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Homebuyers nationwide are watching housing prices go up, up, and up. “How high can they go?” is the question on everyone's lips. “As long as interest rates stay around 5 percent, there's no telling,” remarked one realtor in Santa Monica, California. “It's crazy,” said Tim, who is looking for a house near the beach. “In 1993, I bought my first place, a two-bedroom condominium in Venice, for ,000. My friends thought then that I was overpaying. Five years later, I had to move. I sold it for 0,000, which was a nice profit. Last year, while visiting friends here, I saw in the local paper that the exact same condo was for sale for 0,000!” It is a seller's market. Homebuyers feel like they have to offer at least 10 percent more than the asking price. Donna, a new owner of a one-bedroom condo in Venice Beach, said, “That's what I did. I told the owner that whatever anyone offers you, I'll give you ,000 more, under the table, so you don’t have to pay your realtor any of it. I was tired of looking.” Tim says he hopes he doesn't get that desperate. “Whether you decide to buy or decide not to buy, you still feel like you made the wrong decision. If you buy, you feel like you overpaid. If you don't buy, you want to kick yourself for passing up a great opportunity.” Everyone says the bubble has to burst sometime, but everyone hopes it will burst the day after they sell their house. Even government officials have no idea what the future will bring. “All we can say is that, inevitably, these things go in cycles,” said the state director of housing. “What goes up must come down. But, as we all know, housing prices always stay up a little higher than they go down. So you can’t lose over the long run. Twenty years down the road, your house is always worth more than you paid for it.” Article/201106/141683

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I sometimes worry about my mental health. There are times when I think I’m going crazy. I think it’s because of this world we live in. Everything is so fast. Everyone is in a hurry. Everything has to be done yesterday. I’m sure life wasn’t so stressful a hundred years ago. Then, people’s mental health was probably better. The only good thing nowadays is that there are mental health specialists who can help us when we are in trouble. But, there is a problem with these experts. They keep on thinking up new mental health problems we suffer from. What we all need is to take a step back and slow down. That will be good for our mental health. We need to laugh more and care more. If we don’t do this, we’ll all have mental health problems. Article/201106/138767

