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Maternal love helps you deal better with stress and anxiety later in lifeBabies given more love and affection by their mothers deal better with stress and anxiety when they grow up, research has shown.The study looked at eight-month-old children - meaning even the very earliest life experiences which we do not remember in adulthood can influence our well-being.Lots of maternal love makes children form a secure bond with their mothers, meaning they are able to feel secure in relationships when grown up, will have better social skills and cope better with lifes difficulties, the study found.Despite growing interest in how early life affects us in adulthood, most previous studies have relied on peoples recollections - whereas this research tracked participants from early childhood to adult life.The researchers, led by Dr Joanna Maselko of Duke University in North Carolina, rated the relationships of 482 eight-month-old babies with their mothers during routine developmental assessment.They looked at how well the mother had coped with her childs developmental tests and how she had responded to the childs performance.The amount of affection and attention she gave to her child was categorised into groups ranging from negative to extravagant.Mental health was then assessed when the babies had grown up - at the average age of 34.Adults whose mothers had been the most affectionate during their assessment as babies had the lowest levels of anxiety, hostility and general distress.Vocabulary:extravagant: very extreme or impressive but not reasonable or practical(无节制的;过分的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110348To really know what makes a great city work,you have to ppel back its skin and expose its secret life force.A system of incredible complexity in technology of millions depend on ,but few understand.A fantastic voyage now begins a journey deep inside the worlds megacities.要真正知道什么使得这个伟大的城市工作,你必须深入剖析才能了解它的秘密。数以百万计的人依赖一个难以置信的复杂技术系统,但却很少有人知道。我们马上开始一段神奇的旅程。Its the worlds biggest city.It covers more than 1400 square kilometers.Its population density is greater than New York City,Tokyo or London.But for the nearly 18 million people who live here its not just another metropolis.Mexico City is grounds zero.On one side,one of the worlds most earthquake-prone hot spots.On another,one of the worlds most active volcanos and beneath their feet,the shaky foundation of an ancient lake bed.The mother nature,Mexico City is one big target, at any moment,the big one could heat.这是世界上最大的城市。占地面积1400多平方公里。它的人口密度远超纽约、东京或伦敦。但是这里居住的近1800万人却不把它当做另一个大都市。墨西哥城才是其原点。一方面,这里地震也最为频繁。另一方面,世界上最活跃的火山就在城市居民的脚下,这里曾是古代湖床不稳定的基石。大自然赋予墨西哥城这座伟大的城市,在任何时刻都很伟大,大到炙手可热。From the instant the alarm sounds,they have just 60 seconds to reach safety.But the children of Mexico City,this drill may seem like funny games.But for the adults,its deadly serious.In 1985 they lived through the real thing.瞬间报警声音响起,他们只有60秒的时间转移到安全的地方。但墨西哥城的孩子们却好像在玩耍一样。但是对于成年人来说,那是很严肃的问题。在1985年他们经历过真实的事情。165326The U.S. government has been sending dancers and musicians on international goodwill missions for decades. Now, for the first time, it is sending artists abroad as cultural ambassadors.几十年来,美国政府不断派遣舞蹈家和音乐家到世界各地去展开亲善活动。现在,美国政府第一次要派遣艺术家作为文化使者到国外去。The Obama Administration's new cultural diplomacy program is called smART Power. The Bronx Museum of the Arts in New York oversees the initiative. 奥巴马政府新的文化外交项目叫做“聪明实力”或者是“艺术实力”。纽约的布朗克斯艺术物馆被选来负责这个计划。