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经典句型:I want to buy a ticket to Shanghai. 我要买一张到上海的票。A:I want to buy a ticket to Shanghai.甲:我要买一张到上海的票。B:Do you want a sleeper?乙:要卧铺吗?A:How much does a sleeper cost?甲:卧铺多少钱?A:The lower berth costs 285 yuan,the middle 279 yuan and the upper berth costs 273 yuan.甲:下铺285元,中铺279元,上铺273元。B:Id like a lower one.乙:我要一张下铺。经典句型:Id like an upper berth. 我要上铺。A:Do you have a lower one?甲:有下铺吗?B:No,therere only middle ones and upper ones left.乙:没有了,只剩中铺和上铺了。A:Id like an upper one.甲:我要一张上铺。句型讲解:火车上的sleeper是“卧铺”的意思,也可以用berth来表示。上中下铺分别是upper berth,middle berth和lower berth。 /201404/29145813. Ive been busy on the phone.我一直在通话。还能这样说:I am on the phone all the time.I keep talking on the phone.谚语:Quick feet and busy hands fill the mouth.手勤脚快,嘴里吃饱。14. Hello. Overseas operator.你好!国际电话总机。还能这样说:Hello, this is the overseas operator.Hello, international call operator.应用:overseas trade 海外贸易;an overseas broadcast 对外广播;go overseas 到海外去;an overseas market 国外市场15. Id like to make a collect call to America.我要打对方付费的电话到美国。还能这样说:I want to make an overseas collect call to America.Make a collect call to America, please.应用:collect accounts 收账;collect money 集资,筹钱;collect data 收集数据;collect ones wits 恢复理智16. Will you accept the charges?你接受付费吗?还能这样说:Will you pay the bill yourself?Could you get the charges yourself?应用:accept for 当做,把……理解为;accept for a fact 把……当做事实;accept of 接受;accept with an open mind 虚心接受 /201305/2379531. I love you all the time!我永远爱你!还能这样说:I love you forever.I love you in perpetuity.谚语:Love makes the world go around.爱让世界转动。2. I was attracted by you at the first sight.我对你一见钟情。还能这样说:I fell in love with you at first sight.I fell in love with you as soon as we met.谚语:Like attracts like.物以类聚。3. Are you dating anyone now?你现在有交往对象吗?还能这样说:Are you seeing anyone now?Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend now?应用:to date 到目前为止;out of date 过时的;Chinese date 枣,中国枣;up to date 现在的,流行的4. Im crazy about you.我为你神魂颠倒。还能这样说:Im crazy for you.Im infatuated with you.应用:like crazy 极度,非常;be crazy for 渴望,痴想;be crazy with (pain) (痛苦)得发狂;drive sb. crazy 逼得某人发疯;害得某人精神失常5. Youre my kind of woman.你是我喜欢的类型。还能这样说:Youre the right girl of me.Youre my Miss Right.应用:a kind of heart 仁慈的心;be kind to 对……慈爱,对……厚道;take kindly to 喜欢……6. I passed a wakeful night for missing you.我想你想得睡不着。还能这样说:I couldnt sleep at night for I keep missing you.I kept awake all night at the very thought of you.应用:bring to pass 引起,使发生;使实现;get a pass 及格;hold the pass 把关;捍卫自己的事业;pass away 度过,消磨时间;(时间等)过去终止,消失,死亡7. I think of you day and night.我时时刻刻都想着你。还能这样说:You are always in my mind.I miss you constantly.谚语:Praise a fair day at night.盖棺定论。8. That what I said is whats on mind.我说的是心里话。还能这样说:I always speak my mind.Anyway I said what is in my mind.应用:absence of mind 心不在焉;after ones mind 合……的心意;against sb.s mind 违反某人的心愿;arise in ones mind 浮上脑际,涌现在头脑里 /201211/210397

