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福建泉州市中医院门诊怎么样泉州新阳光妇科专家泉州做人流那里安全 Housing fund revealed住房公积金公之于众A report on national housing provident funds in 2014 was jointly released Friday by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Finance and the People#39;s Bank of China.12日,住房和城乡建设部、财政部、中国人民联合对外发布《全国住房公积金2014年年度报告》。The annual report, based on big data from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, is a national account book on housing funds revealed for the first time by the country#39;s regulatory agency.这份涵盖全国31个省份大数据的年度报告,系我国管理机构首次向社会全面亮出公积金;国家账本;。Data show that 118.8m people pay their share of housing provident funds nationwide.数据显示,目前我国公积金实缴职工1.188亿。In 2014, 2.2251m personal housing loans were granted, worth of RMB659.302b. The housing fund balance in 2014 was RMB3.704683 trillion.2014年全年发放个人住房贷款222.51万笔、6593.02亿元。2014年的住房公积金缴存余额是37046.83亿元。 /201506/380463Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made. This famous remark of the German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, is particularly relevant to economists. “Homo economicus” is far-sighted, rational and self-interested. Real human beings are none of these things. We are bundles of emotions, not calculating machines. This matters.“人性这根曲木,绝然造不出任何笔直的东西。”经济学家尤其应该听听德国哲学家伊曼努尔#8226;康德(Immanuel Kant)的这句名言。“经济人”有远见、理性而且自私。真正的人跟经济人完全不一样。我们感情充沛,不是精于计算的机器。这非常关键。The World Bank’s latest World Development Report examines this territory. It notes that “behavioural economics” alters our view of human behaviour in three ways: first, most of our thinking is not deliberative, but automatic; second, it is socially conditioned; and, third, it is shaped by inaccurate mental models.世界(World Bank)在其发布的最新一期《世界发展报告》(World Development Report)中研究了该领域。它指出,“行为经济学”从3个方面改变了我们对人类行为的看法:首先,我们的大部分想法并非经过深思熟虑,而是自动产生的;其次,它受到社会的制约;第三,它脱胎于不精确的思维模式。The Nobel laureate, Daniel Kahneman, explored the idea that we think in two different ways in his 2011 bookThinking, Fast and Slow. The need for an automatic system is evident. Our ancestors did not have the time to work out answers to life’s challenges from first principles. They acquired automatic responses and a cultural predisposition towards rules of thumb. We inherited both these traits. Thus, we are influenced by how a problem is framed.诺贝尔奖得主丹尼尔#8226;卡内曼(Daniel Kahneman)在其2011年出版的《思维,快慢有别》(Thinking, Fast and Slow)一书中探讨了人类有两种不同思维方式的观点。拥有一种自动反应的思维体系显然是必要的。我们的祖先没时间从基本原则中寻找解决生活挑战的办法。他们获得了自动反应的本领,也形成了听从经验法则的文化倾向。这两种特质我们都继承了。因此,我们会受问题提出方式的影响。Another characteristic is “confirmation bias” — the tendency to interpret new information as support for pre-existing beliefs. We also suffer from loss aversion, fierce resistance to losing what one aly has. For our ancestors, on the margin of survival, that made sense.另一个特征是“确认偏误”(confirmation bias)——即将新信息解读为能够持已有观点的倾向。我们还有“厌恶损失”(loss aversion)的倾向,即强烈抗拒失去我们已经拥有的东西。对我们只能勉强维持生存的祖先来说,这种倾向非常明智。The fact that humans are intensely social is clear. Even the idea that we are autonomous is itself socially conditioned. We are also far from solely self-interested. A bad consequence of the power of norms is that societies may be stuck in destructive patterns of behaviour. Nepotism and corruption are examples. If they are entrenched, it may be difficult (or dangerous) for individuals not to participate. But social norms can also be valuable. Trust is a valuable norm. It rests on one of humanity’s strongest behaviours: conditional co-operation. People will punish free-riders even when it costs them to do so. This trait strengthens groups and so must raise members’ ability to survive.