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陕西省妇幼保健院胃肠科多少钱陕西杨凌区胃寒胃热反酸便血胃出血西安医学院附属医院胃肠科在哪里 It was o’clock in the morning when my wife woke me up. She is eight-and-a-half months pregnant and she told me that her water had broken. She said that she was having contractions and she was sure that she was in labor. I paged our doctor and drove to the hospital. When we arrived, we went straight to the maternity ward. I went to the reception desk, and told the clerk that my wife was in labor and needed to be admitted right away. The nurse asked me my insurance card and gave me three ms to fill out. She said that someone would take my wife into the birthing suite soon. The doctor arrived and she examined my wife. She told us that this wasn’t false labor and that my wife was pretty far along. After a lot of pushing, the baby came out head first, not breech, and it was healthy. I was so relieved I couldn’t stop hugging my wife. Then, I hugged the doctor, and the nurse, and the janitor! 8801Three Days to live假如我有三天的时光All of us have thrilling stories大家都读过一些扣人心弦的故事,in which the hero had only a limited and specified time to live.里面的主人公只有一点有限的时间可以活了,Sometimes it was as long as a year; sometimes as short as twenty-four hours有时长达一年,有时短到只有小时But always we were interested in discovering然而,我们总是能感动地发现,just how the doomed man chose to spend his last days or his last hours.这些注定要死亡的人是如何想办法度过他最后的几天或最后的几小时I speak,of course,of free men who have a choice,当然,我所说的是有选择的自由人,not condemned cri- minals whose sphere of activities is strictly delimited.而不是活动范围受到限制的被判刑的罪犯Such stories set us thinking,这类故事使人们思索,wondering what we should do under similar circumstances.很想知道我们在同样的境况下将会怎么办What events,what experiences,what associations,我们会充满什么样的遭遇,什么样的感受,什么样的联想should we crowd into those last hours as mortal beings?作为必死的生物,处在这几小时内What happiness should we find in reviewing the past,what regrets?我们回顾往事,会找到哪些幸福,哪些遗憾呢?Sometimes I have thought it would be an excellent rule有时我认为,最好的规则就是to live each day as if we should die tomorrow.我们像明天就会死去那样生活Such an attitude would emphasize sharply the values of life.这样一种态度可以尖锐地强调生命的价值We should live each day with a gentleness,我们每天都应该怀着友善,a vigor and a keenness of appreciation朝气和渴望去生活,which are often lost这些品质往往会丧失,when time stretches bee us当时间在我们面前不断地延伸开去,in the constant panorama of more days and months and years to come.日复一日,月复一月,年复一年There are those,of course,当然,也有那些人who would adopt the epicurean motto ofEat,drink,and be merry,愿意把;吃吧,喝吧,及时行乐吧;作为座右铭的人,but most people would be chastened by the certainty of impending death.然而大多数人却为死神的来临所折磨In stories,在许多故事中,the doomed hero is usually saved at the last minute by some stroke of tune,命运已定的主人公通常在最后一分钟,由于遭遇好运而得到拯救,but almost always his sense of values is changed.然而他的价值观念几乎总是改变了He becomes more appreciative of the meaning of life他更加领悟了生命and its permanent spiritual values.及其永恒的精神价值的意义It has often been noted that those who live,or have lived,常常可以看到,那些活在或者曾经活在in the shadow of death bring a mellow sweetness to everything they do.死亡阴影中的人们,对他们所做的每件事情都赋予了一种醇美香甜之感 5商洛市中医医院肠糜烂肠囊肿肠套叠肠梗阻肠扭转肠溃疡

