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To film the entire breeding cycle of the Adelie penguin,为了拍下阿德利企鹅的整个繁殖周期Frozen Planet sent a team《冰冻星球》节目组派出了一团队 to one of the worlds largest colonies,来到南极洲的克罗泽角at Cape Crozier, Antarctica.拍摄世界上最大的生物聚居地之一Ive heard so much about it and so much about it.我听说了太多 在书中看到了太多Finally were going to get there. Its good.终于可以前去一探究竟 太棒了Cameraman Mark Smith and director Jeff Wilson摄影师马克·史密斯和导演杰夫·威尔逊plan to spend the next four months living amongst the penguins在之后的四个月里将和企鹅们呆在一起in a location first visited by the early explorers a century ago.一个世纪前 探险家才第一次来到这里So arduous was Scotts winter expedition to Cape Crozier斯科特在克罗泽角的冬日远征十分艰险that it became known as ;The worst journey in the world;.因此被称为是;世上最糟糕的旅行;Wow, its fantastic!太壮观了Modern means make Mark and Jeffs journey a more comfortable affair,现代交通让马克和杰夫的旅途舒适很多but once there, they will be tested但一到达目的地to the very limits of their endurance.他们将挑战生存的极限The pair arrive in early spring他们在早春时抵达with enough supplies to survive the next four months带来了足够用四个月的生存必需品working alone in the Antarctic wilderness.在南极野外 独自工作Were here!我们到了Scotts legend of Cape Crozier起码可以说tells of some extreme weather,斯科特的克罗泽角传奇之旅使我们了解到to say the least,那里的一些极端天气 so Mark and Jeff take advantage of the clear conditions,因此 知道阿德利企鹅即将到来的in the knowledge that the Adelies arrival is imminent.马克和杰夫充分利用了这些已知因素 /201211/208422


Faced with the crumbling of the structure of the old Estates-General,面临着旧三级会议体系即将瓦解的现实Louis XVI decided finally that he would resort to force.路易十六终于决定诉诸于武力As a result, he began to call in troops,于是 他开始召集军队and to assemble troops around Paris.集结在巴黎城边The whole business was botched.形势开始大乱The Parisians panicked by rapidly rising food prices,民对持续走高的粮食价格感到恐慌decided to defend themselves.他们决定自卫As a result, they attacked the Bastille to get the powder.于是他们攻陷了巴士底狱 抢走了面粉Bastille prison has been stormed, the governor murdered巴士底狱被攻陷 典狱长被杀害and his head paraded through Paris on a pike.他的脑袋被挂在插在矛上游街示众Louis was woken in the middle of the night with the news路易在半夜被吵醒that his people had finally taken up arms against the authorities.得知他的人民终于决定反抗强权Louis XVI had a choice.其实路易十六当时尚有选择余地He could have tried to face down the people of Paris他本可以通过武力and the National Assembly by force of arms.镇压民和国民议会In other words, he could have risked civil war.换句话说 他本可以挑起国内战争If there is one thing that is clear about Louis XVI如果说路易十六只做对一件事的话is that he refused to take that path.就是他拒绝用武力解决此次争端He would not fight or raise his standard against his own people.他不愿与自己的人民战斗或压迫他们He knew his English history,he knew what had happened to Charles I.他知道英国历史 他知道查理一世的结局He had no intention of repeating it.他不想重蹈覆辙 201207/190503

