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;Some men are born great,some achieve greatness,and some have greatness thrust upon them by a good public relations firm.;有些人生来伟大,有些人获得伟大,有些人被一些公共关系很好的公司相信是伟大的. /201507/387317

The words “Last picture taken” before his or her death conjure up many emotions, whether in front of the camera or behind it. This list consists of 10 last time stamps in history taken of and by some fascinating individuals. If anyone has new or conflicting information concerning the photos or information in this list I hope you will share it in your comments.10当我们提到生前“拍摄的最后一张照片”,不论是照片本身,还是照片背后的故事,都能勾起我们的无限遐思。下面这份清单包含了某些传奇人物生前的最后一张照片或是他们生前拍下的最后一张照片。如果有人对清单上的照片或信息有不同看法,希望你能在下面的中予以分享。10. Wiley Post and Will Rogers(1898 –1935, 1879 – 1935)威利·波斯特(Wiley Post, 1898-1935)和威尔·罗杰斯(Will Rogers, 1879-1935)Wiley Post who was the first pilot to fly solo around the world and his good friend Will Rogers a famous comedian, humorist and social commentator were set out to fly around the world together. This photo (that#39;s Will Rogers in the hat and tie, standing on the wing) was taken on August 15, 1935 shortly before taking off from a lagoon near Point Barrow Alaska. During take off Post#39;s experimental Lockheed Explorer sea plane crashed when its engine failed killing both men.Interesting Fact: The airport in Barrow Alaska was renamed Wiley Post – Will Rogers Memorial Airport.威利·波斯特是第一个独自飞越全球的宇航员,而他的好朋友威尔·罗杰斯则是一位知名喜剧家、幽默作家和社会家。他们曾一起环球飞行。这张照片(戴着帽子、系着领结的威尔·罗杰斯站在飞机机翼上)摄于1935年8月15日,随后不久,他们便从阿拉斯加巴罗附近的环礁湖处起飞。但波斯特的实验水上飞机“洛克希德探险者号”(Lockheed Explore)由于引擎故障而坠毁,两人不幸遇难身亡。9. John and Jackie Knill约翰(John)和杰基·科尼尔(Jackie Knill)On January 13, 2005 the bodies of Canadian couple John and Jackie Knill were discovered on a Thailand beach resort. They were two of the many victims killed from the December 26 2004 tsunami. Weeks later a Seattle man doing relief work found a damaged camera and discarded it but kept the memory card in the camera. After downloading the images he discovered pictures of the Knill#39;s enjoying their vacation, as well as shots of a huge wave approaching the shore. With each picture it shows the wave getting closer and closer to shore. The last picture taken of them before the wave hit (shown above) was shot just after 8.30 am on December 26.2005年1月13日,人们在泰国的一个海滩胜地发现了加拿大夫妇约翰和杰基·科尼尔的尸体。他们是2004年12月26日那场海啸的遇难者。几周之后,一名参与救援工作的西雅图男子发现了一个损坏了的相机,他取下存储卡后就丢弃了相机。存储卡中不止有杰基夫妇度假拍摄的个人照,还有他们遇难前拍摄的海啸袭岸之景。里面的一组照片显示了海浪逐渐侵袭海岸的全过程。他们遇难前的最后一张照片(上图所示)摄于12月26日上午8时30分。Interesting Fact: The Seattle man that discovered the images recognized the Knills from a missing person#39;s web site and contacted the couple#39;s two sons in Vancouver Canada. The man then drove from Seattle to Vancouver to give the sons their parent#39;s last images.【趣实】:这名西雅图男子在一个寻人网站上发现了杰基夫妇的照片,并与他们在加拿大温哥华的两个儿子取得联系,随后他乘车从西雅图前往温哥华,将这对夫妇生前拍下的最后照片交给了他们。8. Albert Einstein (b.1879 d.1955)阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦(Albert Einstein, 1879-1955)The photograph above is the last known picture of Einstein, taken in March, 1955. There are not a lot of details concerning this photo but he is probably at his home near Princeton, New Jersey. A month later on April 17, 1955, Einstein experienced internal bleeding caused by the rupture of an aortic aneurysm, which had previously been diagnosed and reinforced. He went to the hospital and took a draft of a speech he was preparing for a television appearance commemorating the State of Israel#39;s seventh anniversary with him. Unfortunately he did not live long enough to complete it. The following day Einstein died at the age of 76.上图摄于1955年3月,据称是爱因斯坦生前最后一张照片。我们对这张照片了解不多,只知道照片中的爱因斯坦当时可能在新泽西州的普林斯顿家乡附近。照片拍摄后的一个月,即1955年4月17日,他的主动脉发生破裂,由此导致大量的内出血。早在这之前,爱因斯坦就曾被诊断出患有动脉瘤,但这次的腹腔动脉积血膨出给了他致命一击。他被送往医院时还带着演讲手稿,打算在庆祝以色列七周年纪念会的电视节目上发表这份演讲。不幸的是,他并没有等到这一天的到来。他在进医院的第二天就离世了,享年76岁。Interesting Fact: Einstein#39;s brain was removed within seconds of his death (without the permission of his family) in hope that future neuroscience would be able to discover what made Einstein so intelligent. Recent scientific studies have suggested that regions involved in speech and language are smaller, while regions involved with numerical and spatial processing are larger.【趣实】:爱因斯坦死后没过几秒,他的大脑就被移除(未征得其家人同意),人们希望通过对他神经系统的科学研究找到他如此聪明的原因。最近有科学研究实,爱因斯坦的大脑中,关于数学思维和空间处理的大脑区域异常发达,而配着演讲与言语的大脑区域则相对较小。7. Marilyn Monroe(b.1926 d 1962)玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe, 1926-1962)Many believe Celebrity photographer George Barris took the last pictures of Marilyn Monroe. However, it was actually Life Magazine#39;s photographer Allan Grant. The pictures were taken July 7, 1962 during an interview at her home. Six pictures appeared in Life including the one pictured above.许多人都认为玛丽莲·梦露最后的这张照片是由知名摄影师乔治·巴瑞斯所拍摄,但实际上,它是由《生活》杂志摄影师艾伦·格兰特拍下的。他于1962年7月7日采访梦露,并在她的家中拍下了这张照片。随后《生活》杂志还刊登出与上面这张照片同时拍摄的另5张照片。Just under a month later on August 5, 1962, the LAPD received a call at 4:25AM from Dr. Hyman Engelberg proclaiming that Monroe was dead at her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The official cause of Monroe#39;s death was classified as “acute barbiturate poisoning”, and was also recorded as a “probable suicide. Many questions still remain unanswered about the circumstances of her death and the timeline from when Monroe#39;s body was found.差不多一个月以后,即1962年8月5日凌晨4时25分,洛杉矶警察局接到海曼·恩格尔医生的电话,他宣称玛丽莲·梦露死于加州洛杉矶布伦坞(Brentwood)的家中。官方判定梦露的死因是“急性巴比妥类药物中毒”(acute barbiturate poisoning),并且认为其“疑似自杀”。迄今为止,玛丽莲·梦露之死仍存在着诸多疑团,并且人们也不能确定她的尸体被发现的具体时间。Interesting Fact: The Life Magazine issue featuring Monroe#39;s interview was dated August 3 1962, just 2 day before her death.【趣实】:《生活》杂志在玛丽莲·梦露死前2天,即1962年8月3日刊登了对她的专访文章。6. Bill Biggart(1947-2001)比尔·比加特(Bill Biggart, 1947-2001)Bill Biggart was covering the events of September 11th and was Tragically killed as the second tower of the World Trade Center came down. Four days later Biggart#39;s body was recovered from the rubble and his personal effects, including his cameras were given to his wife. Biggart#39;s widow later handed over the camera bag to a good friend and fellow photographer. She was convinced that no pictures had survived because the falling debris had blown off the backs of the two film cameras and the lids of the film canisters had been peeled back. His friend turned his attention to the digital camera that was covered by ash. The lens had been sheared off but when he opened the chamber that held the flash card he discovered it was in pristine condition. The card contained 150 pictures including the last picture taken shown above which is time stamped 10:28 am and 24 seconds. The time was 10:30am when the second tower came down.新闻摄影记者比尔·比加特在报道“91 1”事件时,世贸中心的第二座双子塔倒塌,他不幸被掩埋于废墟之下。四天后,人们在碎石堆中发现了他的尸体,并将包括相机在内的随身物品交给了他的妻子。随后,比加特的遗孀又将相机袋送给了比加特生前的摄影师好友。当时她确信相机里的所有照片都不复存在,因为落下的碎石砸坏了胶片相机的镜头和胶卷盒。但这位朋友却将注意力转向了另一部曾被灰烬掩埋着的数码相机。虽然相机镜头已经脱落,但他发现其中的快闪存储卡仍然保存完好。