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泉州福州市假体隆鼻多少钱泉州市第一人民医院等级Illustrator Jimmy Craig is back with even more of his hilarious comics from his They Can Talk series, showing what animals would say if they could communicate the way humans do.插画家吉米·克雷格携其代表作 — 搞笑连环漫画《如果它们会说话》强势回归啦!如果动物能像人一样交流,它们会说些什么呢?So, if you struggle to explain why your cat keeps on breaking glasses, or you can#39;t get your head around why your pet is always disturbing your sleep in the morning, look no more for answers because Craig#39;s comics have got it all covered!如果你对喵星人总是打烂杯子、自家爱宠每日扰人清梦感到费解,那就去看克雷格的连环漫画吧!尽在画中找!And they do so in a way that not only makes you see the world through the eyes of an animal; they#39;re also sure to crack you up.这部漫画不仅能让你从动物的视角看待这个世界,还保准儿令你捧腹大笑!#1 - This feels great!好舒~- But I could totally attack her right now.但我明明可以现在打扁她的。- No, no. Just relax and enjoy it.算了算了,让我好好享受这一刻~- I#39;m so weak!啊,这是懦弱的表现!不能忍!#2 - I help my blind friend navigate the city.我是盲人朋友穿梭城市的导航仪。- I make sure the airport is safe.我确保机场的安全。- I eat shoes.我咬鞋玩。#3 - It#39;s just someone walking by. No need to panic.只是有人路过而已,憋慌!- Everyone just stay calm.大家保持镇定。- STAY CALM !保~~持~~镇~~定~~#4 - I wonder if this will bounce.介个可不可以弹起来呢?- Maybe that one will.可能辣个可以吧...#5 - Pet me.快宠我!- With your eyes!只许用眼睛!#6 - I can#39;t wait to turn into a butterfly!我已经迫不及待想要变成蝴蝶啦!- Yeah, me too.嗯呢嗯呢,我也是~#7 - (sniff sniff)(闻 闻)- mmm. butts.呀,真好。屁屁的味道~#8 - I puked in the kitchen.我吐在厨房里了。- Merry Christmas!圣诞快乐呀!#9 - So you#39;re going to sleep through the entire winter?你打算把整个冬天都睡过去吗?- Yep.没错。- You#39;re my hero.你就是我的英雄啊!#10 - Why must we poop on their cars?我们为森么要往他们车上拉屎呀?- My dad did it.我爸这么干。- My dad#39;s dad did it.我爸他爸也这么干。- And I#39;m not one to break tradition.我可不想成为那只打破传统的不孝之鸽。 /201703/495368泉州整容要多少钱 Joanne Reitano told me, ;I developed burning in my eyes that made it very difficult to work.;乔安·雷塔诺告诉我,;我的眼睛有灼烧感,很难工作。;After resting her eyes for a while, the discomfort abates, but it quickly returns when she goes back to the computer. ;If I was playing computer games, I#39;d turn off the computer, but I need it to work;.让眼睛休息一会儿,这种不适感会有所减轻,但是她再回到电脑前时,很快就会感到不适。;如果我在玩电脑游戏,那么我会关掉电脑,但是我需要用电脑工作;。Reitano has a condition called computer vision syndrome. It can affect anyone who spends three or more hours a day in front of computer monitors, and the population at risk is potentially huge.雷塔诺换上了电脑视觉综合症。它可以影响到任何面对电脑显示器三个小时或更多时间的人,处于这种风险中的人群规模十分庞大。Worldwide, up to 70 million workers are at risk for computer vision syndrome, and those numbers are only likely to grow.在全世界,极易患上电脑视觉综合症的工作者高达7000万,并且这些数字只会日益增加。In a report about the condition written by eye care specialists in Nigeria and Botswana, the authors detail a list of professionals at risk — accountants, architects, bankers, engineers, flight controllers, graphic artists, journalists, academicians, secretaries and students — all of whom ;cannot work without the help of computer.;尼日利亚和茨瓦纳的眼部护理专家撰写了一篇关于该病症的报告,报告的作者详细列出了可能患上这种病的职业群体——会计师、建筑师、家、工程师、空管员、平面设计师、记者、学者、文秘和学生——这些人;离开电脑就不能工作;。And that#39;s not counting the millions of children and adolescents who spend many hours a day playing computer games.这还没算上每天花很多小时玩电脑游戏的成百上千万儿童和青少年。