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Many Chinese spectators who have watched the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 unfold are emphatic about one thing: the tragedy has made it less likely they#39;ll include Malaysia in future travel plans. 对于目睹了马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines, 简称:马航) 370航班搜寻过程的很多中国人而言,有一点十分肯定:这次的悲剧使他们将来把马来西亚作为旅行目的地的意愿下降。On Monday night, Malaysian authorities announced they had concluded that Flight 370, bound from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and carrying 239 people--153 of whom were Chinese--had crashed in the Indian Ocean. The announcement capped more than two weeks of waiting for news by families, some of whom have accused the airline of failing to release information in a timely fashion. 周一晚间,马来西亚政府宣布,已经得出结论,从吉隆坡飞往北京的370航班(机上共有239人,其中153名中国人)已经在印度洋坠毁。此前失联航班机上人员家属已经等待了两周多,其中一些人指责马航信息发布不及时。As of Tuesday morning, an online Sina poll found that 77% of more than 38,400 respondents said the incident had influenced whether they#39;d be likely to travel to Malaysia in the future. Another 19% said it hadn#39;t made a difference, while 4% said they weren#39;t sure. 截至周二上午,新浪(Sina)的网上调查显示,超过38,400名受访者中,77%表示该事故影响了他们未来前往马来西亚旅行的意愿,另外19%表示没有影响,还有4%的回答是不确定。China currently accounts for 12% of tourists to Malaysia, according to a research report by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch. Such tourists together account for 6% of Malaysia#39;s total tourism receipts, or 0.4% of GDP. 美银美林(Bank of America-Merrill Lynch)的研究报告显示,目前前往马来西亚的游客中中国人占12%,给马来西亚贡献了6%的旅游业收入,相当于国内生产总值(GDP)的0.4%。Meanwhile, anger erupted online over Malaysia#39;s handling of the latest news on the missing flight, particularly that the official conclusion that the plane had crashed--delivered at 10 p.m. Monday night by Malaysia#39;s prime minister--was sent to a number of family members by text message only shortly before the information was made public. 网民们对马来西亚方面发布失联航班最新消息的手法深感不满,尤其是马来西亚官方关于飞机已坠毁结论的发布方式――在周一晚间10点马来西亚总理对外宣布这一官方结论的不久前,马来西亚方面仅用一条短信通知失踪乘客家属结果。#39;The way they announced their conclusions was too simple, too cruel. Can#39;t they understand the feelings of those who#39;ve been praying for so long?#39; wrote one user on Sina Weibo. 新浪微(Sina Weibo)的一名用户写道,这种方式太简单粗暴,他们就不能理解家属们的感受?家属们祈祷了那么久。On its verified Weibo account, the official Communist Party mouthpiece People#39;s Daily said it wasn#39;t satisfied with Malaysian authorities#39; conclusions, which officials have said were derived from British air crash investigators#39; data. #39;The reality is still unclear, the search cannot stop. We want the truth!#39; 《人民日报》通过其认的官方微帐号发文称,马方表示,这是根据英国航空事故调查局数据得出的结论;事实依然模糊,搜索不能停止,我们需要真相!”Other users still held out hope: #39;Countrymen above the lost plane, as well as those brothers and sisters from other nations: No matter what terrible situation you#39;ve encountered, please believe that we will continue to hope for a miracle. Our homeland is launching search and rescue efforts with all its strength, and we await the safe return of all the people aboard. You can do it, my homeland! You can do it.