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Concern over levels of drinking during pregnancy raised by studies一项调查研究引起了人们对于妇饮酒的担忧More than 17,000 women in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand were questioned, with confusion over guidelines blamed for the figures在英国,爱尔兰,澳大利亚和新西兰,超过17000名妇女参与了调查,由这一数字引起的看法也受到了质疑Alcohol use during pregnancy is #39;prevalent and socially pervasive#39; in the UK and Ireland, health experts have warned, after carrying out a large-scale study.在开展了大规模的调查之后,健康专家提醒指出,在英国和爱尔兰,怀期间饮酒是;流行的,普遍的;。Drinking in pregnancy is common, according to a study which labels it a ;significant public health concern; even though most women appear to give up once they know they are pregnant.一项研究表明,怀期间饮酒很常见。并将之归为“公共健康的重要问题”,即使大多数女人知道自己怀了,可能会放弃饮酒。The authors of the study, in the journal BMJ Open, say the guidelines on safe drinking are confusing, pointing out that Ireland, New Zealand and Australia recommend no alcohol for the entire pregnancy, while the UK says one to two units once or twice a week will do no harm after the first three months.该研究的作者,在BMJopen杂志中说,安全饮酒的准则是比较令人困惑的。他指出,在爱尔兰,新西兰和澳大利亚,都提倡整个期不要饮酒,而在英国,怀三个月之后的妇女,每周一到两次,少量的饮酒是没有坏处的。Substantial numbers of women appear to be taking no heed of guidelines when they become pregnant, according to the findings. The research pulled together results from several studies carried out in different ways in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. They found that as much as 80% of more than 17,000 women may have drank during the first trimester of pregnancy.研究表明,当女人怀时,她们中的大多数都不会对所谓的准则加以理睬。这一研究是将各项研究融合到一起,这些研究曾经在英国,爱尔兰,澳大利亚和新西兰以不同方式进行过。在这接受调查的17,000名妇女中,80%甚至更多,都在怀的头三个月期间喝酒了。In all countries, drinking dropped dramatically in the second trimester (between three and six months pregnant).而在所有的国家,怀第二个阶段(三到六月期间)饮酒人数就会急剧的减少。A higher level of education, having other children, and being overweight/obese were also associated with a lower risk of drinking while pregnant, but being a smoker made it more likely that a woman would drink while pregnant.更高层次的教育,有其他孩子,以及超重/肥胖这些情况也与怀时饮酒较少有关,但是如果一个人吸烟的话,她就更可能在怀时饮酒。The authors write that alcohol exposure may occur in over 75% of pregnancies in the UK and Ireland. Since women drink in the first three months, when the development of the foetus is less well understood, they say, ;the widesp consumption of even low levels of alcohol during pregnancy is a significant public health concern;.作者还写道,在英国和爱尔兰怀女性中,75%会接触酒精。他们说,怀头三个月妇会饮酒可能是因为那时胎儿发育还不健全。;在怀期间尽量少饮酒在公共健康方面是很受重视的;。审校:哎呀 校对:落花生 编辑:Freya然 /201507/385120。

