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哈尔滨做无痛人流哪家妇科医院比较好依兰县妇女儿童医院哪个医生比较好LONDON — What’s being billed as the future of skin care starts suspiciously like a visit to the dentist: with a mouthwash gargle. That’s to eliminate debris that may interfere with a good saliva sample, from which DNA will be extracted and serums tailored to one’s genetic blueprint.伦敦——有人称,皮肤护理以后可能会非常像看牙医,第一道程序是漱口。漱口以去除食物残渣,为选取唾液样本提供方便。从唾液中提取DNA,就可以按照基因图谱定制血清。The test is from a company called GeneU (pronounced “gene you”) and performed at its nine-month-old shop on New Bond Street, which looks like a cross between a science fiction movie set and a silver-gray-and-red-dipped Apple store — perhaps fittingly, because the DNA test is done by a flash-drive-size microchip. It’s administered by one of a handful of improbably dewy-skinned beauties who also happen to have Ph.D.s.进行这项测试的是一个名叫GeneU(发音是gene you)的公司,该公司九个月前刚在新邦德街(New Bond Street)开了一家店。店铺看起来像是科幻电影片场和银灰色加红色点缀的苹果店铺的结合体。这样的外观也许很合适,因为DNA测试是通过一个闪存盘大小的微芯片进行的。操作者是几个美女,她们的皮肤水嫩得不可思议,而且还都是士。Unlike other DNA tests, which are sent to labs and take at least two weeks to complete, GeneU’s in-store test is done in 30 minutes. Currently, it looks only at variations in two genes: one that contains instructions for how fast your body degrades collagen and the other for antioxidant protection.其他DNA测试都要送到实验室,至少需要两周才能完成,而GeneU公司的店内测试只要30分钟就能完成。目前的测试只关注两种基因变体:一种能指示身体胶原蛋白的退化速度,另一种能指示抗氧化保护程度。Results are fed, along with answers to a short lifestyle questionnaire, into an algorithm, which produces the two of the company’s 18 serums that are the best match. (The formulations are based on ingredients and concentrations drawn from peer-reviewed research.)将测试结果和一个简短的生活方式问卷的一起输入某种程序,就能找到该公司的18种血清中最适合这种肌肤的两种血清(配方的成分和浓缩物来自同行评议调查)。The cost: #163;600, or roughly 0, for the test plus a two week’s supply. For reasons of privacy, test results are destroyed; only the recommended serums are saved.这些测试和两周剂量的血清费用一共是600英镑(约合5837.6元)。为了保密,测试结果会被销毁,只保留推荐的两种血清。The theory behind GeneU is that out-of-the-box (or really, jar or pot) skin care may be loaded with potentially beneficial ingredients, but they are not necessarily what your skin specifically needs. If you are, say, someone whose MMP1 gene is programmed to degrade collagen slowly, GeneU’s theory is that it’s a waste of time (and money) to spend years slathering creams that claim to boost its production; doing so won’t turn the clock back at warp speed (if at all), and may even clog your pores or cause other damage. It seems that in skin care, as with medicine, more is not necessarily better.GeneU认为,盒装(实际上还可能是瓶装或罐装)护肤品可能含有很多潜在的有益成分,但它们不一定是你的肌肤需要的。比如,如果你的基因是MMP1型的——这种肌肤的胶原蛋白退化得比较慢——那么GeneU认为,花多年时间(和金钱)涂上声称能促进胶原蛋白生成的面霜是一种浪费。对于你来说,它不能让时光飞速倒流(即使它真的有效),而且可能堵塞你的毛孔,导致其他伤害。护肤品就像药物一样,不是越多越好。“For us it’s about giving people the right concentrations that their skin can metabolize,” said Christofer Toumazou, the company’s founder and a professor at Imperial College London.“在我们看来,最重要的是给人们提供他们的肌肤能够代谢的适合他们的浓缩物,”该公司创始人、伦敦帝国学院(Imperial College London)教授克里斯托弗·图马佐(Christofer Toumazou)说。