smART Power"I think it's fantastic," says Holly Block, the museum's director. "The Bronx Museum itself has done quite a few projects related to community engagement and [having artists] work closely with the community, as well as international artists all over the world. So this fits perfectly. This is the first opportunity I think we've ever had where we're actually able to send U.S.-based artists outside [the U.S.]. Normally we receive artists."物馆负责人哈莉·布鲁克说:“我觉得这简直太棒了。布朗克斯物馆本身就参与了好几个和社区有关的项目,我们的艺术家能够和社区以及世界各地的艺术家紧密合作。这件事对我们非常合适。这是我们第一次有机会把美国的艺术家派到国外去,通常是我们接待来自其它国家的艺术家。”Block says visual artists - including painters, sculptors, architects, designers - may apply for the program starting January 3.布鲁克说,视觉艺术,包括绘画、雕塑、建筑、设计等领域的艺术家,从明年1月3号开始可以申请参加这个项目。"They will submit their materials with a concept," she explains. "We'll expect them to write a small narrative on what they would like to do. But the idea of this project is really special in the sense that you need to think about community and think about visiting this place and creating a project that's in relationship with maybe some topic that's aly going on there, or some of the ideas that you bring to them. We will be working very closely with the artists in selecting partner sites to receive the artists and help them realize their work."“艺术家们需要提交一些资料,显示要表达的概念。我们期待他们简单写写他们要做什么。但是这个项目的特殊之处在于,艺术家需要考虑他们要去的地方的特色,提出一个和当地正在进行的一些项目相关的计划,或者给当地人的建议。我们会和这些艺术家紧密切合作,挑选接待他们的伙伴机构,并帮助他们完成计划。”201012/120188

World Bank President Says Too Soon for China to Roll Back Stimulus世行行长持中国继续扩张经济政策After meeting with Chinese leaders, including Premier Wen Jiabao, World Bank President Robert Zoellick says he agrees the country should continue expanding the economy instead of looking for an exit strategy from current stimulus spending.世界行长佐利克与中国总理温家宝会见之后表示,他同意中国应该继续扩张经济,而不是从当前刺激经济的出努力中开始实施退出战略。World Bank President Robert Zoellick says China is pleased with its recovery, but leaders recognize there are still large uncertainties. He told reporters in Beijing he is not worried about inflation in China, and agrees China should stay the course with its stimulus policies.世界行长佐利克说,中国对其经济的复苏感到满意,但是中国领导人意识到,仍然存在很大的不确定性。他在北京对记者说,他不担心中国会出现通货膨胀,并且同意,中国应该继续实行刺激经济的政策。"China's actions have helped the global crisis from getting worse, and I agree with its leaders that it is too early to rollback fiscal and monetary measures," said Zoellick. "Recovery may be here, but it could falter."佐利克说:“中国的行动阻止了全球危机进一步恶化。我同意中国领导人的看法,停止实施宽松的货币和财政政策还为时过早。经济复苏可能已经开始,但可能出现曲折。”Zoellick says to maintain recovery, China should keep markets open and resist protectionism.佐利克说,为了持续的经济复苏,中国应该保持市场的开放,抵制贸易保护主义。In June, the World Bank upped its forecast for China's growth in , from 6.5 percent to 7.2 percent. Zoellick says he predicts China will grow more than eight percent this year. 世界今年6月把对中国年经济增长的预测从6.5%上调到7.2%。佐利克说,他预计中国今年的增长将会超过8%。While he praises China's growth and domestic demand as key contributors to boosting world confidence, he also cautions the financial crisis will come in waves. Therefore, he says Chinese leaders are correct to remain cautious even though the country's economy is growing.佐利克赞扬说,中国的经济增长和内需是提升全世界信心的关键因素。但是他同时提醒说,金融危机可能会分阶段接踵而来。他说,因此,中国领导人在经济增长的同时保持谨慎是正确的。This is Zoellick's third visit to China as World Bank president. Besides discussing China's economic recovery and ways to boost domestic demand, he says a big focus of this trip is potential cooperation between the World Bank and China in Africa.这是佐利克担任世行行长以来第三次访问中国。他说,除了讨论中国的经济复苏和促进内需的方法以外,他这次访问的一个重要焦点是探讨世行和中国在非洲展开合作的可能。Zoellick says some World Bank economists, including chief economist Justin Lin, are interested in the possibility of Chinese manufacturing firms investing in Africa beyond resource development and infrastructure. Zoellick spoke with China Commerce Minister Chen Deming about possible cooperation on industrial zones in Africa.