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哈尔滨中心医院妇科专家大夫哈尔滨市九院可以用医保卡Foreign Backpackers Flock to Australia to Escape Global Recession更多外国人申请到澳大利亚工作 Officials in Australia say more young foreigners looking to escape recession in other parts of the world could be heading for the country this year on working holidays. The number of skilled travelers from Britain and Germany applying for working holiday visas is up sharply from last year. 澳大利亚官员表示,由于全球经济减缓,今年申请到澳大利亚临时工作的外国旅游者的人数出现上升。从英国和德国申请到澳大利亚工作的人数比去年增加了许多。Australia has always been a backpacker's delight, a vast island that's relatively inexpensive and safe that offers them the chance to work for up to two years. While the country has not avoided the global credit meltdown, Australia is increasingly becoming a haven for young foreign travelers looking to strengthen their resumes and escape economic problems back home. 澳大利亚一直是年轻的旅游者喜欢去的地方:四面环海、东西相对便宜、安全、而且旅游者可以申请工作两年。虽然澳大利亚也没能逃过这次全球金融危机,但是相对来说,很多外国旅游者都认为这里的情况比他们本国要好得多。Applications from British and German travelers for working holiday visas are up by 20 percent. 今年从英国和德国来澳大利亚申请临时工作的人数比去年增加了20%。A 21-year-old backpacker from England who identified herself only as Rachel, says she is looking for work in Sydney but is concerned about those she has left behind. 瑞切尔是来自英国的一位年仅21岁的旅游者。她说,自己到悉尼来想找工作,但是对家里的人又放心不下。"Speaking to people and friends back home there is always the constant worry that they are going to be made redundant, she said. "I am also trying to decide whether to stay here for a year rather than three months that I initially planned to because I just do not see that there is that many prospects back at home."  她说:“每每跟家人和朋友谈起来,总是担心,怕他们不知什么时候就会被炒鱿鱼。我最初只是想在这儿呆三个月,但是现在在考虑是否要呆上一年;因为回去的话实在是看不到什么就业前景。”Australia's economy is declining, and with unemployment rising, finding a job is likely to be increasingly difficult for international backpackers. 澳大利亚本身的经济也在下滑,失业率也在上升,对那些想找工作的外国人来说,困难相对有所增多。Patricia Forsyth from the Sydney Chamber of Commerce says young travelers will have to be patient.  悉尼商会的福尔赛思女士说,那些想在这儿找到工作的游客要有耐心才行。"I cannot pretend that it will be easy for people to be able to get jobs but I think you would need to come in prepared to hunt for work," said Forsyth. "It is not going to be on a plate and handed to you as it might have been 12 months or more ago." 她说,“要说人们一来这儿就能找到工作,那是不真实的;那些想要找到工作的人要做好四处申请的准备。现在情况变了,不像从前那样工作机会似乎比比皆是。”Australia's working holiday scheme is open to travelers between the ages of 18 and 30 from a range of countries, including Canada, Britain, Sweden and South Korea. 澳大利亚对旅游者开放的就业机会专门给那些年龄在18到30岁、来自加拿大、英国、瑞典和韩国等国的旅游者。Work permits are valid for 12 months but can be extended up to two years if participants agree to work on a farm - an attempt to help Australia's agricultural sector which often has trouble finding enough laborers. 旅游工作签一般12月内有效,但是如果申请人同意到澳大利亚农场去工作,签可以延长到两年,因为澳大利亚农业领域的人力往往不足。