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Loved for its leanness, adaptability and inoffensiveness, chicken is a popular meat all over the world. 鸡肉因低脂肪、高适应和无害性而风靡全球。In fact, many people actively choose to eat chicken over red meat because they believe it#39;s healthier. 事实上,许多人热衷选择吃红色肉类中的鸡肉,是因为相信它更健康。But as a result of changing practices in poultry farming, it turns out chicken is no longer as good for us as it once was. 但由于家禽饲养的技术发生了变化,鸡肉早没以前那么好了。A new by Compassion in World Farming has been released, aiming to educate the public about #39;white striping#39; in chicken.世界农场动物福利协会发布了一个新视频,旨在告知大众什么是;白纹;鸡肉。More and more chicken breasts now have #39;white striping#39; - strips of fat that appear as a result of a condition many of the birds develop in factory farms. 现在越来越多的鸡胸肉都有;白纹;--许多在工厂化农场培育出的家禽身上都会出现的条状脂肪。Truly lean chicken breast won#39;t have any of the white striations, but all you have to do is pop down to your local supermarket to see how common it is for what we#39;re sold to be covered in white stripes of fat. 真正精瘦的鸡胸肉不会有任何白色条纹,但你只要跑一趟附近的超市,就会发现覆着脂肪白纹的肉十分常见。The stripes come about as a result of the way the chickens are raised - they#39;re produced on a mass scale and farmers are doing everything then can to make the chickens bigger, quicker. 条纹的产生源自这些鸡的饲养方式--它们是被规模化饲养的,而且养殖员采取了各种手段来让它们长得更大、更快。This means the chicken we eat may be a lot fattier and less nutritious than it used to be. 这意味着我们吃的鸡肉可能更加油腻,并且更没有营养。A study last year by the University of Arkansas and Texas Aamp;M concluded that ;the severity of white striping has increased in recent years,; and found it present in 96 percent of the 285 birds they tested.美国堪萨斯大学和德克萨斯农工大学在去年做的一项研究显示:;近几年白纹肉的情况更加严重了;,他们检测了285种家禽,其中96%都出现了白纹。What#39;s more, the researchers discovered that white striping ;negatively impacts meat quality; and results in chicken that is less tender and absorbs marinades less easily. 此外,研究人员发现白纹会;损害肉质;,使鸡肉没那么嫩,且不易吸收调味料。A 2013 study also found that chicken breasts with the condition can contain 224 per cent more fat than normal ones.2013年的一项研究也表明,白纹鸡胸肉比正常鸡肉多包含了224%的脂肪。But according to Jaclyn London, R.D., Nutrition Director at the Good Housekeeping Institute, we shouldn#39;t be swearing off the stuff: ;Chicken - so long as it#39;s not bed and deep-fried - is a great source of lean protein (that also happens to be rich in B-vitamins, iron and vitamin B12),; she said. 但来自伦敦好管家研究院的营养师贾克琳指出,我们不该;一棍子打死;。她说:;只要不是撒了面包屑和油炸过的鸡肉,它仍然是种很不错的低脂蛋白来源(富含维B、铁元素和维B12)。;And a spokesman for the National Chicken Council told Buzzfeed white striping actually only affects a ;small percentage of chicken meat; and ;does not create any health or food safety concerns for people and the welfare of the chicken itself is not negatively impacted.; 国家鸡肉协会的一位发言人告诉Buzzfeed网, 白纹其实只影响;很小一部分鸡肉;,同时;并不会给人们带来任何健康或食品安全方面的隐患,鸡肉的营养价值也不会被损害。;So you don#39;t need to stop cooking your favourite chicken stir-fries, curries and roasts just yet, but let#39;s hope more supermarkets and restaurants avoid factory-farmed birds.所以你还不需要放弃烹饪你最爱的炒鸡肉,咖喱鸡和烤肉,但让我们期待更多的超市和餐馆能禁供工厂化养殖的家禽肉吧。译文属 /201702/492539。

