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Ive reached the end of the pipe,but Im still not down to ground level已经到水管的头了 但是还没到地面okay, were just one storey up from the ground here.这儿离地面就一层楼高了for about 25 foot, just this last little bit.大约7米多 只剩下最后一点点了Lets try and get across here. Look.穿过这里就可以了I want to get across this dangerous elevated maze,我想通过这个高架迷宫dozens of crumbling old concrete walls with bone-breaking drops on all sides.四周老旧的混凝土墙摇摇欲坠 稍有不慎 筋骨俱断The light is fading fast, so I want to get down quickly.And I found something to help.天色渐暗 我得快点下去 我找到了一些有用的东西Use these fan belts to make, like, chain link.用这些风扇传动带 做成链环It becomes, then, an improvised caving ladder.然后就制成了一个临时的绳梯Just lay one over the other,reach under.只要把一根带子压在另一根上 再从下面穿过去And as you pull it through,you get that chain effect,like that.当你把它拉出来的时候 就形成了这种链环 就像这样Industrial fan belts are made of reinforced rubber,which are designed not to stretch even under severe loads.工业风扇传动带是用强化橡胶制成的 使其无法拉伸 即使在很重的负荷下Just gonna larks-foot this round this concrete beam.打一个活结绕在混凝土大梁上面A larks-foot is a simple technique for tying off climbing ropes and will hold my ladder in place.打活结是一项简单的攀爬绳索的打结技术 并且能使我的梯子处在正确的位置Lets give this a test.My ladders going to be strong,让我们来试一试 我的梯子很结实but Im concerned about the strength of this old floor that its attached to.但是我担心这个老楼地板的强度Like wood,steel-reinforced concrete weathers and rots over time,making it brittle and weak.像木头一样 钢筋混凝土随着时间推移也逐渐腐蚀生锈 使它变得脆弱而易碎201610/471145Boeing is cutting at least 1,800 jobs from its Seattle manufacturing plant this year, according to Bloomberg.据彭社报道,今年波音正从西雅图制造厂削减至少1,800个工作岗位。The layoffs include 1,500 mechanics and more than 300 engineers.裁员包括1,500名机械师和超过300名工程师。Back in December, the company told employees it would thin out the workforce by the end of the year because of dwindling sales prospects and tough competition.早在十二月,该公司就告诉员工,由于销售前景下降和竞争激烈,今年年底将裁员。The company said competitors at Airbus were streamlining their own operations. 该公司称空中客车公司的竞争对手正在精简自己的业务。Right now, Boeing employs more than 71,000 workers at its Washington plant. 现在,波音公司在华盛顿的工厂雇佣了超过71,000名工人。Just last month, President Donald Trump traveled to Boeings South Carolina plant to tout the companys accomplishments.就在上个月,唐纳德·特朗普总统前往波音的南卡罗来纳州工厂吹捧公司的成就。Jobs is one of the primary reasons Im standing here today as your president. 工作是我作为你们的总统今天站在这里的主要原因之一。Trump and Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg have met at least three times since Trump was elected.自当选以来,特朗普和波音公司首席执行官丹尼斯·米伦伯格至少会见了三次。In December, Trump criticized Boeing for the price of the program to replace Air Force One. Muilenburg reportedly said he would work to control the jets cost.今年十二月,特朗普批评波音计划取代空军一号的价格。据报道,米伦伯格称他会努力控制飞机的成本。译文属。201703/495581

I remember a couple of years ago I used to get very little sleep.我记得几年以前我经常失眠。And I really struggled with making the right decisions.而且很难做出正确的决定。Id be running on four hours of sleep, and when I was presented with something healthy to eat我的睡眠时间是四个小时,当我面临一些健康的饮食and an unhealthy choice, it was really hard for me to pick the healthy one.和不健康的选择的时候,我真的很难选出健康的一种。And now a couple of years later, I get plenty of sleep and its so much easier to make the better decisions.几年之后的现在,我有了充足的睡眠,就更容易做出更好的决定了。