I bought this jeweler#39;s eye-piece at a yard sale.我今天在二手市场买了个小玩意儿,珠宝鉴定放大镜。It#39;s amazing! You can see the tinest details on things.易于携带,使用方便,捕捉任何细节,很好玩。Whoa, look at the gunk on this fork! I thought you were a better dishwasher than that.哇塞,瞅瞅叉子上这油印子,真庞大,太恶心,你以前刷完不是刷得挺干净的嘛?Me and my big mouth!直言贾祸!少说为妙啊 /201506/379715。

Many of us have turned to photo sharing on social media to exploit the opportunity to send a shameless selfie to a love interest.我们许多人都爱找各种机会在社交媒体上分享自拍照,以向暧昧对象传递暗示信息。But very few of us would be prepared to admit the hidden agenda in our snaps.但很少有人会勇敢承认自己发自拍时,葫芦里究竟卖的什么药。However, model Holly Carpenter, 23, from Dublin, has decided to address the subject head-on by revealing the secret meaning behind women#39;s Snapchat photos.然而,来自都柏林的23岁女模Holly Carpenter决定来点直接的,她在网络上揭示了女生发自拍的真正意义。Holly, who was the winner of Miss Ireland in 2011 and has since enjoyed a successful modelling career, has posted a series of images on her blog, with two pictures side by side - the one on the left with the original caption, and the caption on the right explaining what women really mean.Holly曾于2011年获得爱尔兰冠军,模特事业从此顺风顺水。她近日在客上传了一系列左右对比照,左边为发送在社交网站的原话,右边则是发照片时真正的意图。For example in one snap the model shares a photograph of herself posing in a onesie with a dog with the caption: #39;Pjs amp; puppy cuddles#39; which she reveals actually means #39;look how cute I am.#39;例如,有一张她穿着连体衫抱着的照片,配的原话是:“睡衣,小抱抱”,而她的实际意思是“快看我有多可爱!”In another photo, Holly poses in a revealing vest with the caption: #39;So hungover#39; which she then confesses in the caption on the photo on the right means: #39;Cleavage game is strong here...#39;在另一张照片里,她穿着一件比较暴露的背心,配的描述是:“宿醉好难受”,但她承认自己其实想表达的是:“此处有乳沟……”Holly says that she was inspired to create the blog post after witnessing other women creating tactical Snapchats.Holly表示,她是在目睹了其他女性的“战略性自拍”后才萌发了创作这篇文的想法。She told Buzzfeed that she had heard comments like: #39;I#39;m gonna story this selfie so he knows I#39;m out tonight and I#39;m looking well#39; and #39;I sent him a picture of my drink with the cocktail in the background so he knows where we are!#39;她说,她曾听到类似的言论:“我要给这张自拍编个故事,这样他就知道我今晚打扮的漂漂亮亮去参加活动了。”以及“我给他发了一张我喝酒的照片,背景里有鸡尾酒菜单,这样他就知道我们在哪了。”But the model admits that she is not exempt from sending flirtatious snaps.不过她坦言,自己也不例外,也会发自拍照来和别人调情。She continued: #39;If I#39;m having a good hair day and my make-up looks nice I#39;ll find any random excuse to send a snap to someone I fancy, like pick up a random coffee mug and write ;mmm coffee; …even though the mug is empty!#39;她继续说:“如果我今天发型不错,妆容也很美,那我会随便编个理由发自拍照给我喜欢的人,比如随便拿个咖啡杯拍一张,写一句‘嗯,咖啡’,但其实杯子是空的!”The post has picked a lot of hits for Holly being shared almost 4,000 times on Facebook and the model says that she believes this is because most women will be able to relate.她的这篇客给她增添了不少人气,在Facebook上已有4000多次转发。她说,这些转发肯定是因为女士们都觉得被看穿了。She added: #39;When I saw how many shares it was getting and how many people were tagging their friends, I knew it was relatable!#39;她接着说:“看到这么多人转发给朋友看,我就知道大家都被说中了!” /201506/381998。