#39; 也有一些微用户仍心存希望,他们写道:“失踪飞机上的同胞,以及来自其他国家的兄弟们,无论你们的处境有多糟糕,请相信我们仍在期待一个奇迹,我们的祖国正在竭尽全力进行搜救,我们等待机上所有人平安归来,我的祖国,你可以做到的。” /201403/282284A British pensioner has stunned doctors after he recorded what could be the world’s slowest ever heart beat - slower than the world’s top athletes and even that of an elephant.一位英国老人的心跳速率让医生们为之震惊,因为他大概打破了世界最慢心跳的记录——比世界顶尖的运动员,甚至大象还慢。Super-fit Daniel Green, 81, could not believe it when medics said his heart rate had dropped to just 26 beats per minute - lower than Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mo Farah at rest, 35bpm and 33bpm respectively.今年81岁却身体硬朗的丹尼尔·格林得知自己的心跳每分钟只有26下时也难以置信。因为这个速率比自行车运动员布拉德利·威金斯的每分钟35下,和英国田径运动员莫·法拉的每分钟33下还慢得多。Mr Green was having a check-up when doctors said his resting rate was 36bpm but dropped to 26 - lower than the world record.当时格林正在进行身体检查,医生告知他,其心跳从原来的1分钟36下降至26下,比世界纪录还低。The official Guinness World Record holder is Martin Brady, 45, of Guernsey, who recorded a heartbeat of 27bpm.目前吉尼斯世界纪录的保持者是一个名叫 马丁·布莱迪的男子,现年45岁,他的心跳速率是每分钟27下。Doctors only realised Mr Green’s incredible heart rate after they hooked him up to an ECG machine for 24 hours.医生们让格林在心电图机器前扫描了24小时后,才意识到他不可思议的心跳速率。The average adult male heart beats at 72bpm - ranging from around 60bpm to 100bpm depending on activity levels.一般成年人的心跳速率为每分钟72下,根据人体的活动状态,每分钟60下到100下均属于正常范围。Mr Green puts his remarkable health down to daily exercise, and has not been to hospital since 1976, when he had a hernia operation.格林认为自己的心跳速率低要归功于每天的锻炼。1976年接受疝气手术后,格林就再也没去过医院。He said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when the doctors told me. I suppose your heart rate isn’t something anyone ever really notices.他表示:“医生告诉我这个消息的时候我也非常震惊。我以为人们一般不太关注心跳速率。”‘I was put forward for the 24-hour scan after my GP was alarmed by a 15-second ECG he gave me. But there’s nothing to worry about - I’m still in fine fettle.“我的医生在帮我做了15秒心电图后发现一些问题,便要求我做了24小时的心电图扫描,所幸结果表示一切正常。”‘I go for hour-long walks every morning and do some light exercise with weights and a cross-trainer at least three times a week.“我每天早上都会散步一小时,做些减重运动,每周至少还会有三次使用全能锻炼机。”‘They tell me an elephant has a heart rate of just 28 beats per minute, so I suppose I’m as healthy as an elephant.’“医生还告诉我,大象的平均心跳速率是每分钟28下,所以我比大象还健壮啊。” /201405/301110

Older fathers have uglier children, researchers have claimed after linking age to genetic mutations.研究发现,父亲年龄大的孩子相貌也较丑,但是这些丑孩子的寿命却会比其他人长。The finding comes weeks after leading scientists reported children born to men over the age of 45 run a higher risk of having autism and psychiatric disorders.研究指出,45岁以上的男人生出的孩子患自闭症和精神疾病的风险比其他孩子更高。父亲年龄越大,基因突变的概率也会成倍增加。#39;The effect is very visible - someone born to a father of 22 is aly 5-10 per cent more attractive than those with a 40-year-old father and the difference grows with the age gap.#39;科学家称,22岁的父亲生出的孩子比40岁的父亲生出的孩子相貌水平要高出5%到10%。In contrast, women pass on a maximum of 15 mutations to their baby, regardless of age, according to the study published in the journal Nature.相比之下,母亲遗传给孩子的基因最多只会发生15个突变,不管母亲年龄多大。 /201403/282077