Dr. Toumazou is not a dermatologist; he’s an electrical engineer by training, one who has developed an artificial pancreas for Type I diabetes, an artificial ear implant that allows deaf children to hear and a wireless heart monitor. He became interested in DNA more than a decade ago when his son was found to have a genetic disease.图马佐不是皮肤科医生,而是一名科班出身的电机工程师,他为I型糖尿病研发了一种人造胰腺,为失聪儿童研发了一种人造耳朵植入物,还设计了一款无线心脏监测器。十多年前,他儿子被确诊为患有一种基因疾病,他开始对DNA产生兴趣。The company’s creative director is — wait for it — Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran’s keyboard player, who’s no stranger to beauty products. He wore the same pink Yves Saint Laurent lipstick as his bride on his wedding day in 1984.该公司的创意总监——听好了哦——是杜兰杜兰乐队(Duran Duran)的键盘手尼克·罗兹(Nick Rhodes)。他非常熟悉美容产品。1984年,在他的婚礼上,他和新娘一样,涂着伊夫·圣罗兰(Yves Saint Laurent )粉色口红。Double-blind clinical trials over 18 months suggest that GeneU reduces fine lines and wrinkles by up to 30 percent in 12 weeks, Dr. Toumazou said. The results have not yet been published. Still, Dr. S. Tyler Hollmig, an assistant professor of dermatologic surgery at Stanford University, is skeptical (though he described what GeneU is doing as “really cool and admirable”).图马佐说,18个月的双盲临床测试表明,GeneU能在12周内将细纹和皱纹减少达30%。测试结果尚未发表。不过,斯坦福大学皮肤病外科助理教授S·泰勒·霍尔米希士(S. Tyler Hollmig)对此有所怀疑(虽然他说,GeneU在做的事情“真的很酷,令人钦佩”)。“It’s the environment that drives aging,” Dr. Hollmig said. “If you have one identical twin growing up in Belize and the other in Belgium, their skin is going to look completely different.” He also pointed out that despite the fuss about antioxidants (raise your hand if you’ve increased your blueberry intake in the last decade), there is, somewhat unbelievably, no strong peer-reviewed research showing that they actually do much to stave off signs of age.“导致皮肤老化的是环境,”霍尔米希说,“如果有两个一模一样的双胞胎,一个在伯利兹长大,另一个在比利时长大,他们的皮肤会看起来完全不同。”他还指出,尽管抗氧化剂曾让人们极为兴奋(如果你在过去十年里增加蓝莓摄入的话,举起你的手看看效果如何),但是有点令人难以置信的是,没有有力的同行评议调查表明,它们真的非常有助于延缓皮肤衰老。Dr. Toumazou plans to better address the environment issue with the next iteration of his DNA test, which will focus on epigenetics (that is, whether and how your genes switch on and off because of your lifestyle). He also plans to add even more options for customization by including tests for other genes related to skin health, like those that control skin’s elasticity and hyperpigmentation.图马佐计划在他的下一代DNA测试中更多关注外界因素,把重点放在实验胚胎学上(也就是说,生活方式是否或如何影响基因表现)。他还打算加入更多个性化选择,包括与肌肤健康相关的其他基因测试,比如那些控制肌肤弹性和过度色素沉着的基因。GeneU isn’t the only company offering skin care tailored to genetics. SkinShift in Austin, Tex., outsources its DNA test, then suggests, based on what it determines is the highest priority for your skin, some combination drawn from an available pool of four serums and five nutritional supplements. None cost more than . Like Dr. Toumazou, SkinShift’s founder, Dr. Ruthie Harper, is not a dermatologist; she’s an internist.GeneU不是唯一一家根据基因定制皮肤护理的公司。德克萨斯州奥斯汀的SkinShift公司也经营这样的业务。它把自己的99美元DNA测试外包了出去,然后根据测试结果确定你皮肤最缺乏的元素,从已有的四种血清和五种营养补充剂中选出对应的元素进行组合。