存储卡中保存有150张照片,其中最后一张照片(上图所示)拍摄于上午10时28分24秒。约两分钟之后,即10时30分,第二座双子塔倒塌。Interesting Fact: When Biggart#39;s wife reached him on his cell phone shortly after the first tower fell. He told her not to worry, and would meet her in 20 minutes at his studio. “I#39;m safe,” he assured her, “I#39;m with the firemen.” It was the last time they ever spoke. About 20 minutes later, the second tower collapsed【趣实】:第一座双子塔倒塌不久,比加特的妻子就曾打电话询问丈夫情况,比加特让妻子不要担心,20分钟内他就会出现在摄影棚与她见面。他向妻子保道:“我和消防员在一起,目前很安全”,可没想到这会是他们的最后一次通话。大约20分钟之后,第二座双子塔倒塌,比加特遇难。5. Lady Diana(1961 d.1997)戴安娜王妃(1961-1997)Last year when the long-awaited inquest into Lady Diana#39;s death began, this picture was released that shows the last picture taken before the crash. The press competed to be the first to print it even though the last photo ended up just showing part of her hair. Unfortunately and ironically photos like this one ended up contributing to the crash that ended her life.The photo shows the four speeding away from the Ritz Paris At around 12:20 a.m. on August 31, 1997 with Henri Paul the hotel driver, right, and Dodi Fayed#39;s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones in the passenger seat. In the rear seat is Princess Diana (looking back at the pursuing paparazzi) with Dodi Fayed sitting next to her. Seconds after this picture was taken the Mercedes entered the Place de l#39;Alma underpass going at an estimated speed of 105 km/h (65 mph.) The driver lost control of the car and swerved to the left before colliding head-on with one of the pillars in the tunnel. Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul both died instantly. Trevor Rees-Jones was still conscious and had suffered multiple serious injuries to the face. Diana was critically injured but died later that morning in the hospital leaving Rees-Jones the only survivor.戴安娜王妃车祸案件被搁置已久,直到2007年英国才开始审理此案,并首次将戴安娜生前的最后一张照片(上图所示)公之于世。尽管这张照片只拍到了王妃的金发,但新闻媒体还是争相第一时间刊登出这张照片。然而讽刺的是,戴安娜王妃正是为了躲避仔队追逐才不幸在车祸中丧生。照片摄于1997年8月31日,当时戴安娜和男友多迪·法耶兹(Dodi Fayed)正乘车离开巴黎里茨酒店(Ritz Paris ),坐在汽车前座的是多迪·法耶兹的保镖特雷弗·里斯-琼斯(Trevor Rees-Jonesin),为躲避仔追逐,酒店司机亨利·保罗不得不一再加速。坐在后座的王妃戴安娜转身向后看着紧跟不放的摄影记者,一头标志性金发清晰可见。她身旁坐着男友多迪。照片摄下后不到几秒,这辆奔驰就驶入了阿尔玛桥隧道,时速约达105公里/小时(65英里/小时)。奔驰最后脱离司机控制,向左偏转,迎头撞上了隧道中的一根柱子。多迪·法耶兹与亨利·保罗当场死亡,特雷弗·里斯-琼斯脸上虽有多处严重伤痕,但尚还有意识。而伤势严重的戴安娜王妃在被送往医院的第二天早上去世,因此这次车祸只留下里斯-琼斯一个幸存者。Interesting Fact: As the casualties lay seriously injured or dead in their wrecked car, the photographers continued to take pictures. Critically injured Diana was reported to murmur the words, “oh my God,” and after the photographers were pushed away by emergency teams, the words, “leave me alone”.【趣实】:车祸发生后,摄影记者罔顾汽车残骸下的伤亡人员,而对着他们大肆拍照。 据报道,紧急救援队推开这些摄影记者时,伤势严重的戴安娜王妃曾喃语道,“哦,天哪,不要管我”。4. Elvis Presley(1935 –1977)埃维斯·普雷斯利(Elvis Presley,1935 –1977)Elvis Last Picture Taken At 12..28 Aug 16 1977This last known photo of Elvis was taken on August 16 1977 at 12.28am. The picture was snapped as he is pulling into Graceland after a night out. That afternoon Presley was found on his bathroom floor by fiancée, Ginger Alden. According to the medical investigator, Presley had “stumbled or crawled several feet before he died”; he had apparently been using the bathroom at the time. Death was officially pronounced at 3:30 pm at Baptist Memorial Hospital.上图据称是埃维斯的最后一张照片,拍摄于1977年8月16日上午12点28分,当时他在外出整晚后正驾车回到雅园(Graceland)。 当天下午,普雷斯利的未婚妻金格儿·阿尔登(Ginger Alden)在浴室地板上发现了他的尸体。根据医学研究者的说法,普雷斯利“在死前曾被绊倒或挣扎着爬行了几英尺”。显然,他当时刚洗完澡。下午3点30分,浸信会纪念医院(Baptist Memorial Hospital)正式宣布了他的死讯。Interesting Fact: Elvis had visited his dentist on August 15th to have a temporary crown put in and has been suggested that the codeine the dentist gave him that day resulted in an anaphylactic shock that assisted in his death because he had suffered allergic reactions to the drug previously.【趣实】:8月15日,埃维斯曾到牙医处安置临时牙冠,有人认为,正是当天牙医开出的可待因药物使他发生过敏性休克,从而促成了他的死亡,因为他之前就对这种药物有过敏性反应。3. Adolf Hitler(1889 –1945)阿道夫·希特勒(Adolf Hitler,1889 –1945)This last know picture of Hitler was taken approximately two days prior to his death as he stands outside his Berlin bunker entrance surveying the devastating bomb damage. With Germany lying in ruins after six years of war, and with defeat imminent, Hitler decided to take his own life. But before doing so, he married Eva Braun and then penned his last will and testament. The next day in the afternoon on April 30, 1945 Braun and Hitler#39; entered his living room to end their lives. Later that afternoon the remaining members of the bunker community found Hitler slumped over, and blood spilled over the arm of the couch. Eva was sitting at the other end. Hitler had killed himself by biting down on a cyanide capsule while shooting him self in the head. Eva only used the cyanide capsule.这张照片大概是在希特勒死前两天拍摄的,当时他正站在柏林碉堡前估量盟军轰炸所造成的巨大损失。在六年战争的影响下,德国已是千疮百孔,此时的希特勒已经预料到了自己的失败,决定自行了结生命。但在此之前,他娶了爱娃·勃劳恩(Eva Braun),并写下生前遗嘱。第二天下午,即1945年4月30日,勃劳恩与希特勒在起居室双双自杀。没过多久,碉堡内的其他成员就发现希特勒瘫倒在沙发上,鲜血渗进沙发一侧的扶手上。沙发的另一侧则是爱娃的尸体。希特勒吞了氰化物胶囊之后举自杀,而爱娃只用了一颗氰化物胶囊。Interesting Fact: When Hitler asked his physician to recommend a reliable method of suicide his doctor suggested combining a dose of cyanide with a gunshot to the head.【趣实】:希特勒曾向他的医师询问最为可靠有效的自杀方式,医师于是建议他用大量氰化物胶囊,然后再向脑袋开上一。2. Anne Frank(b.1929 –d.1945)安妮·弗兰克(Anne Frank,1929-1945 )This is believed to be the last known photo of Anne Frank with her sister Margot taken in early to mid 1942. Later that year In July her sister Margot would be among the first to receive notice that she was to be sent to Nazi Germany ordering her to report for relocation to a work camp. Anne was then told by her father that the family would go into hiding. The Frank family was discovered and arrested on the morning of August 4th 1944. Having been arrested in hiding, they were considered criminals and were sent to the Punishment Barracks for hard labor. In March 1945, a typhus epidemic sp through the camp and killed approximately 17,000 prisoners. Witnesses later testified that Margot fell from her bunk in her weakened state and was killed by the shock, and that a few days later Anne Frank died.上图拍摄于1942年上半年,据称这是安妮·弗兰克与玛格特(Margot )生前的最后一张照片。同年7月,安妮的玛格特·弗兰克收到了一份由犹太移民局中央办公室发出的征召通告,命令她到纳粹德国的劳动营报到。随后,安妮被父亲告知,他们要举家躲藏起来。1944年8月4日的清晨,弗兰克一家被纳粹德国发现并遭逮捕。因为他们之前的躲藏行为而被纳粹德国视为罪犯,并被送往集中营做苦工。1945年3月,斑疹伤寒在营中散播,17000囚犯因此丧生。后来有目击者声称,玛格特当时身体极度虚弱,从床上掉下后休克而死,没过几天,安妮也离世了。Interesting Fact: In April 1945 just weeks after Anne Frank#39;s death, the camp was liberated by British troops.【趣实】:1945年4月,距安妮·弗兰克离世仅有几周时间,英国军队解放了这个集中营。