04/68150黑龙江三院预约免费 Last post for disabled people? A disabled woman from Hastings says she's being discriminated against because her local post office is earmarked for closure.The Channel 4 News has learned that the government amended legislation which would have forced it to take account the needs of disabled people just weeks before announcing that thousands of post offices were closed. The department of work and pensions haven't offered an explanation for this change. But campaigners say it is illegal, and they are taking the government to court. Katie Razzall has the exclusive report from the battlefield in Hastings.107.8 Arrow FM, news for Hastings and 1066 Country.A Hastings' couple will learn next week if their legal challenge against post office closures could lead to a U-turn.Jonathan Coe's wife is disabled. She is too distressed about her condition to appear on television. But on Monday London's High Court will hear her lawyer's argue that closing her local post office is against the law."I thought it was an absolutely incomprehensible decision and that made me quite cross on behalf of my wife and indeed my mother-in-law."The Disability Discrimination Act includes a list of organizations that have a duty to promote quality for the disabled. Just a month before the Royal Mail announced it planned to shut 2500 branches, it was removed from that list--the only organization ever to be taken off."It's very difficult for groups of disabled people to bring this kind of legislation to the Statute book. But then to suddenly discover that on a whim, a minister has decided that no longer will this particular law apply to the Royal Mail is, frankly, an outrage."Mr. Coe's wife can't walk or stand for long periods, having a post office close by ensures she doesn't have to. Her lawyer argues that the then-secretary of state for Work and Pensions John Harten was wrong to exempt the Royal Mail."And it's outside of his powers given to him by Parliament. He was allowed to pass regulations to promote disability quality. He was not allowed to pass regulations to relax the obligations on public authorities, to do just that.""And there's no seats, you have to stand."Royal Mail is more than halfway through its national closure program. It loses four million pounds a week and says many of the services it used to provide are now offered online in three banks. 49 branches have aly shut in Sussex in the attempt to make Royal Mail more sustainable, including this former sub post office on the seafront. There're many locals still don't realize it.These pensioners combined age of 1023 rely on that branch for paying bills, getting money and benefits, more than just a place to buy stamps. For them, the post office is a public service. Their new branch is too far for many of them to attempt."Because I can't cope with it anymore, and I get a bit frightened when you carry money, you know, too far.""It's taken away independence from a large number of elderly and disabled people in this area, and it seems to me that the government is always wanting elderly people to remain independent, to stay in their own homes, and that's what's happened, it's taken away the independence of people.""Well I thought I'll test how long it takes me to get to the new post office, 9 minutes past 4......Hastings' post office, I've made at it, in 7 minutes, and I was walking pretty fast."Royal Mail says it may provide a reduced service nearby when Mr. Coe's post office shuts. If the couple win their case, its plan to close more branches across the country will be in doubt. The government told Channel 4 News it doesn't believe it.200811/55308U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday awarded retiring Defense Secretary Robert Gates the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The award came during a military tribute to Gates on his final day in office.