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爱犬跳入临终女主人的怀里告别,感动了在场所有的医护人员 -- :: 来源: 在它远远看看女主人的那一刹那,它便不愿再多等一分钟在所有人都还没反应过来的时候,它已经径直奔向Rejane,跳到她的病床上,舔她的脸多么感人的久别重逢! Rejane Chili is 9 years old and lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil. A few months ago, she found out that she had cancer and the disease quickly progressed into a terminal state. Very debilitated, Rejane can no longer leave the hospital, having being kept there several weeks aly. Throughout this difficult period, the woman receives the regular visit from her friends and family, but she often complains about the absence of someone very special.今年9年的Rejane Chili住在巴西的阿雷格里港几个月前她查出了自己患了癌症,并且病情迅速恶化几周之后,她的身体越来越虚弱,已经离不开医院了在这段艰难的时期,她的家人和朋友经常过来探望陪伴她,但她经常抱怨见不到她那位特殊的朋友Rejane is crazy about her dog Ritchie. She’s taken care of him ever since he was a puppy and spoils her pet as much as she does her own son. Rejane, being apart from him has been torture. Scared about the possibility of dying without seeing Ritchie again, she asks several times the dog to be brought in a last visit. However, the hospital’s police are against the presence of animals. Mostly because the risk of contamination is very high someone with such poor health. But Rejane is dying, and coming into contact with a few extra germs cannot greatly deteriorate her current state. Touched by this final wish, the Palliative Care Group of the Ernesto Dornelles Hospital, where she is being treated, decides to make an exception and allow the entry of this furry visitor.Rejane说的是她的爱犬Ritchie,她非常想念它在Ritchie还很小的时候,Rejane就开始照料它,像亲生孩子一样宠爱它对Rejane来说,与Ritchie分开这么久让她非常煎熬因为害怕不能爱犬最后一面,Rejane多次请求把她的爱犬带过来让她见见但是院方不允许将动物带进来主要考虑到这么做的话,很容易感染身体状况这么差的病人但Rejane已经到了生命中的最后一刻,即使感染一些细菌也不会对她当前的状态产生多大的影响了也是被她最后的愿望感动了,她所在的医院,埃内斯托的姑息治疗中心Dornelles医院最后决定破例允许把Ritchie带进来On the agreed day, Tiago, Rejane’s son, travels with the dog in a taxi to meet his mum. security reasons, the meeting is scheduled to take place in a special room. However, once Ritchie sees from far away his owner, he can’t wait a minute more. The animal runs toward Rejane and bee anyone could react, he jumps onto her hospital bed, licking her face. What a moving encounter! those around them, it is impossible to hold back the tears.在指定的那天,Rejane的儿子Tiago带着Ritchie坐计程车来到医院看望妈妈出于安全考虑,这次会面被安排在一个特殊的房间然而,在Ritchie远远看看女主人的那一刹那,它便不愿再多等一分钟在所有人都还没反应过来的时候,它已经径直奔向Rejane,跳到她的病床上,舔她的脸多么感人的懈逅!此时,周围的人已经抑制不住自己的眼泪Those images are really touching! Rejane’s last wish was surely an uncommon one, but it shows how attached we can become to our beloved pets. Even in her final moments, this woman wanted to make sure she could say good bye to her best friend. Whenever possible, we should always try to fulfill the last wishes of those who are about to leave this world.这些照片真的太感人了!Rejane最后的心愿的确不是很常见,但展示了我们可以与我们的宠物相互之间变得多么依恋即使到了她生命中最后的一刻,这位女主人还是想和她最好的朋友道个别不管什么时候,如果可能,我们都应满足那些即将离开这个世界的人们的愿望为什么6座中国城市正在下陷? --6 :: 来源: 根据学术期刊《遥感上本月发表的一项研究,中国的城市们正在下陷中 China’s cities are sinking, according to a new scientific study published this month in the journal Remote Sensing.