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In 2012, Kaggle challenged its community to build an algorithm that could grade high-school essays.2012年,Kaggle给当地学校出了个难题,设计一个算法来评判高中作文。The winning algorithms were able to match the grades given by human teachers.获胜的算法给出的分数居然和真正老师给出的分数相符。Last year, we issued an even more difficult challenge.去年,我们出了一道更难的题。Can you take images of the eye and diagnose an eye disease called diabetic retinopathy?你能从拍摄出的眼睛图像中诊断出糖尿病性视网膜病变吗?Again, the winning algorithms were able to match the diagnoses given by human ophthalmologists.再一次,获胜的演算法给出的诊断和眼科医生的诊断相符。Now, given the right data, machines are going to outperform humans at tasks like this.类似于这样的任务,只要给定正确的数据,机器将完全超越人类。A teacher might 10,000 essays over a 40-year career.一位老师在40年的职业生涯中可能审阅一万篇作文。An ophthalmologist might see 50,000 eyes.一名眼科医生大概可以检查5万只眼睛。A machine can millions of essays or see millions of eyes within minutes.但在短短几分钟之内,机器可以审阅百万篇文章或检查数百万只眼睛。We have no chance of competing against machines on frequent, high-volume tasks.对于频繁、大批量的任务,我们无法与机器抗衡。But there are things we can do that machines cant do.但有些事情机器却无能为力。Where machines have made very little progress is in tackling novel situations.机器在解决新情况方面进展甚微。They cant handle things they havent seen many times before.它们还不能处理未曾反复接触的事情。The fundamental limitations of machine learning is that it needs to learn from large volumes of past data.机器学习致命的局限性在于它需要从大量已知的数据中总结经验。Now, humans dont.人类则不然。We have the ability to connect seemingly disparate ths to solve problems weve never seen before.我们有一种能把看似毫不相关的事物联系起来的能力,从而解决从未见过的问题Percy Spencer was a physicist working on radar during World War II,Percy Spencer是一个物理学家,在二战期间从事雷达的研究工作,when he noticed the magnetron was melting his chocolate bar.他注意到磁控管融化了他的巧克力。He was able to connect his understanding of electromagnetic radiation他从对电磁辐射的理解with his knowledge of cooking in order to invent -- any guesses? -- the microwave oven.联想到烹饪,因此发明了——猜猜是什么?微波炉。201612/482337长春打胎需要一共多少钱即学即用英语会话词典D部分:叙述询问理由进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200707/15584长春市阳光咨询电话However, that is simply not enough.但是,这完全不够。And I think what Herbie said-please listen, listen.我在想Herbie的话,请听一听。We have to listen to ourselves, first of all.首先,我们必须聆听我们自己。If I play, for example, holding the stick-where literally I do not let go of the stick youll experience quite a lot of shock coming up through the arm.举个例子,当我拿着鼓棒,事实上我没有松开它,你能通过手臂感受到强烈的震动。And you feel really quite-believe it or not detached from the instrument and from the stick,even though Im actually holding the stick quite tightly.你会确确实实地感受到,信不信由你,与乐器本身以及鼓棒是分离的,然而事实上,我正紧紧的握着鼓棒。By holding it tightly, I feel strangely more detached.紧紧的握着它,奇怪的是我却感受到更多的分离感。If I just simply let go and allow my hand, my arm, to be more of a support system,suddenly I have more dynamic with less effort. Much more.如果我松开一些,让我的手和手臂作为更好的撑,突然,我用相对少的力气得到更多的动力,多得多。And I just feel, at last, one with the stick and one with the drum.最后我感觉到,一个离鼓槌很近,一个离鼓很近。And Im doing far, far less.我做的越来越少。So in the same way that I need time with this instrument,I need time with people in order to interpret them.所以相同的道理,我需要时间与乐器一起,我需要时间和人们在一起才能去了解阐释他们。Not just translate them, but interpret them.不仅仅是从表面上翻译它,而是演绎它。If, for example, I play just a few bars of a piece of musicfor which I think of myself as a technician that is, someone who is basically a percussion player ...例如,我来演奏一点音乐的片段,从我把自己看做是个会这门技术的人的角度来看,后者,人们称之为打击乐演奏者。And so on. If I think of myself as a musician ...等等...如果从我把自己看做一个音乐家的角度。201605/440630英语会话800句 54 /200608/9217长春市那个医院做流产好