1. Abraham Lincoln(b.1809 –1865)亚伯拉罕·林肯(Abraham Lincoln,1809-1865)There is some controversy as to which photograph is the last picture of Abraham Lincoln taken before he was assassinated. I ran across three different photos on the Internet that claim last picture. However from information recently discovered the general consensus is the photo pictured above is the one. It was taken by Henry J. Warren during a photo session around the time of his inauguration. Mr. Warren took some candid photographs of crowd scenes on March 4th and two day later on March 6th Warren took this picture out on the White House Balcony.A little over a month after this picture was taken on April 14, 1865 Lincoln attended a play at Ford#39;s Theater. John Wilkes Booth a well-known actor and a Confederate spy from Maryland crept up behind the President#39;s box and waited for the funniest line of the play, hoping the laughter would cover the noise of the gunshot. When the laughter came Booth jumped into the box with the President and aimed a single-shot, round-slug .44 caliber Derringer at his head, firing at point-blank range.关于亚伯拉罕·林肯被刺前的最后照片究竟是哪一张的问题,目前尚有诸多争议。我在网上曾见到三张声称是林肯总统“最后照片”的图片。但根据最新消息,人们普遍认为上面的这张图片才是货真价实的“最后照片”。亨利·沃伦(Henry J. Warren)在一次开幕式上拍下了这张图片。1865年3月4日,沃伦只抓拍到一些在场人群,两天后,即3月6日这一天,他在白宫阳台外面拍到了这张照片。拍下这张照片一个多月之后,即1865年4月14日,林肯总统前往福特剧院(Ford#39;s Theater)观看演出。知名演员约翰·威尔克斯·布斯(John Wilkes Booth )和一个来自马里兰(Maryland)的南部联盟间谍潜入总统身后的包厢中,等待演出高潮的到来,如此一来,他们的声就会被欢呼声所掩盖。当时机到来的时候,布斯迅速推开包厢的门,拔出口径为44毫米的单发短筒手,在距离不到两英尺的地方,朝林肯总统连开数。Interesting Fact: As mentioned above many Internet sites claim a different last picture taken of Lincoln claiming a date of April 10, 1865. (Just 4 days before the assassination) New evidence indicates what they thought was the last photo was used to paint a portrait. That particular portrait was painted February 5th 1865. This being the case, the Warren photo suddenly became the last picture taken of Lincoln alive.【趣实】:我在上面就曾提到过,有很多网站认为1865年4月10日(仅在遇刺前四天)拍摄的另一张图片才是林肯总统的“最后照片”。但有新的据表明,他们所认为的“最后照片”不过是将一张肖像画着色后再拍摄的。而那张特别的肖像画绘制于1865年2月5日。如此一来,沃伦拍摄的这张照片就毋容置疑地成为了总统生前的最后一张照片。注:本文转载自前十网,译者:李念 /201504/369280

  In a bid to cash in on the latest beauty trend of consuming collagen, Japanese company #39;Suntory Holdings Ltd#39; has released a special brew of collagen-infused beer.为了在最近胶原蛋白美容的风潮中谋利,日本三得利公司(Suntory Holdings Ltd)推出一款特别酿造的胶原蛋白啤酒。The trend has Japanese women believing that eating copious amounts of collagen – the structural protein of connective tissues – will lead to beautiful, younger-looking skin. The seemingly innocuous trend has caught on rapidly – stores are filled collagen-laced beauty products, and women are willing to gulp spoonfuls of powdered collagen mixed into protein shakes. They also flock to restaurants that serve foods naturally high in collagen – pig trotters, chicken skin and shark fin.日本女性认为吃足够量的胶原蛋白——结缔组织的结构蛋白——能够变得漂亮,肌肤看起来更年轻。这个似乎无毒无害的概念快速地火了起来,商店陈列着贴有胶原蛋白字样的美容产品,女性们还乐意把胶原蛋白粉加到蛋白粉里一起用。还有人去饭店享用天然的高胶原蛋白的食物,比如猪蹄、鸡皮和鱼翅。But the collagen-infused beer, called #39;Precious#39;, is a stroke of marketing genius – now women can get drunk and beautiful at the same time! Suntory announced the new product on April 7 – it is a light beer, containing 2 grams of collagen and 5% alcohol per can. Their tag declares: ;Guys can tell if a girl is taking collagen or not.;但是名字叫;宝贵;的这种胶原蛋白啤酒真是营销天才的杰作——现在的女性们喝酒的同时还可以美容!三得利公司称新产品于4月7日投放市场。这是一种低度啤酒,酒精浓度为5%,每罐啤酒含2克的胶原蛋白。啤酒广告上的标签写着:;男人们可以分辨出一个女孩是否在喝胶原蛋白。;Unfortunately, experts disagree. They say that eating the protein has no proven anti-aging benefits. According to Dr. Ariel Ostad, collagen expert and Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at New York University Medical Center, two grams ;isn#39;t enough collagen to make a remarkable difference for your skin#39;s complexion.;不幸的是,专家们并不同意这个观点。他们说,并没有据能明用蛋白质有抗衰老的功效。阿里尔奥斯塔克士( Dr. Ariel Ostad)是胶原蛋白专家也是纽约大学医学中心临床皮肤科的助理教授,他表示:;2克的胶原蛋白并不足以明显地改善你肌肤的情况。;He also explained that the idea of a beautifying beer is an oxymoron, because alcohol is actually bad for the skin – it results in inflammation, puffiness, and irritation. ;The advertisement claiming that #39;guys can tell if a girl is taking collagen or not#39; is totally misleading,; he added.同时,他还解释道,能美容的啤酒是一个自相矛盾的点子,因为酒精对肌肤非常的不好——会让皮肤发炎、浮肿和过敏。;广告商所说的#39;男人们可以分辨出一个女孩是否在喝胶原蛋白。#39;完全是在误导人。;他补充道。Surprisingly, according to a Forbes news report, Suntory accepted that they can#39;t vouch for the beers anti-aging effects. Public relations representative Taito Mikami said that they simply made the product because there are ;findings that Japanese women wanted to take collagen.;根据福布斯新闻的报道,三得利公司竟接受了专家所说的#39;他们无法明这款啤酒有抗衰老的功能#39;的说法。公关代表Taito Mikam说他们做这款产品是因为他们;发现日本女性对胶原蛋白的需求很大。;;So we created this regionally-marketed product to meet their needs,; he revealed.;因此我们创造了这个具有当地市场特色的产品去迎合消费者的需求。;他说道。Well, collagen-infused beer sounds like a rip off, but maybe this astaxanthin-infused chocolate will do the trick?这个胶原蛋白啤酒听起来颇有欺诈的意味,不过含虾青素的巧克力或许可以蒙骗过关? /201505/373877

  CyD!j5*Ut%wif~+LerR*iAw8IIfI love taking people to eat dim sum for the first time.我喜欢带人初试中式点心mNti#tG-O。Most people in the US, have no idea what dim sum actually is or the etiquette behind it. It#39;s fun to watch their eyes glaze over at the million tapas-like choices laid out before them._Nq^Uzv)g8G0Vk-Y]U5在美国,大多数人都不知道中式点心到底是什么,也不知道其背后的风俗民情GczTA*tOd1|wT。看着他们对摆在面前的各种点心露出如痴如醉的表情,我觉得特别好玩B-_7.m;-tn*O。]JF_Cndtgnb#dSsc5Y|Wf5kR;Us]ClevSmiling and nodding as they look over the — as though anything you pick it fine by them — you can visibly watch as the overwhelmed feeling washes over them.7wLdQg!dE-5他们边浏览菜单边微笑点头,喜悦之情溢于言表,好像你点的任何东西他们都会喜欢#HqGhXJ!25。I get it.我的目的达到了p6(((GDLIN!d6BPUr。Dim sum in fact, can be quite overwhelming! Add in s with limited English, rowdy Chinese families shouting all around, and people spitting bones out on the table, it#39;s definitely not an experience most Westerners are accustomed to.说实话,吃中式点心有时非常让人无语!除了菜单上的英文很蹩脚外,就餐的人拖家带口闹哄哄地又喊又叫,还把骨头吐在桌子上,这氛围大多数西方人肯定都受不了E;8;lp%JUbXqM%[I。But I love it.但我喜欢ZJdnl3bWybv,4x。Going to grab dim sum on a Sunday morning quickly became one of my favorite rituals in Hong Kong, and one I still try to fit in at least once a month here in Chicago. So to help sp that love I#39;ve decided to outline my favorite dim sum items, in hopes that you#39;ll be more confident in ordering and will want to go give dim sum a try!周日早晨去中式点心店饱餐一顿,这是我去香港没多久就培养出来的嗜好之一9ohK#94HmK。现在在芝加哥这边,我也至少每月要抽时间去大快朵颐一次60(jPTk%qT5VGbTK(2+。所以呢,为了跟别人分享这种热爱,我决定简单描述一下我最喜欢的几类中式点心,希望能为你前去点餐增加些底气,同时也希望能唤起你品尝的欲望![;V|ldtH*~~9KJJ*d|Q3k.pRysRNe88T,1xN-i@ /201507/383493。