根据学术期刊《遥感上本月发表的一项研究,中国的城市们正在下陷中According to the Chinese government, 6 cities across China are sinking into the ground. In the last decade alone, Beijing has sunk inches. The city continues to sink at a rate of nearly centimeters per year.中国政府表示,6座城市正在陷入地面仅仅在过去十年间,北京就下陷了英寸,并保持每年下陷厘米的速度The study, conducted by an international team of seven scientists and engineers is based on InSAR radar technology, which monitors land elevation changes.这项研究由七位来自不同国家的科学家和工程师组成他们使用了合成孔径雷达干涉测量技术监测土地的高程变化This sinking phenomenon, called subsidence, has a number of causes. The rapid construction of massive buildings, roads, and other infrastructure projects has put a lot a weight on the ground.地层下陷有多种原因,比如说快速发展的大型建筑物建造、道路开辟或者其他基建项目都会给地面带来重压Excessive pumping of groundwater is also a major problem that plagues thirsty urban areas as they struggle to keep up with rising populations and water demand. Both Shanghai and Beijing have struggled with overtaxed aquifers.过度抽取地下水也是缺水城市地区面临的主要问题,尽管人们正努力缩减城市人口和用水需求上海和北京都在努力解决过度的水资源需求问题And the sinking soil has an impact on other critical aspects of city infrastructure.而下陷的土地对于城市基础设施的其他方面有关键影响“We are currently carrying out a detailed analysis of the impacts of subsidence on critical infrastructure (e.g. high-speed railways) in the Beijing plain,” wrote the study’s authors in an email to the Guardian. “Hopefully a paper summarising our findings will come out later this year.”研究的作者写道:“我们最近在进行一项对于地层下陷对于北京关键城市基础设施的影响希望在今年年底,我们能够得出结论”Beijing is particularly concerned about the impact the subsidence could have on the city’s trains, which transport a large number of the city’s million residents each day.北京十分担心地层下陷会给地铁带来影响,地铁每日客运量达到两千万人次There could be hope Chinese cities, however. Much of the problem is rooted in poor encement of groundwater pumping regulations, which offers an obvious area improvement.然而中国城市还是有希望的大多数问题来自于对于抽取城市地下水的不力监管,这显而易见是个能够解决的问题And there are other cities which are exploring potential solutions, including Mexico City, which is sinking even faster than Beijing, at a rate of centimeters per year.而包括墨西哥市在内的其他城市正在寻求可能的解决方法墨西哥市下陷的速度比北京还快,达到了每年厘米的速度Built on drained lakebeds, Mexico City loses up to 0 percent of its water per year as the water travels through a network of old pipes to water users throughout the city.墨西哥城市立于干燥的河床智商,因为人们的用水经过贯穿城市的老旧管道,每年流失0%的水分And many of Mexico City’s poorer residents might not even have access to piped water, relying instead on limited daily scheduled deliveries of potable water.然而,许多墨西哥的贫穷居民并无机会使用自来水,他们使用的是每日限量配送的便携水In order to counter its water problems, Mexico City officials are exploring water reuse options, including the treatment and recovery of wastewater, according to a February published by the Christian Science Monitor.二月出版的一篇文章显示,为了解决水资源问题,墨西哥市的官员正在尝试循环使用水,其中包括治理再生废水The city is also looking to a new source its drinking water – the sky. With so much piped water lost to the ground beneath the city, Mexico City is now exploring rainwater collection and purification to lighten the load on overtaxed aquifers.