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2019年10月19日 21:35:24

With all but half a percent of the ballots counted from Sunday's presidential election in Russia, Kremlin candidate Dmitri Medvedev has garnered more than all of his opponents, combined. Now, Medvedev is indicating how he will share power with outgoing President Vladimir Putin, who is expected to become prime minister.  星期天俄罗斯总统选举的选票几乎全部清点完毕,只剩下0.5%的选票尚未清点。克里姆林宫的候选人梅德韦杰夫赢得的选票超过了其他所有竞选对手。梅德韦杰夫正在提出将如何与即将离任的普京总统分享权力的计划。预计,普京将会成为俄罗斯总理。The foregone conclusion of a Medvedev victory is now all but official. Central Election Chief Vladimir Churov announced the preliminary results at a Monday morning news conference in the Russian capital. The only ballots yet to be counted are from Russians voting abroad and inaccessible places of the country.  预料之中的梅德韦杰夫的获胜现在几乎已经成为定局,只差最后正式公布。中央选举委员会主席丘罗夫星期一早上在莫斯科举行的新闻发布会上公布了初步计票结果。唯一有待计算的是来自海外以及俄罗斯偏远地区的选票。The final half percent will not change the result, with Medvedev winning more than 70 percent of the vote. Communist Party candidate Gennady Zyuganov comes in second, with nearly 18 percent. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, perennial candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party, received less than 10 percent. Andrei Bogdanov, a complete political unknown, got just over one percent.  由于梅德韦杰夫获得了70%多的选票,因此尚未计算的0.5%的选票不会改变最终的投票结果。共产党总统候选人久加诺夫排名第二,获得近18%的选票,俄罗斯自由民主党候选人日里诺夫斯基获得不超过10%的选票,另外一个不为人所知的政界人士波格丹诺夫仅获得略微超过1%的选票。None of the opponents posed a serious threat to Medvedev. Politicians who might have been considered - including former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, human rights activist Vladimir Bukovsky, reformer Boris Nemtsov and former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov - were prohibited from running because of technicalities. 这些竞选对手都未能对梅德韦杰夫真正构成威胁,而被认为有可能对他构成威胁的政界人士都因某些选举规定方面的技术原因被禁止参加竞选。他们是前国际像棋世界冠军卡斯帕罗夫、人权活动人士布科夫斯基、改革家涅姆佐夫以及前总理卡西亚诺夫。Election chief Churov says voter participation set a nationwide record. 中央选举委员会主席丘罗夫说,参加投票的选民人数创全国历史记录。The election chief says voter turnout was nearly 70 percent.  他说,选民投票率超过了70%。But Russia's independent voter rights group, Golos, says the organization received numerous telephone calls on its hotline from teachers, factory workers, university professors and others complaining they were forced to cast ballots. The director of Golos, Lilia Shibanova, told VOA the source of the pressure probably comes from local, not Kremlin authorities. 但是,俄罗斯独立的选民权益组织“格罗斯”说,他们接到教师、工人、大学教师等打来的电话,说他们投票时受到压力。这个组织的负责人施帕诺瓦说,这些压力可能来自地方政府,而不是克里姆林宫。The reason, says Shibanova, is because the goal set by local officials was aimed at boosting results in order get preferential treatment from the center. 施帕诺瓦说,这其中的原因是地方官员所设的目标都是要提高政绩,以期从中央政府得到特权。The highest turnouts, in excess of 90 percent, came from some of Russia's poorest regions, such as Mordovia, Chechnya, and Dagestan.  在一些地方,超过90%的选民都参加了投票。在俄罗斯全国各地,投票率最高的往往是俄罗斯最贫穷的地区,包括像莫尔多瓦、车臣以及达格斯坦。Dmitri Medvedev says he will take over presidential offices in the Kremlin and Mr. Putin will move into the prime minister's office at the Russian Federation Building, also known as Russia's White House. Medvedev says their tandem rule will not create difficulties, because the Russian Constitution clearly delineates authority between the president and head of government. Medvedev notes he will have constitutional authority over foreign affairs. 梅德韦捷夫说,他将搬进克里姆林宫的总统办公室,而普京则将搬进总理办公地点,也就是俄罗斯联邦大楼,通常也称为俄罗斯的“白宫”。梅德韦捷夫说,他与普京的共治不会产生问题,因为俄罗斯宪法明确区分了总统和政府首脑之间的权限。梅德韦捷夫指出,宪法赋予了他处理外交事务的权力。