2. Graham Crackers2.全麦饼干Do you feel less lust after eating a graham cracker? You should do – or, at least, the inventor of it hopes you do.吃完一片全麦饼干以后是否觉得欲望有所减轻呢?这正是——或至少是其发明者所希望的。In the 1830s, reverend Sylvester Graham decided that America had become too lust-filled. In order to curb the problem and help people across the nation get back onto a good God-fearing path, he created the ‘Graham diet.’ The diet consisted of wheat, fruit and vegetables, but absolutely no meat; eating meat and fatty foods was, Graham claimed, a way to invoke sexual thoughts in the mind. Sylvester Graham invented the graham cracker as a part of his newfound diet.19世纪30年代,教士Sylvester Graham认为美国欲望太过膨胀。为解决这一问题,帮助全国的人们回到一条虔诚的道路上,他发明了“Graham 饮食”。这种饮食中包括谷物、水果和蔬菜,但绝对没有肉;Graham认为,吃肉和脂肪类食品会引发人心中的淫欲。Sylvester Graham发明了全麦饼干作为他的全新饮食的一部分。He wasn’t alone in his mind-set; someone else who shared this was John Harvey Kellogg. Does the name seem familiar? That’s right – Kellogg’s corn flakes. The beloved breakfast cereal was Kellogg’s way to save the souls of the American people, but ended up being a delicious breakfast rather than a cure for the wandering eye.他并不是一个人将想法付诸实际;另外一个与他共享的是John Harvey Kellogg。这名字是不是有些熟悉?没错——Kellogg’s玉米片(即氏玉米片——译者注)。Kellogg想要以这种受人喜爱的早餐谷物来拯救美国人的灵魂,谁知它没有拯救得了迷茫的双眼,却成为了美味的早餐。Next time you need to calm down, try stuffing graham crackers into your mouth. If the wheat doesn’t do the trick, the dry mouth certainly will.当下次你需要冷静一下的时候,试试在你嘴里塞上全麦饼干。如果小麦解决不了问题,那口干舌燥的感觉肯定会让你达到目的。 /201506/383172。

Chicken rice easily ranks as one of Malaysia#39;s best-loved hawker fare. Be it steamed, roasted, or even fried, we#39;ve narrowed down 12 restaurants across the Klang Valley to get your fix of a steaming hot plate of chicken rice!鸡饭很容易就能进入马来西亚我最爱的街头美食榜。在巴生谷这里,不论是蒸、烧、还是炒,我们选出了12家能制作出让你端坐在一碟香气四溢的鸡饭前不愿离开的餐馆!Nasi Ayam Chee Meng in Bukit Bintang武吉免登的新驰名鸡饭地址:NO. 50 Jalan Bukit BintangLocated right in the heart of the city, Nasi Ayam Chee Meng dishes up authentic halal Hainanese chicken rice. Our choice of the roasted thigh (RM9.50 for boneless or thigh, RM9 normal) was tender and cooked just right, maintaining a smooth texture. Coupled with savoury gravy, the meal was made even better with a seriously spicy chilli dip.位于吉隆坡市中心,新驰名鸡饭提供纯正的清真海南鸡饭。我们选择的烧鸡腿(无骨鸡腿9块5马币,普通的9块马币)肉质香嫩,做得恰到好处,保持了鸡肉的爽滑口感。佐上香喷喷的酱汁,再配一小碟十分辣的辣椒酱,一份鸡饭就可以上桌了。While Chee Meng#39;s chicken rice is a tad pricey, it made for a real satisfying meal虽然新驰名的鸡饭有点小贵,但这的确是一份真正让人满意的美食Aside from the usual roast and steamed chicken, the restaurant#39;s extensive also includes dishes like sweet and sour fish (RM17), kung po chicken (RM14), and a variety of halal Chinese fare.