  • We know it#39;s unproductive to waste time online. But the problem is growing.我们知道,将时间浪费在网络上是不会有什么收益的。但是,这个问题却在愈演愈烈。People have never been more addicted to their smartphones, according to a 2016 Deloitte study.根据2016年德勤公司的一项研究表明,人们从未比现在更加沉迷于他们的智能手机。Facebook#39;s active users number is 1.86 billion (almost two out of every seven people). And 24% of internet users now use Twitter, while 29% use LinkedIn, according to Pew Research.皮尤研究中心显示,脸书的活跃用户数量为18.6亿(差不多每七个人当中就有两个人在使用)。24%的网民在使用推特,而29%的网民在使用领英。More importantly, Facebook reported that users spend 50 minutes on its platform each day.更为重要的是,脸书曾有过报道称,用户们每天会在其平台上花上50分钟的时间。But even when we set lofty goals of not getting embroiled in a Facebook discussion during work or getting distracted by our phones at the dinner table, many of us may get anxious.但是,当我们制定崇高目标时,即工作的时候不使自己卷入脸书讨论或吃饭的时候不被手机分心,很多人就有可能感到焦虑。Pulling away from social media can create anxiety and the urgency to log back on, says Stefan Hofmann, professor of psychology at Boston University and an expert on emotion research.波士顿大学心理学教授、情感研究专家斯特凡·霍夫曼表示,远离社交媒体会使人们产生焦虑和重新登录的迫切感。Call it digital anxiety. Long-term, negative feelings around personal use of social media and failure to cut back can add to feelings of depression, says Hofmann. People who are disappointed by their lack of ability to pull away can feel distressed.霍夫曼称,我们可以称其为数据焦虑。个人使用社交媒体的长期、负面情绪和无法克制这一现实能够增加抑郁感。那些因缺乏远离能力而感到失望的人会觉得十分痛苦。For social media users that wish to cut back, Hofmann recommends they start by examining the core of why they go online, and identifying which types of browsing they find so addictive.对于希望戒瘾的社交媒体用户们,霍夫曼建议他们从检讨为何要上网这一核心问题着手,并找出令他们如此上瘾的浏览类型。Ultimately, realising that these entrenched habits are hard to break – but not impossible – can be empowering.最后,这些根深蒂固的习惯虽难以打破,但也不是毫无可能的的,意识到这一点非常重要。 /201703/495481。
  • Gone are the days when people throng out of office blocks for a quick bite at lunch.人们挤出办公区只为吃个快餐的日子已经一去不复返了。In Chinese cities today, busy office workers have their meals delivered after a few simple touches on a smartphone. The process takes a few minutes, and who can resist online discount?在今天的中国各大城市,忙碌的“上班族”在智能手机上稍作操作,就会有人把饭菜给送过来。这个过程只需要几分钟,况且谁能够抵制得住网上打折的诱惑?But do the mouth-watering pictures on the phone match the sanitary conditions we expect?但是手机上的这些令人垂涎三尺的图片符合我们期待的卫生条件吗?Recent investigations by Xinhua and other media outlets reveal worrisome findings.新华社和其它各路媒体近日展开了调查,并曝光了令人不安的调查结果。In theory, online catering platforms require restaurants to post pictures of their business license and health certificates online where customers place their order.理论上来说,各网上餐饮平台会要求餐馆在顾客订单处上传他们的营业执照和卫生许可照片。While most comply, some flounder and post blurred or fake images.虽然大部分都照做了,但是有一些却不太情愿,上传了模糊不清或伪造的图片。While the authorities have not yet received any reports of major food safety cases, there are unverified comments left on these platforms complaining about diarrhea and worse.虽然官方尚未收到过任何重大食品安全事件的报道,但是在这些平台下方存在着未经核实的,抱怨出现过腹泻甚至是更严重的情况。