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青岛大腿抽脂青岛滨州哪家整形好今年将有6.3百万毕业生,然而,智力集中型职位少之又少,基层组织和中小企业的刺激机制还不够。财政部将拨款433亿元,用于鼓励愿意到农村工作的毕业生。80% of grads to get jobs by DecemberThe Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, along with those of Education and Finance, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the People's Bank of China have conference on finding jobs for this year's graduates. Data shows China will have 6.3 million graduates this year. But the number of talent-intensive posts is small. And the incentive to work in grass-root organizations and small and medium-sized enterprises isn't strong. So the Ministry of Finance is providing a 43.3-billion-yuan subsidy for graduates willing to work in the countryside. Li Xiangwei, Researcher, Ministry of HR Social Security, said, "For example, a college graduate will get 6 thousand yuan to compensate the tuition fee if he works in the countryside for a year. And he can get a total of 24 thousand yuan if he works for four years." The State Administration for Industry and Commerce says the administrative fees for registration and certificates are waived for graduates who set up a company. And a new regulation allows the graduate entrepreneurs to apply for the small secured loans. They used to have to register for unemployment to get the loans. Yin Weimin, Minister of HR Social Security, said, "We strive to achieve a 70 percent employment rate for the graduates by July and the rate is expected to hit 80 percent by the end of the year. And the unemployed graduates will receive free training." The employment and assistance plan calls for one career counseling session for each graduate, and internships for 350 thousand. 201004/101608青岛妇保医院是几甲 世界在今日发布的中国经济季报中表示,预计中国今年GDP增长为9.5%,但为了确保经济和金融市场的稳定,世行特别对中国房地产泡沫和地方财政紧张状况发出了警告。Louis Kuijs, senior economist with World Bank Beijing and main author of the update report, says he has observed two debates about China's property market – one about housing affordability, and another on concerns of overheating."It is very important to distinguish those two types of concerns, because they require very different types of policy response."He suggests that the Chinese government should consider lowering people's expectations of buying an apartment in downtown areas, and support affordable housing with a systematic framework.To prevent the real-estate market running "unhealthily", the economist also recommends tightening monetary policy to control the liquidity, improving data quality, reforming land transfer and sale processes while regulating housing finance.China's central government and its land watchdog have taken several measures in the first quarter of this year to curb the soaring housing prices in some big cities. But still in Beijing, land price hit a new high on Tuesday when the average price inside the capital's fourth ring road reached 30-thousand Yuan per square meter, which is about 4,500 U.S. dollars.Meanwhile, the report projects a 9.5 percent GDP growth in 2010, but anticipates the role of government-led investment will decelerate.Louis Kuijs of World Bank Beijing explains that one reason they increased the expectation of GDP growth is China saw a very strong export rebound that aly exceeded pre-crisis levels."Export is one area that annual numbers can be a little misleading in the sense that exports fell deeply in the late 2008 and early but it recovered quite impressively."He also predicts that the inflation rate will not be high this year because there is no significant upward pressure globally. "China is a rapidly growing economy and such economy needs significant changes in relative prices from time to time. It may be helpful at times to have inflation of three, four or five percent."The report notes that China's efforts of transforming and "rebalancing" its economy, which are set to be the main task in its twelfth 'Five-Year Plan', are on the right track. Yingying, CRI news.201003/99031Citigroup's global reach CNN's Jim Boulden reports on Citigroup's massive reach outside the ed States The ad of Bulgaria, or China, or Chile, or South Africa, the Citi name and random umbrella is easily recognizable and ranks right up there with other global brands like McDonald's and Coke. Citi group both nearly 200,000 customers in more than 100 countries including here in UK will not only has branches on the streets of London, but it employs thousands of people here in financial services