  导语:端午节(Dragon Boat Festival)为每年农历五月初五,又称端阳节、午日节、五月节等。“端午节”为中国国家法定节假日之一,并已被列入世界非物质文化遗产名录。端午节起源于中国,最初是中国人民祛病防疫的节日,吴越之地春秋之前有在农历五月初五以龙舟竞渡形式举行部落图腾祭祀的习俗;后因诗人屈原在这一天死去,便成了中国汉族人民纪念屈原的传统节日;部分地区也有纪念伍子胥、曹娥等说法。端午节有吃粽子,喝雄黄酒,挂菖蒲、蒿草、艾叶,薰苍术、白芷,赛龙舟的习俗。端午节的历史渊源:农历五月初五是中国的传统节日——“端午节”,端是“开端”、“初”的意思。初五可以称为端五。农历以地纪月,正月建寅,二月为卯,顺次至五月为午,因此称五月为午月,“五”与“午”通,“五”又为阳数,故端午又名端五、重五、端阳、中天、重午、午日,此外一些地方又将端午节称之为五月节、艾节、夏节。从史籍上看,“端午”二字最早见于晋人周处《风土记》:“仲夏端午,烹鹜角黍”。端午节是我国汉族人民的传统节日。端午节的前世今生(1)端午节的前世今生 (2) 弘扬传统文化:端午节端午节的来历:汉语介绍MP3端午节话题的各种英语表达端午祭屈原:传说屈原死后,楚国百姓哀痛异常,纷纷涌到汨罗江边去凭吊屈原。渔夫们划起船只,在江上来回打捞他的真身。有位渔夫拿出为屈原准备的饭团、鸡蛋等食物,“扑通、扑通”地丢进江里,说是让鱼龙虾蟹吃饱了,就不会去咬屈大夫的身体了。人们见后纷纷仿效。一位老医师则拿来一坛雄黄酒倒进江里,说是要药晕蛟龙水兽,以免伤害屈大夫。后来为怕饭团为蛟龙所食,人们想出用楝树叶包饭,外缠丝,发展成棕子。以后,在每年的五月初五,就有了龙舟竞渡、吃粽子、喝雄黄酒的风俗;以此来纪念爱国诗人屈原。千百年来,屈原的爱国精神和感人诗词,已广泛深入人心,故人们“惜而哀之,世论其辞,以相传焉”,因此,纪念屈原之说,影响最广最深,占据主流地位。在民俗文化领域,中国民众把端午节的龙舟竞渡和吃粽子等,都与纪念屈原联系在一起。时至今日,端午节仍是中国人民生活中一个十分盛行的隆重节日。屈原投江双语阅读小故事屈原的故事flash小故事CCTV9报道:屈原家乡庆端午屈原诗词:“沧浪之水清兮,可以濯吾缨;沧浪之水浊兮,可以濯吾足。”屈原被放逐后,在和渔父的一次对话中,渔父劝他“与世推移”,不要“深思高举”,自找苦吃。屈原表示宁可投江而死,也不能使清白之身,蒙受世俗之尘埃。《楚辞·哀郢》英文是个什么样《楚辞·湘夫人》英文版本《楚辞·离骚》绝美翻译屈原《山鬼》端午玩什么:内容主要有:女儿回娘家,挂钟馗像,迎鬼船、躲午,帖午叶符,悬挂菖蒲、艾草,游百病,佩香囊,备牲醴,赛龙舟,比武,击球,荡秋千,给小孩涂雄黄,饮用雄黄酒、菖蒲酒,吃五毒饼、咸蛋、粽子和时令鲜果等。英文探索端午节习俗弘扬传统文化 品味端午习俗佩戴香包苗族龙船节赛龙舟“赛龙舟”英语长什么样端午吃什么:最早出现的端午时食,应属西汉的“枭羹”。《史记》“孝武本纪”注引如淳言:“汉使东郡送枭,五月五日为枭羹以赐百官。以恶鸟,故食之”。大约因为枭不易捕捉,所以吃枭羹的习俗并没有持续下来。锉是端午的主角-粽子,在稍晚的东汉就已出现。一直要到晋朝,粽子才成为端午的应节食品。《风土记》:“五月五日,与夏至同,……先此二节一日,又以菰叶裹黏米,杂以粟,以淳浓灰汁煮之令熟。”同时又有另一种端午节食,称为“龟”也只在晋朝昙花一现,随即销声匿迹。只有《风土记》中称为“角黍”的粽子,因为附会在屈原的传说上,千百年来,成为最受人欢迎的端午节食。端午节吃什么各种粽子都什么样端午习俗之吃粽子端午说粽子 各地粽子英文都长啥样端午习俗之饮雄黄酒端午节的特别美味盛宴韩国端午:韩国的江陵端午祭及与中国端午节的区别。韩国江陵端午祭是一项大型的庆祝活动,它以端午节为契机,紧密结合了韩国民众信仰和农时活动。不同于中国端午节的是,它以韩民族自己的方式,结合韩国民众的需要和审美观,创造了丰富多的内容和形式。韩国怎么过端午端午传说:白蛇饮雄黄现原形的故事纪念伍子胥端午节的第二个传说,在江浙一带流传很广,是纪念春秋时期(公元前770--前476年)的伍子胥。伍子胥名员,楚国人,父兄均为楚王所杀,后来子胥弃暗投明,奔向吴国,助吴伐楚,五战而入楚都郢城。当时楚平王已死,子胥掘墓鞭尸三百,以报杀父兄之仇。吴王阖庐死后,其子夫差继位,吴军士气高昂,百战百胜,越国大败,越王勾践请和,夫差许之。子胥建议,应彻底消灭越国,夫差不听,吴国大宰,受越国贿赂,谗言陷害子胥,夫差信之,赐子胥宝剑,子胥以此死。子胥本为忠良,视死如归,在死前对邻舍人说:“我死后,将我眼睛挖出悬挂在吴京之东门上,以看越国军队入城灭吴”,便自刎而死,夫差闻言大怒,令取子胥之尸体装在皮革里于五月五日投入大江,因此相传端午节亦为纪念伍子胥之日。纪念孝女曹娥端午节的第三个传说,是为纪念东汉(公元23--220年)孝女曹娥救父投江。曹娥是东汉上虞人,父亲溺于江中,数日不见尸体,当时孝女曹娥年仅十四岁,昼夜沿江号哭。过了十七天,在五月五日也投江,五日后抱出父尸。就此传为神话,继而相传至县府知事,令度尚为之立碑,让他的弟子邯郸淳作诔辞颂扬。  孝女曹娥之墓,在今浙江绍兴,后传曹娥碑为晋王义所书。后人为纪念曹娥的孝节,在曹娥投江之处兴建曹娥庙,她所居住的村镇改名为曹娥镇,曹娥殉父之处定名为曹娥江。图腾祭近代大量出土文物和考古研究实:长江中下游广大地区,在新石器时代,有一种几何印纹陶为特征的文化遗存。该遗存的族属,据专家推断是一个崇拜龙的图腾的部族----史称百越族。出土陶器上的纹饰和历史传说示明,他们有断发纹身的习俗,生活于水乡,自比是龙的子孙。其生产工具,大量的还是石器,也有铲、凿等小件的青铜器。作为生活用品的坛坛罐罐中,烧煮食物的印纹陶鼎是他们所特有的,是他们族群的标志之一。直到秦汉时代尚有百越人,端午节就是他们创立用于祭祖的节日。在数千年的历史发展中,大部分百越人已经融合到汉族中去了,其余部分则演变为南方许多少数民族,因此,端午节成了全中华民族的节日。龙的节日说这种说法来自闻一多的《端午考》和《端午的历史教育》。他认为,五月初五是古代吴越地区“龙”的部落举行图腾祭祀的日子。其主要理由是:1 端午节两个最主要的活动吃粽子和竞渡,都与龙相关。粽子投入水里常被蛟龙所窃,而竞渡则用的是龙舟。2 竞渡与古代吴越地方的关系尤深,况且吴越百姓还有断发纹身“以像龙子”的习俗。3 古代五月初五日有用“五丝系臂”的民间风俗,这应当是“像龙子”的纹身习俗的遗迹。结语:关于端午节还有很多的传说和迷思,如白娘子和许仙等等……,这也正是中国传统节日的魅力所在。欢度端午,粽子节快乐!~ /201506/381311

  NEW DELHI — FOR weeks the breathing of my 8-year-old son, Bram, had become more labored, his medicinal inhaler increasingly vital. And then, one terrifying night nine months after we moved to this megacity, Bram’s inhaler stopped working and his gasping became panicked.新德里——在接连几周的时间里,我八岁的儿子布拉姆(Bram)的呼吸变得越来越吃力,他的药用吸入器也变得越来越重要。然后,在我们搬到这个大都市九个月后的一个可怕夜晚,布拉姆的吸入器不再管用,他开始喘不过气来。My wife called a friend, who recommended a private hospital miles away. I carried Bram to the car while my wife brought his older brother. India’s traffic is among the world’s most chaotic, and New Delhi’s streets are crammed with trucks at night, when road signs become largely ornamental. We undertook one of the most frightening journeys of our lives, with my wife in the back seat cradling Bram’s head.我妻子打电话给一个朋友,她推荐了一家数英里之外的私立医院。我把布拉姆抱进车,我妻子带着布拉姆的哥哥也上了车。印度是世界上交通最混乱的地区之一,新德里夜间的街道上挤满了卡车,交通标志基本上是摆设。妻子在后座上揽着布拉姆的头,那是我们这辈子最可怕的旅程之一。When we arrived, doctors infused him with steroids (and refused to provide further treatment until a ,000 charge on my credit card went through). A week later, Bram was able to return home.我们到达医院后,医生给布拉姆输了类固醇(并且拒绝提供进一步的治疗,直至我用信用卡付的1000美元到账)。一周后,布莱姆才得以回家。When I became a South Asia correspondent for The New York Times three years ago, my wife and I were both excited and prepared for difficulties — insistent beggars, endemic dengue and summertime temperatures that reach 120 degrees. But we had little inkling just how dangerous this city would be for our boys.三年前,当我成为《纽约时报》的南亚通讯员时,妻子和我感到很兴奋,同时也做好了迎接困难的准备——纠缠不休的乞丐,四处肆虐的登革热,高达华氏120度的夏季温度。但我们全然没有料到,这个城市对我们的孩子会有多么危险。We gradually learned that Delhi’s true menace came from its air, water, food and flies. These perils sicken, disable and kill millions in India annually, making for one of the worst public health disasters in the world. Delhi, we discovered, is quietly suffering from a dire pediatric respiratory crisis, with a recent study showing that nearly half of the city’s 4.4 million schoolchildren have irreversible lung damage from the poisonous air.我们逐渐了解到,德里真正危险的地方是它的空气、水、食物和苍蝇。在印度,这些危险因素每年导致数以百万计的人患病、残疾和丧生,这是世界上最严重的公共卫生灾难之一。我们发现,德里正悄无声息地遭遇着一场可怕的小儿呼吸道疾病危机,最近的一项研究显示,在该市440万学龄儿童中,有将近一半因有毒的空气遭受了不可逆转的肺部损伤。For most Indians, these are inescapable horrors. But there are thousands of others who have chosen to live here, including some trying to save the world, others hoping to describe it and still others intent on getting their own small piece of it. It is an eclectic community of expatriates and millionaires, including car executives from Detroit, tech geeks from the Bay Area, cancer researchers from Maryland and diplomats from Dublin. Over the last year, often over chai and samosas at local dhabas or whiskey and chicken tikka at glittering embassy parties, we have obsessively discussed whether we are pursuing our careers at our children’s expense.对于大多数印度人而言,这些恐怖之处是不可避免的。但也有数以千计的人们选择居住在这里,其中就包括一些试图拯救世界的人,一些希望讲述这里的故事的人,还有一些热衷于在这里拥有一片自己的小天地的人。这是外籍人士和富豪组成的混杂社区,他们中有来自底特律的汽车高管,湾区的科技业人士,马里兰州的癌症研究人员,以及都柏林的外交官。过去一年里,我们在本地饭馆品尝印度奶茶及三角饼时,或者在五颜六色的使馆派对上享受威士忌和鸡肉串时,常常着了魔似地讨论一个话题:我们是否罔顾孩子的利益,来追求自己的事业?Foreigners have lived in Delhi for centuries, of course, but the air and the mounting research into its effects have become so frightening that some feel it is unethical for those who have a choice to willingly raise children here. Similar discussions are doubtless underway in Beijing and other Asian megacities, but it is in Delhi — among the most populous, polluted, unsanitary and bacterially unsafe cities on earth — where the new calculus seems most urgent. The city’s air is more than twice as polluted as Beijing’s, according to the World Health Organization. (India, in fact, has 13 of the world’s 25 most polluted cities, while Lanzhou is the only Chinese city among the worst 50; Beijing ranks 79th.)当然,数百年来一直有外国人在德里居住,但空气和越来越多的关于其影响的研究已经变得如此触目惊心,以至于有些人觉得,如果有人有选择的机会,却情愿在这里抚养孩子,那是不道德的。类似的讨论无疑也正在北京等亚洲大城市展开,但在德里——地球上人口最稠密,污染最严重,最不卫生,病菌肆虐最甚的城市之一——这个问题似乎最为紧迫。世界卫生组织的资料显示,该城市的空气污染程度超过北京的两倍。(世界上25个污染最严重的城市中,有13个是印度城市。兰州是前50名中唯一的中国城市;北京位列第79位。)So many of our friends have decided to leave that the American Embassy School — this city’s great expat institution — is facing a steep drop in admissions next fall. My pastor, who ministers to a largely expat parish here, told me he feared he would lose 60 percent of his congregants this summer.因此,我们的很多朋友都决定离开。美国使馆学校(American Embassy School)是德里一家很棒的外籍生学校,今年秋天它面临着生源的急剧下降。我的牧师负责这里一个主要由外籍人员构成的教区,他告诉我,他担心今年夏天自己会失去60%的教众。We nearly left two years ago, after Bram’s first hospitalization. Even after his breathing stabilized, tests showed that he had lost half his lung function. On our doctor’s advice, we placed him on routine steroid therapy and decided that as long as his breathing did not worsen again, we could stay in Delhi.两年前,在布拉姆的首次住院之后,我们也几乎离开了这里。但他的呼吸状况稳定下来后,测试结果显示他已经失去了一半的肺功能。在医生的建议下,我们让他进行常规的类固醇治疗,并决定只要他的呼吸状况没有再次恶化,我们可以就留在德里。Or at least I decided that. My wife seriously considered flying home immediately, and at the end of a summer visit to the ed States with the kids months later, sobbed for hours on the return flight to Delhi.