除了常见的烧、蒸鸡,餐厅琳琅满目的菜单上还有糖醋鱼(17马币),宫保鸡丁(14马币),以及一系列清真中式美食。Restoran Prosperity Bowl in SS2SS2的公鸡碗菜园滑鸡地址:19 SS2/30, Petaling JayaIt doesn#39;t get any simpler or more delicious than Prisperity Bowl#39;s steamed chicken没有比公鸡碗餐厅的白切鸡更简单但美味的菜了Winner of this year#39;s theStar People#39;s Choice Food Award, Restoran Prosperity Bowl offers chicken rice made using free-range chickens. The steamed chicken was excellently prepared. With firm, sweet meat doused in a delicious mix of soy sauce, sesame oil, and chicken oil, we were ordering second and third helpings of rice!作为今年theStar.com“大众最爱食物奖”的赢家,公鸡碗菜园滑鸡餐厅供应走地鸡鸡饭。鸡肉预先很棒地备好,下锅蒸,淋上一种美味的调制酱油、麻油和鸡油。我们那顿接二连三地加饭呢!Restaurant Yat Yeh Hing in Kelana Jaya格兰纳再也的日夜兴火锅饭店地址:33 Jalan Ss4d/2, Kelana JayaThe roast chicken runs out fast, but fret not, their steamed chicken is just as juicy with a silky-smooth texture.店里的烧鸡很快就会卖光,但不用失望,他们的白切鸡口感丝滑,肉汁丰美Just a stone#39;s throw away from the Kelana Jaya LRT station, Restoran Yat Yeh Hing is famed for their juicy corn-fed chicken. It#39;s not unusual to see a huge crowd in the restaurant come lunchtime and their signature roast chicken tends to run out very fast. Other dishes to look out is the glass chicken feet, boiled for hours on end to achieve a gelatinous consistency, and a mountain of crispy, fresh beansprouts.离格兰纳再也轻铁站(Kelana Jaya LRT station)仅一步之遥,日夜兴火锅饭店以其肉汁丰富的喂谷鸡著称。临近午餐时间就被人群挤满的餐厅并不常见,他们的招牌烧鸡往往一出炉就被抢购一空。其他可点的菜有玻璃鸡脚,把鸡脚煮上几个小时后会出现一层透明的胶原蛋白;还有一大碟爽脆新鲜的炝豆芽。Kam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice in Chinatown唐人街的鸡容海南鸡饭茶餐室地址:42 Jalan Sultan, City CenterKam Kee#39;s chicken rice shows quality all around with delicious steamed chicken, aromatic rice, and clear herbal soup with no traces of MSG鸡容茶餐室的鸡饭套餐从其美味的蒸鸡肉、香米饭和不放味精的菜汤,可以看出它质量的上乘。Tucked away on Jalan Sultan, Kam Kee#39;s Hainanese chicken rice is another delicious stop for chicken rice just a few doors away from Nam Heong. The steamed chicken, silky-smooth and juicy, sat in a pool of savoury soy sauce and sesame oil mix and accompanied the fluffy and fragrant rice perfectly. A tangy chilli dip countered the rich flavours of the rice and chicken, bringing everything together in one yummy bite.藏身于苏丹街(Jalan Sultan)的鸡容海南鸡饭茶餐室是我们鸡饭美食的下一站。茶餐室就在著名的南香饭店(Nam Heong)隔壁。那里的白切鸡口感爽滑肉汁丰美,拌以碟内的调味酱油和麻油,还配上松软且香喷喷的米饭简直完美。刺激的辣椒酱和味道丰富的饭与鸡肉碰撞在一起,让每一口食物都包含着世间的一切。Nam Heong Restaurant南香饭店地址:G-025A Level G Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, SeputehChicken rice and a whole load of other yummy goodies can be found at Nam Heong | Picture courtesy of Nam Heong Chicken Rice在南香你可以品尝到鸡饭和各种美食|图片由南香鸡饭店提供Nam Heong Chicken Rice is a well-known name in the chicken rice business, with branches all over the Klang Valley. Prices are a little higher than kopitiams but you can dine on a variety of dishes in comfort. Their roast chicken is caramelised to a nice crisp with tender meat. For a real hearty meal, pick from an extensive that has anything from Shanghainese meat dumplings to tung poh meat with buns.