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Harry left through the back door. It was a brilliant, sunny day.哈利从后门出来。外面天气晴朗,阳光灿烂。He crossed the lawn, slumped down on the garden bench, and sang under his breath:他穿过草坪,一屁股坐在花园长凳上,压着嗓子唱了起来:“Happy birthday to me . . . happy birthday to me . . .”“祝我生日快乐……祝我生日快乐……”No cards, no presents, and he would be spending the evening pretending not to exist.没有贺卡,没有礼物,今晚还要他假装自己不存在。He gazed miserably into the hedge.他悲伤地注视着树篱。He had never felt so lonely.他从未感到这样孤独。More than anything else at Hogwarts, more even than playing Quidditch, Harry missed his best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.他分外想念他最好的朋友罗恩韦斯莱和赫敏格兰杰,胜过想念霍格沃茨其他的一切,甚至包括魁地奇球。They, however, didn’t seem to be missing him at all.可他们好像一点儿也不想他。Neither of them had written to him all summer, even though Ron had said he was going to ask Harry to come and stay.整个暑假谁都没有给他写信,罗恩还说要请哈利去他家做客呢。Countless times, Harry had been on the point of unlocking Hedwig’s cage by magic and sending her to Ron and Hermione with a letter, but it wasn’t worth the risk.一次又一次,哈利差点儿要用魔法打开海德薇的笼子,让它捎封信给罗恩和赫敏。但这太冒险了。Underage wizards weren’t allowed to use magic outside of school.未成年的巫师是不能在校外使用魔法的。Harry hadn’t told the Dursleys this;哈利没有把这个规定告诉德思礼一家,he knew it was only their terror that he might turn them all into dung beetles that stopped them from locking him in the cupboard under the stairs with his wand and broomstick.他知道,这家人只是害怕他把他们全变成金龟子,才没有把他和魔杖、飞天扫帚一起关进楼梯下的暗柜里。For the first couple of weeks back, Harry had enjoyed muttering nonsense words under his breath and watching Dudley tearing out of the room as fast as his fat legs would carry him.回家后的头两个星期,哈利喜欢假装着嘴里念念有词,然后看达力拼命搬动他那两条胖腿,尽快往屋外跑。But the long silence from Ron and Hermione had made Harry feel so cut off from the magical world that even taunting Dudley had lost its appeal — and now Ron and Hermione had forgotten his birthday.可是罗恩和赫敏迟迟不给他来信,使哈利觉得自己和魔法世界断了联系,连捉弄达力也失去了乐趣——现在罗恩和赫敏连他的生日都忘了。What wouldn’t he give now for a message from Hogwarts? From any witch or wizard?只要能换得霍格沃茨的一点音信,不管来自哪个女巫或男巫,他什么都会豁出去。He’d almost be glad of a sight of his archenemy, Draco Malfoy, just to be sure it hadn’t all been a dream. . . .他甚至乐意看一眼他的仇敌德拉科马尔福,只要能明这一切不是一场梦……Not that his whole year at Hogwarts had been fun.他在霍格沃茨的这一年并不都是好玩有趣的。At the very end of last term, Harry had come face-to-face with none other than Lord Voldemort himself.上学期末,哈利与伏地魔本人正面相遇。Voldemort might be a ruin of his former self, but he was still terrifying, still cunning, still determined to regain power.伏地魔虽然大不如从前,但依然狠毒可怕,阴险狡猾,并决心要恢复自己的魔力。Harry had slipped through Voldemort’s clutches for a second time, but it had been a narrow escape, and even now, weeks later,哈利又一次逃脱了伏地魔的魔爪,但是很险。即使现在,已经过去好几个星期了,Harry kept waking in the night, drenched in cold sweat, wondering where Voldemort was now, remembering his livid face, his wide, mad eyes —哈利还会在半夜惊醒,浑身冷汗,想着伏地魔这时会在哪里,记起他那青灰色的脸、圆睁的疯狂的眼睛……Harry suddenly sat bolt upright on the garden bench.哈利突然坐直了身子。He had been staring absent-mindedly into the hedge — and the hedge was staring back.他一直心不在焉地注视着树篱——哈利跳了起来,Two enormous green eyes had appeared among the leaves.