Studies have indicated 70 percent to 90 percent of people who use computers extensively, whether for work or play, have one or more symptoms of computer vision syndrome.研究显示,在工作或中经常使用电脑的人中,70%至90%患有一种或多种电脑视觉综合症。The effects of prolonged computer use are not just vision-related. Complaints include neurological symptoms like chronic headaches and musculoskeletal problems like neck and back pain.长期使用电脑不仅会对视觉方面造成影响,还有神经性症状,比如慢性头痛,以及颈部、背部肌肉疼痛等肌肉骨骼问题。Still, the most common computer-related complaint involves the eyes, which can develop blurred or double vision as well as burning, itching, dryness and redness, all of which can interfere with work performance.不过,与电脑有关的最常见的症状是眼部不适,包括视线模糊、重影以及灼烧感、瘙痒、干涩、发红,所有这些都会影响工作表现。Another unconscious effect is a greatly reduced frequency of blinking, which can result in dry, irritated eyes.另一个不易察觉的影响是眨眼频率大大降低,导致眼睛干涩、疼痛。While working on a computer, the blink rate is often reduced from 17 or more blinks a minute to only about 12 to 15 blinks.用电脑工作时,眨眼频率从每分钟17次降到每分钟12至15次。While prevention is most important, if you aly have symptoms of computer vision syndrome, there are ways to reduce or eliminate them.预防是最重要的,如果你已经出现电脑视觉综合症的症状,这里有一些方法缓解或消除它们。Ophthalmologists suggest adhering to the ;20-20-20; rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away.眼科医生遵循;20-20-20;法则,即每20分钟,休息20秒,看20英尺以外的地方。Consciously blink as often as possible to keep eye surfaces well lubricated. To further counter dryness, redness and painful irritation, use lubricating eye drops several times a day.尽可能有意识地眨眼,保持眼睛表面顺滑。进一步应对干涩、发红以及让人难受的过敏症状,可以一天点几次润滑滴眼液。You can also reduce the risk of dry eyes by keeping air from blowing in your face and by using a humidifier to add moisture to the air in the room.此外,为了减少眼睛干涩的风险,你可以避免让风吹到脸上,使用加湿器增加房间的空气湿度。 /201609/468621The sales pitch that ;Are you sure you want a tall-sized cup of Starbucks coffee?; has gone viral recently on Chinese social media Wechat after a loyal customer of the global coffee chain expressed dissatisfaction to its serving attitude online.在一位星巴克的金卡顾客在网上公开发文表达对星巴克务态度的不满之后,关于星巴克中杯咖啡的段子“您确定您要中杯咖啡么?”便在微信朋友圈迅速流行开来。Lin Guotong posted on Wechat on Sunday that he was asked twice when ordering a tall-sized cup of coffee at Starbucks by a waiter: ;Are you sure you want tall?; and ;Tall is the smallest size here we have?;林国童在上周日在微信上发文声讨,称自己去星巴克买中杯咖啡时被店员连问两遍:“您确定是中杯吗”“中杯是我们最小的杯型哦”。Lin said he has been a gold membership of Starbucks since 2010 when he bought 30 cups of coffee there at a time.林国童表示自己早在2010年就因为一次性买了三十杯咖啡而成为星巴克的金卡顾客。;I#39;m a loyal customer of Starbucks, having once bought over 200 cups of coffee in one year. But still they would consistently question me about size and recommend larger options,; he said.“我是店内的金卡老顾客,一年内能买两百多杯咖啡。但店员还总是一直追问我的杯型选择,还进行大杯的低端推销,这让我特别不舒。”他说道。He complained about it to Starbucks China CEO Wang Jingying that ;As a gold member of Starbucks (qualified when buy 25 cups of coffee in one year) since 2012, I don#39;t need this kind of service and don#39;t deserve staff questioning my choice.;林国童在文章中对星巴克中国CEO王静瑛隔空喊话:“作为一个2012年开始就持有金卡的老顾客(星巴克里级别最高的一种会员卡,需要在一年里消费满25杯才能拥有),务员不应该质疑我的杯型选择,更不应该再对我进行这么低端的推销。”The message soon circulated on Wechat rapidly and caused heated discussion. The post had been over 500,000 times with 3,000 comments.