或者至少我决定这么做。我妻子当时就认真考虑过立即飞回家去;而且在数个月后,当我们与孩子结束了回美国探访的夏季行程,在回德里的返程航班上,她抽泣了好几个小时。But after our second year here, Bram seemed fine. His earlier difficulties, though, led me to call some leading air pollution experts. The conversations were sobering.不过,我们在这里度过了第二年之后,布莱姆显得一切安好。但是鉴于他之前遇到的状况,我和一些顶尖的空气污染专家通了电话。我们之间的交谈发人深省。“Knowing that I was putting my kids in a place that compromised their health for their lifetimes would be very difficult given all of the scientific evidence,” said W. James Gauderman, a professor of preventive medicine at the University of Southern California. He is the co-author of a landmark 2004 study showing that children raised in parts of Los Angeles — where pollution levels are a fraction of Delhi’s — face significant and probably permanent losses of lung function. Even children who move to less polluted places during childhood never seem to entirely recover from earlier high pollution exposures, another study found.“考虑到有各种科学据,知道自己让孩子住在某个地方,可能损害他们一生的健康,会让我非常难受,”南加州大学的预防医学教授W·詹姆斯·高德曼(W. James Gauderman)说。他是2004年一份具有里程碑意义的研究的合著者,该研究显示,在洛杉矶部分地区——污染程度远低于德里——长大的儿童,遭受了明显的、可能是永久性的肺功能损失。另一项研究发现,如果孩子早年在高污染环境中生活,即使在儿童时期搬迁到了污染较低的地方,他们似乎也无法完全恢复健康。Sarath Guttikunda, one of India’s top pollution researchers, who moved to Goa, on the west coast of India, to protect his two young children, was unequivocal: “If you have the option to live elsewhere, you should not raise children in Delhi.”为了保护两个年幼的孩子,印度最顶尖的污染研究人员之一萨拉斯·古提昆塔(Sarath Guttikunda)举家搬迁到了印度西海岸的果阿。他明确地说:“如果你可以在别处居住,就不该在德里抚养子女。”These and other experts told me that reduced lung capacity in adults is a highly accurate predictor of early death and disability — perhaps more than elevated blood pressure or cholesterol. So by permanently damaging their lungs in Delhi, our children may not live as long.他们和其他专家告诉我,成人肺活量不足,对于预测早逝和残疾来说准确度非常高——可能高于血压或胆固醇升高。因此,由于在德里遭受了永久性的肺损坏,我的孩子的寿命可能缩短了。And then there are nascent areas of research suggesting that pollution can lower children’s I.Q., hurt their test scores and increase the risks of autism, epilepsy, diabetes and even adult-onset diseases like multiple sclerosis.在一些方兴未艾的领域,研究表明:污染可能会让儿童智商降低,影响他们的考试成绩,并增加罹患自闭症、癫痫、糖尿病的风险,甚至像多发性硬化症等成年后才发作的疾病,患病风险也会提高。C. Arden Pope III, a professor of economics at Brigham Young University and a leading expert on the health consequences of air pollution, noted that accurate pollution monitors have existed only since the 1980s. “If Delhi’s ings aren’t the highest ever, they’re among the highest ever,” he said. “Certainly no city in the ed States, including Los Angeles, has ever come close.”杨百翰大学(Brigham Young University)的经济学家C·阿登·波普三世(C. Arden Pope III)是研究空气污染对健康的影响的权威专家,他指出,准确的污染监测仪器直到20世纪80年代才出现。“就算德里的读数值不是有史以来最高的,也是有史以来最高的之一,”他说。“包括洛杉矶在内的任何美国城市肯定都与那样高的读数值相距甚远。”That means the extent of the damage Delhi is doing to our children can only be guessed, he said. Several medical ethicists said it would be impossible to get approval for a clinical trial to send a group of children to Delhi to monitor their health. “Not a chance,” said Adil E. Shamoo, editor in chief of Accountability in Research and a bioethicist at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. “It’s O.K. to survey people aly there, but moving children into harm’s way? No.”这意味着,我孩子在德里遭受的损害严重程度只能靠猜测,他说。几位医学伦理学家称,送一群孩子到德里去,并监测他们的健康状况,这样的临床试验是不可能得到批准的。“绝对不可能,”《研究中的问责》(Accountability in Research)的主编、马里兰医学院(Maryland School of Medicine)的生物伦理学家阿迪尔·E·萨莫(Adil E. Shamoo)说。“调查已经在那里的人是可以的;但把孩子搬迁到有危害的地方?不行。”And children are by no means the only ones harmed. Many adults suffer near-constant headaches, sore throats, coughs and fatigue. Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s chief minister, had to leave the city for 10 days in March to cure a chronic cough.受到危害的不仅是孩子。很多成年人几乎常年头痛、喉咙痛、咳嗽,以及疲劳乏力。今年3月,德里首席部长阿尔温德·凯杰里沃(Arvind Kejriwal)为了治疗慢性咳嗽,不得不离开了这里十天。It’s not just the air that inflicts harm. At least 600 million Indians, half the total population, defecate outdoors, and most of the effluent, even from toilets, is dumped untreated into rivers and streams. Still, I never thought this would come home to my family quite as dramatically as it did.危害健康的不只是空气。至少有六亿印度人在户外排便,占总人口数量的一半,而大部分的污水,甚至来自厕所的污水,都未经处理就倾倒入江河。但是,我从来没有想过,它们会戏剧性地来到我的家中。We live in a four-year-old, five-story apartment building that my wife chose because its relatively new windows could help shut out Delhi’s appalling nighttime air. Its cookie-cutter design — by the same developer who built dozens of others in the neighborhood — gave us confidence that things would function, by no means assured for new construction here.我们住在一栋四年前修建的五层公寓楼里,我的妻子选择这里是因为它配备了相对较新的窗户,有助于将德里的可怕夜间空气隔绝在外。公寓楼平凡无奇的设计——同一家开发商在附近修建了数十栋这样的建筑——给了我们信心,觉得它的设施会运行良好;不是所有德里的新建筑都能保这一点的。About six months after we moved in, one of our neighbors reported that her tap water suddenly smelled like sewage. Then the smell hit another neighbor and another. It turned out that the developer had dug open channels for sewage that had gradually seeped into each apartment’s buried water tank. When we pulled up the floor tiles on the ground floor, brown sludge seemed to be everywhere.搬进去大约半年后的一天,一名邻居说她的自来水突然散发污水味道。然后邻居们一个接一个遇到这种情况。原来是开发商把下水道挖开了,污水逐渐渗透到每间公寓埋在地下的水箱里。当我们揭开一楼的地砖时,褐色污泥似乎到处都是。I was in the shower when this sewage mixture arrived in our apartment. Sounds horrible, but I shrugged and toweled off because that smell is such a frequent presence here.混合了污水的自来水抵达我们公寓时,我正在淋浴。这听起来很可怕,但我只是耸耸肩,擦干了身体,因为那种味道在这里经常都能闻到。For much of the year, the Yamuna River would have almost no flow through Delhi if not for raw sewage. Add in the packs of stray dogs, monkeys and cattle even in urban areas, and fresh excretions are nearly ubiquitous. Insects alight on these excretions and then on people or their food, sickening them.如果不是未经处理的污水倾倒入亚穆纳河,那么在一年中的很多时候,这条河在德里几乎是断流的。再加上德里城区中也时常看到的一群群流浪、猴子和牛,新的排泄物几乎随目可见。昆虫在这些排泄物上落足,然后再在人类或他们的食物上停留,传染疾病。Most piped water here is contaminated. Poor sanitation may be a crucial reason nearly half of India’s children are stunted.这里的大多数自来水都遭受了污染。恶劣的卫生条件,可能是近一半印度儿童发育迟缓的一个关键原因。The list of health threats sounds harrowing when considered together, but life goes on and can be quite nice here. Our apartment building eventually installed aboveground water tanks. My children’s school and travel in the region are terrific, and many expats are far more influential here than they would be in their home countries.综合考虑这些威胁健康的因素,你会感到痛心疾首,但这里的生活还在继续,而且也可以过得相当不错。我们的公寓楼最终把水箱安装在了地面上。我孩子的学校和在该地区进行的旅行都很棒。很多外国人在这里拥有了比在本国远远更大的影响力。Yet one afternoon this spring, someone in our neighborhood burned something toxic, and an astringent cloud sp around our block. My wife was out walking with a friend, and their eyes became teary and their throats began to close. They bolted back inside our apartment where they found Bram gasping again, for the first time in two years. In some places in Delhi, the levels of fine particles that cause the most lung damage, called PM2.5, routinely exceed 1,000 in winter in part because small trash and other fires are so common, according to scientists. In Beijing, PM2.5 levels that exceed 500 make international headlines; here, levels twice that high are largely ignored.