人类具有强烈的社会性,这是显而易见的。就连我们是独立的个体这个想法本身,也是受到社会制约的。我们也绝非完全自私。社会规范的强大威力带来的一个糟糕后果是,社会可能陷入消极的行为模式。裙带关系和腐败就是例。如果裙带关系或腐败根深蒂固,个人不参与其中或许就很困难(或危险)。但社会规范也可能是有用的。信任是一种有用的规范。它依赖于人类最擅长的行为之一:有条件的合作。人们将会惩罚搭便车者,即便惩罚他们要付出代价。这种特质增强了团队的凝聚力,从而肯定会提高团队成员的生存能力。Mental models are essential. Some seem to be inbuilt; and some can be damaging — as well as productive. Ideas about “us” and “them”, reinforced by social norms, may well lead to results that range from the merely unfair to the catastrophic. Equally important may be mental models that create self-fulfilling expectations of who will succeed and who will fail. There is evidence, notes the WDR, that mental models rooted in history may shape people’s view of the world for centuries: caste is an example. Such mental models survive because they are reproduced socially and become part of the automatic rather than the deliberative system. They influence not just our perceptions of others, but perceptions of ourselves.思维模式非常关键。有些似乎是人内在固有的,此外,有些模式可能同时具有创造性和破坏性。关于“我们”和“他们”的观念如果经过社会规范的强化,很可能导致各种各样的结果,从仅仅是不公平的,到酿成灾难的。有些思维模式能够产生有关谁将成功、谁将失败的预期(并且这种预期具有自我实现的能力),这些思维模式同样重要。《世界发展报告》指出,有据表明,有深厚历史根源的思维模式可能决定人们数百年的世界观:种姓制度就是一个例子。此类思维模式之所以经久不衰,是因为它们在社会上不断繁殖,成为了一种自动(而非经过深思熟虑)的反应。它们不仅影响我们对其他人的看法,还影响我们对自己的看法。To illustrate the relevance of these realities, the report analyses the policy challenges of poverty, early childhood development, household finance, productivity, health and climate change.为了表明这些研究与现实密切相关,该报告还分析了贫穷、幼儿期发展、家庭财务、生产率、健康和气候变化的政策挑战。On household finance, for example, the report notes that it makes a difference whether would-be borrowers are told explicitly how much more expensive is a payday loan than an equivalent loan on a credit card. Revealing the status of low-caste boys in a mixed-caste classroom depresses the performance of students from lower castes compared with what happens if caste is not revealed. The boys respond to how they are presented. Again, poverty is not just a lack of material resources:it undermines the ability to think deliberately.例如,在家庭财务方面,该报告指出,潜在借款者是否被明确告知发薪日贷款(payday loan,一种小额、短期的高利贷,用于贷款人下一次发薪之前临时急用——译者注)与等额信用卡贷款相比有多么昂贵,结果将大为不同。如果在一个种姓混杂的班级里让大家知道谁是低种姓学生,那么低种姓学生的表现就会不如其身份没有暴露时的表现。别人如何介绍自己,会影响这些男孩的表现。同样,贫穷不仅仅是物质资源的匮乏:它还削弱一个人审慎思考的能力。The way people think may also affect their productivity. An example is the benefits of contracts that penalise a worker for failing to meet the output targets she has chosen for herself. This is a way of closing the gap between good intentions and actual performance, such as when we agree to put money in the swearbox when we curse. We often disappoint ourselves. We may wish to bind ourselves to better behaviour, like Odysseus to his mast.人们的思考方式也可能影响他们的生产效率。一个例子是,签订这样的合同有不错的效果:约定工人如果未能完成自己选择的产量目标就会受到惩罚。要消除良好意愿与实际表现的差距,这是一种方法,比如我们同意只要我们骂人就要往罚款箱里投钱。我们常常让自己失望。我们可能希望约束自己、迫使自己表现得更好,就像奥德修斯(Odysseus)让人把自己捆在桅杆上(以抵挡海妖歌声的诱惑)那样。Health creates vital examples. One is the importance of mental models. An obvious one is the anti-vaccination hysteria. Another, illustrated by the WDR, is the tendency of poor women to believe that the right treatment for diarrhoea is to cut fluid intake, to stop their child “leaking”. Another is the tendency of people to be put off by even a very small charge for health products. The explanation for the reluctance to pay anything may, it suggests, be because free provision underpins the norm that everybody ought to take the medicine.健康领域产生了一些重要的例子,其中之一是思维模式的重要性。一种明显的思维模式是非理性地反对接种疫苗。《世界发展报告》举出的另一种思维模式是,贫穷的妇女往往认为,腹泻的正确治疗方法是减少液体的摄入,这样他们的孩子就不再“拉稀”。还有一种思维模式是,人们往往不愿购买收费的健康产品,哪怕金额极低。报告称,人们之所以一分钱都不愿花,可能是因为,免费提供才符合有难同当的社会规范。