奥巴马总统星期四授予即将退休的国防部长盖茨总统自由奖章。星期四是盖茨在任的最后一天,奥巴马总统是在赞扬盖茨对军队的贡献时颁发这一奖章的。It was an elaborate farewell ceremony outside the Pentagon with President Barack Obama joining Defense Secretary Robert Gates at the end of his more than four years in office.这是在五角大楼外精心准备的一次欢送仪式,在盖茨担任国防部长4年多时间的最后一天,奥巴马总统和他一道出席了欢送会。Gates is the only defense secretary in U.S. history to be asked to remain in office by a newly-elected president. He was first sworn in under Mr. Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, at a crucial point during the Iraq war.盖茨是美国历史上唯一一位被新当选的总统留任的国防部长。他最初是在伊拉克战争的关键时刻,在奥巴马总统的前任布什总统的领导下宣誓就职的。Gates oversaw a surge of American troops in Iraq and later in Afghanistan that analysts say helped turn around both military campaigns. 盖茨监管了美军在伊拉克以及后来在阿富汗的增兵行动,分析人士说,增兵扭转了美军在这两个战场的局面。At Thursday's ceremony, President Obama called Gates a "humble American patriot, a man of common sense and decency," and one of the nation’s "finest public servants."在星期四的欢送仪式上,奥巴马总统称他是美国一位谦虚的爱国者,一位通情达理的人和一位正派的人,还说他是美国最好的公职人员之一。“Bob, today you are not only one of the longest serving secretaries of defense in American history, but it is also clear that you have been one of the best,” he said.奥巴马说:“鲍伯,你今天不仅是美国历史上任职时间最长的国防部长之一,而且很清楚,你也是最好的之一。”As defense secretary, Gates made numerous trips to Afghanistan and Iraq, always making a point to visit the American men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line.在担任国防部长期间,盖茨多次前往阿富汗和伊拉克,而且总是要去看望在前线冒着生命危险的美国男女军人。201107/142848哈尔滨超导人流手术

哈医大附属第一医院网上咨询F!+nuogk%Tz@qiHN0[GOjo,+#Tkg 在挪威你可以进行极限运动,每一个人在这里都可以找到自己想要的体验[m7v2@2Aa^5。Whoever goes fastest or comes cloest gets the most points. Jumpers can reach speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour. It can be very dangerous if you dont know what you are doing. The trick is to use the special parachute to redirect the 1 force to make it go where you want. It needs to be timed just right.,7I34T.v-CIts the last jump of the day. The competition is won by an American who gains a massive 594 points. No doubt hell be back next year to defend his title.EU8V-z0g(T!WmZCExtreme Sports Week 2007, yeah!A3U8vHaEDf_6z.uAWith glaciers and majestic mountains running into the mirroring fjords and lakes,Norway is world-famous for its beautiful scenery. The ed Nations ranked it as having the highest standard of living in the world. This encourages tourists who flock here by the millions and who knows,some may even decide to stay. Its a great place to explore with someone special.ksnd!!eDkSAs another amazing Voss Adventure Week draws to a close,contestants return home a bit sore but refreshed from all the mountain air. Each athlete has pushed themselves to the absolute limit and beyond.nQa|kZUs7]s!8For adventure lovers or holiday seekers,tourists can find whatever kind of experience they desire. From the dizzy heights of a cliff, the bounds achieved on the BMX course or the rush from jumping out of a plane, the varied terrain means there is always something for every tourist all year round. Whatever holiday you are looking for, Norway is the perfect place for everyone to experience their own 2 journey.