at its Europe middle-east Africa Headquarters and those services are shrinking. Even before it fell out, Citigroup announced some 70,000 jobs cuts worldwide. Many are expected to go in its tall tower to the east of London. Biggest presence in London is an investment banking, now that by absolutely anybody's estimation, is going to diminish radically. C is going to be a lot emptier in . Analylists still expect as much of a cutback in Asia, where Citi has top competitors in HC and Standard Chartered. Citi's third quarter revenue fell 7 percent in Asia, compared to a 42 percent fall in North America, though its explosure to emerging markets once it attended of its massive grow strategy could make things even worse in Citi if a global resession does take hold. No matter, another light Sunday night fell out help European shares at least on Monday. Help because if Citigroup gone bust, the one of the world's largest banks, it not the biggest bank in the world, could really have caused devistation. Citigroup likes to say it focuses on upscale cutomers outside the US thought its rescue is being paid for by American taxpayers. Its success or failure will affect taxpayers around the world since Citibanks still have 300,000 employees worldwide. Jim Boulden, CNN, London参考中文翻译:在保加利亚,中国,智利或者南非,花旗的广告,名字和品牌都很容易识别,他的排名和其他国际品牌,比如麦当劳,可口可乐一样高。花旗集团在包括英国在内的100多个国家拥有20多万顾客。它不仅在伦敦市面上开设分机构,在欧洲,非洲中东地区的总部也雇佣了数千人从事金融务工作,而现在那些务正在缩减。即使在花旗大幅下跌之前,已经宣布全球范围内裁员7万。预计很多将会进入伦敦东部最大的投资,根据任何一个人的预估,该都将急剧缩减。花旗到年将只剩一个空壳。分析家仍然预期,花旗在亚洲也将要缩减,因为花旗在亚洲有着有力的竞争对手汇丰和渣打。花旗在亚洲第三季度的收入减少7%,而北美则下跌42%。由于之前采取了大规模的增长策略,导致花旗在市场的暴露度过高,如果全球经济继续衰退,花旗的形势会更加恶化。然而,周日却看到一丝希望,至少到周一,欧洲方面的股份将会受到帮助。因为,如果让这家世界最大的之一倒闭,会引起毁灭性的灾难。花旗集团表示,他们将集中经历于美国以外的高收入客户,尽管他们的救市主要由美国的纳税人来买单。花旗的成败将会影响世界范围内的纳税人,因为花旗在世界范围内仍然有30万名员工。200811/57313青岛去痤疮医院哪家最专业

青岛自体脂肪垫太阳穴Barack Obama Sworn In as President美政权和平转移 奥巴马入主白宫 Barack Obama is now the President of the ed States. Americans from around the country packed Washington on a cold January day to witness the historic swearing-in ceremony. 奥巴马现在是美国总统了。全国各地的美国人在1月份这个寒冷的日子纷纷涌向首都华盛顿,来见这个具有历史意义的宣誓就职仪式。It was a ceremony steeped in tradition. But the mood was electric and change was in the air.  这是一个具有浓厚传统意义的仪式,但是却极其富有感染力,充满了改革的气氛。"…I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear..."  这是奥巴马在宣誓:“我巴拉克.候赛因.奥巴马庄严宣誓。”Standing before the U.S. Capitol, Barack Obama became the first African American President of the ed States.  奥巴马站在美国国会山前成为第一名担任美国总统的非洲裔美国人。"... so help me God!"  奥巴马在结束誓言时祈求上帝的保佑。In less than one minute, the peaceful transfer of power was complete, and a new chapter in U.S. history had begun.  在不到一分钟的时间里,权力的和平移交就完成了,开始了美国历史的新篇章。"I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors," President Obama began. 奥巴马说:“今天我站在这里,为我们面临的重任而感到渺小,为你们给予我的信任而充满感激,更缅怀我们的祖先所作出的牺牲。”He looked out at a massive, diverse American crowd, and urged unity.  他展望眼前好几百万各种族裔的民众,敦促大家团结一心。"On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord," Mr. Obama said.  他说:“今天我们团聚在一起,因为我们选择希望而摈弃恐惧,选择团结在同一目标下,而摈弃冲突和矛盾。”He inherits a nation at war and in the midst of an economic crisis. He said the challenges facing the nation will not be met quickly or easily. But he vowed they will be met.  他所接手的国家正处于战争和经济危机中。他说,美国所面临的问题不会迅速和轻易地解决。但是他誓言这些问题一定会解决。"What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility - recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and our world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly," said the president.  他说:“我们目前必须承担起新时代的责任,我们务必认识到:每一个美国人对我们自己、我们的国家和我们的世界都有负有责任,我们不但不吝于承担此责,而且还乐于争挑重担。”He said that is the price and the promise of citizenship.  他说,这是作为公民的代价和承诺。"This is the meaning our liberty and our creed - why men and women and children of every race and every faith can join in celebration across this magnificent Mall, and why a man whose father less than sixty years ago might not have been served at a local restaurant can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath," Mr. Obama said.  奥巴马说:“这正是我们的自由和信条的意义所在,这就是为什么所有不同种族、宗教信仰的男女老少能聚集在这个宏伟的大道上共同欢庆;这也是为什么一个人,他的父亲将近六十年前不能在当地一个餐馆得到接待,而如今这个人却能站在你们面前神圣地宣誓。”The new president also had a message for the world. He spoke of America's desire for peace, and its determination to seek the common good.  这位新总统也向世界各国发出信息。他谈到美国渴望和平的意愿以及追求共同利益的决心。"To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society's ills on the West - know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy," said Mr. Obama. "To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist."  