear you!别含含糊糊的,我听不见你在说啥!break out把(需要用到的东西)拿出来Let break out the booze and have a party!咱们把酒拿出来,开个舞会吧!heater (n.)暖气机My heater is broken, so wear lots of clothes.我的暖气坏了,多穿点衣吧sweat something out藉由排汗(把体内毒素)排出You have a fever? You better get in bed and sweat it out.你发烧了?你最好上床去发一发汗 359691萧山医院做人流

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