China had 688 million Internet users by the end of 2015, with more than 90 percent using smartphones.到2015年末,中国有6.88亿网民,其中超过90%的人使用智能手机上网。The country has strict food safety regulations, but the proliferation of kitchens and restaurants makes supervision more difficult.中国有着严格的食品安全条例,但是餐厨的发展使得监管变得更为困难。Last year, the national legislature amended its seven-year-old Food Safety Law, adding provisions to govern online vendors.去年国家立法机构修订了运行七年的《食品安全法》,增加了管理网上商家的规定。Confronted with Xinhua#39;s findings, both meituan and ele.me declined to comment. Baidu repeated that it requires all registered vendors to post authentic licenses on their web wage and runs regular checks to ensure compliance.面对新华社的调查结果,美团和饿了么都未及时作出回复。百度再次表示,它要求所有注册商家在网页上上传真实的许可,并会进行常规检查确保其执行。 /201611/479137。
  • 1 She#39;s Leaving Home1. 她离家出走了This Beatles#39; classic from Sgt. Pepper#39;s Lonely Hearts Club Band is based on the saga of 17-year-old Melanie Coe.这首披头士乐队的经典曲目是基于十七岁少女梅兰妮·克依离家出走事件而创作的,后被收录在专辑《佩珀中士的孤独之心俱乐部乐队》中。In February 1967, John Lennon and Paul McCartney spotted her story in The Daily Mirror. The pregnant and frightened teen ran away from the North London home she shared with her parents but had not run off with the father of her unborn child, or ;a man from the motor trade; as the song suggests. Instead, she shacked up with a croupier for a week before her parents found her. She later had an abortion.1967年2月,约翰·列侬和保罗·麦卡特尼在《每日镜报》上看到了这则新闻。据报道,少女克依在得知自己怀后十分恐慌,于是从伦敦北部的家离家出走。她如歌中所唱给父母留下了书信,然而,却并没有和她肚子里孩子的父亲或是歌词中提到的“干汽车贸易的一个小伙子”私奔,而是和一个庄家同住,直到一周后她的父母找到了她,把她带回家做了流产手术。Coe and McCartney had actually crossed paths when he was the judge of a lip syncing contest that she won on Ready, Steady, Go! four years before. She performed Brenda Lee#39;s ;Let#39;s Jump The Broomstick; and McCartney gave her the award. Winning the contest also meant she danced on the show for a year.事实上,麦卡特尼曾经在一个叫做《准备好了就出发吧!》的假唱模仿比赛上做评委时结识克依。在克依离家出走事件的四年前,克依表演了布伦达·李的《让我们拿着扫帚跳舞吧》并获胜,麦卡特尼为她颁奖。值得注意的是,这个比赛持续了整整一年,这说明彼时麦卡特尼就已经认识克依整整一年了。2. Nebraska2. 内布拉斯加The blood-soaked tale of 50#39;s killer couple Caril Ann Fugate and Charles Starkweather inspired Terrence Malick#39;s 1973 classic film Badlands and Bruce Springsteen#39;s 1982 song ;Nebraska; from an album of the same name.二十世纪五十年代的杀手组合卡瑞尔·安·富盖特和查尔斯·斯塔克韦瑟血腥十足的传奇故事为特伦斯·马利克1973年的电影经典之作《穷山恶水》以及布鲁斯·斯普林斯汀1982年发行的同名专辑中的歌曲《内布拉斯加》提供了灵感。In 1958, Starkweather, 19, and his 14-year-old girlfriend blazed a path of death and destruction through Nebraska and Wyoming that left 11 people dead, including Fugate#39;s mother, stepfather, 2-year-old sister and eight others. Police soon captured them and, just a year later, Starkweather was executed. Fugate, who always maintained her innocence, was sentenced to life in prison. She only served 17 years before being paroled in 1976, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that life sentences for minors were unconstitutional.1958年,19岁的斯塔克韦瑟和他14岁的女友在内布拉斯加州和怀俄明州开始了疯狂杀人的道路,前后共计11人死在他们手中,其中包括富盖特的母亲、继父、两岁的以及另外八人。很快,警察就抓捕了他俩。仅仅一年后,斯塔克韦瑟被处死,而一直辩解说自己是无辜的富盖特则被判处终身监禁。