佐利克说,包括林毅夫在内的一些世界经济学家对中国除了在非洲的资源开发和基础设施项目以外,由中国制造业公司在非洲投资的可能感兴趣。佐利克与中国商务部长陈德明讨论了在非洲建立工业区进行合作的可能。Zoellick says during all his meetings with Chinese leaders he constantly raises the issue of investment in other developing countries.佐利克说,他在所有会见中国领导人的场合中,每次都提到在其他发展中国家投资的问题。"For every hour that I spend discussing ways that we could help China's development, we probably also spend an hour discussing ways we can work with China in supporting development elsewhere," he said.佐利克说:“我每次会谈的时候,花在讨论我们如何与中国合作帮助其他国家发展的时间和讨论我们如何帮助中国发展所用的时间一样多。”Zoellick says the world cannot rely on the American consumer, and developing countries in places like Africa can offer sources of demand and become future regions of growth. 佐利克说,世界不能依靠美国的消费者,包括非洲国家在内的其他发展中国家也能成为需求的来源,也能成为未来经济增长的地区。Zoellick will travel Thursday to Anhui province to visit several World Bank agriculture and forestry projects, as well as a science and technology university. He will also visit an energy-efficient cement plant.佐利克星期四将前往中国安徽省考察世界在那里的农业和林业项目,以及参观一所科技大学。他还将参观一座有效利用能源的水泥厂。On Friday, the World Bank president leaves China for the G-20 finance ministers meeting in London. There, he says he hopes to press the need for more support for developing countries.世行行长佐利克星期五将离开中国,前往伦敦参加20国集团财长会议。他说,他希望在会上强调向发展中国家提供更大的持。09/83236

The internet in China中国互联网Bashing Baidu打击百度State television fires on China’s Google国有电视台向中国谷歌开火Aug 27th 2011 | from the print editionLAST year Google remembered its motto (“Don’t be evil”) and stopped co-operating with China’s censors. Since then, Google has found it much harder to do business in mainland China. The chief beneficiary was Baidu, China’s leading search engine. Its share of internet searches, aly vast, grew to a dominant 75%.去年谷歌牢记自己的信条(“永不作恶”)以致终止了和中国审计的合作。自此以后,谷歌发现自己很难在中国大陆做生意了。其中主要的受益者就是百度,中国领先的搜索引擎。它的巨大的网络搜索份额已经达到垄断性的75%。Robin Li, Baidu’s Chinese-born, American-educated co-founder, is only 42 but one of China’s richest men. That makes him a target, despite his scrupulous efforts not to upset the ruling Communist Party. Since August 14th Baidu has been the subject of a series of damning investigative reports on CCTV, the main state-run broadcaster. Using undercover cameras, CCTV exposed Baidu employees apparently helping firms circumvent laws that bar unlicensed companies from advertising online. The reports also suggested that the lack of transparency in Baidu’s advertising system could lead advertisers to overpay. A Baidu spokesman refused to comment.中国出生,接受美国教育的百度联合创办人——李彦宏只有42岁就已经是中国最有钱的人之一。尽管他低调谨慎以免招惹到执政的共产党,但是这还是让他成为了目标。自从8月14日以来,百度已经成为了cctv(主要的国营媒体)开展的一系列调查恶性事件报道中的材料。cctv利用隐藏好的摄像头揭示了百度的雇员明显地在帮助一些公司绕开法律(禁止没有许可的公司在网上做广告)。这些报道还提到百度广告系统的不透明导致广告商们付过多的钱。百度的发言人拒绝发表。It was not the first time that CCTV has bashed Baidu. Reports in 2008 made similar allegations, prompting Baidu to apologise publicly. The latest attacks go further, though. It might seem a bit rich for the state broadcaster of a secretive, authoritarian country to chide Baidu for murkiness. And it certainly surprises some China-watchers. Baidu has done all it can to comply with the government’s whims. It is also a national champion: its shares are listed on New York’s NASDAQ exchange, and foreigners can’t get enough of them.这不是cctv第一次抨击百度了。在2008年的报道中也有类似的指控,促使百度发表公众道歉。尽管这一次的攻击已经相隔渐远了,但还是能认为对于一个不公开,专制的国家所有的电视台来说,对百度的暗中交易的批评次数好像有点多了。而且这确实令一些中国的观察者感到惊讶。百度已经做了它所能做的一切来迎合这个政府的意愿。在另外一个方面它也是这个国家的领先者:它的股份在纽约的纳斯达克陈列着而且外国人渴望得到这些股份。201109/152195