  Tired of waiting for your prince to appear with a Manolo Blahnik in your size? Well, stop waiting, and start taking control.厌倦了等待你的王子带着符合你的尺码的马诺洛·伯拉尼克鞋子出现?好吧,停止等待,让自己开始掌控局面。Step 1 Ask the time1.询问时间When you spot a guy with potential, ask him what time it is. Hell probably suspect your question is just an excuse to talk to him, giving him the opportunity to either take the bait or not.当你观察到一个有希望的男子,问一下他几点钟了。他可能会怀疑你的问题只是跟他说话的借口,给他一个机会,上钩还是走开,随他便。Eighty-nine percent of men interviewed in a 2004 dating survey said they find approaching a woman in a bar nerve-racking, so dont you be shy about making the first move.在2004年的一份约会调查中,89%的被调查男性表示,他们发现在酒吧接触女孩非常伤脑筋。所以,你在走出第一步的时候不要害羞。Step 2 Look your best2.时刻保持最佳形象If you have a particular guy in mind aly, pave the way to dating by looking your best whenever you think you will see him, making friendly conversation, and finding reasons to touch him.如果你的脑海中已经有了意中人,为约会做好准备,在你认为自己可能看到他的任何时候都要保持最佳形象,进行友好的对话,找机会接触他。Seventy-two percent of men polled in 2004 survey said they were attracted to their last date because she seemed friendly,chatty, and approachable.在2004年的调查中,72%的男性表示他们为最后的约会对象倾心,是因为她看上去非常友好,非常健谈,非常平易近人。Step 3 Act confident3.表现出自信Act confident, even if youre not. In many cases, if you act like its a given that hed want to go out with you, he will!Know the difference between confidence and aggression. Aggression comes across as desperation, which is not how you want to be perceived.一定要表现的非常自信,即使你并不自信。在许多情况下,如果你表现的好像他注定想要和你约会,他就一定会!要了解自信满怀和咄咄逼人之间的区别。咄咄逼人给人的印象是拼命,你肯定不想给人们带来这样的感觉。Step 4 Bite the bullet4.鼓足勇气Bite the bullet. Have a specific activity or plan in mind, like going to a movie or dinner, and simply ask if hed like to go with you.鼓足勇气。提前设计好特定的活动或计划,例如看电影或共进晚餐,直接问他是否赏光。Step 5 If for some crazy reason he says no, take the news in stride. Smile, say ok, and remind yourself that hes just one guy--plenty more where he came from!5.如果由于某些疯狂的原因他拒绝了,坦然接受。微笑着说好,提醒自己他仅仅是一个男孩而已,除了他之外多的是!Step 6 Keep trying6.继续努力Keep trying! Remember: The more guys you approach, the more likely you are to get a date and second one, and a third.继续努力!要记住:你接触的男孩越多,你就越有可能找到梦想中的情人。201212/217351


  Its just one week until one of the biggest holidays on the Chinese calender—National Day on October 1st. Its also one of the busiest times of year for the countrys major tourism attractions—and it might be the most hectic one yet, with Chinas top economic planner cutting ticket prices at a number of sites.距离中国最大节日之一的十一国庆还有不到一周时间。国庆节也是一年中各大旅游景点最繁忙的时刻,但随着中国最高经济计划部门关于国庆期间部分景点门票降价政策的出台,这或许是最让人兴奋的时刻。But apparently not all tourism attractions are made equal—some have mysteriously been left off the list.但显然,并不是所有景点均榜上有名,部分景点并未出现在门票降价名单上。Public holidays in China are always busy times for the countrys tourism sites. And this year,holidaymakers could save a bit of cash, with the National Development amp; Reform Commission announcing a decision to lower ticket prices by 37 percent.对于各大旅游景点来说,在中国法定假日期间,它们总是最繁忙的。而今年十一,随着国家发改委关于部分景点门票降价37%决策的出台,出行游客可以节省下不少钱。The discounts extend to 80 tour sites. But potential visitors are quick to point out some of the most popular sites arent included.名列降价名单上的景点包括80个景点。但是,有游客马上指出部分知名景点并未名列其中。Wu Bo with NDRC said, ;The first round of discounts are mainly for locations with low debt, or not in need of huge funding on manufacturing.;国家发改委的吴波说,“第一轮降价景点主要针对低债务或者不需要大量资金持的景点。”As in many countries, national parks and natural scenic spots in China are supported by public financing.因为中国的很多国家公园和自然景区都是由国家提供资金持的。Professor Liu Deqian with Institute of Tourism, Beijing Union University said, ;The management of those scenic spots should take into consideration the fact that the regions are supported by public financing, so they should not be treated as firms with the major aim on profit growth. They should be part of public services.;北京联合大学旅游研究所刘德前教授说,“对这些景点进行管理应该考虑到它们是由国家提供资金持的事实,所以它们不应该被当作是以盈利为主要目的公司来对待。它们应该成为公共务的一部分。”The NDRC reveals that 90 more scenic regions will be added to the discount list before this years National Day holiday. Budget travellers will have to make a decision—whether its worth forking out the extra cash to visit the sites not included.国家发改委透露将会有超过90个景区在今年国庆节前名列降价榜。打算出行的游客则要决定是否有必要花费额外的钱游览榜单上的未列景点。 201209/201729