这篇文章一经发表便在朋友圈迅速发酵,引来各种各样的讨论。该文章的阅读量已经超过了50万次、有3000多条留言。Netizens have different opinions. Some think that such a selling method is normal and should not anger anyone, while others have conveyed discontent over Starbucks services saying that behavior like repeatedly promoting extra products and reciting indifferent promotion lines really bore them.网友们对此持不同意见。一些人认为这种营销手段稀疏平常,没必要对此大惊小怪。而另外一些人则也向星巴克表达了自己的不满,认为这种低端促销咖啡的手段令自己感到非常恼火。Ordering tall sized coffee at Starbucks suddenly becomes popular. Some customers even intentionally go to buy tall sized coffee only to see how staff react.此事一出,星巴克的中杯咖啡一时间颇受消费者青睐。还有不少消费者特意赶到星巴克的门店里,点一杯中杯咖啡,就是为了看看店员的反应。The effect on social media soon aroused attention of Starbucks China. Lin received a call as well as an email from the company, promising that they would improve their service and provide better experience to customers.此次事件在社交网络上的影响很快引起了星巴克中国的回应。林国童于晚些时候受到了该公司的电话以及邮件形式的回复,并且星巴克承诺将提高务质量,争取让顾客拥有愉快的消费体验。Starbucks further explained that questioning customer#39;s choice serves only to confirm their order and means nothing more.此外,星巴克还解释称,询问顾客的杯型选择,只是为了确定他们的订单,并无其他目的。 /201611/480715泉州祛除颈纹

泉州做种植牙多少钱泉州去皱最好的医院 泉州安溪县脱毛医院哪家好

在泉州比较的整形医院排行 What do you get when you cross the year of the rooster with the year of Trump?当鸡年和特朗普年同时到来时会发生什么?A ;yuge; statue.一个超大型的雕像。A giant rooster sculpture, sporting the President-elect#39;s signature hairdo and hand gestures, has been erected outside a shopping mall in Taiyuan, in China#39;s northern Shanxi Province.中国北方山西省太原市的一家购物中心外立起了一座巨型公鸡雕塑,它拥有特朗普标志性的发型和招牌手势。The sculpture was commissioned by the company that owns the mall and will be its mascot, Cao Mingliang, the deputy director of planning department from N1 ArtWalk Mall, told CNN.北美新天地N1购物中心设计部副主任曹明亮告诉CNN,这座雕塑是该商场所属公司命人建造用来做吉祥物的。Cao said a series of products and smaller replicas will be available for sale in the future, though some are aly being sold on Taobao, the Chinese e-commerce giant owned by Alibaba.曹明亮称,未来商场将出售这一系列相关产品和小型公鸡模型,而有些产品已经在淘宝网上开售。淘宝网是阿里巴巴公司旗下的中国电商巨头。Wei Qing, whose Shenghe Yangtai Business is selling replica roosters, told CNN he thought sculpture was hilarious.魏青(音译)的盛和洋泰公司正在销售特朗普公鸡模型,他对CNN表示,这真的很搞笑。;I think the rooster is very cute and funny, the hairstyle and eyebrows look very much like Donald Trump. I#39;m sure it will attract a lot of customers,; he said.他说:“这只公鸡又可爱又滑稽,发型和眉毛都神似特朗普,我相信它会吸引很多买家。”At least four stores are selling the Trump rooster, with prices starting from to a whopping ,739 for a statue that#39;s 32 feet tall.至少有4家商店上架了这款高达32英尺的特朗普公鸡模型,价格从57美元到1793美元不等。This isn#39;t even the first avian doppleganger Trump has had in China this year.这只公鸡甚至不是今年出现在中国的第一只和特朗普撞脸的禽类。State-run People#39;s Daily tweeted out an image of a bird sporting a similar hairdo to the President-elect last month.上个月,中国官媒《人民日报》在推特上发了一张小鸟的图片,这只小鸟和特朗普拥有同款发型。Trump-related products and gag gifts have proliferated since the real estate mogul announced his candidacy for president.自从地产大亨特朗普宣布竞选总统以来,就涌现出大量的特朗普周边产品和恶搞礼品。The most iconic -- the ;Make America Great Again; hat -- would eventually go on sale on theTrump campaign website.最有代表性的是“让美国再次伟大”帽子,这款帽子最终在特朗普竞选网站上发售。 /201612/486154安溪县除皱祛疤多少钱晋江人民医院怎样



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