US Weekly's editor Janice Min is here to share some of the magazine's exclusive details of the Vince-Jen engagement. Janice, good morning.Good morning.They are nice people, we like those people, but how do you know they are engaged?Well, like any bride and any groom, eventually you do tell the news to some people. This engagement happened, ah, more than 6 weeks ago. So, it took a while for them, for news to trickle out. Uh, but, uh but...One source? Multiple sources?Uh, multiple one and one very, very good one.Very good source. Okay, (umm hmm) so, it's in fact that it is true. I noticed one thing. We, we have not actually seen pictures of an engagement ring. There seems (Right) to be a kind of wish. Ah, if it is true on behalf of this couple to kind of keep this thing low-key?Right, absolutely you have to look at Jen and Vince's history. This is a couple who hasn't confirmed they are dating, who barely even confirms they know each other. Ah, they, theytake great pains to not show affection in public.But is it to some degree because, you know, Jen sort of went through a very difficult time. I, I say Jen is Jennifer, ah, went through a very difficult time, you know, with her divorce and went very publicly which is sort of really difficult for anyone.Ah, what we know is that she does not wanna enter another one of these golden couple situations for she's held to such a high standard that everyone wants to know everything about them, wants to know about every last detail. It was very painful for her what she went through and ah, she's just a regular girl in many ways. She's, she's someone who genuinely is not one of these celebrities who says you know, don't pay attention to me but why aren't you paying attention to me.Meantime, you do have some details about the engagement itself. When did it happen?The, the engagement happened on June 27th, ah,Jen and Vince had spent 9 days in Mexico at a, at a 25-million-dollar estate north of Puerto Vallarta. Ah, then when they were flying home, they would be, had a private Gulfstream jet bringing them back to Los Angeles and Vince had the ring and he got down on one knee and proposed and Jennifer said yes on the flight.They seem like er, they seem like they are really made for each other, I mean, he's, he's a lovable funny man, she is America's sweetheart. I mean, they just...what do we know about their relationship?What, what's great about their relationship is that Jen, remember, she was with really the sexiest man in America with Brad Pitt and she has now gone.I think, I think this is pretty hard.A lot of women do. And a lot of, what makes Vince so appealing is that he's funny. He is,ah, women love to laugh and friends.. one of, one of Vince Vaughn's close friends Billy Deck told us that dah..that this is just what Jen needed, she needed someone to make her laugh after everything she went through.A lot of eh, what she went through was this big debate about whether or not she delayed having kids and whether that contributed to this, the breakup of her marriage with Brad Pitt, I mean, what's, what do we know or not, maybe what we shouldn't know about that in terms of do you think that kids are in the future for this couple?Oh, ah, Christina Milian who was one of Vince's co-stars in Be Cool. She told us that she hopes that the two of them would make beautiful babies together and that that seems to be on their agenda.Oh, Janice thank you so much, I mean, you know, if it's true, we wish them luck, I mean, I think everybody is rooting for them. (Absolutely) Thank you so much (Thank you) this morning.200810/52106

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