该市同时也在尝试从天空中获取饮用水墨西哥市的许多自来水都在运送过程中流失,它尝试收集净化雨水来减缓过度的水资源需求Beijing is also exploring waterworks projects to counter one of the main problems behind the city’s subsidence. In , China began to build a network of tunnels and canals to ease up the strain on underground aquifers.北京也同样在尝试改善供水系统来解决地层下陷背后的主要问题之一年,中国开始建造隧道网来减缓地下水需求的压力While experts say that they are not yet sure how much of a difference the new canal and tunnel stem will make, Beijing is taking steps towards a more regulated system.尽管专家们表示他们也不清楚新的隧道系统会带来什么改善,北京市正在逐步建成一个更加规范化管理的系统Shanghai, too, has switched to river water daily water use, slowing its own descent. City efts have slowed Shanghai’s subsidence from up to four inches per year in the 1950s and 60s to 5 of an inch per year today.上海也正逐渐将河水应用于日常水的使用来减缓自身下沉上海市所做出的努力减缓了其地层下陷的速度,从1950年的英寸每年下降到今天的0.英寸每年The problem is not limited to Mexico and China – dozens of cities worldwide face subsidence each year. And there’s a growing recognition among coastal cities that rising sea levels are adding fresh urgency to addressing this issue. But the efts in Mexico City, Shanghai, and Beijing’s indicate that cities can make necessary changes to slow or stop the trend.面对这个问题的国家不仅仅是墨西哥和中国,每年世界上都有一堆城市有下陷问题并且沿海城市逐渐形成共识,认为上升的海平面对于下陷是新的紧急问题但是墨西哥市、上海、北京的经验表明,这些城市能够通过必要的决定来减缓或者停止这一趋势不会外语怎么出国旅游?买件这样的T恤可畅游世界 -- 3:5:3 来源: Now you can travel anywhere and be able to communicate - genius!现在你可以走遍世界沟通无忧了;;太有才了!The new IconSpeak Global communication tee is SO simple we can't quite believe it didn't exist bee now.这种最新的;用标识沟通全球;交流T恤看起来如此简单,以至于你会惊叹为什么大家之前都没发现这招Think about it: how easy would it be if you were on holiday in a eign country and were just able to point to a symbol explaining the message you intend to get across, without uttering a word of failed language?想象一下:你到国外度假,想要表达什么信息时,只要指一下T恤上对应的标识就可以了,少了语言不通的烦恼,是不是很爽? example, wouldn't it be helpful to know how to find the nearest toilet, where the airport is, what the time is and where is the best restaurant to grab a bite to eat without having to reach your phrase book every time?比如,想要知道最近的厕所在哪儿、机场怎么走、现在几点了、附近有没有不错的餐厅;;再也不用一遍遍翻出词汇小本了,统统信手拈来有木有?Thanks to this ingenious T-shirt, all you need to do is point to the symbol that best represents your problem and hope that you can understand the gist of what the person is saying back to you.有了这款创意T恤,你只要指一指上面最能代表你问题的标识,并搞懂对方跟你说的主要意思即可Swiss friends George, Steven and Florian who are behind the brand explain on their website: ;In the furthest and deepest corners of our world we were repeatedly left with no words, due to our lacking linguistic talents.