So whether you need to refrain from eating something unhealthy,所以无论是你需要避免食用不健康的食物,or you need to actually do something productive like working on your project,还是想做一些高效率的事情,比如在你的项目上花心思,getting plenty of sleep will make it so much easier, and I can attest to this from my own experience.获得充足的睡眠都会让这些简单起来,我自身经历就足以明。So the first big idea for strong willpower is to get adequate amounts of sleep.所以对于强大的意志力来说第一要点就是获得充足的睡眠。When you dont get enough sleep youre prone to all kinds of stress, and cravings, and temptation.当你睡眠不足时,就会有各种各样的压力,渴望和诱惑。Research has shown that being sleep deprived is very similar to being mildly intoxicated研究表明缺乏睡眠就类似于轻度迷醉,which is probably not the best time to be making decisions.此状态不是做出决定的最佳时机。And too little sleep has been shown to cause problems that mimic those associated with ADHD.睡眠太少会导致一些与ADHD(注意缺陷多动障碍)相关的问题。So getting enough sleep is absolutely one of the most important things you can do for your willpower.所以获取足够的睡眠绝对是你能为意志力所做的最重要的事情之一。Now just like you go to the gym to build muscle and get stronger,就像是你去健身房锻炼肌肉并变得强壮,you can do the same thing for your brain. And the activity that trains your brain is meditation.你也可以为大脑做同样的事。训练大脑的活动就是冥想。It makes your brain grow denser, packing in more grey matter just like a muscle bulking up from exercise.它会让大脑变得更稠密,生出更多的灰色神经组织,就像是经过锻炼变得强壮的肌肉一样。And research has shown that those who meditate really do have more grey matter in their prefrontal cortex.研究表明在那些冥想的人的前额皮质里真的有更多的灰色神经组织。And the prefrontal cortex is the area associated with decision making and willpower.并且前额皮质与做决定和意志力有关。Its the part of the brain that gets you to say no to something unhealthy,它是大脑中让你否定不健康东西的部分,and its the part of the brain that gets you to get up and start working on your project.是大脑中让你起床并开始工作的部分。And the impact of meditation is fascinating.冥想真的很吸引人。Even after only a few weeks of being consistent with it,尽管只是短短几周的持续冥想,we can aly observe the brain structure physically changing.我们就可以发现大脑结构产生的物理变化。You dont need to meditate for hours either.你也不用冥想好几个小时。Even a very short period of meditation is effective.就算是非常短时间的冥想也是有效的。You can start with five minutes of meditation focusing on your breath刚开始你可以先做五分钟专注于呼吸的冥想,and move up to ten, fifteen, or however long you like,然后增加到十分钟,十五分钟,或者是你喜欢的时间长度,but its much better to be consistent and do only five minutes than be inconsistent.但是持续的只做五分钟比不持续的要好的多。So I would personally highly recommend starting with five minutes if youre just starting out.所以我个人强烈建议,如果你刚刚开始就冥想五分钟。I also get a ton of emails and messages, and what I used to do before was wake up我也会收到很多的邮件和信息,我之前都是早上醒来之后and check all that stuff first thing in the morning.先处理那些事情。And I would spend hours doing that, and then when it was time for me to actually do creative work,我会花好几个小时处理那些事情,然后当我应该做创造性工作的时候,I was just completely exhausted.我完全没有精力了。And this is because willpowers like a muscle. It gets tired.这就是因为意志力就和肌肉一样,也会疲劳。Its kind of like going to the gym to deadlift, and instead deadlifting first,有点类似于去健身房练举重,却没有先练它,you decide its a good idea to run on the tmill for two hours first and then deadlift.你觉得先在跑步机上跑两个小时再去练举重是个好主意。So by the time youre done running, you probably wont have the energy to deadlift,所以当你结束跑步的时候,你可能没有力气再去练举重了,and if you somehow do, its not going to be the most effective workout.