These then are intriguing examples of a more nuanced approach to policy. Another area where a narrow focus only on incentives is likely to be misleading is financial regulation. Many economists believe that dysfunctional behaviour in financial markets is due solely to distorted incentives: deposit insurance, the perception that institutions are “too big to fail” and a host of other explicit and implicit subsidies. Equally important, however, are behavioural norms, such as the view that the primary duty of bankers is to themselves not their customers; or inappropriate mental models, such as the widesp pre-crisis belief that house prices could not fall across the US. Regulation needs to be built on an understanding of such human frailties. It must focus on norms and groupthink, as well as on distorted incentives.因此这些有趣的例子表明了政策手段有必要更加细致。另一个关键领域是金融监管,在这一领域中,如果仅仅关注于激励就可能导致误解。许多经济学家相信,金融市场中的失灵行为完全是扭曲的动机造成的,比如:存款保险、机构“太大而不能倒闭”的观念,以及其他众多显性和隐性补贴。然而,同样重要的是社会行为规范,比如认为家主要应该对他们自己、而不是客户负责的观点;或者不适当的思维模式,比如危机前人们普遍认为,美国的房价不会普跌。监管需要建立在了解此类人性弱点的基础之上。它必须不仅关注于扭曲的动机,还关注于社会规范和群体迷思(groupthink)。How far should policy be based on these perceptions, particularly since those who make policy are, as the WDR admits, prone to all sorts of biases in their own decision-making? We are all made of Kant’s crooked timber: nobody has godlike wisdom and self-control.政策应该在多大程度上以这些观念为基础?尤其是正如《世界发展报告》承认的那样,那些制定政策的人士往往对他们自己的决策存在各种各样的偏见。我们全都由康德所说的“曲木”制成:没有人有上帝那样的智慧和自制力。Yet policy must be made. It is surely better to make well-informed and realistic policy than base it on a grossly simplistic view of our true capacities. Moreover, nudging people in the direction they aly want to go — by encouraging them to save, learn, behave healthily or bring up their children better — is hardly a gross violation of liberty. Yet encouragement should not slide too easily into coercion. Adults are not to be treated as children. That, too, is a social norm and quite a fundamental one.然而政策是必须制定的。充分了解相关信息、从现实出发制定政策,肯定要比基于对我们真实能力的过分简单化理解制定政策要好。此外,通过鼓励人们储蓄、学习、过健康生活或更好地抚育子女,推动人们朝他们本来就希望的方向前进,这不能说是严重侵犯自由。然而,鼓励不应轻易地演变为强制。不应把成年人当做小孩对待。那也是一种社会规范,而且还是相当根深蒂固的一种。 /201501/355489泉州那里可以做宫腔取胎

泉州做人流好还不贵的地方TOKYO — Fukui prefecture, with 13 commercial nuclear reactors clustered along the short, rugged coastline, has earned the area a reputation as a political stronghold for the atomic power industry. Nuclear-friendly politicians dominate most of Fukui#39;s government offices, and the region is nicknamed Genpatsu Ginza, or Nuclear Alley.东京——福井县的海岸线不长且崎岖起伏,却密集分布着13座商业核反应堆,这为该地区赢得了原子能行业的政治要塞的名声。亲核政客在福井的大部分政府机构占据着主导地位,该地区有个绰号叫“核电银座”(Genpatsu Ginza)。Fukui has now emerged as a battleground for the Japanese government#39;s effort to rebuild the nuclear industry and reverse the economic impact of the reactor shutdowns. On Tuesday, a local judge blocked the latest attempt to get atomic power back on the grid, issuing an injunction to forbid the restarting of two nuclear reactors at the Takahama power plant in the region.福井现在成了一个战场,日本政府在这里发起重建核工业、扭转核反应堆关闭的经济影响的行动。周二,当地一名法官下令禁止重启该地区高浜发电站的两座核反应堆,叫停了恢复用原子能发电的最新尝试。The nuclear industry has been in a state of paralysis since the meltdowns at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant four years ago. None of the 48 usable reactors in Japan are back online.自四年前福岛第一核电站出现堆芯熔融以来,日本核工业一直处于瘫痪状态。日本的48座可用反应堆中,没有一座恢复运行。Business groups say that delays in returning at least some plants to service are wrecking their bottom line. The price of electricity has increased by 20 percent or more, reflecting the cost of importing more oil and natural gas to make up for the lost nuclear power. That translates to the equivalent of several tens of billions of dollars a year in added expenses for households and companies, according to government estimates.