所有组合的售价都在75美元以内。和图马佐一样,SkinShift的创始人吕蒂·哈珀士(Ruthie Harper)也不是皮肤科医生——她是内科医生。Dr. Hollmig is equally skeptical about SkinShift and, though he was more impressed with GeneU, admitted that the only major difference between the two may be the cost. GeneU’s technology is shinier, and it offers more options for customization, but skin-aging studies with many ingredients (like antioxidants) have mostly not been well-controlled for specific formulation and dose, adequate sample size or randomized design, so it’s not known for sure if they work. The idea, then, of a carefully tailored amount is almost irrelevant.霍尔米西对SkinShift同样表示质疑。虽然他对GeneU的印象更为深刻,但是他承认,两家公司唯一的主要区别是价格。GeneU的技术更引人注目,提供更多个性化选择,但是由于对很多成分(比如抗氧化剂)在皮肤老化中作用的研究大多没有对具体的配方和剂量进行很好的控制,样本数量不够,设计比较随意,所以不能确定这些成分是否有效果。因此,精心定制剂量的概念也几乎无关紧要。GeneU grew out of a chance meeting about three years ago, when Dr. Toumazou was seated next to Mr. Rhodes on a private jet from London to a sheikh friend’s birthday party in Venice. (Dr. Toumazou had no idea who Mr. Rhodes was until his wife whispered it.) Mr. Rhodes encouraged Dr. Toumazou to start his own company, instead of just licensing technology.GeneU的想法诞生于大约三年前的一次偶然会面。图马佐从伦敦搭乘私人飞机,去参加一位族长朋友的生日派对,坐在他旁边的是罗兹(图马佐不知道罗兹是谁,直到妻子悄悄告诉他)。罗兹鼓励图马佐开创自己的公司,而不是仅仅把技术转让出去。“I’ve used everything from the cheapest thing you can find in the drugstore to the most expensive top-of-the-line serums,” Mr. Rhodes said. “This to me was like a magnet. You’re taking out all the guesswork.” He said he has seen an improvement in fine lines since using GeneU’s products. (The company has been pleasantly surprised by interest from men; Mr. Rhodes thinks the techie aspect of it appeals to them.)“我用过各种护肤品,从你能在药店找到的最便宜的护肤品到最昂贵的顶级血清,”罗兹说,“这对我极具吸引力。经过测试,你就不必胡乱猜测了。”他说,自从使用GeneU的产品之后,他脸上的细纹减少了(男性对该公司的兴趣让他们感到惊喜。罗兹认为是高科技元素吸引了男性)。Mr. Rhodes designed the shop, including its Mondrian-esque photographs on the wall (actually enlarged images of Dr. Toumazou’s microchips) and recruited Antony Price, the designer of Duran Duran’s fluorescent suits in its “Rio” , to create staff uniforms of silver silk pants and matching tops with standing collars.店铺是罗兹设计的,包括墙上的蒙德里安(Mondrian)风格照片(它实际上是图马佐的微芯片的放大图像)。他还雇佣安东尼·普赖斯(Antony Price)设计员工制。杜兰杜兰乐队在音乐录影带《里约》(Rio)中穿的荧光套装就是普赖斯设计的。员工制是银色丝质裤子搭配同色立领上装。Mr. Rhodes also nixed Dr. Toumazou’s original name, Genonics. It “wasn’t as hook-y,” he said, ever the songwriter.罗兹还否决了图马佐最初给公司取的名字Genonics。这位曾经的歌曲作者说,那个名字“不够吸引人”。 /201506/383133黑龙江第五医院在那儿 With the anniversary of the 22nd Amendment on Friday, Constitution Daily looks at two hot-button topics: Should a President be allowed to serve a third term? And should members of Congress and the Supreme Court have term limits like the President?本周五是宪法第22修正案的周年纪念日,今日宪法关注了两个热点话题:总统应被允许第三任期吗?以及,国会议员和最高法院成员应像总统一样有任期限制吗?22nd Amendment brought the idea of term limits into the constitution. When it was ratified in 1951, the amendment limited a president from effectively serving a third term, by saying that a president who won#39;t wo elections can#39;t run a third time.宪法第22修正案将(总统)任期限制的想法写入了宪法。