Medvedev says Russia's main foreign policy priority will be to maintain relations with the country's closets neighbors - members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. He says his first foreign visit will be to one of the CIS countries. 梅德韦捷夫说:“俄罗斯外交政策的重点将围绕与最紧密的邻国之间的关系展开。这些邻国包括独联体的成员国。”梅德韦捷夫说,他上任之后首次出访的国家就将是独联体国家。The Medvedev statement and modest reference to the possibility of victory came Sunday evening, after it was aly clear that official declaration of his presidency was a mere formality. 梅德韦捷夫星期天晚间做出上述声明,同时还提到有可能在这次选举中取得胜利,但是他只是谨慎地做出表示,尽管大家都很清楚,正式宣布梅德韦捷夫的胜选只不过是走过场而已。Meanwhile, the head of an observer delegation from the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe, Andreas Gross, says the results indicate a reflection of the will of an electorate whose democratic potential was not tapped. Gross says flaws in the presidential vote were a repeat of the same ones that occurred in December's parliamentary election. He mentioned unequal media access for opposition candidates, which is one of the reasons Russian critics have called Sunday's vote "stage-managed." 来自欧洲议会的一个选举观察团的负责人格洛斯表示,这次选举的结果显示,选民的意愿以及他们的民主诉求并没有得到充分的反映。格洛斯说,这次俄罗斯总统大选当中出现的问题与去年12月俄罗斯议会选举中出现的问题实际上是异曲同工。他还提到了反对派候选人在竞选过程中没有充分被媒体报导的情况。About 300 foreign observers came to monitor an election that involved about 96,000 polling stations over Russia's 11 time zones. The key European monitoring group, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, refused to come, saying restrictions imposed by the Russians would have made a meaningful assessment impossible.  大约有300名来自其他国家的观察员到俄罗斯各地观看了投票过程。在俄罗斯横跨11个时区的土地上,这次总共有9万6千个投票站。重要国际组织欧洲安全与合作组织拒绝到俄罗斯观察这次选举。该组织说,俄罗斯政府设置的种种限制让真正意义上的选举观察成为不可能。200803/28365安康市胃部幽门螺杆菌急慢性胃炎"Across the battlefield, I saw the bodies of Jamuqa's(扎木和) men lying together like felled logs in the forest." Following the defeat, Jamuqa fled into the mountains of Tannu(唐努). He hid throughout the winter of 1204. In the spring, he reappeared, escorted by two of his own generals who thought they knew where their best interests lay. They delivered Jamuqa to Temujin(铁木真). "The generals expected a reward for betraying their leader and delivering him into the hands of his enemy. And I saw they got their reward."felled: chopped down (about a tree)200809/49720西安妇幼保健医院看肠胃病好吗South Korean Politicians Demand Apology for American Envoy's 'Insult'美韩牛肉争执升温韩国自由派反美   The leader of South Korea's main political opposition party is accusing the ed States ambassador in Seoul of insulting Koreans. The comments in question relate to an emotionally electrified controversy over resuming American beef imports. 韩国主要的反对党领袖指责美国驻韩国大使侮辱韩国人。美国大使的讲话涉及到韩国恢复进口美国牛肉这个极具争议的敏感问题。Sohn Hak-kyu, chairman of South Korea's ed New Democratic Party, says U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Alexander Vershbow is "impolite and arrogant." 孙鹤圭(Sohn Hak-kyu)是韩国统合民主党的主席。他说,美国驻韩国大使弗什鲍(Alexander Vershbow)“无礼、傲慢”。He says remarks like the ones Vershbow made this week are an "insult to all South Koreans." Sohn's anger was raised by the American ambassador suggesting South Koreans need to be aware of the scientific facts about American beef. 孙鹤圭说,弗什鲍这个星期发表的言论“侮辱了所有的韩国人”。让孙鹤圭感到气愤的是,美国驻韩国大使说韩国人需要了解有关美国牛肉的科学数据。The remarks referred to what is easily the most explosive political issue of the moment on the South Korean domestic front - plans by the government to resume the import of U.S. beef. 弗什鲍大使的谈话所涉及的是目前在韩国最容易引发争议的一个政治问题,那就是,韩国政府方面计划恢复进口美国牛肉。Tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the street and blocked main traffic thoroughfares on an almost nightly basis, recently, to condemn the import plan. They maintain that American beef poses a risk of transmitting the fatal brain condition known as "mad cow disease." 