商业团体称,原本至少恢复部分发电站的计划被推迟,给它们的利润构成了极大影响。电价上涨了20%或以上,这是为弥补失去核电而增加石油及天然气的进口量带来的成本。据政府估计,这相当于居民和企业一年的开增加几百亿美元。It is a potential stumbling block for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe#39;s efforts to rekindle economic growth, which have focused on increasing corporate profits and consumer spending. Because of the increased use of fossil fuels, Japan#39;s carbon emissions have also risen in the four years since the country began taking its reactors offline.对日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)重振经济增长的计划而言,这是一个潜在的绊脚石。安倍晋三的努力集中在增加公司利润和消费出上。在日本开始停止运行反应堆后的四年里,因为化石燃料使用量增加,日本的碳排放也增加了。The decline in oil prices, which have fallen about 50 percent since June, has taken some of the pressure off the economy. But the government nonetheless sees a revival of nuclear power as critical to supporting growth and slowing an exodus of Japanese industry to lower-cost countries.自6月以来,油价已下跌约50%,减轻了经济的部分压力。但政府还是认为恢复核电对持增长,减缓日本工业中的大量业务向低成本国家转移至关重要。The Kansai Electric Power Co., which owns the plant at the heart of the ruling issued Tuesday, serves a swath of western Japan that includes the metropolis of Osaka. The area served is also home to industrial giants like Panasonic.周二发布的裁决涉及的发电站为关西电力公司(Kansai Electric Power Co.)所有。该公司的务范围是日本西部的一个带状区域,包括大都市大阪。松下(Panasonic)等工业巨头均位于其中。Yoshihide Suga, the chief Cabinet secretary for Abe, questioned the scientific rationale for the Fukui court#39;s decision and said it would not alter the government#39;s support for nuclear power.安倍晋三的内阁官房长官菅义伟(Yoshihide Suga)对福井法院判决的科学依据提出了质疑,称其不会改变政府对核电的持。“The reactors have been judged by experts to meet the new safety standards,” said Suga, referring to a review by the Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan that was completed late last year. The agency determined that the Takahama reactors met tougher guidelines introduced after the Fukushima disaster.“专家已评定那些反应堆达到了新的安全标准,”菅义伟指的是日本原子能管制委员会(Nuclear Regulation Authority)去年年底结束的一次检查。该委员会断定,高浜发电站的反应堆满足福岛核事故后采用的更严格的规定。“We will respect that judgment, and there is no change to our policy of moving ahead with restarts,” Suga said.“我们将尊重这一判定结果,同时我们推进重启的政策不会改变,”菅义伟说。Kansai Electric had intended the reactors in Fukui to be among the first in the country to be returned to service after the introduction of the new rules more than two years ago. But in his ruling Tuesday, the judge, Hideaki Higuchi, challenged the adequacy of the standards, which cover things like plants#39; resistance to earthquakes and tsunamis, the triggers for the Fukushima disaster.两年多前新规引入后,关西电力公司本想让福井的反应堆成为全国首批恢复运行的反应堆。但在周二的判决中,法官樋口英明(Hideaki Higuchi)质疑相关标准是否完备。这些标准包括发电站抵抗地震和海啸的能力等。引发福岛核事故的正是地震和海啸。“There is little rational basis for saying that an earthquake with a magnitude that exceeds the safety standard will not occur,” said Higuchi, 62. “It is an optimistic view.”“说不会发生震级超过安全标准的地震,是没有理性依据的,”62岁的樋口英明说。“这是一种乐观的看法。”The reactors had been widely expected to return to service by the end of the year. While Kansai Electric said it would appeal, experts said its plans could be delayed by months or even years.外界普遍预计,相关反应堆将在今年年底之前恢复运行。关西电力公司称将上诉,但专家表示,该公司的计划可能会被推迟数月乃至数年。It was the second time Higuchi had issued an order forbidding a nuclear plant in Fukui to operate, and he remains the only judge in Japan to have ruled against a utility over nuclear restarts since Fukushima.这是樋口英明第二次下令禁止福井的核电站运行。他也是日本自福岛事故以来,唯一一名在重启核设施方面,对公用事业单位做出了不利判决的法官。 /201504/370541福建泉州新阳光妇科新地址 If Gordon Ramsay is anything to go by, food can make people pretty angry.