三位瑞士小伙伴;;乔治、史蒂芬和弗洛莱恩;;是这种T恤的发明者他们在自己的网站上表示:;因为不懂当地语言,我们经常会在世界最远最深的某个角落失语;;Such situations got us thinking about how to bridge language barriers with utmost simplicity, on a global level. The answer came to us after a remarkable experience in the depths of Vietnamese backcountry. Because with ICONs, you can SPEAK, you can SPEAK to the world.;;于是我们就想,怎样用最简单的方式来扫除这种语言障碍,而且全球适用当我们在越南偏远地区经历了一次不同凡响之旅后,我们终于找到了有了标识,你就可以说话了,你可以跟整个世界对话了;Of course, the T-shirts don't exactly help you if you want to try and learn the language, nor will they make your travelling pictures look great if you're wearing the same outfit every day - but there will surely be benefits along the way.当然,如果你想试着学一下当地语言的话,这款T恤肯定帮不了你而且因为你要每天穿同一件T恤,你的旅游照片也会看起来不那么多;;但它对你的旅行有帮助是一定的Vocabularyingenious:机灵的,精制的;心灵手巧的gist:主旨,要点“网约车”获合法地位 --9 :: 来源:chinadaily 7月日下午,国务院新闻办公室举行发布会,交通部、公安部、国家质检总局等部门有关负责人介绍《关于深化改革推进出租汽车行业健康发展的指导意见、《网络预约出租汽车经营管理暂行办法(以下简称《暂行办法)的相关情况《指导意见将出租车分为巡游出租车和预约出租车两类,首次提出将互联网专车纳入预约出租汽车管理,明确了出租汽车行业定位;同时明确网约车的合法地位图片来源于网络#0;请看相关报道:The regulation requires that car-hailing platms, such as Didi Chuxing and Uber Technologies, review the qualifications of drivers and their cars to guarantee safe rides.《暂行办法要求滴滴出行和优步等叫车平台审核驾驶员及其车辆的资质,以保出行安全The platms are responsible checking whether drivers' private cars are in good condition and are insured, and they must report the results to local transportation bureaus.叫车平台有责任查验私家车的车况及保险状况,并须将检查结果上报给当地交通管理部门这两年,关于叫车软件(car-hailing apps)到底该不该被合法化的问题一直都是热议话题叫车软件除了提供常规的出租车叫车务(taxi-hailing service)以外,还延伸出了专车(tailored taxi service)、顺风车(ride sharing)、快车(fast ride)等不同级别的车辆定制务,的确为公众的出行提供了不少便利此次出台的《暂行办法首次明确了这一类网络约车的合法地位(legalizing online car-hailing services),同时对驾驶员准入条件有了严格规定:应有三年以上驾驶经验(with three or more years of driving experience),无交通肇事犯罪记录(no record of traffic crimes)、无危险驾驶犯罪记录、无吸毒记录、无饮酒后驾驶记录(no record of dangerous driving, drug abuse or drinking and driving)、无暴力犯罪记录(no record of violent crimes)对于运营车辆也有明确的条件要求:7座及以下乘用车(passenfer vehicles with#0;7 seats or less);安装具有行驶记录功能的车辆卫星定位装置、应急报警装置(equipped with GPS and emergency alarm system);车辆技术性能符合运营安全相关标准要求(cars are in good condition and can guarantee safe rides)在此基础上,对于符合条件的车辆,应在公安机关登记为预约出租客运,并取得务所在地出租汽车行政主管部门发放的《网络预约出租汽车运输另外,《暂行办法建立了里程报废标准(mileage limit),规定网约车行驶里程达到60万千米时强制报废(the vehicle will be scrapped once it reaches the 600,000 km mileage limit)行驶里程未达到60万千米但使用年限达到8年时,退出网约车经营(dismissed from the car-hailing service)(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)《跟着习大大走之美国篇爆红 -- :6:35 来源: 昨日,神秘的复兴路上工作室推出最新短片《跟着习大大走之美国篇,据说能让你5分钟看懂中国企业如何助推美国下岗职工再就业短片以电影大片般的画面和音乐,独特细腻的视角,讲述了大量中国企业进入南卡罗来纳州后,当地老百姓观念的转变此片一出,立刻在网络疯转不妨先来感受一下——美国老百姓:我才不介意公司是不是中国人开的美国老百姓最初对于中国企业收购美国公司这件事,是十分惶恐的远东集团美国绿地公司总裁泰·泰勒以为……When a Chinese company purchases a company in the US, I think the thought is they're gonna come here, they're gonna buy the company, take the brands, move all the manufacturing to China, and not do anything to help the US market economy.我原以为,一家中国公司要收购美国公司,惯例就是来到这里买下公司,拿走品牌把生产线带回中国国内,却不会做任何有益于美国经济的事公司的工人担心的是……We were all concerned that when they come in they were going to bring their group of people and exclude us from what was going on.我们都很担心,怕中国的老板来了以后,会从国内带来自己的人马,然后让我们下岗结果他们发现事实和自己想的完全不是一回事儿远东集团美国绿地公司财务总监安东尼·托斯蒂先回顾了公司的血泪史……This company in was dying. There were only 6 employees in the company, when the Chinese invested over million in this company, to build it back up – to organize everything here in South Carolina and build up the business to the point that we have 350 employees.