Women have made much progress in gaining equality in work and life over the past half century. In many developed countries such as the US and the UK, women now earn more college and graduate degrees than men do. Women make up half the workforce and are closing the gap in middle management.过去的半个世纪里,女性工作和生活上的地位变得更加平等。在英美等发达国家,上大学并且拿到学位的女性甚至比男性还要多。公司里,一半的员工都是女性,而中等管理层中男女比例的差距也日益减小。But however hard women work, it is the men around them who continue to get promoted faster and be paid more. In both the corporate and the political worlds, women are nearly absent from the top positions.然而,不论女性如何努力工作,她们身边的男性总能更快晋升,获得更多薪酬。不论在商界还是在政界,女性几乎一直被排除在最高领导层之外。It has been argued that women’s maternal instinct makes it harder for them to find a balance between their home and work lives. Other commentators say cultural and institutional barriers hinder female success. But according to a latest best-seller, all these arguments miss something more basic: women’s lack of confidence.有人认为,女性的母性本能让她们很难平衡家庭与工作。而另一些者则表示,文化和社会习俗的壁垒才是女性事业成功的拦路虎。但是,在最近的一部畅销书中,作者却认为所有这些观点都忽略了一个最基本的原因:女性本身缺乏自信。The book, tilted The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance, is co-authored by distinguished women journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. Success depends as much on confidence as competence, according to Kay and Shipman, and there is “a vast confidence gap that separates the sexes”.在这本名为《信心代码:女性应该掌握的自信科学与艺术》中,两位作者——同时也是出类拔萃的女性记者——凯蒂#8226;肯和克莱尔#8226;希普曼认为,自信和竞争力一样对成功都至关重要,而男女性别之间却存在“巨大的信心差异”。In two decades of covering American politics as journalists, Kay and Shipman have interviewed some of the most influential women in the country. In their jobs and lives, they walk among women anyone would assume to be brimming with confidence. And yet their experience suggests many of these women are full of self-doubt.在二十年的美国政治记者生涯中,肯与希普曼曾经采访过美国一些最具影响力的女性。她俩曾接触到了很多人们眼中信心满满的女性,但多年的经验让肯与希普曼发现,即使在这些女性中,也有很多人对自己充满怀疑。High expectations期待过高Even Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg told the writers: “There are still days I wake up feeling like a fraud, not sure I should be where I am.”就连Facebook的首席运营官雪莉#8226;桑德伯格都曾在书中对作者坦言,“即使现在,我有时还是会一觉醒来觉得上天在耍我,并且怀疑自己应不应该待在现在的位置。”In a feature story in The Atlantic, Kay and Shipman say that conversations like this inspired them to write the book. After expansive research, they found that, compared with men, women don’t consider themselves as y for a promotion until they meet 100 percent of the requirements; and they generally underestimate not only their abilities but also their performance.在《大西洋月刊》的一篇专题报道中,肯与希普曼说,正是上面这样的对话让她们萌生了写作本书的想法。在经过大量调查研究之后,她们发现:与男性不同,女性觉得自己只有达到了所有要求才算为升职做好了准备;而女性不仅普遍低估了自己的能力,而且对自己的表现也缺乏信心。According to The New York Times, in one recent British study, a business school professor asked students how much they would deserve to earn five years after graduation. The women’s estimates were 20 percent lower than the men’s.而在《纽约时报》最近披露的一项英国研究中,某商学院的教授问他的学生,觉得自己毕业五年后应该挣多少钱?结果,女生给出的要比男生低20%。The writers point out that a lack of confidence is behind a number of familiar female habits. For example, many women have the tendency to take the blame when things go wrong, while crediting circumstance — or other people — for their successes.作者指出,导致女性缺乏信心的原因在于她们一些常见的工作习惯。比如,许多女性在出问题时,总喜欢责怪自己,而将自己的成功归功于环境或他人。Perfectionism is another confidence killer, the writers point out. Women don’t answer questions until they are totally sure of the answer. They don’t submit a report until they’ve edited it a thousand times.作者还认为,完美主义是另一个“信心杀手”。如果没有百分之百的把握,女性一般不会回答问题;不经过一遍遍修改,她们也不会递交报告。In short, because women think they’re less competent than they really are, they’re also less self-confident than they should be. It’s a vicious circle.简而言之,正是因为女性低估了自己的竞争力,导致她们缺乏信心,从而形成恶性循环。 /201408/321144