最近,成千上万的人几乎每个晚上都上街游行,堵住交通要道,抗议政府的进口计划。他们坚持认为美国牛肉有传播疯牛病的风险。Their insistence on that danger has been fueled by numerous factors: sympathy with struggling South Korean cattle farmers; anger at South Korean President Lee Myung-bak; an undercurrent of anti-American nationalism; and a tornado of Internet rumors about U.S. beef, ranging from the humorous to the hysterical. 这些人坚持这种看法出于几个因素:一是同情韩国那些苦苦挣扎的肉牛养殖户,二是表达对韩国总统李明的不满,三是反美民族主义情绪,另外就是因特网上有关美国牛肉的各种谣传,有幽默的,也有非常不着边的。The one thing that has failed to back these very vocal protests in any significant way is hard science. One U.S. animal was found to have mad cow disease, in 2003. However, out of hundreds of millions of consumers, there has never been a single known case of mad cow-style brain infection resulting from eating American beef. 虽然抗议活动声浪很高,但是并没有多少科学依据。2003年,一只美国牛被发现有疯牛病,但是,亿万消费者当中,从来没有过一例由于吃美国牛肉而引发的人类感染疯牛病的病例。It was this absence of scientifically proven risk Ambassador Vershbow was referencing in his comments Tuesday night, made after his meeting with South Korea's Foreign Minister. 美国大使弗什鲍星期二晚间会见韩国外交通商部长官之后所说的话,指的就是没有科学依据这一点。"We hope that Koreans will begin to learn more about the science and about the facts of American beef and that this issue can be addressed constructively," Vershbow said. "Clearly there is a lot of work ahead in getting people to pay more attention to the science and to the facts of the matter." 弗什鲍说:“我们希望韩国人多学一点科学,多了解一点有关美国牛肉的事实,这个问题能够以建设性的方式解决。显然,为了让人们更关注科学和事实,还有很多工作要做。”U.S. officials in Seoul have since clarified Vershbow's remark, saying the work ahead is to be done not by Koreans, but by American officials in raising public awareness of U.S. beef safety. 美国驻韩国官员随后澄清了弗什鲍大使这番话的涵义,说更多的工作不是由韩国人来做,而是美国官员需要努力让公众更加了解美国牛肉是安全的。The angry response of South Korean liberal politicians illustrates how emotionally charged the battle lines over this issue have become. Lawmakers from a minority far-left party stood outside the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, Wednesday, demanding Vershbow apologize - warning if he does not, he might be kept out of the country, just like American beef. 从韩国自由派政治人士的反应当中,可以看出这个问题在韩国的敏感性。星期三,韩国一个极左派少数党的代表聚在美国驻首尔大使馆前面,要求弗什鲍大使道歉,并警告说,假如他不道歉的话,就会像美国牛肉一样,被拒之于韩国的国门之外。200806/41193Sadly, we have no other twin rooms available and anyway…可惜我们没有其他双人房了,总之……Alright, I’d like to speak to your manager please. Really!好吧,我想跟你的经理谈谈。真是的!Good old Denise. I can tell she’s done this before but will talking to the manager really sort things out?干得好,丹尼斯。我看得出她之前这么干过,但经理来了就能解决吗?Let’s remind ourselves of some of the phrases you can use when you need to complain.让我们看看当你投诉时需要使用的短语。I’m very disappointed with your service.我对你的务感到很失望。The standard of service is not good enough.务的水平不够好。The room I booked did not meet my expectations.我订的房间没有满足我的预期。And to get things sorted you could say: I would like this matter resolved as quickly as possible.为了解决问题,你可以说:我希望事情能尽快解决。Or: I would like to cancel my reservation and get a full refund.或者:我希望取消预约并全额退款。Let’s see if Denise has sorted things out?让我们看看丹尼斯是否能解决这一切?So have you managed to sort out Mr Socrates?你能处理好苏格拉底先生的事吗?Oh yes, Anna’s got him a new room.是的,安娜给他安排了新房间。Thanks Anna, I’ll let him know. And what about the orange juice?谢谢,安娜,我告诉他。橙汁的事怎么样了?Freshly squeezed, every morning!每天早上都有鲜榨果汁!Oh golly gosh, that reminds me, we need some here in the office.天啊,这提醒我了,我们要在办公室准备一些。He’s going to be here any minute and he says he’s got some important news for us.他随时都可能来,他说有很重要的消息告诉我们。 /201702/491115高陵区胃部疾病急慢性胃炎浅表性胃炎萎缩性胃炎