那是年,绿地公司眼看着就要破产了,全公司只剩下一百来号人这时中国投资人,为绿地紧急输血00万美金,公司总算活过来了又经过一系列重组,现在已经壮大到350多号人了塞内卡珠宝店店主比尔·布洛克也目睹了家乡的就业难When the textile industry started going out, people were unemployed. So the job situation hurt the economy and the local businesses, and a lot of people had to go out of the county hunting jobs. But with high tech jobs coming back, you know, Greenfield did a good job downtown getting that back revitalized.当纺织业开始外迁的时候,我们这儿的人就陆续下岗了,就业情况糟糕,经济也更差了,不少乡亲们只能背井离乡,外出打工,如今中国人收购的绿地公司又给我们带来了高大上的新工作自00年以来,中国企业在美投资已超过60亿美元,在美国已经创造了超过8万个就业岗位看到中国企业给当地带来的积极变化,老百姓终于说出了心里话——I don't mind the company being owned by Chinese as long as they bring good jobs in and keeps the economy going.只要不让俺下岗,只要经济景气,我才不介意公司是不是中国人开的呢中国价值观:公司就是你的家短片还探讨了中国价值观融入美国企业后,当地人对两国观念异同的思考卡罗来纳中国商会会员卡莉·塔克认为两国人民相同点多于不同点What would surprise you about American and Chinese citizens is that we are more like than we are different. Because both cultures are based on family values.一个让人感到惊讶的事实是,美国人和中国人的相同点多于不同点中美两种文化都是建立在家庭价值观基础之上的远东集团美国绿地公司财务总监安东尼·托斯蒂也认为中国的价值观和当地价值观契合There's a lot of Chinese values that filter down into the company but they also fit with South Carolina values as well. There's also very much a long term philosophy: we don't look at hire and fire philosophy; we like to get our people trained and go long term.绿地公司融入了很多中国价值观这些价值观,也契合了南卡罗来纳的价值观,比如我们重视长远发展,不喜欢随便炒人鱿鱼,我们通过提供培训,在让马儿跑的同时也给马儿吃草美国TTG盛世集团经理拉尔夫·拉夫特则对于中国公司把员工当自家人的观念感触颇深I did not know what to expect from a Chinese boss man. Never worked around any Chinese people. So it was quite an experience, and it was a great experience too. He put a great number of people back to work. Well, Jimmy he counts us all family. When we have our meetings that it was the first thing he'll says, "He is my family", so he includes all of us as his family and he always has.对于跟一个中国老板干活儿,我原来心里很没底儿,因为从来没有跟中国人打交道的经验经历之后才发现,这种体验棒棒哒吉米把我们下岗的老工人都请回来,让我们重新上岗,把我们看作家人我们每次开会的时候,他讲的第一句话都是,咱们家咋样咋样他把我们所有人都当成是家人,一直都这样中国人和美国人:我们每个人都有梦想影片结尾处,远东集团美国绿地公司总裁泰·泰勒的一席话很让人鼓舞We all have a dream, right? And whether it is an American dream or a China dream. It doesn't matter where you're from. And I think if we're working together and we're talking about what our goals are, what is our dream, what do we want to be, then we have a chance to getting there together.我们每个人都有梦想,对吧?无论是美国梦还是中国梦,不管你来自哪儿,只要我们在一起工作,讨论我们的目标是什么,我们的梦想是什么,我们想要成为什么样的人,那我们就有可能一起实现我们的梦想

巴西临时政府又一短命部长因录音丑闻下台 --31 :: 来源: 巴西临时政府又一部长辞职 A second minister in Brazil’s new government has resigned.巴西临时政府又一部长辞职Fabiano Silveira was in charge of the ministry tasked with fighting corruption but left after a recording was made public, which seems to show him trying to derail a corruption investigation at the state oil company.法比亚诺·西尔韦拉是反腐部门部长,但由于一段揭露他阻挠国家石油公司腐败调查的录音被披露而离职Last week the planning minister stepped aside after a similar recording was released.