然而在1976年她就被假释了,也就是说,她实际上只了17年刑,原因是美国最高法院规定对未成年人判处终身监禁不合宪法。3. Let Him Dangle3. 让他摇摆吧Elvis Costello#39;s ;Let Him Dangle; tells the story of Derek Bentley, an illiterate, epileptic 19-year-old with developmental disabilities who falls in with the wrong crowd, led by a troublemaking minor named Chris Craig.埃尔维斯·科斯特洛的《让他摇摆吧》讲述了一个没什么文化且患有发育性障碍疾病的19岁癫痫患者德里克·宾利与不法分子为伴,在问题青年克里斯·克雷格手下干活的故事。In 1953, Craig encouraged Bentley to participate in a robbery in which the two become trapped by police. When the officers ordered Chris to put down his gun, Bentley, who by this time has aly been arrested, shouted, ;Let him have it, Chris.; The instruction was unclear to Craig who fired, injuring an officer. When more backup arrived, the first officer to reach the roof was Police Constable Sidney Miles. He was immediately killed by a shot to the head.1953年,克雷格怂恿宾利加入一个抢劫行动,也就是在这场行动中,他俩双双被捕。当警察命令克里斯放下手时,已被逮捕的宾利突然大喊道:“给他一,克里斯!”克雷格没大听清宾利的话,不过他还是开了,伤了一名警察。后来援警员赶到了现场,第一个到达屋顶的警察西德尼·迈尔斯头部中了一,当场死亡。Both men were charged with murder. Craig, because of his age at the time of the crime (16) was sentenced to prison. Bentley, however, has been condemned to death under the English common law principle of ;joint enterprise;—his statement to Chris was seen an instigation to begin shooting.宾利和克雷格两人都被指控犯谋杀罪。克雷格,由于年龄未满16周岁,只被送进监狱。然而根据英国普通法中有关“合伙人”的原则,宾利被判处了死刑,原因就是他对克里斯说的话被认为是击行为的点火索。Despite his family#39;s efforts and public support for clemency, Bentley was executed in 1953. Fifty years later, he was granted a royal pardon, and in July 1998 his conviction was finally overturned. Christopher Craig issued a statement welcoming his friend#39;s pardon.尽管宾利的家人极力为他辩护,就连公众也对他表示怜悯,他仍然在1953年被处死。50年过后,他被授予皇家赦免,紧接着,1998年7月,关于宾利的定罪最终被推翻。克里斯·克雷格还发表了一篇声明庆祝他这位朋友获赦。4. The Way4. 路途Lela and Raymond Howard are the subjects of the 1997 Fastball hit ;The Way,; a song about an elderly couple that mysteriously hits the road, never to return.莱拉和雷蒙德·霍华德是快球组合在1997年的大热曲目《路途》的主角。这首歌讲述了这对老夫妇神秘消失在路上再也没有回来的轶事。The Howards, both in their 80s and apparently prone to confusion, left their home in Salado, Texas for a 15 mile trip to a fiddling festival in Temple and wound up dead days later in a Hot Springs, Arkansas ravine more than 500 miles away.当时霍华德夫妇都已年逾八十,患有严重的精神紊乱症。他们离开家乡得克萨斯州萨拉多小镇,前往15英里外的坦普尔参加一个小型庆典,之后他们的遗体出现在了500多英里外的阿肯色州大峡谷的温泉城。Fastball lead singer Tony Scalzo said that he wrote ;The Way; after ing an article about the couple in The Austin American-Statesman while they were still missing. He wanted their ending to be a happier one and created an alternate reality in which the Howards find their youth and live together forever out on the open road.快球乐队的主唱托尼说,他在《奥斯汀美国政府人员》上看到这对夫妇仍然处于失踪状态的新闻后写下了《路途》这首歌。他希望霍华德夫妇能拥有一个幸福的结局,所以他另外编造了一个结局代替现实。在他的结局里,霍华德夫妇找到了他们的童年并且永远幸福地生活在希望的田野上。5. When The Levee Breaks5. 