如果你那么做,也不是最有效的锻炼。And thats exactly how the brain works too.大脑也是那样工作的。You start out with your willpower for the day and then it just keeps getting depleted and depleted.一天开始就伴随着意志力的不断消耗。So one of the most important things Ive done is to wake up and start with my creative work.所以我要做的一件重要的事就是醒来后先做创造性工作。I never check any of the messages first thing in the morning anymore早上我再也不查收任何消息。because I know my willpowers going to get depleted.因为我知道意志力会逐渐消耗。And I know so many people who wake up and go straight to Facebook or do something else that isnt important.我还知道很多人醒来后直接登Facebook或者做一些不重要的事情。Dont do that. Youll deplete your willpower,不要那么做。你会消耗掉你的意志力,and then you wont be able to do whats actually important.然后就无法去做真正重要的事情。Instead, wake up and do that important thing first before your willpower gets depleted.反之,醒来后,在意志力消耗之前,先做重要的事情。So those are the three of my favorite ideas from the book that Ive found to be really effective in my life.以下是我从书中得到的三个我最欣赏的观点。这本书在我人生中真的很有意义。And to recap them briefly…简单重述一下…1. Make sure youre not sleep deprived.一定不要失眠。Not getting enough sleep is one of the biggest enemies to your willpower.得不到足够的睡眠是你意志力的最大敌人。2.Just like you workout to build up muscle, you can meditate to build up your prefrontal cortex.就像锻炼肌肉一样,你可以通过冥想来增强你的前额皮质。3. Willpowers like a muscle. It gets tired.意志力像肌肉一样,也会疲劳。Dont wake up and get on Facebook first thing in the morning or do anything else that isnt important,醒来后不要先登Facebook或者做一些其他的不重要的事情,instead do the most important thing first before your willpower gets depleted.在你意志力消耗之前先做一些重要的事情。201706/514897

One of the great honors in a band is to be a drum major.乐队中一个巨大的荣耀是成为鼓乐队队长Well, theres a drum major有这样一个队长at Shaw University in North Carolina在卡罗莱纳州北部的萧尔大学that is just 10 years old.他仅仅才十岁From Raleigh, North Carolina, give it up for Timmy!来自卡罗莱纳罗利的蒂米 掌声为蒂米响起来Whats up, Timmy?!你好啊 蒂米I see you, boy. I like that!我晓得你 我喜欢!Whoo-ooh! You clean! Thank you.哇哦 你可以!谢谢I like that, man. Sit down.我真的很喜欢 哥们 请坐How you doing? Im doing good.最近怎么样?很不错Youre 10. Mm-hmm.你才十岁 嗯哼How in the world are you 10你究竟怎么做到只有十岁就and youre a drum major at a university?成为了一个大学的鼓乐队队长的?See, my mom was going to work one day.我妈妈有一天正要去上班We were driving, and I saw the band practicing.我们正坐着车 然后我看到了一个乐队在排练And I said, ;Hey, theyre playing Michael Jackson.;我就说 哇 他们在表演迈克尔·杰克逊的歌Then I said, ;Can I go out there然后我说 我能去那and do my Michael Jackson with them?;和他们一起表演迈克尔·杰克逊吗?You had a plan.你很有想法啊And I asked the band director, I said, ;Can I dance with them?;于是我问那个乐队的头说我能跟他们一起跳舞吗At first, he just laughed, but then he told me起初他只是笑 但是后来他告诉我if I could learn to dance in about a week,如果我能在一周之内学会跳舞I could be with the band.我就可以加入这个乐队And I learned it in about three days.我只花了三天After that, they featured me in their show as Little Michael Jackson.那以后 他们把我当做表演里的特色 当做小迈克尔杰克逊And a year after, they made me drum major,一年之后 他们让我做了主鼓手so I wasnt going nowhere.所以 我哪儿都不去了Do you have a nickname?你有外号吗Showtime. Huh? Showtime.好戏上演 啊?好戏上演Your nickname is Showtime? Mm-hmm.你的外号是好戏上演?嗯哼Really? Really. Man. So...你在逗我?并没有 妈呀 那么…You in the band, you know, they calling you Showtime,你在一个乐队里 他们叫你好戏上演you got all this swagger, you got this suit on.整个乐队你最牛 你穿着这样一套衣What, uh—What all the girls say about all this, Timmy?