西安市市中心医院肠胃科好不好Julian:What is that, another gray hair?!朱利安:那是什么,另一根白头发? !My hair is aly thinning on top.我的头发已经变得稀疏I dont need more gray hairs.我要和更多的白发彻底断绝关系Vera:I think salt and pepper hair looks great on men. It makes them look distinguished.维拉:我认为斑白头发让男人看起来更具沧桑感这让他们看上去更为杰出Julian:It makes them look old.朱利安:白发催人老好吧Thank God I dont have a receding hairline -yet.感谢上帝我还没有发际线后移Vera:When you get to be my age, you wont worry so much about graying hair.维拉:当你到了我这个年纪,你就不会过多担心白头发There are a lot of other things to worry about.你要操心的还有很多别的事Julian:Like what?朱利安:比如?Vera:get I mentioned it. Showing signs of age isnt something to be lamented.维拉:忘了它吧岁月的痕迹并不是什么值得哀叹之事It natural and part of maturing as a person. It gives you character.顺其自然而且对人而言是成熟的一部分表现你就应该是这样Julian:Stop being evasive. Like what?朱利安:别扯开话题比如什么?Vera:Okay, like wrinkles and age spots, deafness and memory loss.维拉:好的,像是皱纹和老年斑,耳聋及记忆丧失问题等Julian:Gee, thanks. If I ever need to talk someone off a ledge, Ill give you a call!朱利安:哎呀,谢谢如果我要跟某个跳窗台自杀的人聊聊,我给你打电话的! 3陕西西安胃泰医院专家大夫 Trying New Things… Risk and Reward尝试新事物…风险和回报并存When we try new things,当我们尝试新事物的时候,there is always the risk that we will not be happy with our choice,总会有我们将不会满意我们的选择的风险相伴,we might try a food we have never tried bee and end up disliking it.我们可以尝试我们还没有尝过的食物,最终以讨厌它告终It could be too sour or too salty.要么太酸要么太咸It could be too spicy.也可能会很辣We might try a new sport like sonowboarding and end up falling down a lot.我们可以尝试一种新的运动,比如滑雪板,而最终以多次摔倒告终We might try a new style of music and get a headache.我们可以尝试新的风格的音乐,最终以自己头痛结束We might check out a different kind of art and be totally different language and end up embarrassing ourselves.我们可以看看另一种完全不同语言的艺术,最终以尴尬我们自己而告终Who wants that? Sounds risky to me.谁想要这个?听起来我也有风险But if we take the risk, we might try a new food and end up loving it.但如果我们敢冒这个险,那我们可以尝试一种新的食物,或许最终会爱上它It could be sweet or have a great flavor.它可能非常甜或者味道非常不错It could be an experience that makes our taste buds feel like they are in heaven.这可能是一种经历,使我们的味蕾感觉好似在天堂We might try a new sport and fall down but we get back up and eventually experience exhilaration, even a minute.我们可以尝试一种新的运动,虽然会摔倒,不过我们会重新站起来,最终会收获愉快,哪怕是一分钟的短暂快乐We might see why people love that sport so much.我们可以理解人们为什么如此喜欢体育运动We might try a new kind of music and regret that we didn’t discover it sooner.我们可以尝试一种新的音乐,并且抱憾为什么我们没有早发现它We might see a new kind of art and be amazed.我们会看到一种新的艺术而感到称奇We might try to write or speak a different language,我们可以尝试写或说不同的语言,and we might be a little embarrassed as first;我们可能起初会有点不好意思,but we don’t let it bother us too much because we know that the only way to improve is to make mistakes and keep on practicing.但我们不会让它烦扰我们很久,因为我们知道改善自己的唯一途径就是不断犯错误和持之以恒的练习I say Try a new food.我说尝试新食物Try a new activity. Try to listen to some new music.尝试一种新的活动试着听听新的音乐Walk into a gallery, just on a whim, and look around.只因一时兴起而步入一间画廊,环顾四周Try writing and speaking that other language more.尝试写和说其他语言Try making some new friends.试着交些新朋友There are some risks involved, but I know there are rewards too.虽然风险常相伴,但是我知道也有一些甜头 183安康市第一人民医院胃病胃肠网上预约

西安市妇幼保健院看胃病多少钱The Two Rats and the Egg Greg: What are you doing with that map and that globe?格雷格:你用那地图和地球仪干什么?Julianna: Im trying to keep track of Carmen as she travels from country to country. I just got another postcard from her today.茱莉安娜:我在跟踪卡门的行程,她从一个国家旅行到另一个国家今天我刚收到她寄来的明信片Greg: Im not sure I like the idea of my daughter traveling around the world with a group of people three months. It not safe.格雷格:如果我的女儿跟一群人出去环游世界3个月,我不确定我会喜欢这种行为那不安全Julianna: She can take care of herself. You know she the adventurous type. Give her a compass and she can find her way around anywhere. Help me find Nauru on this map. I dont even know what continent it on. I was never any good at geography.茱莉安娜:她能照顾好自己你也知道她热爱冒险只要给她一个指南针,她能找到任何地方帮我在地图上找瑙鲁我甚至不知道它位于哪个大陆板块我一直都不擅长地理Greg: All right. You look above the equator and Ill look below it, but couldnt you just look it up on the Internet? It would be easy to find the latitude and longitude of this place.格雷格:好吧你在赤道上方找,我在赤道下方找,你就不能去网上搜索吗?找这个地方的经度和纬度应该是很容易的Julianna: This is more fun. I sort of feel like Im on an adventure myself.茱莉安娜:这样更好玩我多少有种自己在冒险的感觉Greg: I cant make heads or tails of this map. It not to scale and this legend is all wrong!格雷格:我看不懂这份地图上面没有刻度,连符号都是错误的!Julianna: It doesnt matter. We just need to find the place name, and then I can put a pin in this map showing where she been.茱莉安娜:没关系我们只要找到地名就行了,那样我就能在那里别上针,显示她去过那里Greg: I have a better idea. Ill look it up on the Internet and get you all of the vital statistics youd want, like its location, okay?格雷格:我有个更好的主意我在网上搜索所有你想要的重要数据,例如方位,好不好?Julianna: get it. Sometimes it more fun doing things the hard way.茱莉安娜:算了吧有时候费点功夫会更有趣原文译文属! 397西安市第五医院肠胃检查多少钱天水第一人民医院肠胃科专家咨询



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