奥巴马说:“世界上有些领导人极力散布冲突、还把本国社会的弊病归咎于西方国家,那些领导人得明白,你们人民的判断是依据是你们的建树并非你们所造成的毁灭。以腐败、欺诈、压制异议手段来抓住政权不放的那些人务必明了:你们站到了历史潮流的反面,但是如果你们放松控制的话,我们也愿意向你们伸出友好的手。”And when the official ceremony was over, George W. Bush left the stage. He shook the hand of his successor, walked to a waiting helicopter, and waved farewell to Washington and the 44th President of the ed States. 就职仪式结束后,布什随即告别政坛,他与自己的接班人握手、走向一架等候在一边的直升机,挥手告别华盛顿和第44任美国总统。01/61334青岛全身脱毛大约多少钱 The Boyz Are BackBoyz II Men are back with a new album of Motown hitsGrammy winning group is considered as one of the most successful Ramp;B group of all time, selling inestimated, get this 60 million records. They’ve dominated the charts with their classic Motown hits. And now, the boys are back. We’re so thrilled to be joined by Boys II Men today as they unveil their brand new album “Motown, A Journey through Hitsville USA”. Thanks so much for being here. Hey! Hello. Good to be here. Good to be here. Yes, it is. Yes, it is.So the album, it sounds fantastic, (Thank you!) tell me about it, coz it’s the classic, (Yes, yes, yes!) why did you guys decide to do that?Well, it was an idea that came to our management by actually a group of guys, who were thinking about doing something like this, David Sumonie anda couple of other people. They actually came to management and said, “you know what the guys’ll be interested in?’ When they came to us with the idea, we were like “Oh, it sounds like something that’ll be very very interesting to do kinda nostalgic, because we started off from Motown”. So, you know, now being back on Universal after taking, er, the high 80s from record labels for a many being independent. We came back to Universal, and now we’re doing Motown songs. So it’s like a full-circle-type thing. It’s great that you guys coz you have been, you've been two decades in the business. So you have the ability to say, no, it's not the time. We can wait. (Yeah! yeah, that's it!) And have you guys, you know, stayed together, and they seem to get along, but do you really behind the scene?Absolutely we get along, I mean just like any brotherhood or any family type or into situation, you know. We have ups and downs, we have our problems you know, a little, you know, a little secrecies there, we, you know kinda like showing off, this guy is bugging right now. But in our actuality you know we love each other, we’re bothers. And the beautiful thing about it is music made us love each other. As long as music is here, and as long as we are gonna be here with each other. Yes, it’s based on the real thing. It’s not about we wanna a contrived group, we want a group that was made by some manager guy that sort of putting together a bunch of dudes that sing harmony, we put ourselves together. And it’s just like Wanya said it’s the music, and a love with the music that we mutually have, and that’s the tie that binds. And I have to ask coz you’re working with Randy Jackson, (Yes!) an American Idol fame who’s also a Grammy winning producer. Tell me how, what was that like?Well it was a great experience for all of us. I mean, We’ve known Randy for years, but we never really had a chance to work with him, in this type of fashion. And when we came up with the idea for the album, we weren’t sure how we want to produce the actual music inside of it. But we came up with an idea to produce it all-live, all-live instruments which was a great thing for us. And the list of producers that we had kinda got narrowed down when we went that direction. And Randy was the one who seemed to best fit the bill for what we were trying to do. And he is just a great guy, and I mean, he is a good dude, very insightful and he is very honest, and he is one of those guys you can bounce a lot of ideas off. He’ll soon give you his honest opinions. It was just a great relaxed atmosphere and it was nothing rush, so we didn’t have to… you know we didn’t have our backs up against the wall for time or whatever. We just went in, tried to follow into the characters of the songs we were singing. It was just a great atmosphere altogether.Alright, and it comes throughout the album. And you know I can’t let you go without asking for a little sample. Can you sing me a little song, ok?Okay! We’re gonna give you a little sample, we actually redid one of our own songs on the album, “End of the Road”. We did add a capella with our good friend Brain McKnight, he helped us out on the production on that part. So we are gonna give you just give you a little, a little snippet. Okay!Although we've come to the end of the roadStill I can't let you goIt's unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to youCome to the end of the roadStill I can't let you goIt's unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to youOh, fantastic, that is ballad right there. Thank you guys so much, it's such a fun to have you here. Thank you so much.Definitely.03/63454青岛塑型瘦身塑形减肥抬高发际线要多少费用