其于1951年被批准,修正案规定:已赢得两次选举的总统不能参加第三次选举,限制了总统可能出现的第三任期。The 22nd Amendment also bars a President from serving more than 10 years in office, in a case of a president who assumed office as Vice President.宪法第22修正案同时也禁止总统执政超过10年,以防总统以;副总统;之名把持朝政。For example, Vice President Gerald Ford took over for President Richard Nixon in 1974 and served more than two years as president. If Ford had defeated Jimmy Carter in the 1976 presidential election, Ford could not have run for re-election.举例来说,副总统杰拉尔德·福特在理查德·尼克松后接任总统,并已在位超过两年。如果福特在1976年大选中击败吉米·卡特,他将不能连任。Long before the 22nd Amendment, George Washington had set an unofficial precedent in 1796 when he decided several months before the election not to seek a third term. But Alexander Hamilton and many Founders wanted a strong executive, and they opposed term limits as a concept. Thomas Jefferson and an equally influential group of Founders supported term limits for the President.早在第22修正案之前,乔治华盛顿于1796年大选前几个月,决定不寻求第三任期,开创了一个非官方的惯例。但亚历山大·汉密尔顿和许多合众国奠基人想要一个强有力的执行者,他们反对将任期限制条文化。托马斯·杰斐逊及另一同样具有很大影响力的元老团体持对总统作出任期限制。The only person to break from Washington#39;s precedent was President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with a record-setting four election wins. Before Roosevelt ran for re-election in 1940, most Presidents didn#39;t try for a third term in office, let alone a third consecutive term.唯一一个打破华盛顿总统惯例的是富兰克林·d·罗斯福总统,创下了连胜四届选举的记录(译注:当时正值二战)。在罗斯福1940年再次竞选之前,大多数总统都没尝试过第三届任期,更别提三届连任了。Roosevelt#39;s distant cousin, Theodore, came the closest to breaking the precedent in 1912, when he ran for President a second time. Theodore Roosevelt succeeded President William McKinley in 1901 and had served about 7 #189; years in the White House. Theodore Roosevelt passed on running for a third consecutive term in 1908, fully aware of the Washington precedent. But after a fallout with President William Howard Taft, Roosevelt sough a third nonconsecutive term in the 1912 presidential election. He lost the election but came in second ahead of Taft. (Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman briefly considered seeking a third term but passed.)罗斯福的远房亲戚,西奥多罗斯福总统在1912年最先接近打破惯例,那时他第三次担任总统。西奥多罗斯福于1901年继任前任总统威廉·麦金莱(译注:其被刺杀,西奥多以副总统之位继任)当时他已在白宫工作了七年半,他明确知悉华盛顿的先例,但仍执意参加1908年选举。不过败于总统威廉·霍华德·塔夫脱,但于1912年总统选举中获胜,开始了非连任的第三任期。他虽在选举中败于塔夫脱,但在打破(连任)惯例上却先于塔夫脱。(伍德罗·威尔逊和哈里·杜鲁门也曾有过第三任期的念头,不过都错过了机会)After Franklin Roosevelt died in 1945, momentum built for a presidential term-limits amendment. Congress passed it in 1947, and it was ratified by the states in 1951.在1945年富兰克林罗斯福去世后,有了一个为总统增加任期限制修正案的势头。国会于1947年通过修正案,于1951年被签署批准正式生效。Since then, several members of Congress have introduced bills to repeal the 22nd Amendment. The latest was offered by Representative Jose Serrano on January 4, 2013.自那时起,一些国会议员提出议案希望废除第22宪法修正案。如最近的,2013年1月4日代表Jose Serrano提出的议案。In fact, Serrano has offered the same bill since 1997–during the presidencies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The bills were tabled each time.实际上,Serrano从1997年就开始提出这样的提案,无论在比尔·克林顿的总统任期还是乔治·w·布什总统任期亦或巴拉克·奥巴马总统任期。