那些——那些女生们怎么看啊 蒂米I mean, like...they fall for me. Like, I dont...噢 我觉得…她们为我沦陷 我没有…Boy, shut up! Shut up, boy!够了 莫刺激我 宝贝Boy, knock it down!别说了别说了孩子;They fall for me.;“她们为我沦陷”You know how lucky you are to say that at 10?你知道你有多幸运能在十岁说出这样的话?So, like, you got a girlfriend, man?所以 你有女朋友吗 伙计I mean...I used to, but, you know, it was a little too early.嗯…我曾经有过 但是 你知道的 这有些太早了She really didnt know the idiom of the word ;love.;她真的不知道什么是爱She didnt...So it really didnt work out.她不知道…所以我和她吹了It was fourth-grade love. It didnt work out.这是小学四年级的爱情 不靠谱的Can I tell you something?我能告诉你点事情吗I dont know...the idiom of love.我不知道 什么是爱All right, hey, man, let me ask you a little business question, though.好了哥们儿 现在让我来问你一个正经的问题Whats the role of the drum major?鼓乐队队长是个什么概念?You are not like a band player, you dont play instruments.你不是个乐队演奏者 你不弹奏乐器Its like kind of like you conduct the instruments, so...你其实是指挥乐器的人Yeah. Show me some moves.噢 那么 教我些动作Well—Something you can teach me.噢 一些你能教我的Lets see. Hold on, they got a—is it back?行 看 等等 在这后头有个Mine taller than yours. Yeah, I think.我的棒棒比你的高 我想是的Im gonna probably need the little one我一会儿可能需要那个小的before I knock my teeth out.免得我的牙被敲掉So...Ill keep it real simple.那么…我保会很简单的So...I dont know where this whistle been.嗯…我不知道这口哨什么时候出现的So its kind of a series like this. Ill go through it.其实是像一系列这种动作 我示范一下That too hard for you? Yeah, its too hard.你觉得难了?简直太难That aint the basic move. Come on, man.这完全不是基本动作好吗哥们儿Okay, okay. Whats the basic move?好咯好咯 基本动作是什么?Try and make me look bad on my show.你就试试看让我在我自己的节目里出丑咯All right, how—They just put your name up there, Timmy.好好好 他们刚刚把你的名字放在这里了 蒂米It normally say Steve Harvey.这里通常写着史蒂夫·哈维So come on, playa, lets work with me. Show me something.好吧 你来 和我一起 看看你小家伙能干啥Okay, so what you want to do is you march like this.好 你要这样子行进When you put this knee up and put the mace up.把这个膝盖抬起来然后把权杖抬起来And then you would step and put it down.然后踏一步再把权杖放下去And then you repeat it.然后重复And it will go faster and faster.然后越来越快Okay, I got that.好的 我懂了The second thing, youve gotta be funky with yourself.除了动作 你还要觉得自己很潮Like, when you—when theres, like, the flag girl pieces比如说…你要想象一个美丽的旗女郎and they be playing a slow song,而他们在弹一首缓慢的歌you gotta know how to bop and two-step, so...你要知道怎么去波普和两步舞 像这样…Do, do, do. Do, do, do-do, do-do嘟嘟嘟 嘟嘟 嘟嘟 嘟Yeah, come on, boy.来来来 孩子Now—You gotta just...现在 你只需要…Im all day with that.我天天都这么搞的Okay, one more.好 再来一个Another thing you gotta do is be smooth, you know.你还需要让你的动作变得流畅Yeah, come on.来来来You gotta move, and its like you take your cape and...你要动起来 拉起你的披肩Yeah. You just kind of... I like that, boy.哟!你要这样…我喜欢这个 孩子I like that, Timmy! I like that!我喜欢这个蒂米 我喜欢这个!One more time! One more time, Timmy!再来一次!再来一次 蒂米Eh, yeah! Swing that thing.啊!是的!摇摆摇摆!I think thats wild, boy!我觉得这很狂野啊 孩子Boy, I should have been a drum major!天呐 我应该当个乐队主鼓手You know what?你知道吗I think Im slowing you down, man.我觉得我在拖你后腿 哥们儿Yall want to see what Timmy really do?你们想看看蒂米的真本事吗Do you want to see what Timmy really do?你们想知道蒂米的真本事如何吗?Lets get it on!走一波!Folks, coming up, Timmy is gonna show off his moves!朋友们 嗨起来 蒂米要炫他的动作啦Stay right there, folks.坐着好好看 朋友们Should have been a drum major, boy.我应该当鼓乐队队长的 伙计201705/510825

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