树叶丛中闪动着两只大得出奇的绿眼睛。Harry jumped to his feet just as a jeering voice floated across the lawn.哈利跳了起来,达力摇摇摆摆地走过来。The huge eyes blinked and vanished.那对大眼睛忽闪几下,消失了。“What?” said Harry, not taking his eyes off the spot where they had been.“什么?”哈利说,眼睛还盯着那个地方。“I know what day it is,” Dudley repeated, coming right up to him.“我知道今天是什么日子。”达力又说了一遍,走到他旁边。“Well done,” said Harry. “So you’ve finally learned the days of the week.”“很好,”哈利说,“你终于学会了数星期几。”“Today’s your birthday,” sneered Dudley.“今天是你的生日!”达力讥讽地说,“How come you haven’t got any cards?“你居然没有收到贺卡?Haven’t you even got friends at that freak place?”你在那个鬼地方连个朋友都没有吗?”“Better not let your mum hear you talking about my school,” said Harry coolly.“最好别让你妈妈听到你说我的学校。”哈利冷冷地说。Dudley hitched up his trousers, which were slipping down his fat bottom.达力提了提裤子,那裤子顺着他的胖屁股往下滑。“Why’re you staring at the hedge?” he said suspiciously.“你盯着树篱干什么?”他怀疑地问。“I’m trying to decide what would be the best spell to set it on fire,” said Harry.“我在想用什么咒语使它燃烧起来。”哈利说。Dudley stumbled backward at once, a look of panic on his fat face.达力踉踉跄跄倒退了几步,胖脸上显出惊恐的表情。“You c-can’t — Dad told you you’re not to do m-magic“你不——不能——我爸说不许你使魔法he said he’ll chuck you out of the house他说要把你赶出去and you haven’t got anywhere else to go你没有地方去you haven’t got any friends to take you —”没有朋友收留你”“Jiggery pokery!” said Harry in a fierce voice.“吉格利玻克利!”哈利厉声说,“Hocus pocus — squiggly wiggly —”“霍克斯波克斯……奇格利鬼格利……”“MUUUUUUM!” howled Dudley, tripping over his feet as he dashed back toward the house.“妈——妈!”达力嚎叫起来,跌跌撞撞地朝屋里奔去。“MUUUUM! He’s doing you know what!”“妈——妈!他又在干那个了!”Harry paid dearly for his moment of fun.哈利为这片刻的开心付出了很大的代价。As neither Dudley nor the hedge was in any way hurt, Aunt Petunia knew he hadn’t really done magic,由于达力和树篱都安然无恙,佩妮姨妈知道他并没有真的施展魔法,but he still had to duck as she aimed a heavy blow at his head with the soapy frying pan.但她仍然用沾着肥皂水的煎锅朝他劈头打来,幸亏他躲得快。Then she gave him work to do, with the promise he wouldn’t eat again until he’d finished.然后她使他去干活,不干完不许吃东西。 /201205/182476。

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  • Three Chasers, one Keeper, said Harry, who was determined to remember it all.三个追球手,一个守门员。哈利说,决心把这些都记在心里。And they play with the Quaffle. Okay, got that. So what are they for?他们打的是鬼飞球。行,明白了。那么这些是做什么用的?He pointed at the three balls left inside the box.他指着留在箱子里的另外三个球问。I#39;ll show you now, said Wood. Take this.我现在就演示给你看。伍德说,你拿着这个。He handed Harry a small club, a bit like a short baseball bat.他递给哈利一根小木棒,有点像跑柱式棒球的球棒。I#39;m going to show you what the Bludgers do, Wood said.These two are the Bludgers.我来让你看看游走球是做什么用的。伍德说,这两个就是游走球。He showed Harry two identical balls, jet black and slightly smaller than the red Quaffle.他拿给哈利看两只一模一样的球,它们黑得发亮,比刚才的红色鬼飞球略小一些。Harry noticed that they seemed to be straining to escape the straps holding them inside the box.哈利注意到,它们似乎在拼命挣扎,想摆脱把它们束缚在箱子里的皮带。Stand back, Wood warned Harry.往后站。伍德提醒哈利。He bent down and freed one of the Bludgers.他弯下腰,松开一只游走球。At once, the black ball rose high in the air and then pelted straight at Harry#39;s face.顿时,那只黑球嗖地蹿上半空,然后径直朝哈利脸上打来。