这议案每次都被拿上台面。Representative Steny Hoyer offered similar bills in the past and current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sponsored a similar bill in 1995—during the Clinton administration. Barney Frank and Jerry Nadler also presented anti-22nd Amendment bills in the past.代表Steny Hoyer曾提出类似议案,现任参议院多数派领袖Mitch McConnell在1995年克林顿政府期间也提出过相似的议案。Barney Frank 和Jerry Nadler也曾提出过反第22宪法修正案的议案。There was no interest among legislators in pursuing a 22nd Amendment repeal, probably because most people are happy with term limits for the President. The odds of getting 38 states to ratify an amendment would be very, very steep.对立法者来说,他们没什么兴趣追求废止宪法第22修正案,最可能的原因是大部分人都乐于见到总统的任期限制。并且让38个州都通过一个修正案的几率是十分渺茫的。However, the issue of term limits for Congress is a different matter. In a Gallup poll in January 2013, about 75 percent of Americans polled favored limiting terms for Congress members.不过,国会议员任期限制就是另一码事了。2013年1月的盖洛普民意调查显示,大约75%的美国人赞同对国会成员作出任期限制。Gallup said when the same question was asked in 1994 and 1996, between two-thirds and three-quarters of Americans favored a constitutional amendment to limiting congressional terms.盖洛普表示,针对同样问题,在1994及1996年,三分之二到四分之三的受访美国人持对国会议员作出任期限制。In the 2013 poll, there was more support for congressional term limits (75 percent) than ending the Electoral College (60 percent).在2013年民意调查中,对国会议员作出任期限制比结束选举人团制度更受人们持。(持率分别为75%和60%)And then there is the issue of term limits for judges appointed under the conditions of the Constitution#39;s Article III, including Supreme Court Justices.接下来就是在宪法第三条(译注:其关于美国联邦政府的司法部门)的背景下法官的任命问题,这也包括最高法院法官。These non-elected officials serve as long as they exhibit ;good behavior; and can only be removed from office under the Constitution#39;s impeachment process.这些非经选举产生的官员只要表现;优良行为;就可以一直在任,而且,只有经过宪法弹劾程序,政府才能罢免这些官员。The frequent debate over term limits for the Supreme Court centers on the need for an independent judiciary versus even closer ties between Justices and the Presidents who appoint them.对最高法院法官任期限制往往聚焦于司法独立的需要,与总统和任命的法官间紧密关系的争论上。 /201503/362043Wonderful Friends, a 3-month-long reality show on Hunan TV, came to an end on March 28th. But the debate it aroused is far from dying out.湖南卫视真人秀节目《奇妙的朋友》历时三个月,已于上月28日完结。但是,因之而起的争论却从未停歇。The weekly show features interactions between animals and six celebrities working as zookeepers in Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou. The show is a programming success for Hunan TV.这档周播的真人秀节目聚焦动物与人类的交流,邀请了六位明星担当广州长隆野生动物园的(实习)饲养员。节目由湖南卫视制作,可谓大获成功。“People are more interested in TV shows with celebrities than in documentaries,” animal protection expert Deng Xuejian told Netease News. “The program is a good way to get people closer to animals.”动物保护专家邓学建在接受网易新闻采访时表示,“较之纪录片,人们更喜欢看有名人参与的电视真人秀。这档节目有助于人与动物建立更加亲密的关系。”However, animal welfare advocates say that is exactly what should be avoided.但是,动物保护主义者们却认为,这恰恰是应当避免之处。“It is hugely misleading to the public about the needs and welfare of captive animals,” Dave Neale of Animals Asia, an advocacy group based in Hong Kong, said in a statement.