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World Trade Center Construction Stalled 世贸大楼重建不切实际 The completion schedule the new World Trade Center is unrealistic, the Port Authorities reports. The Memorial will not be fully completed and available the public in .New director, Chris Ward, presented this report to the Port Authority board. He told them the September eleventh Memorial would not be completed in time the th Anniversary of the terror attacks. This is one of the most complicated projects, the city, the state and the nation has ever undertaken.Ward says schedules and cost estimates the rebuilding were not realistic and that there was no overall decision making process. A definite problem with 33 designers, architects and consulting firms trying to coordinate with 19 federal state and local governments. Delays in the transportation hub designs stall the process even further.Going ward, an able government structure is needed to ensure that all of the stakeholders on the site are working together and resolving challenges as quickly as they arise.Ward says that time planning、politics、emotion is over and that this is now a construction job that can be completed, but he emphasized it's unrealistic at this point to say when or how much it will cost. Once you get into the reality of actually building it. You can begin to figure out ways to build it faster, to build it less money and design efficiencies into the overall delivery of the project. 59831The Birthday Cake生日蛋糕It was Jenny’s fourth birthday. She was four years old. Her mom baked a cake her. Her mom baked a chocolate cake her. The cake had two layers. Her mom put vanilla frosting on the bottom layer. Her mom put vanilla frosting on the top layer. Her mom put vanilla frosting all around the cake. Now the chocolate cake was completely white. Her mom put four pink candles on top of the cake. Her dad lit the four pink candles. The four pink candles were lit. Jenny’s mom and dad sat down next to Jenny. They sang Happy Birthday to her. “Happy birthday to you,” they sang. Jenny sang with her mom and dad. “Happy birthday to me,” she sang. Her mom said, “Now make a wish and blow out the candles.” Jenny made a wish. Then she blew out all four pink candles.那天是珍妮的四岁生日珍妮四岁了妈妈为她烘焙了一个蛋糕为她做了一个巧克力蛋糕蛋糕有两层最底层是香草糖霜最上层也是香草糖霜蛋糕上下全是香草糖霜巧克力蛋糕成了白色妈妈在蛋糕上插上四根粉色蜡烛爸爸点燃蜡烛四根粉色蜡烛点燃了爸爸妈妈坐在珍妮旁边并祝她生日快乐他们唱起:“祝你生日快乐”珍妮和父母一块唱起来她唱到:“祝我生日快乐”妈妈说:“许个愿吹蜡烛”珍妮许下愿望之后吹灭了四根蜡烛译文属原创,,不得转载 50McDonald Is Modernizing Guest Services麦当劳提供现代化务McDonald, the word largest fast-food chain, plans to modernize its services and give guests the “Experience of the Future”. McDonald guests will be able to customize their order at an automated touch screen kiosk and receive table service. Though automation may reduce the need counter workers, McDonald’s says the new services will require more staff, including chefs, wait staff, and greeters. Select restaurants in Australia and the US are aly offering this new dining option, while McDonald Canada plans to have 1,000 redesigned restaurants y by .世界最大快餐连锁麦当劳计划提供现代化务,提供顾客“未来体验营”顾客能够在售货亭的触摸屏订制点单,并享受餐桌务虽然自动化务减少了对收银员的需求,但麦当劳称新务将需要更多员工,包括厨师、务员以及欢迎人员澳大利亚和美国的一些试点餐厅已经推出了全新用餐选择加拿大麦当劳计划在年之前注册00家此类餐厅译文属原创,,不得转载 8