Todd: Steve, I have a friend who wants to go study in Canada. Whats the best way for a student to get into a Canadian University?托德:史蒂夫,我有个朋友想去加拿大学习。学生进入加拿大大学的最好方法是什么?Steve: Well, it all depends on your nationality, and your level of English, in terms of your TOEFL score. If you have a very low TOEFL score then probably your best bet would be to first go to Canada for three to six months and study in an English college there, and try to improve your English. While in Canada you can take practice TOEFL tests, and you can find tutors to help you write essays, then when you return to your home country, if its Japan, theres lots of good English schools, English tutors in Japan, Korea as well. Im not too familiar with other countries but basically you have to apply for a student visa. Its usually not that difficult to get. Along with your student visa, youll have to take a TOEFL test, which requires you to understand grammar. Theres a listening portion, um, theres a ing comprehension portion, and the most difficult portion for non-native English speakers is the essay question, because you have to write an essay during the TOEFL test, so I recommend that you practice writing essays and if you want more information I would ask the Canadian Embassy in your country or do a search on the internet where theres lots of information.史蒂夫:嗯,这要取决你的国籍,你的英语水平,要依据成绩来看。如果你的成绩很低,那可能你最好的选择就是先去加拿大上语言学校,大概用三个月到六个月的时间来提高你的英语水平。在加拿大你也可以参加实践考试,导师会指导你的写作,要是在你的祖国的话,比如说是日本,也有许多好的语言学校和英语导师,当然韩国也是。我对其他国家不太熟悉,不过基本来说,你必须要申请留学签。通常来说拿到签不会太难。有了留学签,还必须要参加,考试的目的是要求你理解语法。中有听力部分、阅读理解部分,不过对母语非英语的学生来说最难的部分要属写作了,在中必须要写作文,所以我建议你们练习写作,如果你想得到更多的信息,可以询问加拿大驻你们国家的大使馆,或是上网搜索一下,那儿有大量的信息。 /201311/263297

9. The newborn baby has beautiful smooth skin.新生儿有着漂亮光滑的皮肤。还能这样说:The skin of the newborn baby is beautiful and smooth.The newborn is lovely for his beautiful smooth skin.应用:make things smooth for sb. 为某人排除困难;a smooth voice 悦耳的声音;a smooth temper 温和的脾气;have a smooth time 过得好快活10. What an adorable child!多可爱的孩子!还能这样说:How adorable the child is!The child is so adorable.应用:childs play 容易做的事;be with child 怀;child benefit 儿童补助金(政府发给儿童的父母,到儿童某一年龄为止)11. Why do people hold parties before the baby is born?为什么人们要在婴儿出生前举行聚会呢?还能这样说:Can you tell me the reason why people throw a baby shower before the baby comes into the world?Do you know the reason for holding a party before the baby is coming?应用:hold sb. to sth. 使某人遵守(谎言);hold sth. together 使团结一致;hold with sth. 同意或赞成12. Baby showers are usually held ahead of a month or two before the babys arrival.新生儿聚会通常在婴儿出生前的一两个月举办。还能这样说:People usually arrange a party to celebrate the new baby before it is born ahead of one or two months.Baby showers are usually a month or two before the baby is coming into the world.应用:Go ahead! 前进,有进展;继续干下去。13. The new arrival is a girl.新生儿是个女孩。还能这样说:Its a baby girl.The newborn is a girl.应用:arrive at sth. 达成或得出某事物;arrive at full age 达成成年;arrive at a conclusion 得出结论14. The birth of a baby is truly a joyful event.生孩子真是件喜事。还能这样说:Its a bless event to have a baby.Its exciting to deliver a baby.应用:by birth 在血统上,天生地;give birth to 出生,产生;引起;造成;second birth 复兴,再生15. She gave birth to a baby when she was 50.她50岁时才生了个儿子。还能这样说:She had a baby son at the age of 50.When she was 50 years old she had a baby.谚语:Napoleon himself was once a crying baby.即使是拿破仑,过去也是啼哭的婴孩。16. The baby has a good appetite.这个婴儿食欲很好。还能这样说:The baby has a hearty appetite.The baby drinks much.谚语:A good appetite is a good sauce.饥不择食。 /201212/214758

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