[@3mK97z3fPMthsY14s译文:谁跑得最快离出发点越近谁就可以获得最高分K3MTT+0eo_+。跳水的人可以达到每小时140公里Y9cj]J[4N%c|P。如果你不知道你在做什么,那么这是非常危险的事情fYb#TLhVA6Ziuq。诀窍是使用特殊的降落伞重新定向下的力,使其去你想去的地方_4x-k*59L-|X。它需要把握得恰到好处9tCP*0,IAfwIezZq4*。 m8hQ.OL0_Z 这是最后一天的跳水比赛8M.k9lz2sG]q。比赛冠军由一个美国人获得了,他的分数最高是594分F9dmh@~L_;。 毫无疑问,他明年还会回来,捍卫他的荣誉T54XhcNMZQn#ycPfJ。~[6s;Ccfpl@#x+++TK 2007年极限运动周,耶 !_Qs1W1,BA06f!%*x+T 像镜子一般的峡湾和湖泊点缀在冰川和雄伟的高山中,就这样挪威以其独特的风景而全世界闻名HFa+3r*oI.Z。联合国把挪威列为生活在世界最高的标准的国家 1IqgaOeO(]KPT2x%8。这就鼓励游客成千上百万地涌向这里,谁知道,有的人甚至会决定留下来W%U(WhIR#6.(C5l。 这是一个专门让人探索的伟大地方 j7TwZYIznfE^;q-U。 |GGZ0f@4j.pe-T 另外一个惊人的沃斯探险周快接近尾声,参赛者们回家后,身上都会有点儿疼,但是山里新鲜空气会让他们消除疲劳|)5I[gEXE#O@P。每个运动员都会想方设法的超越他们自己的极限,;)MKG|MW.M。6D_2[8jqJWn7@+Nc(# 对于探险爱好者或假期度假者,这些游客可以找到他们想要的任何一种体验-#oYTDC_,djcR;uiGI#r。从让人头晕的悬崖,到自行车越野赛的路段或者从飞机上的一跳,各种各样的地形,可以让每名游客一年四季都有可玩的东西N2uA#*u9B,yo)Mzr。无论您正在寻找什么样的假期,挪威可以让每个人都体验到自己的终极之旅的理想场所 V(7NjJe!-49ZXd。 ZKaDLC*LshrzEM)R|课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?gUW%~w!]-M1bLhtIuP.)9avEH_6a62(_0V7_201110/157646哈医大附属四院检查白带多少钱 Published reports say CIA officers are at work inside Libya. But just what they are doing is not clear and, in keeping with practice, the CIA would not comment on the reports. The Obama administration has said it has not yet decided whether to arm the Libyan rebels. But, there is much the CIA may be doing in Libya short of that.有报导说,美国中情局特工在利比亚境内活动,不过不清楚他们具体做什么。跟往常一样,中情局对这些报导不做任何。奥巴马政府表示尚未决定是否给利比亚反政府武装提供武器。不过即便如此,中情局仍然可以在利比亚做很多事情。Analysts say it should come of no surprise that the CIA is aly at work in Libya. Reva Bhalla, Middle East analyst for the private intelligence firm, Stratfor, says gathering intelligence is the most basic function of the CIA.分析人士指出,中情局在利比亚境内开展活动并不令人感到意外。私营情报公司斯达福的中东分析员瑞瓦·巴勒表示,搜集情报是中情局最基本的工作。"Obviously when you have a military campaign like this under way you’re going to need people on the ground, painting [identifying] targets for air strikes, [and] not only on the military aspect but just in trying to figure out just who is the opposition - who are they actually dealing with, are there any viable leaders who show the potential for unifying this very fractious country," said Bhalla.他说:“很显然,在展开这类军事行动时,需要有人在地面,确定空袭目标。这不仅仅只为了满足军事需要,而且还要知道反对派到底是什么人,他们在和谁打交道,利比亚到底有没有可能团结这个离破碎国家的领袖人物。”Beyond gathering intelligenceAccording to published accounts, an unknown number of CIA officers, along with British intelligence and special forces counterparts, are working with the Libyan rebels. The CIA has its own paramilitary component, known as the Special Activities Division. But what the CIA might be doing in Libya beyond just gathering intelligence is unclear.根据一些报导,数目不详的中情局特工,以及英国情报机关和特种部队人员,正与利比亚反政府武装接触。中情局有自己的准军事单位叫特别行动部。但是除了搜集情报,中情局在利比亚的其他行动,不为外界所了解。By all accounts, the Libyan rebels are poorly trained and equipped. They made some advances, but have been pushed back by Libyan army counterattacks. The Obama administration has said it has not yet decided to arm the Libyan rebels, but has said firmly it will not send in U.S. ground troops, preferring to stick with the enforcement of the no-fly zone.利比亚反政府武装没有受过良好训练,装备也非常差。他们取得了一点进展,但在利比亚军队的反攻下溃退下来。奥巴马政府尚未决定是否给反政府武装提供武器,但已明确表态不会派地面部队进入利比亚,同时保禁飞区的真正实施。Offering what he says are personal views, former senior CIA officer Emile Nakhleh says it is likely the CIA is providing some form of non-lethal assistance to the rebels, especially in terms of communications and organization.前中情局资深特工艾米隆· 纳克勒个人认为,中情局很可能正给利比亚反政府武装提供一些非杀伤性的援助,特别是在通讯和组织方面。201104/131631哈尔滨最好的公立妇产医院地址