南香鸡饭店以其传遍了全巴生谷的生招牌,在鸡饭行业内享负盛名。付出比一般茶餐厅(kopitiam,新马式的咖啡茶餐厅)稍微多点的钱,你就能在更为舒适的环境中尽享各种美味。他们的烧鸡被烤至恰到好处的焦脆而下面的肉却十分鲜嫩。想来一顿饱餐,他们的菜单从上海小笼包到东坡肉包,包罗万有,任君选择。Restoran Hong Seng in Section 17Section 17的鸿成茶餐室地址:No. 1 Jalan 17/29, Seksyen 17, 46400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MalaysiaIf you#39;re unfortunate enough to have missed Hong Seng#39;s roast chicken, they dish up a mean serving of char siew as well as sour vegetables如果不走运错过了鸿成的烧鸡,他们还有尚算不错的叉烧以及酸菜Be prepared to line up for a plate of Hong Seng#39;s famed chicken rice. Their roast chicken was savoury-sweet with a perfectly caramelised coat. Their breast meat, usually tough and dry, was so juicy and tender that we had a hard time believing it wasn#39;t breast meat! The roast chicken tends to run out fast but the chewy, sweet char siew is another delicious alternative.准备好为一碟著名的鸿成鸡饭而大排长龙吧。他们的烤鸡外香里甜;相比一般的干得起渣的鸡胸肉,他们的确十分嫩滑多汁以至于我们很难相信这居然是胸肉!店里的烤鸡往往一下子就卖光了,这时他们弹牙香甜的叉烧会是一道美味的替代品。Fried chicken rice in Segambut泗岩沫的大树头鸡饭档地址:Lorong Segambut Pusat 1 Persiaran Segambut TengahA change from the usual steamed and roast chicken, this stall in Segambut serves perfectly crisp fried chicken from an unassuming shack under a shady tree.咱们从寻常的蒸鸡、烤鸡中换个口味,这个藏在泗岩沫的一棵茂密树头下毫不起眼的棚子里的摊子有完美的酥脆的炸鸡。Rice, chicken, and chilli, a simple and incredibly satisfying meal饭、鸡肉以及辣酱,组成了简单却好吃到无法言喻的一份美味Be it the whole chicken leg (RM6.50), thigh (RM3.80), ribs (RM3.80) or wing (RM3.80), the fried chicken is made with fresh oil for all the crispy goodness without the grease. With well-seasoned, succulent, and tender meat, have the chicken with their killer chilli dip for a little extra heat.无论是全腿(6.5马币)、大腿(3.8马币)、鸡排(3.8马币)或是鸡翅(3.8马币),这里的炸鸡均由新鲜食油制作,脆而不腻。精心腌制、肉汁丰富、质地嫩滑的鸡肉,再点一点他们的辣椒酱(killer chilli应该是一种辣椒的名字,请指教)来刺激下味蕾吧。Kedai Kopi Oamp;S in Paramount派拉蒙的海天茶餐室地址:No. 39 Jalan 20/13, Taman ParamountThat#39;s not char siew! It#39;s delicious honey roast chicken grilled to glossy perfection!这不是叉烧!是被烧至完美亮泽的美味的蜜汁烧鸡!This old-timer kopitiam in Paramount is a treasure trove of delicious hawker food and one of them has to be the roast chicken stall. Their honey roast chicken was infused with smoky flavours and covered with sticky, sweet caramelised skin. Served with a bowl of hearty herbal soup, opt to have the chicken rice with crunchy siew yoke for a meaty meal.这间在派拉蒙(Paramount)的老字号食店是街边美食的宝库,里面的烧鸡摊乃其中的佼佼者。他们的蜜汁烧鸡佐以烟熏味调料,表层的鸡皮粘、甜、脆。来一碗务员端来的蔬菜炖汤,点上碟鸡饭再叫份酥脆的烧肉,这餐口口都是肉。