China is a country on the move— especially around its Lunar New Year holiday. This year, the holiday crush promises to be even heavier than before.中国是一个“大迁徙”的国家,尤其是在春节假日左右。今年春运压力可能比以往都要大。Government officials estimate that Chinese people will take to the air, roads and railways 3.62 billion times over a 40-day period around the nation’s most important holiday this year. The total is about 200 million more than last year—nearly three trips per person for this country of 1.3 billion—as people jostle their way home for family gatherings or to indulge their new-found passion for travel.春节是中国最重要的节日,人们纷纷回家团聚或者外出旅行。中国政府官方预测,今年为期40天的春运期间,飞机、汽车、火车的客运总量将达36.2亿人次,比去年多2亿。算下来全国13亿人口平均每人乘车三次。Getting tickets to all those would-be travelers is a daunting challenge that annually tries patience as well as stamina. And it is the railway system that routinely is most unable to cope. Railways are the transport of choice for low-cost long-distance travel, and that’s where the ticketing system routinely falls down.对于春运期间出行的旅客来说,购票无疑是个可怕的挑战,每年都试探着人们耐心和毅力的底线。通常来说铁道系统压力最大,火车是低成本的远距离交通方式,因而火车购票系统经常崩溃。Much of the criticism has focused on the railway’s online purchasing system, which has been unable to keep pace with the huge demand and also failed stop scalpers from ending up with many of the hard-to-find tickets.大部分批评集中在铁道部的在线购票系统上,这一系统无法持巨大的车票订购需求量,还让黄牛有空可乘、卷走大量普通市民难以买到的车票。While insisting that online sales were the fairest way to get tickets in the hands of travelers, rail officials told reporters at the briefing the public needs to be patient. Efforts were being made to provide online identity checks that would reduce the ticket scalping problems.铁道部官方坚持说,在线购票是对旅客来说最公平的方式,同时铁道部在新闻发布会中对记者说旅客要多点耐心,他们正在努力规范网上购票实名登记制度和减少黄牛问题。The rail system stretches across 100,000 kilometers and its pricier high-speed service now boasts some 10,000 kilometers of track. But with high- speed tickets hard to come by, many travelers are left standing in the aisles of the slower trains.铁道系统全国线路长达10万公里,价格昂贵的高铁线路现已拓展至1万公里。但高铁车票难以买到,很多乘客只能坐慢速火车回家。While officials had little good news for rail passengers, they did manage to bring a few smiles to those traveling by car as the country’s notoriously expensive highway tolls will be waived for the duration of the official holiday.虽然政府机构没能给铁路乘客带来什么好消息,但他们的确努力为那些驾车回家的旅客提供便利,规定春节法定假日期间免除贵得出奇的高速公路费。But for those hoping to save a few yuan on the drive to that New Year’s Eve dinner – think again. New Year’s Eve isn’t officially part of the holiday, and if you want to get there on time, you’re going to have to pay.然而对那些想要省点钱、在除夕当天驾车回家吃年夜饭的人来说,先不要高兴得太早。因为除夕当天并非法定假日,如果你想赶上年夜饭的话还是得付高速公路费的。 /201401/273857^X4a4N-xA.