上周,计划部长也因一段类似录音披露而下台Both men were appointed when President Dilma Rousseff was suspended.两位部长都是在原总统罗塞夫被停职后任命的She is accused of massaging budget figures ahead of her re-election in , and is due to be tried in the senate in the coming months.罗塞夫被指控在年连任选举前操控预算数字,并将在未来几个月中接受参议院审讯She has argued that impeachment proceedings against her are designed to stop the investigation into Petrobras.她为自己辩护称此次弹劾是为了阻止她对巴西国家石油公司进行调查Staff at his ministry had symbolically cleaned the building with broomsticks and demanded his dismissal.审计部门工作人员用扫帚象征性地清洗了大楼并要求解雇部长Dozens of civil servants in the ministry’s local offices had offered their resignation in protest.几十名公务员在该部门的地方办事处提出了辞职抗议In the recorded conversation broadcast on TV, he is heard seeming to advise the speaker of the Senate, Renan Calheiros and an ex-senator, Sergio Machado, on how to avoid investigations by prosecutors.根据电视播出的谈话录音,法比亚诺·西尔维拉疑似向巴西参议院议长雷南·卡列罗斯和前参议员塞尔吉奥·马沙杜建议如何避免检方调查He is also heard appearing to criticize investigators in the Petrobras investigation, which has implicated dozens of senior politicians and has led to the jailing of several top business executives.他还批评巴西石油公司案调查人员该案件牵扯数十名资深政客,并导致几名企业高管入狱Mr Machado, who is also the mer president of Transpetro, a logistics company owned by Petrobras, is being investigated corruption. As part of a plea bargain with investigators he has recorded a series of conversations with high-profile politicians.马沙杜是巴西国有石油公司Petrobras公司旗下Transpetro物流公司的前任主席,也因涉贪被调查他录下一系列与数名政客的对话,作为辩诉交易的一部分The first one was made public last week and led to the stepping aside of a mer Planning Minister and close advisor to President Michel Temer, Romero Juca.第一段录音在上周公开,导致了前计划部长,代总统米歇尔·特梅尔的顾问罗梅罗·茹卡下台

美国大学误向落榜生发祝贺信 --30 :7:50 来源: 美国大学误向落榜生发祝贺信Philadelphia college mistakenly congratulates the rejectedDrexel University in Philadelphia is apologizing to hundreds of applicants who were denied admission but then mistakenly received follow-up emails congratulating them on getting in.数百名未被费城德雷塞尔大学录取的学生随后却收到了来自该校的祝贺信,该校已就此失误向申请者们道歉The university says the follow-up emails were intended only admitted students. Though they contained a congratulatory note, their purpose was to remind the admitted students about a reply deadline.德雷塞尔大学表示,这些电子邮件原本是想发给被录取的学生的尽管包含祝贺内容,但这些邮件的目的其实是为了提醒被录取的学生注意最终答复日期The emails went out in error to 95 students who had been denied admission to Drexel or submitted incomplete applications.95名学生收到了这些误发的邮件这些人都是申请德雷塞尔大学但被拒的,或者是递交的申请资料不完整的Seventeen-year-old Tearra Bookard told WTXF-TV the email came three weeks after she was denied admission. She immediately told friends and family the good news only to find out seven hours later it was a mistake. She calls it a "slap in the face."十七岁的特艾拉· 布克德告诉WTXF电视台,电子邮件是其申请被拒的三周后发给她的她马上把这个好消息告诉了朋友和家人,但7小时后又被告知这是一场误会她称自己犹如被“打脸”In 199, the university mistakenly sent early acceptance letters to 5 students.199年,德雷塞尔大学也曾失误向5名学生提早寄了录取通知书Vocabulary follow-up:后续的;增补的slap in the face:打脸(译者:明晨域 编辑:杜娟)

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