然而,今年春天的一个下午,有人在居民区里焚烧有毒物质,气味酸涩的浓烟在我们的街区蔓延。我妻子和一位朋友当时在外面散步,她们被呛出了眼泪,感觉快要窒息。于是狂奔回我们的公寓,结果发现布拉姆又在喘息,这还是两年里的第一次。在德里有些地方,名为PM 2.5的细颗粒物的水平导致了非常严重的肺损伤,在冬季,该数值经常超过1000,科学家表示,部分原因是对小件垃圾和其他东西的焚烧在这里极为普遍。在北京,PM 2.5水平超过500会成为国际头条新闻;而在这里,比北京高出一倍的污染水平基本上被人们无视。But Bram notices.但布拉姆注意到了。He spent the next five days at home, with my wife giving him heavy doses of inhaled steroids through a mask. He has a quiet sadness during these crises, perhaps because they force him to accept the idea that his health is more fragile than that of his brother or friends.接下来的五天里,他一直待在家里,我妻子让他透过口罩用了大量吸入性类固醇。在这些危机期间,他有一种静默的忧伤,因为他要被迫接受,自己的健康比哥哥或朋友更脆弱。Before coming to Delhi, Bram had had a couple of breathing episodes that doctors assured us he would most likely outgrow. Now he has full-blown asthma and must take powerful daily medications.来德里之前,布拉姆也出过几次呼吸方面的问题。医生曾向我们保,布拉姆很有可能会随着年龄的增长而摆脱那些问题。但现在,他真的得了哮喘病,每天都必须用强效药物。Would he have developed asthma if we had stayed in the ed States? Pediatric asthma is far more likely to start and worsen in polluted locales. The sidelines at kids’ soccer games here are littered with inhalers.如果我们留在美国,他还会得哮喘吗?在受污染的地方,小儿哮喘发病和恶化的可能性要大得多。在这里的足球场外,散落着许多吸入器。Ruth R. Faden, director of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, said children have a special claim to protection. “First, because they are so dependent on us for their well-being, and second because deprivations in childhood have such an outsize effect,” she said.约翰·霍普金斯大学伯曼生物伦理学研究所(Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics)主任鲁斯·R·费登(Ruth R. Faden)说,孩子特别需要保护。“首先,因为他们的健康很依赖我们,其次因为童年时期健康受损的影响非常大,”她说。There is a growing expatriate literature, mostly out of China, describing the horrors of air pollution, the dangers to children and the increasingly desperate measures taken for protection. These accounts mostly end with the writers deciding to remain despite the horrors.外籍人士撰写的相关文章越来越多。它们大多来自中国,描写了对空气污染的恐惧、对孩子的危害以及所采取的越来越夸张的保护措施。在这些文章的结尾,虽心怀恐惧,但作者大多还是决定留下。Not this one. We are moving back to Washington this week.但本文不同。我们将于这周返回华盛顿。The boys are excited. Aden, 12, wants a skateboard and bicycle, accouterments of freedom in a place he is allowed to wander by himself. His younger brother’s wish may be harder to realize.孩子们很兴奋。12岁的亚丁(Aden)想要滑板和自行车。在一个允许他独自闲逛的地方,那是享受自由的装备。他弟弟的愿望则可能更难实现。“My asthma will go away,” Bram said recently. “I hope so, anyway.”“我的哮喘会消失,”布拉姆前不久说。“总之,希望如此。” /201506/378749B that looks just like watermelon has become the hottest food in Taiwan.目前,台湾最火的食物是一种长得像西瓜的面包。Jimmy#39;s Bakery, inYilanCounty, is selling loaves of the vibrant green, pink and black #39;watermelon toast#39;.台湾宜兰县的占美饼店可以买到这种颜色鲜活、汇集了绿色、粉色和黑色的“西瓜吐司面包”。Hundreds of customers have started lining up every day to get their hands on a prized loaf.每天都有数百人在店前排队想要亲见如此少见的面包。The b - which tastes nothing like watermelon - is made with charcoal, green tea and strawberry food colouring to create the bright colours of the seeds, rind and flesh.西瓜面包由炭黑色素、绿茶以及草莓食用色素制成,三种颜色分别担当西瓜子、瓜皮和瓜瓤的角色,吃起来自然不会有西瓜味。The b is also sold with yellow #39;flesh#39;.该面包还有黄色瓜瓤系列。A YouTube showing how the bizarre b can be created at home reveals that it can taste like chocolate, strawberry or green tea.一段教授如何在家自制西瓜面包的视频指出,这种面包可以做出巧克力、草莓或者绿茶等不同口味。Hundreds of fans have uploaded snaps of the snack to social media, with one Instagram user saying they had driven two hours just to sample the b.数百名粉丝已经将这种面包拍照后上传至社交网站,一位Instagram用户表示,为了亲口尝一尝西瓜面包甚至驱车两小时前往该店。Other social media shots show the small store with a crowd of eager customers snaking out on to the street.社交网站上还有照片显示,在这家小店门口等待买面包的人已经排成了长龙。A crowd controller can be seen monitoring the queue as they wait to purchase the Watermelon Toast.面包店门口还有一位专门维持排队秩序的人。The bakery, which sells the unusual snack by the loaf or sliced and toasted, makes approximately 100 loaves per day.这家面包店每天大约烤制100条西瓜面包,可以整块购买,也可以买切片或吐司系列。Bakery owner Lee Wen-fa reportedly created the colourful treat to appeal to children who had lost their appetite in the hot summer months.据称,面包店老板最初烤制这种面包是为了让小朋友在夏天食欲减退的时候重拾胃口。The square loaves resemble the square watermelons that became a novelty must-have item in Japan, selling for 0 each.这方方正正的西瓜面包看上去像极了曾经在日本热销的方形西瓜,这种西瓜当时售价为每个100美元。 /201507/384056

  How does the world’s top investor, at 84 years old, wake up every day and face the world with boundless energy?作为全球顶尖的投资家,今年84岁的巴菲特每天是如何精神抖擞地起床,带着无限的精力面对这个世界的?“I’m one quarter Coca-Cola,” Warren Buffett says.巴菲特曾说:“可口可乐占了我的四分之一。”When he told me this in a phone call yesterday (we were talking about the death of his friend, former), I assumed he was talking about his stock portfolio.当他昨天在电话里说起这番话时(我们正在谈论他刚刚过世的一位朋友),我还以为他说的是自己的投资组合。No, Buffett explained, “If I eat 2700 calories a day, a quarter of that is Coca-Cola. I drink at least five 12-ounce servings. I do it everyday.”巴菲特解释道:“如果我每天吃2700卡路里,其中有四分之一是可口可乐。我每天喝至少五罐12盎司的可乐,每天都是这样。”Perhaps only a man who owns billion in Coca-Cola stock—9% of Coke, through his company, Berkshire Hathaway—would maintain such an odd daily diet. One 12-ounce can of Coke contains 140 calories. Typically, Buffett says, “I have three Cokes during the day and two at night.”大概只有他这样一个持有160亿可口可乐股票(该公司9%的股权)的投资人,才会保持如此奇特的日常饮食习惯。一罐12盎司的可口可乐含有140卡路里的热量。巴菲特说,一般情况下,“我每天白天喝三罐,晚上喝两罐。”When he’s at his desk at Berkshire Hathaway headquarters in Omaha, he drinks regular Coke; at home, he treats himself to Cherry Coke.在伯克希尔哈撒韦公司总部大楼的办公室时,他喝的是普通的可口可乐;在家则喝樱桃味的可口可乐。“I’ll have one at breakfast,” he explains, noting that he loves to drink Coke with potato sticks. What brand of potato sticks? “I have a can right here,” he says. “U-T-Z” Utz is a Hanover, Pennsylvania-based snack maker. Buffett says that he’s talked to Utz management about potentially buying the company.他解释道:“我早餐时会喝一罐,”并表示他喜欢配上薯条吃。哪个品牌的薯条?他说:“我手头上就有一罐UTZ薯条。”UTZ是一家位于宾州汉诺威市的零食公司。巴菲特说,他曾和UTZ的管理层商谈过收购这家公司的可能性。Investors in Berkshire Hathaway may feel relieved that the CEO isn’t addicted to Utz Potato Stix at every breakfast. “This morning, I had a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream,” Buffett says.令公司投资人感到欣慰的是,巴菲特并非每顿早餐都对UTZ的薯条上瘾。他说:“今天早上,我吃了一碗巧克力冰淇淋。”Asked to explain the high-sugar, high-salt diet that has somehow enabled him to remain seemingly healthy, Buffett replies: “I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old.” The octogenarian adds, “It’s the safest course I can take.”当被问到高糖高盐的饮食为什么能让他看起来很健康的时候,巴菲特答道:“我查过死亡率统计表,死亡率最低的是六岁儿童。所以我决定仿照六岁孩童的饮食习惯。”这位八旬老人补充道:“这样做再安全不过了。” /201503/362751