哈尔滨香坊区治疗宫颈肥大多少钱Al-Shabab Group Threatens More Terror Attacks in Somalia索激进派威胁再次袭击维和部队  Somalia's militant al-Shabab group has promised to launch more attacks against African Union peacekeeping troops a day after 11 soldiers from Burundi were killed in blasts claimed by the group. 索马里激进组织“青年党”发誓要对非洲联盟维和部队发动更多的攻击。一天前,该组织宣称,他们对11名布隆迪士兵被炸死的事件负责。On an Internet website, al-Shabab posted pictures of the two young men it says were responsible for Sunday's deadly attack on the Mogadishu compound housing peacekeepers from Burundi.  青年党在互联网站登载了两名年轻人的照片。青年党说,这两人制造了星期天在加迪沙军营袭击布隆迪维和部队的流血事件。A statement in Somali accompanied the photos, warning the group would launch more attacks if the 3,500 AMISOM (African Union mission in Somalia) soldiers from Burundi and Uganda did not leave the country immediately.  青年党在互联网上还发表了一份声明警告说,如果非盟驻索马里特派团的3500名布隆迪和乌干达军队不立即撤出索马里,他们将发动更多的袭击。An A.U. official confirmed suicide bombings left 11 soldiers dead and 15 wounded. It was the deadliest strike against African Union troops since their arrival in Somalia nearly two years ago to help stabilize the country. 一位非洲联盟官员实,这次自杀式炸弹导致11名士兵丧生,15人受伤。这是非洲联盟部队大约两年前为了帮助稳定索马里的局势进驻索马里以来发生的最严重的流血事件。In an interview with VOA, AMISOM spokesman, Ugandan army Major Bariyge Ba-Hoku expressed anger at al-Shabab's relentless use of violence. 在接受美国之音采访时,非盟驻索马里特派团发言人、乌干达陆军少校巴里亚格.巴霍库对青年党残暴地使用暴力表示愤慨。"Sheik Muktar Robow, who made the statement praising the two young men who perished according to him, why cannot he himself send his own children into committing suicide? He is sending the children of other people, not his. It means he is keeping himself and his family safe and he is destroying the families of other people. And the Somalis need to look at him as someone who is an enemy of the country," he said. “谢赫.穆赫塔尔.罗在声明中称赞这两名他所说的献身的自杀式炸弹手。为什么他不把自己的孩子送去充当自杀式炸弹手呢?他派别人的孩子,不是他自己的孩子。这意味着他在保全他自己和他家人的安全,毁掉其他人的家庭。索马里人应该把这种人视为国家的敌人。”The African Union described the attack against AMISOM as an attempt to detract attention from efforts to form a new unity government under President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. He was the moderate Islamist who led the Islamic Courts Union before the movement was ousted from power by Ethiopia in late 2006. 非洲联盟形容这次针对非盟驻索马里特派团的袭击是激进分子的一种企图,目的是分散对谢赫谢里夫.谢赫.艾哈迈德总统领导组建一个新的团结政府努力的注意。谢里夫总统是一个温和派的伊斯兰教徒,他曾领导伊斯兰法院联盟,一直到该组织在2006年底被埃塞俄比亚赶下台。After the Islamist leader participated in U.N.-sponsored talks that paved the way for an Ethiopian troop withdrawal from Somalia last month, Sheik Sharif was elected president of Somalia's interim government by an expanded parliament. He and his newly-appointed, western-educated Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke have pledged to reach out to al-Shabab and its allied militias to end the anti-government insurgency and to form the first functioning government in Somalia in 18 years. 在这位伊斯兰领袖参加了联合国发起的谈判后,谢里夫在一次扩大的议会选举中被推选为索马里过渡政府的总统。那次谈判为埃塞俄比亚军队上个月从索马里撤走铺平了道路。谢里夫和他新任命的、曾接受西方教育的索马里总理萨马克承诺同青年党及其结盟的民兵进行接触,结束反政府的反叛活动,组建索马里18年来第一个正常运作的政府。