(Kx49euD@9Australians love instant coffee澳大利亚人爱速溶咖啡~()9v^Hx7T7H20vSTdt3)SqU#!Ogyye)XBKAustralians are the biggest consumers of instant coffee in the world. |egN8k|%jWv澳大利亚是世界上最大的速溶咖啡消费国1fq#LM8I[y~TuX~LAUSSIES love to believe we’re a nation of coffee snobs. But it turns out we’re a little more stingy than we’d like to admit.Dz%eF1y[D__澳大利亚人自认为是“咖啡专家”,但事实上澳大利亚人的吝啬程度可能超出我们自己的预期.owd~PRI;^9。CawBmK%n8%u!OL~PWhile we might buy a frothy latte from the local cafe each day, it’s instant coffee we’re buying to drink at home.@7VWIoh#(yGhIM相比每天在当地的咖啡厅买一杯泡沫满满的咖啡,我们更愿意买速溶咖啡回家自己冲0RdGv~)|O]~p)e^a。QrTLd1~_]_@Qz[h*%^4s#acJ[^g67!r!mrIL9Od^+|V^6[5B /201407/314069

A Mexican man once listed as the world#39;s heaviest human has been cremated after dying Monday at the age of 48.一名墨西哥男子曾被吉尼斯认为世界上最胖的人,周一他因病去世身体已被火化,享年48岁。The body of Manuel Uribe was brought to the Serorrey funeral home aboard a flat-bed truck, on the same special bed where he spent much of the last decade.曼努埃尔·乌里韦的遗体通过一辆平板卡车运至Serorrey殡仪馆,他就躺在那张为他特制的床上。他在最后十年的绝大部分时间里都躺在这张床上。Funeral home director Pedro Reyes said Serorrey#39;s cremation facility was the only one in the northern city of Monterrey able to handle Uribe#39;s body.Serorrey 殡仪馆位于墨西哥北部城市蒙特雷。殡仪馆主管佩德罗·雷耶斯说,Serorrey拥有唯一能处理乌里韦遗体的火化设备。Uribe married Claudia Solis in 2008, and the wedding was one of the few times he left his home in recent years.近年来乌里韦由于身体不便很少走出家门,然而结婚当天他走出了家门。乌里韦在2008年与克劳迪娅·索利斯结婚。He had hoped to walk down the aisle, but despite his dramatic weight loss, he was transported to the ceremony on a flatbed truck and remained in his custom-made bed, according to The Associated Press.乌里韦希望自己可以步上红毯。不过根据美国联合通讯社的报道,虽然他已经减掉了很多体重,他还是被平板卡车运到婚礼现场,然后一直躺在为他特制的床上。#39;I have a wife and will form a new family and live a happy life.#39; Uribe told reporters before the ceremony for 400 guests.乌里韦在有400名来宾的结婚典礼开始之前,对记者说:“我现在有妻子了。我们会组建一个新的家庭并且过上幸福的生活。”Uribe had slimmed down to about 867 pounds (394 kilograms), after his peak weight of 1,230 pounds (560 kilograms) was certified in 2006 as a Guinness World Record.乌里韦的巅峰体重曾达1230磅(约560公斤),因此创下了2006年吉尼斯世界纪录,之后曾减肥至867磅(约394公斤)。He had been confined to his bed in Monterrey for years, unable to walk on his own.由于超重不能行走,他常年只能躺在位于蒙特雷市家中的床上。Uribe had been taken to the hospital on May 2 because of an abnormal heartbeat.乌里韦在5月2号因为心跳异常被送往医院。Doctors have not yet certified the cause of death. In addition to the cardiac condition, Uribe was also believed to have suffered from liver problems.医生目前还没有查明乌里韦的死因。除了心脏问题外,医生认为乌里韦之前还患有肝脏疾病。 /201406/303133The golden arches may not be the gold standard for fast food. In fact, it’s just the opposite, according to a Consumer Reports survey.麦当劳的金色双拱门标志并不是快餐业的黄金标准。恰恰相反,据《消费者报告》的调查结果显示,麦当劳在评比中垫了底。McDonald’s burgers as the worst in the U.S., according to results of a er poll released Wednesday by the product testing organization. One of the best? The regional chain In-N-Out Burger, as well as The Habit Burger Grill and Culver’s. The other best include chains like Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Smashburger and Fuddruckers.上周三,这个产品检测组织公布了读者调查的结果,麦当劳(McDonald’s)的汉堡在调查中被评为美国最差汉堡之首。哪家店的汉堡最好吃呢?吃货们给出了最佳汉堡排名,地方快餐连锁店:In-N-Out 汉堡快餐店名列榜首,The Habit Burger Grill和Culver’s这两家的汉堡口碑也很好。另外,参与调查的读者对 Five Guys Burgers and Fries、Smashburger和Fuddruckers的汉堡的评价也很高。