Kum Kee Chicken Rice in Kuchai Lama旧古仔的金记烧腊鸡饭地址:94 Jalan Rukun 2, Kuchai LamaKum Kee#39;s chicken rice tastes as dreamy as it looks!金记的鸡饭味道如它的外观般梦幻!While Kum Kee may be known for their juicy and melt-in-your-mouth siew yoke, their delicious roast chicken is just as deserving of attention. Roasted daily, their chicken is fresh and tender. With a slightly salty soy sauce gravy and a sourish chilli-garlic blend, the silky chicken and fluffy rice were the perfect match.金记可能闻名于他们多汁、入口即化的烧肉,但他们可口的烧鸡也同样值得品尝。每天新出炉,他们的鸡鲜美又嫩滑。蘸点咸咸的豉油和酸酸的蒜蓉辣椒酱,丝滑的鸡肉和松软的米饭搭配得浑然天成。Restoran Kar Heong in SS14SS14的家香(怡保)河粉芽菜鸡地址:60 Jalan Ss14/2, Subang JayaHead over to Restoran Kar Heong in Subang for an affordable plate of chicken rice. The fuss-free steamed chicken was delicious, the silky texture going well with grainy, aromatic rice. Juicy and crunchy beansprouts all the way from Ipoh provide the perfect accompaniment to the tender chicken.一起到苏邦(Subang)的家香(怡保)河粉芽菜鸡饭店叫份实惠的鸡饭吧。让人吃得畅快淋漓的蒸鸡非常美味,肉质丝滑的鸡肉与颗粒饱满香气四溢的米饭十分搭配。产自怡保(Ipoh)的多汁爽脆黄豆芽是滑鸡的完美配菜。A dash of fried garlic made a world of difference to the steamed chicken一点点炸蒜蓉给你一份不一样的滑鸡If that#39;s not enough, they also serve a slurp-worthy bowl of Ipoh-style prawn hor fun.如果还吃不够,他们还有值得一吃碗装?怡保式鲜虾河粉。Restoran Mei Sek in USJUSJ的连记烧鸡饭地址:12 Jalan Usj 14/1K, Subang JayaLian Kee#39;s chicken, seasoned and steamed to a perfect golden yellow连记的葱油鸡,经过调制和蒸煮后呈现美妙的金黄色Operating out of Restoran Mei Sek, Lian Kee chicken rice opens for dinner only (5.00pm to 11.30pm) and offers chicken rice made Ipoh-style along with a selection of local favourites. The steamed chicken was cooked so well that it had the texture of kampung chicken, firm and juicy. With ginger paste and chilli dips that pack some serious heat, have a full blown Ipoh-stle chicken rice meal with crunchy beansprouts or a simple bowl of hor fun.出自美食茶餐室,连记鸡饭只在晚餐时段开张(下午5点到晚上11点半)并供应搭配一系列的本地小吃的怡保风味葱油鸡。这里的葱油鸡做得十分的出色,烘托出了他们使用的甘榜鸡(Kampung Chicken,当地的走地鸡品种)的口感:肉质紧实多汁。蘸点能增添些少热量的姜蓉和辣椒酱,配上嘎嘣脆的黄豆芽或者一碗简单的河粉,来一大份熟透的怡保风味鸡饭吧。Restaurant Satellite Ipoh Chicken Rice on Jalan Gasing, PJ八打灵再也市(PJ)加星路的卫星餐馆地址:No. 105 amp; 107 Jalan Gasing, Seksyen 10(这个地址是它隔壁店的.....)A humble kopitiam located next to the bigger New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice in PJ, head to Restaurant Satellite for no-frills classic chicken rice. Their steamed chicken is tender, juicy, and springy with a smooth texture.这是位于PJ的一间不起眼的叫卫星餐馆的茶餐室,它旁边是更大型的新怡保滑鸡芽菜河粉茶餐室。进去只为无矫饰的经典鸡饭,他们的滑鸡鲜嫩多汁,爽滑弹牙。A mountain of plump and juicy steamed chicken in a delicious salty soy sauce gravy淋上美味的调制酱油,肥美而多汁的滑鸡肉山With crunchy bean sprouts, the fragrant, oily rice brings all the flavours together. Prices are upwards of RM10.配搭嘎嘣脆豆芽,吃一口芳香四溢的油饭,所有的味道都汇集在一起了。价格是10马币多点。 /201412/350149。