  Most of us will probably admit to the occasional little white lie. But in fact, more than one in three people tell at least one lie every day.大多数人或许都承认,我们偶尔说些善意的谎言。但事实是,超过三分之一的人每天至少会说一个谎言。And it turns out that the fairer sex are the biggest fibbers of all. According to a survey, a shocking four in five women tell lies on a daily basis.一项调查表明,原来女性更加撒谎成性,竟然有五分之四的女性天天都会说谎。Some women even admit to doing so as many as 30 times a day – the equivalent of twice every waking hour, a survey has revealed.调查还披露,一些女性甚至承认一天说谎可达30次,这就相当于在她清醒的时间内每小时说谎两次。This compares with two out of five men who said they tended to tell lies every day.与此相比,五分之二的男性说他们每天会说谎。Fortunately the picture is not as bleak as the statistics imply. People said they mainly shied away from telling the truth to avoid hurting other people#39;s feelings.幸运的是,实际现状并不是像数据披露的那样糟糕。人们说他们说谎的主要目的是为了避免说真话伤害他人的感情。The biggest reason they lied was to ‘make someone feel better#39; (55 per cent). This was followed by ‘to not get into trouble#39; (32 per cent) and one in four put it down to the fact that ‘life is complicated#39;. ‘Proving a point#39; and ‘saving face#39; were also common reasons to skirt around the truth.他们说谎的最主要原因是为了“让他人感觉良好(持这一目的的人数占了总人数的55%)”;其次是为了“避免陷入麻烦(32%)”;四分之一的人则指出说谎是因为“生活很复杂”。此外,“明某一观点”和“挽回面子”通常也是人们说谎的原因。Around 2,000 people were questioned for the poll commissioned by insurance company Privilege. And researchers found a common theme running through people#39;s lies.约2000人参与了保险公司Privilege委办的这一问卷调查。研究人员发现了一个贯穿人们谎言的共同之处。No one likes to leave a plateful of food when invited to a dinner party, and ‘saying you enjoyed a friend or relative#39;s cooking#39; when you might not have was the number one reason for lying (42 per cent).被邀请参加派对时,没人愿意剩下一大盘食物,所以即使没有觉得很好吃也会“说很喜欢朋友或亲戚做的食物”,此处是人们说谎最多的地方(有42%的人说谎)。People also commonly fib about their job, their salary or their weight. And they regularly pretend to share a hobby with someone they are trying to impress.人们还通常在他们的工作、工资或体重这些话题上撒些小谎。面对自己想留下印象的人,会假装与她/他有共同的爱好。However, perhaps fortunately, most of our lies are relatively harmless. Around 80 per cent said they only told a lie when it would not seriously hurt anyone – although one in ten said a small fib they told had ended up hurting someone they were close to.然而,幸运的是,我们大部分的谎言都是相对无害的。大约80%的人说他们仅仅在事情不会严重伤害任何人时才会说谎——尽管十分之一的人说他们说的小谎言最终伤害到了亲近的人。The research also revealed that the most popular place to lie is ‘at home#39;. Work and job interviews were the next most popular, followed by social media and CVs.同时调查也披露出说谎最多的地方就是“家里”,其次是在工作和求职面试的场所,再次就是社会媒体和简历上。But the truth is most likely to be told in a court or doctor#39;s surgery.而最真实的话往往出现在法院和医生的诊疗室。As for who we are most likely to lie to, friends are top of the list (30 per cent), followed closely by work colleagues and partners (around one in four) and then children.至于我们最喜欢撒谎的对象:第一位是朋友(占了30%),其次是同事、伴侣(占了四分之一),然后是孩子。Interestingly, it is in middle-age rather than in youth that we are most likely to lie – 46 was the average age of people who admitted regularly telling lies.有趣的是,中年时比年轻时更爱说谎——经常说谎的人群的平均年龄是46岁。 /201506/379470。


  We all know that Britain and the US are two countries connected by a common language. But in fact, the differences are more fun to observe, as B did in a recent story called 8 Situations When Britons Behave Differently From Americans. Below Teens has picked out four for you. Take a look。众所周知,英国与美国因为使用同一种语言而有诸多相似之处。但事实上,探寻英美文化间的差异更加有趣。近日,B就刊登了一篇文章,题为“四种情境:英美人的不同表现”。下面我们就来看看其中的四种情况:1. When someone knocks into you被撞后什么反应?If someone bumps into an American, the victim will most likely look the accidental aggressor in the face and expect an apology. If, however, the victim happens to be British, chances are that the victim will say “sorry” before the other can make his or her own apology。如果被撞的是美国人,他们大都会直视冒失者,希望对方道歉。而相反,如果被撞的碰巧是英国人,他们则很可能会在撞人者开口道歉之前先说“对不起”。2. When you get dressed for dinner晚宴穿什么?Britons don’t all change into evening dress for supper like what you may have seen in popular TV shows like Downton Abbey. But they do tend to make an effort when going out for dinner somewhere nice. Americans, however, will probably wear a casual shirt to a fancy eatery。享用晚餐时,英国人虽然不会像热门英剧《唐顿庄园》中那样人人身着晚礼,但在去高级餐厅就餐时也会在穿着上颇下一番功夫。而美国人则可能穿一件休闲衬衫就出入高级餐馆。3. When you don’t finish your food饭菜没吃完时怎么办?Britons wouldn’t think to take the leftovers home when dining out at a restaurant. They think the food is somehow “tainted” once they’ve poked at it with a knife and fork. In the US, wrapping it up to take home is a standard practice。外出就餐时,英国人不会将剩饭剩菜打包带走,因为在他们看来食物一旦被刀叉“染指”后便被“玷污”了。然而对美国人而言,打包剩菜则是一种惯例。4. When you get into a taxi乘出租车时什么表现?Britons will give the cab driver an address, then assume that’s it for the interaction until it’s time to pay. Even if they’re being taken in a roundabout way, they’re very unlikely to say anything. In the US, however, most passengers think nothing of telling the driver what route to take after telling him or her the destination。英国人在告诉司机目的地之后就会秉承全程“零交流”的原则,直至下车付钱才开口。甚至在看见司机绕路时,他们也会一言不发。而美国人则恰恰相反,大多数乘客都会在告诉司机目的地后,自己指挥行车路线;并且觉得这并无不妥。 /201507/385618

  TORONTO — YOU can’t even really see the shoes.多伦多——你其实很少能看到这些鞋子。In many of the photos of women on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, the elegant gowns fall all the way to the ground, obscuring a view of their special-occasion footwear.在戛纳电影节(Cannes Film Festival)女星走红毯的照片中,有很多优雅的及地长裙,遮挡了她们专为这个特殊场合穿着的鞋子。So why on earth would it matter if women entering the prestigious celebration of cinema chose not to confine themselves in difficult-to-walk-in heels, opting for something more manageable — or even fashion-forward, in a flat?那么,如果一名女性决定不穿着难以走路的高跟鞋,而是选择更加方便——甚至是时尚前沿的——平底鞋,步入这个知名的电影盛会,又有什么大不了的呢?It did seem to matter to someone, though. It was reported last week that some women were turned away from the festival for the sartorial sin of wearing flats. High heels, it turns out, appeared to be part of the unwritten red-carpet dress code. Wearing heels changes how you stand, how you walk and how you are perceived. Even if they are visible only in small flashes, when a hem moves to one side, they are, in essence, a foundation garment: shoes that keep women in their place.但是对于有些人,这似乎真的很重要。上周有报道称,一些女性穿着平底鞋前往这个电影节,却因违反着装规范而被拒之门外。实际上,高跟鞋似乎是不成文的红地毯着装规范之一。穿着高跟鞋,会改变你站立、走路的姿势,改变人们对你的感觉。即使鞋子被看到的时候很少,但当裙装的下摆摆到一边时,它们本质上就相当于紧身胸衣:鞋子让女性摆正自己的位置。The heel has come to be the icon of feminine allure and even female power. But what, exactly, is this power and why do only women have the privilege of using heels to convey it?高跟鞋已经变成女性魅力的标志,甚至是女性力量的标志。但是,这种力量究竟是什么,为什么只有女性才拥有用高跟鞋来表达它的特权呢?Heeled footwear that gave the wearer a bit of a lift, or an advantage while on horseback, were not the original domain of women. They were first introduced into Western fashion around the turn of the 17th century from Western Asia. Privileged men, followed by women, eagerly wore them for more than 130 years as expressions of power and prestige.高跟鞋会对穿着者产生一种“提升”效果,类似于骑在马上的优势,它最初并不是女性饰。在17世纪之交,高跟鞋被首次从西亚引入西方时装领域。在130多年的时间里,它是权力和威望的表达,特权阶层的男性热衷于穿着高跟鞋,该阶层女性也随之效仿。