The best in show overall? Chick-fil-A, which was said to have the most delicious food, as well as the highest satisfaction score among a cast of restaurants, including KFC, Boston Market, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, and others.参与调查的读者认为,名单里列出的所有餐厅中 ,Chick-fil-A餐厅的食物最美味,食客给出的总体满意度评分也最高。参与评分的餐厅名单上还有KFC、Boston Market、Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen等。For Mexican food, meanwhile, Taco Bell finished at No. 8, with Chipotle and Qdoba finishing at the top. Want a slice of pizza? Maybe skip Domino’s and Papa Johns and head to Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza, which was named number one.调查也包括墨西哥菜,塔可钟(Taco Bell)在排行榜上名列第八,Chipotle和Qdoba则高居榜首。哪家店的披萨最好吃?还是别去Domino’s 和棒!约翰(Papa Johns)了,吃货们推荐的是Papa Murphy’s 的Take ‘N’烤披萨。The report is based on responses from 32,405 ers about over 96,200 meals at 65 different hamburger, Asian, pizza, sandwich, chicken, and Mexican fast-food chains according to Consumer Reports.据《消费者报告》称,有32,405位读者参与了本次调查。调查对象包括65家不同风格的快餐连锁店,比如汉堡、披萨、三明治、鸡肉和墨西哥和亚洲快餐连锁店等。读者们可以对这些餐厅内的96,200种各色餐品进行评分。“More and more, food quality ― not just low price ― is emerging as a deciding-factor for many Americans when choosing where to spend their dining dollars,” Tod Marks, senior projects editor for Consumer Reports, said in a statement. “Strong regional players and slightly more upscale fast-casual chains like Chipotle are giving the heavy-hitters in the fast-food business a wake-up call. And our survey clearly shows the big guys need to respond.”“当下美国人在选择就餐地点时越来越关注食物的品质,而并非低廉的价格,”《消费者报告》高级项目编辑托德o迈克思(Tod Marks)在声明中说。“很受欢迎的区域性快餐店和Chipotle这类质优价高的休闲快餐店开始给那些快餐业大亨们敲响了警钟。而且,看了我们的调查结果之后,这些快餐业的老大们也该有所反应了。”KFC and Sbarro both earned low marks in overall fast food dining satisfaction along with quality.KFC和Sbarro在食客进餐整体满意度调查和食品质量调查中的得分都很低。Wanting bang for your buck? Del Taco, Little Caesars and Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza scored high in the poll. The worst performers, meanwhile, included Burger King, Church’s, KFC, Panda Express and Sbarro.想吃到货真价实的好东西吗?我们推荐德塔克(Del Taco)、Little Caesars和Papa Murphy’s的 Take ‘N’ 烤披萨,它们在调查中的得分最高。而得分最低的几家店则是汉堡王(Burger King)、Church’s、KFC、Panda Express和Sbarro。And while dieting may be on the mind in most conversations about fast food, respondents to the survey said it wasn’t a major concern. In fact, “only 20 percent of respondents said they consider the availability of healthful options when choosing a restaurant.” Additionally, only 19% said they ordered “a healthful fare during their most recent restaurant visit.”虽然在大部分有关快餐的话题中都会涉及减肥这个主题,但参与调查的读者表示这并不是他们担心的主要问题。事实上,“所有参与调查的读者中,只有20%的人认为在选择就餐餐厅时会考虑餐厅是否能提供健康菜品。”另外,参与调查的读者中只有19%的人说“最近一次外出就餐时点过健康食品”。 /201407/310991You might think you have the figure of Marilyn Monroe but according to research the truth is likely to be far more prosaic.你可能以为你是玛丽莲·梦露的身材,不过据一项调查显示,现实可能没你想象的那么好。A study found nine in ten women didn’t know their body shape – with many mistakenly believing they have a wasp waist and hourglass curves.调查显示,十分之九的女性不知道自己的体型,很多人误以为自己有蜂腰和沙漏曲线。In fact, the majority have a straight up and down figure, known rather unflatteringly, as ‘the rectangle’. Rectangles – who include Kim Cattrall and Nicole Kidman – have bust, hips and shoulders of the same width. They also have no waist to speak of.