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Rihanna, Michelle Obama, and Stella McCartney. Rihanna joined U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, British fashion designer Stella McCartney and nine others on Monday to be honored as "Women of the Year" .Rihanna joined U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, British fashion designer Stella McCartney and nine others on Monday to be honored as "Women of the Year" .The annual Women of the Year Awards, published by Glamour Magazine for the past 20 years, pay tribute towomen who have made major contributions to entertainment, business, sport, fashion, science and politics.Barbados-born Rihanna, 21, whose hit songs include "Umbrella" and "Disturbia", joined the list after taking a public stand on domestic violenceand urging other women to follow her leadafter being beaten by her ex-boyfriend, singer Chris Brown.Michelle Obama received an award of special recognition for bringing the importance of mentoring to the forefront."She has demonstrated a commitment to helping the next generation of girls expand their horizons by providing them with the information and inspiration to envision themselves as the leaders of tomorrow," the magazine said in a statement.Tennis champion Serena Williams was honored for using her Serena Williams Foundation to give grants to U.S. college students and recently opening a secondary school in Kenya.Susan Rice, the first female African-American U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations, was praised for putting women's needs at the forefront of the American agenda at the U.N. while Maria Shriver, California's first lady, was credited for redefining her role into a platform for change and leadership for women.The winners, featured in the December issue of Glamour magazine on newsstands from November 10, were picked by an advisory board made up of past honoreesranging from Jennifer Lopez to Nora Ephron to Katie Couric. /200911/903661. Put the plan of returning to school seriously into schedule, and graduate before the age of 30.把重返校园充电认真列入计划,并在30岁前再次毕业。 /201109/1531061.Seek beauty around you. Seeking beauty on rainy day.Seek beauty around you. How do you define beauty? As you go through your day, try to make note of things and people that strike you as beautiful: art, the sky, someone's freckles. If you can, write them down. Try to understand what makes them beautiful to you. They may not be beautiful to others, but that's why beauty is in the eye of the beholder.善于发现生活的美 /200912/92135

Five tips to lower stress at workplaceWhen it comes to lowering stress at work, studies from around the world have yielded a set of five tips, with advice ranging from grabbing 40 winks at your desk to taking your pet to work.The first tip highlighted by New Scientist magazine is that workers should be sociable - but not too sociable.British research has shown that sociability is good for the health, with a study of thousands of civil servants revealing that moral support from colleagues, encouragement from supervisors and clear direction from bosses kept stress levels down.Male civil servants who lacked support in the workplace were 31 per cent more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, and women 43 per cent.However, too much socializing could lead to work piling up.The second tip is to ensure your surroundings are as pleasant as possible.Simply being able to see your colleagues makes the working day much more manageable, with the height ofpartitionsdividing up office space affecting stress levels.Surprisingly, the higher the partition is, the more people complain about noise from their neighbours.Research from the University of Montreal shows that the optimum partition height is 4ft 3ins (1.3m) - high enough to provide privacy but low enough to ensure staff do not feel isolated.The third piece of advice for workers is to learn to switch off.Mobile phones and other electronic equipment should be switched off after hours to allow burnt-out brain cells to recharge.Playing with a cat or dog can also aid relaxation and if workers can persuade their boss to let them into the office then the day will fly by.如果要缓解工作时的压力,可以参考世界各地的研究得出的五大妙法,其中包括在办公桌前眨眼40下以及带着你的宠物去上班等。《新科学杂志》强调的第一大妙法是,要善于交际,但不要过头。英国有研究表明,善于交际有利于健康,一项对几千名公务员的调查发现,同事的精神持、上司的鼓励和老板给予的明确指示可以缓解工作压力。在工作中缺乏持的男公务员心情焦虑、情绪低落的可能性比得到持的人高31%,而女公务员的这一比例则为43%。然而,过于爱交际则会导致工作干不完。第二大妙法是保令人愉快的工作环境。办公室里用以分隔空间的隔板高度会影响压力的大小,所以在工作时只要让自己能看见周围的同事,你这一天就会舒心得多。奇怪的是,办公室的隔板越高,觉得周围噪音大的人越多。蒙特利尔大学有研究表明,办公室里隔板的最佳高度为1.3米,这个高度足以保护隐私,又不会让员工感到孤立。第三大建议是学会“关机”。下班后关掉手机和其它一些电子设备,让自己养精蓄锐。和宠物一起玩耍也有助于放松,如果能说老板允许员工带宠物上班,那一天就过得飞快啦!Vocabulary: partition : 办公室里常用的“隔板” /200808/46426

Serena usually makes little variation on her traditional theme (long and wavy) but she glammed it up for a couple episodes. Which high-powered, big bang does a bang-up job?S总是时不时地在她标志性的长波浪发型基础上做点小变化,其中有几集的造型格外出挑。上面俩出格造型你喜欢哪个呢? /200906/75922

Rabbit’s Foot Some people believe that the rabbit’s foot will protect its holder against bad luck, because the rabbit is the only animal that sleeps with its eyes open, and it is in this way protected against the evil eye.The Garlic-Filled Bag People suppose that a bag of garlic hanging around a child’s neck has supernatural power and can protect the child from illness. Such a bag may have power, but probably the power lies in its smell, which keeps other children away, so that the wearer of the bag might not catch a disease from them.吉祥物兔爪 据说百兽里只有兔子睡觉不合眼,可避免魔眼的伤害。因而兔爪也有辟邪的功效。大蒜口袋 有人认为一袋大蒜挂在小孩子的脖子上,会有祛病魔力。挂大蒜的确有效,但实际上是大蒜的气味把别的孩子赶开了,减少了传染疾病的机会。 /200906/74730

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