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can I.D. me. I was born in London in 1926 and I still live there.看你能否鉴别出我。我于1926年出生在伦敦并且我现在仍住在那里。I have a royal title, but I dont actually run my countrys government.我有一个皇室的名号,但我并不实际上管理我国家的政府。I ascended to the throne in 1952.我在1952年继承皇位。Im the ed Kingdoms Queen Elizabeth II, and I have one younger sister, but no brothers.我是英国伊丽莎白女皇二世,我有一个但是没有兄弟。(END VIDEO CLIP)AZUZ: Now, here is why that last parts important.现在,注意为什么后半部分很重要。If Queen Elizabeth did have any brothers, even if they were younger than she, she wouldnt be queen.如果伊丽莎白女皇有任何兄弟的话,即使他们比她小,她也不会是女王。It all has to do with the order of succession.这与继承顺序有关。In the U.S, succession has to do with who takes over as president if something happens to the current president.在美国,继承与谁接管总统有关,如果现任总统出事了。Well, for the British monarchy, succession is about who becomes king or queen.那么,对英国君主体制,继承与谁会成为国王或王后有关。This is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.这是卡瑟琳娜,剑桥公爵夫人。She is married to Prince William, Queen Elizabeths grandson and the couple is expecting a baby.她嫁给了威廉王子,伊丽莎白女皇的孙子,这对夫妇正在等待他们的孩子的降临。Now, you might have heard about that.现在,你有可能已经听说。Right now, the British order of succession goes from the queen to Williams dad, Prince Charles, and then to Prince William.当今,英国继承权从女皇到威廉的父亲,查尔斯王子,然后是威廉王子。For more than 300 years, the law said that a monarchs first born son was heir to the throne.300多年来,条文规定君主的大儿子是王位的继承人。If he had big sisters, he jumped in line ahead of them.如果他有,他将会排在她们之前。But the royal rules of succession are changing.但是皇室继承规则有所改变。From now on, the firstborn child will be heir, so William and Catherines baby will be next in line for the throne and it wont matter whether its a boy or girl.从现在开始,第一个出生的孩子会是继承人,所以威廉和卡瑟琳娜的孩子会是下一个皇位继承人,不管是男孩还是女孩。 /201212/213334

  How to Stick to Your Diet on HowcastStep 1: Change mindsetChange your mindset. Acknowledge that “eating whatever and whenever you want” often leaves you feel unpleasantly full and uncomfortable, which, in reality, is exactly what you don’t want.第一步:改变心态改变心态。知道“想吃什么就吃什么,什么时候想吃就吃”常会使你感到吃饱不舒和心里上的难受,这实际上恰恰是你不想要的。Tip:Acknowledge that you are in control of what you eat.建议:知道你正在控制自己的饮食。Step 2: Make a listMake a list of the reasons you want to lose weight and keep the list with you. Read your list throughout the day, every day, to stay motivated.第二步:立表将你想要减肥的理由立表,并随身携带。每天都要读那张表,天天都要读,来激励自己。Step 3: Plan mealsPlan your meals and snacks ahead of time. If you’ll be eating out or drinking alcohol, allow yourself to enjoy a small, predetermined portion of one of your favorite high-calorie treats so that you don’t feel deprived.第三步:计划饮食提前计划你的饭量和零食。如果你外出就餐或是喝酒,可以提前预定,吃一点你最喜欢的高热量食物,这样你就不会感到压抑。Step 4: Keep track of food intakeWrite down everything you eat in a journal to keep yourself aware of and honest about your food intake.第四步:了解食物摄入量将你在旅程中吃的食物都写下来,以便使自己清楚食物摄入量。Step 5: Set goalsSet small, short-terms goals. When you meet them, feel good about yourself and reward yourself with a non-food related treat.第五步:设定目标设定小的,短期的目标。当你达到目标时,你会感觉很棒,可以用非食物类的待遇来回赠自己。Tip:Focus on a realistic weekly weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds.建议:关注每周能减1-2磅。Step 6: Weigh yourselfWeigh yourself once a week at minimum, but realize that weighing yourself is only one way to track your progress. Before you know it, eating healthfully — and feeling good about it — will become second nature.第六步:称重至少每周要量一下体重,但是要明白称重只是一种检测减肥进展的方法。在你知道结果之前,要健康饮食,并保持好的心态,这样会习惯成自然。Tip:The most craved food by women in the ed States is chocolate.建议:美国女孩最想吃的食物是巧克力。 201010/116033