实际上,大多数女性是笔直体型,说句大实话,就是矩形身材。矩形身材的代表女性包括金·凯特罗尔和妮可·基德曼,这种身材的特点是胸、臀部和肩部一样宽,没有腰可言。Some 240 women had body scans to obtain their measurements and proportions. These were then used to identify their body type. Options included hourglass, rectangle, pear and triangle – a woman with a big belly and hips.有240名女性接受身体扫描以获得体型测量和比例,这些数据就用来判别他们的体型。基本体型分为沙漏型、矩形、梨型和三角形(即即肚子和臀部较大)。The scans revealed 63 per cent of the women to be rectangular, with waists getting bigger and their curves becoming less defined with age.扫描结果显示63%的女性是矩形身材,他们的腰部越来越粗,腰部曲线随着年龄增长日趋减少。Just 38 per cent of 18- to 35-year-olds had the rectangular proportions but 80 per cent of those aged 56-plus met the criteria. Similarly, 30 per cent of young women had an hourglass shape, but the figure fell to 4 per cent in older women.在18-35岁人群中,只有38%的女性是矩形身材,而在56岁以上人群中,有80%的人符合此标准。同样地,30%的年轻女性符合沙漏型身材标准,而在年老女性中,只有4%的人符合此标准。The results, said shopping website isme.com, were even more telling when women were asked to pick their own shape. Whether they#39;re an hourglass, rectangle, triangle (a leaner version of a pear), bottom hourglass, inverted triangle or top hourglass - only one in ten women can identify their own body shape.据购物网站isme.com的调查,当女性被要求选出自己的体型时,对比结果更生动。无论他们是沙漏型、矩形、三角形(梨形身材的瘦弱版)、下半身沙漏型(肩部较窄,下身较宽)、倒三角型和上半身沙漏型(上身较大,臀部较小),只有十分之一的女性能准确选出来。On top of this, a quarter don’t believe their figure fits in with any of these traditional body shapes.此外,四分之一的女性认为自己不属于上述传统身材中的任意一种。A common frustration for women when buying clothes to fit their shape was spending money on adjusting a garment to get a more appropriate fit, according to nearly half (42 per cent) of those questioned.根据调查,有近一半(42%)的人需要花钱在改衣上,以便使它更合身。On the back of this, 63 per cent of those surveyed also stated they would like more help and advice from retailers when shopping to fit their size and shape.另外,63%的受访女性表示在店里买衣时会向店员寻求帮助和建议,以便买到合适的尺寸和版型。The report goes on to reveal that women are out of touch with their true shape because of the body’s tendency to change and shift with age.这份报告也显示女性对自己的真实身材不甚了解,因为体型会随着年龄不断变化。A spokesperson for Manchester Metropolitan University, who carried out the survey with isme.com, said: #39;The research so far has shown that a woman’s body size, shape and posture can change - sometimes substantially - as a result of the ageing process.一位与isme.com网站合作此调查的曼彻斯特城市大学发言人说道:“这项调查已经明女性的身材有时会随着年龄有很大程度的变化。”#39;The study confirmed this, and also highlighted that shape change occurs not only into terms of posture and body shape but also in terms of circumferential measurement differences between the front and back of the body in the waist region.#39;“这项调查实并强调了形体变化不仅表现在姿态和身体形状上,也表现在腰部前后测量的不同上。”Carol Vorderman, ambassador for isme.com, added: #39;It#39;s no surprise that women#39;s body shapes change so dramatically as they get older, with motherhood and a slowing metabolism taking its toll.isme.com的代表Carol Vorderman补充道:“随着成为母亲和新陈代谢缓慢的损害,女性年老以后体型变化巨大并不意外。”#39;My body shape has changed a lot over the years but the key is understanding what styles your body suits and then finding clothes that fit properly.