Harry swung at it with the bat to stop it from breaking his nose, and sent it zigzagging away into the air,哈利眼看它要撞碎自己的鼻子,赶紧用短棒拦截,打得它重新左拐右拐地蹿向空中it zoomed around their heads and then shot at Wood, who dived on top of it and managed to pin it to the ground.它在他们头顶上呼呼盘旋,然后又突然朝伍德冲来。伍德猛地伸手罩住它,把它牢牢按在地面上。See? Wood panted, forcing the struggling Bludger back into the crate and strapping it down safely.看到了吧?伍德喘着气说,一边使劲把游走球塞进木箱,用皮带结结实实地拴好。The Bludgers rocket around, trying to knock players off their brooms.游走球飞来蹿去,想把球手们从飞天扫帚上打落。That#39;s why you have two Beaters on each team, the Weasley twins are ours,所以,每一边还有两个击球手。韦斯莱孪生兄弟就是我们队的击球手。it#39;s their job to protect their side from the Bludgers and try and knock them toward the other team.他们的工作是保护我方球员不被游走球打中,并把游走球击向对方球员。So, think you#39;ve got all that?所以——你都听明白了吧? /201205/183339。
  • “My 10-year-old dog can’t even walk up two steps to get into the house,” Alicia told her new friend. “I have to carry Prince up those two steps. Late one night I saw an ad on TV for Young Again Dog Beverage. They showed an old dog trying to get into an armchair. It got only partway into the chair before it slid back down to the floor. They showed another dog trying to catch a Frisbee. The poor dog couldn’t even jump off the ground. They showed another dog going for a ‘walk.’ But instead of actually walking, the dog was sitting in a baby carriage that its owner was pushing. These were all the ‘before’ pictures.“Then they showed the ‘after’ pictures—after the animals had drunk the Young Again Dog Beverage for one week. It was a miracle! I couldn’t believe my own two eyes! The first dog easily leaped up into the armchair. The second dog leaped almost four feet into the air to catch the Frisbee! And the third dog stood on its hind legs and pushed the family cat in the baby carriage!“Well, of course, I was sold! So, I sent in my .95 to the address on the TV screen. After it arrived, I put 10 drops into Prince’s water dish each day for a week. Nothing happened. So I doubled the dosage for another two weeks, but Prince was still tired and weak.“I called the company. They asked me what kind of dog I had. I told them that Prince was a mixed breed. They said the TV ad I saw was for purebreds only. They told me to order Young Again Mutt Beverage for .95. That was four days ago. I can’t wait till it gets here, so I can watch Prince run up and down those steps and start chasing cats again, just like the good old days!” Article/201105/137894。
  • The Woman Pays 14吃亏的是女人 14Her story came to an end.她的故事叙述完了。She had not raised her voice: she had not cried.But things seemed to change as the story progressed.她没有提高声调:她没有哭。但是随着故事的发展,事情像是发生了变化,The fire looked as if it was laughing at her troubles.炉火像是正在嘲笑她的遭遇。All the objects around her appeared not to care about her tragic history.她周围的一切对她的悲惨遭遇似乎都漠不关心。And yet it was only a short time since he had been kissing her.然而,就在不久以前,他还亲吻着她。Everything looked different now.现在,一切都显得变了样。Clare stirred the fire.克莱尔拨弄着炉火。It was unnecessary,but he felt he had to do something.虽然没必要,但他觉得他必须做点什么。He had not really taken in the whole story yet.还没有完全真正领会这整个故事。He stood up.Now as he began to understand the story in its full horror,his face was like an old man#39;s.他他站起来。