President Sharif says the government needs the help of international peacekeepers to re-establish order and wants AMISOM troops to stay. But al-Shabab, listed by Washington as a terrorist organization, has refused to accept the presence of foreign troops in Somalia and has repeatedly attacked AMISOM bases anda convoys. 谢里夫总统说,政府需要国际维和部队的帮助,重新建立秩序,并且希望非盟驻索马里特派团留下来。但是,被华盛顿定性为恐怖主义组织的青年党却拒绝接受外国军队在索马里的存在,并多次袭击非盟驻索马里特派团的基地和车辆。02/63039 British Leader Warns Global Downturn Could Turn to Recession英国首相:多国实体经济可能衰退 In his first parliamentary question session since last week's European leaders' summit where economics took center stage, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned that many countries must brace for recession in the real economy. 英国首相布朗在议会接受质询时警告说,许多国家必须做好应付实体经济出现衰退的准备。这是自从上星期在欧洲峰会上经济成为中心议题以来布朗首次在议会备询。It is the first time Prime Minister Gordon Brown has publicly acknowledged what many average Britons have felt for months: that the global economic downturn is likely to cause a recession both here and elsewhere around the world. And as Mr. Brown underlined in parliament, it was serious. 这是英国首相布朗首次公开承认许多英国人几个月来所感受到的事情,那就是全球经济的下行风险可能会在英国和世界其他地区引起衰退。并且正如布朗在议会所强调的那样,这可能是一次严重的经济衰退。"The Governor of the Bank of England said last night that not since the First World War has the international banking system been so close to collapse and I agree with him," Brown said. "Having taken action on the banking system, we must now take action on the global financial recession which is likely to cause recession in America, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and because no country can insulate itself from it, Britain too." 布朗:“英格兰行长昨天晚上说,国际体系如此接近于全面崩溃,这是第一次世界大战以来从未出现过的情况。我同意他的说法。我们已经就解决系统的问题采取了行动,我们现在必须就应付可能引起美国、法国、意大利、德国、日本经济衰退的全球金融衰退采取行动,因为没有一个国家能够不受到影响,英国也是一样。”Mr. Brown said he looks forward to attending a summit of world leaders soon to discuss cooperative economic recovery measures. That gathering will be held in the ed States sometime shortly after the November presidential election. 布朗表示,他期待出席下个月在美国举行的世界领导人金融峰会,讨论合作制定经济复苏措施的问题。With the British economy shrinking, Mr. Brown is facing many of the same problems being felt elsewhere in the developed world, such as rising home foreclosures that have nearly doubled during the past 12 months. 随著英国经济的收缩,布朗正面临其他发达国家所面临的同样的问题,诸如房屋贷款违约率上升。在过去一年里,英国丧失房屋贷款赎回权的数量几乎成倍增加。In the House of Commons, the prime minister outlined new plans to combat that alarming trend. 在英国下院,布朗首相概述了控制这种可怕倾向的新方案。"Mr. Speaker, I can announce today new guidance - new guidance for the judiciary to halt or adjourn court action on repossessions unless alternative options that help the homeowner including extending the terms of the mortgage, changing the mortgage type and deferring payment have been fully examined first of all. We are determined to do everything we can to help homeowners avoid repossessions," he said. “议长先生,我今天可以宣布新方针,这个新的司法方针要求停止或暂时终止法庭收回房屋的判决,除非法庭判定在此之前帮助房主的其他措施已经得到执行,这些措施包括延长房屋贷款的期限,改变房贷的类型,以及推迟分期付款。”But the economic fight back will take time. Mortgage approval rates are down by more than 70 percent this year compared to 2007.  但是防止经济衰退的措施需要时间才能生效。英国的房屋贷款批准率今年和2007年相比下降了百分之70以上。Unemployment is rising and that is expected to continue into . And the pound has slipped to a five-year low against the U.S. dollar. 失业率上升,预计年还会继续攀升。英镑对美元的汇率已经下滑到5年来的新低。200810/53772依兰县中医医院中药科黑龙江四院在那



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