#39;“我的体型这么些年来变化巨大,但关键是找到适合你体型的穿衣风格,然后挑选合适的衣。”#39;Size is just a number and varies from retailer to retailer, it#39;s important that shape is the main consideration when choosing items for your wardrobe.#39;“衣尺寸只是一个号码,而且不同的店里并不一样,所以购买衣时体型时是最主要的考虑因素。”ed that Gates had been her mystery gift giver, writing “I want to start by giving a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Bill Gates for an amazing gift and secret santa experience. Bill—you ROCK (can I call you Bill?! I feel like we’re friends now!).”在一篇题为“注意:比尔·盖茨没有找你,是因为他找到我了”的帖子中,一位名叫蕾切尔的Reddit用户透露,盖茨是她神秘的礼物派送者,并写道,“首先,我非常感谢比尔·盖茨先生给我带来这么棒的礼物和神秘圣诞老人的经历。比尔——你好厉害(我能喊你比尔吗?!我想我们现在是朋友吧!)。”She goes on to describe Gates’ gift—which could have come from a particularly thoughtful uncle—of a stuffed cow, along with a donation in her name to the non-profit Heifer International她继续形容盖茨的这份礼物——本该是来自一位特别体贴的叔叔——填充奶牛玩偶,和以她的名义向非盈利组织国际小母牛组织(Heifer International)捐赠一头小牛(该组织贫困地区的家庭免费提供家畜)。该礼物中还包括一本《国家地理:一生必游的500经典路线》(National Geographic Journeys of a Lifetime)。Gates exposed his identity in a note explaining the donation, and included a picture of himself (above) holding the stuffed bovine and the note as confirmation. For anyone thinking this was a cheap gift from the country’s wealthiest man, the donation of one heifer to a family in need rings in at 0—well above the gift ceiling of your standard Secret Santa.盖茨在一张解释这份圣诞礼物的便签中表明了自己的身份,并包括一张他拿着礼物和卡片的照片作为明。有些人会认为,美国首富的这份礼物太廉价了,但是要知道,向一个贫困家庭捐赠一头小母牛相当于500美元——这可比你最昂贵的圣诞礼物都值钱多了。Reddit Gifts is an annual gift exchange started in 2009 to connect “Redditors” around the world. Users enter their home address and information such as likes and dislikes, and Reddit matches gifters and recipients at random. After participants receive a gift, they’re encouraged to return to Reddit and post a public thank you.Reddit Gifts是一年一度的礼物交换活动,始于2009年,旨在将全球的“Redditors”联系起来。用户们输入他们的家庭住址和个人喜好,Reddit会随机对礼物赠送者和接收人进行配对,并鼓励他们在收到礼物之后回到网站发一封公开的感谢信。Rachel says in her post that it wasn’t until she saw the photo of Gates that she knew who had sent her loot, but she had an inkling it was somebody special when she received a notification email that said her gift was being overnighted and weighed in at 7 pounds.蕾切尔在她的帖子中写道,直到她看到盖茨的照片,她才知道送她礼物的神秘人是谁。但她事前她收到过一封通知邮件,告诉她有一份7磅重的礼物正连夜送达,因此她隐隐感觉到今年的圣诞老人会是个特别的人物。Gates has become an enthusiastic Reddit user over the past year, participating in an Ask Me Anything th in the spring and posting thoughts and questions periodically, such as “How much of the Earth are humans consuming?”, using the handle “thisisbillgates.”在过去一年,盖茨已经成为Reddit热情的用户,他不仅在今年春天参与该网站组织的“Ask Me Anything”问答活动,还定期以我是“我是比尔·盖茨”的句柄发表想法和问题,诸如,“地球有多少正在被人类消耗着?”A Gates spokesman told GeekWire he joined the gift exchange in part to raise awareness for Heifer International.盖茨的一位发言人告诉GeekWire说,他参与礼物交换活动,在某种程度上是为了提高对国际小母牛组织的意识。Gates hasn’t posted a response to Rachel’s public thank you just yet, but whoever drew the name “Bill Gates” from Reddit’s virtual hat better come up with something extra thoughtful for the man who truly has everything.盖茨尚未对蕾切尔的公开感谢做出回复,不过,无论是谁在Reddit的抽签游戏中抽中“比尔·盖茨”的名字,都想不到一个真正拥有一切的人会想得这么周到。 /201401/271644

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