This changed, however, in the 18th century when the distinctions between male and female dress began to reflect larger cultural shifts. Regardless of class, men were deemed uniquely endowed with rational thought and thus worthy of political enfranchisement. Heels were not required on this new equal playing field. Men began to wear the nascent three-piece suit in somber hues and were discouraged from standing out from one another. Alexander Pope, writing early in the century, composed a satirical list of men’s club rules that included the warning that if a member “shall wear the Heels of his shoes exceeding one inch and half... the Criminal shall instantly be expell’d... Go from among us, and be tall if you can!”然而在18世纪时,情况发生了转变,男女饰之间的差异开始反映更广泛层面上的文化转变。无论属于哪个阶级,男性都被视为唯一具有理性思维的性别,因而应当拥有政治选举权。在这种新的平等中,男性不再需要高跟鞋。他们开始穿着新兴的三件套,色调暗沉,别具一格是不受提倡的。在那个世纪之初,亚历山大·蒲柏(Alexander Pope)列出了男性俱乐部的规则,其中警告说,如果一个成员“鞋跟超过一英寸半……此人应被立即驱逐……从我们这里离开,自己去变高!”Women, in contrast, were represented as being naturally deficient in reason and unfit for either education or citizenship. Fashion was redefined as frivolous and feminine, and the high heel became a potent accessory of ditsy desirability. The “lively” character Harriot “tottering on her French heels and with her head as unsteady as her feet” in a 1781 story “The Delineator,” represented the typical 18th-century feminine ideal. The high heel was then suspect for other reasons, too; it had supposed connections to female vanity and deceitfulness. Added to this was the increasing fear that women would use heels and other sexualized modes of dress to seduce men and usurp power. Marie Antoinette was the poster child for this, and this idea is the cornerstone of the contemporary conceit that high heels are accessories of female power.相反,女性则被视为天生缺乏理性,不适合接受教育和拥有公民身份。时尚被重新定义为轻浮和女人味,高跟鞋成为“傻白甜”形象的有力辅助。在1781年的短篇小说《描画者》(The Delineator)中,“活泼”的人物哈里奥特(Harriot)“穿着法式高跟鞋摇摇晃晃的,脑袋就像她的脚一样不稳定”,这代表了18世纪女性的理想典型。接着高跟鞋又有了其他一些让人不放心的理由;它与女性的虚荣心和不诚实联系到了一起。此外人们还越来越担心,女性会用高跟鞋等性感饰来迷惑男人并篡夺权力,玛丽·安托瓦内特(Marie Antoinette)就是一个典型例子。而这种观念也奠定了基础,让高跟鞋成为了一种代表女性权力的配饰。By the 19th century, the invention of photography, and its immediate adoption by pornographers, established the curious convention of depicting women stripped of their clothing with the exception of their shoes.到19世纪,摄影术的发明及其在色情作品中的迅速普及,催生了一种古怪的惯例:描绘除了鞋子之外不着其他衣物的女性。The heel also retained its associations with female irrationality. As one anti-suffrage agitator wrote in The New York Times in 1871, “Suffrage! Right to hold office! Show us first the woman who has ... sense and taste enough to dress attractively and yet to walk down Fifth-avenue wearing ... a shoe which does not destroy both her comfort and her gait.”高鞋鞋仍然保持着与女性非理性形象之间的联系。一个反对女性参政的煽动者,在1871年的《纽约时报》上写道:“选举权!担任公职的权利!先让我们看看,哪个女人有足够的理性和品味,穿着让她舒适,又不破坏步态的鞋子,风姿绰约地走过第五大道。”With all this baggage weighing down high heels, it’s no wonder they couldn’t gain a foothold in men’s fashion — even when men’s stature became a cultural focus in the early decades of the 20th century. Pseudoscientific ideas promoted Darwinian concepts of survival of the fittest and linked male height directly to sexual attractiveness. Heels could have been pressed back into service in men’s fashion, yet they were rejected. Heels on men detracted from their masculinity by highlighting a natural lack of height, rather than conferring any advantage gained from artificially increased stature.高跟鞋被这种种包袱所拖累,难怪无法在男士时装中拥有一席之地——即使在20世纪最初几十年,男人的身高成为一个文化焦点的时候。一些伪科学观念引入达尔文优胜劣汰概念,把男性身高和性吸引力直接联系起来。高跟鞋本有可能回到男士时装界,但遭到了他们的拒绝。男人穿着高跟减损了他们的阳刚之气,突出了天生的身高不足,人为增加的身高不会赋予他们任何优势。High heels on women, however, remained the cultural norm. Even when heels temporarily went out of fashion, they retained a prominent place in erotica. At the conclusion of World War II, this association led to the invention of the stiletto. The exceptionally thin heels depicted in wartime pinup art were made reality in the early 1950s and real-life women were encouraged to emulate those pinup ideals. Marilyn Monroe — alluring, playful and invariably stiletto shod — became one of the principal feminine archetypes of the period.然而,女性穿着高跟鞋仍然是一种文化规范。即使在时装领域,高跟鞋会暂时过气,在情色领域,它也始终屹立不倒。第二次世界大战结束后,这种联系催生了细高跟鞋的发明。战时美女招贴中细到极致的高跟鞋,在50年代初成了现实,社会鼓励现实生活中的女性去模仿那些画报女郎。诱人、顽皮,总是穿细高跟鞋的玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe),成为了这一时期女性的典型形象。By the 1960s, the high heel fell somewhat from favor; too “mature” for the Youthquake style revolution and too problematic for emerging feminists. It returned to fashion in the 1970s, perfectly in tune with the disco era (when some men did allow heels back into their wardrobe, too).到了20世纪60年代,高鞋跟变得不那么受青睐了;对于“青年风暴”(Youthquake)的风格革命而言,它太“成熟”;而对新锐女权主义者来说,它又太容易惹麻烦。到70年代,高跟鞋重新流行起来,与那个迪斯科时代完美契合(高跟鞋当时也确实出现在了一些男性的衣柜中)。In the 1980s, as unprecedented numbers of women entered the white-collar workplace, climbing the corporate ladder was perceived as socially risky — it could strip a woman of her desirability. High fashion offered an antidote: Toweringly high “killer heels” that insinuated that business acumen alone was not the reason for women’s success. By the early 2000s, designer heels were perceived as “power tools” — as one Times story called them — to be used, like lingerie, by professional women to manipulate people through the “power” of sex appeal, an idea that continues to resonate to this day.上世纪80年代,前所未有的大批女性进入职场,事业心太强开始被认为是社交生活的不利因素——它可能会让女性不招人喜欢。高端时尚提供了一个对策:高耸入云的“致命高跟”。它可以旁敲侧击地告诉对方,女性的成功并非只是因为她的商业头脑。本世纪初,设计师版的高跟鞋被认为是“影响力工具”——时报的一篇报道也曾使用这种说法——职业女性利用高跟鞋,通过性感的“力量”来操纵他人,这个想法在今天仍然会得到认同。Linking sex appeal to power also clearly suggests that women have a very short window of opportunity for when they can be seen as powerful. The common comment about the Cannes debacle — that a handful of middle-aged women in flats were turned away — illustrates this issue. In an apologist manner, this observation seemed to suggest that perhaps if these women hadn’t been so aged they wouldn’t have worn sensible shoes. Never mind what accomplishments or connections brought them to the festival.性魅力与影响力之间的关联还可以清晰地表明,女性一生中只有很短暂的一段时间可以显得富有权力。对于今年戛纳电影节上的事故——少数穿着平底鞋的中年女性被拒绝入场——的普遍看法就突显了这个问题。虽然带有道歉的姿态,但这种观点似乎在暗示,或许如果这些女性不这么老,就根本不会去穿舒的平底鞋,无论她们是凭借什么成绩或关系来参加庆典的。This is the ultimate problem with sexual allure as a purported means to power: The power lies in the eye of the beholder, not the beheld.这就是把性诱惑力视作影响力工具要面对的终极问题:你是否有影响力取决于观察者的主观看法。If the argument for heels is that they are part of traditional attire for women, that is not wrong. The body-revealing gowns and barely there footwear worn by women on the red carpet have direct links to 18th-century ideas on gender, 19th-century pornographic images and midcentury concepts of a woman’s place in society.如果倡导穿高跟鞋的人声称它属于女性的传统饰,这也一点没错。暴露的礼和藏在裙子下的鞋子与18世纪的性别观、19世纪的色情图片,以及上世纪中叶的女性社会地位有着直接的关系。Perhaps it is a tradition we can upend in the 21st century, when it should be clear that a woman’s power has nothing to do with the height of her heel.或许我们可以在21世纪颠覆这个传统,因为我们现在都清楚,女性的影响力与鞋跟的高度无关。 /201505/377178

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