戈登·拉姆齐觉得食物能让人非常愤怒。Gordon Ramsay是一名说话直爽的英国著名厨师。However we don’t think he has ever set someone on fire before (at least, not on purpose).然而,我们不认为他曾经点火烧过谁(至少,没有故意这样做过)。That’s what 33-year-old Melissa Dawn Sellers did after getting into an argument with her flatmate because he had thrown out her spaghetti meatballs, according to police.据警察讲,这正是33岁的梅丽莎·道恩·塞勒斯在和室友发生争执后所做的,起因是他扔掉了意大利面中的肉丸。After a night of drinking, Ms Sellers reportedly returned to her home in Clearwater, Florida at 2.30am and flew into a rage upon finding that Carlos Ortiz, 42, had thrown away her meal.塞勒斯女士坦白道,喝了一夜酒后,她于凌晨2:30回到自己在佛罗里达州克利尔沃特市的家中。发现室友卡洛斯#8226; 奥尔蒂斯扔掉了她的食物后,她勃然大怒。The arrest report states she then doused Mr Ortiz with flammable nail polish remover and set him ablaze.逮捕报告显示,她随即泼了易燃的洗甲水在奥尔蒂先生身上,然后点上了火。Mr Ortiz’s friend Ines Causevic, who witnessed the incident, immediately threw water over him and tried to put out the flames with his shirt.奥尔蒂先生的朋友伊内斯·凯塞维克目睹了这场事故,立即在他身上洒水,并试图用自己的衬衫扑灭他身上的火。‘When he got up his face looked like it was melting off, it was pink and sore. His lips were burning,’ Causevic said.“他起身的时候,脸部看起来像要融化掉,又红又肿的。他的嘴唇还在烧,” 凯塞维克讲道。Mr Causevic rushed Mr Ortiz to the local hospital, where doctors say he is in a critical condition with burns to his face, chest and shoulders.凯塞维克先生火速将奥尔蒂先生送往地方医院。医生说他脸部、胸部和肩部烧伤,情况危急。Ms Sellers fled the scene shortly after the incident, however later returned to her step-father’s house nearby where she was arrested and charge with attempted murder.塞勒斯女士酿成事故不久后就逃离了现场,然而后来她回到了附近的继父家中,在那儿被逮捕并以蓄意杀人罪被控告。Neighbours Katherin Mudse said Mr Ortiz kindly allowed Ms Sellers to stay in his flat as she was evicted from her last residence.邻居凯瑟琳#8226;穆德瑟说,奥尔蒂先生是出于好心,在塞勒斯女士被上个房东赶出来后,收留了她。‘He’s just a nice man. He was trying to help this girl. He took care of her dogs,’ she added.“他人很好。他在试着帮这女孩。还帮忙照顾她的,”她补充道。 /201411/339747泉州临江医院

泉州福建医科大学附属第二医院在线医生China has authorised its policy banks to issue new bonds in order to plough money into infrastructure spending, state media has reported, as planners fret over slumping economic indicators.据官方媒体报道称,中国已批准政策性发行新债,旨在为基础设施出融资,原因在于中国的经济规划者对不断下滑的经济指标感到担忧。A month-long stock market rout plus weak manufacturing performance has spooked Beijing. The aggressive move to push money into the real economy comes after the final ing of the Caixin/Markit purchasing managers’ index, published earlier this week, showed growth in China’s manufacturing sector slowed more than previously thought.长达一个月的股市暴跌以及疲弱的制造业表现令中国政府感到恐慌。在中国决定大举向实体经济注入资金之前,本周早些时候公布的财新/Market采购经理人指数(PMI)显示,中国制造业增速逊于预期。A first batch of Rmb300bn (bn) out of a planned Rmb1tn will be issued soon by policy banks that were recapitalised this spring, the Economic Information Daily, a newspaper run by the official Xinhua news agency, said.官方通讯社新华社旗下的《经济参考报》(Economic Information Daily)报道称,首批发债规模为3000亿元人民币(合480亿美元),将很快由政策性发行。今年春季,这些获得注资。The money raised will be invested in housing, pipeline infrastructure and other domestic projects, the report said. That is in line with the central bank’s efforts to develop more targeted monetary policy tools to stimulate the economy as capital inflows dry up.报道称,筹集的资金将投资于保障房、城市管廊以及其他国内项目。在资金流入枯竭之际,央行正努力开发更多有针对性的货币政策工具,来刺激经济,这笔资金符合央行的这些举措。The move represents a shift towards direct central government backing of infrastructure investment, after years of investment at the local level resulted in excessive local government debts. Beijing’s efforts to rein in local government debt reduced the money available for infrastructure spending while many state-owned enterprises are also tapped out.