I didn#39;t sleep well that night, even after I was done crying. Theconstant whooshing of the rain and wind across the roof wouldn#39;t fadeinto the background. I pulled the faded old quilt over my head, and lateradded the pillow, too. But I couldn#39;t fall asleep until after midnight,when the rain finally settled into a quieter drizzle.  那天晚上我没睡好,就连哭完之后也没睡好。房顶上扫过的风雨声,嗖嗖地一阵紧似一阵,根本就没有减弱成背景音的意思。我把褪了色的旧棉被拽上来蒙住了脑袋,后来又在上面加了个枕头。可我还是直到后半夜,等雨好不容易减弱成了毛毛小雨时才入睡。Thick fog was all I could see out my window in the morning, and I could feel the claustrophobia creeping up on me. You could never see the sky here; it was like a cage. 早上醒来,睁眼一看,窗外除了浓雾还是浓雾,我能感觉到幽闭恐怖症正在向我慢慢袭来。在这里,你根本就看不到天空;就像一个笼子一样。Breakfast with Charlie was a quiet event. He wished me good luck at school. I thanked him, knowing his hope was wasted. Good luck tended to avoid me.  与查理共进早餐是一件静静悄悄的事。他祝我上学好运,我谢了他,知道他祝了也是徒劳。好运总是会躲着我。Charlie left first, off to the police station that was his wife and family. After he left, I sat at the old square oak table in one of the three unmatching chairs and examined his small kitchen, with its dark paneled walls, bright yellow cabinets, and white linoleum floor. Nothing was changed. 查理先出了门,去了警察局,那里才像是他的家。等他走了之后,我在破旧的橡木方桌边上坐下,坐在三把不配套的椅子中的一把上,端详起查理的小厨房来:墙上嵌着深色的护墙板,有几个鲜黄色的橱柜,地上铺着白色的油毡。什么都没有变。My mother had painted the cabinets eighteen years ago in an attempt to bring some sunshine into the house. Over the small fireplace in the adjoining handkerchief-sized family room was a row of pictures.First a wedding picture of Charlie and my mom in Las Vegas, then one of the three of us in the hospital after I was born, taken by a helpful nurse, followed by the procession of my school pictures up to last year#39;s. 橱柜上的漆是我母亲18年前刷的,她想给房子里面引点儿阳光进来。隔壁巴掌大的家庭室的壁炉上方挂着一排照片,第一张是查理和我妈妈在的结婚照,然后一张是我出生后我们一家三口在医院的合影,是一个乐于助人的护士帮忙照的,接着的一连串全都是我在学校里的照片了,最晚的一张是去年才照的。Those were embarrassing to look at ; I would have to see what I could do to get Charlie to put them somewhere else, at least while I was living here.这些照片可寒碜了;;我得想想办法,看怎么能够让查理把它们挪到别的地方去,起码我住在这里的时候不能挂着。It was impossible, being in this house, not to realize that Charlie hadnever gotten over my mom. It made me uncomfortable.  在这栋房子里,谁都不可能看不出查理从来都没有真正把我妈妈忘掉过。这令我很不自在。I didn#39;t want to be too early to school, but I couldn#39;t stay in the houseanymore. I donned my jacket ; which had the feel of a biohazard suit ;and headed out into the rain.  我不想太早去上学,可我没办法在这个房子里多袋了。我穿上了外套;;给人的感觉有点儿防毒的味道;;一头冲进了雨里。It was just drizzling still, not enough to soak me through immediately as I reached for the house key that was always hidden under the eaves by the door, and locked up.   仅仅是还在下着一点儿毛毛小雨,我取下钥匙再把门锁上这么短时间,是淋不透我的。房子的钥匙一直藏在门边的屋檐下面。The sloshing of my new waterproof boots was unnerving. I missed the normal crunch of gravel as I walked. I couldn#39;t pause and admire my truck again as I wanted; I was in a hurry to get out of the misty wet that swirled around my head and clung to my hair under my hood.我的新防水靴溅起的泥水很恼人,听不见一般情形下脚底砾石发出的嘎吱嘎吱声。我不能像心里希望的那样,停下来欣赏欣赏我的卡车。我着急着呢,恨不能赶紧从这盘绕在我脑袋周围,缠住帽兜下面的头发不放的雾霭中摆脱出来。Inside the truck, it was nice and dry. Either Billy or Charlie hadobviously cleaned it up, but the tan upholstered seats still smelledfaintly of tobacco, gasoline, and peppermint.   卡车里面倒是很干爽。显然,不是比利,就是查理,已经把车清洁过了,不过装了软垫的皮座椅还是能闻到些许的烟草、汽油和薄荷油的味道。The engine started quickly,to my relief, but loudly, roaring to life and then idling at top volume.Well, a truck this old was bound to have a flaw. The antique radio worked, a plus that I hadn#39;t expected.令我感到安慰的是,发动机一打就着,不过声音很大,刚发动时突突作响,空转时更是达到了最大音量。嗨,这么老的一辆车肯定有一两处缺陷的。嘿,那老掉牙的收音机还响呢,这可是一笔意外收获呀。 Article/201203/173417

Anyone who does not absolutely love chocolate is mad. I don’t think I know anyone who dislikes it. Some of my friends say they hate white chocolate or dark chocolate, but then they like some other kind. I think chocolate is one of the best inventions ever. It is also one of life’s true pleasures. There’s nothing better than having your whole mouth full of chocolate and letting it melt. I love pushing the chocolate up against the roof of my mouth and then moving it all around. Yum. I eat chocolate every day. I know it’s bad for our teeth and makes us fat, but I don’t care. I prefer to think about the health benefits of chocolate. I’ve many articles that say chocolate is good for us. Article/201104/130970

“唔,原来如此,”她的母亲嚷道,“郎格太太可要挨到开跳舞会的前一天才能赶回来;那么,她可来不及把他介绍给你们啦,她自己也还不认识他呢。” “那么,好太太,你正可以占你朋友的上风,反过来替她介绍这位贵人啦。” "Aye, so it is, " cried her mother, "and Mrs. Long does not come back till the day before; so it will be impossible for her to introduce him, for she will not know him herself. " "Then, my dear, you may have the advantage of your friend, and introduce Mr. Bingley to HER. " "Impossible, Mr. Bennet, impossible, when I am not acquainted with him myself; how can you be so teasing?" "I honour your circumspection. A fortnight's acquaintance is certainly very little. One cannot know what a man really is by the end of a fortnight. But if WE do not venture somebody else will; and after all, Mrs. Long and her daughters must stand their chance; and, therefore, as she will think it an act of kindness, if you decline the office, I will take it on myself. "The girls stared at their father. Mrs. Bennet said only, "Nonsense, nonsense!" Article/201011/118102

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