陕西西安高新医院胃肠科网上预约咨询西安唐都医院胃肠科正规的吗Well, dont call him Attila the Hun!不要叫他匈奴王阿提拉!Think before you call him: Its good news – youve closed the deal and the contract is signed.给他打电话前先想想:这是好消息,你达成了交易并且签了合同。We need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.我们需要尽快继续推进订单。And say, Im committed to getting the order delivered on time.并且说,我已经承诺按时发送订单了。But if you need help, ask for it.但如果你需要帮助,尽管说。OK I will.好,我会的。Its ringing…通了。Hello?你好?Hi Paul. Its Anna.你好,保罗,我是安娜。Ive got some good news!我带来了好消息!Hold on. Sorry, Im just munching some new crumbly cream biscuits.稍等。抱歉,我正在吃新款劲脆的奶油饼干。Now, whats the good news?什么好消息?Is it about the contract?关于合同的吗?Yes! Ive closed the deal with Fruit Traders International and the contract is signed.是的!我和Fruit Traders International达成了协议,并且签了合同。Excellent news.大好消息。To keep them happy, we need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.为了让他们满意,我们要尽快推进订单。Of course, of course. So what are you planning to do?当然,当然。那么你计划怎么做?Well, obviously, Im committed to getting the order delivered on time but I might need some help.显然我承诺了会及时发送订单,但我可能需要帮助。I wonder if Tom could…我在想是否汤姆能……Yes, Tom can help you.是的,汤姆可以帮你。Denise tells me you have a… special chemistry!丹尼斯跟我说你们有特殊的默契!Actually, where is Tom now?事实上,现在汤姆在哪呢?Is he home yet?他到家了吗?Hes not. Actually Paul, Tom and I are going to stay in a hotel tonight…他不在,事实上,保罗,汤姆和我今晚将住酒店…… /201705/507585ampliative ------ 扩展的(形容词) 英文释义(adjective) Describing something that adds to what is aly known. 例句 The scholars many publications are not particularly innovative; instead, they are ampliative narrations that extend understanding of previous theories.这位学者的很多著作缺乏独特的创新性,只是扩展性的论述,引伸了对之前的理论的理解。 /201610/466520陕西西安胃泰医院网上预约电话Bush Hosts Bahraini King at White House布什会见巴林国王讨论伊拉克战争   President Bush met at the White House with the King of Bahrain to discuss Mideast security and the war in Iraq.  布什总统在白宫会见了巴林国王哈马德。双方讨论了中东安全局势和伊拉克战争。President Bush thanked the King of Bahrain for sending an ambassador back to Baghdad after the kingdom's top diplomat there was wounded in an apparent kidnapping attempt three years ago. 布什总统感谢巴林国王派大使回到伊拉克。3年前,这位巴林大使在一次明显带有绑架企图的行动中受伤。"It is a very strong move that indicates a willingness to lead as well as a willingness to send a signal that a young democracy like Iraq is beginning to make progress, that it is important for the neighborhood to recognize that progress," he said. 布什说:“这是一个非常有力的举动,显示出领导人的意愿,同时表明巴林有意发出信息说明,像伊拉克这样的年轻民主国家正在开始进步,伊拉克的邻国看到这些进步很重要。”The two leaders spoke to reporters before lunch in the White House residence. King Hamad said security is most important to regional development and prosperity. 两位领导人在白宫举行午宴前会见了记者。哈马德国王说,安全问题对于地区发展和繁荣很重要。"Iraq is an Arab state. Iraq is a founder of the Arab League. So it deserves all of the support it can get from other brother Arabs," he said. 哈马德国王说:“伊拉克是一个阿拉伯国家。伊拉克是阿拉伯联盟的创始国。所以,伊拉克应该得到其他阿拉伯兄弟们的全力持。”King Hamad said Bahrain and the ed States share a common goal of fighting terrorism and extremism. 哈马德国王表示,巴林和美国有着打击恐怖主义和极端主义的共同目标。The two men discussed joint security operations in the region.  两位领导人讨论了在这一地区开展联合安全行动的问题。The king met Monday with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates to discuss increasing joint security exercises in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is the headquarters of the U.S. Fifth Fleet. 哈马德国王还和美国国防部长盖茨举行了会谈,讨论在波斯湾增加军事演习。巴林是美国第5舰队司令部所在地。Also Monday the two countries signed an agreement pledging civilian atomic-energy cooperation. The State Department said Bahrain agreed to forgo sensitive fuel-cycle technologies and to rely on world markets for nuclear fuel. 在星期一,两国还签署了协定,保在民用核能方面进行合作。美国国务院说巴林同意放弃敏感的燃料回收技术,并且同意从国际市场获取核燃料。200803/32191西安市人民医院消化病电话号码是多少

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