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Jane Furnival (Author) gives expert advice on: Where are the best bargains located in the supermarkets? and more...作家Jane Furnival在本视频中为我们提供了专业的建议:超市里最物美价廉的商品摆放在什么地方?以及更多其它问题……How do supermarkets try and make us spend more money?超市怎样试图使我们消费更多?Supermarkets are just big machines to make us spend more money than we intended. They have enticing smells of new cooked b; theyre very warm, theyre very smiley, they make you feel good. Never shop when youre hungry. Supermarkets know this, and you can add up to £30 per trolley in snacks - the sort of things you buy that you can eat on the way home. Then you can eat in the supermarket cafe as well, which adds even more to your spend. Look at the end of the shelves and walk straight past the treats there. Thats one way that supermarkets have of getting you to spend a lot of money: the most expensive stuff is always at the end of every aisle.超市就是试图让我们消费超出预期的大型机器。它们散发出刚烤好的面包的诱人香味,它们非常温暖,味道香浓,使你感觉非常好。永远不要在你饥饿的时候购物。超市非常清楚这一点,你手推车中零食的费用可能高达30英镑——你在回家的途中就可以食用。你也可以在超市的咖啡馆就餐,这样你的消费就更多。看一下货架最末端,直接越过这里的商品。这是超市让你花费大量金钱的地方:最贵的商品总是摆在走廊的最末端。How do supermarkets lure us in to start with?超市用什么方法诱惑我们走进去?Supermarkets lure us in with shopping tricks such as the promise of free parking and lots of special offers. We always tell ourselves that we are going to save money if we set foot in that supermarket because we have been lured in, but the absolute opposite is the case. Very few people can walk out of a supermarket and feel that they have really saved and bought nothing that they didnt intend to buy when they walked in.超市通常使用免费停车的承诺和大量特价商品等伎俩来诱惑我们。当我们走进这间超市的时候,我们总是告诉自己在这里购物会省钱,因为我们是被诱惑进来的,但是实际情况恰恰相反。很少有人走出超市的时候感到自己真的省了钱,没有购买走进来的时候没打算购买的物品。Where are the best bargains located in the supermarkets?超市里最物美价廉的商品摆放在什么地方?You have to look high and low for bargains. I dont mean scour the supermarket, I mean look high and low on the shelf for bargains. The middle of the shelf is where youll find the most expensive things. Makers can pay supermarkets sometimes to place high-value items right in your eye-line?你必须上下仔细观察来寻找物美价廉的商品。我并不是说走遍整个超市来寻找,我的意思是要看货架的高处和低处。货架的中间通常是最贵的商品。制造商通常会付给超市一定的资金,将最贵的商品摆放在顾客视线范围之内。Thanks for watching Identifying Shop Tricks For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Eat Well For Less.感谢收看鉴别超市伎俩视频。要了解关于更多专业建议,指导意见,指引和教程,请登录我们的网站查看。201209/198153

The ;Hatwalk; exhibition, which has 21 of Londons iconic statues wearing modern and colorful hats designed by some of the most talented British designers, have been held in London for the Olympic celebration.为庆祝伦敦奥运,近日在伦敦举行的“雕像带帽”展上,有21尊伦敦标志性雕像都戴上了由英国著名设计师设计的五颜六色的时髦帽子。In Trafalgar Square, the famous statue of Admiral Nelson now sports a brand new red-and-blue hat, complete with an Olympic torch. The statue of King George IV a few steps away has a golden hat, and nearby the statue of General Sir Henry Havelock is sporting a new head piece, too. The exhibition has attracted many visitors.特拉法加广场上,著名的尔逊将军戴上了一顶红蓝相间的帽子,帽子上还有一奥运火炬作装饰物。在不远处的一尊乔治四世雕像也戴上了一顶金色的帽子,而附近的亨利爵士雕像则戴上了新头片。这一展览吸引了众多游客。Liz Newman said, ;All the lovely hats. I particularly came to see them, Ive come in to go to one of the galleries this morning and I saw in the paper about the hats, so I thought I have to go and look at them. I think they look great.;游客Newman说,“这些帽子可爱极了。我是特意过来一睹为快的。我今天早上本来是来参观美术馆的,我在报纸上看到了关于这些帽子的新闻,所以我想我必须过来看一看。我觉得这些雕像戴上帽子棒极了。”Graham Defti, Colin Black, said, ;Yes, its brilliant, awesome to be fair. Quite high though. We are thinking about climbing up and trying to steal it. But its a bit high for me.;游客Colin Black说,“是的,这个主意太棒了,太了不起了。但是雕像太高了。我们正在想要爬上去把这些帽子偷走呢。但是,这些雕像实在是太高了。”201208/193191