当大坝决堤之时In 1927, the Mississippi River flooded, smashing through levees, dumping billions of gallons of floodwater into the area, and destroying everything in its path. More than 630,000 people affected by the flood lived in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, with most located in the Mississippi Delta. Residents, most of which were poor African-Americans, scrambled to build higher levees, but those measures soon failed, and the swollen river broke through, killing hundreds and causing the most expensive natural disaster in American history at that time.1927年,密西西比河洪水泛滥,冲垮了防洪堤坝。洪水如猛兽一般在这块土地上肆意窜行,洪水冲刷过的地方满目疮痍。所有受到洪水影响的人中,有超过630,000人住在阿肯色州、密西西比州以及路易斯安那州,这三个州的大部分区域位于密西西比三角洲地带。这里的居民(大部分为黑人)都争先恐后地修建高坝,然而,这些防御措施很快就无济于事了,蓄积的洪水破堤而入,导致数百人遇难,成为了那个时期美国历史上造成最大经济损失的自然灾害。Without crops, there were no jobs, and residents had no other means of income. Many were left defenseless amp; penniless in ramshackle levee camp tents with no food, no money, and no place to live. As a result, they joined the Great Migration from the South to Northern and Midwestern industrial cities rather than return to rural agricultural labor. ;When The Levee Breaks; by Kansas Joe amp; Memphis Minnie is a widely famous and popular blues song describing the devastation of the event, and it was later included on Led Zeppelin#39;s fourth album in 1970.没有了庄稼,也就没了工作,这儿的居民们又没有别的经济来源。很多人身无分文,孤苦伶仃地待在摇摇欲坠的堤坝营地的帐篷内,没有食物,没有钱,也没有住的地方。最后,他们加入了由南方向北部和中西部的工业城市迁移的队伍中,而不再以农为生。堪萨斯·乔和孟菲斯·米妮的《当大坝决堤之时》描述了此事件的造成的破坏,成为一首广为流传的布鲁斯歌曲。1970年,这首歌被莱德·齐柏林收录到他的第四张专辑中。 /201705/509447。
  • Quick two points here to make the process easier:做到这两点可以使过程更容易:1. Never feel bad if you fall off your morning routine, get back to your schedule and do it the next day.1。如果你未能成功地早起工作,千万不要太难过。按照你的时间表,第二天就把事情做完。2. Get into a group of people who want to achieve the same time. It’s easy to do it with a group compared to doing it alone.2。加入一组志同道合的人。相比一个人而言,一队人共同达成目标会容易些。Here are some habits you can focus on that can help you become a better morning person:这里有一些值得你关注的习惯,这些习惯可以帮助你成为一个更好的早起之人:Keep a gratitude journal. For five minutes each morning, write 3 things you are grateful for today.Practicing gratitude about what we have going for us can restructure our brain to focus on positive things.保持一颗感恩的心。每天早上花五分钟写下你今天所要做的3件感激之事的。对我们所要做的事情心存感恩可以重塑我们的大脑,让大脑专注于积极的事情。Always have breakfast. If you#39;re pressed for time, pick something s。A breakfast gives you energy and it#39;s fuel for your brain. A great example is a combination of protein, fruits, and healthy fats (such as nuts).总是吃早餐。即使你时间紧迫,也要挑选一些东西来吃。早餐可以给你能量,也是是你大脑的能量之源。一份优质早餐的例子就是蛋白质,水果和健康脂肪(如坚果)的组合。Try meditating. I found that meditating early in the day, even for 10 minutes, helps to ;clean; my brain of any cluttered thoughts. It#39;s not as difficult as it sounds. With an app called Headspace you can try a guided 10 minute meditation.尝试冥想。我发现在早晨沉思哪怕只有10分钟,都有助于“清理”大脑中任何混乱的想法。 这并没有听上去那么难。Headspace这个软件可以引导你冥想10分钟Get moving. To really wake your entire body up, pick any type of physical activity. It can be a session at the gym, or it can be something shorter and even more simple: a morning yoga routine.动起来。要真正唤醒你的整个身体,可以选择任何类型的体力活动。可以是在健身房锻炼,或者可以选择更短,更简单的运动,比如早晨瑜伽。Light.灯光Make sure all ambient lighting is dim and has a low color temperature.