现在,当他开始体会到这故事全部可怕的内涵时,他的脸变得像一涨老人的脸。He made uncertain movements,because everything in his head was vague and uncertain.他茫然地走来走去,因为他脑子里的一切都是模糊而不确定的。He could not make himself think clearly.他无法让自己冷静、清晰地思考。lsquo;Tess!Can I believe this?Are you mad perhaps?;苔丝!我能相信这些吗?也许你是疯了?My wife, my Tess;you aren#39;t mad,are you?rsquo;我的妻子,我的苔丝;;你没有疯,是吗?;lsquo;I am not,rsquo;she said.;我没有疯,;她说。lsquo;And yet,rsquo;he said,looking strangely at her,lsquo;why didn#39;t you tell me before?;可是,;他神情怪异地看着她,说,;为什么以前你不告诉我?Oh yes,you would have told me,in a way,but I stopped you,I remember!rsquo;哦,是的,你本来会告诉我的,可以这么说,但是我没让你说,我记起来了!;He was talking but could not think at the same time.他在说话,但与此同时,他仍无法思考。His brain seemed to have stopped working.He turned away from her.他的头脑好像不听使唤了。他转过身离开她。Tess followed him and stood there staring at him with dry eyes.苔丝跟上去,站在一边用那双无泪的眼睛望着他,Then she went down on her knees beside him.然后在他身边跪了下来。lsquo;In the name of our love,forgive me!she whispered with a 168 dry mouth.lsquo;I have forgiven you for the same!rsquo;;看在我们相爱的份上,宽恕我吧!;她口干舌燥地喃喃说着,;同样的事情,我可是已经宽恕你了呀!;And as he did not answer,she said again,他没有回答,因此她又说道:lsquo;Forgive me as you are forgiven!I forgive you,Angel!rsquo;;像你得到宽恕那样宽恕我吧!我宽恕了你,安吉尔!;lsquo;You;yes,you do.rsquo;;你;;是的,你宽恕了我。;lsquo;But you do not forgive me?rsquo;;可是你不宽恕我吗?;lsquo;Oh,Tess,it#39;s not a question of forgiveness!;啊,苔丝,这不是宽恕不宽恕的问题。You were one person,now you are another.How can forgiveness put that right?rsquo;你从前是一个人,现在你是另外一个人了。这怎么是宽恕能改变得了的呢?;He paused,considering this.他住了口,想了一想。Then suddenly he started laughing in an unnatural,horrible way.接着,他突然狂笑起来,笑得那么怪异,那么可怕,It was like a laugh out of hell.犹如从地狱里发出的笑声。lsquo;Don#39;t;don#39;t!rsquo;she cried,her face dead white.;别;;别这样!;她叫道,脸色煞白。lsquo;It kills me,that laugh!Angel,do you know what you#39;re doing to me?I#39;ve been hoping,longing,praying to make you happy!rsquo;;你这么笑,会吓死我的!安吉尔,你知道你正在对我做什么吗?我一直期待着、盼望着、祈祷着使你幸福!;lsquo;I know that.rsquo;;这我知道。;lsquo;I thought,Angel,that you loved me;me,my very self!rsquo; If you do love me,how can you treat me like this?;安吉尔,我本来以为,你是爱我的;;爱我,就是爱我这个人哪!如果你真地爱我,你怎能这样对我呢?It frightens me!Having begun to love you,I will love you for ever,in all changes,in all troubles,because you are yourself.我害怕极了!既然爱上了你,我就会永远爱着你。不论遇到什么变故,不论遭受什么困难,我都会爱你,永远地爱你,因为你就是你呀!I ask no more.Then how can you,my husband,stop loving me?rsquo;我别无他求了。那么,为什么你,我自己的丈夫,会不再爱我了呢?;lsquo;I repeat,the woman I have been loving is not you.rsquo;;我再说一遍,我一直爱着的女人并不是你。;lsquo;But who is she?rsquo;;那是谁呢?;lsquo;Another woman in your shape.rsquo;;和你长得一样的另外一个女人。;Suddenly she realized how he saw her.她突然意识到他是怎样看待她的。For him she was a guilty woman pretending to be an innocent one.在他看来,她是一个假装清白的罪人。There was terror in her white face as she saw this.当她明白了这一点时,她惨白的脸上露出了惊恐的神色。She could not stand, and he stepped forward,thinking she might fall.她撑不住了,他走上前去,以为她要跌倒了。lsquo;Sit down,rsquo;he said gently.lsquo;You are ill,and I am not surprised.rsquo;;坐下吧,;他轻声说道,;你病了,这并不让我感到意外。;She sat down,her face still full of fear and her eyes wild.她坐了下来,依旧是满脸的恐惧,眼睛里也满是惊恐。lsquo;I don#39;t belong to you any more then,do I,Angel?rsquo;she asked helplessly.;安吉尔,我不再是你的人了,是吗?;她无可奈何地问道。