  Are you a little sensitive? The chemicals in commercial shaving creams and lotions may dry out and irritate your skin.Imagine the money you would save if you didnt have to buy shaving cream or lotion. Follow these easy steps to find out how to make and use an all-natural and organic shaving lotion from olive oil.你的皮肤是否有一点敏感?商业化的剃须膏和润肤露中的化学品可能会变干并刺激皮肤。想象一下,如果你不买剃须膏或润肤露可以省多少钱。遵循以下简单的方法,学习怎样用橄榄油制作全天然有机剃须膏。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Extra virgin olive oil,A razor特级初榨橄榄油,剃刀Step 2: Choose Your Oil2.选择橄榄油Olive oil contains Vitamin I and is a natural antioxidant so its great for your skin. The best choice for shaving is extra virgin olive oil. You should avoid pure and light olive oil as they have been chemically processed.橄榄油中含有维他命I,是天然的抗氧化剂,因此对皮肤非常好。用于剃须最好的选择是特级初榨橄榄油。不要使用纯净轻质的橄榄油,因为这些橄榄油是经过化学加工的。Step 3: A Little Goes A Long Way3.用量很少Pour out a little olive oil into your hands and rub into your skin. In addition to being a great energizer for your skin,olive oil is a great lubricant and will protect your skin from nicks and cuts while you shave. Since the oil is naturallymoisturizing your skin, you wont need to apply any aftershave lotion when youre finished shaving.向手里倒一点橄榄油,擦在皮肤上。除了可以催化皮肤之外,橄榄油还是良好的润滑剂,剃须的时候可以保护皮肤免于刮伤。由于橄榄油对皮肤有天然的保湿作用,剃须之后不需要再涂抹须后水。Step 4: Dont Get Rusty4.防止生锈Once youre finished shaving, you can help preserve the life of your razor and prevent it from rusting easily by dipping it into olive oil. The oil will lubricate the metal and naturally protect the surface. Done.剃须之后,你可以将剃须刀浸入橄榄油中,延长剃须刀的寿命,并防止生锈。橄榄油可以润滑刀片,保护剃须刀表面。Step 5: Done.5.完成。Thanks for watching How To Shave With Olive Oil.感谢收看“怎样用橄榄油代替剃须膏”视频节目。201212/214700


  How To Seduce Her Over Dinner晚餐时光,是让她一步步陷入你设计的“陷阱”的好时机 Wine and dine your way into her pants by puddingStep 1: Your mission explained明确任务 Bad news fella, all the literature is against you: the idea of putting out on the first night is sacrilegious to the modern girl. You need to undo years of programming that men are 'only after one thing.' You need to give off an intoxicating mix of romance, charm, and raw shaggability,so that she forgets all her training, and her chastity belt ends up round her ankles......Step 2: Conversation聊天Listen with interest to everything she says. Try and avoid 'mind drift', where you start thinking about something else, and don't really pay attention. Try 'active listening'. Laugh, nod, mirror her actions, and only interrupt to encourage her and demand more detail. She will feel like a wonderful conversationalist, and that you really connect. When she is all talked out, lay on the charm with a trowel....but do it cleverly. Don't go for extravagant, clichéd compliments about the way she looks. Tell her she is perceptive, witty, and that you love the way she talks. Tell her something she hasn't heard before - if you're going to use physical compliments, make them funny, or unusual. Maybe you like her thumbs, or her asymmetric hairstyle. Don't mention parts of the body that may cause offence, or she may have a complex about.Step 3: Physical contact身体接触 Restaurants make it difficult to get up close and personal by positioning chairs opposite each other to get as many diners in as possible. But break out of the seating plan and gradually move your chair round the table. If you're not getting knocked back yet, instigate a bit of physical contact by playing footsie. If this is getting a positive response, try touching her hand by 'accidentally' going for the wrong glass. If she looks like the kind of girl who enjoys her food, ask her if she wants to try yours. It'll help here if you've ordered food that melts, is an aphrodisiac, or contains chocolate.Step 4: Close the deal搞定! OK, it's going well- You may decide that you both have the potential for a grown-up relationship, in which case you may want to re-think the whole 'pants by pudding' mission- as a silly, disrespectful idea. But if you feel that this might only be a brief encounter, now is the time to act decisively:Out of nowhere, ask for sex.... obviously not in those words. You can wonder whether she'd like to come back for coffee, or whether she'd like to come back and play chess, or see your collection of matchboxes. Anything that puts you and her together, alone, is promising.However, don't assume anything....if she's distracted by her phone, or goes to the loo a lot, she may be looking for escape routes. Don't hassle her for more dates, or try and convince her to come back to yours if she's hesitant. If, however, she's giving you the green light, eat your dessert, pay the bill, and don't ruin it by going home on the bus. Pay out for a taxi, she's worth it.201108/150879