确保所有环境光线暗淡,灯光低色温。After you go to sleep, eschew all light if possible.在你睡觉的时候,尽量避开所有的光。Then, leave your bedroom curtains open. This will allow natural sunlight to come in through the window, suppressing melatonin production and waking you up.接着,打开卧室的窗帘。这会让自然的阳光透过窗户进入,抑制褪黑激素的产生,从而唤醒你。Try to expose yourself to as much sunlight as possible, as soon as possible尽可能让自己暴露在尽可能多的阳光下。Discipline.自律。While you are changing, force yourself to get up in the morning, using an alarm clock if necessary.当你在改变的时候,强迫自己早上起来,如果需要的话用上闹钟。Sufficient sleep.充足的睡眠。This might seem obvious but most Americans get inadequate sleep these days. And if you#39;re short on sleep, you#39;ll tend to sleep late. With time, that will push you into a later and later sleep cycle.这似乎很明显,但大多数美国人这些天睡眠不足。如果你睡眠不足,你会睡得很晚。随着时间的推移,这将推动你进入一个越睡越晚的睡眠周期。And finally remember that people differ.最后记住人各不同。Some people seem to be morning people, some night people.有些人似乎是适合早起工作,而有些适合晚上工作。 /201703/496027。
  • Shanghai may be well-known for being a fast-paced city that never sleeps, but there is one thing that its residents will slow down for-food.众所周知,上海的生活节奏快,但上海人愿意为一件事驻足停留,那就是美食。The latest food craze in the city involves a palm-sized bun topped with dried-meat floss and shredded sea sedges, something many Shanghai-nese normally dislike because of its coarseness.受上海人民追捧的最新美食是一个巴掌大小的面包,里面塞满了肉松和海苔。有些上海人对此并不感冒,因为其口感较为粗糙。The bun is sold by Master Bao, which was first established in a quiet residential neighborhood in Beijing in 2009. The company opened its first Shanghai outlet in People#39;s Square in early February.该面包是鲍师傅糕点店出售的,其第一家店位于北京的一安静住宅区附近,于2009年开业。上海的第一家分店位于人民公园,于2017年2月开业。Today, the line outside the shop can stretch hundreds of meters and customers have waited for several hours during peak times. The snack sells for between 19 and 29 yuan per 500 grams, depending on the type of floss.如今,店面外等待购买糕点的人群排起了百米长队,高峰期排队数小时也司空见惯。糕点售价19~29元/斤,具体价格取决于馅料。Bao Caibin, the store manager of the Shanghai outlet, says that the craze in Shanghai is even bigger than what took place in Beijing and Tianjin. He says the line starts to form as early as 5 am and lasts till midnight. The store is currently limiting each customer to 2 kilograms of b.上海分店的经理鲍斌表示,上海消费者的热情程度远超北京和天津,凌晨5点便有排队的人群,一直持续到午夜,为了保供应,每位顾客最多只能购买4斤糕点。It remains a mystery to most foodies why the snack has become such a phenomenal hit because there is nothing new or innovative about Master Bao#39;s buns. Similar products have been sold at most bakeries across the city for many years.对于很多吃货来说,鲍师傅受捧至此实属罕见,因为糕点本身并没有什么创新,类似的产品已在大多数糕点铺在市多年。Most of the customers who were waiting in the line said they were simply influenced by social media posts.排队等候的大多数顾客反映,他们只是受到社交媒体宣传的影响。Taobao showed that more than 10,000 such deals for the buns were made over the past 30 days. A shop assistant says that nearly one-third of the orders are placed by customers in Shanghai.据淘宝的数据显示,在过去的一个月里,鲍师傅糕点的订单超过10000笔。店铺的一位助手表示,近三分之一的订单是来自上海的顾客。 /201703/498566。
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