吉大三院线路辽源中医院无痛人流要多少钱第38课What are your rates? 费用多少? 38.“打尖住店” Excuse me,Do you know where there''s a good hotel? 问哪里有合适的饭店适合你去住。 136. Do you know where there''s a good hotel. 你知道哪的饭店不错? 137. What are your rates? 费用多少?(多少钱一个房间?)(receptionist 接待员) 138. What does that include? 包括了哪些务? 139. When is check-out time? 什么时候必须结帐? 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2945Ladies and gentlemen, we are at an historic juncture. Trade liberalization and economic growth is a permanent goal for all of us as WTO Members. While I acknowledge that in some parts of the world this goal is seen as a threat rather than an opportunity, the negotiations under the Doha Development Agenda must press ahead. We must vigorously defend the integrity and effectiveness of the multilateral trading system.各位,我们正处于历史时刻。自由贸易和经济发展,是我们作为世贸成员的恒常目标。我知道,世界有些地方视这目标为威胁多于机遇,但我们必须全力推进多哈发展议程的贸易谈判。我们必须奋力确保多边贸易制度保持健全及具成效。This Conference is a golden opportunity for us to demonstrate our collective resolve to improve the lives of peoples throughout the world through progressive trade liberalization. That is what we committed ourselves to do when the Round was launched four years ago in Doha.这个会议提供了一个黄金机会,让我们一同展示决心,通过进一步的贸易自由化,继续改善各地人民的生活。这是四年前我们展开多哈回合谈判时,立意要达到的工作目标。This week, all eyes are on Hong Kong. As host and Chair of the Conference, we will do our utmost to bring about a successful outcome. But we cannot do it ourselves. We are relying on your support and commitment to accomplish this mission. I am sure it will be forthcoming.这个星期,全球注视香港。作为主办城市,也是会议主席,我们会竭尽所能争取美满成果。但香港不能独力完成这项使命,必须得到各位的持和承担才能达到目标。我深信大家会乐于为此给予持和作出承担。201702/493949长春市儿童医院是公办的吗Particularly to the landmarks here the Duke Gardens, I often went there to study and when I was stressed out for those finals 特别是这里的地标杜克公园 我读书时经常到那里学习也经常到那里缓解期末考试的压力Yesterday, I went there in the afternoon after the rain to get centered before this speech but besides the landmarks 昨天下午的雨后 我又去了那里为这次演讲做准备不过除了地标之外For me theres a deep feeling of connection to the people here to the people and friends that ive made over those 4 years on this campus And I doubt there is one word 我记忆最深刻的 还是和这里的人之间的联系和我共度四年校园生活的伙伴们的联系如果要说有一个词That really pulls together that shared combination of all the things that all of us label, under that term ;Duke; but the best word that I can think of 可以将杜克大学所有人及所有事所共有的特质概括起那么我认为这个词便是Is ;connected; Connected thats a word Id like to discuss with you today on your Graduation Day 联系联系就是今天在毕业日 我要跟你们讨论的主题I left home in August, 1982 From Dallas, Texas, I travel to Durham and my parents marked that rite of passage with a terrific present: 1982年8月我离开老家从德州达拉斯来到达勒姆父母为我这次人生重要之旅送上了特别的礼物It was a typewriter, a B12 Olympus portable typewriter The best thing about it was it weighed only 12 pounds, carrying in case and all It was during my time at Duke 一台打字机 奥林巴斯B12便携打字机它的最大优点在于只有12磅重 可以放到箱子里正是在杜克读大学的那段时间That really computers took over and replaced the typewriter as being the thing of choice to write your papers And we computer science department students 计算机真正取代了打字机的地位成为写论文的首选工具当时我们这些计算机科学系的学生We resented you humanities majors because you were hogging our machines to write your papers and what that meant was that 最讨厌你们这些文科生了因为你们老是霸占我们的机器来写论文这害得我们I spent a lot of hours in basement of some very creepy building on this campus particularly the biological sciences building We would be in the basement of that building 不得不长时间待在某些阴森建筑的地下室里特别是生物科学楼我们会在这栋楼的地下室里201608/457716吉林妇幼医院正规的吗

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