不锈钢(Stainless Steel)指耐空气、蒸汽、水等弱腐蚀介质和酸、碱、盐等化学浸蚀性介质腐蚀的钢,又称不锈耐酸钢实际应用中,常将耐弱腐蚀介质腐蚀的钢称为不锈钢,而将耐化学介质腐蚀的钢称为耐酸钢由于两者在化学成分上的差异,前者不一定耐化学介质腐蚀,而后者则一般均具有不锈性不锈钢的耐蚀性取决于钢中所含的合金元素所有金属都和大气中的氧气进行反应,在表面形成氧化膜不幸的是,在普通碳钢上形成的氧化铁继续进行氧化,使锈蚀不断扩大,最终形成孔洞可以利用油漆或耐氧化的金属(例如,锌,镍和铬)进行电镀来保护碳钢表面,但是,正如人们所知道的那样,这种保护仅是一种薄膜如果保护层被破坏,下面的钢便开始锈蚀   铬是使不锈钢获得耐蚀性的基本元素,当钢中含铬量达到%左右时,铬与腐蚀介质中的氧作用,在钢表面形成一层很薄的氧化膜( 自钝化膜),可阻止钢的基体进一步腐蚀除铬外,常用的合金元素还有镍、钼、钛、铌、铜、氮等,以满足各种用途对不锈钢组织和性能的要求Our modern world, with its skyscrapers, suspension bridges, and automobiles, relies heavily on steel. If you own an aging car however, you know firsthand that steel has one annoying problem: it rusts. All steel, that is, except stainless steel. What keeps this remarkable material, used commonly in kitchen sinks and cookware, from rusting?Rust-ProofSteel’s main ingredient is iron. When steel rusts, its iron combines with oxygen and reverts to iron ore, the raw state from which it came. As this happens, the steel turns brown and begins to crumble.There are many ways to protect steel from corrosion. Steel is sometimes painted or greased, or coated with a metal that is less likely to rust.Sacrificial MetalSometimes a metal that is MORE likely to rust is attached. Known as a sacrificial metal, this works by drawing the corrosion process away from the steel. example, bars of zinc are attached to the hulls of some ships. The zinc rusts heavily, but the steel hull stays relatively safe.Stainless Steel Avoids RustThe best way to avoid rust is to use stainless steel. Like all steel, stainless steel is mostly iron, but it also contains nickel and chromium.These are not just a protective coating, but are melted into the steel itself. The mixture must contain at least ten percent chromium, because it’s the chromium that protects stainless steel from corrosion.What Happens?What happens is this: Like a sacrificial metal, the chromium rusts first. Unlike iron however, rusting chromium doesn’t crumble apart. Instead, it ms an invisibly thin layer that protects the iron underneath. The nickel in stainless steel helps hold this protective layer of chromium rust in place.Remember that chromium and nickel are present throughout stainless steel, not just on the surface. Because of this, the microscopic layer will m itself anew, even when the steel is cut or scratched.

The Top Bunk上层床He and his brother slept in a bunk bed. He had the bottom bunk. His brother had the top bunk. The top bunk had a guard rail. The rail kept the sleeper safe. His brother didnt like the rail. He always left it down. One time his brother fell out of the top bunk. He hit the carpet and woke up. He said, ;Ouch!; Then he climbed back into the top bunk. When he woke up the next day, his back was sore. Mom took him to see the doctor. The doctor examined him. The doctor said he was okay. He said to keep the guard rail up. His brother said he would do that. That night his brother climbed into the top bunk again. He left the guard rail down. He said the guard rail was like jail. He didnt want to feel like he was in jail. He fell asleep. Then he fell out of the top bunk again.他和他的弟弟睡在一张双层床上他睡在下层他弟弟睡在上层上层有一个护栏护栏是为了保护睡眠者的安全他弟弟不喜欢那个护栏他经常把护栏放下来有一次他弟弟从上层摔了下来他摔到地毯上,醒了过来他说“哎呀!”然后他又爬回到了上层他第二天醒过来的时候,背部很酸妈妈带着他去看医生医生给他做了检查医生说他没事医生让他把护栏立起来他弟弟答应了那天晚上他弟弟又爬到了上层睡他还是把护栏放下来了他说护栏像监狱一样他不想有在监狱的感觉他睡着了然后他又从上层掉了下来译文属原创,,不得转载 8

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