戴夫#8226;尼尔来自总部位于香港的亚洲动物基金,他在一则声明中表示:“这档节目严重误导大众,让他们对圈养动物的需求与救助产生误解。”In one scene, celebrities took two baby chimps out and competed to buy the best clothes for them. One of the two chimps suddenly became restless and bit Myolie Wu, one of the star zookeepers.节目中,明星们曾带着两只猩猩幼崽去(游客区)买衣裳,比赛谁买得衣更好。其中一只黑猩猩突然变得焦躁不安,并咬伤了明星饲养员胡杏儿。In another scene a baby chimp was placed near its father to demonstrate that the older animal would treat the infant as a stranger. The baby becomes distressed and the chimp’s father appears anxious and throws a rock at the TV crew.节目的另一幕中,为了明成年黑猩猩会对自己的幼崽置之不理,小猩猩被放在了父亲的身边。小猩猩变得紧张不安,而大猩猩父亲也变得焦躁、并向电视台的工作人员扔石头。The TV company created “stressful and harmful situations” to provoke entertaining storylines, said the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.世界动物园和水族馆联合会认为,节目方为了制造性的故事情节,将动物置于“有巨大压力和有害的场景”之中。Despite the criticism, Animals Asia founder and CEO Jill Robinson has witnessed a significant rise in the number of Chinese citizens showing concern for animal welfare.尽管遭到批评,但是正如亚洲动物基金创始人兼CEO谢#8226;罗便臣所见,越来越多的中国人开始关心动物保护。“When I first began working in the country from 1985 there was one welfare group in Beijing and now there are over 100 sp across every province,” Robinson said on the website of Animals Asia. “Today, we work with them to give a voice to wild and companion animals and provide a convincing argument as to why they should no longer be exploited as entertainment, ‘medicine’ or food.”她在亚洲动物基金网站上写道,“1985年,我刚来到中国工作时,只有北京一家动物保护组织,而现在全国的动物保护组织已经超过100个,覆盖了全国各省。我们现在与这些组织一道努力,为野生动物及宠物发声,告诉人们为何不应将其作为的对象、‘药材’或是食物。”But a lack of knowledge about animals’ habits and needs may lead to some wrongs.但是,不了解动物的习性与需求,也可能导致一些错误的做法。“Many people may think getting cuddly is an expression of love. What they don’t realize is wild animals need space,” Xie Yan, a zoologist and China director of the US-based Wildlife Conservation Society, told The New York Times. “Putting clothes on chimps is not as adorable as you may think from the animals’ point of view.”解焱是总部位于在纽约的国际野生生物保护学会的动物学家与中国项目主任,他在接受《纽约时报》的采访时说:“很多人觉得爱抚是爱的表达,但他们不知道野生动物更需要空间。人们觉得给猩猩穿上衣很可爱,但是在动物眼中却是另一回事。”Better leave them alone它们会独自生活得更好Teaching chimps to dress could harm their health because it may raise their body temperature and also mentally confuse them.教猩猩穿衣可能会伤害它们的健康,因为穿衣会使其体温升高,同时令其产生困惑。In the world, it’s a common practice to use celebrities to focus public attention on wildlife protection. Yao Ming, for example, traveled to Africa last year to shoot a documentary for WildAid highlighting the problem of elephant and rhinoceros poaching.在野生动物保护中,用名人效应吸引公众注意并不罕见。去年,野生救援推出纪录片《野性的终结》,记录了姚明远赴非洲了解大象和犀牛盗猎的见闻。But in Yao’s case, human observers kept their distance, according to The New York Times.但是,据《纽约时报》报道,在姚明的纪录片中,人类观察者与野生动物是保持距离的。The debate has also gotten young people thinking. “Who doesn’t want to make friends with those cute animals who melt your heart? But after that sentiment, we should put ourselves in their shoes: Is this love what they need?” said Liu Yi, a 19-year-old animal medicine student at Qingdao Agricultural University.这一争论也引起了年轻人的思考。今年19岁的刘祎是青岛农业大学动物医学专业的学生,她说:“谁不想和那些萌到心都化了的动物做朋友?但是在动心之后,我们也应该站在动物的角度想想,这真的是它们需要的爱么?” /201504/368758哈尔滨市第三医院生孩子价格

