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厦门腿部溶脂哪家医院好厦门腰腹部抽脂医院哪个好Tesla Motors plans to make its cars capable of fully autonomous driving by the end of next year, setting an aggressive deadline that could put it ahead of other carmakers in the race to put robot cars on the road.特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)计划使其汽车最迟在明年底能够完全自主驾驶,从而设定一个咄咄逼人的截止日期,有望使该公司比其他汽车制造商更早推出能够上路的机器人汽车。Elon Musk, chief executive, said on Wednesday that his company’s electric cars would be able to drive coast-to-coast in the US — “all the way from home in Los Angeles and dropping you in Times Square by the end of next year and then parking itself, without the need for a single touch”.首席执行官埃隆.马斯克(Elon Musk)周三表示,他的公司的电动车将能够从美国的西海岸行驶到东海岸——“最迟在明年底,从洛杉矶的家,一路把你送到(纽约市)时代广场,然后自己泊车,不需要你碰任何东西”。The news that the US electric car company is pushing ahead to full self-driving cars comes despite the death of a Tesla owner in a crash in the US earlier this year while his car was under its own control, using what the company calls “Autopilot” mode. Tesla also faces a lawsuit in China over a second death allegedly linked to its current driver-assistance, though it has denied its technology was at fault.这家美国电动汽车公司宣布推进全自动驾驶汽车计划之际,今年早些时候美国一名特斯拉车主死于撞车事故,当时他的汽车在自动控制状态,使用该公司所称的“自动辅助驾驶”(Autopilot)。特斯拉还在中国面临第二起死亡事故诉讼,据称事故与该公司的驾驶员辅助技术有关,但该公司否认其技术在那起事故中有任何过错。The US fatality had aly led Tesla to revamp its self-driving technology, giving more prominence to signals from its vehicles’ on-board radar systems rather than relying so heavily on the front-facing camera. The accident followed the failure of the car’s camera to identify the side of a white truck against a bright sky.美国发生的死亡已促使特斯拉改良其自动驾驶技术,让车载雷达系统的信号发挥更大作用,而不是如此严重依赖前置摄像头。那起事故的起因是车上的摄像头未能在明亮天空的背景下识别一辆白色卡车的侧面。On Wednesday, he criticised journalists for what he claimed was excessive media coverage of the US fatality. “If you effectively dissuade people from buying autonomous vehicles, you’re killing people,” he warned. “Paucity of media coverage of the 1.2m people who die each year in crashes does not reflect well on the media, it really doesn’t.”周三,马斯克批评记者,称媒体对上述美国死亡事故的报道多得过分。“如果你实际上劝阻人们购买自主驾驶车辆,你就是在害人,”他警告说,“媒体对每年死于道路交通事故的120万人报道很少,这对媒体的形象不利,真的很不利。” /201610/473096杏林区哪家骨科医院最好 怀也要挑“吉日”Season of conception tied to school performanceThe time of year a womanconceivesmay influence the future academic performance of her child, according to research reported this week at the Pediatric Academic Societies' annual meeting.When researchers linked standardized test scores of 1,667,391 Indiana students in grades 3 through 10 with the month in which each student had been conceived, they found that children conceived May through August scored significantly lower on math and language tests than children conceived during other months of the year.The correlation between test scores and conception season held regardless of race, gender, and grade level.Why might this be? According to Dr. Paul Winchester of Indiana University School of Medicine who led the study, the evidence points to environmental pesticides, used most often in the summer months, as a possible player.The lower test scores correlated with higher levels of pesticides and nitrates in the surface water (nearby streams and other bodies of water) during that same time period, he told Reuters Health."Exposure to pesticides and nitrates can alter the hormonal milieu of the pregnant mother and the developing fetal brain," Winchester explained in a statement. For example, past research has linked exposure to pesticides and nitrates to low thyroid hormone levels ("hypothyroidism") in pregnant women and hypothyroidism in pregnancy has been tied to lower intelligence test scores in offspring.While the current findings do not prove that pesticides and nitrates contribute to lower test scores, "they strongly support such a hypothesis," Winchester said."A priori there should be no reasons particularly why the month of conception should change your (test) scores," he added in an interview, "and yet from our chain of evidence our hypothesis was that if pesticides do alter the friendly environment of the developing fetus than that might be reflected in lower scores. And unfortunately that's what we found.""There is something going on" and it needs to be studied further, Winchester concluded.(CRI)在本周举行的"儿科学术协会年会"上,一项研究报告称,母亲怀的月份可能会影响孩子以后的学业成绩。研究人员对印地安那州1,667,391名3到10年级学生的统一考试成绩和他们的受月份进行了相关分析。结果发现,与其它月份受的孩子相比,5月至8月受的孩子的数学和语言成绩要低得多。考试成绩与受季节这一相互关系不受种族、性别和年级的影响。该如何解释这一结论?本研究的带头人、印第安纳大学医学院的保罗·温彻斯特士说,罪魁祸首有可能是空气中的杀虫剂,这些杀虫剂在夏季使用得比较多。他在接受路透社健康部的采访时说,考试低分与地表水(附近的小溪和其它水体)中含量过高的杀虫剂和硝酸盐有关。温彻斯特解释说,"接触杀虫剂和硝酸盐会使妇体内的荷尔蒙环境发生改变,从而影响胎儿的大脑发育。"比如,以往的研究发现,妇体内甲状腺激素含量低(甲状腺机能减退)与接触杀虫剂和硝酸盐有关,而怀期间甲状腺机能减退又与孩子智商低有关。尽管目前的研究不能明杀虫剂和硝酸盐导致考试低分,但是,温彻斯特说,"它们为这一假设提供了有力的持。"他在采访中补充道,"我们是这样推理的,既然没有特别的原因来解释受的月份影响考试成绩这件事,那么根据一系列的据,我们假设如果杀虫剂确实影响胎儿成长的良好环境,那么这种影响也许会导致考试低分。不幸的是,这正是我们通过研究发现的。"温彻斯特最后总结到,"这其中还有一些影响因素"有待进一步的研究。Vocabulary:conceive: To become pregnant(怀)hypothyroidism: 甲状腺机能减退 /200803/31405厦门欧菲医院能检查怀孕吗

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