And at last the tears came.Clare watched her sobbing,and waited until the first violence of her emotion had passed.终于,她的眼泪流了下来。克莱尔看着她啜泣,一直等到她第一次的感情狂澜平息下去。lsquo;Angel,rsquo;she said suddenly in a normal voice,lsquo;am I too wicked for us to live together?rsquo;;安吉尔,;她突然开口了,声音已恢复正常。;我是不是太坏了,使得我们不能生活在一起?;lsquo;I haven#39;t had time to think what we should do.rsquo;;我还没有时间考虑我们该怎么办。;lsquo;I won#39;t ask you to let me live with you,Angel,because I have no right to!;我不会要求你让我和你一起生活的,安吉尔,因为我没有这样做的权利!I won#39;t write to tell my family we are married,as I said I would.rsquo;我也不会写信给我家里人说我们结婚了,这信我原先说过要写的。;lsquo;Won#39;t you?rsquo;;你不写了吗?;lsquo;No,I won#39;t do anything unless you order me to.And if you go away,I won#39;t follow you.;是的,我什么也不做,除非你要我去做。如果你离开我,我不会跟着你。And if you never speak to me again,I won#39;t ask why,unless you tell me I can.rsquo;如果你不再对我讲话,我也不会问为什么,除非你说我可以问。;lsquo;And if I order you to do anything?rsquo;;那么要是我真的要你做什么呢?;lsquo;I#39;ll obey you,even if I have to lie down and die.rsquo;;我会从的,即使是你要我躺下死去也行。;lsquo;How good of you.But it seems you have changed.;你真好。但是,你像是已经改变了。In the past you were keen to look after yourself.Now you are keen to sacrifice yourself.rsquo;过去,你热切地想照料自己;现在,你热切地要牺牲自己。;Clare#39;s bitter words,however,were not fully understood by Tess.然而,苔丝并没有完全领会克莱尔这些酸楚的话语。She only knew that he was angry with her.她只知道他对她生气了。She stood silent,not knowing that he was struggling with his love for her She did not observe a large tear rolling slowly down his cheek He was realizing what a change Tess#39;s confession had made to his whole life.她静静地站着,不知道他正在同他对她的爱作斗争。她没看到一人滴泪珠正顺着他的面颊慢慢滚落卜来。他正在逐渐认识到苔丝的坦白给他的整个生活带来的变化。He had to decide on some action.他必须决定采取某种行动。lsquo;Tess,rsquo;he said,as gently as he could,lsquo;I can#39;t stay here just now.I#39;m going out.rsquo;;苔丝,;他尽可能温和地说,;这一会儿,我在这儿待不下去了,我要出去走走。;He quietly left the room.Two glasses of wine,y for their supper,remained untouched on the table.他悄悄地走出房间,为晚餐准备的两杯酒仍然放在桌子上,不曾动过。Only two or three hours earlier they had drunk tea from the same cup.就在两三个小时前,他们还用同一个茶杯共饮过一杯茶。As he closed the door behind him,Tess jumped up.He had gone:she could not stay.当他把门关在了身后时,苔丝跳了起来。他已经走了,她也待不住了。She put out the candles and followed him The rain was over and the night was now clear.她熄掉蜡烛,跟了出去。雨已停息,夜色现在也晴朗了。Clare walked slowly and without purpose.His shape was black and frightening She walked just behind him.克莱尔漫无目的地缓缓走着,他的身影漆黑吓人。There was water on the road,where the stars could be seen reflected.她只是跟在他后面走。路面上积了水,可以看到星星在里面反射的光芒。Away from the house the road went through the fields.从房子出来的这条路通向田野。She followed Clare as a dog follows its owner.她就像条跟着主人的家犬一般跟随着克莱尔。Eventually Tess could not help speaking to him.终于,苔丝忍不住跟他说话了。lsquo;What have I done?Nothing interferes with my love for you.;我做了什么啊?没有任何事情妨碍我对你的爱。You don#39;t think I planned it,Angel,do you?I would not deceive you like that!rsquo;你不会以为我以前是有意那样做的吧,安吉尔,是不是?我不会那样欺骗你的!;lsquo;H#39;m, well.No,maybe you would not,but you are not the same.No,not the same But don#39;t make me blame you.rsquo;;嗯,好啦。是的,也许你不会,但你不一样了。足的,不一对了。但是,不要逼我责怪你。;She went on begging for forgiveness.Perhaps she said things that would have been better left to silence.