青岛市诺德医学美容医院在哪个区Last post for disabled people? A disabled woman from Hastings says she's being discriminated against because her local post office is earmarked for closure.The Channel 4 News has learned that the government amended legislation which would have forced it to take account the needs of disabled people just weeks before announcing that thousands of post offices were closed. The department of work and pensions haven't offered an explanation for this change. But campaigners say it is illegal, and they are taking the government to court. Katie Razzall has the exclusive report from the battlefield in Hastings.107.8 Arrow FM, news for Hastings and 1066 Country.A Hastings' couple will learn next week if their legal challenge against post office closures could lead to a U-turn.Jonathan Coe's wife is disabled. She is too distressed about her condition to appear on television. But on Monday London's High Court will hear her lawyer's argue that closing her local post office is against the law."I thought it was an absolutely incomprehensible decision and that made me quite cross on behalf of my wife and indeed my mother-in-law."The Disability Discrimination Act includes a list of organizations that have a duty to promote quality for the disabled. Just a month before the Royal Mail announced it planned to shut 2500 branches, it was removed from that list--the only organization ever to be taken off."It's very difficult for groups of disabled people to bring this kind of legislation to the Statute book. But then to suddenly discover that on a whim, a minister has decided that no longer will this particular law apply to the Royal Mail is, frankly, an outrage."Mr. Coe's wife can't walk or stand for long periods, having a post office close by ensures she doesn't have to. Her lawyer argues that the then-secretary of state for Work and Pensions John Harten was wrong to exempt the Royal Mail."And it's outside of his powers given to him by Parliament. He was allowed to pass regulations to promote disability quality. He was not allowed to pass regulations to relax the obligations on public authorities, to do just that.""And there's no seats, you have to stand."Royal Mail is more than halfway through its national closure program. It loses four million pounds a week and says many of the services it used to provide are now offered online in three banks. 49 branches have aly shut in Sussex in the attempt to make Royal Mail more sustainable, including this former sub post office on the seafront. There're many locals still don't realize it.These pensioners combined age of 1023 rely on that branch for paying bills, getting money and benefits, more than just a place to buy stamps. For them, the post office is a public service. Their new branch is too far for many of them to attempt."Because I can't cope with it anymore, and I get a bit frightened when you carry money, you know, too far.""It's taken away independence from a large number of elderly and disabled people in this area, and it seems to me that the government is always wanting elderly people to remain independent, to stay in their own homes, and that's what's happened, it's taken away the independence of people.""Well I thought I'll test how long it takes me to get to the new post office, 9 minutes past 4......Hastings' post office, I've made at it, in 7 minutes, and I was walking pretty fast."Royal Mail says it may provide a reduced service nearby when Mr. Coe's post office shuts. If the couple win their case, its plan to close more branches across the country will be in doubt. The government told Channel 4 News it doesn't believe it.200811/55308 Africans Await Obama Inauguration with Mixed Expectations非洲人对奥巴马即将就任期待不同  People around the world are looking forward to the inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20 as president of the ed States. Many hope he will bring change to a world they believe is in crisis. For others, Mr. Obama's ancestral roots in Africa mean even more. 