  计算机图形界的先驱保罗·德贝维奇(Paul Debevec)为我们阐述了备受关注的数字虚拟人物艾米丽(Emily)的幕后制作技术——动态化写实面部表情捕捉。201305/236226

  乔布斯的辞职使各界大为震惊,人们认为这标志着一个时代的结束。现在,苹果公司未来的发展方向成为了人们关注的焦点。 After Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple, the company he co-founded decades ago, analysts and customers in Europe believe the move signals a change, but is not likely to have a huge impact on the innovation of the company. With a showman's flair, Steve Jobs always seemed to delight in maximizing the drama of his time in the spotlight. 'And one more thing' was the phrase the Apple faithful had come to expect from the company's co-founder and visionary boss. It was the signal that a rabbit would be pulled from a hat, or at least the technological equivalent. On a personal level, he'd fought and survived a rare form of pancreatic cancer which had aly forced him to step back from running day to day operations more than once. By announcing his resignation as CEO and backing Tim Cook as his replacement Jobs signaled it was time to move forward. Outside the Apple store in London's Covent Garden, consumers contemplate what the shift means for the brand he built into a global powerhouse. Shopper Ilya Ryndin said, "The company will miss him, because I know he was the face of Apple." Simon Leavesley said, "It is quite a shock, but I can't blame him with the health issues that he has." Holly Wilson said, "Shocked, but not devastated. I'd still be comfortable with buying anything from Apple, it's an established brand, I trust the quality of their products." Mark Mulligan is an independent digital strategist who's observed Jobs in action on several occasions. Independent Digital Media Strategist Mark Mulligan said, "He's clearly charismatic. He's clearly somebody who I would say is a force of personality, and somebody who manages to inspire leadership in people. There is no way that he would've been at the top of his game through so many challenges, personal as well as business. He's managed to hammer through things nobody else has achieved in negotiations." Carolina Milanesi is the chief Apple analyst at Gartner Research and says the question everyone's asking is: He said, "It's almost as if some people think of this as the end of Apple which is absolutely the wrong way to look at the company with iPhone 5, with the new version of the iPad, with iCloud. To some extent Apple is starting on a new journey if you like and maybe this is the right time for Steve Jobs to hand over the reins to Tim Cook to drive that next phase of the company. At the moment where the company is safe and doing very well." There is little about this news that comes as a genuine surprise, other than perhaps its precise timing. Still that doesn't diminish the impact of hearing that the man who engineered the most remarkable corporate turnaround of our times is planning to take a lesser role in the company he helped to found.重点词汇讲解:1. resignation n. 辞职, 辞呈, 顺从常用搭配: tender/hand in/offer/give/send in one's resignation 递交辞呈2. have a huge impact on “对……有重大影响”,类似表达有:have an influence on3. signal n. 信号;标志 v. 发信号;标志着4. contemplate vt. 思忖,思量,仔细考虑 vi. 冥思苦想,深思熟虑[(+on/upon)]5. hand over 移交201108/151108

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