此举代表着央行直接持基础设施投资政策的转变,前几年,地方投资导致地方政府债务负担过于沉重。中国政府控制地方政府债务的举措,减少了基础设施出,很多国有企业也资金紧张。“Infrastructure investment in China has been mainly financed by local governments and we all know that the way they’ve been doing it is not very sustainable and not very desirable,” said Andrew Batson, of Gavekal Dragonomics. “They can either give up on constraining local government debt or the central government can step into the breach.”“中国的基础设施投资主要由地方政府融资,我们都知道他们这么做非常不可持续,而且非常不理想,”龙洲经讯(Gavekal Dragonomics)的白安儒(Andrew Batson)表示,“他们要么可能会放弃限制地方政府债券,要么中央政府可能会救场。”The bond issues follow the bn recapitalisation in April of China Development Bank, Export-Import Bank of China and Agricultural Development Bank of China, which was also intended to allow more investment in neighbouring countries through the “One Belt, One Road” policy. That was followed by another 9bn round in July, according to Reuters and Chinese financial publication Caixin.在此次发债之前,今年4月,中国国家开发(CDB)、中国进出口(Export-Import Bank of China)以及中国农业发展(ADB)获得640亿美元注资,这也是为了通过“一带一路”政策加大对邻国的投资。据路透(Reuters)和中国的金融媒体财新(Caixin)称,今年7月,这些获得另外一轮1090亿美元的注资。Strengthening the banks’ capital base allows them to take on more debt. Most bonds issued by the policy banks are purchased by state-owned commercial banks.增强这些的资本金基础将让它们承担更多债务。政策性发行的多数债券由国有商业购买。The policy banks themselves, especially CDB, are aly heavily exposed to domestic infrastructure projects and local housing developments.这些政策性(特别是国开行)已将大量资金投资于国内基础设施项目和地方房地产开发项目。 /201508/391140 The number of China#39;s single men could exceed the entire population of Australia in five years#39; time, a Fujian government statistician has calculated.一名福建政府统计人员估计,五年之内,中国单身男性数量将会超过整个澳大利亚人口。There are likely to be 118.9 boys born for every 100 girls by 2020, Yao Meixiong, deputy director of census with the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Statistics, told The Paper website.福建省统计局(Fujian Provincial Bureau of Statistics)普查中心副主任姚美雄接受澎湃新闻(The Paper)网采访表示,预计到2020年,出生人口性别比(即出生100个女婴对应出生的男婴数)为118.9。That would result in an extra 9.5 million men aged from 20 to 29, 12.6 million boys under 9-years-old and millions more in the ages in between. Australia#39;s population is about 24 million.这意味着,20—29岁的男性将比女性多出950万;9岁以下男孩比女孩多1260万;而9-20岁的男性会比女性多出几百万。而澳大利亚的人口为2400万。At least 10 per cent of the nation#39;s young men would not be able to find a spouse after 2020, Yao claimed, adding that the greatest imbalance would be among the youngest generation, meaning younger men would find it harder to find a partner.姚美雄认为,2020年以后,一成以上年轻男性将找不到配偶,此外,越年轻的一代,男女比例失衡情况越严重,也就是说,越年轻的男性越难找到伴侣。He suggested this could lead to a new social group of single men being formed, most of whom would be poor and likely to remain single for the rest of their lives.他表示,社会由此将形成一个新的单身男性社会群体,他们大多数为贫穷男性,并且可能终生“打光棍”。A census report of Xiamen city in Fujian found there were 111.69 men to every 100 women in 2000 but the imbalance has been worse – in 2010 it was 118.37 to 100.福建省厦门市的一份人口普查报告显示,该市2000年出生人口性别比为111.69,2010年为118.37,性别比例失衡的情况更严重了。The ratio was 108.47 in 1982, 115 in 1994 and 121.2 in 2004, according to government figures.根据政府数据,该数字1982年为108.47,1994年为115,2004年为121.2。Experts put the differences down to the one-child policy, gender selection procedures and a deeply rooted preference for boys over girls in Chinese families.专家将此失衡归咎于“独生子女”政策、胎儿性别鉴定以及中国家庭根深蒂固的“重男轻女”观念。Anhui, Hainan and Fujian provinces had the worst gender imbalances, said Wang Huirong, a Xiamen health department official.厦门市卫计委工作负责人王辉荣表示,安徽、海南和福建性别比例失调最为严重。 /201509/397225泉州人流需要花多少钱泉州福建医科大学第二医院简介



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