世界各国人民都在期待着奥巴马1月20号就任美国总统。许多人希望他能给处于危机中的世界带来改变。奥巴马的非洲血统也对一些人有着超乎寻常的意义。Millions of members of the African diaspora stayed up all night, like many people in America, to cheer when Barack Obama was declared the next president of the ed States. 千百万的非洲人和许多美国人一样等待,在奥巴马被宣布将成为美国下一任总统时欢呼雀跃。A professor at Johannesburg's Witwatersrand University, Veronique Tadjo, says for people with African ancestry it was an emotional as well as historic moment. 约翰内斯堡金山大学的教授塔乔说,对有着非洲血统的人们来说,这是一个充满感情而且具有历史意义的时刻。"Obama has brought a big hope and has changed a lot of things for a lot of people in terms of how they view themselves. A black man becoming the most powerful man on the planet is something that is very important," she said. 她说:“奥巴马带来了巨大的希望,而且改变了许多人对自己的看法。一个黑人能成为全世界上最有影响力的人,这是非常重要的历史事件。”But an African-American researcher who has lived on the continent for 13 years, Francis Kornegay of Johannesburg's Institute for Policy Studies, says African commentators are warning against expecting too much from the Obama presidency. 不过,约翰内斯堡政策研究所的研究员利恩盖说,非洲的人士正在提醒人们不要对奥巴马的任期抱有过高的期望。利恩盖是一名非洲裔美国人,他已经在非洲生活了13年。"There is a lot of euphoria around his becoming president and a feeling that because of that he will give the continent a lot of attention. But there is nothing that really goes beyond that, that critically looks at what is in prospect," he said. 他说:“奥巴马当选总统这件事给人们带来了巨大的喜悦,人们觉得,因为他成了总统,他就会特别关注非洲。然而,如果认真地分析一下未来的情况,你就会发现,奥巴马能给非洲人带来的仅仅是喜悦而已。”Kornegay notes that the Obama administration will inherit several crises that are priorities for U.S. policy, namely Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East conflict, Pakistan and India. 他指出,奥巴马的政府班子将接手处理几项危机,这些危机也是美国最重要的政策议题,那就是伊拉克、阿富汗、中东冲突、巴基斯坦和印度。"That is where the focus of U.S. policy is going to be. So there is no realistic prospect that Africa would overtake any of those concerns. On the other hand there are some pressing security concerns on the continent," said Kornegay. 他说:“这些问题才是美国政策关注的焦点。认为非洲的重要性将超过这些议题只是不切实际的想法。不过,从另一方面讲,非洲大陆上也的确有一些紧迫的安全问题值得美国关注。”For example, he says new ideas are needed for the crisis in Somalia, which after two decades as a failed state and millions of dollars in aid is about to be overtaken by Islamic militants. 他说,比如,需要想出新的办法来处理索马里危机。索马里政府在过去20年中执政失败,虽然得到了数百万美元的援助,索马里却即将被伊斯兰激进分子控制。Darfur and eastern Congo are simmering conflicts that risk exploding into war again. And Zimbabwe will need concerted international action, preferably through African multilateral groups, to prevent a massive humanitarian crisis. 此外,苏丹的达尔富尔地区和刚果东部地区不断酝酿冲突,可能会再次暴发战争。在津巴布韦,国际社会最好能通过非洲多边组织协调行动,以防止那里出现大范围人道主义危机。Tadjo says she hopes the Obama administration will adopt a tough stance with African leaders who abuse their powers and their people. 金山大学的塔乔教授说,她希望奥巴马政府能对那些滥用权力、迫害人民的非洲国家领导人采取强硬立场。"Our main problem is leadership and bad governance so until we sort this out, there is nothing we can do," she said. "In Africa there are countries that are extremely rich in terms of natural resources, but nothing is happening. So, governance, governance, governance." 她说:“我们的主要问题是领导问题和糟糕的政府,在解决这个问题之前,我们什么都做不了。有一些非洲国家拥有非常丰富的自然资源,但却没有取得一点进步。所以最重要的是政府的执政水平。”But Senegalese analyst Lamine Savane says whatever the policy goals, a new style of leadership is needed. 塞内加尔分析人士萨瓦内说,无论设定什么样的政策目标,美国都需要一种新的领导风格。"What is it [leadership] going to be? Is it going to be a big brother-little brother in a positive way? Or is it going to be a big brother in a bully way? I think the way the world is today, the bully thing does not work anymore," said Savane. 他说:“新的领导方式会是什么样呢?是正面的、像兄长照顾弟弟般的态度么?还是以大欺小的态度?我认为,在当今的世界中,恃强凌弱的领导方式已经不能再发挥作用了。”Tadjo, who is of French-Ivorian heritage, says she fears Mr. Obama will face additional challenges because of his mixed-race heritage. 塔乔教授是法国和科特迪瓦混血。她说,她担心奥巴马的美国和肯尼亚混血儿身份可能会使他面对更多的挑战。"It will be a hard presidency, and from both sides, from the white side people waiting for him to fail, and from the black side because people have always looked at mixed-race people with a bit of suspicion, who are they, who do they represent? So he is going to have a tough job," she said. 她说:“他的任期将会很艰难。白人等着看他失败,而黑人一直对混血儿抱有怀疑的态度,他们会问:他是谁?他代表谁的利益?因此,奥巴马这个总统很不好当。”But many believe Mr. Obama can also be a bridge between races, cultures and peoples. And they hope he will listen and bring greater balance to relations between Africa and the ed States. 不过,许多人相信,奥巴马能成为不同种族、文化和民族间的桥梁。他们希望奥巴马能倾听人们的意见,使非洲和美国的关系更趋于平衡。01/60726青岛痤疮治疗需要哪家医院好青岛才能使皮肤变白有光泽




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