她继续乞求他的宽恕。也许当时她保持沉默比说这些话还好些。lsquo;Angel!Angel!I was a child when it happened.I knew nothing of men.rsquo;;安吉尔!安吉尔!出那件事的时候,我还是个孩子!我对男人的事儿一点都不懂呀!;lsquo;I admit it was not so much your fault as his.rsquo;;主要是他的罪过,这我承认。;lsquo;Then won#39;t you forgive me?rsquo;;那么,难道你还不宽恕我吗?;lsquo;I do forgive you,but forgiveness isn#39;t everything.rsquo;;我是宽恕你了,但是宽恕并不等于一切。;lsquo;And do you love me?rsquo;;那你还爱我吗?;He did not answer this question.他没有回答这个问题。lsquo;Oh Angel-my mother says she knows several cases which were worse than mine,and the husband has not minded much ;well,;哦,安吉尔;;我母亲说她知道好几件这样的事情,她们的情况比我的更糟,但做丈夫的并不是非常介意;;是的,he has accepted it at least.And in those cases the woman hasn#39;t loved him as I love you!rsquo;他们至少可以接受它。而那些事例中,女人爱她的丈夫并没有像我爱你这么深!;lsquo;Don#39;t,Tess,don#39;t argue.Those are just country people#39;s ways.;别,苔丝,别争辩了。那些只不过是乡下人的方法。There is a correct way of doing things.做事情总有一个合乎体统的方法。I think that parson who discovered you were a drsquo;Urberville should have kept quiet.我认为那个发现了你姓德伯的人应该什么都别说。Perhaps you were weak and could not refuse this man because your ancient noble blood has run thin,because your family is no good any more.你柔弱,你无力拒绝那个男人,也许是因为你的古老高贵的血统已经变得稀少,因为你的家族已不再体面堂皇。I thought you were a child of nature,but you have the worst of your ancient family in you!rsquo;我原以为你是大自然的孩子,但是你却带有那个古老家族里最坏的东西!;Tess accepted his bitterness,not understanding the details. He did not love her as he had done,and nothing else mattered.苔丝接受了他这一番谴责之辞,没有去理解它的细节。他已不像过去那样爱她了,别的一切都无关紧要。They went on again in silence.They walked slowly for hours,with sad anxious faces,not talking,one behind the other,like a funeral procession. Tess said to her husband:他们继续无言地走着。带着悲哀忧虑的神情,一言不发地,他们就这样一前一后地慢慢走了几个小时,就像一送葬的队伍。苔丝对她的丈夫说:lsquo;I don#39;t want to cause you sadness all your life.The river is down there.I can put an end to myself in it.I#39;m not afraid.rsquo;;我不愿让你的一生都这么痛苦。那儿就有条河在流着,我可以在那里结束我的生命。我不害怕。;lsquo;Don#39;t talk like that.Do what I ask,go back to the house and go to bed.rsquo;;不要再说这样的话了。我怎么说你就怎么做,现在回到房子里去,上床睡觉。;lsquo;I will,rsquo;she said obediently.;我会的。;她顺从地说道。When she returned to the house,she found everything as they had left it and the fire still burning She went to the bedroom.返回房子时,她发现一切都同他们离开时一样,炉火还在燃烧着。There was a mistletoe branch hanging above the bed.她径直到了卧室。床上方挂着一束桑寄生藤枝。Now she understood why Angel had brought a strange parcel with him.现在她明白了为什么安吉尔随身带了一个奇怪的包裹。It was to surprise her.He had delightedly hung it there.他是要给她一个惊喜。他高高兴兴地把它挂在了那儿,Now it looked foolish and out of place.可是现在它看起来又傻气又不合时宜。As she had nothing more to fear,and nothing more to hope for,she lay down.因为她已经没有什么可以惧怕,也没有什么可以期待的了,她躺了下来。In a few moments lonely Tess was asleep, in the bedroom once used by the young wives of her ancestor.过了一会儿,寂寞的苔丝睡着了,在那间曾被她的祖先们的年轻妻子使用过的卧室里睡着了。Later on that night Clare also came back to the house.那晚夜深时,克莱尔也回到了屋里。He prepared a bed downstairs,but crept shoeless upstairs to see if Tess was asleep.他在楼下准备了一张床,但他光着脚,蹑手蹑脚地走到楼上看看苔丝是否睡着了。He was relieved to see her sleeping deeply.看到她已熟睡,他放宽了心。And yet he felt he alone had the whole worry of what action to take,and the responsibility for her life as well as his.