特别声明:该节目由可可原创。视频出处:选自B记录片《英国史》第七集《女王的一生》。精视觉:精解说:Darnleys murder was a turning point in Marys life.From now on, death followed Mary like a lady-in-waiting. She was aly sick, vomiting black mucus. She needed help, and the unscrupulous Bothwell was at hand to give it.达恩利的死成为玛丽人生的一个转折点。从此,死亡就像宫女一般对玛丽如影随形。她经常生病,吐出黑色的粘液。她需要帮助,而狂妄的波斯维尔就在身边。His power over Mary now made him recklessly bold. And he announced to the Scottish lords that for the proper government of the country it was necessary for Mary to have a husband.Very decently, he offered himself for the job.现在他控制着玛丽,从而使得他变得胆大包天。他对苏格兰贵族宣布为了苏格兰的统治稳定,玛丽有必要找个丈夫,他主动请缨出任这个角色。Bothwells idea of a marriage proposal was to abduct Mary and take her to his grim castle in Dunbar.波斯维尔的求婚想法是把玛丽劫持到他在邓巴那可怕的城堡。There he planted his flag as prospective King of Scotland by planting himself - violently, it was said - inside her body.在那里,他通过奸污玛丽,据说是强奸,来确认自己作为未来苏格兰国王的地位。Now he supposed the traumatised Mary would have to marry him, and, to most of the countrys horror, Mary did just that, a few weeks later, at Holyrood.如此一来,被奸污的玛丽就不得不嫁给他。然后,让全国大多数人惊骇的是:几个星期后,玛丽果真在荷里路德宫嫁给了他。 /201301/218183

DuPont CEO weighs in on work-life debate One of few women to run a Fortune 500 company, CEO and Chairman Ellen Kullman reflects on her career and personal life. 柯爱伦是杜邦公司全球董事长兼首席执行官,是公司1802年创立以来首位担任这项职务的女性;在全球商业界内,她的领导能力和声名丝毫不亚于惠普前CEO菲奥莉娜等女性领袖。而女性领导者的崛起,也被认为是20世纪末21世纪初全球商业领域的亮色之一。She’s the woman with a plan and a vision. Change isn’t something that happens to you, change is something you do to make things happen. Important qualities in a leader of a company more than 200 years old, constantly forced to adapt to an ever-changing technological and economic landscape.Certainly the 4 years I’ve been CEO has been marked with quite a substantial uncertainty in the marketplace. Ellen Kullman took the reins of chemical mega-cooperation DuPont in , a company they got it starred producing gunpowder in 1802 and now has attained thousands of products, from Kevlar to air filters. She became CEO at the height of the financial crisis. 70,000 people are looking out, saying what do we do? Where do we go? What’s gonna make a difference, so much fear and so much uncertainty. And you know, I went back to basics, focus on what we can control. DuPont operates in more than 90 countries, which means Kullman is always on the move. A few months before she gave this speech in Durham, North Carolina, we caught up with her in Davos, Switzerland. Walk us through a day in your life at DuPont. What does it like?You know, they are very full. Earlier this week, you know, I, we had our earnings call, we’re talking with media, we’re talking to investors. And I went from there to do 2 s for meetings I couldn’t attend for our groups that I wanted to send specific messages, then I went into a ballroom full of 400 of our top leaders from operations, from around the world, and talked to them about 2013. And then you get on a plane and fly to Davos. And that’s when I think, plane time historically has been my time to kind of just think, and catch up on things and and say what are we doing well, what are areas that we should focus on?Back at Duke University in North Carolina, she’s hoping to inspire the next generation of leaders. Kullman was once a student in her hometown in Wilmington Delaware. And it was a history teacher in high school who inspired her. He helped me see that by majoring in science and engineering specifically, that it would open doors not narrow what I do. If it weren’t for your history teacher encouraging you, do you think you could be in this position today?Absolutely not, no, I don’t. Her philosophy on work and life is one of no regrets. And that balance thing, she thinks it doesn’t exist. It was always a give-and-take, it was always something that work’s 24 hours 7 days a week, and my family is 24 hours, 7 days a week and somewhere in there you figure it out. /201305/241886

Twist ties and bag clips are for sissies. Here’s how to keep an open bag of chips fresh with your bare hands.胆小没用的人才使用回形针和夹子。观看这段视频,学习徒手怎样保存打开的薯片袋子。You Will Need你需要An open bag of chips已经开袋的薯片Two hands双手Steps步骤Step 1 Squeeze1.挤压Squeeze the air out of the bag by flattening it.把袋子压平,将空气挤出来。Step 2 Roll2.卷起来Roll the top of the bag all the way down to just above the chips.把袋子顶端卷起来,一直卷到剩余的薯片上方。Step 3 Fold3.折叠Fold back an inch or two on each side of the bag.袋子的两边各折叠一两英寸。Use your thumbs to keep the corners pinned to the bag so the ends won’t unroll.用大拇指将角落捏紧在袋子上,防止末端打开。Step 4 Tuck in4.塞进Unroll the middle of the fold while also turning it partly inside out and wedging the corners underneath. It might take some practice, but you’ll get it!把折叠部分的中间展开,部分反转过来,把角落塞到下面。可能需要一些练习,但是熟能生巧。Potato chips were invented by a chef in Saratoga Springs, New York, when a customer complained that his fried potatoes weren ’t thin enough!薯片是由纽约萨拉托加斯普林斯一位厨师发明的,当时一位顾客投诉他的炸土豆条不够薄。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/230072

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