哈市九州医院几点关门Hip replacement改朝换代。When Satchmo Armstrong sits in for Lawrence Welk.当阿姆斯特朗坐在劳伦斯.威尔克旁边时。 /201505/375869黑龙江省哈尔滨妇保医院预约电话是多少 延寿县治疗妇科多少钱

黑龙江哈市第二医院做人流要多久 Associate professor Benjamin Edelman had threatened legal action and demanded the Sichuan Garden in Brookline compensate all other customers who might have been similarly overcharged after he said it charged him more on each of the four items he ordered for takeout last week.这位名叫BenjaminEdelman的副教授以法律诉讼相威胁,并要求这家位于布鲁克莱恩的四川饭庄赔偿所以可能多付了钱的顾客。此前,他说自己上周叫外卖时点了四道菜,而餐馆每道菜分别多收他一块钱。But after facing wide criticism, Edelman posted a brief message on his personal website saying he has reached out to apologize to Ran Duan, who helps manage his parent#39;s restaurant business.在受到广泛批评后,Edelman在个人网站上发出简洁信息说明他已经向协助父母管理这家餐馆的段然(RanDuan)致歉。Based on the prices listed on the restaurant#39;s website, Edelman said he had expected to pay .35 for his order.根据餐馆网站上的价目表,Edelman说他原本应付的价格是53.35美元。In emails first made public by boston.com, Duan acknowledged to Edelman that the prices listed onthe restaurant#39;s website were out of date. He promised to update them soon and offered to refund the overages.从首封公开在boston.com上的邮件中可以看到,段向Edelman确认餐馆网站上的价目表过期了,他答应会立刻更新并退还多收的费用。But Edelman, who consults for AOL,Microsoft, the NFL, Wells Fargo, the New York Times, among many others on ;preventing and detecting online fraud,; according to his personal website, accused the restaurant of systematically overcharging customers.据Edelma的个人网站,他是美国在线公司、微软公司、美国国家橄榄球联盟、富国、纽约时报及其他公司 “预防检测网络欺诈”方面的顾问。Edelma还控告这家餐馆利用系统多收费。He demanded a refund, arguing that hewas eligible for triple damages under the state#39;s consumer protection statute.Edelman, a Brookline resident, also contacted local officials to demand the restaurant compensateall other customers who might have been affected.他要求餐馆赔偿12美元,并争论说根据国家消费者保护法,他有资格得到3倍的赔偿。住在布鲁克莱恩的Edelman还联系了当地官员,要求餐馆赔偿所有可能牵涉其中的顾客。;It strikes me that merely providing are fund to a single customer would be an exceptionally light sanction for the violation that occurred,; he wrote in one of the exchanges with Duan.;You don#39;t seem to recognize that this is a legal matter.;他在写给段的一封邮件中说,“我突然觉得他们仅想一名顾客赔款的话,那制裁也太轻了。你好像并没有认识到这是个法律问题”。At one point, after a flurry of email exchanges, Duan, who generally remained respectful in his replies to Edelman,wrote: ;Like I said, I apologize for the confusion, you seem like a smart man, but is this really worth your time?;在多次进行邮件交流后,段的回复大体保留着恭敬的态度,他写道:“正如我说过的,我就造成的困惑向你致歉,感觉你是个明智的人,但你真的觉得值得花这个时间吗?”Edelman later told the Boston Globe that Brookline officials declined to intervene. The restaurant, he said, subsequently offered to refundhim half the cost of his total bill after he requested it.Edelman之后对《波士顿环球报》说,布鲁克莱恩的官员们拒绝干涉此事。他说,经他要求,这家餐馆随后退给他半数金额。 /201412/348122哈尔滨道外区人流价格肇源县无痛人流好不好



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