但是他感到,他一个人要全部承担该采取什么行动的焦虑,并且对她和他自己的生活负责了。He turned away from her door,and then turned back again, pulled by his love for her.他转身离开她的房门,又被他对她的爱给拉了回来。But his eye was caught by a painting on the wall of one of Tess#39;s ancestors,a proud fierce woman, who looked as if she hated and wanted to deceive all men.但是,他冷不防看到了墙上一幅苔丝祖先的画像,一个自负凶恶的女人,看起来就像是她憎恨并要欺骗所有的男人。He thought she and Tess looked alike.That was enough to stop him,and he went downstairs to his lonely bed.他感到她和苔丝有相像之处。这就足以计他止步了,他到楼下自己那张孤独的床上去了。He looked calm and cold,full of self-control.His face showed he had fought against passion and won,but did not like being the winner.他看起来沉静又冷峻,充满了自制力。他的神情显示出他经历了一场与情欲的战斗,而且他赢了,但他却不喜欢成为这样一个胜者。He still found it difficult to accept that Tess,the pure village maiden,was not what she seemed.他依然觉得他难以接受这个事实:苔丝,一个纯洁的乡村少女,竟不是她看起来的这样。How unexpected life could be!He put out the candle.生活有时是多么出乎意料啊!他熄灭了蜡烛。The night came in,unconcerned and uninterested,the night which had swallowed up his happiness.夜在漫不经心、漠然地一点点降临,就是这夜吞没了他的幸福和快乐。 Article/201203/174811。
  • Mrs. Gardiner was standing a little behind; and on her pausing, he asked her if she would do him the honour of introducing him to her friends. This was a stroke of civility for which she was quite unprepared; and she could hardly suppress a smile at his being now seeking the acquaintance of some of those very people against whom his pride had revolted in his offer to herself. ;What will be his surprise,; thought she, ;when he knows who they are? He takes them now for people of fashion. ;嘉丁纳太太站在稍微后面一点;正当伊丽莎白默不作声的时候,达西却要求她赏个脸,把她这两位亲友给他介绍一下。他这样的礼貌周到,真是完全出乎她的意料;想当初他向她求婚的时候,他竟那样傲慢,看不起她的某些亲友,而他现在所要求介绍的却正是这些亲友,相形之下,她简直忍不住要笑出来。她想:;要是他知道了这两位是什么样的人,他不知会怎样吃惊呢!他现在大概把他们错看作上流人了。;The introduction, however, was immediately made; and as she named their relationship to herself, she stole a sly look at him, to see how he bore it, and was not without the expectation of his decamping as fast as he could from such disgraceful companions. That he was SURPRISED by the connection was evident; he sustained it, however, with fortitude, and so far from going away, turned his back with them, and entered into conversation with Mr. Gardiner. Elizabeth could not but be pleased, could not but triumph. It was consoling that he should know she had some relations for whom there was no need to blush. She listened most attentively to all that passed between them, and gloried in every expression, every sentence of her uncle, which marked his intelligence, his taste, or his good manners.不过她还是立刻替他介绍了;她一面跟他说明这两位是她的至亲,一面偷偷地瞟了他一眼,看他是不是受得了。她想他也许会撒腿就跑,避开这些丢脸的朋友。他弄明白了他们的亲戚关系以后,显然很吃惊。不过他总算没给吓坏,非但不走开,后面陪了他们一块儿走回去,又跟嘉丁纳先生攀谈起来。伊丽莎白自然又是高兴,又是得意。她可以让他知道,她也有几个不丢脸的亲戚,这真叫她快慰。她十分留心地听着他跟嘉丁纳先生谈话,幸喜他舅父的举止谈吐,处处都足以叫人看出他颇有见识,趣味高尚,风度优雅。他们不久就谈到钓鱼,她听见达西先生非常客气地跟他说,他既然住在邻近,只要不走,随时都可以来钓鱼,同时又答应借钓具给他,又指给他看,这条河里通常哪些地方鱼最多。嘉丁纳太太跟伊丽莎白挽着手走,对她做了个眼色,表示十分惊奇。伊丽莎白没有说什么,可是心里却得意极了,因为这番殷勤当然都是为了讨好她一个人。不过她还是极端诧异;她一遍遍地问自己:;他的为人怎么变得这么快?这是由于什么原因?他不见得是为了我,看在我的面上,才把态度放得这样温和吧?不见得因为我在汉斯福骂了他一顿,就会使他这样面目一新吧?我看他不见得还会爱我。; Article/201202/172539。
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